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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 23, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. agood wednesday morning. it is 5:00. >> you may drive into some fog out there. it is widely spaced fog. mike will tell us more. >> that is the big story. we will look at visibility. oakland is 2.5 miles visibility. 1.25 at half moon bay. quarter-mile visibility in napa for lowest. half a mile in santa rosa. we have a dense fog advisory in the north bay valleys. that is where the widespread valley is less than quarter-mile visibility through 11:00 this morning. then a quick transition to sunshine between 11:00 and noon
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and maybe 12:30. temperatures in the eat bay are the warmest at the low-to-mid 80's. mid-60's to 70 around the bay. only mid-to-upper 60's along the coast. is the fog causing issues with the commute? >> it does not appear to be causing issues but if you are headed out of concord, use the low beams. we have a report in san jose of a wrong-way driver at 101 interchange. watch out for that. crews are headed out there. 101 is moving nicely up to the san jose airport. it is nice all the way to the south bay friend. >> the bay bridge has another problem, a stalled vehicle beyond treasure island. now a look at walnut creek area,
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you can see into the tunnel toward oakland, it looks like the traffic is running smoothly. eric and kristen? >> this morning, state safety regulators are restarting their investigation into a fatal accident back in june at the new 49ers stadium construction site. this was another fatal accident there last week. abc7 news reporter, matt keller, is at the site. >> osha decided there was no violation when a worker was killed in june. investigators now are rescinding that decision. don white was killed by the counterweight of an early variety. the 63-year-old was an experienced mechanic for a subcontractor. osha has revealed he was communicating with the operator and was aware the elevator was working. a spokesman said it is a mystery why he did not move knowing the elevator was coming down. osha gave the company notice that there was no violation but they are saying there were
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questions raised. there is no word on what the questions were. they can fine a company from $5,000 to $70,000 for safety violations. the investigation into the october 14 death of edward lake is ongoing. he was killed when rebar was unload by a forklift and fell off the truck and on top of him. osha spokesman says that no citations have been issued in that case, so far. >> developing news on the shooting involving the sonoma sheriff deputy. the person killed was 13 years old. it is reported that the boy's father says that the victim is 13-year-old andy lopez. deputies yesterday afternoon saw lopez carrying what appears to be a rifle near mooreland avenue. deputies discovered that the gun was a plastic copy of an assault
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rifle. abc7 news reporter, katie marzullo, has more details and a look at the toy gun in 30 minutes. >> investigators will republican act the deadly train accident that claims the live of two bart workers. the ntsb will shut down the track today from noon to 3:30. bart will operate a bus bridge between the stations for customers at lafayette and pleasanton hill. there are new details about the accident that claimed the two lives who were given simple approval to be on the tracks but one was supposed to be a lookout, completely we clear of any trains. the ntsb says bart was training workers to pick up passengers during a strike. abc7 news reporter, amy hollyfield, will have more coming up at 5:30. authorities say they will review southfield to determine who is behind some major vandalism at
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several bart stations during the labor streak. police say the glen park was hardest hit by graffiti taggers including the tracks. the bart police chief says the stamp were patrolling the property but this is one of nine incidents on both sides of the bay. >> this morning, police in marin county are investigating how a man with gunshot wounds ended up at the san rafael fire station asking for help. the shooting rim is -- victim is being treated after being shot last night. they are not,000 he made it to the fire station which is a mile away. police have no suspects or a motive. >> investigators will be back at the scene of a horrific traffic accident in lodi that killed five. the accident involved five vehicles. ones say it was caused by a man speeding through an intersection to an s.u.v. investigators are looking into
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reports he was on the cell phone. the dead include a mother and her unborn child. the police say a very young child was also killed. the wreck superintendent fly people to the hospital as far were as sacramento, 35 miles from the accident. >> facebook is doing an about face over beheadings and reversing their reversal on blocking videos showing people being beheaded. the controversy began in the spring over two clips facebook took down after complaints. they decided to allow them saying that people had the right to see them. then condemned the actions. now, facing public outrage, they have removed the repostings saying that the content glorifies violence. >> now the weather forecast. mike, what do you have? >> emeryville is hard to see because of thing for that is lingering. this is going to hack -- hang around for the better part of the morning with a tomorrow
