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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 11, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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staying about hammering out a deal. >> new details on the salmonella scare affecting foster farm chicken. more brands could be affected. >> the nobel peace prize doesn't go to the young girl favored to win. we will tell you about the upset. >> bart trains are running. they could stop in their tracks on monday. after the midnight deadline passed the acknowledge and the unions spread to talk through the weekend and matt keller has the latest from oakland. >> the cooling-off period ended at midnight and now we have a new deadline: midnight sunday. if no deal is reached the unions say they will strike on monday. bart and the unions came to contract tension agreement through the weekend averting a strike today abart spokesman
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said they were prepared to offer a new proposal but the unions were not ready. we will be back here tomorrow. >> we will see what happens when we get the offer. it is too early to speculate. we heard there is something going on. >> a union negotiator says elected members are involved and engaged in negotiation and expect the general manager to sit down at the table today. the developments can only help bring a resolution to the drawn out negotiations. we expect both sides to be back in oakland to continue negotiations today at 10:00 a.m. >> new players at the table. >> leyla gulen has the roads. >> so far we are looking at a couple of accidents including approaching the bay bridge from san francisco, starting off as a stalled vehicle eastbound 80 at
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present and then a pirror was clipped and now it is a traffic collision. on the dumbarton bridge westbound side a single vehicle crash blocking one lane. mass transit and bart all running on time with 43 trains that are rolling. the san francisco-based ferry is operating normally today with muni not seeing delays. 580 is building and so is highway 4. more on that in a little bit. now the forecast from lisa. >> we are starting out with the fog in the north bay but a gray afternoon at the beaches. notice all the cloud cover with numbers around 50 degrees at 7:00 and mid-50's at noon and upper 50's should do it. tomorrow, we will get sunshine
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the at coast and around the bay temperatures in the bay and mid-60's with sun at noon. by 4:00, oakland and berkeley inland into the san ramon valley, we are looking at more sunshine with numbers in the low 70's but cool in the upper 40's. >> a brief sigh relief for riders who could take the train. what about monday? amy hollyfield is talking to commuters and joins us. there is so much relief about today, we don't know if monday is on radar after staying up late last night. the mood is one of relief and happy if and there are sleepy riders. they still need a backup because
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there is a chance they could strike on monday but people are focusing on the good news. i have a 7:00 a.m. conference call and i don't know how i would conduct it without the trains. it is a very good thing. i waited up until 1:00 last night. >> riders will be greeted by a city council member leading a campaign to ban transit strikes in california and will ask people to sign a petition to make that happen. he will be here from 6:30 to 8 >> birth managers are training to run some trains and 200 buses will be chattered between nine
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stations and downtown san francisco. you can catch a bus between 5:00 a.m. and 1111 -- back to the stations is from 3:00 to 7:00 p.m. you need a round trip ticket purchased in the morning to get an evening bus. there will be local and transbay lines and stops located in the bart stations are moved outside bart property. the bay ferry service has regular week-day schedule today and sail on sunday night. there will be 12 boats in service on monday not the usual eight. >> we are asking you to share your feelings about a possible bart strike. shear a video posted. >> i commute from oakland to the
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bay each day. i will lose an opportunity to get an education but the risk of be getting harassed will increase because i will be walking my bicycle late at night. >> you can post your video to twitter or instagram and share videos on facebook. stay with us for continuing coverage on the threat of a bart strike. if there a strike on monday we have a range of resources at including alternate transit openings and real time traffic maps. you can download the exclusive traffic app to navigate the freeways and download our abc7 news nap for up-to-the-minute updates. >> a nobel peace prize is going to a watch dog group dedicated to wiping out chemical weapons
