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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  October 23, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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good afternoon, i'm dan ashley >> i'm carolyn johnson two memorials are growing today for a 13-year-old boy killed by a sheriff's deputy in santa rosa andy lopez walking down street carrying a toy assault rifle two deputies confronted him >> deputies say they warned the boy to put the gown down and one officer opened fire but a witness told us the boy did not appear to be threatening and was
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a kid >> i'm thinking to have the in this case, this, this police doesn't protect me protected nobody they -- like a criminal you know? hard to say that but, i feel sad >> here is a look at the toy gun he was carrying next to a real ak 47 assault rifle the toy on the right two deputies now on administrative leave, which is standard >> police and the district attorney are investigating the witness we talked with has talked with investigators the sheriff released a statement saying the public expects the investigation to be thorough, and transparent as sheriff, i will do all to see that expectation is satisfied >> the san francisco parks worker accused of running over and killing a mother while she was sun bathing in holly park made a court appearance today he
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is charged with felony counts in the death of the woman leanne? >> reporter: well, the mroir for the suspect managed to convince a judge to lower bail amount from $350,000 to $100,000 now, in the courtroom today, at his arraignment, about 25 friends and family enter dwroerd show their support for the rec and parks garden he waved at the crowd twice, entering a no-guilty plea people are coming to put flowers at the location of the accident which occurred on september 5thth the 35-year-old was run over and killed by the gardener his attorney says the client tried to avoid hitting a dog which darted in front of a truck
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he swayed right, continuing to drive down the grassy hill where the woman, her daughter and dog were laying >> scampered out from nrt car he started to think maybe, he hit something else he mentioned he'd seen a baby to the right >> the right thing to do would have been to come to a stop not to go over the line and not to continue to drive over the lawn and then not, after you feel you bump, running over something, stop, see what is going on >> reporter: if convicted he faces up to 11 years but has a clean record so that will weigh in his favor the woman's husband, we're told was too upset to come to court today live in san francisco, abc seven news >> thank you now to the federal investigation into theuq accident that killed two workers
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in walnut creek last weekend just hours ago the national transportation safety board staged a reenactment along the same stretch of track where a track inspector and contract worker were hit and killed saturday afternoon the national transportation safety board brought out, as you see, life-sized4 mannequins investigators used a four-car train, the same as involved in saturday's incident in the reration the victims were a 57-year-old christopher shepherd and 66-year-old larry daniels, dispatched after a report of a dip in the section of track between pleasant hill and walnut creek stations when hit >> today's reenactment left a stretch of bart tracks out of service several hours a bus bridge set up between noon and this afternoon, providing connections for bart passengers trying to get between two stations and walnut creek bart station county connection buss were called in by bart to provide the
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service full train service has been restored >> there will not be an ac transit strike two months a superior court judge grant that had 60 day cooling off period governor brown asked for the two-month wait after asking a state panel to look into the dispute he did the same thing during the bart labor contract negotiations a new round started in hopes of reaching an ac transit deal >> if we're not able to do that, then we're back in the same situation, christmas week so, wish us luck >> ac transit bus drivers and mechanics voted down two tentative agreements the last one gave drivers a 9.5% raise but increased medical premiums >> the state agency looking into the deaths of two workers at new 49ers stadium is now reopening the investigation into one of
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the accidents >> donald white, seen in this family photo was killed in an elevator accident in june abc seven news has the story now from santa clara >> reporter: workers start add riefing here at about 6:15 this morning they're dealing with the death of the man lak.uypñ week cal osha says the 61-year-old truck driver was killed when a bundle of rebar fell off the side of the truck and on top of him at about 6:30 in the morning workers say their start time has been moved back to 7:00 a.m so they can have more light >> we're making change was the lighting and stuff that is a factor >> every morning we do a team briefing how are you going to be save? safety is key have you to think of fingers and toes, i want to go home >> the 63-year-old was killed by