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spread from 42 to 52. 54 at cost to 72 inland where the fog is fading. the coast will continue with thing for and be nearly 80 at 5:00. 50 at the coast to 68 inland. the next three days we have fluctuations in the temperatures with a little bit offing for tomorrow. each day that will be less likely. we have more clouds in the upper levels of the atmosphere through friday and saturday. temperatures are around 80 inland and in the 60's along the coast. now traffic with leyla gulen. >> good morning. the fog is affecting your drive. in the north bay, traveling along 101, right into santa rosa, you can see how the orange is an indication that the fog could affect your commute. in the southbound direction, it will still be there and, also,
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in the east bay, as well. the drive time traffic shows 580 is starting to build and 31 minutes to get you from tracy to dublin along highway 4, you are still in great shape and in concord, headed into hercules, the fog will hamper the visibility. the bay bridge toll plaza shows it is wide open with no slow downs. there is one stall just beyond treasure i'll -- island. >> move over silver, there is a new favorite car color. >> video emerges from the biker meeting that went viral and this is more disturbing. >> do not expect a speedy refund at tax time. the i.r.s. could be asking you for an extension. but first we have tech bytes.
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>> apple announcing big changes to the product line with the full-sized tablet which is lighter and thinner and faster. our technical editor looked. >> it has the thinnest and most beautiful tablet on the market. i want to see more on the screen and what you can do. >> it will ship out november 1st with a starting price of $500. apple has a new ipad mini with a faster processor that will retail for $400. >> they did not forget about mac customers with a faster laptop that will be allowed to download the new operating system,
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d-con. get out. , this k l! the tour. give him the tour. let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. because your kitchen dreams can be big. ikea has it all. covering santa rosa, berkeley, san jose, and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good wednesday morning. this is a look at the bay bridge. you can see the traffic is looking good. leyla gulen says no problems now that bart trains are running. however, you are going to notice quite a bit of fog. that will make the traffic tougher. >> more questions are raised of the safety at san francisco general hospital. a woman was stuck in a stairwell while visiting her son in june
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after going out a wrong door that, looked behind her. an alarm sounded but no one helped. a nurse finally opened the door after hearing her pounding on the doors. she e-mailed this after her about death of lynn spalding who was found dead in the stairwell. >> the dead boston marathon bombing boston was involved in a brutal triple slaying in massachusetts two years ago. a new filing from the prosecution said that information about his involvement in the 2011 triple murder came from another man who as shot to death in florida while being questioned by authorities. he died in the shootout with officers after the marathon attacks in april. the bombings killed these and injured 260 people. the young her brother was captured after a manhunt. >> with the boston marathon
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bombing on the minds of many, heightened security is expected for the opening game of the world series between the boston red sox and the st. louis cardinals. boston will host the first two games tonight and tomorrow before moving to st. louis for three games. >> new video has surfaces of the assault on an s.u.v. driver in new york by motorcycle riders. the ill imagines are graphic. the video comes from a witness to the incident. bicycleers surrounded the car and pulled the driver to the ground and they stomp on him. nine bikeers have been arrested. he bump add motorcycle that slowed down in front of him. >> a popular rent-to-own company is agreeing to stop spying on its customers. the company use the software to secretly spy on and take pictures of customers who rented computers. some pictures were intimate. the company is prohibited from
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activating the cameras on customers' computers. they have several stores in california. >> the federal government shut down could have an affect on your tax refund. returns could be delayed a few weeks because they will not process runs until the end of january, possibly early february. the i.r.s. needs extra weeks to program computers to process returns despite the delay, though, you still have to file your return by april 15th. >> of course. poor customer service is hurting some major companies. >> here is the bloomberg business report from jane king. story, we will tell you about a story. if you have extra cash while filling up, that trend could continue through the holidays
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costing about on average $3.81 in the bay area down 19 cents from a month ago. the average national price is lower, of course, for gas at $3.15. falling demand is credited and a lack of hurricanes and less tension in the middle east with driving the prices down. >> scientists believe two rare one is 14' and one is 18'. it is believed they came from the same deep part of the ocean and a current swept the swimmers into turbulent waters near the shore. the scientists found a twice: one was actually pregnant. there were hundreds of thousands of eggs. the biologist said they can learn a lot from the specimen. >> this is a pretty cool animal. once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see a fish life this.
