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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  October 16, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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court in a neighborhood off pleasanton hill road. the home is a complete loss. the cars are, as well. there was a broken gas main and a downed power line. the family get out safely. katie marzullo is gathering information with a report next half hour. >> to bart riders this must seem like "groundhog day." for three straight days they go to bed with the threat of a strike but wake up to no deal. abc7 news reporter matt keller is in oakland. matt? >> we have been hearing the same thing since the cooling off period ended friday. progress is being made. still there is no deal. for riders, the trains are running. the federal mediator came out last night at 10:20 announced no
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strike. the unions commented on the frustration for workers because of the late notice of a potential strike. negotiators are facing long days at the bag aning -- bargaining table after negotiations lasted until 5:30 in the morning of the day before and 1:00 o'clock a.m. today. >> it is late. >> trains are running. we will keep at it. >> bart's only statement was comments to announce progress was being made. the unions have been vocal about what is taking place behind the closed doors saying they were encouraged by the progress. talks are scheduled to resume at 10:00 a.m. at the caltran building in oakland. >> matt, thank you. now a look at traffic with leyla gulen. >> there is no traffic to speak of. we have construction projects from walnut creek to pleasanton
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hill, with a few lanes blocked off. northbound 680 from monument to highway 242, we have construction crews out there and our drive time traffic along 680 headed in the southbound direction from walnut creek to dublin, a 14-minute commute southbound from santa rosa to san francisco along 101 under 50 minutes through the mountains along highway 17, 24 minutes. it will be your drive as you come out of emeryville into san francisco, with a look at the toll plaza tom it is wide open with hardly any cars and not a problem. it is clear. it is still very early. we have 17 bart trains running on time. here is mike nicco with the forecast. >> welcome to wednesday. welcome to quiet weather. radar satellite is dry. live doppler 7 hd showing a beautiful morning if you like crispness in the air. you do not have to worry about
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getting overheated. fairly, antioch, napa, santa rosa remain warmest at 80. the coast from santa cruz at 72 to half moon bay at 75. mid-to-upper 70's around the bay shore and the south bay. today, temperatures are one to five degrees cooler than yesterday. >> although bart trains are running today, many say they have had enough. amy hollyfield is at the dublin/pleasanton station. amy? >> good morning, kristen. there is no strike but there are still unhappy riders. a woman told us she thinks it is an nothing that riders do not know until late at night or early in the morning if trains are running. rider are losing sleep to keep up with the developments. today is the 4th weekday in a row a strike was averted but it was a possibility so they have been following it closely now for four days. despite the fact this keeps
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getting postponed, it doesn't give riders a lost confidence. one still thinks the threat of a strike is alive. >> i think they are going to end up striking but maybe it will end up being next week. they seem frustrated and i believe they will strike. >> riders are exhausted. they have been staying up late. getting up early to get the news. the last announcement was at 10:30 last night, a little bitter than the day before when it was 1:00 o'clock a.m. and when the unions made the announcement they said it want hard on them and their members but bart riders want everyone to know it has been hard on them, too. >> bart has 200 buses that will run from nine stations el cerrito, concord, lafayette, walnut creek, west oakland, dublin/pleasanton, san leandro, hayward, and fremont. you will need to get a round-trip ticket in the morning
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in advance. car pool lanes on interstate 80, 880, and 680 are extended from 5:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. but the c.h.p. says they do not plan to write tickets outside of the regular car pool hours unless there is a strike. in san francisco bay ferry there will be 12 poets rather than the usual eight and an additional landing. >> you can find out if there is a bart settlement or strike by downloading our abc7 news app and allow for notifications for breaking news alerts when news happens. >> more transit trouble. governor brown is still considering a request by a.c. transit officials to impose a 60-day cooling-off period. by midnight tonight, bus drives and other employees could walk off the jobs without a contract deal. yesterday, the managers asked the governor to delay a strike because it would endanger the public's health, safety and welfare especially with the
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simultaneous bart strike possible. a.c. transit workers have rejected two contract office over pay and health care costs. >> state authorities confirm a pre-school teacher in fremont inrepeatedly touched a child and the state has cited the preschool. the department of social services said it happened on mission boulevard in august. investigators say a male staff member touched a child inappropriately during nap time and the child services said he admitted to rubbing her stomach and moving his hand too far down her body. parents gathered at the pre-school to ask questions about the incident and a spokesperson say the school immediately took action when they received a complaint. >> we reached out to the lengthing, and we removed the teacher from the situation. that teacher was terminated. the police department was property in to conduct an investigation. >> the school will have to
