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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 13, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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when managing your weight, bigger is always better. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant >> good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, october 13. let's start with a quick first look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning to you, carolyn. temperatures have dropped into the 40s again up in the north bay. but so far we are clear around the bay area. we do have fog along the value coast n the mid-40s for the san ramon volley. 49 concord, with 55 in hayward. as you head on out this morning,
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it is cool. the skies will stay clear as the winds continue to mix up the atmosphere. in fact, we will scour out those clouds along the central coast. temperatures coming up into the 60s today with an afternoon sea breeze at our beavers. but 70s and those 80s getting closer and closer. they are in the seven-day outlook. i'll have that for i in a few minutes. carolyn. >> thank you, lisa. unions and bart managent are set to resume talks this morning at 9:30. hours before the midnight deadline to avoid a strike. our reporter has been monitoring the talks and has the latest from oakland. >> reporter: as some union members continue crunching numbers on proposals, most called it a night. chief negotiator and the general manager did not actually arrive here for negotiations until 6:30 in the evening. that's because both sides say
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they were going over proposals and comparing numbers. when they did begin talking, some progress was made. i think some items have been tentatively agreed to. >> the mediator called all sides together almost immediately after bart management arrived. >> we had a face-to-face. >> how did that go? >> we are waiting for a response so the union has presented some ideas to management, and we will see how they are responsive to those. >> the way everybody thinks things are being acrimonyious, it's not that way at all. everybody talks with a great deal of respect. >> they are counting the days that the negotiations has stretched on. as bart trains continue running this weekend and some progress in the talks is happening, unions gave a 72 hour advisory this morning warning if a deal is not hammered out by midnight sunday, workers will go on strike monday morning. management detailed the efforts they are making if that happens. >> we've got about 150 to 200 buses lined up for next week if
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we need it. hopefully we don't need it, but we are prepared. >> abc7 news. >> the abc7 news digital news has introduced #dearbart for our viewers to sound off. al legs defeated dear bart, hold the line against the hijackers. there should be a bill outlawing strikes. and cynthia tweeted dear bart, i wish you weren't using this opportunity to bash unions. when did a good middle class job become offensive? we're not just looking for tweets, but also your videos. you can send them on twitter and
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use #dearbart. you can send videos also to our facebook page. we have a range of services for you, including all matt transit options and realtime traffic maps on our website. you can also download the clues of waze traffic app to navigate the freeways. follow us on twitter for breaking news updates. our morning news team will be on half an hour early tomorrow. coverage will begin at 4:00 a.m. to help you maneuver in case of a strike. we have developing news out of hayward where a driver has been arrested after crashing his car into a house this morning. it happened around 2:30 on tennison road. the car went airborne and slammed into a house. neighbors say they have never seen anything like this. >> i was lying in bed and i heard what sounded almost like an explosion. we decided to come outside and see what happened and we saw the
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police cars and came over and looked and the car was so far in the house i couldn't believe it. >> no one was at home at the time fortunately. that driver of the car was arrested for dui. now to the latest in the government shutdown. the senate is scheduled to meet at 10:00 this morning, but no votes are scheduled. the house is not in session. yesterday lawmakers were back on the job, though any progress toward a deal is moving at a snail's pace. individual states have jumped in hoping to fill the void, in some cases opening national parks on their own dime. here's chuck sievertson. >> reporter: any movement to loosen the log jam that began as a republican effort to defund shifted from the house to the senate this weekend. they are holding talks to end the stalemate. >> no reason we can't do it now. we don't have that done yet. when i say now, i mean the next
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48 hours. >> it is nearing the second week. and extending the nation's borrowing authority. the administration is warning depletion is just days away. dueling bills failed to gain any traction saturday. house republicans disallowing a democratic pegs to open up the government immediately. >> no deal as far as we are concerned. >> while an attempt in the senate to extend the debt limit failed. why now? disapproval of republicans jumping from 63% to 70%. they are looking for a way out, a deal. >> manufacturing crises to get results isn't the way our government operates and they need to stop it.