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>> it is so cool. i feel privileged to just observe a fish like this. >> parts of the fish will be sent to laboratories around the world for analysis. >> where, exactly, did they come from? >> deep part of the ocean. >> which part? >> the dissection looked a lot like cleaning. >> you have to scoop out the eggs. >> yummy... >> driving in we saw a lot of fog this morning. i did, anyway. >> we all d. >> visions of grossness while i am trying to eat. >> so, let's go ahead and talk about thing for. lack of visibility is good as far as visualizing that. napa is quarter-mile visibility. down to half a mile in half moon bay. concord is seeing more haze but the rest of the east bay develop is clean right now.
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san jose has visibility at four miles. dense fog advisory issued for the north bay interior valleys until 11:00 this morning so expect a repeat of yesterday. as far as the temperatures, most of us are in the low-to-mid 40's and novato is cool ever at 40. san rafael and napa at 46 and bodega bay and mill valley at 41. santa rosa is 45 and we are finding 50 for the warm spot to sausalito. in richmond and half moon bay and lafayette at 50. san jose is 53 and 48 now in san carlos. dress for 46 in san ramon. in san rafael, you can see clouds or fog on 101. it will lead to a hazy afternoon sunshine for most of us but the coat will be mostly cloudy and the east bay valleys will be clear and not is much haze. seasonal highs are likely
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through the dry extended period. temperatures today are vick at half moon bay and mid-to-upper 60's in san francisco. low-to-mid 70's for the rest of bay sure to the south bay and mid-70's to 80's in the north bay and low-to-mid 80's in the east bay valley. the temperatures tonight are like this morning low-to-mid 40's inland and upper 40's to low 50's. clouds along the coast and the best chance if fog is in the north bay. the storm track shows high pressure is directing all of the main storms right around us and because of that, we are still looking at another seven days without rain. we will see minor fluctuations in the temperatures, especially inland, the next couple of days and all of us will see slightly and feel slightly cooler weather monday and tuesday. a few more clouds and otherwise, a pretty quiet forecast. hopefully the commute is the same. leyla gulen? >> a little oarfish to go with your toast? i read about the filibuster and
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they -- the fish is not a good eating fish. enough of that, let go -- let's go over to the report of the wrong way traffic. sounds like everyone is off safe and sound. 101 is at top speed. we have a new crash from tracy along 580. that is coming up. but, first, this is the drive across the golden gate bridge and it is covered inning for. use low beams coming into san francisco. >> thank you, leyla gulen. >> we will go to jane king now with the bloomberg business report. >> when is the last time you were annoyed at your cable company or bank? half of consumers switched who they do business with in the past year because of the a bad experience which is $1 trillion
5:21 am
in potential business up for grabs. cable and satellite providers and banks have the highest rate of fleeing customers including contacting the company multiple times for the same problem. investors are looking at results from boeing and dr. pepper. the s&p 500 pushing to another record high on speculation the reserve will not cut back on the stimulus measures. shares gained more and could be the best year in a decade for stocks. >> white now is the favorite color for a car in the united states. silver is now tied with black for second. gray with green headlights are the other colors for potential future models. >> would you like a pinkish red car? i can see it. not unless i was delivering mary
