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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 17, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> 5:00 on thursday morning. thanks for joining us. bart trains are rolling this morning. negotiators for the agency and the union are keeping at their marathon talks working to end a strike. abc7 news reporter, amy hollyfield, is in oakland. >> if you are feeling tired, take some comfort in knowing you are not so tired at people inside this building on the 15th floor. they have been at it since 10:00 yesterday morning. we do see members of the bargain ing team step outside for a break now and then but mostly they are holed up in the bargaining room. there is a gag order and the two sides have not said much. we got this from the federal
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mediator around 10:30. >> negotiations are continuing. the parties are totally engage engageed. some progress has been made. >> he also announced there would not be a strike today so the trains will keep rolling. he did not set a new strike dead line. he did not say how long the bargaining session would last but it now is at the 19 the hour so it is the longest session we have seen. >> thanks, amy. right now we will check with leyla gulen and talking about bart trains. are they on time? >> they are all on time and we have 38 trains rolling. folks are grabbing the trains and headed to work. as we look behind me, lots of green but that does mean we are at top speeds most everywhere with no crashes. we have construction northbound 280 from 380 so watch out for
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that as you make the commute out of san bruno and toward daly city and san francisco all moving along fine at top speeds. trace to dublin is under half an hour to head over the altamont pass and into dublin and along highway 4, still clear, from antioch to concord at 15 minutes and 101 from san rafael, southbound, to san francisco, 16 minutes so clear drive to get you going at 5:00 a.m. clear skies ahead, as well, and mike nicco is here to tell us about it. >> clear sailing in the weather department with live doppler 7 hd showing a few clouds on the left side of the screen and that is just a few clouds that are going to stay away from us, and really there is nothing going on it is just dry. mid-to-upper 50 if you are headed into san francisco and crissy field is 57 through the ferry builting is 59. headed to the financial district it is 58. forest hill is 61. temperatures in the 40's inland
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valleys. it is another school start. from sutro tower it is clear. it is calm. sunshine and 76 to 82 inland and 73 to 79 around the bay. 74 at half moon bay. >> no bart strike today. still no deed, either. if there is a strike, bart has 200 buses that will run from nine stations: el cerrito, concord, lafayette, walnut creek, west oakland, dublin, san leandro, hayward and fremont. you need a round-trip ticket purchased in advance. car pool lanes on 80 and 680 and 880 are extended from 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. but c.h.p. will not write tickets outside of regular car pool hours unless there is a strike. we have complete list of resources at including information on casual car pools. you can download the exclusive
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waze app to navigate traffic and follow breaking developments at abc7 news bay area. you can find out immediately if there is a bart settlement or strike by downloading our app and allow for push notification. you get breaking news alerts when the news happens. >> another crippling transit strike has been avoided for now after the governor agreed to order an investigation into the a.c. transit contract negotiations with 1,600 bus drivers and other transit employees voting down two contract offers and were ready to walk east job. sticking points including pay and health care benefits. the governor is urging a.c. transit and the union to stay at the bargaining table. a.c. transit riders are relieved bus service will continue. >> fantastic. especially with bart and everything going on it is ridiculous. for now there cannot be a strike while the governor appointed
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board investigates the dispute the first step to a 60-day cooling-off period weapon necessity report back to the governor in seven days and he will decide if it is appropriate to offer that cooling-off period as the governor did with bart back in july. >> new this morning in oakland a car blued into an auto repair business on martin luther king jr. way damaging a car inside the shop. oakland police say they spotted the car speeding when the accident happened. the driver was transported to the hospital with no word on injuries or if the drive was under the influence of alcohol or drugs. >> the federal government is back in business this morning and staffing will return to normal at federal facilities. shortly after 9:00 pacific time last night that would be our time, president obama signed a bipartisan temporary budget bill to re-open the government. the house of representatives and senate approved temporary funding through january 15 and the compromise also raises the debt limit until february 7th. president obama says now is the time to begin the work of