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>> i just refuse to let wrongheaded federal policy deprive tourists worldwide the opportunity to see this magnificent landscape. >> frustrated siteseers welcome back to landmarks. among them the grand canyons and statute of liberty. chuck sievertson, abc news, new york. >> coming up, lawmakers debate the latest battle in washington as negotiations continue over the government shutdown and raising the debt ceiling. you can catch "this week" with george stephanopoulos right here on abc7 at 8:00. money problems and bickering in washington are having an impact in the bay area. the cliff house bistro, which has a federal lease, is open again, but the cancellation of fleet week is compounding the troubles for tourists and local businesses. the navy cut the blue angels back in april. that was because of those sequester cuts. then the parade of ships was cancelled. but pier 49 and fishermen's wharf is making an extra special effort to make fleet week
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memorable. john alston shows us how. >> reporter: it wasn't quite the blue angels but the fireworks show was the latest attempt get people down to the waterfront to make up for fleet week. the only nose dive this week was for business. >> it's like this. it's like arrow down quickly and fast. and low. yes, it's pretty bad. >> it was a tame evening. the exact opposite of a fleet week saturday night. a lot of empty tables at some well-known restaurants. >> all right. we're open. >> a different story at the cliff house, which reopened providing a pleasant surprise for this family of santa rosa. >> we called and checked to see. we heard they were trying it. we were hopeful they would be hope. >> extremely hopeful. >> the cliff house on federal land was closed for nine days because of the government
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shutdown. private concession their that runs the site lost more than $100,000 and employees lost their pay. managers said they met half-dozen requirements to reopen. >> we don't have gates or federal employees so we met all six criteria so the government has allowed us to hope. >> alcatraz is off-limits but tourists can circle the island a few times on a cruise ship. not what a lot planned. >> it was cool, but it would have been a lot better experience to get off on the island and see how they lived and stuff like this. >> passengers getting off the boat said the cruise line knocked $5 off the price of the $30 ticket and did not charge at all for souvenir photos of their trip past alcatraz. >> it was cool to see it, but i would have like to have been up-close. >> the city will lose $65 million in tourist revenue from fleet week, but one landmark, the cliff house, has reopened. in san francisco, january alston, abc7 news. firefighters in san jose had to handle a leaking gas main while fighting a house fire.
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they responded to a home on waverly avenue near the read hill view airport around 5:00 p.m. yesterday. firefighters say it started in the garage of the home, spread through the house, and then burned the house next door. firefighters eventually shut down the gas leak and put out the fires. no one was hurt. lafayette police have arrested a man they say tried to abduct a child. it happened on golden gateway near the lafayette library at 11:30 yesterday morning. police say the man approached the 8-year-old and grabbed the child. a parent was in the area and quickly rushed that child away. the man took off running. police arrested 57-year-old ralph rose. they say he is a transient who frequents the lafayette area. lisa argen, our meteorologist, is here now talking about relatively stable week, wouldn't you say? yeah, the fog is gone out of the bay. here's a look. you can see over the city.
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it's in the low 50s right now. getting close to 70 degrees today downtown. that is average. but we are going above average. i'll have the accuweather seven-day forecast next. >> thank you, lisa. also neck, shoppers in 17 states, including california, suddenly discover their food stamp debit card wasn't working. what was behind that problem? and later, the governor signs a bill aimed at preserving lake tahoe. why environmental group
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this morning food stamp debit cards are working again after people in 17 states, including california, were unable to use them yesterday because of a computer glitch. xerox, the company that runs the system, said it fixed the problem around 7:00 last night. xerox said it's electronic benefits transfer or ebt system experienced a temporary shut down during a routine test of the backup system. many shoppers were unaware of the problem until they got to the checkout line. some simply had to leave their groceries behind. >> i went in to use my ebt system and they said the whole system is shut down ever i talked to the manager and he said there's about ten cards of go-backs in there. people go in with their carts full of food and they have to go back in and employees have to put them back up. >> federal officials say the service outage was unrelated to the government shutdown.
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>> california congresswoman nancy pelosi is now in the national women's hall of fame after being inducted yesterday. this is video posted online of the ceremony that took place in seneca falls, new york. that's where back in 1848 a group of women held the first-ever women's rights convention. pelosi was the final speaker at the ceremony. the hall of fame inducted nine women. pelosi thanked her fellow honorees for continuing their fight for women's rights. >> when women got the right to vote finally decades later, the newspapers reported women given the right to vote. now that wasn't what happened. women fought, women marched, women sacrificed, women demanded, and then women got the right to vote. but nobody gave it to women. >> in addition to house minority leader pelosi, other inductees included former first lady betty ford and title ix advocate denise sandler.