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today: one, developing news in the north bay. the person shot and killed by sonoma, sheriff deputies was a young teen in santa rosa. he is identified as a 13-year-old andy lopez. he was carrying a replica ak-47 and did not drop it when ordered. >> investigators will re-create the deadly accident that claimed the lives of two bart workers. the ntsb will close the tracks between pleasanton hill and lafayette from noon to 3:30. there will be a bus bridge. amy hollyfield will have more in a few minutes. >> governor brown will be in alameda county superior court this morning to request a 60-day cooling-off period in the a.c. transit labor dispute. workers threatened to strike after rejecting two contract proposals. >> a san francisco city parks worker will be arraigned in the death of a sun bather in holly
5:26 am
park. he was charged in the death of the mother. he was driving a city truck when he hit the woman. >> in the east bay, thieves made off with two 15 ton excavators at a job site in clayton worth $120,000 i'm. >> this is one of the few areas that does not have fog in the east bay hills. we will talk about the dense fog advisory and how long it will last and the effect on the temperatures in the seven-day forecast. >> the fog could affect the commute so make sure you drive carefully. the bay bridge toll plaza is loading up with cash-paying lanes showing an accident reported that is slowing things
5:27 am
down. >> now now we are an away away from the christening for prince george. this location is chosen because of the sentimental significance where princess die answer lay in state before the funeral and where kate was confirmed after her engagement by the church. the three-month-old prince has seven god parents including prince harry and kate's sister and family and college friends, a cousin and loyal staff, another break from tradition. >> here is a heart warming study of a father's love. a boy in evening land had trouble with math until his dad helped him study. watch his reaction when he did well on the next test.
5:28 am
great! >> dad is excited. this is all more special because the teen has dsylexia. >> weeks after a sal -- salmonella outbreak contaminated chicken is still in bay area stores. consumers are
5:29 am
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it does the job for you. lysol - hundreds of ways to help protect your family. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> thank you for starting with us. >> driving in this morning, it was so foggy on the roads.
5:31 am
>> on one side of the tunnel, this was fog and the other side, clear as could be. >> you come into oakland and you drive into a thick fog at quarter-mile visibility. in oakland it is thicker headed into the hills so watch out of the one mile at half moon bay and 2.5 mile visibility in novato. those are the trouble spots. dense fog advisory continues until 1:00 for the authority bay valley. we will see a rapid transition during the lunch hour and rapid warming from noon to 2:00. it will take us from 6 to to to -- 66 to 75 in the bay. the coast to san francisco, you will be the coolest at 54 to 64. >> as i look at the traffic, you can see all the areas in the north bay and moving to the east bay, that is an indication of
5:32 am
where the fog could affect your commute. do not high beam anyone. we have an accident over the altamont pass, westbound, one lane is blocked with backups away from 205. the traffic does thin we are still at top speeds with for crashes to report in this area here. >> developing news. the person with a toy gun who was killed by sonoma county sheriff deputies was just a boy. katie marzullo has details. katie? >> a 13-year-old boy, identified as andy lopez. the family lives near the shooting scene. andy was killed yesterday around 3:00 in the afternoon.