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restoring america's faith in government. ted cruz says the painful shut down was worth it. >> we saw the house of representatives take a courageous stand listening to the american people. that was a remarkable victory to see the house engage in a profile in courage. costly. an estimate puts the cost at $24 billion. >> the government re-opening means tourists can visit alcatraz start this morning and the first vote leaves at 8:45. the former federal risen has been off limits to everyone, a big disappointment to visitors and tour companies that rely on alcatraz have iters have had to furlough and lay off some workers. >> visitors are welcomed in yosemite national park again this morning and roads leading into the park opened immediately last night and starting today
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visitor centers and campgrounds will be stafferred and open and yosemite national park shut down october 1 and the impact was devastating on local towns that rehigh on tourism. the park is the most heavily visited attractions. >> today is the 24 the anniversary of the loma prieta earthquake between innings at the world series. the you have of the 880 structure was flattened and 63 people died with thousands left homeless. the location location anniversary is an annual opportunity to make sure we are ready for the next big earthquake. matt keller is at the museum in san jose. they always have fun ways to educate people this. >> one of the fun things they have is a mobile truck. we have not tested this yet and
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am experiencing it for the first time. this is 8.0 earthquake stimulation as long as they want it to go. he said it would last for eight seconds and you can see the stuff that came off the shelves. 400 kids who were not here for the 6.9 earthquake will will be here later today and they will response this and they will learn about earthquake preparation. you can sit on the their because they have seat bolts. the important things to know when anarch like this happens, you want to make sure that if you can, sit down. drop, cover and hold on. today's event is how to highlight what to do during an earthquake and the fires that
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follow. the world's largest earthquake drill -- and we can hit it again; he is not testing it again -- is supposed to start at 10:15 this morning, you can come to the tech museum if san jose and feel what an 8.0 earthquake feels like. >> thank you so much. my kids love it and i am falling over screaming and my kids are "again." >> that is how kids are. >> nothing to shake up the traffic but we have good news on the horizon and thank you to east contra costa news, part of the tunnel will open november 16, great news, indeed, helping commuters make it to the east bay and into walnut creek and pleasanton hill, danville and those areas. that is great news. we have some construction and we
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have a report of of a file. we are not sure if it is a fire but we let you know what is happening as things develop. antioch is slowing down at 58 miles per hour, and there is a pocket of heavy slowing and the rest of the drive is wide open over 242 and at the hoffman split from albany to emeryville you can see how wide open it is and berkeley is not giving you any problems. as you come into walnut creek from pleasanton hill, wide open, we have a few extra considers making it down to the 24 junction and all in all, we are looking at clear conditions. >> goodgood morning, leyla gule. >> a sunny start today and pictures on facebook, everyone loves those. we just have to wait for the sun to come up.
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temperatures in the 40's and 50's. by noon, grab a seat at your favorite place to eat, they will fill up quickly. warm such shine in the afternoon and a lack of high clouds with temperatures 68 at the coast and 74 around the bay and 80 inland and we will dip in the 60's by 7:00, a very quiet evening. the next three days which stretches into the weekend, the pattern holds steady and we may fluctuate a degree or two here or there but temperatures are above average and if we see significant cooling it will be at the coast and be very local ized. have a good one. >> still to come, how might wall street react to the re-opening of the federal government in the bloomberg business report business is next. >> the east bay city shaking up parking meter rates and some drivers will pay more and others will pay less. >> san francisco is now the place to be for the nation's fat of the paychecks and the new ranking may not amount to much.
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but, first, the tech bits. >> big day for microsoft as windows 8.1 is available for download. it restores desktop features users have been missing since the launch of windows 8. privacy settings are getting a lot of attention from parents. until now users under 18 could only share photos with friends and friends of friend. addiddas is getting in the
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>> covering novato, sunnyvale and all the bay area. >> a panel is constituted dig the legalization of marijuana in california. there is a news conference at a senate headquarters of the aclu chaired by lt. governor including legal and policy experts from around the state and country. officials say the panel will study legal and policy issues related to marijuana legalization as voters and lawmakers consider proposals to regulate and tax the drug. >> the city of berkeley has launched a three year pilot program to improve parking and traffic in the downtown area and around the california campus.