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a counter weight a spokeswoman says white was communicate with a operator and wasn't aware the elevator is working she says it's a mystery why he didn't move cal osha gave his employer shinnedler elevators a notice no violation occurred a spokeswoman told me in the final review stage an when an experienced cal osha spokesman cal osha can fine from 5,000ses today $70,000 per violation as for workers killed recently, nothing can bring back what is taken way in an instant >> it's tragic for them, the family, for the job it's -- it is a reminder to take life for what it is enjoy the moments you know? that quick it can happen, you know? >> cal osha told me they have
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six months to finish the investigation meaning the report on don white new be completed by december 11thth matt keller, abc seven news >> new developments in the case of walter and kelly ng, the bay area man accused of biking millions of dollars from investors by the u.s. department of justice reached a plea agreement on multiple counts from what the i team learned they will plead guilty to less-serious charges and victims will not receive restitution i team first broke this case more than two years ago following it ever since the government's civil case is still pending >> san francisco general hospital says the last patient still hospitalized from the asiana airlines crash at sfoa5oa transferred to a b rehabilitation facility
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she suffered an injury resulted in paralysis as well as severe intense continual injuries the chief of injury says she was one of the sickest patients she'd ever cared for in her career >> police are asking for help in a truck involved in a hit and run accident witnesses took picture of the white pickup truck police say itná5gf should have -- should have passenger side damage and have a brake light out no one was injured if you recognize this vehicle please call the livermore police fed up tenants living in one apartment complex in concord they say is infested with bed bugs isfoáa9 fighting back in as action lawsuit >> residents of the rosemont apartments say the infestation is bad and getting worse keeping them up at night because bugs are biting as they're sleeping tenants are suing owners trying to get them to listen to
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complaints they say have gone virtually ignored >> what if owners had bed bugs? i'll put in the owner's house let's see how long it takes the owners one? two? maybe three minutes? not 1, 2, or 3 years in this case a couple minutes >> the lawsuit calls for $500,000 for every documented complaint, the lawyer says there are eight so far and no comment yet from the owners of the complex if you drove across the bay bridge check out what you'll be seeing on the way back palm trees were planted caltrans picked palm trees because they can stand up to harsh bay area weather each tree costing $15,000 to buy, transplant and maintain z planting continues into next year >> they make you feel like you're on vacation >> they do
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that is a nice touch >>z!uu >> our harsh bay area weather >> it my be fog that is harsh but no palm trees can withstand it fog at the coast all day, slow to burn back from inland areas where it's dense during overnight and speaking of dense fog we have a dense fog advisory in effect again tonight this time for a wider area including north bay interior valleys san francisco bay shore line from 3:00 a.m to 11:00 amend tomorrow speaking of fog here is how it looks from mount tam temperatures right now 53 in san francisco 59 oakland and it's 72 in los gatos, another view of the fog from our sutro tower camera, 73 santa rosa 75 nef vatto mild weather also, fairfield, 80
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and looking from the east bay hills camera over the bay first forecast calls for areas of dense fog lingering into morn soing visibility could be rather poor and tomorrow afternoon, cool, with highs from mid-50s at the coast to mid-70s inland i'll give you a look into weather few newer just a mu fin minutes >> a former uc davis police officer who pepper pray sprayed pro testers gets a worker's compensation settlement >> what this man was doing dangling from a hot air balloon >> a mystery twitter user you caught insulting the white house >> this is san jose guadalupe park way the route in between 280 and 101 moving in both directions stay with us a
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the former uc davis police officer who pepper sprayed occupy pro testers reached a worker's compensation settlement with the university a judge approved a $38,000 settlement between john pike and the school the 48-year-old was fired after this video went viral he says he suffered depression death threats health and human services secretary says president obama doesn't know about the problems with affordable care web site
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before the launch she's under fire because of the problems with the site since the debut october 1st so far, she's refusing to address calls for resignation, and she says it's too early to delay the penalty for those who don't sign up by january >> i don't think that that really is the question right now the issue is will people be able to sign up for affordable health care in this open enrollment? i think the answer is yes >> she says the contractor who's helped build the site are bringing in a teams now to fix the glitches she's scheduled to testify before congress next week >> news today about linkedn's new mobile offerings and a possible investigation of tesla >> emily chang is here now with this afternoon's after the bell report hi, emily >> reporter: good afternoon, well, tesla shares fell more than 4% on news the national