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an the world, the opcw with efforts in syria right now. the video is where the speculation centered, the 16-year-old pakistani school gird who was shot by the taliban for wanting to go to school and now an activist for girls' education. >> join us for an exclusive with diane sawyer in a one-on-one interview. that is right here on abc7. >> president obama will meet with republican senators hoping discussions will lead to the end of the partial government shut down and the debt limit stand off. he met yesterday with house republicans after which the white house said no specific determination was made. g.o.p. senator say they will represented their own options to end the crisis today and the government shut down is in the
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11th day. >> the three foster farm poultry plants will not be shut down. the usda says the companies are make substantial changes and are stepping up testing. here is the expanse part: security reports says chickens are sold under several other brands and now is shing a new warning to shoppers. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard has more on that next half hour. leyla gulen? >> it is looking decent as we go around the bay area we have congestion building and a couple of crashes reported at two briggs. it does not appear to be impacting traffic too much. if you are traveling westbound you can see how the speeds are slow around vasco at 36 miles per hour. the let of the commute through
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livermore is slow-and-go and 58 miles per hour and not too bad approaching dublin interchange and 680 is looking good and no problem through danville. the bay bridge tolls show metering lights are not turned on. from emeryville camera, you can see the traffic is flowing into treasure island. >> good morning, we have low clouds and fog from san francisco across the bay in oakland and the north bay so summertime elements are there through san jose. we have clouds to hug the shoreline and keeping it gray at the beaches with afternoon sun it will be a nice day but if you wait for a warm-up you have to wait for the second half of the weekend. mid-60's today in san francisco and 69 in oakland and a return to the low 70's in napa and 74
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in livermore and san jose checking in at 72. we hold steady tomorrow and by sunday upper 70's inland and more sun at the coast and monday is the warmest day of the next three. >> saving lives 140 characters at a time. twitter could be used as an early warning system for at risk users. >> a 22 year veteran of the san francisco police department has been arrested. >> a tell-all book on lance armstrong will be released and accusations being made against his famous ex. >> a picture of the bay bridge toll plaza not noticing any additional traffic because this is no bart strike and trains are running.
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to those who've been waiting welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage, and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at >> covering daly city, dublin, los gatos, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, it is 6:13. this is a look at embarcadero across the bay, good news, and
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there is no bart strike so of course if you took bart to san francisco it would be open like all the other stations this morning. however, a strike notice has been issued for monday and talks continue through the weekend so we will keep you posted on what is happening. >> new this morning, san francisco police are investigating an apparent high speed crash at 10th avenue and geary before 4:00 this morning. detectives say a woman hit several parked cars and was taken to the hospital with unknown injuries. one vehicle ended up on the hood of another car and a parked car with no word on what led to the crash or whether the woman will face charges. >> a san francisco police sergeant has been arrested on drunk driving charges and sergeant seen here at a police commission meeting nine years ago was off duty driving his personal car and he rear-ended another vehicle in a sunset district on tuesday. a witness saw the crash and called police. the officers say they followed a trail of debris from the
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accident scene at 12000 -- 12th avenue. he was arrested and player released. he is a 22-year veteran and has been placed on leave. >> new accusations against disgraced bicyclist star lance armstrong and his famous ex, sheryl crow. the "wall street journal" reports that she witnessed armstrong getting blood transfusion while they were dating back in 2004 what is called "blood doping." the claim is made in a new book to be released. the book says that she spoke to federal investigators about her knowledge of armstrong's doping and armstrong admitted doping this year in an interview with oprah. the two began dating in 2003 and they engaged but split in 2006. >> twitter could spoil the end of your favorite tv show but now it is believed it could save a life. scientists believe that the san
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francisco-based social network could help identify users at risk of committing suicide. the study focused on tweets that directly minutes suicide along with key words and phrases related to warning signs. researchers also discovered this each state's ratio of suicidal tweets strongly correlated with the suicide rate. >> "wall street journal" opens in 15 minutes for trading after the dow had the best day of the year and the dow jumped 300 points to close at 15,126 more than a 2 percent jump. speculation of a default deal led to the increase and at 6:45 we check with jane king at the new york stock exchange to see how the dow is doing this morning. >> starbucks could hand you more than the morning latte launching a new effort to end the government shut down. they are asking customers to sign a petition to pressure
