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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  October 16, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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the year is out. >> well have more on the speech on abc 7 news at 6:00. welcome to "world news." tonight, breaking news. congress voting on a deal to end the shutdown showdown. the speaker raises a fist to say his team fought, but did not win. in flames. passengers describe a plane on fire after an explosive sound from an engine. prayers in the aisle. >> the plane started shaking violently and after that, the plane started filling up with smoke. and family secrets. something you never get to see. the secret ways more and more women are drinking at home and more than they let husbands or children ever know. >> i felt like i was having some "me" time with my wine. good evening to you. as we come on the air, we have
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breaking news out of washington. at the 11th hour, the government ending the crisis on capitol hill and our team is out in force to cover them. we begin with jonathan karl right now. >> reporter: we have a deal, but once again, they had to the brink before coming to an agreement. the senate overwhelmingly approved the bill. the house will vote at midnight. the worst of the crisis is over, but just barely. beaten and battered by a showdown that has cost his party, and the country dearly, speaker of the house john boehner seemed relieved it's almost over. >> mr. speaker, did you fight the good fight? >> reporter: the final agreement came out of the senate. leaders finally coming together. >> this is not a time for pointing fingers and blame. this is a time of reconciliation. >> this has been a long,
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challenging few weeks for congress and for the country. >> reporter: but just as senate republican leader mitch mcconnell was announcing the agreement -- fellow republican ted cruz, who more than any individual, led the fight over obama care that triggered the shutdown, came to the cameras to denounce the compromise. >> the deal that has been cut provides no relief to the millions of americans who are hurting because of obama care. >> reporter: all the bluster, cruz said he would not try to block the vote. the agreement would reopen the government until january 15th, prevent default, but only extend the nation's credit line to february 7. the final deal makes no changes to obama care -- the republican demand that started it all. but speaker boehner said in a radio interview, there is no reason republicans should vote no. we thought the good fight. we just didn't win. >> what did it accomplish? it delayed clinical trials for cancer research, curbed school lunch programs, put 800,000 federal workers out of work, and wreaked havoc on tourists and the businesses who depend on
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them. and the deal is only temporary. could there be another crisis in three months when it runs out? >> listen, we just can't do this anymore for the country. i think the american people are so tired of it and rightly so. >> reporter: there will be many tea party rups in the house voting no in the vote late tonight, but it is expected to overwhelmingly pass. this a big defeat for the republican party, but the white house is not exactly declaring victory. when asked if this was a win, jay carney said simply, there are no winners here. >> all right, jon and to that point, i want to point out the price. what did it actually cost the american taxpayer? by one estimate, $24 billion. so what are the hardliners inside the republican party saying tonight? members of the tea party, would they put americans through this kind of crisis again? abc's jeff zeleny tracks them down to find out. >> reporter: listening to senator ted cruz today, you
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would think he had won the war. >> we saw the house of representatives take a courageous stand, listening to the american people. that was a remarkable victory, to see the house engage in a profile in courage. >> cruz, the pie'd piper of congress's tea party contingent has no regrets about the government of the united states coming to a screeching halt, in an attempt to kill the president's health care law. >> this fight, this debate, will continue until collectively the american people can make d.c. listen. >> reporter: a risky move. 74% of americans disapprove of how republicans handled the shutdown. cruz's own hometown paper, the houston chronicle, which endorsed him only last year as a thoughtful, energetic shooting star, today denounced him as part of the problem. even some of his fellow republicans in congress are furious. >> we look bad and it's because of ted cruz and his supporters in the house who basically led us into the valley of death.
