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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 20, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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k. >> good morning, everyone, i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us. let's start with a quick first look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning. we have some fog, picking it up from the sonoma county coast. look at cloudy skies at the coast. temperatures cool this morning in the upper 40s and 50s. by the afternoon mostly sunny skies. very little change around bearskin land with 60ths and 70s by noontime. by the afternoon in the upper 60s to upper 70s. another beautiful day with
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subtle changes at the coast. we will look for the pattern to change during the work week. i'll have that forecast that of in a few minutes. carolyn. >> in breaking news, crews are mopping up a fire at an apartment building in walnut creek. four units were destroyed in the fire that broke out around 1:30 at the boulders apartment. the fire is now under control. seven children and five adults were displaced. no one was injured while the cause of the fire is under investigation. authorities say it does not appear suspicious. striking bart workers say they will not picket today out of deference to the two transit employees who were struck and killed by a train yesterday. it happened near the walnut creek station. we are joined live this morning with the very latest. good morning. >> good morning, carolyn. the train in question still remains on the tracks behind me here, unmoved since the moment of impact. now the ntsb is investigating.
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>> go ahead, central. >> central, train 963. we just struck some individuals at approximately -- >> the emergency call came immediately after this bart train hit two workers, which would them. >> they may be bart employees. >> soon after bart employees confirmed the victims were employees who were examining the tracks before the out of service train crashed into them. >> they were out looking for what was reported to us from an earlier train that there might be a slight dip in the rail. >> the collision, which has prompted an ntsb investigation, comes in the middle of a strike by bart union workers. officials say one of the victims is a contractor, while another was a union member who showed up to work. union members held a candlelight vigil for both victims >> we are saddened to say we have lost a good friend, family," and we're saddened. >> bart officials said in a statement the train had an
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experienced operator at the controls. but that the train was in automatic control during the incident. both sides of the labor fight coming together to grief. >> our hearts go out to both workers, as well as the person operating the train. >> the labor issues, the negotiations, are not in the forefront of our mind. we've just lost two people in the bart family. >> while the strike does continue today, union workers will not be picketing at stations out of respect for the victims. carolyn. >> thank you. now you just heard part of the bart radio transmissions immediately following that accident. here's more of what was said. >> bart emergency. bart emergency. >> bart emergency, go ahead. central. >> central, we just struck individuals at billion -- be advised they may be bart employees. >> central is reporting an
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employee possibly struck by a train. 16 decimal two on the c-1 between walnut street and pleasant hill. we are trying to get a better street location so we can start medical. >> these were the sixth and seventh bart employees killed on the job during their 41 year history. the last was in 2008. he was inspecting a track when the train hit him from behind." at the time of that accident one track was closed and two trains were head in opposite directions on a shared track. yesterday's accident came on the second day after bart union workers walked off the job during the contentious contract battle. john alston has more from the lake merritt bart station on how workers are reacting to the loss of a colleague. >> union members of clutching candles, in addition to their picket science outside the bart station in oakland. the strike taking on a new complex now that deaths are involved. >> we aren't here to talk about
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work. two men are dead. this is an extremely tragic situation. >> like i said, we just aren't -- we are grieving ourselves. we are trying to put it together. >> he was a member of afscme union which represents train controllers and some supervisors. victim was a project member whose call would never call for him to be out on the tracks. while afscme has not reached a deal with bark, it is not on strike, although the union was honoring the picket lines. the victim, however, decided to go to work. >> although we encourage them not to cross, it is their choice not to cross or cross and this person unfortunately decided to cross. >> and union is hearing inside information about why the track was out on the tracks in the first place. >> i'm being told that the train was training drivers to run a limited service next week. >> there's no way that managers
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could be trained and be up to speed certified. so, yeah, i think that this could have been avoided, but that's my own opinion. >> for the time many strikers are concentrating on the sudden turn of events. >> two people unfortunately lost their lives, and it's very tragic. my heart goes out to the families. >> john alston, abc7 news. so today will be the third full day of the bart strike. yesterday one of the unions, the smaller atu 1555, said it will vote on bart's last offer but the union's president said she does not expect members to approve it. they said the two sides remain in communication, although they are not expected back at the bargaining table. the two sides came to an impact over work rules. the rules include the lent of the workday and when overtime pay kicks in. this is the second strike since july. commuters are continuing to use the limited round-trip bus service to san francisco from
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the nine bart stations. at the transbay terminal yesterday passengers sold us the buses were up to 45 minutes late and were so jam-packed people were forced to sit in the aisle. lines were also long at the ferry terminal in san francisco, and people apparently did not like the experience. >> having to get through this on a saturday morning is probably -- kind of annoying. >> today was interesting. i started in san leandro, had to get a ride over to the ferry and wait in line for about an hour. >> there is increased ferry service this weekend, including 14 departures from alameda main street and oakland to san francisco. they will be crowded. san francisco's bay ferry said friday's ridership numbers more than doubled. we have a range of resources for you here at to help you get around that strike, including alternate transit options and realtime traffic
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maps. you can also download the exclusive abc7 news waze traffic app to help you navigate the freeways. follow us on twitter at abc7 news bay area for breaking news update and join us early tomorrow morning for the latest on the bart strike. the abc7 morning news team will be here beginning at 4:00 a.m. with a look at how the morning commute is shaping up. bay area's other transit labor dispute still unsettled. ac transit threatened to strike last thursday. the governor stepped up wednesday to put that strike on hold. tomorrow they are make their case before a state-appointed panel. the panel will also look at the impact a strike would have on the community. in sonoma county, authorities are investigating the theft of a bicyclist who was hit by a car. it happened in the car of forestville around 7:30 last night at merribelle road.