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lawmakers to re-open the government and reach a budget deal. the c.e.o. says that he and people he has talked to are all "steamed." he is encouraging other business leaders to sign the petition and help stir things up. >> hopfully the commuters are less "steamed" as a result of no bart strike. >> a great start to the weekend but now we are spending the entire weekend wondering if there is a bart strike on monday. right now we have 49 trains running on time. what isn't running on time is caltran northbound from san jose to san francisco. 309 is taking over all of 305 stops. as we travel along 101 you can see the area shaded in orange
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indicates some fog. to the san rafael camera, to the south, you can see the traffic is clear and traffic is building as you come up to central san rafael and the rest of the drive is wide were. >> good morning, everyone, we are looking at airport lays of over an hour because of the low clouds and fog so keep that in mind headed to the aiport. with the low clouds and fog temperatures on the cool side like a summertime pattern at our beaches today, emeryville with clouds and they extend into the north bay and san francisco is great at 52 and oakland is 54, and 48 in san jose with a clear sky and clear down by los gatos and temperature dropping in the mid-40's and the exploritorium showing the gray decides with 40's in the north bay and
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quarter to half mile visibility. fairfield, keeping the cooler marine air transported into the east bay. a bit of a change in the afternoon forecast with livermore at 49 degrees this morning. from our roof camera we have the low clouds along the coast so that is not judging. a chilly morning but the warming trend is underway into next week. if you hope for more snow or rain in the sierra, we had the bonus of the last day of summer but it is not happening and we are staying dry. in san jose we have the comfortable mild readings and we will hold it. the warmest day is monday and tuesday and with the cool down into next week we are not anticipating in the form of rain. elsewhere in the south bay, los gatos at 73 and cupertino and sunnyvale at 72 and with the low
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cloud and fog only 59 at half moon bay and 71 in redwood city and san francisco is mid-60's again today with 72 in novato in the north bay so it is warmer there and 69 in oakland and 70 in fremont and in the east bay another beautiful fall day and 74 in livermore. holding steady tomorrow and a bit of a warm-up sunday, mop, tuesday, and into wednesday and we will hold on to the autumn warmth and cooler by the end of next week. >> our coverage of the bart strike continues at 6:30 and we will go to the bay for commuter >> toy story of terror, with a behind-the-scenes look at the
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>> 6:23 on this friday morning a look at traffic on the golden gate bridge moving smoothly along and there is no bart strike so no extra traffic on this bridge but monday could be another story. we will keep you informed. >> a lost bart riders frustrated and we talk about that later but now josh has what is coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> good friday to you both. lots to get to including more on the american woman at the center of something of an international controversy, miss universe accused of disrespecting the seven man made wonders of the world in a photo shoot that could perhaps land her in jail. we will have more on that coming up on "good morning america" next.
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>> a lot more on bart. no bart strike this morning, right, but a bart rider tweeted this picture from a bart train of a very official sign, pretty telling, but there is nothing official about this, the sticker parodies "bart" with the word "brad." it says "seal the job and agree on a contract." >> next, right here, you can see the first ever toy story film made for television. it is "toy story of terror," with a road trip that is interrupted by a series of scary events. thousands of hours were spent fine tuning the 3-d film at the pixar studios. >> we are in this little world for a long time so for us we do
6:26 am
our chunk and we give it away and see how it fits with the other chunks. >> you will hear tom hanks and tim allen airing next wednesday at 8:00 p.m. right here on abc7 news with pixar and abc7 both owned by the disney company. >> the morning news continues at 6:30 with the top stories including denied again. agonizing game, game five of the oakland a's you can thank verlander for disappointing fans . >> commuters aren't entirely at ease. they know their future commutes are it will in limbo. >> we are starting out with low clouds and fog and ground fog in the north bay and chilly temperatures but just a few clouds today.
