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tv   Nightline  ABC  October 19, 2013 12:35am-1:06am PDT

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and i'd like to apologize to both arctic monkeys and matt damon. they will be rescheduled. tomorrow night, owen wilson, from the l.a. clippers, chris paul, blake griffin, deandre jordan, and music from panic at the disco.
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"nightline" is next. i especially want to thank kanye west. thank you so much. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. >> kanye west, everybody. thank you for watching. good night! tonight on "nightline." fat cash. in sin city you can do all kinds of things, but the heart attack grill may take the cake at this citadel of calories, grease is god. customers dress in hospital gowns and business is booming. so will patrons dine, what's happening in vegas stays in vegas. >> death is great for business at the heart attack grill. >> it's hot mom backlash. with kim bragging her post baby
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bod, is it any wonder regular moms have had enough? >> we are going just a little bit. >> what were they thinking. this national monument had only been there 170 million years.
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good evening. thank you for joining us. at most restaurants, having three customers suffer heart attacks after eating at the establishment would be a source of great concern and shame, something minimized and explained away. not at one spot where they actually promote how unhealthy it is, offering free meals to its most obese patrons. and even celebrating a death on the premesis.
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it is aptly named the heart attack grill. we sent abc's ryan owens to check out their new digs in none other than sin city. ♪ >> reporter: in a country where calories are posted like warnings on restaurant menus, where unhealthy school lunches are under fire, and where our first lady has a vegetable garden, there is an alternative reality. and it looks like this. this monument to greasy gluttony. >> almost there. >> almost done with the single bypass. >> reporter: is called the heart attack grill. it is a defiant throw back to a prehealth obsessed america. a kind of hospital themed hooters, located where else, sin city. but as you are about to find out, eater beware, this restaurant can literally be hazardous to your heart. remarkably the owner says it is all done in the name of
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promoting good health. >> one among us has to tell the truth. that's what we are doing here. >> reporter: the heart attack grill pride itself on pushing limits along with belt sizes. diners must wear hospital gowns. people 350 pounds plus eat free. [ cheers and applause ] their flat liner fries cooked in lard are unlimited. thirsty try the all butterfat shake. or maybe a shot of vodka served in a prescription pill bottle. and new to this menu, a burger with eight patties, almost 20,000 calories. that's the equivalent of nearly 40 big macs. if you don't finish your meal, you get spanked. by a nurse. she is not exactly a real rn. but her spankings are real, real hard.
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>> ow. [ bleep ]. >> reporter: the restaurant and all its repulsive excess seems at home among tourist traps in las vegas. its owner, perhaps the ultimate vegas showman, is john basso. as the part of his act, he likes to be called dr. john. >> now breathe in for me. >> reporter: dr. john has become something of a superstar in the fast food world. in his trademark over the top way he depicts himself as jesus christ at the last supper dining with the industry any other giants. >> he certainly has come a long way since i first met him three years ago at his first heart attack grill outside phoenix, arizona. back then, the restaurant was under fire after its nearly 600-pound spokesman, blare rivers died of obesity related issues. he was just 29. there is an argument to be made that you used this guy during
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his life and that now you are very morbidly using his death to continue to promote your restaurant? >> i absolutely agree. and in a very sick way his death has gotten the message out further. >> this man any death has the not given you pause at all? >> zero pause. >> reporter: you guys we are actually rolling now! actually rolling! dr. john's vegas location is double the size of his old place in arizona. and his in-house fatality rate it hasn't slowed a bit. how many people have had heart attacks in the room we are sitting in? >> in the room we are sitting in we have had three heart attacks. >> reporter: how many people have died? >> one. now i would like to say that the other two, i did the grandest of favors for. because they now uniquely and in is very real way understand their own genetic short comings. now the one that i couldn't save, was a very dear friend of mine. and i want to tell you something, they'll say it is grotesque, they'll say how.