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the driver has in the en charged. the biker, a man in his 60s. did not have lights or reflective gear on his bike, and he was not wearing a helmet. >> in pacifica investigators are trying to determine the cause of a grass fire that came dangerously close to home. it broke out on a hillside near manner drive just before 4:00 yesterday afternoon. 20 homes were evacuated as the fire spread. it took firefighters an hour to get that five-acre fire under control. no structures were damaged. lisa, we've been talking about high fire danger here the last couple of weeks. >> the relative humidity is up a little bit today because the fog is nosing its way in across the bay. we have fog in hayward right here. san francisco. from our sutro camera. it's 48 degrees. but does this indicate a caller afternoon forecast? i'll let you know when we return. >> thank you, lisa. also next, the new admission by the man charged with killing sandra coke, an oakland woman
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who disappeared back in august. and you remember this video. wait this will you hear what we found out about the scout leader who destroyed a 200 million-year-old rock formation. >> abc7 news traffic reporter we want to know how this strike is affecting you. use the
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when i spend money on this card, i can see brazil in my future. [ anthony ] i use the explorer card to earn miles in order to go visit my family, which means a lot to me. ♪ >> welcome back, everyone. it is 5:is it 11 on this sunday
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morning. thank you for waking so early and keeping us company. this is the live look from our golden gate bridge camera. you cannot see the bridge there because it is covered in fog. of course, that will lift eventually. lisa argen will be along shortly to tell you what the weather will be lake there and elsewhere in the bay area. we have new details this morning, a convicted felon charged in the murder of an oakland woman doesn't deny he was in a motel with the victim the night she went missing. sandra coke, a federal criminal investigator, was last seen alive by her daughter october 4th. five days later her body was found in a park in vacaville. the oakland tribune interview, he said he was interview but doesn't deny he was at the east oakland hotel where authorities believe she likely was killed. they compare tracking video to surveillance video showing him
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in the same location of her car after she was murdered e had her keys and debit card when he was arrested back in august for a parole violation. happening today the oakland community will commemorate the 22nd anniversary of the oakland hills fire. there will be a news conference today featuring fire survivor piper and president dan robertson. that fireworks which began 22 years ago yesterday, killed 25 people and destroyed more than 3800 homes. it cost an estimated $1.5 billion in damages and it took 72 hours for crews to get that fire under control. >> knew this morning, san rafael-larkspur are looking to expand their shared fire services according to our media partner. the departments bo share employees to cover shifts for workers who may be absent. the two cities already have an agreement in place that allows either department it respond to
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incidents along highway 101 between lucky drive and francisco boulevard. the two cities also share battalion chiefs. in florida a wing walker fell to his death when his parachute failed to open. it happened yesterday in the city of land o' lakes. this picture shows the wing walker and his partner boarding the bih plane shortly before the accident. he fell and his body was found in a nearby neighborhood. >> a man caught on tape destroying a nearly $200 million natural rock formation. [laughter] yeah! we are how mod fight goblin valley. >> that shows glen taylor
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breaking a sandstone family roommation at the goblin valley park had a week ago. in 2009 he filed a personal injury lawsuit against the family of a 16-year-old girl who hit his car. the family being sued has seen this video and does not believe he is disabled as glen taylor claims. his attorney says regardless of the video, his client ieeds help paying his medical bills. what's the best way to buy a new sofa or a mattress? try it out on the showroom floor. an east bay woman thought she found the perimeter couch -- the perfect couch until she got it home. here's michael finney. mary of san ramon thought the couch was comfortable. >> for a year the couch sat in a showroom, kids jumping on it. >> it never showed signs of wear
5:17 am
and tear and that's why i decided to get it. >> the sofa cost $3,500 so mary figure it was worth. it the couch was comfortable and sturdy. or so she thought. >> july 17, 2012 is when they delivered it. by october, it started falling apart. >> mary is showing us what happened. cushions clumped. stuffing came out, an arm came loose. >> i would go to j.c. penney and they would give me the 1-800 number to call. >> they referred her to the warranty company. they said there was nothing they do to, i had to go back. >> and she tried to make do and sitting on it carefully. >> it comes lose. as long as you don't sit it in or sit there and don't move, it works. >> that's no way to curl up on a couch. >> i thought a couch was to lay
