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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  October 14, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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join us on facebook and we'll see again at 6:00. welcome to "world news." tonight breaking news, they're wheeling and dealing in washington on the financial showdown. is the political mess finally about to end. hanging on, what we're learning about how that woman saved herself as the draw bridge kept rising. >> she's just hanging there, hanging. new clues about little maddy, the girl with the big eyes who vanished on a family vacation six years ago. are we now seeing the face of the man who knows what happened. and a good evening to you on this monday night, and as this new week begins there is new hope that washington is finally ready to end this showdown and get back to work to re-open the government, to pay america's bills.
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the clock is running down to thursday when america's credit could start to run out. american credibility around the world hanging in the balance. so is the man-made crises about to end and how fast? abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl has been talking to his sources. >> reporter: in washington peace could be at hand. democratic and republican leaders in the senate have struck a tentative deal that would end the shutdown and prevent default, but it is not a done deal. there is no guarantee that republicans in the house will go along. it's hard to imagine these guys would like what they see. at least mt. rushmore re-opened today, the state of south dakota footing the bill until politicians get their act together in washington. government buildings are still closed and trash is piling up. the government shutdown now in week three. after a furious day of closed door meetings on capitol hill, a tentative deal is at hand. it would re-open the government
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but only until january 15th and avoid default but just for now, extending the government's ability to borrow money until mid-february. the first sign of hope came this afternoon when the top democrat and top republican in the senate stopped calling each other names. >> my good friend the majority leader, we have had an opportunity over the last couple of days to have some very constructive exchanges. >> i deeply appreciate my friend, the minority leader, for his diligent efforts to come to an agreement. >> reporter: earlier it looked like washington was on the brink of total breakdown. a weekend of talks produced nothing. this morning it was announced the president would be summoning congressional leaders to the white house. >> if republicans aren't willing to set aside some of their partisan concerns in order to do what's right for the country, we stand a good chance of defaulting. >> reporter: from day one of the shutdown most of the public has blamed republicans. it's gotten worse for the gop.
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in the latest abc news "washington post" pole, 74 percent blamed republicans, but republicans, or at least their leaders in the senate, appear to have backed down. the deal includes no major changes to obama care, the republican demand that started the crises in the first place. it's not clear when or even if the president will have that meeting with congressional leaders here at the white house but the fate of this deal, this tentative deal, almost certainly rides in the house. the question is tea party republicans will certainly, diane, hate this deal. we just don't know if they'll be able to kill it. >> jon, i want to go back to the deal, the terms being discussed, three months? it's only three months and everybody goes through this again? >> reporter: that's exactly right, diane. this is just a temporary fix. we don't know if they get this if the two sides will be just not ready for another one of these long, drawn-out battles. we have set up exactly that scenario three months from now.
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>> jon karl at the white house tonight. as washington cuts it close taking the u.s. right to the brink a lot of you have been writing us to ask is congress about to trigger a recession and what about the repercussions in your daily life. abc's chief business correspondent rebecca jarvis is at the stock exchange on that tonight. >> reporter: tonight wall street and millions of americans' 401(k) hanging in the balance, big banks firing up war rooms, tracking washington's every move. what is the biggest concern here on the trading floor right now? >> that the circus in washington managed to somehow outbluff each other and go past the deadline. >> reporter: the world watching, too. calling d.c.'s game of chicken lunacy, chaos. the international monetary fund chief warning it could cause a massive disruption the world over and another recession. >> no one thought this was going to happen in the first place. >> you didn't think it would get this far? >> i didn't think it was going to get this far. >> reporter: but it has.