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inform parents of the report for the next 12 months. fremont police did not charge the employee. >> a san francisco man who authorities called the poster boy of crime in the city has been implicated in an august killing. the 36-year-old wilson is charged with killing otis at a housing complex in august. he was a suspect in the 1999 killing of a man in bayview but there wasn't enough evidence for the d.a. to follow charges. wilson will be arraigned for the murder later today. contra costa county will go after $80 million in state grant money to expand the jail in richmond. the county wants to add a 240 cell high security facility to the jail. the sheriff believes it will cut the number of people who commit crimes after being released from jail. the proposed facility would offer more space than what is
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available now at main jail in downtown martinez. >> the final countdown is on for congress to act to end the government shut down and avert a treasury default. the house of representatives and senate adjourned without a deal to avoid default and re-open the government. senate leaders harry reid and mcconnell have restarted negotiations after speaker boehner's plan was rejected by tea party republicans before it got to a vote. there is optimism from all sides, even from president obama, that congress will approve the senate plan to reoften government and extend the credit limit and give lawmakers more time for a permanent deal. >> if you are just joining, bart trains are rolling. are they on time? >> yes, they are. we have 23 trains running on time. as we take you to san jose you might be slowed down a little bit if you travel southbound 85, because the connection ramp to
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217 is going to be closed until action -- until 5:00, and fairfield to highway 12 we have all lanes blocked. that will last until 5:00 this morning with westbound traffic moving well. outside, across the san mateo bridge if you are coming from hayward to foster city we have a few extra tail lights toward the high-rise but no crashes. all moving at top speed on 101. mike nicco has a warmup in the forecast. >> going to be warmer-than-average. we will look at the day planner, good morning. we have chilly spots especially inland where we could dip into the low 40's and most of us in the mid-40's to low 50's from now through sunny start at 7:00. it is already getting right by noon. the temperatures are around 70 at the coast and 72 at the coast
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at 4:00, 80 inland. the temperatures are from one to five degrees cooler than yesterday and clouds will clear this evening and temperatures drop in the mid-60's to near 70. jumping forward three days and get a taste of what will happen toward the week. slightly cooler tomorrow. by one to two degrees and we will gain it back on friday and it could one or two degrees warmer on saturday. we will build into sunday. and the seven-day forecast is coming up. >> 4:40 a squarey scene in the middle of rush hour commute, a bus ended up straddling the lanes of a freeway. >> truly tragic case now florida sheriff takes on cyberbullying after a 12-year-old girl commits suicide. his message for parents. >> the search for survivors as a
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>> covering santa clara, san francisco, east bay and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> good morning, everyone. a look at san francisco and the bay bridge and the glassy surface of the bay from the camera. mike will tell us about the forecast and leyla gulen says traffic is good. >> of course, it helps there is no bart strike. we have been asking you to tell us how you feel about the bart gas. here is a video. >> i live in san francisco currently. if bart goes on strike i won't be able to see my little brother in the homecoming parade this weekend in martinez which is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. so please don't go on strike. >> you can post videos to twitter or instagram by using a hashtag "dear bart." >> five people are recovering from injuries in an accident
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involving a bus that collided with a truck yesterday as they traveled down highway 680 in milpitas. this photo was taken by a passing viewer. you can see how the bus ended up after the collision blocking two southbound lanes. crews actually had to shut down all lanes to remove the bus and get traffic flowing. >> horrible story. a florida sheriff is taking a tough stand after a 12-year-old girl killed herself in the wake of relentless bullying. the sheriff is charging a 14-year-old and a 12-year old for felony aggravated stalking. the girls charged as juveniles allegedly terrorized the 12-year-old girl who committed suicide last month. the abuse happened in person and online. the sheriff says he is shocked that none of the parents stepped in to put a stop to it. >> you don't discipline your children and if it rises to the level of a violation of law,
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don't worry, we will discipline them for you. >> her mother pulled her daughter out of school but the bullying continued online with the aggressors urging her to kill herself. she eventually did, jumping off a tower at an abandoned cement plant. >> it is 4:45. >> officials in connecticut have laid out a plan to prevent anyone from exploiting the tragedy at sandy hook elementary school. 20 children and six adults were killed last fall by an armed gunman. the buildings will be demolished and officials say all the materials must be pulverized and the met l as melted down. contractors must sign confidentiality agreements and guards to prevent looting or photographs from being taken. >> a soldier's gesture brought battle tested warriors to tears and now it is viral. wounded army ranger salutes from his hospital bed moments after emerging from surgery.