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down on, sit in. you should be able to move without it falling apart. >> finally a technician came out. he said the frame was never attached to the cushions and the couch should be rebuilt. j.c. penney ordered the parts and mary waited. >> and nothing ever comes. >> mary contacted 7 on your side. we contacted j.c. penney. the retailer found out the company that made the couch was going out of business. the parts were never delivered. pennies offered to let mary pick out a new couch, but she didn't find one three liked. so instead pennies refunded all her money. a spokesperson saying we intended to go through with the repair, but the supplier was not able to provide the parts. we are focused on great customer focus and certainly don't want a customer to go through this kind of frustrating experience. we are really glad this issue is being resolved and that mary is happy. hopefully she can use the refund to get another couch at jy penny or elsewhere. >> that made me feel good. >> we would like to thank j.c.
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penney for coming through in such a big way. mary really appreciates all the efforts. and sure enough, she said she's now trying every couch on the the showroom floor. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. anchor special christian has received a special honor tore his nearly four decades on tell nation. the national academy of television arts and sciences honored him yesterday in san francisco. spencer was named to the silver circle for his contributions to the industry. he talk about how he got his first job as a weatherman back in 1975. >> the general manager called me into his office and he said our ratings have gone up and you have become a hit and we like you to be our full time weatherman. but, of course, i protested. i said, no, i'm a journalist, i do news. he said we could just about double your salary if you do the weather. and i'm a weatherman! >> spencer joined us here at abc7 news in 1999 after spending
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twelve years with good morning america. you see dan ashley there that presented him and i was there to share in the moment. yeah, we had a good time. and the silver circle is actually for 25 years but spencer has been here longer than that. >> doesn't look a day over 35. >> and we are looking at subtle changes. especially this morning as we can sea from our live cameras in a moment how the fog is creeping through the bay. but it's really not going to make it that tar. live doppler 7hd shows it banked up along the short line so it sits at about 1,000 feet. that's allowing for some visibility restrictions this morning. a live look from our sutro tower camera. you notice there is fog out there. that sun won't be up until well after 7:00. so we will look for this fog to stay with us throughout the morning hours. but then it will burn back. 48 in san francisco, 50 san
5:21 am
carlos. 48. 50 degrees half moon bay. from our roof camera it's comfortable in santa rosa 49. 41 in con ford. livermore 51 degrees. here's a look at visibility in miles. you will notice that it is really widespread. from oakland a quarter mile, santa rosa, and over in hayward as well with half moon bay coming in at about a mile. so did be careful out there. it's very shallow. and because of its depth we are lacking at some dense pockets this morning. but also if you are headed to the beach this afternoon, we are looking at beach hazard for some pretty strong waves. coastal clouds, clear inland, and cooler days will be with us throughout the middle of the week. high system pressure sits aloft. the mild weather will continue. until it gets dislodged by an area of low pressure dropping down the coast we will stay
5:22 am
filed. that's the first couple days of the work week. then it will set up-close are to southern california. it lacks like we will still remain rain free throughout the week ahead. if you are headed to the coast, this is an old typhoon that is generating -- will generate a big swell come tonight and on to tuesday. pretty dangerous conditions if you are headed to the peach. keep this in mind and be careful out there. in terms. high temperatures today, not much in the way of change except if you are at the coast. south bay, it will be just as mild with 78 in san jose. to the warm side with 80 in los gatos. sunny skies in santa cruz at 74. on the peninsula in the 70s. 77 in redwood city. and along the coast, it will remain cool again with mid-60s. daly city 65. 68 in san francisco. you head up to the north bay still some 80s. you have to get pretty far north. calistoga 82. near east bay, 70 in berkeley. you head out over the hills, a
5:23 am
return to the warm from livermore. 83 degrees. and the accuweather seven-day forecast shows that today we will look for a little cooling at our coast. otherwise we will stay pretty steady into tomorrow and then the temperatures begin to cool tuesday, wednesday, and then we see the highs just in the 70s inland with the extra cloud cover. abc7 news has another great weather resource for you to follow. that's live doppler weather hd for the latest weather conditions rain or shine, get video forecasts, spare the air alerts, weather info and tweets from your favorite weather team t looks lick the low will stay offshore but things could change. >> but it was so foggy coming into work this morning. very tough. >> being careful out there. >> a disturbing discovery in southern calif
