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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  October 24, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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the same great price for two years. plus switch and get a total home dvr included for life. why wait? call today. [ male announcer ] choose at&t and build your bundle. it's whatever works for you. ♪ live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, i am katie marzullo. we start with developing news. the bart board directors is meeting for the first time since the strike ended and since two workers were killed on the tracks. abc7 news reporter, amy hollyfield, is at bart headquarters. amy? >> they did start the meeting off with a pause to remember those two workers who were killed. >> we would like to observe a moment of silence for our two deceased co-workers, chris shepard and larry daniels.
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>> lawrence daniels and christopher shepard were hit and killed by a bart train while during on the tracks during the strike. the train was used to teach managers how to drive the trains during the strike. before the meeting three members of the group called for criminal charges in the deaths. the men are not bart workers. they have never worked for bart. they feel very strongly about labor issues. >> we call for jailing the management. who do we think can jail the management? we have in faith in management policing itself. we have no faith in the courts policing themself. we call for mass meetings of labor, for the whole trade movement to fill up halls, to fill up convention centers, and to turnout the rank and file and have a tribunal against management and halt these butchers -- hold these butchers
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responsible. >> the ntsb is doing an independent investigation. everyone has a lot of questions they want answered. everyone at bart wants to know exactly happened. we are in the middle of a grieving process. it is unfortunate that there are some that want to politicize the two very tragic deaths. we are waiting for the answers from the ntsb we will keep you posted. >> the bart meeting has not dressed the sheriff department other than the moment of silence or this be treated as a crime. local union leaders have not commented on this. the meeting, truly, is business as usual this morning. the meeting has not mentioned the strike or the intense labor dispute that everyone just went through. they just have talked about bart projects. a closed door meeting is scheduled for labor this morning between management and union leaders. >> thank you, amy. >> sticking with bart the trains are back on both tracks now that
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the fire damaged train has been moved away from the orinda station. this video shows smoke billowing from the pittsburg-bound train pulling into the station last night at 6:00. bart says a semi conductor box below a car burned and fell on the tracks. crews with torches worked to cut the leftovers into small enough pieces to remove. bart was single tracking this morning and riders saw delays until 6:30. >> new this morning, road rage could be to blame for an early morning shooting in fremont. the victim was found in front of a doughnut shop on a busy road. mission boulevard at brown road is off limits to drivers while the shooting investigation is underway. abc7 news reporter, matt keller, is in fremont. matt? >> the victim's car is still here as the investigation reaches into its 6th hour. as officers try to put together what led up to a man being shot in his car. the morning commute on southbound 680 took a violent
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turn at 5:15 this morning. police say it appears two drives got into a road rage incident. both pills on mission boulevard, a busy secretary -- intersection. a man pull add gun and shot several times at the man driving a mercedes hitting him once. the victim drove a block and stopped at the doughnut shop. >> we called the police. someone was shot. >> police say the victim is 59 years old and lives in pleasanton. he was taken to a local trauma center with serious injuries but is expected to survive. in the car was this german shepherd, the dog was not hit by gunfire and was taken to an animal shell step until he can be reunited with his owner. >> older dog, very sweet, our officers have made some connections with that dog this morning and they were sad to see it leave. >> police say they are looking for any witnesses.