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he was wounded when a suicide bomber target 9 his unit if afghanistan. four other rangers died that day. he saluted when the commander awarded him the purple heart. a doctor even tried to get him to rest his bandaged arm but it was a losing battle. >> rangers never take the easy way out. that is what they say. leyla gulen? >> if san francisco we have a closure at the ranch between 101 southbound and central freeway and the 10th street on-ramp to southbound 101 will be shut down with detours in police. everyone else is moving fine. if you need to make it to i-80 eastbound you are in the clear. as we head into westbound 80 at red top road we have report of a stalled truck roasting in the middle lanes. other than that you are not going to experience slowing just a little bit of a slow down approaching this closure and all lanes are shut down eastbound 80
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headed away toward the interchange and further up ahead so watch out for that and cones are going to be picked up. we have nice clear conditions and not a problem, just 14 minutes to head away from sausalito into san francisco. that is the forecast. mike make? >> hello, everyone. we do see wet weather well off into the midwest and headed into the mid-south and also into the northeast. maybe some flight delays. at least possibly a bumpy ride. at home, did you know we tie add couple of record cold fronts with the airport in oakland at 45 degrees, tying a record and 36 yesterday in santa rosa and that tied a record. we are almost that cold this morning up north. 41 and sun doesn't come up until 7:13 so we have a couple of hours of cooling and we will keep an eye on that. 47 in san ramon, another area in
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the 40's and moments of us are in the low-to-mid 50's around the bay shore and 56 in oakland and 53 in san jose and fremont is 51 and mountain view and sap carlos are 54 and san francisco is the warm spot. at sutro tower, that and the bay waters are calm and that shows high clouds, sunshine, not a big weather maker and minimal cooling today and tomorrow. it will be sunny and warm and dry. the high pressure that dominated our weather yesterday and brought a lot of 80's to the neighborhood and it is getting shoved out of the way, that is a weak, fast-moving system and that will weaken the offshore flow today and the reason why the temperatures pull back so we will see how much. we will start in the south bay and we have mid-to-upper 70's until you get to los gatos and morgan hill and gilroy with low 80's and mid-to-upper 70's for most of peninsula and 77 in redwood city and 80 is the warm
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spot, and 74 at half moon bay. 72 in daly city. mid-70's in downtown south san francisco and sausalito. north bay is from 66 at bodega with a few high clouds. upper 70's to low 80's through the valley. upper 70's for most of the east bay shore and richmond at 75. castro valley at 80. east bay valleys will be upper 70's and possibly 88 in fairfield and antioch and livermore. tonight the temperatures are looking the same as this morning and it will be close. here is a look at the seven-day forecast, the temperatures will drop a couple of degrees and we bounce back friday and saturday with a more gradual cooling over a longer period for sunday, monday, and tuesday. kristen and eric? >> it is 4:49. in japan, 15 people are dead after a power of typhoon south
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of tokyo. heavy rains and landslides destroyed dozens of homes and 50 people are missing. it packed wins of up to 110 miles per hour but it has weakened. the storm passed by where the nuclear plant was damage by an earthquake and tsunami in 2011. there are no reports of contaminated water leaks. >> in the philippines, the death poll from the 7.2 earthquake has risen to 144. officials say nearly 300 others are injured. the central island which is a popular tourist area, was hardest hit with wide-spread damage to houses and historic churches. the governor says that all impacted towns have been reached and it is difficult to travel the roads to reach the areas. >> there is a recall if a widely used antibiotic, with a dangerous substance that could be in some vials.