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california beach. this 14-moot orr fish was discovered in oceanside. experts say finding two in one week is really unheard of. just last weekend an 18-foot long orr fish was found off catalina county. the deep water creatures can go to more than 50 feet. they are like responsible for the sea serpent legends we've heard about throughout history. if you are turning to the internet to book your travel, it may already be too late to get the best deals. thanksgiving airfare is up 7% from last year. the cheapest flights are offered at the start of the new year, but if you haven't bought your tickets yet, all hope is not lost, as long as you are flexible on both the date and the time you fly. new this morning, the world famous sidney opera house is celebrating its 40th birthday. it held a lavish ceremony today with guests, including family members of the architect who designed that famous building.
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australian rock musician jimmy barns was on hand to sing happy birthday, and aboriginal dancers performed near a huge birthday cupcake. up next, why many san jose police academy graduates are looking for jobs with other police agencies. also a neighborhood campaign against a news project. why one san jose community is fighting to keep a charter school out. and a two-year-old east bay girl battles cancer. how even total strangers are
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>> welcome back, everyone. let's start this half-hour with a quick look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hey, carolyn, good morning to you. check out the fog and visibility for the amount you can see per mile. quarter mile oakland, santa rosa. half-mile hayward and right along the coast. we definitely have more fog this morning nosing through the golden gate bridge. and the marine layer will be a factor in our temperatures this afternoon at the coast. the marine layer is shallow. we expect it to burn back to the coast throughout the afternoon. temperatures here will be in the 60s. we will get partial sun. sue at the pulling away here around beaches of the north bay. pumpkin festival this afternoon, it will be a close call. we will keep the numbers in the 60s. 10s returning to our inland east bay and comfortable 70s around the bay. i will have the rest in my accuweather forecast in a few minutes. carolyn. >> thank you, lisa.
5:31 am
the national transportation safety board is now investigating this morning after two bart employees were struck and killed by a train. it happened just before 2:00 yesterday afternoon. bart confirming the victims were track inspectors. one was a contract worker, the other an afscme union member who showed up despite the strike bia other bart unions. >> they were out looking for what was reported to us from an earlier train that there might be a slight dip in the rail. >> bart managers say they know who was aboard the train. they say it was on automatic operation, but will not say who was at the controls at the time of the accident. two more vigils are planned today in memory of the victim. they come after viking bart workers held a candlelight vigil last night. also to honor the victims, atu workers will not picket today. meanwhile members of that union, atu, will vote on management's
5:32 am
latest contract offer, the union officials say they hope to have the ballots ready early this week. union officials are predicting the offer will be soundly defeated. stay with us for the latest developments during the bart strike. you can also download our free abc7 news anderson and allow push alerts to get any breaking news alert. with traffic expected to be rough tomorrow, the abc7 news morning team will be on the air early at 4:00 a.m. to bring you the latest on the bart strike and the commute before you head out the door. this morning the obama administration is saying nearly half a million people have had insurance applications filed through new healthcare exchanges. the obamacare process has been riddled with glitches since its debut october 1st. officials counted $476,000 application bus will not say how many people actually enrolled in
5:33 am
the insurance markets. coming up on this week, the latest in washington after the debt default was diverted in the 11th hour. we are going to hear from democratic house minority leader, california congresswoman nancy pelosi, as well as texas senator ted cruz and former florida governor jed bush about the budget battles in washington. you can catch "this week" right here on abc7 at 8:00 this morning. >> a group of friends and neighbors from one san francisco neighborhood are fight to go keep a charter school out. they have run their case before a judge. now eup to the san jose city council to decide if this school should be built. abc7 news education reporter lyanne melendez with the case that has divided the community. >> residents of the san jose-washington community value open spaces like this one. >> this was planned to be an open space buffer between high
