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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  October 22, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> everything i have read and heard, the 4:00 a.m. train should be coming with uninterrupted service but i don't see it. >> the bart strike is over but trains did not roll on time for the early birds. the first train did not arrive until two hours later. >> good morning. >> for some commuters it felt like a continuation of the strike when the stations did not open at time at 4:00 leading to more rider frustration. we have coverage on that commuter angst and the way the
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commute is shaking out. amy is at the bart station. >> it was supposed to be a joyous and exciting moment but it got off to a little bit of a bumpy start. it was such a tease. bart's walnut creek gates opened at 4:00 a.m. for the first time since the strike, relieved and enthusiastic customs waitedded for the first train. then the announcement came. not enough bart employees showed up to run the trains. the stations would close until further notice. >> i am disappointed. here we go again. >> the bart spokesman said they would have limited service at 4:00 so i took her at her word. >> some turned to cars. for others, it was back to the shuttle buses which bart
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provided today. for another day, people felt inconvenienced. >> i got messages that the trains would run starting at 4:00 and i layed around. a few minutes ago i got the message that we are going to have to do the buses again and i got dressed quickly. >> the first day after getting a pay raise you cannot make it to work and get all trains running? that doesn't seem right. >> the employees didn't make it in because of the late announcement. >> the goal was to begin service at 4:00 a.m. when we normally do but it was a difficult goal to reach and it was more than we could do in terms of our staff. >> by 6:00 a.m., 25 of the usual 45 trains were running. the strike was officially over. the gratefulness, slow. >> excited. never been excited to go to work. today, i was.
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>> the station engineer says the san francisco line is on time. the pittsburg line is four minutes behind. the station agent is happy to be back at work. >> thank you. san francisco bay ferry made the decision to stay on the bart strike schedule making extra runs which was a lucky thing for the commuters. abc7 news, katie marzullo, is in oakland with that story. katie? can we get katie? sorry about that, we will work on that. let's go to her story. >> it was a slap in the face for bart riders. >> i thought bart was running. i thought there wouldn't be a problem. >> in the dublin/pleasanton station, people were left to
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last-minute plan "b" which for many meant back to the ferry. >> i was going to take the ferry and last night they said the strike was over and then this morning the trains aren't running so trying to rush out the door to get the ferry. >> i heard there were bad delays i didn't want to ride for it that reason. >> stehpanie made a major decision after the last bart strike: never ride bart again. >> i thought that the unions were being unreasonable with their demands, requests, negotiations. it was a big inconvenience. i live near here. the commute isn't as bad. i scheduled it a little different. it is do-able. >> plenty of people say a ferry ride is great and relaxing. why not go with the flow? >> it is what it is. >> the san francisco ferry will continue on the bart strike
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schedule through tonight and then back to normal tomorrow morning. >> thank you. the deal that settled the bart strike is not being made public yet because the unions and the bart board have to ratify the contract. we are joined by cornell with the the lake merritt bart station. >> the tentative agreement has to be reviewed by bart union members. few details are revealed but it has been confirmed that it includes the installation of bullet roof glass for station agents. the strike is over. that is for sure. >> getting trains rolling again took a lot more than calling operators and station agents back to work. it took compromise and concessions on both sides to reach a deal one that the general manager admitted isn't perfect. >> this is more than we wanted to pay but it is a new path in terms of our partnership with
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our workers and helps us deliver the bart service for the future. >> grace 8 -- grace will not reveal the details until the contract is ratified. some say it was fair and generous to get the bay area moving again. >> our executive board does recommend the agreement but we want tour members to have the opportunity to review it, to ask quotes and get everything flushed now their minds before we get into the specific details on what is contained. >> what happens next? bart union members will review the agreement in the next five days and we are told they could vote on it early next week. the c.h.p. is continuing hours for the car pool lanes if another day. the rules are in effect all day long today until 7:00 tonight just as they were during the strike for highways 80, 880 and
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680. you may see signs that say it is back to normal for car pool lane hours, those signs are wrong. you will get a ticket without the required number of car poolers. >> there was more reaction from commuters, some upset that the trains were rolling late. others were happy the trains will rolling. >> i am just happy the service is rolling. it is much more convenient. >> we are tourists from germany and the strike impacted our trip. >> dear bart: i appreciate you coming up with a decision because it has affected my commute. >> we are listening to your thoughts now that the strike is over. post your videos online, on twitter or instagram using "dear bart," and send videos to the facebook page. >> now the latest on the