5:16 am
it uses agist average parking meter rates particular to san francisco's plan. berkeley's goal is to make finding a par space easier. rates have gone up to $2.50 an hour in the elmwood neighborhood and $2.25 downtown to discourage people from parking there. rates are as low as a dollar an hour in less desirable areas. >> the government shut down could be over but the damage to the economy has been done. >> here is jane king with the bloomberg business report business. >> good morning, the government shut down is over but it could still hurt the economy. the national retail federation says consumers plan to spend $738 for the coming holidays 2 percent less than last year and 29 percent said the shutdown could impact spending plans. consumers plan to do less self gifting this year in an effort to cut spending. it has already cost money that people never get back. it will take $24 billion out of
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the economy. as for trading, stocks yesterday subjected on optimism over a deal to end the shut down and put off the debt limit deadline. this morning, investors look at a report from goldman sachs. if you have a new harley it could have a defect to make it hard to stop. they are recalling 29,000 2014 models and issue do not ride notice to owners because of a possible flaw in the hydraulic system. dealers will pick up and inspect the motorcycles at in cost to owners. that is the news from the new york stock exchange with the bloomberg business report. >> very good warning. we do have clear conditions on our roadways and we have bart trains that are running so i realize it is difficult to plan each day, not knowing what you will be able to do to get do work but we have congestion
5:18 am
building over the a pass, with slowing as you make it away from grant line road over the altamont pass, it clears before you get to vasco road and we have construction in san jose as we take you to 880 traveling both in the northbound and southbound direction from forest avenue to 280 we will find construction crews out there and they will block off lanes until can this morning. it looks like 280 is moving swiftly into cupertino and 85 is not giving us a problem. as you look at this drive it is san mateo bridge from hayward into foster city and eyed open and accident free. >> everyone, good morning, thank you, we will talk about the visibility with haze around santa rosa and six miles and everyone else under the clean, clear air mass and fairly still air mass, with the winds showing calm but cool with temperatures in the 40's and 50's. and from mount tamalpais this morning, from sausalito to san
5:19 am
francisco, it is really quiet. we will have sunshine today more than yesterday and no more high clouds and the cold front moved on and the warm sunshine will hang around for the weekend. if i have been working all week and not had a chance to enjoy mother nature is cutting us some select and we will have it open saturday and sunday. the cooler air is on the way but rain but not a lot. our temperatures today compared to a, 82 at livermore and four degrees warmer and san rafael is 7 and san jose is 78 and san francisco is 74 and you are three degrees warmer than average and oakland is 77 and half moon bay is at the cost at 73 degrees, eight degrees warmer than average and sun will set at 6:29. the cold front yesterday brought us the high clouds and it came through quietly and dry with high pressure behind it and it will settle into the great basin keeping us in the offshore warmer-than-average wind regime.
5:20 am
temperatures in the mid-to-upper 70's for the immediate san jose valley, and we will have 74 along the boardwalk in santa cruz. low-to-mid 70's along the coast on other side of the peninsula and mid-to-upper 70's and we will see the mid-70's stretch into downtown and sausalito and another day to take pictures from the marine head lands and 76 at petaluma and near 80 at santa rosa and sonoma and napa and 70 at bodega bay and 74 in richmond, and oakland is 77 and castro valley and fremont flirt with 88 as do many of our inland neighborhoods in the east bay and upper 70's to low 80's. the seven-day outlook is clear tonight and 40's and 50's again and not much change since the lat couple of morningings and you can see the temperatures fluctuate monday, tuesday, and wednesday and the biggest drop is right out the seven-day forecast late next week.