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without a deal this week experts warn of a domino effect, the dow plunging 500 or even 600 points, higher interest rates, more expensive mortgages and car loans, consumers spending less and leading to job loss. americans tonight worried. >> my greatest fear is that small businesses like the one my husband and i own will be significantly impacted because people will once again be afraid to spend. >> reporter: after thursday the government owes $328 billion in bills but has just $222 billion to cover them which means on-time medicare veterans and social security payments are threatened. the next critical date, october 23rd when social security checks are supposed to go out. >> i want to ask you this. is it possible the instability already could be triggering a recession down the road? >> reporter: we've already seen some of the damage done to consumers. our confidence is at a nine-month low. what we just heard from jon
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karl, they're going to, in the best case scenario, stagger this another three months. we could be facing the same battle for another three months. when we think as consumers how we behave, we know with our wallets we've got another battle ahead. >> at the stock exchange, rebecca jarvis. thank you. we do want to note that three americans won the nobel prize for economics today. one of them promptly joined the critics of any default on the u.s. debt. abc news spoke with dr. eugene fama who said it would be a terrible move by congress. he suggested the u.s. would lose the trust of other countries who gave us financial credit and expect america to pay its bills. now we move on to philadelphia and a new tape that is sparking outrage. it began as a run-in with two policemen and two pedestrians and ended in questions about the technique called stop and frisk. abc's senior justice correspondent pierre thomas takes us through that tape right now.
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>> reporter: it happened on a north philadelphia street late last month. two african-american men allegedly stopped for saying hello to someone. >> you have i.d.? you live around here? >> i'm going to work. >> why are you talking to him? >> i was just saying hi to him. >> why? you don't say hi to strangers. >> why not? >> not in this city. not in this neighborhood. >> hold on, hold on. >> i'm not asking you for consent. because i just told you to. put your phone in your pocket. >> why? i didn't do nothing. >> reporter: the video was posted anonymously, shot by someone as they dealt with police. >> keep your hands on the car. well then don't come to philadelphia. stay in [ bleep ] jersey. we don't want you here anyway. all you do is weaken the [ bleep ] country. >> how do i weaken the country, by working? >> no, free-loading. >> it was disturbing. there was no legal justification. >> reporter: the pennsylvania aclu sued the philadelphia police over the stop and frisk policy and obtained a consent order that required the department to justify any stop and frisk incident. according to the aclu, since
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2011 40 percent of stop and frisk cases by philadelphia police have been without justification. in a statement to abc news, the philadelphia police said the department takes this very seriously and we don't tolerate unprofessional and distasteful behavior. the philadelphia police are promising a full investigation and vow not to allow the poor judgment by a few to taint an entire department. pierre thomas, abc news, new york. tonight there is news about the suspected al qaeda terror leader captured in a daring raid by some of america's fighting forces nine days ago. he is on u.s. soil, abu anas al libi, one of the most wanted men in the world. interrogated on a u.s. warship and on dry land tonight. there is a twist, a life-threatening medical condition. here's abc news chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz. >> reporter: tonight under heavy guard and receiving medical
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care, anas al libi is in new york, transferred from the uss san antonio into the hands of the fbi on saturday. he's expected to be arraigned as early as tomorrow. his dramatic capture just over a week ago by the famed u.s. delta force came more than ten years after he was indicted for the deadly 1998 u.s. embassy bombing. held as a so called enemy combatant on the ship, he did not have to be provided a lawyer. now that his custody has been transferred to the justice department, he has been read his miranda rights, his transfer coming much sooner than expected. senior law enforcement officials telling us that the transfer was sped up due to a serious health condition. a u.s. official confirming reports that al libi has a severe case of hepatitis c which is a viral infection that attacks the liver. over the years al libi apparently mistakenly assumed
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the u.s. had stopped looking for him. now, finally, he is facing justice. martha raddatz, abc news, washington. now overseas to an uproar about life-styles of the rich and famous in europe. there is a call for one high ranking official to step down because of his first class flights, his $42 million home. it's hard to believe that man is a catholic priest. tonight pope francis summoned the so-called bling bishop to the vatican. here's abc's david wright. >> reporter: in germany, they're calling him the bling bishop, bishop franz-peter tabartz van elst in limburg. renovations to his official residence near frankfurt reportedly cost more than $40 million, including $475,000 for walk-in closets, $20,000 for the bishop's bath tub, plus a heated roof on his private chapel. the german media ridiculed the
