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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  October 21, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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evening commute with our morning traffic reporter. >> well, it's sludge like on the skyway. take a look at the skyway you can see the red there across the bridge and dunbarton looks better than earlier but golden gate bridge is getting heavier and the drive up to 580 going to be a busy one one. let's take a look outside from our san francisco skyway cam. you can see there traffic is your 80 east bay commute so if you're going to be towards the bottom deck into the maze and oakland you're going to be seeing traffic and going to take but 40 minutes to head into oakland. southbound commute or westbound commute coming up to 101 packed right now. it will start to loosen up south of the 280 extension. here is a picture of berkeley. you can see traffic is almost status quo right now away from the maze and into san pablo.
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>> now, to the fluid situation, bart meeting face-to-face oakland, carolyn? >> we're meeting here on the second floor at mtc. the system has been reporters waiting for late word. bart officials including paul overseer in meetings in base fais to face negotiations with the drivers just a short time ago, atu local 1555 president came out of the building refusing to talk. she came back, we peppered her with questions. >> what word? >> i have no comment at this
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time. >> when did you start talk something. >> 11:00. >> has it been going straight through? >> not forth coming she did say talks began at 11:00 a.m. we know unions said if they can craft a deal by 6:00 p.m. trains could run tomorrow, looks like that is optimistic. biggest union has not had meetings today. they have been on the telephone and you can see behind me fdiu members continue to picket from the optimistic side meetings between atu. >> at least they're talking. nudging can happen if they're not talking. and you saw the union members on the picket line line. there have been no meetings but mediator is on the telephone talking with bart
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from what we understand heather? >> bart said today it hoped for a deal by 6:00 because that would allow it enough time to get the system back up and running for the morning commute. here we are at 6:00. no announcement of a deal. fdiu negotiators say they met with bart lawyers last night, and the deputy general manager as well, and was still waiting for another face to face. the parties are for bidden from releasing negotiations details publicly but fdiu says there are few issues left to be resolved. >> i'll just say the union made three proposals to the district trying to resolve one issue. so far the district has not moved.
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i can't characterize what is going on between bart and mediator or what details are. i can say we're working tirelessly to bring the contract negotiations to a close. >> bart says getting the system ready is time consuming. everything has to be powered back up. they have to put money into vending machines and do safety inspections. the process takes 16-18 hours. >> thank you. now, to help with the commute bart says it made 114 bus trips from the east bay to san francisco. and that is 1500 more than friday morning. the line started at 3:40 this morning for 5:00 a.m. bus.
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workers say they'll try to be in walnut creek tomorrow morning. >> it suspects to serve 19,000 passengers throughout morning and evening commutes compared to 6,000 roughly the on a typical monday. the ferry service has extra boats and staff working. >> here is a is a live look at san mateo bridge now. you can see traffic is rather heavy in both directions. this is a route many forces are trying to use. but it's crowded there. now, taking a look at golden gate bridge you can see it's foggy. and are -- it does appear to be moving in both directions. we did see 2500 additional vehicles this morning compared to last monday zabc 7 news is live in san francisco in the trance bay terminal. >> the commute is in full swing here, people line up to get on the bus, get across the
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bridge behind me are the downtown berkeley lines and oakland eastmont lines. two busiest routes. the lines longer than last friday, but with all of the people here, many tell me their offices are missing employee autos is this affecting pro kux? >> absolutely. we had to leave work early this, is not normal. people gt to work late and left early. >> we've got a policy if you can't doift, you can't do it. >> i'm told they can squeeze 137 people on a bus. they can put about 67 riders on the coach-style buses. there are a lot of attendants here and everyone is generally
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calm burke it's only the second workday of the bart strike. i'm allen wong reporting live in downtown san francisco. >> seems like more days than that. many feel the strike will last for a while. you can see the middle lanes are wide open. those are the fast track lanes and officials say there has been a jump in applications for fast track since the strike started. for more options go to our web site and click on transit resources. keep it tune to abc 7 news for developments during the strike. you can down load our free abc 7 news app allow push alerts to get breaking news alerts right away. >> the lead investigator confirmed a driver of the bart train that struck two workers
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was an operator in training. abc 7 news has more on the investigation and developments. laura? >> that word came here in the bart station that the operator at the time of the crash, the train going 60-70 miles per hour. the operator in control was a trainee. that struck those two men on the tracks. they include a 58-year-old and 66-year-old from oakland. and also, fair oaks area. bart says the train that struck and killed workers was doing maintenance. that may be the case but national transportation safety board reports it was being used to train two people to be train operators. national transportation safety board confirmed the train was in auto mode at the time of the impact. in addition operator has been notified if some form or fashion people were on the tracks.