5:33 am
two deputies were patrolling and they saw a male with an assault weapon. they called for backup and order the man to drop the weapon. he did not. they fired several times. he fell on top of the gun. the sheriff says that the deputies first secured the gun and handcuffed the boy before starting first aid. the by died at the seen. we now have a look at the toy gun. you can see it. it is a copy of an assault weapon, and deputies realized it was not a real gun after the scene was secure and they also found a plastic handgun in the boy's waistband. police including the district attorney are investigating the shooting, the third fatal officer-involved shooting in sonoma county this year. the deputies who shot the boy are on leave. >> develop news, the bart strike is over. trains will not run in one part of the bay area for a while
5:34 am
today. service will be shut down in an east bay city while officials investigate the accident that killed two bart workers. abc7 news is in walnut creek with that story. amy? >> yes, this spot is marked with flowers and candles where the men were killed over the weekend. the spot will be quiet request no trains because of the investigation. that means that there will be no train service between lafayette and the pleasanton hill station which will take place between noon and 3:30 today. bart will provide bus bridge in both directions if you need service between the stations. investigators want to get the tracks empty so they can reenact what happened on saturday afternoon when two workers were hit and killed. officials have determined that an alarm was sounded and the emergency brakes were used. they do not know why the men could not be saved in time.
5:35 am
investigators say one of the men should have been looking out clear of the tracks. >> there are important positions outside of the train operating area to view any oncoming trains >> the crash killed chris shepard and larry daniels. the ntsb is hoping that the reenactment will give them another idea of what went wrong. >> thank you. we are learning more of some of the anybodies involved in the contract between bart and the biggest unions. workers get a raise of 15 percent the next four years. our media partner reports they will pay $129 a month for health care for their families, up from $92. employees will contribute 4 percent toward their pensions for the first time. >> a state agency is re-opening their investigation into the
5:36 am
death of a worker in june at the 49ers stadium. osha says they are rescinding their decision that no violation occurs in the death of the 63-year-old donald white. he died when an elevator weight hit him. osha will see if safety rules were violated. another worker died last week when a truck full of rebar fell on him. >> san jose police have issued a silt verify alert in the case of a missing 28-year-old-- 82-yearn who was wearing a multicolored shirt with white pants and black shoes. he could be driving a gray four door 2008 hyundai. be on the look out for the car and for the gentleman. >> the governor is in superior court to request a 60-day
5:37 am
cooling-off period for the a.c. transit labor dispute. last week, workers rejected two contract proposals. the governor appointed a board of inquiry which held a meeting and concludes that a strike would endanger the public health and safety. >> today, viewers contacted us wondering why they are seeing chicken connected to salmonella outbreak being sold in bay area stores. this was an alert issued but no official recall. the chicken has sickened 300 nationwide and traced to three plants in california. we fold up on the concerns. last night, we found the chicken being sold in downtown san jose. the recall was never issued, that is why you may still see it on the shelves. some stores, like safe s way, are offering refunds to consumers who return the chicken
5:38 am
>> it is almost 5:38. the food and drug administration needs your help to get to the bottom of a food illness that has killed more than 500 dogs and cats after eating treats mostly made in china. the food and drug administration is asking pet owners and vets to contact them if their pets get sick after eating the treats. >> students at city college of san francisco be offered a lifeline this morning if the case loses its accreditation. 21 colleges have agreed to accept the students if they are forced to chose down. a committee is taking away the college's certification for failing to make changes on finances. the school is now fighting the decision. for a list of the colleges accepting the students go to >> the big story this morning is
5:39 am
weather and the fog. >> we have a dense fog advisory in the north bay until 11:00. notice the temperatures in san jose are going to remain what up just a little bit as we head through the weekend. the big drop is next week. normally the transition would have wet weather with it. but we will be dry, again. we will talk about the fog as it hangs around for all of us except the east bay seas -- valleys, 46 to 52. the sunrise will make a transition at lunch coming out, the fog will fade and it will be 54 at the coast and 60 at the bay, 80 with sunshine inland and 66 around the bay and 56 along the coast. grab a coat if you are headed out at 68 inland. the three day forecast, temperatures fluctuate and we will see less fog as we head toward the weekend but that will be replaced by clouds.
5:40 am
60's along the coast and near 80 for our inland neighborhoods. leyla gulen? >> we have one report of an accident and a stall as we get to the stall, it is south of 238 southbound along 880. that is if hayward. to the south in fremont, we have this accident southbound 880, one lane is blocked and it sounds like there is a possible fuel leakage. headed along northbound 680, you are in good shape. this is the drive time traffic: 42 minutes westbound from tracy to dublin/pleasanton on 580. highway 4 is loading up, 24 minutes from antioch to concord. a look outside and the san mateo bridge is looking busy right now if you are headed along the westbound direction.
