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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  October 22, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> we start right no with breaking news. >> thanks for joining us. >> the breaking news is the bart strategic could be over but trains are not rolling as expected this morning. right now there is mass confusion at the stations for passengers about what will happen. abc7 news, amy hollyfield, is seeing this at walnut creek bart station. what is going on?
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>> look how empty it is. no trains. there were people here. it was a tease. look at the video we shot of people on the platforms for the first time since thursday, feeling good. they told us they were feeling very releaved to have the bart trains back and ready to relax on the train and read their magazine or newspaper. the announcement came: bart would be closed until further notice. they are trying to staff the shift. they suggested everyone might want to find an alternate way to work and everyone we talked to did. >> between the time they announced and they opened it, they should is said it would be the afternoon. >> they announced that the service would be visible at 4:00 a.m. so i was excited but they
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have no one to run the trains. >> there is not a set time to re-open the stations. the word is, closed until further in the. they are trying to get it staffed. we will be here watching, waiting and anxious to tell you whether you will have a train to work. if you have to leave soon, assume there will be no trains this morning and it will be back to normal later today. >> a lost excitement that the strike is over. a lost -- lot of unknowns. our reporter is at lake merritt bart station. still closed, cornell? >> this is good news and bad news situation. the good news is the strike is over but the doors to the bart station at lake merritt are
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locked. we have seen a few commuters surprised about what is going on. the bart service remains suspended until further notice waiting to get people in position before trains can roll. the contract that was announced last night, the four day strike ended last night with a tentative agreement between bart and the unions. the general manager would not release details of the contract until unions can ratify it. the unions are satisfied. they say it is a fair deal. the lieutenant governor says lessons were learned during the strike. >> a lot of people's lives have been impacted. on behalf of all of us, we are grateful we are here. if there is any lesson learned, this can never happen again.
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>> bart's general manager says the deal was more than management wanted to pay but calls it a new path for employees. when trains roll again, they will be 20 minutes apart. the doors now have been unlocked to the lake merritt bart station. the commuters were disappointed they were not opened earlier. they are finding another way to work for now. >> thanks so much. >> now a check with leyla gulen. we don't know what to expect. >> it is not just the disappointment. it is in short of a disaster. if you have people that let their contingent plans go and they were depending on the trains even though it was limited, they are stranded. they to have the shuttle bus service still in effect so you can use the shuttle bus service
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but if you are getting a later start this morning and those seats will run out, you may need to car pool or drive. we will keep u updated when the trains roll. we have in trains running and some stations are closed. we have construction southbound 880 at 98 to high we have construction crews there wrapping up shortly. the san mateo bridge from hayward to foster city it is 14 minutes. there is fog. it is chilly, also. aif you are headed to the stations, it is 48 in concord. walnut creek is 48 too. and hayward is 47. lafayette and fremont, 50. oakland is at 51. headed interest san francisco, it is 49. dress warmly for the bart bus
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stations. can you see how thick the fog it. it is widespread and it will be easy to get rid of. 68 at the coast and 66 to 77 at the bay and 83 inland east bay valleys. matt and kristen? >> the end of the strike has not eased anger against bart or the unions. bradley said, dear bart i will never ride your transportation again. you made so many people's lives hadder with your greed. and another says, dear bart, compensate me on the time wasted in traffic and additional money i lost by leaving work early. >> we are listening to your thoughts on the strike and this morning could be interesting. we would love your posts or videos, as well using "dear bart ." >> from the north bay
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firefighters after at a two-alarm house hire at a residence near crownpoint road. the place could be seen from highway 101. no word on what caused this fire or the extend of the damage. >> police are investigating a shooting that injured three after 8:00 last night at a business. officers found a victim inside the business and the two other victims drove themselves to the hospital. all low are expected to recover. the suspect is described as in his 20 with a black hoodie and pants. >> the family of a berkeley homeowner killed by a mentally turned man settled a wrongful death lawsuit against the city. the 57-year-old man was beat were to death in february. he called police to report a man on his property. the lawsuit says that the dispatcher falsely promised an officer would respond to the call although that night police
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were only responding to emergency calls. the family settled the suit after the department agreed from new on to tell people calling for help that officers might be delayed and the family was not looking for any money in the suit. >> police hope you can help catch a bank robber. surveillance video captured these images yesterday. he try toddies guise his voice with a "bad french action sent," and the suspect appeared to escape by walking away. >> bart service...people are supposed to be breathing a sigh of replete but we have word that until employees are back the trains may not run at a lot of the stations. katie marzullo is at dublin/pleasanton station with what the situation is and why things are closed. katie? >> the gates are closed.
