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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  October 21, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> this is a picture of the bay bridge toll plaza commute into the city right now at the bay area, four days into the bart strike. low and go, miserable commute. >> our cell7 technology captured the stop-and-go traffic on highway 24 to the bay bridge toll plaza after 6:30 this morning. >> long lines formed early no matter whether you took the bus or ferry. >> good morning. day four of the bart strike. no sign the sides land to get
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back to the table any time soon. the federal investigation heats up into the deaths of two bart workers hit by a train on saturday. the unions are demanding answers . abc7 news reporter is in oakland. >> new information this morning. we have learned a bart board meeting has been canceled in light of efforts by union members to have the board sound off directly to their concerns. all of this is on the fourth day of the dispute that shows no signs of resolving. >> union members continue to hold the line. early today, local 3993 sent a letter surging the members and public to attend a bart board meeting and push them to provide answers for the recent deaths of two bart train employees. a short time ago, word from a bart spokesman saying that the meeting was canceled without
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giving a reason. the national transportation safety board is leading the investigation into the deaths much two bart workers struck and killed by a train on saturday. in week, the inspector will interview everyone on the train at the time of the accident possibly as early as today. abc7 news reporter was told the operator of the train will be tested for drugs and alcohol which is standard operating procedure. safety records will be reviewed and data will determine the speed at time of impact and who was in the cabin. >> i spoke with the union president and she and her members are planning the next session. there are no meetings scheduled at this time according to a spokesman. >> saturday's deaths marked the 6th and 7th employees killed on the job in the 41-year history. one victim was this map,
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christopher shepard, a member of the union. the other was a contract worker, larry daniels. thousands tried to take the buses provided, but they had to turn people away. you can imagine how they feel. abc7 news, amy hollyfield, joins from walnut creek. it was frustrating from the sound of it, amy. >> very busy morning. i got the numbers. they carried 1,500 more people today on the buses than on friday. this walnut creek station was a busy location after two hours, though, the buses were full and they turned people away. >> look at this line waiting for the 5:00 a.m. bus in walnut creek first lining up five hours before he had to be at work at 3:40.
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frustrating. i was with my family to spend time and had to cut it short because of this. it is frustrating. >> there were new people if line for the bus. many came early. >> i am nervous about getting home. it will be a long day. >> commuters on friday said the ride home was brutal. >> three hours. i expect to take longer today. >> the early birds got a ride into the city. bart brought in 13 more buses than friday and several of them started showing up at 5:00 to respond to the rush. it looked like the commute would be smooth but at 7:00 all the buses for correct were full. >> it was busier here today than friday so we will try to get a higher allocation for walnut creek tomorrow. >> he said to try lafayette but they were worried about the gamble. >> the traffic on 24 is crazy.
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i would carry car pool. >> car pool line was not too bad but not many cars stopped and people realized they were going to be late to work. >> everyone wants to go to work. everyone does. just a hassle. >> i checked with the car pool riders who left here at walnut creek a little after 8:00 to spend an hour to get into the city. the lessen learned? if you want a seat on the bus you need to show up before 7:00. commuter whose did not drive or take the bus to get across the bay packed ferries. our reporter is in oakland to see how it is going. >> we are at a rare light period in the constant flow since 4:30 this morning. they are using both sides of the dock for the ferries.
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one boat there is not from this ferry company but a san francisco bay ferry company and they have borrowed boats for the blue and gold and the golden gate ferry fleet so we are seeing ferries every 15 minutes in some cases. they have been full. the ferry companies ask for patience. some walked and some ran. they wanted to line up. >> it is a lost people. a lot. >> 19,000 were expected to ride 9 ferries on monday compared to the usual 6,000. there were extra boats and extra staff. >> we have ticket sales staff, customer assistance, the crews, the captain and security. >> in oakland you have to buy tickets on land but in san francisco you buy them on the
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boat one more detail for commuters who already have been thrown out of their routine. >> love it. it is terrible. just external. >> tell bart to settle. >> some blame bart workers for the strike that put them here and others blame bart management. as they line up in the dark a lot people were mad at both. >> angry. very angry. angry both with the bart workers and bart management. i am for the riders, not for any part of bart. >> many had to wake up an hour or two early, a few managed to keep a sense of humor. >> how do you feel about taking a boat? >> i don't know how to swim...that is an issue. >> the flow of people has been constant. there has not been a moment without people walking to the dock whether there was a boat or not.
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you can imagine that packing here is run out so the folks with the ferry companies, if you come here to the square you may want to find another way to get here beside driving. >> jonathan, thank you. we ask people to use "dear bart" to tell us how the strike is affecting their lives. you can see the frustration mounting. >> dear bart: get it together to work things out without making all this happen and keeping us figuring out what is happening one day to the next. >> dear bart: just please get your stuff together. it is messing everything up especially when i have friends coming to town and we have to figure out alternate ways of showing them this great city. >> we are listening to your thoughts on the strike. post your video online.
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>> truck drivers at the port of oakland have their own work stoppage. the port of oakland truckers association walked off the job, mostly contract workers not part of the union but they have formed the association to get better compensation. >> we want dialogue and we want action to be done. >> people here are the 99 percent. >> alameda county sheriff dopeties were called out to keep the entrances here. they have convened a working group to address the truckers' concerns. >> a public hearing on the a.c. transit labor dispute is entering the second hour. a board will decide whether the 60 day cooling-off period is warranted. they asked the governor to start the process for a cooling-off period after workers threatened to strike last week.