5:41 am
there was a truck off to the side eastbound but the crews were just picking up the cones. everything now is clear. >> head scratcher for investigators: two huge excavators are stolen from a construction site jeopardizing a community water project. >> a motivational speaker need as new wheelchair after it was
5:42 am
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authorities are trying to determine would made off with two huge excavators from a construction site weighing 15 tons. though were stolen off the job site in clayton worth $120,000 each. usually the equipment is stolen and illegally sold in mexico. company officials say these heists are more and more common on construction sites. >> it started with copper. now it is equipment. they are upping their game. >> there is a $2,500 reward for information. >> giants fans hope to see the
5:45 am
pitcher bounce back the next two seasons. the giants resigned him to a two-year deal worth $35 million. he only won ten games but there is more to him than stats. many believe he has an aura that makes him the most interesting pitcher to watch. the cy young winner has not been dominant for two years but they need starting pitching and the record could have been better with more run support and better relief. this is a no trade clause. >> i can watch highlights from the no-no all day and night. i can watch it over and over again, a bright spot of the season. >> lots of fog out there at 5:45 when it is warm here, it usually means it is officially cold elsewhere. look at the snow in cincinnati,
5:46 am
dayton, columbus, ohio. very inbound. headed over to pittsburgh and they could see accumulation. at home, we have high pressure but we have a lot of moisture trapped in the lowest layers. oakland is these quarters of a mile. half moon bay is half a mile, quarter-mile visibility in santa rosa. we will have flight arrival delays in sfo. we will watch oakland and san jose. the dense fog advisory shows north bay valley will have the thickest fog that hangs around until at least 11:00. this is san rafael and the cloud cough is has beening over 101 -- is hanging over 101. we have clouds at the coast. we will not have wild swings of temperatures but close to average in most areas. the coast of san francisco is below average because of the extra clouds. another seven days, no rain.
5:47 am
here is the cloud cover: it is thick all the way through the morning commute and by noon most of the fog is still hanging over the bay water and everyone else is hazy sunshine and by 2:00, most of that haze starts to evaporate. the temperatures in the south bay will be in the mid-to-upper 70's and close to average at 75 in san jose. low-to-mid 70's for the peninsula and 67 in millbrae. cool along the coast at mid-60's to 68 in sausalito and mid-70's to 80 in the north bay. richmond is 66 to 73 in castro valley and union city and fremont and east bay valley, low-to-mid 80's. here is the seven-day forecast, minor cooling inland the next couple of days and temperatures are going to hang around 80 and low-to-mid 70's around the bay and finally we will get some 60's at the coast for the weekend. have a go one. >> 46 trains are running on time
5:48 am
and we do have a if you problem from the waldo tunnel coming into san francisco. as you leave sausalito there is a solo vehicle spinout and before the golden gate bridge we have slowing in the northbound direction. in word whether the fog had anything to do with it but as i pull this map out you can see the areas shaded in orange is where the fog could affect your commute. 67 miles per hour is the top speed in marinwood and san rafael to the richmond-san rafael bridge and moving at top speed. drive carefully and use the low beams. the bay bridge toll plaza shows cash-paying lanes loaded up and the metering lights are not on. eric and kristen? >> a man who inspired kids across the state with motivational speeches cannot make it to the speeches because his wheelchair was destroyed.