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>> reporter: but not tea party members, those we spoke to today, said it was all worth it. >> if you had to do it over again, would you take the same approach? should house republicans have taken the same approach here? >> this was the right approach to take. >> but you didn't win? >> it's not about winning. it's about, were we on the right path? were we fighting the right fight? >> so if this fight was about obama care, republicans lost. >> this is just a battle, not the entire war. >> reporter: in just three short months, they could do it all over again. jeff zeleny, abc news, capitol hill. >> we heard the spinning toward a victory, co-anchor of "good morning america" and "this week" is here with the bottom line. was there a victory for the republicans in this? >> no. no question about this. everyone was tarnished by this, but the president clearly won on the principle of not negotiating over the debt limit. not giving any policy concessions over the debt limit. and as jeff zeleny pointed out, the republicans took the brunt of the blame right here for this. but everyone took a hit. >> and what about this three to
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four-month deadline before the deal ends? the president said he didn't think the republicans would run this play again in three to four months. do you? >> listen to ted cruz, they're going to come back and fight. and the differences on big tax and spending issues are as deep as ever. but there is reason to believe we won't have another fight over the debt limit. the president proved if the republicans try to negotiate over that, it's futile. number two, the republicans took a big hit. and three, something inside the deal makes it more likely this won't happen again. # # # they've constructed it so that the fight over the government shutdown comes before the debt limit and force negotiations before that point. at least there's a chance there could be a deal then before the debt limit hits. and that would go on. >> so you think, unless memories are very short, this might not happen again. >> i think there's a chance. >> all right. thank you, george stephanopoulos. and by the way, word of a deal sent stocks rumbling back up today. the dow closed up more than 200 points today. and now, we move on tonight,
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because we are learning more about that spirit airlines flight from texas to atlanta, forced to turn back after passengers heard something so terrifying, many of them scrambled text messages to loved ones. tonight, what they heard, what they saw and what authorities are saying really happened. here's abc's steve osunsami. >> reporter: it was an emergency in the sky, spirit airlines flight from dallas to atlanta. >> are you having any instrument difficulties? >> yes. >> reporter: just a few minutes into the air on tuesday night, passengers felt and heard an explosion coming from the left engine. >> some people were praying out loud, some people were praying quietly. >> reporter: casey rogers, in c 21, said he could see the fire burning right outside his window. smoke was filling the cabin and they were gasping for air. >> when the engine actually blew and the fireball went past and all that, the plane started shaking violently.
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>> reporter: his business partner fred edwards is an experienced pilot, and was sitting across the aisle. they started texting their wives. >> i said, ashley, i love you and make sure the kids know that forever. yeah, i sent that text thinking it was going to be my last. >> reporter: with one engine gone, spirit airlines says their pilot was able to power up the other enough to get control of the engine, turn it back to dallas and land safely. but it was a wild ride. just like this one on turkish airlines in january and another on british airways in may. >> pilots know what to do, the airplanes and even the engines themselves are designed not to be a threat beyond coming apart, and these aircraft can fly beautifully on one engine. >> reporter: tonight, federal investigators are calling up some of their people furloughed by the government shutdown to come down and determine whether this engine fire was even more serious. they think that broken pieces of the engine weren't contained inside the engine's shell, like they should have been, and experts say that's never good. steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. and last night we told you about the florida sheriff who
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said it's time to get tougher on bullies. even young ones. he charged two young girls in the suicide death of a classmate. now tonight he is looking into the possibility to charge the parents too. abc's matt gutman now sits down with two of those parents in an abc news exclusive. >> reporter: tonight, the parents of a 14-year-old girl accused of bullying another girl to suicide are defending their daughter and themselves. do you think of your daughter as a criminal? >> no, she's not a criminal. >> reporter: their daughter is locked up in this polk county, florida jail. charged with another 12-year-old girl, with felony aggravated stalking. police say for ten months the two bludgeoned rebecca sedwick with online abuse. that she should, "drink bleach and die," and, "should kill herself." the 14-year-old's parents said she couldn't have written those things. everyday you checked that phone. text messages? facebook? >> everything. >> if we saw something that was not right, we would've addressed
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it and it would've ended right then. >> reporter: but it allegedly didn't end. the bullying continued. until rebecca sedwick came to this abandoned cement factory and threw herself off one of those silos. polk county sheriff grady judd was at the scene that day. and after the suicide when one of the girl's facebook page turned up with this message, showing no remorse, he took an emotional stand to fight the epidemic the only way he knows how. >> our two new felons. >> reporter: he arrested them. and says he is investigating the parents. her parents insist that her facebook was hacked and that they monitor her facebook every single night. >> yeah, that's baloney. that's baloney. those parents haven't cared from the very beginning. after this initial event, after the initial interviews, why did they let her stay on facebook any longer? >> reporter: whether a child is a victim of bullying, or a bully, experts say the rules for parents are the same. >> we need to take what we know about offline parenting and apply it online. >> reporter: the sheriff agrees. >> we should never be involved in a bullying case.