5:34 am
density housing and neighborhoods. >> but a school called rocket ship wants to build a school here. they said they have a long waiting list of parents throughout the entire county who want to enroll their kids. >> rocket ship education is currently this the top five percent of its serving predominantly low income students in the state of california. parents value the education that we offer. >> that argument convinced the santa clara county office of education to grant rocket ship's request. rocketship had hoped to open the school this year. >> one of the roles we have is to try to support and facilitate share ability to open schools in areas where historically there may have not been great academic achievement. >> but some in the community argue there are already two rocketship schools and one traditional school in this small neighborhood. >> a pretty gross imbalance with the seats we have compared to
5:35 am
kids in the neighborhood. >> they said a third rocketship school will bring in outsiders. >> kids coming from gilroy and los gatos. we want the best pour the community. >> a superior court judge heard their argument and stopped rocketship from moving forward. parents from the traditional public school say the issue has divided them. >> they bring a lot of competition. the schools are supposed to work together for a better community because this is as well as that are community, it's our community too. >> now rocketship hopes to convince the city council to allow them to build on that site. the vote is expected on tuesday. abc1 news. san jose's police department could face a staffing crisis as members of its graduating academy class look for work elsewhere. our media partner, the mercury news reports more than half the graduates are exploring job
5:36 am
opportunities with other police agencies. a handful has already committed to the agencies. san jose police department has seen a number of their officers leaving over issues with the city concerning pay and retirement benefits. the offensers has lost nearly 100 officer a year during the past two years. a new staff report finds redwood city construction boone downtown is taking a poll on parking. according to our media partner, the markry news, the city council will consider recommendations tomorrow to address the problem of marking availability, such as increasing parking meter rates, installing realtime signage and informing drivers of parking spot availability and moving downtown parking out of the city center. a young livermore girl is battle a brain tumor, but she is not fight ag lone. she and her family are getting incredible support from friends and strangers. >> i was going outside, picking flowers, looking at butterflies.
5:37 am
>> marlon's daughter was a lively two and a half-year-old until last month. these are his photos of his little girl. she was diagnosed with a brain tumor and is now undergoing chemotherapy. fortunately the family is not coping alone. >> she didn't have a choice to get her head shaven. i have a choice and to help support her and her family. >> this is one of the things that delaney's family said is helping to lift their spirits. >> one by one the firefighters at the livermore pleasant fire department are losing their location. delaney's father has been part of the crew at engine 1 for eight years. >> it's a show, to show extra how much we care aboutmer long and his family. >> but it's not just co-workers. it seems everyone in livermore knows about the family. the family sometimes drops in for dinner at the sauce barbecue joint downtown. now the co-owner will have a big fundraiser next month. >> that night in particular,
5:38 am
november 13th, will be all about delaney. i think the family will see how many people really care about what's going on in their lives. >> many people have purchased t-shirts and sweatshirts like in this say "team delaney." the dad said the community support is overwhelming. >> it's just we are here to show you you have not just your family but you have a whole community behind you. >> he said he and his wife, than us, are keeping a diary. his brother has started a blog so that one day little delaney will know how the community put its arms around her. and if you would like to help delaney, you can find resources on our website. under "see it on tv." up next on the abc7 sunday morning news, how a motorcycle can teach us about glaciers. we will explain with this
5:39 am
experiment at the exploratorium. here's a look from the emeryville cam. steady as she goes in terms of weather today with moderate temperatures all over. lisa argen will have your
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not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant. when managing your weight, bigger is always better. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant >> welcome back. the new exploratorium has been open in san francisco for six months. the hands-on museum is getting rave reviews and two and a half times more visitors. tonight we are presenting a special half-hour program on what keeps all those people coming back. abc7 news anchor dan ashley has a preview of one of the crazy, but scientific things you will see. >> this experiment calls for 300-pound block of ice, very
5:42 am
