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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 16, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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the major players in the contract talks leave negotiations after another marathon session. trains are running but there is still no deal. good morning, thanks positive joining us. >> basketball unions announced after 10:00 that the trains would be running this morning. negotiations lasted until 1:00 o'clock a.m. and will resume in a few hours. abc7 news matt keller is in oakland. is there reason for optimism? >> they are still talking. a lot of people are feeling deja vu. negotiations are still ongoing but no strike as negotiations ended overnight. they are promising to come back to the table later today. birth's only statement was comments from federal mediator george cohen announcing progress was being made and trains will run today. the unions have been more vocal.
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they said they were encouraged by the progress. >> we are bargaining. we are still this. we are coming back tomorrow. that is an indication we are bargaining. >> the unions commented on the frustration for the workers and required because of the late notice about the strike saying they safer the same frustration that they have not reached an agreement. talks ended at 1:00 o'clock a.m. and they are expected to reseem again at 10:00 this morning. >> matt, thank you. now the morning commute with leyla gulen. >> we have 50 trains running on time. we have one delay on ace train. first, though, 101 away from sfo into san francisco, it is wide open. you could see a little bit of volume building but i-80 and toward the treasure island area into berkeley, there is no problem at only ten minutes
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fromto third street. speaking of those delays, bart and running on time and ace train, number three, is stuck because of train congestion. so watch out for that ten-minute delay. now let's turn it over to mike nicco. >> we have live doppler 7 hd showing dry air mass over the top of us. a few clouds. they are offshore. they will stay even with the relaxing offshore wind today. it will be strong enough to keep the clouds away from our beaches. we will talk about the bay first, the next 12 hours, lots of sunshine at 7:00 and 51 and sunny and a few high clouds and 70 to 75 degrees, a bit cooler because of the high clouds, and it will be pleasant this morning at 69 degrees. inland it is chilly at low-to-mid 40's and passing clouds also, 72 at noon to 79 at 4:00, and clearing during the evening hours and a comfortable
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70's degrees and the coast we have temperatures in the mid-40's under sun and moderate u.v. index with the high clouds the burn factor is out there if you enjoy the warm sunshine and the temperatures drop fast with low-to-mid 50's by 7:00. >> bart trains are moving. there is no strike. there are unhappy commuters. a woman thinks it is obnoxious that riders do not know until late at night whether the trains are running. riders are losing sleep to keep up with developments. today is the 4th weekday a bart strike has been averted. >> they are going to end up striking but maybe it will end up being next week. they seem frustrated. i believe they will strike. >> bart has buses on stand by.
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abc7 news reporter, amy hollyfield, is talking with riders at dublin/pleasanton bart station with an update ahead. >> this is in deal in place. if there is a strike, bart has 200 buses to run from no one stations: el cerritos concord, lafayette, walnut creek, west oakland, dublin/pleasanton, san leandro and fremont. you need a round-trip ticket in advance, in the morning. car pool lanes, on 880 and 680 are extended from 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. but c.h.p. says they do not plan to write tickets outside of the regular car pool hours in also there is a strike. the san francisco ferry will have 12 boats rather than the usual eight with an additional landing to reduce congestion. you can find out if this is a bart settlement or a strike by downloading our news app and allow for push notifications for breaking news alert when news
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happens. >> we have a list of resources, as well, at and you can download the exclusive abc7 news waze app to navigate traffic. >> we are on a breaking news story in contra costa county, a house fire and downed power line with two car expresses -- explosions rocking the neighborhood overnight. katie? >> firefighters are on the scene and will be leader for hours. the fire started at 1:10 but it got very dramatic after that. you can see in the drive it looks like the cars exploded and that is not the worse part. there is a live power line down, and firefighters had to work around that. though had trouble getting to the house and the garage. they had to be careful lou and
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where they used the water to make sure it did not come in contact with the power line. the fire melted a gas main at the house causing a gas leak but firefighters capped that on their own. the family was able to get out safely. we are talking about a mom, a dad, their 11-year-old daughter. firefighters did not deal with rescues but they still had all of the other obstacles. auburned down the door of the garage and the exposure to cars in the driveway that caught fire. as they burned one car had magnesium that created dramatic explosions. you can see in this video the family was able to save belongings, some of their clothes on the street, but the chief says the fire was mostly contained to the garage and attic but the contents are okay. there is some smoke and water damage. firefighters have to pull out all of the insulation from the attic because it is an older