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union members rejected two tentative contracts with the bus agency. >> still to come, police think they know the motive behind a deadly shooting at a nevada middle school this morning. >> talk about adding insult to injury, new details of what a hospital worker reported in the stairwell where the missing san francisco woman was found. >> president obama offers a temporary band-aid solution for americans trying to get on the health care website. >> let's take you to our rooftop to look at what is coming up in the forecast with
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>> we are following news from nevada where two people are dead after a shooting at a middle school in a suburb of reno. police said the dead are a student who is the suspected shooter and a staff member at the school. two boys are in critical condition. one student says he saw a student shoot a teacher near the basketball court. he said everyone ran away and he heard four to five more shots. the schools are under evacuation orders. >> good samaritans took down a man accused of shooting three people in las vegas outside a casino. one died, two were wounded. the gunman opened fire because he was told he could not go into
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an after hour's club. he was injured and a good samaritan held him down. >> details coming to light on the patient who disappeared and was found dead inside san francisco general hospital. abc7 news reporter matt keller has new information adding to lynne spalding's family's grief. >> her body was found in a stairwell october 8th after she was reported missing from the hospital bed 2 1/2 weeks before. a new report shows spalding may have been discovered earlier. >> lynne spalding checked into san francisco general for a routine infection and disappeared september 21, two daze after being admitted. the "san francisco chronicle" reports that a week before spalding was finally found dead in a locked hospital stairwell an orderly saw an unconscious woman in that spot and stepped over her. twice. her family is outraged about the new revelation. >> what this tells us is what didn't happen, what should have happened ... immediate care and
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assistant for someone who is laying on a stairwell. >> the orderly told a nurse what he had seen and according to a chronicle she contacted the sheriff which provides security. >> the big question: what did the sheriff department know and what did they do. >> she may have been confused by medication. the cause of death is unknown. the sheriff said they are investigating every aspect and how they responded. spalding's family want answers. >> san francisco general hospital said they are committed to finding out exactly what happened so it will never happen again. >> new this morning, president obama is promising to fix the computer chaos surrounding the lake of the new health care website. >> no one is madder than the fact that the website is not working as well as it should which means it is going to be
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fixed. in the mean time, you can bypass the website and apply by phone or in person. so don't let problems with the website deter you from signing up. >> president obama spoke from the white house rose garden this morning saying the best tech experts are doing everything possible to improve the site. the president blames problems to an overwhelming response to the affordable care act. to sign up and other information go to >> sign me up for sunshine. >> little bit is what we have in san francisco. you can see the sun is breaking through the clouds and the damage is done at sfo, an hour and a half arrival delays. this is the beginning of a cooling trend that will roll through your seven-day forecast. i will show you how far the temperatures will drop. >> if you had trouble accessing
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>> covering los altos, antioch, petaluma, and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> happening now, facebookers are posting and liking on their pages again after the site was crippled for most of the morning. if you tried to post you got an error page and it was blamed on maintenance glitch. the outage made for a good water cooler talk. a woman joking that it allowed her to get her dishes done and
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beds made and bathrooms cleaned and laundry folded before 10:00 this morning. >> all right, here is a bright idea. scientists in china have a light bulb with its own wi-fi signal. it is faster than the average wireless connection in china. it can power up to four devices at once by using light frequencies rather than radio waves. you say "bright" idea. >> clouds are hugging the coast and breaking up over the bay right now as we are seeing temperatures running from 5- to 10-degrees cooler but the sun is breaking out and there is a significant warming trend, a rapid warming trend will take place the next three hours. let me try to start the computer again. you seeing the lovely picture of downtown san francisco there and i want to start with the
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visibility outside and this is what you are going do see that we have improved but for santa rosa where we are hanging out at 2 1/2 miles and novato at nine miles. some were down to quarter-mile visibility. we are still only 48 in santa rosa and 50 in napa and novato. everyone else is in the mid-to-upper 50's and a few 60's around livermore and san ramon. right now in san francisco at half moon bay it is about 52 degrees. now from mount tamalpais you can see the clouds cascading over the higher elevations of the coast. it will be cooler than what we have been used to with clouds stubborn and slow cooling trend this week and the wet weather, unfortunately, will stay over the ocean with the cooling trend and we will not see rain again. the east bay valley is the backdrop to show you the east
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bay valleys that are the warmest at seven degrees botch average in livermore. everyone else is the same. where the clouds cling the longest, san francisco along the coast, anywhere from four to five degrees cooler than normal and mid-60's along the coast into san francisco and richmond and hoping for upper 60's to low 70's around the bay. mid-70's through the south bay. mid-to-upper 70's in the north bay so there is real warming with temperatures in the 40's and 50's and we could be in the upper 70's to low 80's and the 83 in antioch is the warm spot around the bay area. tonight the temperatures are like this morning and is the cloud cover. watch out for thick fog. clouds everywhere but the east bay valleys. we have a beach hazard through tomorrow because of the strong rip currents and the sneaker waves and large swells. be came. we have an eye on major hurt, category three hurricane ripping through mexico right now.
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am -- i am showing you and raining. and raining some more. it will be a big issue for those folks down there if you have travel plans, do check ahead. there will be devastation. the seven-day forecast shows tomorrow like today and a low increases the see breeze and cools our temperatures through thursday and friday. there will be no rain. high pressure will re-establish control of the weather and a warming trend on saturday and sunday. no wild springs of the weather but you will notice the cooler weather headed through the week. have a great day. >> still ahead, forget pandemonium, panda naming
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to those who've been waiting welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage, and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at >> at 4:00, a mother has another reason to hate jury duty. she is being held in contempt for bringing her baby do court. how much are you paying for the
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non-fat latte. where it costs more than anywhere else. >> we are look at the adorable baby cheetahs born in richmond, virginia. the countries are 15 days good and they shared freeze photos, a picture of mom and a cub getting weighed. it represents only the third liter born in the united states this year. >> looking similar at this point. join us tomorrow morning for the latest on the bart strike that continues. morning news begins a half hour early to bring you the latest on the nears and
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