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>> there is a system to where they will announce where people are out on the right of way z we've just begun to gather data and what announcement was. >> now, one other question ntsb couldn't answer yet whether two men were certified or qualified to be on the tracks. some workers who are on strike told me there are certain requirements and protocols. the track should not have been opened at the time of the accident. nt int. will be here a couple more days and expected to managers, today, they interviewed workers. they're planning to do it at some point a reenactment of the crash itself. >> laura, thank you. >> a new decision about a
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controversial gas pipeline on the peninsula. also... >> we're truckers. >> a protest brings out a big police response, what the impact had today. >> also, event right now to take on a problem officials say is responsible for the growing number of crimes being committed there. >> taking a look at mild weather ask a look at hurricane raymond pounding the pacific coast of mexico in just a moment as
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it's day four of the bart strike here is a look at i 80 in berkeley. you can see it's slow out there. this is not the worst spot we've seen in the bay area. many are impassable in spots. the toll plaza one of them. but as you look at i 80 moving along but slowly. the state labor board heard from both sides in ac transit contract dispute today on how a strike could impact the bay area. if that system stops working a panel will decide whether a 60 day cooling off period should be called. that would bar workers from striking and block ac transit from locking out workers managers asked 9 with the governor to start process last week when a strike was called. >> we're close but need more
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time, more communications and we can work this out. >> yes, we care about our public. our operators would like to think that the company is caring about them. >> investigators have until wednesday to give reports to governor brown. remember this, was the same process with a 60 day cooling off that bart went through. 180,000 people relying on ac transit and more people riding right now because of the bart strike. >> well, upset truck drivers at port of oakland organized a work stoppage. 150 nonunion truck drivers picketed in front of several shipping terminals. too upset about working conditions and compensation issues. they want the port to speed up time truckers spend dropping off, and picking up container autos we want to have dialogue. but we want action. >> police were called out so others could continue making
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their deliveries. the port tells abc 7 news they convene aid working group. there is no indication how long their stoppage will last. >> tonight pg&e confirming a judge is allowing it to connect or reconnect a controversial gas pipeline. the line ordered shut down after an internal pg&e memo expressed concerns the pipeline could explode. just like the one in san bruino eight people died then. a state administrative law judge gave permission to reconnect the line to reduced pressure. >> a meeting over what to do over gang related crime. the gang prevention task force working on a new two year plan to try to combat this problem. abc 7 news is live at the meeting which is happening at w.a look at how the city needs community input on this. >> the meeting just now
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getting underway. 200 residents expecting to be attending this evening. the city trying hard to try to reduce violent gang related crimes, concentrated in neighborhoods inr including one now around overfeld high school. the greatest concentration of gang related crime is in east san jose. the area with highest number of cases is south of highway 280. giving the community a chance to voice their concerns will give members, including molinas, important feed back. >> i think the community is frustrated when not given time to vent saying i'm living here. i have problems here. why aren't you here? >> there is another million from state and federal grants.
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among ways is through interventions. by sending a staff member out to talk to any person who is a victim of a stabbing or shooting that is gang related. that, and other programs are starting to produce result autos this year we're at gang related -- eight gang related homicides. and there have been quantifiable improvements. >> gang related crime is also down, there were 93 last year versus 84 this year. school leaders recognize they need to make changes as well. >> our system is down and education is slowed a change. and so we have to create pathways for kids to be successful so they're college, and career ready. >> in san jose, abc 7 news. >> tourists in mexico's ak
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pull could area are bracing for more torrential train. hurricane ray summoned now a category three storm and is expected to move closer tomorrow. about 10,000 people left homeless when tropical storm manuel hit the region. here in the bay area, people visiting the beach being warned to watch out for dangerous waves. saying rip currents capable of sweeping people out to sea are expected from sonoma to monterey coast. sneaker waves blamed for several deaths last year in northern california. beach growers warned not to turn their back on the surf. firrerman urged to avoid rocks near the shore line to fish from. >> spencer christian is watching that for us. but before we go for weather we want to congratulate spenceor for a big honor. >> national academy of
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television arts and sciences named him to silver circle for more than 40 years in front of the camera. dan ashley was there. >> i was proud to present it. spencer asked me to do that job. he got a job in 1972, he was six. before that was a news reporter in 1999 after spending 12 years with good morning america. he was good at six too,. >> yes. >> and doesn't look much older than that, now. >> i haven't he grown much. >> that is overrated. >> we have to go old but not have to grow l here is a look at more pleasant weather here because other places have fog near the coast. clear skies over bay and inland areas. let's take a trip down south to pacific coast of mexico.