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transportation safety board is looking into this october 1st fire that involves one of the company's model-s sedans saying they haven't decided to open a formal investigation but is gathering data on the accident the agency did not look into it initially because most employees were on furlough due to the government shut down >> linkedn unveiled a trio of new mobile offerings today including a new ipad app, a resign of the news reading app, pulse, and a new linkedn intro they say the revamps due to expectations that half users will access from mobile devices next year up from 3% today another big purchase by yahoo the web portal bought look flow joining yahoo's flickr union it joins 20 companies acquired by marisa mayer since she took
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over yahoo 15 months ago >> stocks closed lower after disappointing corporate earnings forecasts your bloomberg silicon valley closing slightly higher today on the heels of the ipad air launch walmart announced it will add tablets customers with bring in old cab lets and receive an up to $300 credit that can be applied to the purchase of a new tablet >> thank you very much >> fed-ex expects cyber monday to be the busiest day in shipping history it hits monday after thanksgiving holiday sales remember, fed-ex expects to ship 22 million packages on december 2nd e-commerce growing at 3 to 4 times the rate of traditional
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retail buying fed yechl says it will hire seasonal workers to deal with the demand >> nem a denver suburb got a surprised looking skyward yesterday take a look at this, >> there is a hot air balloon on the north end of town and a guy is hanging from it i don't know if he's in trouble >> dispatchers received several 911 calls from concerned residents they had no idea the man hanging was in trouble it turns out he wasn't dan vincent doing push ups from a workout product he's trying to do to market oh, pull ups, sor richl he was being videotaped for a kick starter fund raising campaign and you can believe this media attention will no doubt help the product get noticed. >> push ups and pull ups all looks impossible there >> looks like he's got hang ups
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>> right >> push ups after >> okay >> things are foggy at the moment chilly out there here is live doppler seven hd fog slow to baurn way, but warmed up inland of the just still chilly at the coast here is a live view of the blue skies looking here at the forecast features areas of dense fog again tonight we have a few last night tu turning cooler but a milder pattern for the weekend a ridge of high pressure centered north is forming a blocking ridge deflecting a jet stream to the north storm track moving well north so no weather disturbances now speaking of weather disturbances we haven't had much all year in the way of weather disturbances this is the driest january to october on record for the city
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of san francisco we've had only 3.9 inches of rainfall breaking the same record of 5.2 inches of pain. it could happen traveling south ward, looking ai a tropical storm raymond, good news is that it's pulling away from the south pacific coast of mexico now it moves farther away it continues to weaken further a little further there and by friday, will be well out to sea just about to lose strength back to the bay area, some areas of clear skies in our inland communities but lots of pockets of dense fog near the coast
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highs into upper 60 to around 70 but only mid-50s on the coast and low to mid-70s tomorrow, and here is the accu-weather forecast after two cool days tomorrow and friday sunny, cooling down on monday and tuesday >> 60s on the coast and we're getting more cool weather and very pleasant >> and heavy down pours >> and coming up next, history
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former beatle ringo starr hopes to and
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to those who've been waiting welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage, and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at michael jackson is the
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highest earning dead celebrity jackson earned $160 million, much of the money comes from two sishg sishg show s elvis came in second with $55 million followed by charles schulz last year's top earner came in 4th and bob marley rounded out the top five with $18 million last year legendary drummer ringo star is on a quest looking for people in this picture that he snapped back in 1964 in florida during the first visit to the united states starr took the picture as the car passed the band on the highway he calls it just a great shot and it s it's one of 240 photos taken by starr appearing in his book called photograph it shares title of the 1973 number one hit he wrote with george harrison >> up next, buying an an ally
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a world leader calling the president about the u.s. surveillance program >> plus, a 14-year-old boy now charged with killing of a high school math teacher what. led investigators to arrest the student? >> also, one family demanding answers after a major mix up in a funeral home >> the christening of prince george how they broke from tradition in this ceremony we'll be back