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>> san francisco topped the list of united states cities where workers experienced the biggest pay increase with the study showing the city saw 3.7 percent raise and san francisco is followed by st. louis and washington, dc, with the average worker saw a.7 percent increase and the survey showed that san francisco's pay bump was mostly driven by the tech factor and biotech and media. salaries are among the highest cot of -- cost of living. seven things to know as you start your day. >> four legged invasion and what is attracting ♪ music
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>> whether you are just joining us this thursday or headed identity door 15 things to know. bart trains are running after they agreed to extend labor talks. the two sides have been negotiating since yesterday nonstop. they are still at it. abc7 news reporter, amy hollyfield, will have a report in a few minutes. two, we have 41 trains running on time. here is an indicate of what we can expect. clear accident free conditions. i will tell you where the hotspots are and i do mean "hot" with a brushfire in the east bay. >> these, governor brown is urging a.c. transit and the union to stay at the bargaining table after he stepped in to avoid a strike. the governor ordered a panel to investigate the contract dispute
5:25 am
and report back within seven days. the union is barred from striking during that period. governor brown will decide if it is present to ask a court oned to 60-day cooling-off period. >> four, bay area firm facilities re-open today now that the president has signed a temporary budget deal made in congress. it funded the government until january 15 and extends the debt limit until february 7th. then the political debate starts over again. five, organizers of the great california shake out are promoting preparedness on this 24th anniversary of the loma prieta earthquake. the 6.9 earthquake hit on october 17 in 1989 cause, widespread damage across northern california. >> six, today you can get free help getting a new home loan at a low interest rate. or relief from the high interest mortgage. a hud certify counseling firm is offering the free help starting ode through monday at the
5:26 am
oakland marriott city center. >> seven, we are starting off with clear and caucus conditions and 40's and 50's when you step outside and our destination is 70's and 80's and i will tell you how long in the seven-day forecast. >> people would live in 1..neighborhood are getting an unexpected and unwant the close up look at wildlife. a family of bears has been running around the neighborhood. the video reported them strolling around the subdivision. the mother and two cubs have been spotted in fields nearby. they are just going to leave the bear family alone. this is a semi rural area that is slowly becoming residential and the bears could be wandering around looking for food. >> a former oakland officer is being hailed for getting back an iphone that was lost at uc davis medical center with pictures of her son before he suffered a brain aneurysm and
5:27 am
went interest a coma a month ago. the police sergeant got a call asking him to check surveillance video and he made it his mission to fine the phone after discovering why it is important. he found the person who walked out of the the bathroom with it and now she is focusing on >> the san francisco mayor makes a decision about his trip to china after delaying the trip because of a possible bart strike. >> later, waves of change with mavericks what is different at the
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> thank you for joining us on this thursday morning. >> we start with a bart strike threat. trains are running but there is still no deal at this hour. negotiations are underway and have been going on nonstop since 10:00 yesterday morning. abc7 news reporter, amy hollyfield, joins us from oakland. >> i keep thinking they will have to caucus it a night, still at it at 5:30 in the morning. they have been there since 10:00 yesterday morning. we do see the occasional break here and there, someone from the bargaining team step out for a british of fresh air but it is still going strong. the federal mediator is keeping everyone at the table and some on the bargaining team believe having imhere is good for the situation. >> you have a federal mediator. there are only a few in the whole country working and a few are here. we have a presidential appointee observing the process, so
5:31 am
hopefully people will be responsive. hopefully the board will consider what they jeopardizing in the bay area and start to act more responsibly. >> the mediator did step outside to announce last night at 10:30 that no deal has been reached but this would be no strike. he did say that a little progress has been made. both sides are under a gag order so that is the only official update we have. we are standing by, of course, anxious to see how this marathon session is going to end. >> we have a complete list of resources at including information on casual car pools. you can also download the exclusive abc7 news waze app to navigate traffic and follow breaking developments on twitter. >> leyla gulen is following breaking developments with a fire. >> we have two fires, one on sherman island and one in byron.