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now feeling affects of hurricane raymond. this category three storm, winds now about 125 miles per hour. it's moving slosly now towards east at about two miles per hour. and of course there is concern for entire coastal areas northward and westward. now, our projected path of the storm is that it will move towards west away from the coastal areas over next two days and will weaken as it does so. but could leave behind a great deal of flooding so we'll keep tracking that for you. fingers of fog pushing over the bay. it's 52 degrees in san francisco at this hour.
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how about this view of the setting sun? they're enjoying sunset, too. here is a look at other readings around the bay area now. low to mid-60s at napa and nef vatto concord, 68. 77 livermore, another live view at golden gate bridge urks see it's foggy there. we'll see fog near the coast overnight and milder and we do expect this possibility, i should say of dangerous waves, strong rip currents are a possibility as well. and this is in effect until tomorrow after the noon. overnight tonight, clear skies over the bay, inland. and fog lingers at the coast. low temperatures mid to upper 40s then tomorrow, sunny skies. we'll see mid to upper 70s on the peninsula.
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cooler pacifica and half moon day. downtown san francisco, 64 tomorrow, upper 70s over the north bay. here is the accu-weather forecast. mild days tomorrow and wednesday, thursday, highs inland up to 80 degrees, cooling down friday, saturday, warming up on sunday, monday. so getting waves up a few degrees down a few degree autos all right nothing extreme. >> and not at all. >> congratulations autos thank you for being my presenter. >> no problem. >> very nice by both of you. just ahead a controversial ruling forcing california to release prisoners. >> that story
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how is the bart strike affecting your commute? we want to hear from you, starting with the words dear bart. >> dear wart, just please, kind of get your stuff together. it would be great. >> dear bart ways angry but currently i'm happy because i'm going to have a new experience taking a ferry to work. and just got an e mail saying i get to go home. so i'm headed back and to bed. >> we're listening to your thoughts about the bart strike. post online and use hash tag
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dear bart. you can send videos to the abc 7 news face book page. >> new details on the bicyclist who died hit by a muni bus. the 78-year-old died after he was struck by a bus as it was turning from 11th on to bryant street in the south of market area. the bus driver was a 10-year veteran. he was tested for drugs and alcohol. police are still trying to determine who was at fault. federal judges are giving california a month to reduce it's prison population. judges issued an order giving a court-appointed mediator more time to seek agreement on how the state should reduce inmate crowding. the governor and lawmakers want a three-year delay to give time to work. california must reduce it's population by 4,000 inmates by the end of february. >> coming up next, president's prmis after problem was the
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at a low price. >> negotiations underway at this moment to settle the bart strike and get trains running again. we are live in oakland with the latest on talks for us. heather? >> reporter: today bart dangled a notion if a deal could be reached by 6:00, that would mean trains could be running in time for tomorrow morning's commute. here we are with 6:00 come and gone z no deal in site. atu president had little to say this afternoon, except that they had been talking with bart there since 11:00
6:31 pm
a.m. fdiu says it met last night, and had been ready to do that again all day today, as far as we know, they're still weight on the upside fdiu says there are few yimts left to be resolved so there is no formal schedule for talks continuing this evening. however, presumably the same thing can happen tonight. live in oakland abc 7 news. >> the strike is making for a tough evening commute. this is a slow going situation, live from cell 7 technology there we are on market street. battery crossing market. and it's been like this for hours. just inching along for folks trying to get on to the bay bridge
6:32 pm
>> thank you so much. yes, all surface streets surrounding bay bridge those are at a stand still as you sau. to our maps, i'll show you a picture of the bridge. it's going to be packed. here is a look at our maze making a commute in the westbound direction this will be taillights. there is a steady march going. if you do take 24, that is where we're seeing qleef traffic 30 minutes to get to into walnut creek. a quick look outside this is going to be your picture you can see headlights coming towards you are 25 minutes out of foster city. >> join the team for an early start for latest on the bart
6:33 pm