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material and it is highly likely to rekindle. this pile of debris is all the insulation from the attic that file fires have been putting water on. the red cross and neighbors are helping the family. >> thank you, breaking news into abc7 news from florida: the coast guard in miami says a boat capsized this morning seven miles off the coast of south beach with four people killed. the boat is believed to have been carrying migrants from haiti and jamaica with breaking news on twitter, following us at abc7 news bay area. . >> police in palo alto are searching for three robbers who attacked a 7/11 clerk pulling a gun on the clerk at the colorado avenue store yesterday morning. the clerk handed over money. one robber punched the clerk in the face and took his wallet. the clerk could nut give a
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description because the men wore masks. >> a three-year-old and one-year-old are safe after they were taken for a ride by someone who stole their family's s.u.v. in san francisco. the thief drove the children a few miles from 20th in the mission to sweeney in portola. a neighbor discovered the car with the engine running and the two children were alone strapped in the car seats. >> i called 9-1-1 and they said don't do anything this is a kidnapping. >> this is horrifying. i have a six and three-year-old so to imagine someone would take the child and depost them somewhere and i have no control... >> miss say the children's father was with them when the car was stolen but did not describe how it took place. the kids were reunited after being checked out at san francisco general. >> the cupertino city council has approved apple's plans to build a new space ship shaped
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headquarters fulfilling steve jobs' dream of creating a landmark for silicon valley. it is expected to house more than 14,000 employees. a final vote for approval is november 15th. though will demolish the existing building by the end this year. >> with bart trains running in morning, we will see how the commute is making up with leyla gulen. >> we do not have any accidents to report. we had one stalled vehicle at the maze but other than this we are in the cheer and we have plenty of congestion so you have that to deal with. on the altamont pass, here is a shining example, 22 miles per hour from tracy and over the altamont pass and in livermore, it looks lick the speeds jump up slightly and it is slow as you continue to highway 84 and bunches become up again at the dublin interchange. in san jose, everything else is running on time, and moving
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swiftly, and you do see a little bit of slowing northbound 101 away from the 280/680 split and at the san jose airport you are at top speed. the bay bridge toll plaza the metering lights are on so it is very slow and we have 48 bart trains running on time. mike? >> thank you. good morning, we will start in the south bay, quite a bit of temperature spread between los gatos at 64 degrees and cupertino, at 46. warm air rising as the cold air is draping in the valley. 54 in los altos, santa clara and san jose, and campbell at 48, and stare together at 49 along with sunnyvale and 56 in alameda, a warm spot, and san francisco is 5, and danville is 44. lafayette is 44. mid-to-upper around novato.
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today, you can see it looks nice. cooler but remain wither than average with a last 70's to near 80 degree temperatures in the afternoon. we will insightly cooler again tomorrow and the high pressure and offshore flow will re-establish itself if friday and saturday with the high pressure coming in it will bring us above average weather. >> the clock is ticking one day until a government default coming up the last minute action to avoid the catastrophe. >> also ahead, are you ready for football? open thursday? the new map the nfl is considering to give a boost for the struggling week-day games. >> first, a look at the san mateo bridge with tail lights headed west with traffic looking fine on the span and bart trains are running as negotiations resume later this morning. the only news continues in a
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>> covering cupertino, concord, wine country and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> a look at traffic in the east bay at walnut creek and interstate 680 with tail lights headed southbound, there is a backup starting. >> new details on the dry ice explosions that rocked lax. police have arrested an airport employee. the suspect is 28 years old who worked as a ramp supervisor at lax. the lapd says bennett took dry ice from a plane and placed it in a bottle that exploded in a restroom and on monday near an aircraft at the international terminal. a colleague tells abc7 news he was nervous about an upcoming merger. >> this morning, lawmakers in washington, dc, are in a race again the clock ahead of a thursday deadline to keep the nation from defaulting on its
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debt. there was no movement last night, both the house of representatives and senate adjourned without a deal to avoid default. senate leaders harry reid and mcconnell, republic, have restarted negotiations after speaker boehner's alternate plan was soundly rejected by tea party republicans before it came infor a vote. democrats accused house republicans of deliberately putting the country in danger. >> san francisco-based twitter will unveil the i.p.o. on the new york stock exchange over the rival the nasdaq, with both exchanges courting twitter. the filing with the securities and exchange commission did not say when twitter plans to go public but an lists expect the stock to go on sale before thanksgiving. >> the nfl has made monday night food and sunday night football must see but ratings for thursday games are mixed. the league wants to change that.
