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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  October 22, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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coming tomorrow. abc7 news begins in 60
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new details in the fatal accident that killed two bart workers over the weekend. the driver of the bart train hit the brakes trying to stop. and tomorrow there could be more understanding of how it happened. good evening. i'm dan ashley. carolyn johnson is off tonight. the ntsb plans to shutdown the track between pleasant hill and lafayette bart stations tomorrow from noon until 3:30. officials hillary enact what happened -- will reenact what happened leading up to the accident. john alston is live in walnut creek where a memorial is growing. >> this is the area where the two men were killed. tomorrow the ntsb will be running trains along this track and trying to reconstruct what happened.
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today they released some new information. the ntsb says the crash happened while bart was training workers to pick up passengers during the strike. bart claimed it was a routine maintenance run. >> there were two individuals being trained on the day of the accident. each trainee spent time in the operator seat for such training under the direct supervision of an experienced trainer. >> a horn was sounded before impact and the flat spots on the rear wheel suggest the emergency brakes were activated before impact. data, awed -- audio and video are being analyzed. the crash killed chris shepherd and larry daniels. they were given so-called simple approval to be on the tracks. one of the men was supposed to be on the lookout. >> the lookout must be positioned outside of the train operating envelope. to be able to view any on coming train.
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>> to have known them and worked with them in the past it makes it more real for me. >> the union safety trainer says it is surprisingly hard to hear trains going 60 miles an hour until it is too late. there are set procedures for controllers and workers who are given simple approval to be on the tracks. >> all workers know you have to provide your own protection and not interest peer with -- interfere with yard operations and there is an additional read back where you must say you expect trains on any track at any direction at anytime. >> the wednesday afternoon re-enactment is to get a fuller picture of what wept wrong. what went wrong. >> we are learning more about some of the numbers involved in the contract between bart and its two biggest unions. workers will receive a raise of 15% over the next four years. the media parter in reports the workers will pay $129 a month for health care for their families. that's up from $92 now. employees will also contribute
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4 % toward their pension for the first time. even though the strike is over the morning and evening commute are more than normal. the traffic is moving smoothly. different story last night. it was sti ky er. the headlights are going toward the bay bridge. bart started the day with limited service so many commuters decided to make alternate plans. although traffic is moving smoothly now, getting the trains up and running is anything but. people who showed up to take trains found no workers in the booths. th is video from the lake merritt station. trains at some stations did not show up until about 6:00 a.m. but by the afternoon service everything was back to normal. >> during the strike the graffiti taggers vandalized several bart stations, but they may not get away with it. the hardest hit was glen park in san francisco.
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as carolyn tyler found out firsthand, you can't believe how bad it is. >> it is shocking and appalling. this graffiti greeted the riders at the bart station. from one end of the platform to the other, from the stairs to the marble benches and to the elevators, the walls and even the tracks. the graffiti is everywhere. >> disgusting. it really is. all of a sudden i looked at it and i came out and it was like, whoa. >> it was crazy. >> he was nearly speechless looking around a at the extent of the damage and wondering how much time and money will have to be spent cleaning it up. bart's police chief says his officers and the nonunion staff were controlling the bart property during the strike, but this is one of nine incidents on both sides of the bay. >> some people have cut holes in the fence. some people have climbed over
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the the fence. >> what about surveillance cameras? >> yes, we do have surveillance cameras throughout our system. we will be reviewing the camera for any types of leads or evidence. >> we learned about the vandalism at the glen park station from austin scott. he tweeted these pictures this morning. he wasn't the only one snapping photos of the squiggles that marred what riders say is a clean station. not only is it disgusting, but bad art. >> it is very bad quality. >> and it is a crime. two graffiti vandals were caught in richmond and now the search is on for suspects here. in san francisco, carolyn tyler, abc7 news. ?oi tragedy in the san juaquin valley. five people die in a crash and it includes a mother and her unborn child. a very young child was killed
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when five vehicles collided. the wreck sent nine people to hospitals as far away as sacramento 35 miles from the scene. a paramedic supervisor told the newspaper that children were ejected from one vehicle. a terrible scene. a man went speeding through an intersection in an suv and caused this tragedy. heavy fog is moving into the bay area right now so be careful if you are driving or going to be soon. sandhya patel is here with live doppler 7hd. sandhya? >> yeah, and the dense fog advise vee just went up because the -- advisory just went up. it ising traying the fog and as i -- it is tracking the fog and as i show you, you can see where it is in affect 11:00 a.m. visibility is a quarter mile or less. we are down to a quarter mile in santa rosa. hazardous driving conditions. if you have ever driven through the sheen trail valley in the dead of winter, you know that the fog can be really thick.