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parents, friends, neighbors, they should take care of this. >> reporter: matt gutman, abc news, lakeland, florida. now we head to california and those bomb scares at the big los angeles airport. a baggage handler is under arrest tonight after two dry-ice bombs exploded in secured areas this week. a third bomb did not detonate. no one was hurt. police believe he took the dry ice from a plane and described him as a prankster, not a terrorist. bail was set at a million dollars. and a headline tonight rocketing around all day. a closer look at oreo cookies, and a new study tonight that suggests if you can't stop eating them, there's a reason. "nightline" anchor, dan harris. >> reporter: if you too crave oreo cookies, you're in good company. we all have our strategies, split them apart, eat the filling first, dip them in milk. but feed them to rats -- then
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things get interesting. that's what researchers at connecticut college did. and they found that when eating oreos, the pleasure centers in the little guys' brains lit up as much -- or even more, than on cocaine. and, yes, by the way, the rats ate the filling first. now, to be clear their study has not been peer-reviewed or published. as nabisco, the maker of oreo said today, quote, while it may seem simple to bucket foods as good or bad, the reality is that foods are complex, and encouraging people to enjoy a balanced diet paired with physical activity is most important. many experts say the way to fight obesity is more exercise, more fruits and vegetables. and when it comes to cookies, moderation. although, as any lab rat will tell you, that last part is not always easy. dan harris, abc news, new york. and an image from overseas tonight. pope francis in st. peter's square on the popemobile. he stopped to greet a volunteer fireman, they offered him a
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fireman's helmet, motioned him to please put it on and look what the pope does, he goes along with a big cheer from the crowd. and the modern family big secret. tonight that glass of wine for mom to relax at the end of the day, a big spike in the number of women drinking glass after glass. when does a little become too much? and the angelic picture of a dog named hero. tonight she has another amazing survival story, and we're back in just two minutes. psst! hey, dad. we're all tied up. really?! come on. oh! that's a lot of water up there. ♪ go. go. that's a nice shot. [ laughs ] yes!
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glass of wine become a problem? abc's amy robach with the answer. >> reporter: heather king couldn't wait for the end of her day. >> i drank nightly. i felt like i was having some "me" time with my wine. >> reporter: but eventually, the mom of three began to hide from her husband how many times she was refilling her glass. >> i added a lot more. i would run the water in the sink so he wouldn't hear the glug, glug, glug of the bottle going into the glass. >> reporter: how do you know the difference between destressing and having an actual problem? >> are you looking forward to this a little too much? is this medication? is this first aid? >> reporter: gabrielle glaser wrote "her best kept secret" after she began to evaluate her own drinking habits. >> i think that women are under so much more stress than they ever have been in their lives. it's not that you set out to be medicating yourself, but it's really easy also to cross that line. >> reporter: it can come at a price? >> it can. >> dui arrests among women are
5:47 pm
up 30% while men's decreased. and the number of women aged 45 to 54 seeking treatment for alcohol abuse, tripling. women's bodies with a higher percentage of fat and lower water content, process alcohol differently than men, which makes women get drunk faster and physical consequences, like liver and skin damage, show up sooner. >> it's a sneaky addiction. it's subtle, adding a glass here and there. >> reporter: heather king decided that she needed to stop completely. seeking treatment in an alcohol support group, and writing. sharing her first-hand experience with other women. >> i get to just be free of the obsession i had with wine. >> reporter: another approach is moderation. here in the u.s., that's one five-ounce glass of wine a day for women. if you drink four or more drinks in two hours, that's binge drinking. gabrielle says she keeps a careful mental tally. for her, never more than two glasses a day.
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>> be aware of when you're drinking, why you're drinking and what that alcohol is doing to you and what feelings it might be masking. >> it's important to note, five ounces of wine is a lot less than most people actually pour. so while we think we just had two glasses of wine, if you count the ounces, you probably had closer to three. >> and you had a tip you were telling me about? >> that's right. if you pour your wine with your glass on the table, you will pour 12% less wine. >> thanks so much. we wonder, do you have a favorite for the rock'n'roll hall of fame? you get to choose tonight. first-time nominees making headlines. ♪ for over a decade millions have raised their hand for the proven relief of the purple pill. and that relief could be in your hand. for many, nexium helps relieve heartburn symptoms from acid reflux disease.