5:32 am
if you are traveling at vasco road you could see it. this could turn into an active scene. to the north along highway 160 at sherman island crossing road, that is where we have another report of a fire near the power plant. you can already see some volume building in that southbound direction along 160 but we do have a fire that could cause some road closing and we will keep an eye on that. you can follow me on twitter@abcnews for the latest. from pleasanton hill away from hour 4 a few extra cars are moving to the 24 young and to the south into danville and san ramon and dublin moving loan at top speed. mike? >> thank you. >> good morning, everyone. here is live doppler 7 hd, it is
5:33 am
quiet, with a few clouds off the coast, and maybe some of those will get close to the coast tomorrow morning but mostly the high pressure and sinking air and very dry air continues and your hands get very dry. now, our temperatures today, we are in the 40's and 50's and of course, you want to dress for 70's to near 80 headed in the afternoon. we will be 73 in half moon bay. 74 in san francisco and oakland. palo alto at 77. 78 in san jose. concord is 78. 79 in santa rosa. we will look at the weekend forecast coming up in a few minutes. kristen and eric? >> than you. governor brown has stepped in to keep a.c. transit service running averting a strike by union workers scheduled to begin this morning after mid-night. yesterday the governor ordered an investigation into the
5:34 am
contract dispute the day after transit federals asked for a 60-day cooling-off period. for now, there cannot be a bus strike while the governor-appointed board investigates the dispute. governor brown will decide after 15 days if it is appropriate to call for a 60-day cooling-off period. >> president obama has signed a bipartisan compromise budget extension. early yesterday the house of representatives and senate approved temporary funding through january 15th. the measure races the debt limit until february 7th. president obama says that the work isn't over. >> there is a lot of work ahead of us. including our need to earn back the trust of the american people that has been lot. we do that by addressing the real issues they care about. >> there are no major changes to the president's health karen law and that was the main sticking point that sparked the shutdown.
5:35 am
in california, tourists getting ready for popular attractions to re-open now that the shutdown is over. katie marzullo joins us from san francisco. katie? >> we are at alcatraz, and you would think it is closed. the federal government shut down caused this to be closed but alcatraz is re-opening, with the first departure at 8:45. i talked with a guard and three says employees make an early trip between 5:00 and 6:00 to make sure everything is in order and they expect big crowds because so many have been turned away the last 16 days including tourists we talked with from new zealand. >> it is a big deal. i want do go there. you know? >> another spot everyone is excited to re-open is yosemite
5:36 am
national park and the park wasted no time to re-open roads and highways into the park and concessions at the end of the another stop in the bay area we drove by christie field and you can see the signs are still up and the parking lots are blocked and the same for access to the warming hut but, surely, those gates and signs will come down, hopefully this morning, for everyone to get back to normal in their activities at crissy field. >> san francisco mayor is headed to china and south korea a couple of days laterrer than planned. he stayed behind to make sure the city was prepared if bart went on strike. he depart god shanghai yesterday satisfied that there is less likely hood of a bart strike and that backups are if blaze just in case.
5:37 am
the mayor is joining a trade mission to china and south korea. >> if less than a month the weekend the november 16 for the 07ing of the tunnel with fire and safety tests and the weather has to cooperate to releave traffic. ought bay area is commemorting the 24th anniversary of the loma prieta earthquake. i remember that day 24 years ago, the 6.9 earthquake hit at 5:04 october 17, 1989, causing widespread damage. it is now an annual opportunity to maybe sure we are ready for the next big one. matt is at the san jose tech museum where massive earthquake preparation is underway with a report next half hour.
5:38 am
the anniversary reminds us it is never too early to plan ahead with a list of resources and temperatures to help you republic if any type of disaster including earthquakes, just check out our website at >> check on traffic with leyla gulen. >> we do is pretty great conditions out there with a double of reports of fears and the one on sherman island does not appear that is active any longer but we do have this one, right at vasco road and we do keep our eye on this to see if there is anything that is going to develop so there could be a shutdown of the intersection, we are not quite sure. crews are headed out there now. into san jose, we take a look at all the roads there, 85, 80, oh we from the 280/680 split near
5:39 am
the nimitz cleared by san jose airport. mike? >> thank you. clear conditions out there this morning as far as weather and we will look from the east bay hills, you can see just that, look how calm the water is on the bay. it shows the high pressure is over-the-top, with height winds and it is cool but we do not have the wind chill. the next 12 hours no worries in the afternoon, and 42. coolest valleys are 58 around san francisco, and at noon, only 70 to 74 degrees for the spread. so very mild for lunch. 68 to 80 at 4:00 from the coast inland and we will be mostly in the 60's and calm and seeing a lot of stars by 7:00 this evening a pleasant evening to be out. if you have not had a chance to enjoy the wonderful weather, here is the weekend forecast and not much will change other than cooling, mostly at the coast
5:40 am
with sea breeze developing but the temperatures are still mild in the mid-to-upper 60's and flirting with 80's in most neighborhoods through sunday. kristen and eric? >> thank you. next, a new threat facing the future of city college of san francisco and the campus could see a drop in enrollment. >> the bay area city that giving homeowners a big break for harnessing power of the sun. >> the bay area surf competition known for the huge ways gets a new sponsor and who is backing the invitational. >> first, a look at the san mateo bridge with traffic moving fine.