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that's whraw looking at. it is hard to see the cars on the road because of the dense fog. your morning commute will be moving at a snail's pace. they will be back with wake up weather and a look at if there is any rain in the forecast this week. dan? >> sandhya, thanks. in the east bay, a heavyweight heist has police stumped. someone stole not just one, but two huge excavators from a job site. pretty wild. as lisa amin gulezian found out, it looks like this type of grand theft is a trend. >> as soon as i made that rn coulder i looked and said oh good they are gone. >> he is talking about two 15-ton excavators worth $120,000 each. they were stolen off the job site in clayton last night. >> they would have had to stop traffic and moved them down and load them on to the trailers. >> the tracks from the get away truck are still on the ground. joy that is just low.
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-- >> that is just low. they know exactly what they are doing. >> it turns out these heists becoming more and more construction heights. >> it started with the copper and now as you can see they are upping their game. >> equipment is stolen and then illegally sold to mexico. none of this matters to those at clayton regency. they have been waiting for this project to finish so they can finally connect to the county's water pipeline. >> water is trucked in twice a day every day from brentwood and stored in the containers. it is treated, but it is not recommended for drinking. >> no extau elevators says the plan is delayed. >> someone has to do this to us and it is horrible. >> they are offering a $2500 reward. in clayton, lisa amin gulezian , abc7 news. more questions about
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safety at san francisco general hospital. a woman says she was stuck in a stirwell while visiting in june. she went out a wrong door that locked behind her and an alarm sounded, but no one came to help her. and a nurse eventually opened the door after hearing her pound on the windows. the woman e-mailed the hospital after hearing about a patient found dead in the stirwell earlier this month. it was 17 days after vanishing from her room. tonight sonoma county sheriff deputies are investigating a fatal officer involved shooting in santa rosa. deputies spotted a man who was carrying a rifle. they fired when he refused to drop the weapon. deputies later discovered the gun was a replica of an assault rifle. this is the third officer involved shooting in the bay area in two days. the others were in union city and san bruno. new at 11:00, students at city college of san francisco
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are being offered a lifeline in case their school loses its accreditation. 21 people have decided to accept in case ccsf is forced to close. an accrediting committee is taking away the certification for changes in finances among other reasons. for a list of the colleges accepting go to our website at and click on see it on tv. we have it there for you. coming up next, weeks after a salmonella outbreak, potentially contaminated chicken is still in stores m consumers are wondering why. we ask the questions. plus the fda is asking for your help after thousands of dogs get sick. the mystery surrounding tainted treats. and don't expect a speedy refund come tax time. why the irs may be asking you
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salmonella outbreak from earlier this month that we reported to you. several of our viewers wrote in wondering why they are still seeing salmonella-tainted chicken being sold in stores. abc7 news reporter alan wang
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explains why. >> consumers are still wondering why chicken tagged as containing high levels of salmonella is still being sold in grocery stores. >> they are still keeping it on the shelf? >> yes. does that bother you at all? >> it is not an easy feeling knowing they are still selling it if it is known. >> earlier this month the usda issued a public health alert because several resis extent trains of salmonella were sold in foster farms chicken. 300 people have been sickened nationwide. but tonight we found chicken marked with two of the inspection numbers p-6137 and p-6137a still in the grocery store. in fact, the majority of foster farm chicken contained the inspection numbers in question. the usda threatened to close three central valley chicken plants, but told them they could stay open after they promised to improve their
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slaughtering process. >> not really good enough for me, but i feel like most people just stay away from chicken. >> the food safety inspection service did not issue a recall even though the contamination levels at the chicken plants were substantially higher than other foster farms plants. instead it is recommending consumers cook the meat thoroughly. some stores like safe way are offering refunds. the tainted birds melt -- met or exceeded standards for salmonella. it has many wondering if the standards need to be raised. in san jose, alan wang, abc7 news. >> we have the lot numbers for the affected chicken on our website. if you want to check your freezer go to the food and drug administration meantime needs your help to get to the bottom of a food illness that killed more than 500 dogs and cats. the animals died after eating jerk key treats mostly made in china. some were recalled after a morgan hill woman launched a
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petition drive last year. the fda is now asking pet owners and veterinarians to contact them if their pets get sick after eating any kind of jerkey treat. new video surfaced of the assault on an suv driver in new york by a group of motorcycle riders and the images are graphic. the video comes from a witness to last month's insurance -- incident. they then began stomping him. nine bikers have been arrested in the uh tolt. this -- assault. it started when he bumped a bike that slowed in front of him. the recent government shutdown means you may have to wait longer for your tax refund next year. the irs says it will not start processing returns until january 28th, that's one week later that planned. officials claim that 90% of the irs work flow stopped during the closure including programming computers to process returns.