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scientists put their science into artistic images. and the top one, how humans see rush hour. the bottom is what a cat sees. cats do not see color. the images are blurred unless something in that image moves and a cat can pounce. and it's on, battle of the bands. the nominees for the rock'n'roll hall of fame came out today. the first time the contenders really run the gamut. starting with linda ronstadt. ♪ you're no good, you're no good ♪ >> hall & oates. ♪ you make my dreams come true ♪ >> and nirvana. ♪ come as you are ♪ as you were ♪ as i want you to be for the second year in a row, fans can weigh in and vote online. and do you remember the song from a little movie "pitch perfect," which inspired a national cup drum craze?
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♪ >> well, tonight a dancer on broadway took it to the next level. an understudy for "the book of mormon," he invited his dancer friends to come and tap out a song. the song we can't get out of our heads. ♪ >> he said this is what they do while they're waiting around backstage. and next here, a new story about an unforgettable picture. remember the dog named hero with the angel on her shoulder? his latest amazing survival story comes next. could affect sex drive, but not energy or even my mood. that's when i talked with my doctor. he gave me some blood tests... showed it was low t. that's it. it was a number. [ male announcer ] today, men with low t have androgel 1.62% testosterone gel. the #1 prescribed
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when you think about it, isn't that what retirement should be, paying ourselves to do what we love? ♪ and finally tonight, the dog named hero with a guardian angel on her shoulder. you'll remember the picture, there she was bathed in a kind of heavenly beam of light. she was saved from the war in iraq by an american soldier who did not make it home. abc's ron claiborne shows us how hero's angel was watching over her once again. >> reporter: on what would be the last night of his life, army specialist justin rollins found a litter of puppies.
5:57 pm
the joy and warmth on the face of a battle-hardened soldier captured in this searing image. the next day, rollins was killed by a roadside bomb. when his family back home in new hampshire saw that photo, they just had to have that dog. >> one of the biggest decisions for wanting to get hero out of iraq was to honor him, by saying, this is the last life that he saved. >> reporter: somehow the military was able to locate hero and sent her to his family. two years ago, there was this moment when hero strolled into the yard and a shaft of sunlight shined down on her. many people thought it was as if someone were looking down on her. the photo went viral. then last night, a fire broke out inside the rollins home. they were away, but hero was inside. when firefighters found hero, she was barely alive. >> to think you've lost another thing that you love and you find out these great guys saved my
5:58 pm
dog, i'm okay. >> reporter: and despite heavy damage to the house, their son's medals and photos, they were unscathed. and hero, who gave a soldier just a little peace in the midst of a war, is expected to fully recover. >> baby girl, my baby girl. >> reporter: ron claiborne, abc news, new york. we thank you so much for watching, we're always at, "nightline" later, and i'll see you right back here again tomorrow. breaking news just hours before a midnight deadline governor brown has stepped in to avoid a strike. >> will bart and unions strike a deal? increasing frustrations among bay area commuters over the constant theft a strike. >> and looks like the shut down will come to an end
5:59 pm
tonight. but cold comfort for many. >> a house fire in the east bay set cars on fire as well, everything destroyed. the family gets good news about their missing pets. >> governor brown took steps to avoid a possible strike by ac transit workers. the bay area facing a midnight strike deadline. good evening, everybody. i'm larry beil. >> and talks taking place now. a strike could have stranded hundreds of thousands including thousands of school children. >> ama daetz joins us wlif detail >> reporter: for now a strike has been averted. i spoke with the spokesperson for ac transit. he tells me he's relieved that the governor has stepped in, at their request.
6:00 pm
the governor saying quote, because a strike will, if permitted to occur disrupt public transportation services and endanger public health, safety, and well fare. now, also relieved tonight is are ac transit riders. 181,000 people ride daily, including 30,000 school children. johnson says there is frustration because two previous agreements were later rejected by members. >> we have not heard why. we have not gotten demands. we have not gotten any proposals to so we're in the dark as to what move we ought to make next. >> reporter: negotiations between ac transit and unions did get back underway at 5:00 despite an immediate threat has been averted. so here is what happens now. governor brown has appointed a board to investigate the