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ten minutes ago there were a dozen people here waiting for the first train of the morning. the announcement came that bart is closed until further in the. the police say there is no staff and there are no trains. people are physically driving to hayward to pick up the trains. before that announcement, listen how happy the riders were. >> i never knew how much i needed bart until they went on strike. i am very happy to have them back in service. >> i don't have hard feelings. it is a labor issue have to deal with it. it would be nice if it was not every throw years we go through this. >> a man on the way out of here said they told him he better start driving but there are still shuttle buses being run from the dublin/pleasanton station.
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pickup is on our right on owens drive. >> several hours, possibly, before they get a train there? leyla gulen, this will be a total mess? >> it is a disaster. people are going to the station thinking they will be able to board a train knowing there was going to be limited service but now it doesn't look like that will happen. on the bright side, bart is offering the shuttle bus service. if you are car pooling today, the h.o.v. rules with the three-plus folks in the car, that is going to take place. that will happen until further notice. we have quiet conditions on the roads. we will look in dublin, we have one accident eastbound 580, it
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has been pushed to the shoulder in the westbound direction and you are wide open. as we move over to our drive time traffic, 680, headed from walnut creek to dublin is 14 minutes and santa rosa to san francisco is under 50 and at highway 17, 25 minutes gets you through. here is the san jose commute, it is dark. no cars making it in the northbound direction. it is very quiet in san jose. >> good morning, everyone. the visibility shows quarter-mile visibility in hayward where it is the lowest because of widespread fog. 1.75 visibility at sfo. the north bay valleys are under a dense fog advisory until the end of the commute at 9:00. that is where the dangerous visibility is. thicker fog this morning. 46 to 53.
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more sunshine at noon. up to 72 and warmer this afternoon. it will be 54 to 72 with mostly clear conditions at 7:00. matt? >> show time again for apple. the new devices that are expected to be unveiled. >> the 49ers are in london to play a game. >> we are following the commute with the birth strike -- bart strike over but there is a hiccup. the stations
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>> covering walnut creek, burlingame and all bay area this is abc7 news.
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>> when people say thank you for your patience but you have no choice? that is this morning. the bart strike has ended but they are not running the trains yet. this could be the best way to get to work: hop in the car. traffic is light at 4:45. the latest bart development can cause a nightmare morning commute so we will check the drive. >> our engineer is behind the wheel. dick, we thought you would have an easy commute but it could change, right, dick? >> i'm afraid so. it could change pretty quickly. it seems like at 5:30 hour that is critical at the bay bridge toll plaza. i am headed westbound on highway 24 from the tunnel and the traffic is starting to build across all lanes of traffic. it is moving at the speed limit
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but the last 15 minutes have gotten heavier. the other issue as mike has been mentioning, we have patches of heavy fog moving all around the bay area, particularly in this little valley leading up to the tunnel. caution coming from the tunnel headed to the city. you will hit fog. you will hit heavy traffic, as well. matt and kristen? >> apple news: they are expected to roll out a new ipad in san francisco today. the new verse of the tablet has a new and thin are shape and a new processer and the mini should get upgrades. the day because is pushing up sales of old ipads by consumers getting ready for the new version. >> san francisco 49ers are in
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england preparing to pay the jaguars on sunday in london. game is 10:00 a.m. our time and the 49ers quaterback kaepernick and the coach landed early at heathrow airport. there was a community event with hot spurs, an english football club or known to americans as "soccer." the 49ers took part in tossing some american footballs around with children and taking them through drills. >> we turn things over to leyla gulen with the latest open when the bart trains will roll. >> we were excited anticipating the trains would roll but this stinks. they are not going to roll necessity the -- until they get their staffing issues in place. we will let you know when they
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run so today you still need plan "b" around the bay area. through san jose, it is wide open and quiet. up the peninsula, 55 miles per hour is the top speed along 280. 101 through palo alto is not a bad commute whatever. the drive time traffic from tracy to dublin is 26 minutes westbound 580 and 680 and 85 are moving smoothly and in marin county, southbound 101 coming into central san rafael it is very quiet but it could be the car you need this morning. >> it is cool this morning. it will be cooler tomorrow. we will not have the cloud cover we have now. live doppler 7 hd shows it is dry. the low clouds and fog are thicker. that is everywhere but the east bay valleys. 680 is looking south into walnut creek and it is clear.