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>> a northern california mother face as backlash after posting this picture of herself with a message she has for people calling her a "bully." before there were smartphones this were...droids. the new bay area exhibit
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>> good morning, on this wednesday morning. no bart strike if you are just joining us. talks continue. this is looking at the bay bridge on both sides of the bay. a gorgeous shot. we will have a warm few days ahead. mike has more on that in a moment. tonight the atherton city council will consider banning people from sleeping in their cars or trailers at night on town streets. the city manager says there is not an ongoing problem but a woman was caught sleeping in her car for three days.
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officials are concerned that homeless people who were pushed out of palo alto this summer by a similar ban might migrate. if approved, they could face six months in jail or a fine of $1,000. >> we want to share a look at a new exhibit opening at the technical museum of innovation in san jose. darth vader stands ready to cigarette visitors at the exhibit "star wars, where science meets imagination." the traveling display features 70 costumes, and other items used in the films. it is designed to get kids excited about science and opens on saturday until february. i cannot wait to take the kids there. >> all right. >> is this the traffic we are looking for? >> yes. speaking of san jose, let's go there and check out what is happening. you can see lots of green but this one area where we have construction we have lanes
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blocked northbound and southbound on 880 between forest avenue to 280 and 280 is running supportly as you make it into cupertino and not a problem whatever. we have 31 trains running on bart, muni on time and ace train and everything is running on time at this hour. as we go outside, in the further bay, here is 101 coming in the somebody direction, the headlights are making it into central san rafael defy it and 14 minutes from here to san francisco. mike? >> good morning, again, we will talk about live more in the east bay valley where it hand chilly at night and rather warm in the afternoon, with temperatures warming at 35 to 40 degrees and a lot of 80's in livermore, mid-80's to low 80's above average. we should end up at 78. with the cooling we are still above average. take sunglasses around the state, it will be bright everywhere. but the high country today, we have a small disturbance moving
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influence. it is kicking up clouds. 64 in tahoe. high clouds and low-to-mid in sacramento and fresno and los angeles and san diego and 87 in palm springs. nice sunshine and 74 in monterey safe travels. >> sacramento woman is defending herself if being fit after a facebook photo created an uproar. maria kang posted this photo with her three young sons reading "what's your excuse." it has received 16,000 comments and many from critics accusing her of trying to shame overweight mothers. she says her intention is to inspire others. she works full time, has no nanny, and manages to exercise five to six hours a week. >> americans love affair with diet soda could be over with the biggest soft drink companies reporting a drop in sales.
4:57 am
coca-cola officials said sales of diet coke fell 3 percent last year. diet pepsi sales dropped 6 percent. soft drink companies blame consumer worries over the health effects of after the official sweetners for the decline. diet coke is still the second most popular soda in the country. >> there is never a reason to drink alone again. your cat now has its own wine. that is a pitch from a japanese company selling the drink for felines. it does not actually have alcohol but it is made with grapes and catnip and now on sale in japan for $4 a bottle. >> okay... >> officially heard it all now. here we go again, bart trains are rolling this morning but there is still no bart contract dole. we have the overtime effort both sides are putting in to avert a
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strike of the. >> we we are following news in the east bay where an explosion and fire sends people scrambling to state. >> ready for take off, apple plans for one-of-a-kind headquarters clears a major
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good wednesday morning at 5:00. >> no strike. no deal. that is facing bart riders for a third straight day. negotiators took a break at 1:00 o'clock a.m. but will resume in a few hours. abc7 news reporter matt keller is in oakland. matt, is there reason for


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