strike and how the commute is before you head out of the door. >> and we have a range of resources for you on abc 7 help you get around including alternate transit options. you can down load waze traffic app and follow us on twitter for breaking news updates. >> tonight a middle school math teacher being remembered as a hero for trying to stop an armed student. the attack happened just after 7:00 this morning in a middle school in sparks nevada. authorities say the shooter was a 7th grader who may have been the victim of bullying. the boy used a handgun that belonged to his parents shot two 12-year-olds, wounding them, then fron kon fronting a 45-year-old michael lancebury, who engaged the student he
6:34 pm
pulled out a gun and shoots my friend, then, he wanted to a teacher and said back up, teacher started backing up, he pulled a trigger. >> people were running and screaming. so i started running. then we heard another shot. >> this troubled young man then shot and killed himself. lancebury is a military veteran and served several tours in afghanistan before becoming a teacher. >> president obama promising a fix to the problems plaguing the roll out of the affordable care act. calling the problems unacceptable. others say they've received confusing messages. >> nobody is madder than me about the fact that the web site isn't working as well as it should. which means it's going to get fixed. you can bypass the web site, and apply by phone or person. so don't let problem wtz web site deter from you signing
6:35 pm
up. >> the president says tech experts are doimpk everything possible to improve the site. the administration says the web site attracted 19 million unique visits since october 1. president ob yaum had to pause when, as you can see this woman standing behind him there nearly fainted. she became wobblely after 25 minutes of standing in a telephone interview this afternoon she said dehydration as well as diabetic and pregnant took a toll. >> and 20 weeks pregnant at this point i hadn't had that much to drink because i was worried about possibly needing to go to the bathroom during the speech. then just as the sun hit me i got light headed but everything is okay now. i'm back to morm. >> she won't forget that visit. she was treated by white house physician. the president joked that this is what happens when he talks too long. she lives in san diego,
6:36 pm
graduating from uc berkeley. she was representing american diabetes association. >> tonight money matters a mixed day on wall street. dow closed down seven points. s and 56789500 dipped slightly. shares of net flix surging after earnings quadrupled according to third quarter numbers released today. net flix has more subscribers than hbo. if you have an old ipad, soon you'll able to sell it. apple has an event likely debutting a new ipad causing selling prices of old ipad to fall, fast. >> just ahead at 6:00 a woman
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oor. imagine having a new dish washer that doesn't clean dishes well. >> one grandmother says that is what she's been dealing with. >> yes. she decided to call 7 on your side to get help. >> it's not like manufacturer wasn't involved. they were out there. she said the washer wasn't working properly. so, 7 on your side got a look. marie is doing her dishes by hand. she bought this dish washer in july, 2012 but noticed it wasn't doing it's job. >> i thought what is the matter with this thing? >> marie showed us dish that's came out of the dish washer two days ago its got gunk here, it was rinsed before it went
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in there. >> her dish washer has become a place to store dirty dishes until she had a chance to wash them. >> it isn't a dish washer. it's a hiding place. >> she agreed to wash a load so we can see for ourselves. >> the company set out several technician autos the technician said oh, you are using the wrong soap. >> marie pointed out she used soap that came with the washer. but changed soap anyways, it didn't work. >> one told me it was my water, it wasn't hot enough. >> she turned up the water heater. that didn't work. but each time the technician came she was told it was working fine. and we called ge. it told us sit work as
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designed and as a result of phosfates, cloudy residue plaguing consumers living in areas with hard water. let's take a look at the dishs. >> this looks like broccoli. this has food in it. see the food? >> marie says this never happened with the old dish washer. shortly after we got involved she received a surprise, a call from ge. >> oh, my god. >> ge offered to replace the dish washer or give her a refund. she took the refund. >> i'm just thrilled. i am. i don't think anyone knows that until they've done many dishes. >> the technician is coming to haul away the old dish washer
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she's purchase aid new dish washer which should be arriving soon. >> nice woman. >> yes. >> thank you. >> just ahead a story of war ask survival. >> six times i should have been killed. >> yes. >> i was lucky. when. >> the first ever meeting between two men with a shared history of