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right now they do not have any solid descriptions of the suspect or his vehicle. >> in oakland the body of a woman was found outside a veterans affairs building. the woman was found at 8:15 near the entrance of the building and is believed in her 50's. her identity and her cause of death is under investigation. >> controversy in santa rosa over the fatal shooting of a 13-year-old boy by sheriff deputies. police marched and chanted demanding justice in the field where andy lopez died on tuesday. they say they cannot understand how a child with a toy gun could be shot and killed in a ten-second confrontation. >> the police investigators displayed the boy's bb gun next to a real ak-47 assault rifle. deputies ordered the boy to drop the gun several times and fired when he turned toward them. >> police are bracing for protests in downtown oakland tomorrow, the second and was of
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the eviction of occupy protesters. by coincidence, thousands of police will be downtown for a three-day training exercise. urban shield is designed to train officers for terror attacks and disasters. our media partner reports that protests of planned at mayor idea city center hotel where venders will show off the latest in police weapons. occupy oakland will plans annan rally at city -- an evening ralt city hall. lawmakers grilled leading contractors who made the obama administration's health insurance website which has been plagued with problems since it launched early this month. many tried to sign up for health insurance but they have been unavailable to log in and in some cases the wrong information was sent to insurance companies. contractor would made parts of the system said that the federal government centers for medicaid and medicare failed to thoroughly tested whole thing before it went live. >> the testing was a
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responsibility of cmf. >> all of our concerns were related to testing and the inability to get as much testing as we would like, we expressed all the concerns and risks to cms throughout the progress. >> contractors say petroleum can help roll faster as problems are fixed. >> governor brown and seven other governors have pledged to put more than three million emvisions on roads in 12 years. representatives from all eight states are in sacramento signing the agreement. it will make changes to infrastructure and promote electric and hybrid vehicles and is called a profound commitment. the other states are new york, maryland, massachusetts, connecticut, vermont, rhode island and oregon. >> in santa clara, officials are launching a program called "water to go." they are installing water filling stations across the
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county in order to encourage people to refill reusable bottles and reduce the amount of plastic in county landfills. >> still to come, google unveils a new feature that is perfect for the person with less than perfect penmanship. the national scandally as new low and the obama administration now has a lot of explaining to do with one of our closest allies. >> don't touch this: the state where touching a pregnant woman's baby bump can land you in hot water. >> a look outside from the roof camera -- it look like a whiteout.
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germany has summoned the united states ambassador to berlin over the united states eavesdropping over the chancellor's phone. the trust between the united states and the partners has to be restored after president obama denied the claims. >> she is the most powerful leaders in the world. it is no surprise that german chancellor merkel spent a lot of her time on the phone. she assumes that time was private. there is accusations being sent around the world. german officials received information that her cell phone could be monitored by american intelligence. president obama called merkel almost immediately. >> i can tell you the president assured the chancellor the united states is not monitoring
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and will not monitor the communications of the chancellor. >> is not monitoring and will not monitor. a curious choice of words from the spokeswoman who did not say anything about the possibility of past monitoring. germany's foreign minister demanding a meeting with the united states ambassador in berlin today. this uproar is days after reports that the n.s.a. swept up 70 million phone calls in france in just a month. the united states has called that passing along misleading information. in brazil high ranking officials were also said to be electronically monitored. this stems from information leaked by former n.s.a. contractor edward snowden. chancellor america cell said the transbetween the united states and allies needs to be restored and told president obama that spying among friends cannot be. >> it was like hunting for osama
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bin laden in a cave how a former national security council official described the plot to ferret out a secret tweeter. the "washington post" reports that president obama's top advisors hatched a plan to trick the suspected nsc staffer into revealing himself over a twitter account that specializes in insulting white house officials. they planted inaccurate information with him to see if it would pop up as a tweet. last week, the 40-year-old joseph was found out and fired. >> the california nurses association is holding a community forum in hayward tonight to discuss kaiser permanente closing inpatient pediatric units. they say the units are just being consolidated at the new oakland hospital opening next year. the nurses want them to keep a few beds in hayward and fremont so patients do not have to travel. they plan to meet with nurses today calling the forum just another union ploy in the ongoing dispute over staffing
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levels. >> happening today, the wed die of a c.h.p. officer killed in the line of duty is teaming up with an organ donor registry to launch a special license plate. he was shot during a track spot september last year. he dough natured his organs helping to save four lives. in sacramento his wife is getting behind a specialty license plate which signify organ donors on a driver's license with proceeds benefiting the donate life california organ and tissue registry. >> here is something that could make life easier for google users: they can now take your hand written scribble and turn it into text. the company is rolling out the future for gmail and google d.o.t. you write what you want to say with your pad and google turns it into text. if google cannot decipher a world it gives you some
