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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  October 20, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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fouts finished speaking an hour ago. he says he wants to investigate exactly what happened with that train that killed two b.a.r.t. employees. he says this is no longer being treated as a criminal investigation. this week he and his team will interview everyone on the train at the time of the accident and the operator of the train will be tested for drugs and alcohol, which is standard operating procedure. >> just before 4:00 p.m. the train involved in the accident was moved from the scene and teen a secure location. ntsb investigator in charge says that mechanical inspections will be performed and they are collecting digital records and looking at safety protocols. >> a full inspection of the equipment, men can cal inspection of every operation on the train, inside and out, wheels, brakes, third rail, everything. >> officials have not said where the train was headed at the time
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of the accident, but did say it was being idea to transport employees for nonrevenue service, and the final report could take as long as six months to complete. things they'll be looking at include video record office the cabin, training and safety records of the people operating the train and the signal system of the train themselves. this is considered a fact-finding phase and that portion could be completed in as little as ten days. now, the train's operator could be interviewed as early as tomorrow, but federal investigators. they say they will be here for at least four to ten days, wrapping up what they need to do here in walnut creek. the train was moved from the scene, taken to a secure location, where all of the evidence will be processed. in walnut creek, nick smith, abc7 news. tonight, family, friends and coworkers are mourning the loss of the two b.a.r.t. employees. sergio quintana is live from a
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memorial at oakland's lake merit b.a.r.t. station. reporter: through most of the day members of the union which represents state agents, has been here on the picket line, and in the last few minutes they've been joined by some of their fellow union members. the train operators union. you can see a lot of people standing over there, they're also holding candles. this candlelight village until honor of those two b.a.r.t. workers killed yesterday in the train accident, is just now getting started. you can see people are also holding some of their picket lines as part of this event. i have asked, because of course this is all as the strike is going on -- i have asked if there has been any communication between any members of the union and also b.a.r.t. management as a possibility of having conversations toward the strike to possibly end. i can tell you that they have already -- the union says they
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have already tried reaching out to b.a.r.t. management to see if they can get talks going. so far they have not heard anything back yet from b.a.r.t. management. this vigil here in honor of those two b.a.r.t. workers who were killed is just now starting. we'll have more on this at 11:00. reporting live in oakland,. there is another candlelight vigil being held at the walnut creek b.a.r.t. station a mile south of the accident. the one in oakland just began. we'll continue to follow the accident investigation on abc7 news. you can also find updates on our twitter feed. the b.a.r.t. strike is now in its third day. for now there are no talks scheduled. tomorrow b.a.r.t.'s board of directors will hold an emergency meeting to discuss labor negotiations. b.a.r.t. said it would like to restart talks but only with the mediator. union members plan to vote on the last offer, and the union
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president does not expect it to pass. the strike has put a strain on the bay area's other means of transportation. such as ferries. this morning, san francisco bay ferries saw ridership double compared to normal sundays. ferry officials are planning nor another huge increase in requiredship tomorrow. certainly the roads will be more packed as well. traffic reporter sue hall shows us what they look like right now. >> right now, not so bad. i'm pleasantly happy about this. we have some slow traffic on 101 from the peninsula, and the centers are picking up to the lower deck of the bay bridge, a 30-minute drive from 280 to the center of the span. you coming down from marin county, the waldo agreed, a -- wall -- waldo glade, and then the toll plaza, very little backup. just a couple cars on the right-hand side but no delays
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coming into san francisco. the golden gate bridge -- let's go to berkeley where we can take a look, bumper to bumper, from golden gate field into the macarthur boulevard. and outside, the fog is settling on the golden gate bridge but no trouble getting out of san francisco, coming in, a little slow off the waldow but not a bad drive. tomorrow morning will be a whole nuther story, join us earl worm morning. our morning news team will be here beginning at 4:00 a.m. with a look how the morning commute is shaping up. >> a hearing is set for tomorrow in the bay area's other transit labor dispute. ac transit and its union will make their case before state appointed panel. the panel will look at the impact the strike would have on the community. ac transit threatened the strike last thursday about the governor stepped in, putting it on hold. >> truck drivers plan a work
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stoppage tomorrow to protest working conditions at the port of oakland. today they shared they're demands in a rally outside the city hall. the drives claim their pay per load has not increased for ten years, while their costs have skyrocketed. truckers want port operators to pay them to offset some of the higher costs. that includes $50 a month for going green. >> what we're trying to do is just to put in pressure on the port, the steamship line, to come back to the table. they already said no. you're not getting this, you're not getting this or this. we're sorry. >> some truckers fear the higher costs of new emission standards will drive them right off the road. the port of oakland has not responded to our request for comment. we have developing news in oakland. police are on the scene of a shooting and a traffic accident at international boulevard and 73rd avenue. as you can see there, officers are examining a car that was hit by at least one shot.