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we will see quicker sunshine today with the thicker fog this morning and less fog and cooler conditions tonight dimming the sunshine and bringing cooler weather thursday, friday, and saturday. today is above average. 77 in san jose. hitting 80's around los gatos and morgan hill and gilroy and only 68 in santa cruz. we have temperatures in the low-to-mid 70's for the peninsula with los altos warmer at 77. we have upper 50 to low 60's along the coast and mid-60's around downtown and south san francisco. upper 60's in sausalito. we will have upper 50's to low 60's at your beaches and low-to-mid 70's along the east bay shore from richmond and berkeley. fremont is at 76. oakland is around 71. the extra sun in the east bay valley puts you at the low-to-mid 80's. if you are thinking of going to
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the beaches we have dangerous sneaker waves and large swells that could knock people off the rocks. that will be dangerous from the sonoma county coast toward monterey. tonight, the inland valleys are in the low-to-mid 40's and the rest of us are in the low-to-mid 50's with fog in the coast and the north bay. the seven-day forecast shows extra sun tomorrow so temperatures are the same as today. the clouds and cooler weather on thursday, friday and saturday. there is a slight rebound on sunday and monday with no rain in the forecast. >> coming up, a diamond on the diamond: kim kardashian is who we are talking about. >> there is a new technique that has led to a breakthrough with
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baldness. >> bart strike is over but trains are not rolling because of staff issues. [s[man] no one told her,right?a. [son]hi! [mom screams]
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>> good morning. a look at the lake merritt bart station in oakland. like all other bart stations across the bay area, it is closed. a woman is trying to get in but the trains are not running. we will keep you updated when the trains start to run as bart is continuing to look for staffing at all the stations. >> there are shuttle buses they contracted for that are still running so thank goodness. right now we are keeping an eye on the freeways as folks turn to the freeways, again, in light of
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no operating trains. >> and our news engineer is behind the wheel and has a report from cell7 technology. how does it look, dick? >> matt, we have a backup starting at the bay bridge toll plaza. i checked the ride on highway 24 from the tunnel and traffic is starting to mount. it is moving at the speed limit but getting heavier. we had a backup starting at the bay bridge toll plaza at this early hour. i'm in the far left cash lane. there is a ten-car backup. there is a bigger backup in the fast track lanes, almost an eighth of a mile. i will show you why: we have an accident, a three-car accident in front of me. it is right in the center of the fast-track lanes. only one fast-track lane looks
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to be open. we have four cars...people are out of the cars. no, there are five cars. one of the cars will need a tow. no, looks like two of them will need a tow. all of the lanes are blocked on fast-track lanes but for one. we have a backup that is an eighth of a pile -- mile long. already impatient. it looks like it is going to be a nasty commute. >> that is adding insult to injury. >> let's go to a big proposal at at&t park kanye proposed
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she showed off the 15 ca there was an orchestra and fireworks and it was kim's 33rd birthday. that is called a perfect game. big night for the kardashians. >> we will check with leyla gulen. someone has something to celebrate, right, leyla gulen? >> we have been tracking the bart strike and we were anticipating because the strike is over that trains wrote run although on a limited service business this morning but they still have staffing issues and no bart is running. we have certain stations that are closed. we are trying to track when those trains will run. we hear by 6:00 this morning the
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trains will run. we will give you more up-to-date information. if you are hitting the roads, we have a spot of slowing at nine miles per hour up to 80 from eastbound 580. the rest of the berkeley drive is moving along fine. headed into the tunnel, we at top speeds and the traffic hasn't built up yet. we had dick epstein with cell7 at this spot and you can see how the cash-paying lanes are loaded up because of an accident. >> it is cool this morning with temperatures in the 40's and 50's and cooler tomorrow morning. look how warm it will be in most neighbors around the state: mid-to-upper 88 through the central valley. 66 in monterey and low-to-mid
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70's around san diego and los angeles. the hurricane, ramon, is 100 miles east coast. on thursday it will weaken but not before it devastates the mexican coast near acapulco. >> the bart strike is over. trains are not rolling at all stations. they are not rolling at any stations. >> a man is shot and killed by police and why an officer said they had no choice but to fire. >> pg&e gets permission to open a natural gas pi
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