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suggestions. it is available in 50 languages under "settings." >> they don't teach writing anymore in school. >> thank good in for google. >> want to talk about the weather? >> please. >> showing you what is going on from mount tamalpais above the fray of clouds, temperatures are very cool today. i have some warmer weather on the way for the week forecast. right now, it has been the driest year ever. i will tell you what city that is happening in. >> mike, thank you. rebounding real estate is a win-win for bay area homeowners and on their local fire department. >> just in time for halloween, a costume to help you keep track of
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>> scoffing santa santa clara, san francisco, east bay and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> developing news in concord where an investigation is underway into a towing yard fire. flames damaged several cars being stored on concord avenue. propane tanks were another big concern for firefighters. the call came in at 11:00. the fire was knocked down in 20 minutes with no injuries reported. no word yet on how the fire started. >> the contra costa fire department will not close another fire station because of rebounding property values pumped more tax revenue than
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expected into the budget. they say if the county secures another federal grant next year, it may also be able to re-open two of the seven stations it closed in 2011. the district is spending $10 million more a year than they expect to collect. >> the former nfl player calling himself a feminist in the spite to stop domestic violence, key note speaker at a fundraiser for stand for families free of violence in contra costa county. he talked with chair relative -- >> the language that we hear every single day, that we hear in so many ways, of challenge each other, that is demeaning who we are at men and demeaning women in the process. >> it is great to see she is the
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emcee for the luncheon. you can learn more about his work on our website at she does great work in this community. we miss her here today. you stuck with us. >> "stuck" -- couldn't you find a better word? >> stuck with me. mike has everything you need. >> let's move forward with that. i wanted to show you san francisco and other cities as we go throughout the next couple of days and into next week. this is one of the ones that popped out. we have had records in 1850 in san francisco and we have received less than 4" this year. usually we have 15.5" so we are dry. the previous record to this day
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was 5.75" and we are not close to that. we are shattering that record. the cloud cover is picking up on that but no radar returns. we do not have much rain, much moisture in the air above 2,000'. 2.5 miles in santa rosa is the lowest and san jose is three. the winds are mainly pushing to the east and fairfield is 23 miles per hour. you know then you have a stout sea breeze that will keep temperatures below average. we are still 49 in santa rosa and mid-to-upper 50's elsewhere until antioch at 60 and in san francisco is the cool spot at 52 degrees. walnut creek along 680, you can see the sun is out and this is indicative of what will happen, slowly, this afternoon. our sky will become cloudy and the lack of sunshine keeps us cooler-than-average. warmer this weekend and it will turn cooler next week but the transition is going to be dry, again. from the golden gate bridge you can see the clouds are above the
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span, gray above the cool colors of the headlaps and livermore is three degrees cooler-than-average. 67 in redwood city, oakland at 64. san francisco, though, is 59 degrees today, ten degrees cooler than we should be the we will be in the upper 60's throughout the south bay and santa cruz is not before 60 because of the cloud cover. los gatos and morning were hill and gilroy, low-to-mid 70's the warmest areas. low-to-mid 60's, mid-to-upper 60's for the peninsula, and low 60's around mill bay. mid-50's along the coast today to near 60 in downtown and south san francisco and sausalito. mid-to-upper 60's through most of the north bay and possibly to 71 in sonoma is the exception. mid-50 at your coastline and mid-to-upper 60's loan the east bay shore, castro valley is maybe 70 and more sunshine and low-to-mid 70's throughout the east bay valleys. tonight, the temperatures are
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like last night with the same clouds, low-to-mid 40's inland and mid-40's to 50 for everyone else. the seven-day outlook shows more sunshine and we will have a a few high clouds. that is because of warmer air coming in fridays saturday and sunday. we have a dry cold front on monday, dropping our temperatures below average for the early part of next week. >> mike, thank you. >> this is something, i'm told every pregnant woman goes through, someone touching her belly. there is no more of that for stranger in pennsylvania where it sill legal to touch the belly of a pregnant woman without her permission. a man is facing harassment charges for doing that. the story is generating a lot of talk and we want to know what you think. should it be a crime to touch a pregnant woman's stomach? found off on our facebook page. >> a really "bright" idea for trick or treaters and at 3:00
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benefits. >> and an f.d.a. warning before you get ready with your costume for halloween. >> here is a bright costume. >> a photographer in southern california designed an l.e.d. costume for his daughter and made similar outfits for his snowboarder buddies. there have been a million hits since tuesday. the photographer will post a how-to videos for other would want to try this effect on themselves. i see one in your future, mike nicco. >> big
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