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the "wall street journal" reports that the nfl is considering adding a second game on thursday night. right now, 13 thursday night games air each season on the nfl network including the 49ers and rams last month. they believe a new slate of games on thursday would create national interest with a package sold to a national network. officials are considering selling the games to a nontraditional partner like netflix or google. >> you would be too tired on friday morning. >> i would! >> you and football. now a check with leyla gulen and the commuters. >> they are doing fine but now this is a buildup of congestion with crashes to report. that is putting a crimp in the come mule. northbound 238 to southbound 280 a crash is blocking one lane. the connection is blocked for a time. to the south, along 880 you can
6:18 am
see the traffic is building approaching highway 92 and that is because of another crash blocking one lane. to san rafael, if you are traveling southbound 101 it is looking busy there and the river of headlights making it into travel san rafael, a look at the golden gate bridge and you get there you are looking at clear conditions so not too bad just a few cars making their way into the city. >> thank you very much. that is going to be cool again this morning, maybe not so cool as yesterday. we set a couple of records, a record cold at 24 hours ago at the airport at 45. temperatures this morning, dress for the same thing when you step outside. we have high pressure showing on live doppler 7 hd, and look at the clean visibility this morning. this could be haze in santa rosa but other than that, there is not much happening as far as moisture in the air.
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from san francisco, the highlights are different with high clouds this afternoon and it will be sunny and warm and not so remain with as yesterday and tomorrow we will follow suit. then we will have sunshine, warm and dry wet through the week. here is the setup. high pressure, notice it is shoved off to the east by the shore wave, the need slider, which is going to the inside of us headed to more idaho and nevada and utah than over us and it will bring high clouds and as it pushes the highway it relaxes the offshore flow and temperatures could be from one to five degrees cooler today. how about specific numbers for your neighborhood? we will start in the south bay, 76 in sunnyvale, 78 in san jose, and 80 in los gatos and gilroy 82. up to 80 in los altos and low-to-mid 70's along the coast. mid-70's downtown, and south san
6:20 am
francisco and sauce let, all around 74 or 75 degrees. san rafael and petaluma, at 78 for the destination. the neighbors could hit 80, bodega bay at 66, and along the east bay shore, 75 at richmond to 80 in castro valley. and 78 in oakland and 79 in san leandro and fremont and upper 70's to near 80 in the east bay valley of the tonight the temperatures are coolest inland with the valleys at 39 in santa rosa and low-to-mid 40's through the san a person valley. here is the seven-day forecast, just a couple of degrees cooler tomorrow, and we will bright back from friday, saturday, and another slight cooling trend for sunday and monday and notice it is ben dry all 15 days of the forecast. have a good one. >> mine, thank you, it is 6:20. bart commuters are not the only ones facing a looming transit strike, a.c. transit workers could walk off the job at midnight.