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a 14-year-old massachusetts high school student being held without bail today after policer teacher students were stunned to hear about the death of the 24-year-old math teacher, one student called her the nicest teacher anyone could have >> this grisly murder left a community north of boston in shock >> she was a very, very respected, loved teacher >> the 14-year-old is accused of stabbing the 24-year-old colleen ritzer, a beloved high schoolteacher >> the teacher could not return home from work, not answering her cell phone police initiated a search for the teacher discovered blood in
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the second floor bathroom at the high school >> her blood found in a second floor bathroom tuesday night, her body found in the woods behind the school the high school is in a new building with 130 cameras law enforcement sources told abc news there is surveillance video inside of the school showing her hauling the body from the bathroom towards the woods in what appeared to be a recycling bin he was a transfer student from tennessee thought to have gone missing after he didn't come home from school, later found in a neighboring town >> i think it's insane and shocked i don't think he would be the type of person to do this >> he was silent as arraigned in court, ordered held without bail and is being charged as an adult just two days ago a student arrived in a nevada middle school with a handgun, and shot a teacher who tried to stop him the last tweet expressed
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sympathy for the community >> she was a young girl with the whole world ahead of her it's awful >> the suspect will be back in court november 22nd abc news, washington >> and in connecticut a judge granted a new trial for the 1975 murder of a neighbor he was convicted of killing the 15-year-old martha moxley when both were teenagers a judge ruled his attorney failed to adequately represent him in 2002 the 52-year-old is the nephew of robert f kennedy's widow moxley spent much her childhood in piedmont a judge sentenced an ohio man to six and a half years in prison for a deadly drunk driving accident that got national attention he confessd and apologized for the sdment a video seen by 2
4:33 pm
million people since release in september he with a a.poll jiezed again in court today for the wrong way accident that killed a 61-year-old last june, one of his daughters urged the judge to give eight and a half years >> i do not want want to send if you hit and kill someone all have you to do is admit to it later and get leniency >> in the end the judge chose a lesser sentence partly because of a letter writen by his ex-wife she believes he would not have wanted a maximum sentence he must pay a fine and have driving privileges revoked for life >> a family in washington state demanding answers after making a startling discovery during a memorial service for a loved one the family of the deceased, a
4:34 pm
72-year-old decided to open the casket for one final goodbye >> my sister came up to me and said jerry that,/ is not him i go it's him you know? so i lookd and looked ñ that is not close >> turns out the body was that of a 97-year-old who died around the same time as moon somehow the bodies got picked up the man in the casket was wearing his clothes and z.a photo tucked under a pillow the family learned moon's body had been cremated something moon didn't want the more tu wary saying from time to time we do make a mistake our policy is full disclosure with the family the family hired a lawyer and the state of washington is investigating >> well, facebook has revised it's policies on graphic content
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after someone posted a video that shows a beheading a small portion of what you're about to see has been altered so not terribly graphic for your protection david louie has the story >> video of beheadings can be located on the internet when one appeared on facebook it triggered a review of graphic content the social media site changed it's mind twice about removing it it's been taken down >> facebook is in the process of building out an increase lig large wall of facebook it's going to have rules with more detailed and complicated guidance to its users >> eric goldman is director of the high tech law institute he says the internet and social media sites needed to consider privacy, free speech and global users with more restrictive laws >> the beheading videos are something i personally would not
4:36 pm
want to watch but may be important part of the discourse about important social issues >> facebook laid down a policy in a statement quote, we will remove content that celebrates violence, we ask that people who sharexp content for the purpose of condemning it do so responsible manner selecting their audience and warning them about the nature of the content facebook users told us they agreed with the decision to remove the video because of the risks to young users >> it could have impact on someone you know? x uh;qé8urke way but there is a freedom of speech =.u5)%ç intertent and ifd polics it celebrates violence it will be pulled but if to condemn violence it can be posted with appropriate warnings and caution