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>> reporter: yes, they will. >> how can you keep the man's cremation here? i will tell you something. i am setting the bag on the table and i challenge any other restaurant to set the bag on the table. i'm talking about a bag of truth about what is not going to happen if you don't listen to me. this will happen. this was a good man. with hopes and dreams and couldn't control his eating habits. >> reporter: inside the bag are the remains of yet another spokesman, john ailman. he ate at the restaurant every day. but people are actually dying -- so that's kind of where the gig has to stop. what do you say? >> people are dying. people will continue to die. can they just stop, pause, and reflect upon the food for thought that i am selling? it's not hamburgers, not t-shirts, not french fries, i am selling you food for thought and a good laugh. let's all have a good time. but let's really digest this, think about it, or end up like
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my friend in the bag. >> reporter: until then, dr. john is the first to admit heart attacks are part of his business model. when there are lights and sirens outside and bringing some person out on a gurney, you are basically in the back room counting money at that point? >> absolutely. was that heart attack good for business, did that heart attack pad my wallet with money? absolutely. did i enjoy that? absolutely. i am a businessman first and foremost. let's be clear about something. i'm not peddling hamburgers to small children without parental guidance. these are adults, purchasing a legal substance from me. i want, one and only one thing. i want my message out there loud and clear. i am a believer that when people hear my message the net health benefit to society is incredibly good. >> reporter: it is true that
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before he serve d up artery clogging gut churning meals he ran fitness clubs and diet centers. but real nutritionists aren't buying a word out of this fake doctor's mouth. >> it sound to me like he is appealing to very base instincts. and certainly playing into people's enormous resentment about being sold told what to eat. if he is making a living and making money doing this, obviously there are people who really respond to this. and he is marketing to them. >> here's the thing -- our restaurant serves bad-for-you food. other restaurants serve bad-for-you food. we're honest. they're not. plain and simple if everybody collectively got together and told the world all restaurant food is bad for you, then maybe we would save a few lives. because i don't want to see people dead. now, if they do dime here, i am not going to lie to you.
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that's great for business. i will say it again. death is great for business at the heart attack grill. >> reporter: some how in the three years since we first met, dr. john has found a way to be even more exploitative. he recently hired a very short nurse two speed around in a miniambulance delivering beers. >> it has its perks. >> mike aeis my hero. >> reporter: he found a spokesman. 400 pound, mike lee, suffered his first heart attack and he is still alive. >> how are you doing on the program, mike? >> great. >> reporter: while people keep dying. the heart attack grill is thriving. >> we both doubled in terms of money, in terms of square footage. we have exponentially grown. when you want to talk about extending the message. >> reporter: dr. john hopes to continue to grow and expand his morbid message to an even bigger
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audience. perhaps in a city near you. i'm ryan owens for "nightline" in las vegas. >> nasty. no midnight snack for me tonight. ryan, thank you. next, new mothers from kate to kim looking fit and fabulous. but does that put too much pressure on others to be a hot new mom? and why would a boy scout leader do this to an ancient rock formation? actually, we invented that. it's like a sauna in here. helping you save, even if it's not with us -- now, that's progressive! call or click today. no mas pantalones! with three entrées under $20. like our new snow crab and crab butter shrimp, just $14.99.
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from british royalty to reality tv stars if you open almost any entertainment magazine these days you are likely to see a picture of a celebrity looking stunningly fit weeks or months after giving birth. they almost make it seem, well, easy. but do these striking before/after transformations place undue and unfair pressure on other new moms? here's abc's paula faris. >> reporter: kim kardashian tweeted the ultimate selfie this week designed to induce mom envy everywhere. the post baby body pic its a right of passage for celebrity whose want to tell the world they're back in business. giselle, jessica alba, photos of gorgeous, fit new moms, a few months postpartum, seem to be the new norm. >> the fact is when you are
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surrounded by that imagery it affects how we feel about our body image. we can't meet it. >> and this week it may have been imagery overload. here is princess kate looking impossibly thin three months after producing a royal heir. and new mom, kim kardashian, showing it all off post baby. social media responded swiftly. you are a mom, don't forget, have some respect for being a mommy. as long as you are happy it is your life, not ours. boom. but perhaps the biggest reaction was saved for a former miss bikini of california and mom of three, posting this photo boldly asking, what is your excuse? one tweet responding, no one likes a showoff. >> four, three, two. >> she is making no apologies. >> i didn't call you fat?