thin wire and a motorcycle. >> this is important in understanding glaciers. >> glaciers? so far the connection is not obvious. the plan is to cut a block of ice in whole but have it still remain whole. a crazy example of a physics principle. >> a block of ice itself is fascinating. >> the block has to be clear enough to see a wire at this time cutting through it. >> is the block centred on the bike. >> next the block is looped over the ice. >> we be careful. we have though idea if the block of ice is going to break. >> drop it a little more. i think it's pretty cool at the exploratorium, that's the way we get scientific concepts across, by doing wacky art pieces like this. >> by 6:00 p.m. the display is in place and curious visitors get a good look. the pressure from the motorcycle is pulling the wire through the
5:43 am
block of ice but as the wire moves the ice is actually refreezing above it. when the wire gets to the bottom, the motorcycle will fall. but if the experiment works, the ice block will remain solid, not split in half by the wire. >> the ice will stay in one piece. by 7:30 the wire is almost at the bottom. >> i give it another five minutes. >> five minutes? >> then just as we looked away for a moment -- [applause] >> the motorcycle lands perfectly upright. there is a white scar through the ice but is it still in one piece? >> it looks solid and it feels solid. >> so why? the answer is a process called -- the weight of the motorcycle puts pressure on the ice. >> and under that pressure you can make the molecules move out of the way to flow as if they are a liquid. then they flow around the wire,
5:44 am
back to the top of the wire from the bottom, where they freeze again. >> and now the connection. this is the same process that happens under a frozen glacier to make it move slowly forward. >> i don't know where i would be able to see this. you come to the exploratorium to see it, right? >> now that is pretty cool. tonight you can see much more of the fascinating and fun exhibits at the exploratorium. dan ashley hosts more to explore. it's at 6:30 p.m. here on abc7. the exploratorium's official tv partner. they really have some great stuff over there. lisa argen here now with a preview. >> very cool. we are looking at the fog and low clouds. can't see it here from this picture but a nice shot lot exploratorium camera. you are looking at san francisco, 48 degrees. the fog mick making in wards across the ba i to hayward in the north. and little down the coast. i'll let you know if we're still
5:45 am
going to have the sunny and mild weather of the day's past. and the look ahead when we return. >> thank you, lisa. also next, stanford tries to bounce back after -- at ucla following last week's disappointing loss. larry beil has the highlights, dug what could
5:46 am
5:47 am
lisa argen is here now to give you a full accuweather forecast. we are starting off with a lot of fog. >> we both had to navigate through it. live doppler hd showing the fog from along the coast, well north, all the way to monterey. it will stay with us throughout the day as it banks up along the short line. from our sutro tower cam you can see it moving across the bay. on shore gradients just a little bit stronger this morning. 48 san francisco. it's 50 in san carlos. good morning los gatos. 49 for you and 50 with two-mile visibility half moon bay. from our roof camera, upper 30s santa rosa. once again, pretty cool. you have fog as well. 41 in novato with 51 in the
5:48 am
livermore valley. visibility just at a mile or two miles half moon bay. a quarter mile oakland. this looks to be the diciest spot. this will move around during the morning hours. be careful. mt. tam, can't see much of it but you can see in the distance it is certainly dark out there. the sun not up until 7:23. more fog but we are looking at a mild to warm afternoon today. carolina days arrive by the middle of next week. we have to dislodge this strong area of high pressure first before we get any real changes. so we are looking at a little bit more in the way of an on shore push. but we are still going to be mild today. high pressure still in control as it is across much of the east khost. but as we look at the week ahead in our east bay valleys, livermore, take a look what happens. we should be in the upper 70s. we bump up the next few days and then staying at or near normal right on through the weekend. there is a weak weather stempniak that will drop the temperatures come the middle of the week. but doesn't look like it's going
5:49 am
to bring any rain. that is after tuesday. in san jose mid-70s is the average but we will be above that after today. today quite comfortable around the bay with more 60s and 70s. in fact, in the mid-70s across the bay in fremont. we have the fog this morning. it does peel back. you will notice point reyes and stinson beach look at some sunshine. upper 70s around vallejo and 83 in livermore. you have to go up toward clear lake to get the 80s and sunny. we are looking at a foggier forecast for the pumpkin festival this morning. just mid-50s at 9:00. about noontime about 60. we will see some sunshine by 2 k. with mid-60s and low 60s by about 5:00. accuweather seven-day forecast shows that range today and tomorrow and the cool down by the middle of the week. gets a little more exacerbated by thursday, friday, with extra cloud cover and highs just in the 60s and 70s.