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national transportation safety board investigation into the accident that killed two workers. managers will be interviewed and there will be reenactment. it is confirmed that a trainee was operating the train that struck and skilled the 58-year-old christopher shepard and 66-year-old larry daniels on saturday. the mercury news said the trainee was a manager and investigators say the train was on automatic mode going about 60 to 70 miles per hour. a horn went off and emergency brakes applied. there is a briefing at 4:30 this afternoon. >> apple is in the middle of revealing a string of new products, the second big announcement in recent weeks. matt keller joins us from the newsroom. that is the big buzz? >> apple fans were excited about the new ipad and ipad mini as the company tries to get back on top in the tab let market. the c.e.o. took the stage for the event that started an hour
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ago in san francisco. he said apple sold the 170 millionth ipad last month and he is getting into specifics now and we learned that there will be a new name, the ipad air and they are getting thinner and lighter. it is getting faster. analysts expect a better camera and a finger print sensor like the iphone 5s. >> when you think of the combination of hardware and software services in this incredible election of apps it is no longer ipad has had such a profound experience in such a short period. >> they revealed the updated mac book pro with a longer battery life and less expensive. many of the products announced today are available to ship. who are still learning about
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the ipad and the mini. we will have a full report later on abc7 news. >> david is tweeting from there, as well. >> the nevada school shooting hero who put the lives of students ahead of his own life. >> the ingredient in cigars that is tighting kids to light up. >> and a couple who brought in their own orchestra for a very special event at the giants' ball park. >> traffic is fine but it is still gray. we will check things out with mike nicco and the accweat
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>> alameda sheriff sent out a request to find a missing 71-year-old man from hayward. donald kim was last seen monday at bed count and missing from the room at the colonial acres care home. he has dementia and behavioral disturbances. if you see him, please call the sheriff's department or the clone ideal acres care home. >> in never, new details in a deadly school shooting that claims the life of a beloved teacher and left two 12-year-olds stabilized in stable condition. sparks middle school is closed after the shooting near reno.
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michael landsberry, a 45-year-old math teacher, and veteran, tried to stop the shooter only to be shot down. his brother said he served several tours in afghanistan and was probably trying to talk the gunman out of shooting. a friend of the gunman described him as a nice kid who was getting picked on at kid. >> did he have friends? >> sort of. authorities say the 12-year-old shooter two took his life used a nine millimeter handgun that may have belonged to his parents. they are trying to figure out if the shooting was targeted or random. >> happening today, the ohio family of an iraq war veteran killed at home is meeting at the cemetery officials over the future of a cartoon character tomb season. she loved sponge bob square
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pants and the family spent $25,000 on two massive monuments. they said the cemetery gave the okay but now they are removing the tombstones. >> flavored cigars are smoked by one in 30 teens. the centers for disease control found that smoking rates with candy or fruit. 19,000 students grade 6 through 12. the cigars skirt a 2009 band on flavored cigarettes. the tobacco industry says they do not market to minors. >> meteorologist, mike nicco, ahead with the foggy forecast. >> there is still a damp chill in the air in many cities but the sunshine is coming out and it will warm up not only today but the next couple of days. i have a cooling trend in the forecast and we will go in
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search of rain. we haven't had any yet, this month. >> the bay bridge is about to get another new fixture with crews uprooting something from sacramento and giving its roots near the toll plaza. >> women, you have noticed your clothe size getting smaller? it is really not your
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>> covering benicia, san ramon, san mateo, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> the police are wanting the community about a mountain lion spotted this morning in a
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residential neighborhood. he was seen after 1:00 o'clock a.m. not far from the big canyon park area known for trails and open space and not too far away from 280. >> crews are preparing to give the new eastern span of the bay bridge another new look. a project to install dozens of palm trees near the bay bridge west of the toll plaza begins today. some of the trees will come from sacramento. they cost $1,500 each. that cost will be higher to remove each of them and bring them to the bridge. >> if you are driving right now you can see this is still fog out there. it is dreamy. >> dreamy is a good way to describe it. mike nicco will tell us if that is a meteorology term? >> today, it works. good morning, everyone. hard to get up this morning. it is damp. it is cool. the sun is struggling to come out. you can see it behind me.