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there's no word on any injuries. investigators are also checking out another crime scene four blocks away at 73rd and weld street. it's not clear if the two are connected. san francisco police are on the lookout for a shooter after a map was killed this morning. it happened at 16th and mission just before 2:30 this morning. police sale the 22-year-old man was shot in the back. he died at the hospital a few hours later. police are talking to witnesses to help locate the shooter. a 12-year-old girl is expected to survive after being hit by a car in san francisco's bay view district this afternoon. police checked out the minivan that struck her at third street and gillman avenue. it happened just before 1 mmm. investigators are trying to determine if the driver or the girl was at fault for the accident. four families need to find a new place to live after this fire drove from from their homes in walnut creek. nobody was hurt.
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the flames damaged six units at the apartments. fire crews spent an hour putting the fire out. investigators believe the fire started in an upstairs unit and do not suspect arson. still ahead on abc7 news at 6:00, why some police officers are leaving the city of san jose immediately after they graduate from the academy. and why people of fresno are not happy with the high-speed rail project starting despite it bringing hundreds of jobs to the region. >> i know we have had a delightful weekend, but some changes are headed our way. get ready for cooling.
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san jose's police department could face a staffing crisis as members of the graduating academy class look for work elsewhere. nearly half of them are exploring job opportunities with other police agencies. a handful of those have committed to those agencies. the san jose police department has seen a number of the officers leaving over issues with the city concerning pay and retirement benefits. the department has lost nearly 100 officers a year during the
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past two years. work on the high-speed rail project has begun. engineers started setting up the first 30-mile segment near fresno. $68 billion project is expected to bring hundreds of well-paying jobs to the region. however, some people there don't trust the plan. many are losing farms or businesses that have been in their families for decades. the state has to buy the properties to tear them down and get ready for the rail system. after the fresno work is complete, crews will bring the high-speed rail to san jose next. >> up next at 6:00, why parts of california could be more susceptible to earthquake damage because of budget cuts. a cooldown is coming to the bay area as we look outside. meteorologist leigh glaser has the forecast. >> i'm colin rush. oregon feeling disrespected in the first bcs poll. stanford, quite the opposite. jim
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seismologist know less about where earthquake faults might be located because of state budget cuts.
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the state turns out 500 maps over 20 years. "the los angeles times" reports only 23 maps have been drawn since 1991, and there weren't any produced between 2004 and 2011. experts say they need to draw 300 new maps and revise older ones. today marks six months since san francisco's exploratorium opened on its new location. it's getting rave reviews and has more than doubled visitors from the previous location. tonight dan ashley is giving us a special look inside the museum, including special exhibits and the new adults-only nights. more to explore airs next right here an abc7. >> now for a check on the weather, and if we're getting a cooldown. leigh. >> most locations cooled five, as much as three degrees today, and we will see more cooling heading towards the latter part of the work week. the live doppler 7hd not picking
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up any any moisture but we have quite a bit of low cloudiness and fog off the coast. in fact the fog today -- these were our highs. half moon bay in the 70s yesterday. that fog brought your temperature down to 56 degrees was your high. san francisco, 61. inland locations, where we had the clear sky, lots of sunshine, back up into the 80s. 82 the high in antioch. fairfield, 83. you can see from our tam cam that this arm of fog making its way over the bay, through the golden gate bridge, and really you can tell what it's doing with the temperature. san francisco right now, 52. san jose, 68. 68 in los gatos as well. from our east bay hills cam, towards mt. diablo, beautiful shot of the setting sun there, and temperatures inland, still holding some heat, with concord, 74. 78, live moore. -- livermore, motivate to, 59.
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you can see what is happening out there. a good sign that more of an onshore wind component is going to be with us from the sutro tower cam. and we'll go with patchy or pockets of dense fog overnight, mainly near the coast, as well as the peninsula. slightly cooler day for monday, and then more cooling as we head into thursday and friday. lows tonight, generally in the upper 50s -- the mid-to-low 50s to the upper 40s. coolest locations in the north bay where the fog will slip in, in terms of the protected valley areas. by tomorrow morning's commute we'll see areas of dense fog, and the north bay, the golden gate bridge, traveling over that span, probably some mist and drizzle as well. a low ceiling, some pockets of dense fog. and then burns back to off the coast by around late tomorrow afternoon. let me show you what you can expect this upcoming work week.