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>> happening today, more than 200 cyclists, including injured veterans, will set off on a seven-day, 450-mile drive to los angeles. it's called the ride to recovery. it raises awareness and supports psychological and physical rehabilitation programs for injured vets. the bike ride begins at 8:30 from the v. a. palo alto healthcare system on miranda avenue. the cyclists will stop in san jose for lunch before continuing the first leg of their journey to gilroy. happening today a walk at the oakland zoo to raze funds for juvenile diabetes research. registration is at 7:30. the walk begins at 9:00 a.m. on golf links road. it is open to the public. the juvenile diabetes walk has raised $1 billion to date. the organization hopes to raise $467,000 at today's event alone.
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a new study finds pregnant women who drink protien shakes during labor have higher satisfaction rates compared to women who only consume ice chips. researchers physicians should consider more liberal guidelines during labor to increase patient satisfaction. the research didn't find any difference in the occurrence of vomiting and nausea between women who drank the shakes and women who consumed the ice chips. residents in eastern india are cleaning up this morning after a cyclone made landfall, flooding towns and villages and destroying tens of thousands of homes. nine deaths have been reported so far. officials say most were caused by falling branches or collapsing buildings in the rains ahead of that cyclone. nearly 1 million people were evacuated ahead of that storm. well, meteorologist lisa argen is here now talking about
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our october weather. pretty typical? >> yes. pretty typical, and we are looking at temperatures coming up a little bit. a concern for offshore winds, especially monday night into tuesday when the relative humidity drops and the winds get kind of gusty over the hills. as we take a look at live doppler 7hd. it is clear right any, but we have a weak weather system pushing through the sierra nevada, providing a quick burst of snow there above 5500 feet. and breeze city conditions afterwards. but the winds will shift after that system pushes through. there is to go along the central coast. that is key as to why we are going to warm up today. sutro tower camera showing temperatures ranging from the upper 40s here to the lower 50s with the clear sky. san jose 48. 47 los gatos and half moon bay at 48. there is no fog to speak of. we have dryer weather on the way with this air mass coming into play that will provide some
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offshore winds later on. 50 in fair feel. it's 49 in concord with napa dropping to 40. so the typical cool areas up in the north bay are a little warmer this morning. novato, the airport. but there is a few cool pockets here around mountain view. we are four degrees cooler there and up towards napa. from our mt. tam cam you get a view this morning, despite the late sunrise at 7:00. it's clear and warmer on the order of about four degrees. the winds will not be as brisk but we will have the sea breeze setting up in the afternoon. here's why. the weak system pushing into northern california right now. and as high pressure builds into the eastern pacific, that will provide the wind shift. it's getting a little closer. as it does, the winds will turn to a northeasterly gradient and that allows for a very quiet week ahead with temperatures warming through the period. so here is oakland starting tomorrow in the mid-70s.
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today you should hit about 70 degrees. and then tomorrow into tuesday, look at the warmup. 80 and then 79 wednesday. it's a slight cool down in the middle of the week but temperatures about average. 07 in oakland it should be this time of here and we're above that. santa cruz back up to 70. it's been a cool week for you. 65 half moon bay. notice the fog is not here. 71 in san mateo. with the 60s you know it will be a mild day at the coast. 64 in the sunset district, while san francisco warms through the 60s. that sea breeze at about ten to fifteen miles an hour later on today. 75 in novato and 73 vallejo and a few upper 61s from newark to san leandro. oakland today and hayward about 70. 72 in castro valley. you head inland, we are looking at a beautiful day with 76 in antioch. so there is the columbus day holiday tomorrow and that will allow for a -- >> a holiday? >> well, could be for some kids.
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you know, they always get a fake holiday. mid-70s to low 80s. and looking at that forecast to continue right through the middle of the week. and then the little bit of a cool down. no rain in site. abc news is a another great weather resource for you to follow. and twitter. plus get video forecasts, spare the array let's and power outages from your favorite weather team. >> i'm saying that's what some people call it. whatever. coming up next, a frightening break-in for one couple. the rash of car thefts with a wild twist. and it's caught on camera.