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>> good morning, on this wednesday morning, you are look at a look of the eastern span of the bay bridge where traffic is getting heavier and the folks could take bart as an option for cross the bay because trains are running. so far, no strike. no deal, though. talks resume at 10:00 a.m. now a check with josh for "good morning america" at 7:00 this morning. >> good wednesday morning. coming up here, new developments in the cyberbullying suicide investigation in florida. two girls have been arrested in connection with what police say was the suicide allegedly tore mentioned online with the tormenters including a 14 and 12-year-old girl. we will hear from the sheriff who led this investigation and spearheaded the arrests this morning. lots to get to. we will do it next right here on
6:25 am
"good morning america" after this newscasts. >> as we get deeper into fall, the nights are longer and so are the hours for the bay bridge lights. starting november 1, the ever changing light show will shine on the western span of bay bridge from sunset to sunrise. right now, the light show ends at 2:00 a.m., and the $8 million project debuted in march and will continue through march of 2015. >> not a problem we see often in california, but down under, a kangaroo gave travelers at the airport a story to tell folks. the lost kangaroo ended up inside the pharmacy at the airport in melbourne. he was tranquilized and taken to a vet but not before some airport workers try using a blanket to try to bag it. it didn't work. it is believed the animal was hit by a car earlier and injured and somehow found himself hopping around inside the
6:26 am
pharmacy. so, injury and he goes to a pharmacy. >> makes sense. i'm in pain, i'm going to the pharmacist. >> the morning news continues at 6:30 with the top stories including complete coverage of the ongoing bart strike threat. >> negotiations ended overnight, and trains are still running but there is no deem yet. ahead, what is next. >> good news, the trains are running so what is the mood like at bart station? i amy hollyfield aim from dublin and i will take you out here to get a sense of what the riders are saying. >> our warming trend is tempered. i will tell you how long the newest numbers will last in the seven-day forecast. >> trains running on time in the traffic center. a is not running on time are the busy roads. that is an indication of what is to come.
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>> it is 6:29. we will begin with negotiations between bart and the unions. they will resume at 10:00 after breaking off at 1:00 o'clock
6:30 am
this morning. trains are running today but that is the good news. still no deal, though. a cloud of uncertainty is hanging over the commuters. our reporter begins coverage in oakland. matt? >> we have been hearing the same thing since the cooling-off period ended on friday. progress is being made in the necks -- negotiations but no deal. trains are running, though, this morning. the unions both commented on the frustration if workers and riders because of the late notice of a potential strike. negotiators are facing long days at the bargaining table. talks did not end until 1:00 o'clock a.m. a day after ending at 5:30 in the morning. >> it is late. people have to have fresh minds to go over the proposals. >> trains are running. we keep at it. >> bart's only statement was comments from cohen announcing
6:31 am
progress was being made. the unions have been more vocal about what is take place behind closed doors with the negotiator saying they were encouraged by the progress with talks scheduled to resume at caltran building in oakland at 10:00 a.m. this morning. reporting live in oakland for abc7 news. >> thank you, matt. we will see what is going on, on the roadways. leyla gulen? >> it is slowing down. we have a couple of problems with a couple of crashes reported in hayward and we have this brand new accident in walnut creek on the east side of highway 24 at pleasanton hill road involving a couple of vehicles moving one lane. you can start to see the traffic ending into walnut creek and it is going to get worse because we have a brand new problem southbound 680 coming away from 242 so you may just start to see the traffic slow down just a bit and, looking outside, you can see for yourself, traffic shows a few extra tail lights away from highway 4 to the 24 junction and now it will take
6:32 am
you ten minutes to get you there. mike? >> thank you. we have live doppler 7 hd reinforcing the fact that it is dry out there and you can see the clouds encroaching from the southwest in the lower left hand side of the screen and even with the relaxed offshore breeze we will have a lot sunshine today. most of the clouds will come in the high variety as the system slides to the east. the next 12 hours we have 51 through 7:00, and hanging out in the mid-to-upper 70's through 4:00, and temperatures dip into the upper 60 by 7:00, and inland it is chilly inland with low porter and most of us in the mid-to-upper 40's and none time temperatures are 72 and we will flirt with 88 this afternoon and it will be comfortable in the evening hours with clouds clearing and we will see stars. in the next 12 hours, at the coast, the day planner is in the mid-to-upper 40's so cool again this morning and moderate u.v. index, you still need sunscreen and temperatures hang out in the