5:49 am
arthur was paralyzed when three was shot by a gunman during a robbery attempt in 2007. he began rapping while recovering and now teaches kids of the dangers of guns violence. in southern california recently, his wheelchair was crushed by a chatter bus as it was unloaded from a car. >> those are my legs. it hit me that, what am i going to do? i can't do the speeches at juvenile hall or high schools or community events. >> he now cannot get a new wheelchair because the driver gave a fake name and bad insurance information. >> next on morning news, a warriors week and how oakland is honoring the team in the days leading up to the highly anticipated season opener. >> the new names for the adorable panda cubs atlanta zoo
5:50 am
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rethink possible. pope plan sis hassings spelled a bishop from the diocese who spent more than $42 million to build new residence. the vatican hasn't said if the bishop would permanently leave the diocese. the price of the project, naturally, is drawing criticism, some directly from the pope who lives frugally. the bishop has defended the
5:53 am
remodel saying it involves ten different construction projects and there were extra costs because many buildings were under historical protection. >> warriors week begins in oakland with a rally to kickoff the new season which begins in seven days. the warriors have two more pre-season games to play before they on the season against the lakers next wednesday night. oakland marian mayor will hold a rattily -- rally at 10:00 a.m. and you will see warriors posters and flags around oakland. >> the baby pandas none as cub a and b will be called by their official new names because they were revealed minutes afternoon on "good morning america" after teaming up to put the names to a vote for viewers and they
5:54 am
picked. ...mei lun and mei huan name meaning they are beautiful and magnificent. it is based on being 100 days old and according to that addition that is when they given names. they are the only surviving pan ask cubs born in the united states with the full story on "good morning america" coming up. >> and now the weather, mike? >> i need my drum set. >> radar and satellite to the south there is an area of low pressure bringing low clouds and cool conditions to san diego at 66. 72 in los angeles. 92 in palm springs.
5:55 am
a few clouds and mid-to-upper through the central valle and 62 in monterey. the hurricane is hanging around the coast again near acapulco where it is raining. but it is pulling away and weakening and will continue to do that over the next several days. >> the tunnel has a solo vehicle spinout southbound 101 coming out of the tunnel. one lane is blocked so that could cause a bottleneck through the tunnel to the golden gate bridge. to the east bay into fremont coming from hayward, southbound 880, this is showing one lane blocked and a possible fuel spill. watch out for that area. it is not slowing things down yet but it could.
5:56 am
>> the blue ain't kills -- the blue angels will return to the skies next year including a bay area performance for fleet week next october 11 and october 12. the team was grounded by federal cuts in april and san francisco canceled fleet week after the federal government shut down october 1st. the pentagon says that the blue angels provide an important opportunity to generate public support for america's military. >> medical breakthrough: a vaccine that could prevent juvenile diabetes. researchers identified a virus that attacks the pancreas where insulin is made. other forms of the virus cause polio and meningitis. the vaccine has been working in mice and now they will test humans at a cost of $1 billion. >> if you want do prove your
5:57 am
love to your significant other, guys, slow down. a new study tracks how fast men and women walk when they were alone with friends and with a romantic partner. they found that a man walking where a female friend moves at the normal speed where a longer gait and the woman speeds up. when a man is walking with a romantic partner he slows down 7 percent to patch her -- match her pace to help the women conserve her energy for child birth. >> of course, kristen walks at 50 miles per hour. >> facebook reversal again and the company has changed their policy on graphic videos. >> the latest on a 13-year-old boy slot and killed by sheriff deputies. authorities say the officers had no choice but to open fire. >> the investigation into the death of a stadium worker takes a new turn and state workplace
5:58 am
safety investigators have re-opened the probe into a worker's
5:59 am
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> on the morning news at 6:00, days after investigators closed their probe into the death of a worker at the 49 efforts stadium, they are changing course and opening it up. >> the bart strike is over but some riders have to make new arrangements to get around as the investigation ramps up into a deadly train accident. >> good wednesday morning at 6:00. >> the story out this is fog. mike? >> it is thick in the north bay. we have live doppler 7 hd and you can see quarter-mile visibility at napa, and oakland is half mile and 1.25 mile


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