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>> one couple got the surprise when they found two bears rummaging through their two cars. they caught it on camera. randy and his wife were visiting their daughter in georgia when a 300-pound bear walked up to their car and opened the door. >> she jumped up to here. she pulled up this tent. she reached in with her claws
6:25 am
and pulled everything -- she pulled out of here. when she didn't find anything in here, she put a paw here to step up. when she did, it closed and she stepped back over here. the cub opened the driver's side door and hopped up in that side. >> well, when the bears only found a pack of gum and a water bottle, they wandered off. a local sheriff blamed a series of recent break-ins on bears, but nobody believed him. now he has the proof. a san francisco museum that focuses on africa's cultural impact on the world celebrated their eighth year with a celebrity gala. more than 450 people packed the palace hotel to celebrate the museum of the african anniversary. the $1,000 a plate dinner and award ceremony featured guests such as former mayor willie brown and hon ward award winning
6:26 am
actor glover. glover is a san francisco native and he spoke with us about the honor of receiving the patron of culture award at last night's event. >> it is something. to accept that award, and to be a local boy just where the museum exists and contribute and -- it was really cool. >> now, besides his numerous acting credits, glover is also a political activist and humanitarian. the event raised money to benefit the museum and their local education programs. up next, why some passengers will now be able to get through security faster at oakland's international airport. also a scare in the sky over monterey. what forced the pilot to make an emergency landing. and we will take you aboard a unique san francisco workspace where a mission to help launch
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new start-ups is being told to weigh anchor and leave.
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>> welcome back, everyone. let's start this half-hour with a quick look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning, carolyn. from the roof camera it's clear. official sunrise is 7:17. we are looking at chilly temperatures from novato, napa and santa rosa. it's 50 by the delta and downtown san francisco in the low 50s right now. the skies are clear. we will still have a sea breeze but it will be confined just to the shoreline. with the clear skies, low to mid-60s at our coast. low to mid-70s around the bay. it's a warmup for everyone. anywhere from two to tour degrees. and inland climbing into the upper 70s. we have 80s in the forecast. not for everyone. and a dry week ahead. i'll let you know in the next few minutes. carolyn. >> thank you, lisa. turning now to bart negotiations. both sides will meet again this morning as they try to hammer out a deal to avoid a strike before the midnight deadline tonight. unions and bart management met
6:31 am
yesterday. while the sides can't elaborate too much on their discussions. bart's chief negotiator, steve hawk, said there have been some tentative agreements on supplemental issues. both sides say they spent the day going over proposals and comparing numbers. >> we are waiting for a response, so the union has presented some ideas to management. and we will see how they are responsive to those. >> the way everybody thinks things are in terms of being very acrimonyious, it's not that way at all. everybody talks with a great deal of respect for each other. >> trains are running this weekend, but the unions have already given notice if a deal is not reached by midnight, they will strike tomorrow morning. if there is a strike, at some point bart managers have been training to run some trains. the district will charter 200 buses. that service is between nine east bay bart stations and downtown san francisco. you can catch a bus between 5:00 and 8:00 a.m. at many locations.
6:32 am
evening service from san francisco back to those stations will be from three to 7:00 p.m. you have to get a round-trip ticket in the morning if you want to catch the evening bus. as for a.c. transit, it will have some addition that will seats on its local and transbay lines. plus bus stops located in inside bart stations will be moved outside bart property. the san francisco bay ferry service said if a strike is called tonight, there will be 12 boats in service tomorrow, not the normal 8. we have assembled a range of resources are for you at, including alternate options and realtime traffic apps. follow us on twitter@abc7 news
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for breaking news you can also download the exclusive abc7 waze traffic app to help you navigate the freeways. you can follow us on twitter @abc7newsbayarea. and tomorrow our morning anchors will bring you the latest on the strike threat and show you how it's affecting the morning commute. that is an early start. tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. on the abc7 morning news. >> a tsa program to help passengers check in for their flight faster kicks off at oakland airport today. "precheck" let's passengers leave their belt the, shoes and jackets on during screening. sfo already has the program. the $85 a year program is open to frequent flyers on participating airlines or the federal trusted traveler program. tsa officials say precheck is expected to be available in 100 airports nationwide by the end of the year. federal aviation officials are investigating an odd incident in monterey where a door fell from an airplane and landed on the roof of a motel.