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good friday morning at 6:29 a look at the hayward bart station where you see commuters because trains are operating so passengers are relieved but their fears are not over yet. thanks for joining us. >> we start with the bart strike averted of the trains are running but there is still no deal between the transit agency and the unions. a possible strike new looms over the monday morning commute. matt? >> the good news this morning is no strike. the bart trains are running. on monday if no agreement is reached the unions could strike and you could have to find a new way to work on monday morning. overnight, the bart and the unions signed a contract extension through the weekend averting a strike and bart negotiators say they were prepared to offer a new proposal yesterday but the unions said not to present it. the union negotiators say
6:31 am
elective board members are involved and engaged in negotiation and expect the general manager to sit at the bargaining table today. >> the other people at the table do not have the authority to get a deal done. she does. >> the cooling off period ended at midnight so the new deadline is midnight sunday. bart unions say they will strike on monday. the negotiating session is scheduled to start at 10:00 a.m. in oakland at the caltrain building. >> now traffic on friday morning and leyla gulen. >> we have at least 54 trains running on time and we have a new problem involving an accident along eastbound 80, the second accident that has been reported so far this morning and it is involving a car that now is blocking two lanes. it may have spun out of control. we had an early incident with a stalled truck and a bus clipped
6:32 am
it. we are slow there coming into the city and another area of slow traffic in a moment but we have a report of vasco road blocked right now because of an axle in the intersection see how sluggish it is with a report of a two-car crash and everything on the shoulder but busy traffic. that is the forecast. >> good morning. an hour and 24-minute delay at sfo because of the low ceiling. it is at 1,100 in oakland so it is gray with visibility reduced in the north bay. count on the low clouds and fog and at 50 into the mid-to-upper 50's later in the day with the sea breeze and around the bay mid-50's by 7:00 and mid-60's at
6:33 am
noon and highs ranging from the upper 60's for low 70's but you head inland it is chilly with upper 40's under a clear sky and 60's by noon with highs again in the lower 70's and a nice autumn afternoon and a warm-up on the way for the weekend. >> commuter whose take bart are breathing a sigh of release but the anxiety continues. >> riders are smiling because uneasy smiles because they are nervous about monday when they could be back in this situation and they are suppressing anger and frustration of having been put through this in the first place. >> it messes everything that everyone does. it ruins plans.
6:34 am
we don't like it. >>the last time i had bart on strike it was a nightmare with the bus being overly full. i work in richmond it is imperative bart run. >> it is frustrating. i work in downtown. i depend on bart and have for 12 years. >> man talk about taking the bus and others say they could drive their own car, catch a ride with someone else, neither option really appeal to the bart ride others because gas is expensive and there are tons of cars on the road. plans were made in bart workers went on strike just in case the
6:35 am
workers were on the picket line. car pool lanes are in place all day from 5:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. rather than just during rush hour and on interstate 80 and 680 and 880. car pool lanes would be added to highway 24 near the tunnel. if there is a strike on monday we will be on early with complete coverage starting at 4:00 a.m. half an hour early with the latest on the talks and your commute. >> a's fans are disappointed after they dropped the winner-take-all game five at the coliseum. cabrera hit a two run homer putting the tigers head 2-0. verlander dominated with a no-hit bid into the 7th and struck out ten in eight scoreless innings and now pitched 30 consecutive shut out innings against oakland a post-season record.
6:36 am
they advance to the championship against the red some. a's fans gave the players a standing ovation for the memorable season. we will make it further next year. >> last year no one picked them to do anything. they are scrappy. they fight hard. that is what you want them to see. >> some fans say they are thrilled the a's made it to the post-season this year and the a's who were 27 in payroll size after having the small of the pay row last year. >> in southern california in los angeles county, it is tough to see but there is a bear loose in this neighborhood in los angeles county.