6:33 am
low-to-mid 70's for the afternoon and the biggest drop in the evening in the low-to-mid 60's. >> it is 6:33. the bart strike threat, shows commuters feeling deja vu waiting up late to see if trains are in service in the morning. our reporter amy hollyfield is talking to commuters in dublin. >> no strike. good news. but one rider thinks it is obnoxious that riders have to stay up late or get up early every day to find out whether they have a ride to work. we are finding some unhappiness and frustration. riders say they are losing sleep keeping up with the developments. today is the 4th weekday that a mobile strike has been avert averted. riders say they appreciate and rehigh on bart but in the mod were times many people say they can take or leave it. >> i can work from home, i am
6:34 am
lucky so to though strike i work from home. it is a little...frustrating as far as the back-and-forth. >> it is tough not knowing and having to wait to see what they decide. it is tough and frustrating. >> bart does have buses on stand by that shuttles riders from the east bay to the city if there is a strike. but of course everyone is hoping they will reach a deed and that -- reach a deal. that is the message: reach a deal and do it as soon as possible. riders are ready for life to return to normal. >> we have a list of resources at abc7 where you can download the exclusive abc7 news waze app to navigate traffic and follow president obamaing developments on -- follow breaking developments.
6:35 am
the governor is considering a request by fours to goes a 60-day cooling off per by midnight tonight, 1,600 bus drivers ander employees could walk off without a contract deal. yesterday, a.c. transit managers asked the governor to delay a strike because they say it would endanger the public's health, safety, and welfare with a simultaneous bart strike. they have rejected two contract office over pay and health care costs. >> commuters who would be hard hit if transit workers strike are those living with a disability. the independent living resource center of san francisco will hold a rally this morning at the temporary transbay terminal to highlight how much petroleum with disabilities rely on bart. an employee says the bart strike in july was devastating to many people who are disabled. >> state authorities confirm a preschool teacher in fremont inrepeatedly touched a child and the state has cited the precool
6:36 am
school. it happened in august. investigators say a male staff member touched a child inappropriately during nap time. the child services said he admitted to rubbing her stomach and touching her inappropriately. parents gathered to ask quotes -- questions. the school immediately took action when they received a complaint. >> we reached out to the licensing. we removed the teacher immediately from the situation much that teacher was term natured. the miss department was brought into conduct an investigation in a timely manner. >> the school will inform parents of the report for the next 12 months. the police have not charged the employee. >> pg&e says they will vent natural gas in the same neighborhood devastated by a deadly explosion that claims aid lives three years ago.
6:37 am
crews will work at the gas pipeline and warping there could be a gas odor during the venting process. they expect to start at 10:00 and finish around 11:00 o'clock. pg&e says this is normal upkeep. it is not so large as transition line which was the source of the explosion in 2010. >> flames erupt from a home overnight. the explosions are caught on california. >> the state's insurance exchange debuted to strong interest two weeks ago. ahead, we will tell you if that is holding. >> and a look toward mount
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6:40 am
>> welcome back. we have quite a bit of traffic. all trains are running on time as far as bart. 57, to be exact. we have a couple of problems. this is in walnut creek if you are traveling along the eastbound direction along highway 24 at pleasanton hill roadblocking one car lane with a three car crash. coming to walnut creek from pleasanton hill, bumper to
6:41 am
bumper. the transition from northbound 238 to southbound nimitz, it is slowing. it is sluggish and slow to the south coming up to highway 92. mike? >> leyla gulen, thank you. we start in the south bay, with the next seven days worts of temperatures in san jose. what makes this impressive is our average high is 74. all the way through the weekend and possibly into next week our temperatures could be warmer. around the bay, and the state, you can see we are talking about a storm that will slide inside of the bay area and bring a few high clouds here and the central valley and in the sierra but it will be dry. 64 in tahoe and 73 in yosemite national park. low-to-mid 80's from sacramento to fresno and down to los angeles. 87 in palm springs the monterey is sunshine and 74. safe travels.