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>> the white house denying it's monitoring the phone calls of the german chancellor, officials say she phoned president obama after receiving information u.s. intelligence may have targeted her cell phone the white house says president obamapuuyusured her the white house is not listening in >> pope francis ex-pelled a german bishop apparently spent $42 million to build a new residents the vatican hasn't said if he'd be permanently forced to leave the pope known for living a frugal life and he expects his bishops to live simply as well projects including many historical buildings >> well, coming up on abc seven news at 4:00 atlanta's giant panda cubs get names today thanks to viewers like you, what the names mean, next, and later lpz lpz
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>> it's a inspirational roar across the countr cooling going to havey fog with us again wrshgs visibility will be low in the accu-weather forecast coming up >> let's go outside and look at the san francisco skyway a little bit tricky to get to the bay bridge those cars are on the lefthand side of the screen comingh too bad going into another direction stay with us the news at 4:00 continues here in just a moment
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check out this speech the west lake high school junior broke a record foremost back hand springs she did 44 of them, i think i'm going to be ill watch thchlth she broke a previous record of 36 it does make you dizzy to look at this, she had been pursuing this goal since beginning of football season, she's been cheer leading since age four you'd expect the coach and fellow cheerleaders say they're very proud looks like she's winding down there >> wow >> i can't do one of those >> yes >> a pair of panda cubs finally have names thanks to a poll by good morning america
4:42 pm
>> the names are may loo and may wan >> that is sam champion revealing names the show teamed up to let viewers decide and as you've just heard they were chosen they mean giant panda cubs that are beautiful and magnificent >> they are that the twins are 100 days old thashg is when giantey are given names they're the firstpqu%çt survivi of gienlt pandaz in the united states >> they're cute >> they are you just want to squeeze them >> let's check in with spencer >> don't do that when they're bigger >> no no only when they're small we have fog along the coast clear skies inland now familiará looking at national weather picture tomorrow, mainly calm, pleasant conditions showery in the ohio valley and
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southern tip of florida across the state of california, sunny skies with a few clouds along the south coast and maybe some here in the central coast as well fog holding on but sunny conditions, highs in the 80s in chico and sacramento fresno, 74 71 down south in los angeles here in the bay area after a foggy morning start we'll have a sunny afternoon fog lingers at the coast tomorrow, coastal highs into mid-50s upper 60s to 70 around the bay low to mid-70s inland tomorrow not going to be a warm day, but going to be a pleasant one no extremes no weather disturbances is the word i'm looking for >> okay >> my move there >> there we gochlt yes >> thank you >> coming up next, a twitter tirade a white house official caught
4:44 pm
insulting his boss he wasn't just targeting the obama administration >> dr. richard beser weighs in on an illness affecting thousands of american pets >> also, what a police officer did after she was about to rest a mother caught shoplifting food for her children
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a white house national security official has been fired for running a twitter account critical of the obama administration the justice department is now investigating his social media activities abc news reporter is on that story >> reporter: the agent was a director in national security staff with an office in the white house secretly mocking his colleagues, and the president's best friend and closest advisors i'm a fan of obama, he writes but his continuing dependence upon is a valerie jared concerns me >> his followers were some of the influential national security officials in washington
4:48 pm
all of the journalists, all read his tweets all officials all people he was insulting sow had a very elite readership >> reporter: for two years he took aim at everybody from top republican figures to presidential aides quote, when will someone do us a favor of getting rid of sarah pailin palin, what utter useless garage and obama in three words, has blank staff >> he portrayed himself saying things on peoples' minds they were too afraid to say and some of that was the case but that is also mixed with a lot of thing that's people would not say because they were rude or just misguided >> that was abc's jim avila reporting he says it started as a parody account he takes responsibility for the twitter account >> fda is asking for your help
4:49 pm
to get to the bottom of a miss steeris illness killed nearly 600 dogs and cats and sickened about 3600 others the animals died after eating treats mostly made in china some of the treats were recalled after a morgan hill woman launched a petition drive last year there richard beser says the fda is urging pet owners to contact them if pets get sick >> they've been testing these for bacteria, metal, toxins they have come up empty they found nothing how, they're asking all veterinarians to be on the lookout for this contact them if they see dogs with an illness that could be this >> one theory is that dogs are eating too many of the dried snacks the symptoms to watch for decreased appetite, decreased activity and vomiting >> a school district in texas
4:50 pm