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on tuesday, we're going to bet more of an onshore wind component, so temperatures slightly cooler. on wednesday, cooler still, and we're going to keep a close eye on this cutoff low. it looks like it will thicken up the clouds thursday and friday, and the onshore winds will be on the increase so temperatures definitely will come down others we head into the latter part of the work week. one advisory. the beach hazard through tuesday. we're looking for strong rip currents there and also some of those sneaker waves. so be very careful if you're heading to the coast, the highs for monday, 75 for san jose. low clouds and fog near the coast. half moon bay, 63. san francisco, 66, morning overcast. 77, santa rosa. oakland tomorrow, 71. union city, 72. mild inland. temperatures in the upper 70s to right near 80. the accuweather sentence-day
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forecast. little change for tuesday. really thursday, friday, saturday, when temperatures start to come down, low clouds and fog, and temperatures return to kind of where they should be this time of year. >> thank you so much, leigh. shu is in nashville with the 49ers so collin, you have the highlights. >> i'm guessing shu had a good time in nashville. hard not to. >> i hope so. >> we'll hear from him. when frank gore talks, people listen, or at least i do. gore saying after the game in tennessee, this team is special, going to be crazy. bring the crazy, frank. jake locker, back from a two-game injury absence for the titans. as for collin kaepernick, the guy was captivating. textbook block from bruce miller. kaepernick, untouched, the lead. nobody had it bitter than those fans. locker going development brock,
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out in biting. third pick of the season forbreak. the turnover leading to points, gore, leaning on the goal line. then they're kaepernicking, that means life is good. vern davis, career high, 180 yards, tennessee, four receptions today. down at the four, three plays later, gore over the line. all three phases working, offense, defense, special tames. the punt is muffed. takes the shoot from morris, it's recovered in the end zone. that's a touchdown. after seven games the niners are 5-2 jim harbaugh afterwards. doesn't get any bigger than game seven. >> this was a big game. treating it like the biggest game of the season, because it was our next game. like game seven of the world series, game seven of the stanley cup. next game is game eight and we'll treat it the same.
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>> only the niners have nine more regular season games. mike shumann is in nashville with vernon davis and the niners. tonight, mike's one-on-one conversation with vernon davis. >> never underestimate brotherly love. last week rob ryan last by a game-winning 'pass touchdown pass, and today rex able to exact event. jets rallying from the deficit. the field goal attempt, hook. patriots with great field possession. if it weren't for unsportsmanlike penalty, gives them a second chance. 30-27. the jets, a surprising 4-3. >> redskins and bears. jay cutler left the game with a groin injury in the third quarter. josh mcalum, the former
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raider, came in. rg3 leads washington on 12 plays, 80-yard touchdown run. roy he will you gives the red skins the wind. am lex smith and the chiefs are now 7-0. beating the texans. smith didn't throw any touchdowns but keeps one himself. the rushing one there 204 yards. 17-16 the final. >> the first bcs standings just released. stanford get something national respect. yesterday0s win over ucla had to win. if you missed after the game last night, you missed it again because we went straight -- the cardinal moving up five spot from 13 to eighth, and all the way to sixth in the bcs. fans in oregon, not happy, i guarantee you. florida state second, the ducks are third. okay, let's move on. cal freshman, jarred goff, a tough one last night. things not getting better in berkeley for the bears.
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they lost to oregon state at home. turned it over four times. goff was pulled. the coach sonny dikes, an honest evaluation. >> got our tail kicked. didn't play well, didn't coach well. i'd like too be able to say something other than what actually happened, but that's what happened. >> that's what happened. cal product, hovererring well above the cut line for a served straight people. finished tied for 30th at the shriners open in las vegas. obeliacker to shot of the famous sign welcoming you to take your money. webb simpson, needed to start the day. never threatened. 18th hole right here. perfect read. 5-under for the day, 24-under for the tournament, and a six-stroke win. this sports report brought to you by orchard supply hardware. laser on, we'll bring back the
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join me tonight at 9:00 on cable 13, we'll tell you why a group in new mexico had a funeral for a fictional character. at 11:00 here on abc7, the family of a woman found dead in a san francisco hospital stairwell tells us about their shock after learning she may have been able to be saved. all coming up at 9:00 and 11:00. that does it for this edition of abc7 news at 6:00. thank you so much for joining
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it's been six months since the new exploratorim opened in san francisco and this adult-only program is really packing in the crowds. with seven times as many nighttime visitors as in the old building of the palace of fine arts. you know what? this is just the beginning for this historic hands on museum, now with a brand new start. >> proud to be the official television partner of the exploratorim, abc 7 presents "more to explore." >> lel lo and thanks for i' watching. i'm dan ashley. pier 15, the new home of the exploratorim. it opened back in april to rave reviews and three times more space. you know what, it keeps getting better. in the next half hour we're going to show you what has so many visitors coming back for more and how the exploratorim is pioneering hands on


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