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i didn't call you lazy? i didn't say you should look like me. i never said that >> new moms barely have time for a long shower or a hot bath. the idea of finding time to work out every day is nearly impossible. so, a lot of people are insulted by this. >> go ahead, bring it down. >> reporter: the working mom says she find time to exercise five or six days a week. often with this group of sacramento moms as they told our reporter. >> i don't think she is trying to preach to anybody. more so trying to inspire women. any one who is going to be mad is, is jealous and lazy. >> bring it up, hold that. >> reporter: the pressure to lose weight fast has sparked an industry targeting new mom whose want to look sexy pushing the stroller. workout guru tracy anderson built an empire around keeping celebrity moms fit both during and after pregnancy. >> really keeping our butt as lifted as we possibly can during
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the pregnancy. >> reporter: she trains hollywood a listers even went into business with client and friend gwyneth paltrow. but for most moms, looking like paltrow is impossible. >> don't you think you are partly responsible for creating the standard that we have to look a certain way. >> i hate that, actually. i really do believe that every single one of us is really beautiful and especially we're beautiful when we are working to connect to our body, when we are working to be our personal best. i think that's beautiful. >> reporter: is it fair to expect women who have recently had a baby to get into shape so quickly though? all awe first of all, everybody's life is unique. as soon as your doctor releases you to work out you have to start reconnecting to your body. what's hard is that you know what it is look to start working out again after being pregnant. it's the worst thing ever. >> reporter: among anderson's celebrity clients, none other than kim kardashian who was skewered in the tabloid for gaining weight during her recent
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pregnancy. >> i feel badly for her. anybody who has to do that -- under the pressure of being photographed all of the time. you know, like sometimes when you are pregnant, the last thing you want to do, you want to be in sweats, you look like a house. >> reporter: anderson has clearly worked her magic. its it good for the rest of us? >> i think women feel like they fall short. they feel like they haven't done it the right way or enough. and that's problematic. >> reporter: unlike most of us, celebrities have armies of people to help them get their post baby bod. >> i have patients in my practice who are celebrities who that is their work. they spend four to five hours in the gym every day, three to four times a week. that's what they do. at the same time i have every day women who have full time jobs, who are maybe have a baby at home. they have to rush home after work. they would much prefer to spend time with their children than at the gym. and they're going to take a little longer. >> reporter: meet alley carlin,
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a stay at home mom to two kids. toddlers. >> it has been a challenge the last year and a half, losing my baby weight from my second kid. >> she swears by soul cycle, a workout for moms looking shoe shed baby weight. >> a large percentage of my client are moms. i would say upward of 80%. >> reporter: an intense indoor cycling class where you can burn hundreds of calories in a single ride. >> i think there are so many people out there, like gisele, who have a baby, two weeks later in bikinis on the beach. >> i want to look good after having kids and be a good role model for my kids. >> reporter: for "nightline," paula faris, in new york. >> thank you, paula. what do you think? dupe t do the post baby body selfies set unrealistic standards or inspirational? tweet us at "nightline." >> next, just what were these scout leaders thinking when nay decided to push an ancient rock
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tonight on "feed frenzy" a bad day for the good guys. starting with the boy scouts. thanks to these knuckle heads. ooh, ha-ha! ha-ha-ha! that is a boy scout leader proudly destroying an ancient rock formation in a state park in utah which took 170 million years to take shape. yeah, i would say he is probably violating scout credo of leave no trace. despite claiming the rock was unstable to begin with, the men could face charges. no word if they will also be losing their merit badges. >> rough day for tsa air marshals as one of their own was caught yesterday allegedly taking up-skirt photos of women as they boarded a flight from nashville to tampa. seriously? the hero, a passenger who caught
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the marshall red-handed and snatched the phone out of his palm. charged with disorderly conduct to. make matters worse, this wasn't his first photo shoot. he admitted to doing it more than a dozen other times. and it was a not-so-good day for the florida justice system. it took them over a week to realize two convicted killers walked out of life sentences after some one forged signatures including the judges on documents that led to their release. now the two are actively being sought by "every law enforcement agency in the state of florida." yikes. thank you for watching abc news. tune in to "good morning america" tomorrow. and as always, we are online at see you next week. good night. >> announcer: every day, more americans choose abc news. america's number one news source.


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