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despite uncle sam's delays, they must submit w2's by january 31st and you must file your return by april 15th. no break for the rest of us. just a slower return from the irs. a possible major medical breakthrough to talk about. researchers developed a vaccine that may prevent type 1 diabetes. type 1 or juvenile dwiebts -- dwiebts destroys the ability to create insulin. other forms of the virus are known to cause polio and meningitis. the next step is human testing that will cost bees 1 -- cost bees 1 billion, but it appears possible. there is a possible meteor sighting over northern california. people in concord and sunnyvale and sacramento saw a bright light streak across the sky. if you have pictures send them to you report at and we will share them with
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our viewers. meteorologist sandhya patel is here with live doppler hd. >> it is the meteor shower that peaked on monday, but it is possible that people are seeing a few meteors out there. itas you look at live doppler 7hd watching the fog it has not only socked in the coast, but parts of the valleys and around the bay. it has dropped to about two miles in half moon bay. we are also seeing fog toward oakland where it is six miles of visibility. check out this view. this is actually a picture just sent to me on twitter. it is of sunny side san francisco. the viewer obviously that sent in the picture says the fog is like pea soup. this is what your morning perspective looks like. you can't see the top of the buildings, so it is like pornlg there. 50 degrees. 54 in oakland and the temperatures are dropping. san jose 53 and half moon bay
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50 degrees. it is going to feel damp in the morning and it may be misty out there. give yourself time for the morning commute. look at the fog taking over part of san francisco. santa rosa is 47 and napa 48. it is getting chilly in novato. golden gate bridge camera, you can see murky view here and that's what your morning will entail. mild bay and inland turning cooler on thursday and friday and away from the coastline. we will see the temperatures drop. look at the satellite and the radar m a dry pattern into next week and it is because high pressure is diverting the storm track, the jet stream well to the north. we will remain dry and even looking at the extended models we will not see rain as we close out october. it is in association with hurricane raymond.
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category 1 and packing winds of 75 miles an hour. it is barely a rrn. it is producing the heavy rain bands across portions of mexico. it is expected to weaken to a rope cal storm, but likely we will see some flooding rains along the coastline there. if you have travel plans, be aware of that fact. tomorrow morning your travel will be slow going because of the fog. low 40s to low 50s and bundle up when you leave home and allow yourself plenty of time to get to work or get off to school if you need to do that. highs for wednesday similar to day. sunshining on the peninsula. 72 redwood city and 54 in pacifica. you will never quite see much of t3e sun because of the fog. 64 downtown san francisco. north bay 50s, coast side 80. calistoga and east bay, 68 oakland and 73 castro valley. 82 concord. a look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast. a little more cloud cover and slightly cooler inland on
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thursday and friday. we will add in more clouds for the weekend, but no rain. and it will be cooler early next week. below normal by then. >> thanks very much. sports director larry beil is here. good news for giants fans and one giant. >> you have to be happy. whether you call him "the freak" or timmy jim, timmy is a giant at a price you [ male announcer ] the founder of mercedes-benz once wrote something on a sheet of paper ♪ the challenge always accepted. and the calling forever answered. ♪ introducing the all-new 2014 s-class. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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if you just look at wins and price you would say they overpaid for lincecum. timmy has 1.7 million per victory. but there is more to the freak. he has an hora that makes him the giants' most interesting player to watch. i'm sure they have numbers to show you. more people tune in and show up when timmy pitches.
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the two-time cy young winner has not been dominant the past two years, but the giants need starting pitching. his 10-14 record could have been better if he had better run support and maury leave. the deal also includes a no trade clause. timmy here for two more years. red sox and cardinals are getting set for boston. the sox manager john farrell has this harbaugh esque mentally and enthusiasm unknown to mankind. >> we look to be relentless in every aspect of the game. that's a mind set we have worked hard at creating. i think the attitude has allowed us to come back from so many deficits this year. >> the 49ers and the jaguars are in london getting ready for sunday's game. the jags are 0-7. i think i know what is wrong. do you see the guy in yellow? that's their quarterback. the jags entertained some kids and tightened dj williams is
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impressed by the reaction overseas. >> it is impressive how much support we can get from a crowd that does president have an nfl team in their own country. we are thankful for it. >> stanford receiver talks about his catch in the win over ucla. the cardinal receivers are pushing each other to get better. >> things that we are good at another one of husband may not be -- another one of us may not be well aversed at. we are a tight knit group that likes to see us do well. >> a survey of mab general managers and the warriors were voted the most exciting team to watch and steph curry third best shooting guard in the league. that's flattering except that he plays point guard. elite company, but steph got zero votes for the point guard position. >> i am a point guard. if that's what they are
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getting at, so be it. i will play the position the way i play it and not worry about anything or how people view it or the style of play. that's not my game. i play the way i play and i will continue to get better at it. >> and he is a budding superstar. abc7 sports brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> at least he made the list. >> he is high on the list.
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father's love. a boy in england had trouble in math until this dad helped him study. watch his reaction after he did well on the next test. how cool is that? all the more special because this young man is dyslexic. that's neat. that is this edition of abc7 news for sandhya, larry, carolyn, all of us, appreciate your time. connect with us on
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>> from hollywood it's jimmy kimmel live. tonight -- vice president al gore, skylan brooks and ethan dizon lie witness news plus music from michael franti and spearhead. and now, last but not least, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> very nice. thank you. thank you. thank you. good. great. thank you. i'm jimmy. welcome to the show. thank you for watching. thank you for being here, punctual. [ cheers and applause ] i appreciate that.


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