6:37 am
that is a port-a-potty. the residents are told to stay indoors while the search conditions. if this changes we will let you know. there is a new alarm about chicken come contaminated with system naturally and san francisco mayor three is responding after a missing woman is found dead at san francisco general hospital. >> taking you up to the top of mount tamalpais in this picture. traffic is weather together are
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6:41 am
problems so 309 is taking over. >> we have napa and sonoma with fog but we will warm up with comfortable readings shy of average in the upper 60's and the sun will shine in san mateo and half moon bay will be gray in the upper 50's. if you headed out of town southern california is the same with low 70's and 20's in the sierras at 20's. the fog will pull back from the coast tomorrow and sierra nevada has cooler numbers next week but no snow or rain. >> back now to southern california, you can see the bear is tranquilized and now he is being put in the back of a truck for trance port to an animal rescue organization. >> we get word from our sister
6:42 am
station fish and wildlife have frankizeed -- tranquilized the young bear. they asked residents to stay in their home. now the bear is tranquilized they are lifting that. >> san francisco mayor is calling for an independent investigation into the death of a woman found in the stairwell at the hospital that reported her missing. lynn saddling -- lynne spalding is 57, mother of four, died at hospital and was found in a stairwell. the mayor wants answers and will pass the answers on to the family. the sheriff office is investigating a review of hospital alarm and search procedures. hour body was not found until 17
6:43 am
days after being reported missing from the hospital bed. >> trading is underway on wall street. the dow is up seven points after a huge 300-point gameer yesterday and we will go to the new york stock exchange. >> new concern of chicken and why "consumer reports" says shoppers should
6:44 am
prove it. enough is enough. d-con baits are specially formulated to kill in one feeding. guaranteed. d-con. get out.
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>> covering benicia, san ramon and all the bay area, a look at the bay bridge toll plaza where as leyla gulen has been reported it is officially light. look at that much of the metering lights did not go on. minutes ago, some are fearing many there could be a bart strike. but it is looking lite if you are headed that way. the government is allowing the california chicken plant associated with the sam tale outbreak do stay open but "consumer reports" is wanting shoppers of other brands of chicken in their refrigerator. >> we have learned the warning has expanded to other chicken brands produced at three foster farm plants listened to the outbreak many sold at safe way
6:47 am
and "consumer reports" advises buying a chicken sold under these labels, safeway farms, simple truth organic, eating right, kirkland signature. the agriculture department says three plants in the central valley can stay open for now because they have made some changes. the inspectors will monitor chickens coming from the plants for the next three months. we have much more information on keeping your family safe and tips of the salmonella outbreak on our website at abc7 news . >> the gap is facing weaker than expected back-to-school demand. over to the new york stock exchange. >> good morning. now j.p. morgan chase is announcing plans to cut 11,000
6:48 am
jobs in the mortgage division before end of the year. they are accelerating cutbacks. they said they were targeting cuts next year, but they are facing $7 billion in legal costs but shares are higher and wells fargo shares down after a record third quarter profit with fewer loan defaults compensating for weakness in the north lending business. stocks show a wait-and-see approach after the banner day yesterday on progress in dealing with the debt ceil limit that could be coming. we are seeing a mixed and directionless day. the silicon valley index is slightly higher. challenging times ahead for san francisco-based gap with a drop in the september sales and the biggest damage is at the banana republic. gap shares this morning are
6:49 am
tradeed down at the new york stock exchange. >> thank you, jane. mike is off today but lisa is joining us with a cooler day along the coast. you started but we have a lot to get to in traffic. if san francisco if you are headed along the eastbound direction we have an injury crash reported eastbound at 4th street two lanes are blocked and the ambulance is on the scene and tow trucks are on the scene to move the car out of the lanes. we have a report of a crash involving four vehicles and a big rig southbound 680 coming up to this area so we have reports with possible glass in the lanes. be careful if you are traveling in the southbound direction.