5:41 am
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>> covering benicia, san maroney, and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> on this thursday morning a look at traffic scooting right along on the eastern span of bay bridge. we are watching traffic all over the bay area. >> new this morning, a judge will schedule a trial next thursday for a veteran san francisco police officer accused of staying at home rather than walk his beat.
5:44 am
the "san francisco chronicle" reports that the police officer faces ten misdemeanor counts of public money theft. he was arrested in december after undercover police saw him park his car at his home for more than three hours during his shift ten times. he has been suspended without pay and is being sentenced to a year in jail if found guilty. >> security is increased at uc berkeley after a series of armed robberies. there have been five on campus or near campus most recently early tuesday morning at university avenue. the police say that the series of crimes is unusual and they will have more officers patrolling early morning and evening hours. >> san mateo officials are trying to control the spread of a mosquito that carries yellow fever. there were sightings in august and this month in fresno. they bite in the day and they
5:45 am
prefer people over animals no mosquito trapped has carried the disease but symptoms are headaches and a rash similar to measles. yellow fever can be deadly. >> in richmond you need less green to go grown. the city council approved a plan to reduce the residential solar panel p price from $up 15 to $100. leaders say it is part of an effort to jump start solar installations in local neighborhoods. richmond has backed youth job training and construction of new bicycle paths and urban farming^. >> the cost of the representing an apartment in the bay area is rising but slower. from the third quarter it indicates the worst could be over for local renters. after two yours of increases, rates rose 2.6 percent compared to the second quarter lower than
5:46 am
the 5.2 percent jump this year. >> another problem for city college of san francisco. the school is already losing accreditation next summer and faces a possible shut down next year. now comes word that a third of the city college students are behind in payments and are not allowed to enroll in the spring unless they pay. november 12 is the cut off. students who have not paid cannot sign up for spring classes. 9,000 students owe $5 million in back payments. >> the maverick contest off the shores of half moon bay have a new sponsor, a surf brand, with the window for the -- television -- 24 expert surfers are invited to the big wave competition and given 24 hours notice before the contest beginnings. opening ceremony is next week.
5:47 am
>> we will see how the roads are shaping up. leyla gulen? >> no bart strike. no tran it strike. we are in good shape. we have 48 bart trains rolling right now. it is nice to look forward to the week. we will not have a strike, hopefully, toll. we are seeing a buildup of congestion and we have a report of a wrong way driver along 101. someone is on the off-ramp of the 101 freeway southbound side. it sounds like c.h.p. is trying to turn things around. it looks like it is a nice, smooth sailing up to the south bay freeway. continuing along the east bay, if you take the nimitz, it is not a problem and from castro valley, at top speed at 57 miles per hour, a buildup of value and continuing interest oakland and toward the maze, at 59 along the nimitz and 65 miles per hour on
5:48 am
580 into emeryville. a look outside, toward the bay bridge to the island we seeing a buildup of traffic and it will take between 11 and 15 minutes to make it into san francisco. our forecast will be nice. mike? >> absolutely. it looks great. good morning, everyone, thank you. here is the cold front we were watching yesterday trafficking the weak code front taking the high clouds and the limited moisture to our east and that means high pressure is coming back and the forecast and with that dryness, this you go, live doppler 7 hd showing how dry it is, no radar returns, no clouds near the coast and tomorrow we could have a few. we will talk temperatures on the peninsula a lot of mid-to-upper 40's around palo alto and menlo park and foster city and low-to-mid 50's around san mateo. in the north by you are in the
5:49 am
mid-40's in the south bay we are around 50 in san jose and los gatos. low-to-mid 50's throughout the another bay sheriff into concord. antioch is 57 and live more is 51. san ramon is cool at 43. you can see how beautiful it looks from mount tamalpais at 2,600' up and the camera is not bouncing so high pressure is back and the low moved on. you can see all the way south to the san mateo bridge. you will need the sunglasses, sunny and light winds near the coast and the bay shore warm sunshine throughout the week. if you have not had a chance to enjoy it, mother nature is keeping it around. the weather pattern shifts next week and it will bring in cooler wealth and the possibility of rain. the seven-day forecast shows warmer-than-average all seven days. here is kristen and eric. >> we take you to breaking news
5:50 am
in redwood city where there is a fire bumping right now, a three-aharm fire at an apartment building. fire is roaring out from a third-floor unit. maybe more than just burn unit could be affected. this is in an area that has a lot of wooden apartment complex structures. there is a safeway not too far away where the media is staging. we are flying over the scene. you can see the flames coming from the roof with smoke rising in the air as the fire in redwood city beens. we are not seeing people down below but we can only aseoul that the evacuations have been under way and you can see firefighters on the scene and the redwood city fire department tweeted that this is a multicasualty event is what they are calling it. we do not have official word of any other enskies. using lysol in hundreds of ways.