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lavish project, one newspaper joking that at that price it must include a holy water reprocessing plant and a printing press to pay for it all. german catholics are not amused. it's catastrophic, said this man. he should be fired. the bishop's life-style puts him sharply at odds with pope francis who says catholicism must strip itself of vanity, arrogance and pride. pope francis famously drives his own car, a beat up jalopy. or rides on the bus with the cardinals. he carries his own bags and urges others to follow his example. on sunday as protestors gathered at the german bishop's residence, the bishop flew to rome to account for himself, not in first class as he recently did traveling to india to minister to the poor. this time the bishop deluxe flew coach on a discount airline. david wright, abc news, los
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language. back here at home the story behind that incredible picture, a woman trapped on an open draw bridge. she amazed everyone with her strength as strangers made desperate calls for help. abc's matt gutman has the story. >> reporter: wanda mcgowan may forever be known as that woman on the bridge. >> oh, my god, she's stuck up there. >> reporter: perched precariously 22 feet in the air, tonight the harrowing 911 calls. >> a bridge opened up. we have a lady caught. >> a lady called where? >> on the bridge. >> reporter: the 55-year-old mcgowan had just finished a 5k charity breast cancer walk. taking what seemed a short-cut home, she headed for the bridge. as she began to cross, warnings sounded, slowly the bridge began to rise taking mcgowan with it. those emergency calls kept flying in. >> she's just hanging there, hanging. >> reporter: the pink cancer walk shirt became a beacon of sorts of the trouble she was in. >> yeah, i would bring an ambulance, too, because they're probably going to fall.
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>> reporter: a crowd gathered screaming for wanda to hold on. with her legs trembling, she did, clutching the repairs and that pink purse for 20 minutes until the fire department hauled out a 24-foot ladder and brought her down, all to the cheers of the ladies in pink assembled on terra firma. this bridge is normally in the upper position and everywhere you go you see these no trespassing signs, with good reason. three years ago a man fell from that bridge into the canal and died. wanda said she didn't see them because she's legally blind. you can be sure she'll never take that short-cut home again. matt gutman, abc news, miami. new clues in an unsolved mystery. could this face be key to cracking one of the most famous cold cases in the world? what happened to madeleine mccann. and behind this exuberant photo, how this policeman became an instant symbol of joy around the world.
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it delivers a one-two punch at pain and sinus pressure with the power of advil and a nasal decongestant in a single pill. advil congestion relief. tonight new leads in a case that has baffled british authorities for six years, the mysterious disappearance of a 3-year-old girl with magical eyes, madeleine mccann, who vanished during a family vacation. police have new images, a man they want to question. abc's lama hasan in the scene of the crime in portugal tonight. >> reporter: they are the images of a man investigators want to speak to, an international cold case suddenly warming up. it was 2007, her family on vacation in this plush resort in portugal when 3-year-old maddy mccann disappeared from her room. now with scotland yard taking charge of the investigation, these are the images circulating the globe, the man wanted for questioning.
5:47 pm
police want to identify a man who was heading away from the direction of this apartment right here where madeleine was staying all the way towards the beach just less than half a mile away. in his arms witnesses say he was carrying a blonde haired child between three and four years old possibly wearing pajamas. he's described as having short fair hair, in his 30s and clean shaven. they're also looking for two other fair-haired men possibly speaking dutch or german, spotted in the days before the abduction, looking at the mccann apartment. were they scoping it out? then there are the increased number of robberies prior to her disappearance. could madeleine's abduction have been related to a burglary? tonight a 25-minute tv re-enactment of what police believe happened the night she vanished. her parents leaving maddy and her siblings alone while they dined nearby. >> i was looking at madeleine's bed and i couldn't make it out and i realized she's not in that bed.
5:48 pm
i thought i wonder if she's woken up and gone to our bed. she wasn't in our bed. that was the first time where i guess panic kicked in. >> reporter: taking to the air waves police hoping that once and for all the mystery of how this little girl was separated from her family will be solved. lama hasan, abc news, prala da luz, portugal. and talk about something old, new, borrowed, see what this bride borrowed for her walk down the aisle next in our "instant index." walk down the aisle next in our "instant index."