6:50 am
it is wide open and empty and the metering lights are not o we have columbus day weekend, it is a federal holiday with government offices closed on monday. looking to the bay bridge you can see the traffic is heavy to treasure island to san francisco. >> we are looking at low clouds and fog at the coast and chilly conditions in the north bay with the fog at novato and napa and santa rosa and visibility from a mile to quarter mile but a nice sunrise and it is gorgeous with a clear sky and low 50's but a milder spot, oakland to san carlos mid-50's and los gatos, and 44 only at half moon bay. we will have a sea breeze intact. mount tamalpais is nice and marine layer is at 1,100' a
6:51 am
switch for autumn. cool from novato through mill valley and 47 in concord. from emeryville this morning we are looking at cloud cover and chilly temperatures across the bay but we will look for more sunshine and a bit of a warming trend by the second half of the weekend into early next week. if you low pressure for rain or snow the latest word is we could have two weeks of dry weather. we had a bonus rain in september and high pressure is off the coast to slowly build in over the week. with temperatures that have been in and around the low 70's in the south bay we will keep it there the next couple of days with a bit of a warm-up and upper 70's monday and the warmest days should be monday and tuesday and slowly dropping off but, still, dry, and 72 on sunnyvale and santa cruz coming
6:52 am
in low-to-mid 60's under the sunny sky and partly cloudy conditions late in the difficult at the coast and 71 in redwood city but 58 in san francisco in the mid-60's and afternoon sea breeze and the north bay we will get rid of the ground fog throughout the 9:00 hour and low 70's by 3:00, 68 in san leandro and plenty of sunshine and inland, 74 in livermore and walnut creek in the mid-70's with no changes tomorrow but more sun at the coast and were watching up on sunday, monday and tuesday. >> ahead, seven things to know before you go.
6:53 am
>> a look at walnut creek southbound on 680 traffic is
6:54 am
slowing, and we will find out from leyla gulen in a minute what is causing that. >> as we hand things off to "good morning america" here are seven things to know before you go: good news for commuters this morning, no bart strike today. caution: a strike is possible on monday. both sides are back at the table this morning after the cooling-off period expired at midnight with no deal and no strike. >> number two, look at that, it is wide open and empty at the toll plaza and it is due to a stalled vehicle out of the tunnel blocking one lane so light traffic. this crash was cleared and blocked two lanes with backups yet do dissipate. all lanes are open. there is an alert for half a dozen other brands of chicken including popular brands with
6:55 am
safeway and costco. three plants in the valley will not be shut down after making changes. >> senate republicans get their turn to meet with president obama this morning to offer their options on how to end the budget battle. g.o.p. house leaders met with the president yesterday but the white house said in specific determination was made. >> the nobel peace prize goes to the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons, with a watch dog group known for the ongoing efforts in syria beating out other top contenders including the 16-year-old pakistani girl who survived an attack by the taliban. >> the a's have been knocked out of the playoffs by the tigers for the second straight year. the pitcher verlander dominated oakland in a winner-take-all game five. final score was 3-0. >> low clouds at the coast and fog in the north bay but sunny and mild average the bay and inland with low-to-mid 70's
6:56 am
returning there and a slightly warmer weekend ahead. there was an accident south of the sunol grade but 58 bart train is running on time. >> see you in 25 minutes.
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good morning, america. is the end in sight for the high-stakes stalemate in washington? tense negotiations go into the night. can a major breakthrough in the standoff happen today? the markets are skyrocketing over signs of progress. and developing now, one of the world's most dangerous sex offenders escaping into the u.s. from canada, slipping across the border and now on the run. authorities believe they know his location. but police here in the u.s. can't arrest him. miss universe under fire. the american beauty queen who wears the crown, accused of tarnishing the taj mahal. romping in high-heels in front of the monument. authorities there outraged and poring through the tapes. we hear from her this morning. >> i love you so much.


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