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this are breaks developing. we have flight arrival delays of an hour and a half. we are tracking the visibility at live doppler 7 hd and the north bay has improved considerably. it is unlimited in napa and novato. east bay valley never had problem. san jose is increasing. san carlos is 2.5. oakland is the thickest with a mile visibility. the surface is good but at 1,800' the temperatures are 20 degrees warmer than under the fog so when thing for breaks it will warm rapidly. you can see the main storm track to the north, west, motor and east and the high pressure is dominating the storm. we have a sea breeze, though, and it is moist. that is undercutting that and why we have the fog this morning. you can see the temperature still at 49 in santa rosa and 50's until mountain view at 61.
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low-to-mid 60's in the east bay valley with sunshine the longest. this is how it looks in walnut creek. southbound on 680 to walnut creek you can see that the sun is breaking out. it will be sunny everywhere this afternoon with clouds lingering at the coast and you will see more sunshine than yesterday and temperatures are slightly warmer than they were. we will have less fog tonight mostly along the coast and it will be cooler especially inland and we will have more clouds and cooler weather on thursday, friday, and saturday. in san jose, it is rapidly changing. when the sun breaks through the clouds we see an increase in the sunshine and the temperatures. mid-to-upper 70's in the south bay and possibly 80's around los gatos and gilroy. santa cruz is 68 with clouds. low-to-mid 70's for most of the peninsula. at the coast, upper 50's to low 60's. mid-60's in downtown san francisco. low-to-mid 70's along the east bay shore and low-to-mid 80's in the east bay valley. if you head to the coast we have
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dangerous sneaker waves and strong rip currents and large swells. tonight, the temperatures are low-to-mid 40's inland and upper 40's to 50's for the rest of us. here is the seven day forecast: tomorrow is like today, and maybe sunny and warmer and you can see cooler weather, thursday, friday and saturday and if you are worried about action pull could, hurricane raymond is pounding with 150-mile-per-hour winds. in is dangerous flooding but it will move away the next 72 hours. the weekend should be okay but the devastation will be around for months. enjoy the nice weather, the afternoon the be nice. >> ladies, you may have noticed over the years you have put on a few pounds but the clothing size has stayed the same. show that possible? okay, before you get too excited you may not actually be getting thinner. according to the bloomberg business report, a dressmaker says because of vanity sizing, more women have the impression
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they are fitting into a small are size when they are really the same size we because the trick is the sizes are being numbered downward in the left decade so the same size closing, but they make it a 2 rather than a 4 so you feel better and you buy more. >> burst my bubble. >> a survey shows shoppers plan to spend more this holiday season. the auditing of financial consulting store says shoppers will spend an average of $421 on holiday gifts, up 8 percent from last year. discount box stores are no longer the top destination for the first time. the internet is the tom -- top shopping choice and free shipping is expected as standard and those that do not offer it will lose out. >> rapper kanye west puts a ring on it, on the diamond. that is a
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to those who've encountered welcome to covered california. new, affordable health plans so you can be ready for whatever comes your way. enroll today at : vandals take advantage of the bart strike to take advantage and causing damage at the stations. >> if you saw fireworks over
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at&t park last night it wasn't because of the giants. kanye west represented out the ball park in san francisco so he could ask his girlfriend, kim kardashian, to marry him. here is a picture of a smiling kill flashing the 15-karat diamond ring which would make all of us smile. he proposed in front of their friends and family and hired an orchestra. >> year was her 33rd birthday. they are in town for his show tonight in san jose and tomorrow in oakland. >> you think of the baseball diamond at at&t park but it is a different kind of dime. >> good for him. thanks for
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[dramatic music] ♪ >> oh! hey. what up? what up? what up? ahh. hi, baby. >> hi. >> i'm goo you? >> i'm good. i'm good. how you doing? [cheers and applause] >> hello, and welcome to millionaire. we are in the middle of an exciting game, 3 questions left in round 1, 2 lifelines remaining for one amazing player. from brooklyn, new york, y'all give it up for returning contestant azuree montoute-lewis. what up? >> hello. >> you are fun to watch, man. you know, you're exciting. and every time--i notice you have some moves every time you dance. >> a little bit, a little bit, a little bit. >> where does that come from? >> you know, it's interesting. i--i have two very good dancing parents.


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