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join us at and thrive. looking at san francisco skyway. you can see headlights here making their approach. it's heavy fror drivers on the righthand side of the screen. traffic very heavy now. >> it's been going on like this for hours. there are terrible spots as well. so day four now, unions are talking. >> this morning we learned about a meeting scheduled for
6:47 pm
noon. >> participants and back stories are compelling and remarkable date back to world war ii. >> it's been said if time didn't heal all wounds, it helps ease the pain. >> i still wake up thinking about it. >> herbert heller can speak to it. >> took me 40, 50 years before i wanted to talk about it. >> they're two marin county men with a shared experience, living within miles of each other 38 years. who never met until today. in 1934 colonel coal helped liberate a camp. the experiences scarred both men foremost of their lives. >> in my dreams i would see this doctor in front of me and
6:48 pm
still trying to remember my father and my older brother whoi lost. they never came back. >> the bodies were piled like this in a warehouse. with lye on them, germans hoped they'd disintegrate. >> the two met through their doctor who cares about back stories of his patients, mr. heller came to the united states with just $10 he built a successful business. colonel coal stayed in the reserves. working for at and t. today's meeting was not about accomplishments. empathy and understanding for two men from a disappearing generation. >> who wants to listen anymore? >> no one. >> someone did, today. >> it brings back the past and is in a pleasant way this time. >> two men with a meeting.
6:49 pm
>> just lunch. >> he's going to be my lifetime friend. >> sometimes, after a live time, it's instant. wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> so important to listen. what stories they tell. >> yes what. a story that one is. >> spencer christian is back now. >> here is a look at state wide conditions, sunny from central coast south ward. we're going to warm up tomorrow. 70s around the bay. here is the accu-weather forecast. three warm days thursday, cooling up a little bit then warming up sunday, monday, lovely weather. >> let's switch to sports. we've got colon rush here. >> 49ers are in england but
6:50 pm
not playing. we know this, for the second time in four years niners in london to play a game this, is where football is played with your feet. niners getting a lesson
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i'm sure yesterday's win seems like a disstant memory for 49ers. following the game they boarded a plane for london. the team landing early this morning. fans awaiting their arrival. the niners will play winless jaguars this sunday, today, team hosted a community event with premier league club soccer skills lacking for many niners. yesterday, mike shumann talk was joe staley summing up the trip this way. >> we've done it before, you know? this is the second trip so this is, i think, beneficial wex are excited to get here and pack more clothes than
6:54 pm
usual. >> new, it's time for vernon's view. abc 7 and vernon davis teamed up. every week, special access to 49ers star after each game yesterday, vernon telling mike shumann he's nervous about london. >> we have to just grind it out, man. grind it out, practice like back in santa clara. and just put it out there. because it starts at practice for us. so for younger player that's is going to be interesting. >> young guys have to learn from older guys because you're right. you can't get caught up into distractions. the most you do that, you can hurt the team. real yeechl we don't think about that. i know, i didn't coming in. but we have to keep them
6:55 pm
grounded and just lead by example. >> vernon now is in the church. >> you can view the interview with vernon from yesterday on our web site. up next steelers this sunday both steams two and four. pittsburgh a two-game winning streak. >> want to do a great job, giving terrell opportunities to throw the football. and you know they play a good brand of football we're going to have to be able to match that. >> hockey, sharks and red wings when nhl restructured detroit moved to eastern conference, now teams will see each other just twice per year. game one tonight in motor
6:56 pm
story city. sharks with 8.88 goals per game. getting shut out now, jimmy howard with 19 saves through two periods. now about six minutes to play. after two world series appearances in eight years, gene leeland stepped down as manager of the tigers. >> four of my players after the game game boy not be returning. i didn't know how to take whit they clapped. i wasn't sure. i spent 24 hours promising myself i won't get emotional and i'm not going to. this abc 7 sports report brought to you by orchard supply, hardware. >> thank you. >> join me tonight at 9:00 we'll have latest on the bart
6:57 pm
strike, bart and unions in talks now. we'll have update for you you'll hear how scientists are optimistic they can have a treatment for baldness. the new technique that's led to that break through. >> then, face book changes poll says again. controversial videos the site is allowing users to post. >> that does it for this edition of abc news, thanks for joining us. >> one lo
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