has found no grounds to punish a high school football coach the team won the last game a parent from opposing team filed a complaint accusing the staff of bullying and refusing to ease up once that game was at hand the coach denied charges claiming he made every effort to keep the score down he is a perfect 7-0 on the season ranked number one in texas in the definition opposing team, western hills is winless in its seven games >> well, police officer who caught a florida mother shop lifting in a grocery store did something unusual according to police jessica walked out of a supermarket pushing a cart filled with $300 worth of groceries a miami dade police officer stopped her she said she did it out of desperation to feed her children the story checked out and she had in criminal record the officer took an extra step
4:51 pm
>> i made the decision to buy her groceries because arresting her wasn't going to solve the problem her children being hungry >> the officer did cite her for just a misdemeanor and also, asked her to help someone else and once the story went public a man heard about it hired her on the spot doing customer service >> patients in a hospital made an inspiring version of katy perry's song listen to this >> it's a viral video young cancer patients joined by nurses and it was created for hospitals hero half marathon, raising $650,000 >> that money going to buy toys, books and supplies for the young
4:52 pm
patient s. >> coming up here royal christening of prince george >> anything but traditional details on the baby's lace gown and seven god parents he'll have >> and coming up, at 5:00 clean up after the bart strike damage the surveillance video and who is now under arrest and in financial cross hairs, $8 billion company may get a new owner, coming up at
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here is a look at tonight's prime time line up modern family coming on at 9:00 nashville at 10:00 then join us for abc seven news at 11:00 >> today we got a glimpse of britain's prince george since his birth in july the future king christened
4:56 pm
before family and friends more now on how his parents chose to break with tradition >> reporter: prince george in his farm's arms dressed in a replica of the christening gown worn by royals in 150 years the original retired when deemed too fragile by the queen >> the queen's dresser made it she had to dye the lace in tea to have that color >> reporter: today's ceremony held not in the music room of buckingham palace but this this intimate setting it was princess diana's last resting place where her coffin laid >> reporter: just 22 people it's a important family affair for the first time since 1894, 4 generations photographed together the queen, the three heirs to
4:57 pm
the throne but prince william and kate are also breaking from tradition, including with their choice of god parents no harry or pippa only one member of the royal family was chosen william's cousin, zara phillips other six are close friends from school and trusted advisors >> sh this is about the couple making sure george going to be raised as ordinary as he can be >> reporter: a private tea party with guests dining on christening cake, a tier from william and kate's wedding cake >> look at this bling, this impressive coin made to commemorate the christening worth $80,000 because it has two pounds of gold prince george the first royal baby to be honored with
4:58 pm
christening coins from the royal mint the public can purchase these as keep sakes thanks for joining us abc seven news at 5:00 begins right now s÷ >> up next you're going to hear from a man who says he saw a deputy shoot and kill a boy armed with a toy gun it has a neighborhood asking tough questions >> i don't know. they told him to put the gun down? >> he's a 13-year-old boy. cops he have shot him >> also tonight clean up after the bart strike the new damage the surveillance video and who is now under arrest >> i'm sandhya patel get ready to be in the thick of it again tonight fog, that is where dense fog advisories are going up ?0th, >> santa rosa police show of off the real thick, thing, a this
4:59 pm
a very difficult to dissern the difference as you can tell good evening, i'm dan ashley >> i'm cheryl jennings so many questions about how this happened the shooting death of a 13-year-old boy holding a toy gun sheriff deputies didn't know at that time >> andy lopez killed about 3:00 p.m yesterday abc seven news wayne freed sman live police held a news conference just in the past hour, wayne? >> reporter: this is the third fatal shooting by son noma county sheriff deputies by far this is the most controversial the question tonight, how could a sheriff deputy shoot a 13-year-old boy in broad daylight? which of the guns is the real ak 47 rifle? which is the replica? if you're a peace officer and
5:00 pm
saw one pointed your way after you told a suspect to drop it, what would you do? >> holding it in his left hand he began to turn in the direction of the deputy and he moved the gun towards the direction of the deputy the deputy's mind set sthae was fearful he was going to be shot >> yesterday that sheriff deputy fired three rounds into andy lopez of santa rosa. a 13-year-old boy, whose friends say was a good kid minding his business >> he's a good kid he wasn't bad >> if he would have been told, straight put the weapon down, they thought it's a weapon he would have done that >> he was a good kid? >> a good kid a kid he was 13 years old >> reporter: at cook middle school a memorial to the young man who liked playing basketball and throughout sonoma county questions about how this happened >> this is not a reason to kill


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