5:51 am
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>> we have breaking news in redwood city right now, sky seven, over an apartment building fire that is raging. this is the terrace apartment and it is now a fourth alarm. this is on woodside road. officials say this is a
5:54 am
multicasualty incident. we do not is the details on the number of people injured or the extent of the injuries. the call came in 30 minutes ago. katie marzullo is on her way. you can see it appears a third floor unit is fully engulfed and i looks from the roof that flames are shooting out and it could be the entire third floor with glass breaking. >> we saw a big hole erupt in the roof of the building and flames shooting up. you can see a stairway on fire fire. what we do not see is any water being sprayed. maybe that is from the other side. right now it looks like it is blazing away and not close to being under control. >> firefighters are on the
5:55 am
scene. we will continue to update you. >> we see the emergency vehicles staged on the street but do not see any lines off so we will try to figure out what is going on when katie gets there. coming up. right now we will look at traffic. >> where the fire is located on wood side road between union and kent field you can expect road closings in the area. we are tracking this fire, too, with crews headed out to vasco road with possibility brushfire which could be shutting down the intersection. as we take you to the south along westbound 580 a three car crash at greenville road is pushed over but it is slow over the altamont pass. it will take you 44 minutes to head from tracy to dublin in the westbound direction along highway 4 westbound to antioch to concord at 25 minutes and 101 southbound is clear through marin county into san francisco. here is a picture of san jose if
5:56 am
you are traveling along 280 northbound from 17, a few more cars out there so it is changed in the last hour. now a look at our forecast. we well back mike nicco. >> if you wonder if it feels warmer-than-average with the sunshine, you would be absolutely correct. today's temperatures are anywhere from three degrees warmer than a in san jose and san francisco 78 and 74 and livermore 82, and oakland will top out at 77, five degrees warm and half moon bay at 73 degrees. across the state it is going to be sunny and maybe a cloud or two around eureka and not so warm headed up that way and low-to-mid 80's through the central valley and palm springs is warm at 88 and tahoe is sunshine and well above average and 65 degrees this afternoon. safe travels. >> at 5:5. bart and the unions stay up all night and we are at the marathon
5:57 am
negotiating sessions fast aetching the 20-hour mark. >> loma prieta, 24 yours -- years later with the anniversary making the deadly earthquake that will forever change the bay area the. >> "consumer reports" and "7 on your side" put the next generation of high-tech tv's to the test. >> look at the fire ranging in redwood city at the terrace apartments. firefighters truck a 4th alarm as the flames shoot through the roof. this is on woodside road which is a major exit off highway 101.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> abc7 news starts right now with breaking news. >> the breaking news is in redwood city, with pictures from sky 7 over the terrace
6:00 am
apartments woodside road near union avenue which is now four alarms. it has taken the entire third floor. shooting through the roof. spreads are spreading to the second floor. you can see flames all over the place. one corner of the building, in the stairway and the attack is a little strange. we see a little water being sprayed on it now and again so...we are left to wonder what is going on with the fire. is it gas fed? is there an electric problem? they are not spraying a lot of water on it. this is a multicasualty event. >> we do know there are many, many units there in the three-story complex and a lot of people are affected. we will continue to cover this with indicated katie and sky 7. stay with us to follow breaking news on twitter to get the very


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