6:34 am
the door broke free from a private plane after it took off from the monterey regional airport thursday. the 75-pound door fell 1,000 feet. it crash landed on the roof of a motel in monterey. motel workers say the really strange thing is no one heard it hit. >> i mean, it was shocking. a contractor guy stopping by the office and telling that, hey, there is a plane door on the roof. >> there were two people on the plane. no one was hurt. the plane returned safely to the airport. san francisco is a haven for start-ups and the group workspaces that is house them. but there's one start-up incubator that may take the prize as the most unusual and now it could have to shut down. abc7 news reporter johnathan bloom explains how an office that's home to half a dozen companies could soon be evicted by the port of san francisco. >> reporter: on a sunny september afternoon you might
6:35 am
find this man strolling the deck of his boat docked on san francisco's waterfront. watching him this way you might guess a lot of things about him, but you will never guess this. i'm not really a boat person, believe it or not. >> so what's he doing with a meticulously remodeled icelandic ferry boat? open the massive hydraulic hatch and you will find his cargo. a full shipment of hackers and entrepreneurs and engineers working in a space called the ice breakers. >> ships are optimized for large workspaces, collaboration and teamwork. that's why it works so well for start ups. >> they work on inventions like this 3d camera. an under water robot and a service that helps you order supplies like argyle paper cups. >> makes it fast and easy. you can do things like, oh, i'm
6:36 am
out of paper towels. >> there are people who are going places. even though they are onboard a vessel that doesn't move. though she has working engines and a full set of navigation tools, it never sets stale. -- salem. all that creative energy stays here at pier 50 and that's created problem with the landlord. >> in short, the owners of the pier said they basically rented a parking space. now they are taking issue with the way they are using that space. same way your landlord might not want you living in your garage. a port spokesperson told the lease does not includes us living aboard the vessel or using it as office space. they have given them until the end of the month to move the boat or move the start-ups out of it. leftet said it's other big misunderstanding. >> if they understood who we really are, they would want us here. and if we understood what the requirements were, we could meet them. >> he's hoping to work out a compromise before the deadline. in san francisco. abc7 news. governor brown signed a new bill aimed at preserving lake tahoe, but some environmentalists fear it could
6:37 am
lead to more development. this renews a decades long partnership with nevada. nevada had threatened to withdraw from it unless california made concessions to allow more development. the new bill will allow higher density and taller structures away from the lake and encourage getting rid of older structures near the lake. the sierra club and other environmentalists have filed a lawsuit in federal court over the changes. coming up next, we will take you for a spooky halloween look behind the scenes at pixar, as it makes its first attempt at television. here's a live look from our emeryville cam. showing you the new eastern span. looks kind of like a ship there in the early morning hours. a beautiful look, a beautiful day ahead. what about the rest of the week? our meteorologist lisa argen will have your forecast in
6:38 am
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hose who've been deniednd the right snack ♪ ewelcome to covered california. now, you can no longer be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at >> this week you will be able to see the first-ever made-for-television "toy story" film. it's called "toy story of terror."
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it's coming out just in time for halloween. abc7 news reporter laura anthony got a sneak-peek from behind the scenes at pixar studios in emeryville. >> jesse, what's wrong? are you okay? >> what? where is everybody? >> not to worry. we are all right here. there is woody, pixie-- where is potato head? and so it begins. >> in "toy story of terror," the series first forray into television, they take a road trip. one that's interrupted by a series of frightening events. >> all the toy story films have had moments of toys in peril where you are anxious for the toys. i think the biggest surprise is the amount of thrill you feel versus the slow burn into being concerned. >> it's a sequel of sorts of "toy story 3" with many of the familiar voices and faces from the movie. includes tom hanks at woody and
6:42 am