6:42 am
>> new numbers released by the new online health insurance exchange show the program is getting a lot of consumer attention. last week, the website logged more than 600,000 visits. more than 45,000 people called had to the service center. the exchange allowed california people to get their politicians started looking to buy insurance. >> it is now 6:42. ahead, jc penney stock takes a plunge and trading is underway on wall street. >> the big board shows the dow is up 81 points and we will go to jane king at the new york stock exchange. >> first, though, breaking news. a car explosion caught on camera, we are live with the chaotic seen
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
>> covering novato, outbound, sunnyvale and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> welcome back at 6:45. we are continuing to following breaking news from pleasanton hill where firefighters dealt with a house fire, downed power lines and two car explosions. >> abc7 news reporter katie marzullo joins us from dove court. katie? >> the last fire engine just rolled back down the hill. they have left the scene and turned it over to construction
6:46 am
crews. the family which was a mom, dad, and 11-year-old daughter, have checked into a hotel and they got out safely. we know the fire was incredibly dramatic around 1:00 o'clock this morning. the chief on the scene says the fire started in the side yard and burned into the garage, through the door and on to the cars. the dashboard magnesium caused the exploding of the cars. that wasn't the worst. there was a down power line preventing firefighters from fighting the fire as quickly as they wanted. >> we had some cries holding back at the car fires because it was creating standing water. we let the car fires burn because they were not exposed to anything else and we did not want water in the ground that right where the power lines were that could be eyes the area. >> the fire moved into the attic and they pulled out the
6:47 am
insulation because it is an older material that rei nights. the fire caused a gas leak and melted the gas main at the house but firefighters were able to cap that off themselves and obviously pg&e came out. they were able to turn off the power line. the family that lived here had surveillance camera set up and firefighters will use that to determine the cause of the fire. >> 6:47. a sacramento mom and fitness fanatic is defending herself for being fit after a facebook photo created an uproar. maria kang posted this photo in a sports pray and work out shorts with her three young sons. she has received 15,000 comments, many accusing her of trying to shame over weight mothers. she says the intention is to inspire others. she works full time, doesn't have a nanny, and still manages to exercise five to six hours a
6:48 am
week. the same photo has received 180,000 "lives." i have many excuses. too long to share. >> jc penney shares are mending but, today, there are rumors of their future and that hit it hard. bank of america says cost-cutting measures are on track. we go to the new york stock exchange with more. >> bank of america announcing they cut payroll by 25,000 this year and 43,000 in the past two years. the bank also is reporting a 59 percent drop in mortgage origination. sures this morning are active as investors look at the results. we are continuing to watch jc penney. yesterday, shares fell to the lowest since 1982. bankruptcy concerns are behind the plunge after the company said there was no truth to speculation they fired a
6:49 am
bankruptcy attorney. tough challenge ahead with retailers discounting heavy early this season as they compete if shoppers concern about inemployment and budget battles. in general, people are buying less clothing. how are the stocks doing? we are getting down to the wire on debt default. wall street is sensing a deal could be coming but that could change quickly. at the moment, though, optimistic. yahoo shares are trading higher. the silicon valley index is trading up at the moment. >> if you are just joining, bart training are rolling and that should relieve the commute. we will check with leyla gulen in a legal bit and right now, in fact, it is busy.
6:50 am
we do have plenty of congestion. we have more than 50 trains running on bart. a lot of people are still driving. northbound 680, one of the cars has stalled and it is blocking one lane. you can see we have all green through san ramon into danville up to walnut creek and that is where we will see a little bit of a slow down. in the opposite direction of our commute, eastbound highway 24, still a three car crash blocking one lane at pleasanton hill road and as you can see plenty of road in the southbound side of 680 headed out of pleasanton hill into walnut creek we see the problems. drive time traffic across 580 in the westbound direction over the pass from tracy to dublin, 51 minutes which is an improvement from a document of moments ago and 32 minutes on highway 4 westbound from antioch to concord the north bay commute is still hurricaning clear. san jose is starting to load up as you come away from 17 to plan ahead and give yourself a few extra minutes.