5:50 am
but that is where we schaub this time of year. >> and where it is comfortable. thank you, lisa. let's check out sports. this afternoon the 49ers will look for their fourth straight victory when they lay the tennessee titans in insureville. later today the first bcs standings will be released and stanford should move into the top ten after that great game yesterday. the 13th-ranked cardinals hosting number 9, ucla. here's news sports director larry beil with the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning, everybody. one week after being upset in utah, stanford made a statement against number 9 ucla and code whitfield made his own personal statement with the catch of the year. homecoming week town on the form. 3-3 game in the third quarter. kevin hogan began throwing it to double coverage. the one-handed snag that is simply ridiculous that. is his first touchdown catch as a member of the cardinals. and i'm not sure if you could make it more spectacular.
5:51 am
10 - 3, stanford. here's brent hundley, the quarterback into double coverage. picked off by jordan richards. gaffney had 171 yards rushing, late fourth quarter, bruins down 7. jordan richards with his second pick of the day lead to go another gaffney td run. and stanford hands ucla their first loss of the season, 24-10 was the final. cal fans, hoping the bears to snap a four-game losing streak against oregon state. beavers lead the nation in passing yards and here's why. shawn manning, airing it out. a 1 yards to koch. beavers grab an early 7-to lead. cal's next drive, under pressure. intercepted by rashad reynolds here. goff's seventh pick of the season. cal's next possession, another turnover. goff, had a hard time securing the ball.
5:52 am
oregon state recovers. beavers capitalize. man i don't know to smith. man i don't know, his numbers are incredible. 493 yards passing, four touchdowns. second quarter, beavers on fourth and two and around to brandon cooks. speed to turn the corner. they hand them a loss, 49-17. baseball, shane victorino was on a fishing boat last season when he agreed to the contract on the boat with the red sox. a deal that's paid off handsomely for both parties. fenway park. game 6, alcs with detroit. jacoby ellsbury, base hit, rbi. red sox take a 1-0 lead over the tigers, who would answer in the sixth. bases loaded for victor martinez. high off the monster. scores, leading it-1. in the seventh, a huge play. one out. ellsbury up the middle. double play? no, because eglazeious boots it
5:53 am
and the bases are loaded. shane victorino, the flying hawaiian, sends it flying over the monster for a grand slam. 5-2, and the red sox can taste it. bottom of nine. he strikes out and the red sox are headed to the world series, 5-2, your final. game one of the world series against the st. louis cardinals will begin wednesday this boston. to the ice, sharks hosting the flames. san jose a minute into the game and they get on the board. pavelski feeding brent burns and 1-0 sharks in a flash. burns with a pair of goals in this game. second period, sharks on the power play. it's pavelski. it's second of the year. san jose up 3-1. to the power play. bang-bang play in front for patrick marleau who slams it home for his seventh goal of the season as the sharks douse the flames 6-3. that is a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. >> up next, the big race weaving
5:54 am
around san francisco this morning. we will tell you where you can see the world's largest
5:55 am
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>> here are the winning numbers from last night's $186 million power play draw. 9, 33, 54, 56, 57. the power number 5. no one got all six. wednesday night's jackpot swells to $216 million. happening now, everything is all set for today's nike women's marathon and half-marathon in san francisco, which kicks off shortly. an estimated 20,000 runners will take off at 6:30 this morning at union square near the intersection of stockton and post streets. the race route travels along the waterfront, through the presidio and golden gate park before finishing at the great highway. this is the largest women's marathon in the world, even though the event is open to men,
5:57 am
as well. coming up next on the abc7 sunday morning news at six, new questions about safety during the bart strike. >> bart emergency, bart emergency. >> two workers are dead after being hit by a bart train. we will have a live report from the scene. and we are following breaking news. the latest on an early morning fire that burned four apartments in walnut creek.
5:58 am
5:59 am
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>> good morning, everyone, i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us. on this sunday, october 20ing. let's start with a quick first look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning. we look at live doppler 7hd. you see the fog banked up along the short line. it's creating some hazardous driving conditions around the bay with three quarter mile visibility from half moon bay. a mile in oakland. look at hayward, less than a mile. newspaper santa rosa we have the ground fog so a quarter mile visibility there. moving to napa, a little bit in novato. do watch out for that. the onshore gradient is a little


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