tim allen as buzz light-year. >> bonnie, the owner of the toys now, she only has a limited amount of room in her backpack so she chose a few of her favorites. >> despite all the inmation, all the technology at pixar, creating animation is still extremely time-consuming, meticulous process. >> a feature production is four to five weeks her seconds of animation. >> it gives them almost unlimited flexibility. and fine tuning his 3d creation. >> we are in this little world for a long time. so for us it's -- you know, we do a little chunk and give it away and see how it fits in with all the other chunks. >> wait, where's potato head? >> from story board to final rendering. toy story of terror" is shorter, but in the same big league as
6:43 am
its big screen. abc news. >> it will air this wednesday at 8:00 on abc7. both pixar and abc are owned by the walt disney company. this coming out for halloween. can you believe it's already that time of year? >> i know. i know. do you have your costume ready? >> maybe some glasses. >> well, it's usually quiet this time of year and that's exactly the case. it's gorgeous with numbers in the 50s. no fog. the wind shift and a typically dry next seven days. i'll have the accuweather seven-day forecast coming up. >> okay. i think the nose and glasses, that's how i always look. also ahead, fifth-ranked stanford gets upset in utah. añi last-minute drive falls sho. collin resch has the highlights
6:44 am
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6:46 am
>> in sports this morning the raiders meet the undefeated kansas city chiefs at arrowhead stadium. this afternoon the 49ers try to keep rolling, playing the arizona cardinals at candlestick park. kickoff is at 1:25. and college football last night, fifth ranked stanford was shocked at utah. here's collin resch with the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. was this a trap game? david shaw would tell you his team wasn't looking ahead to 11th ranked ucla next weekend,
6:47 am
but you have to wonder. the nation's second longest winning streak ended last night in utah at 13 games. >> better than shaw's guys, and pretty much every key statistic. ty montgomery. 99-yard kickoff return last week. mid-first quarter hits the 50. good-bye, 100 yards this time. cardinals with the 14-7 lead. utah, they would respond. quarterback travis. he got picked off six times last week against the bruins. his receivers helping him out today. drez anderson, 51 yards, tied at 14. utah 20 unanswered points until this. fade route kevin hogan began. reel it in one hand, get the foot down. 27-21 game. fourth and two at the utah six. hogan, back foot. he never had a chance at it. utah stuns stanford 27-21. david shaw said no time to feel sorry for themselves. >> i don't care about perspective. i care about the next game we play is ucla and we don't have time to wallow because they will come into palo alto and ready to
6:48 am
come after us. i said from the beginning i don't care what the talking heads say or where we are ranked, it doesn't matter. >> stanford, ucla, next saturday. a 12:30 kickoff here on abc7. >> stanford, they lost. could the bears take down the 11th ranked bruins? thought of an upset. short-lived. bruins answer with the 73-yard drive before halftime. 27 yards and then 24-10. only a career high 410 yards passing. he had three touchdowns. that's shack evans, the last one. 23 yards. 37-10, the final the bears now 1-5. much needed road win for san jose state. head coach ron on the road against colorado state. david bales looking like johnny manziel. buying time against jared out of the backfield. 83 yards, 431 passing and 3t ds against the rams. 4-27, the final. they are now 3-3. used to be you think about
6:49 am
the word hurdle and edwin moses would come to mind. but the sharks fans would say the only hurdle that matters is this om of as. pretty in pink. another 80s reference for you, hertl continues to light the lamp. 55 seconds in, rebound. his nhl leading 7th of the year. 1-0 sharks. second period, ottawa, 2-1. sharks tie it on a power play. fourth of the year. 2-2. in the third, joe thornton. the pass. brent burns. from the point or actually point-blank range. sharks win 3-2. they improve to a perfect 5-0. baseball, game one in alca. anibal sanchez, six innings of no-hit ball. struck out twelve. stephen drew with the bases packed in the sixth. one run would be enough for detroit. five pitchers combine on the one-hit shutout. cardinals, and dodgers, fifth inning. sac fly by st. louis the difference. top of sixth, that's ricky
6:50 am
striking out juan uribe. the bases loaded. 1-0 cards. they take the 2-0 lead. raiders in kansas city. 49ers host arizona later today. full recaps at five, six, nine and eleven. with a look at morning sports, i'm collin resch. have a great day, everyone! >> we've been talking about how dry it is and windy, and i was remembering it was october, '91 when they had that horrible oakland hills fire. we do have to be mindful of that. >> the relative humidity will be dropping. the winds will kick up. it starts later on today, the offshore flow. but the gusty winds come into play tomorrow night. the offshore flow stays with us throughout much of the week ahead. here's a look at live doppler 7hd. it is clear but a way to the south. around monterey we have a little bit in the way of low cloudiness once again. a live look outside from our sutro camera. it is very pretty out there. you see the clear sky and no fog to speak of. san francisco 52.