6:51 am
>> traffic could be busy it looks leak mother nature is sleeping in and the wins are height. three miles per hour in napa, concord, and fairfield, and el where it is calm. check out the temperatures in the east bay valley at 42 in san ramon, and 44 in danville, and pleasanton at 45. and 46 in dublin. 48 in lafayette. to pittsburg and antioch, the highway 4 corridor, always warmer at mid-to-upper 50's. livermore is at 48. now, 41 is what it is in novato. 54 in san jose. fremont is 49. 44 in hayward. in oakland, 51. a colorful sunrise with high pressure pushing down on the atmosphere and trapping the pollution and making it look cool. at least colorful. we will have a few high clouds today with sunshine and temperatures the next two days
6:52 am
are tempered by system that slides over the sierra that will chip away at our warm the but it comes back and keeps us dry for the weekend. from the exploritorium, the bay waters are calm looking to the port of oakland, temperatures today, although they are slightly cooler, anywhere from two to nine degrees warmer and san rafael is five degreer warms. half moon bay, 74 degrees with a moderate u.v. index. high pressure is pushed away by the slider and that is why the offshore flow relaxes and the temperatures relax. in the south by we have mid-to-upper 70's in most neighborhoods and near 80 in los gatos and gilroy. and up to 80 in los altos and low-to-mid 80's in the coast and sausalito. upper 70's through the north bay valley. 66 at bodega bay.
6:53 am
mid-to-upper 70's for might of the east bay shore and richmond at 75 and castro valley is 80 the high and low spread and upper 70's to near 80 inland. temperatures tonight, inland in the 40's again, and low-to-mid 40's with the rest of us in the upper fleets to mid-50's a lot leak this morning. more sunshine tomorrow and a couple of degrees cooler and look how dry and warmer-than-average it will be all the way through the entire seven-day forecast. >> seven things to know before you go. >> the morning news conditions in 60
6:54 am
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6:55 am
a.m. at the caltran building in oakland. >> two, hundreds of transit bus drives could walk off the job at midnight if a new contract deal is not reached and barring a last-minute move by governor brown. the managers asked the governor yesterday to step in and order a cooling-off period like he did with bart claiming a strike would endanger the public. >> number three, 56 bart trains running on time, running slow at the bay bridge toll plaza and look at the headlights coming away from the maze. we have a couple of incidents and this is a stalled vehicle, on the westbound 580 to westbound 980 connection, one lane is blocked in san francisco and if you are coming away from hospital curb, southbound 101, a brand new crash reported there. >> number four, a pleasanton hill home and two cars were destroyed in a fire overnight with the flames setting off explosions and bringing down power lines on dove coffee.
6:56 am
fewer crews are still on the scene. >> the three-year-old and one-year-old are home safe after being kid independenced by someone who stole the family s.u.v. in san francisco's mission district. the thief ditched the car and the kids were found safe buckled still in the car seats. >> congress is running out of time to roach a deal to raise the debt ceiling, or strict a treasury default. the house and senate adjourned but a deal and there is optimism, though, a temporary senate plan could be approved by tonight. awe are 22 minutes away from sunrise and it will mix with high clouds that will not temper the warmer-than-average temperatures, inland 78 to 81. the spread at the bay is 74 to 80 and 66 at bodega bay to 74 in half moon bay along the coast this afternoon. >> thanks for joining us. we continue again in 25 minutes.
6:57 am
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good morning, america. breaking now, zero hour. with the government on the edge of default, no deal yet, as talks break down in the house. american credit being downgraded. we'll tell what happens when thursday's deadline hits. new this morning, a spirit airlines engine explodes in mid-air. flames engulfing the side of the plane. smoke pouring into the cabin. >> this huge explosion. goes, bam. and we saw the flames come up the side of the plane. >> one passenger texting his wife during the chaos, we're on fire, love you. brand-new details in the arrest of two young girls in the high-profile bullying death of this florida 12-year-old. two of her classmates charged with stalking. the parents of the accused bullies speak out in an exclusive interview with a surprising defense.


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