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vegas where he married his high school sweetheart 24 years ago. commuters on the subway in london or the tube as they call it in the u.k. got quite a surprise. jay-z and chris martin taking public transportation to the concert over the weekend. it's a preshow ritual for jay-z. last october from the documentary we saw him here in new york riding the subway to a show and he got a very friendly and slightly sweetly clueless hello. >> let me get a picture. >> i'm famous. you don't know me. my name is jay. >> ellen. what are you doing here? >> a beautiful friendship. you got to love it. the most mysterious and eccentric street artist in the world played a big joke on the snobs of new york. banksy, his street art sells for fortunes, tens of thousands of
5:53 pm
dollars per picture. this weekend he sent an elderly man to central park with a treasure trove, a fortune in paintings, $60 each. hours passed, no buyers until one mom negotiated half price at the end of the day. a lot of people missed out on the bargain of the century. smart aleck new yorkers kicking themselves tonight. now behind this picture a ball player head over heels, a police officer becomes a symbol of joy around the world. that's next. police officer becomes a symbol of joy around the world. that's next. and i had like this four inch band of bumps that came around to the front of my body. and the pain from it was- it was excruciating. i did not want anyone to brush into me to cause me more pain than i was already enduring. i wanted to just crawl up in a ball and just, just wait till it passed.
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[ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. finally tonight what's it like to become famous, part of a joyful history. a boston policeman became an overnight sensation. abc's jon donvan takes us behind the picture of the day. >> reporter: right time right place. it is key in the end zone. in the ring. in the base steal and in this moment frozen from last night's red sox game that is now going viral.
5:57 pm
here's the moving version of what happened. a bottom of the 8th pitch to david ortiz, a swing, a grand slam that ties the game and turns detroit outfielder torii hunter upside down. there he is, right time right place, boston cop steven horgan. joy on his face, his arms in perfect timing, perfect configuration while the game was still on and the sox won 6-5. various versions of the moment are already traveling the world. later on picking up lots of imitators. officer steven horgan, a lightning flash celebrity from the fan side, who has a cabin in maine he headed for today with his wife who has to be impressed. actually he told us by phone -- >> my wife didn't see the game. she fell asleep before the game ended. >> reporter: right time, right place. it happens to fans like everyone who was ever there when a foul ball came down. wrong time wrong place also happens because it was exactly one decade ago tonight that a
5:58 pm
chicago fan named steve bartman reached out little bit too far and messed up a crucial catch. there was no twitter then but bartman's family had to change their phone number. timing, it's everything. that's how you get two vs which make a w which stands for win. jon donvan, abc news, washington. thank you for watching on this monday night. we're always there at "nightline" will be here later and i'll see you right back here again tomorrow night. good night. deal or no deal? developments on the bart negotiations you may have to find another way to work in the morning. >> the relics some people will be using to get around the bay and a chance to sound off about bart's ever changing deadline. >> another construction accident at 49ers new stadium
5:59 pm
tonight looking into what went wrong that cost the bay area man his life if you've misplaced keys here is something that could help you find them. michael finney checks it out. >> normally i get up about 5:00 if you want to find out you're getting up at 4:00 you're going hit the road earlier. yo-yo sfekt not enjoyable now. >> he and 200,000 other riders are fed up with anxiety. will the trains run tomorrow or not? we may be facing another night of indecision. good evening. >> negotiations to keep the bart trains running have taken an ugly turn. the president of bart board of directors called on union leaders take last, best and final offers to their membership for vote. one labor official blasted part bart for making a last minute offer warning commuters
6:00 pm
to find another way to work. they've threatened a midnight strike and it appears that is going happen. abc 7 news is covering this tonight. clearly they're breaking down. >> they're still ongoing and talking inside of the building. if there has been progress made today it's not evident in the rhetoric we've heard in just the past hour. bart board president made a preer appearance saying the offer was done so with the blessing of the board. a union leader came tout say that offer is unacceptable, and that the threat of a strike tomorrow is very real. >> for 150 days at this point we think that it's time for union leadership to let the people of the bay area know whether they're going to