6:51 am
oakland sitting in the low 50s and san carlos upper 50s. 48 san jose. half moon bay nice and clear. from the roof camera you see how pretty it is. quite a switch-up from the middle of the week to yesterday. we had a lot in the way of low clouds and fog. 40 napa. mixing, getting underway, allowing for the temperatures to come up today. but the sea breeze also sets up. some areas a little cooler toward napa and also mountain view, four degrees cooler. half moon bay it's cooler. we are looking at warmer numbers out we the delta. it's 57 right now in fairfield. look at the view from mt. tam out toward richardson bay here. just gorgeous start. the sun coming up at 7:17. clear and warmer today. offshore winds throughout much of the work week ahead. that will offer temperatures to climb into the 80s for some. we have the trough that brought the cool air. then the fog was all along the coast for the last several days. but high pressure building in to the eastern pacific, allowing for a warmer pattern as it gets
6:52 am
closer to us. and that low lifts on out. some snow showers have been reported in the sierra nevada this morning. it will be breezy there. winds are calm in san jose tomorrow. numbers in the upper 10s. look at the low 80s return tuesday wednesday. cooler toward the latter part of the work week. but the coolest day looks to be the end of the next weekend. we aren't talk any rain. in fact it looks pretty dry throughout the next ten days. state-wide, upper 70s in fresno with the breezy winds in the sierra nevada. southern california, 69 los angeles. mid-60s. back to the sun in monterey. it's been in the 50s the past couple days for afternoon highs in monterey. 70 today in oakland with low 70s in fremont. back to sunshine in santa cruz and a mild 70 this afternoon. 74 for santa rosa. mid-70s as you head up toward cloverdale. and we will look for about 76 in morgan hill. if you are headed to the san carlos art and wine fair today, a beautiful day with numbers
6:53 am
climbing through the 60s. by noontime about 67. mid-70s 3:00. and still holding in the 70s by 6:00. at candlestick, 1:25, mid-and upper 60s, plenty of sunshine. the accuweather seven-day forecast shows the temperatures will slowly warm. the winds kick up over the east bay hills and lower relative humidity so we are to watch that. mild with about 70 at the beaches. slight cool down the end of the week. ice-time to look for rain out there. >> we will. thank you, lisa. good weather today for this. street skater and bmx bikers dazzle the crowds in san francisco with street style finals set for today. how families can be a part of the do-tour action. we w
6:54 am
6:55 am
he loves me. he loves me not. he loves me. he loves me not. ♪ he loves me! that's right. [ mom ] warm and flaky in 15, everyone loves pillsbury grands! [ girl ] make dinner pop! so i should probably get the last roll... yeah but i practiced my bassoon. [ mom ] and i listened. [ brother ] i can do this. [ imitates robot ] everyone deserves ooey, gooey, pillsbury cinnamon rolls. make the weekend pop.
6:56 am
>> shest numbers from last night's power ball draw. the power number four. no one got all six so wednesday's jackpot is estimated at $156 million. >> the dew tour is in town. that means some of the best skateboarders, fmx and bmx bikers in the world are in the bay area right now. these street skaters practiced yesterday on harrison street in san francisco. it's one of several courses set up in san francisco. the dew tour stop has been going on for two days already. but today brings several big finals events. it is also community day.
6:57 am
so kids can get a chance to try out the skate and bmx courses. we have information about the dew tour on our website. click on "see it on tv." the big setup is in front of san francisco city hall on the poke street side. >> very cool. we are looking at temperatures coming up. plenty of sunshine. no more of the fog in the city or at the coast. mid-60s half moon bay. 73 in palo alto with upper 70s returning for concord and fair feel. 75 livermore. the look ahead, we are warming up. the 80s return monday and tuesday for inland east bay and wednesday and slightly cooler the end of the week. >> thank you, lisa. thank you for joining us on the abc7 sunday morning news. i'm carolyn tyler along with meteorologist lisa argen. abc7 news continues at 9:00 this morning. "good morning america" is up next. have a great sunday, everyone!
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good morning, america. this morning -- collapse. talks between republicans and the white house go up in flames. with just days left until america runs out of money to pay its bills, what does this mean for you? terrifying moments, as a woman gets suddenly stuck when a railroad bridge lifts up into the air. onlookers stunned as firefighters try to pull off a daring rescue. new this morning. scotland yard and the family of maddie mccann launch a media blitz to reignite this six-year-old case. can this never-before-seen video help find whoever took maddie? and how did this thing go viral? an online casanova makes a bizarre video selfie to woo a


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