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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  October 27, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> a developing story from san francisco's marina district, where a man with a gun is shot by police. details and a live report straight ahead. >> a flat tire leads to a shooting with five victims in a quiet north bay neighborhood. an explanation from the operator of an east bay care facility accused of abandoning its disabled patients. stop, stop, and i saw all these people start running. >> gunfire in broad daylight in marina district. today two are hurt, including an armed man shot by police. it is a developing story we have been following all afternoon. officers rushed to the area of
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mallorca way after someone saw an armed man beating another person. reporter: what a chaotic day here in the marina district. an armed suspect was shot by police. he is hospitalized in serious condition. it began in front of this atm at the bank of america. a fight between two people that quickly escalated. >> heard somebody from the second floor window yelling for help. i called the police. >> he heard the commotion from his apartment near this bank of america atm on pierce street. he was shocked to see a man give a gun, beating a man holding a backpack. >> he told the guy to drop the bag and he had a gun in the hand and pistol whiffed the guy in the head. and then the gun went off. >> several rounds were fired. it's not known if the man with the backpack was hit.
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he quickly left in a waiting car. but the armed suspect took off on foot, and police officers cornered him behind a bush, ordering him to come out. >> at some point in time the suspect fled the bush, and as he was proceeding northbound, turned the gun on the officers, several officers discharged their weapons. the suspect was hit at least one time. reporter: the suspect was taken to the hospital. all of this unfolding on a busy sunday in a neighborhood where violent crime is almost unheard of. >> crazy. this is a great neighborhood. it's a wonderful neighborhood. reporter: back live here at chestnut and pierce where the police investigate continues. no police officers were injured today. the man with the backpack, who was pistol whipped was located a short time ago outside of san francisco. he is currently being interviewed by police. it's not clear what his role in
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this whole chaotic situation today may have been. we're live in san francisco. abc7 news. police in oakland are also investigating a shooting that happened just after 3:00 near the coliseum b.a.r.t. station parking lot. a man suffered a gunshot wound and was taken to the hospital. it happened during the oakland raiders game nearby but the victim was not attending the game. >> vallejo police are searching for a gunman who shot into a group of young adults changing a tire, killing one and wounding more. police responsibilitied to multiple people shot lastneath at 11:00. investigators say for carloads of young adults from south san francisco withgoing to involvement one car got a flat tire and the whole group pulled to the side. a neighbor warned they were in a bad area and then heard shooting. >> a lot of gunshots. you can't count them, how fast
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and how many. and that's pretty sad. >> a 19-year-old man died at the scene. police say the gunmen fired from a white suv with tinted windows. >> a memorial is underway in santa rosa today for a teenager, andy lopez, who was shot and killed tuesday afternoon while walking with an air rifle resembling an ak-47. the deputy says he told lopez to drop the weapon but the teen turned and pointed the air rifle at him. the deputy opened fire and hit the teen seven times. the funeral is tomorrow. a danville family is holding a mecklenberg -- holding a memorial right now for two children who died in a car accident a decade ago. they were riding a scooter and a bicycle on a city sidewalk when they were hit and killed by 45-year-old in 2003.
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she was under the influence of alcohol and prescription drugs. the memorial is underway at danville's sycamore elementary school. >> two more assist evidence living facilities in oakland and modesto have had their licenses suspended, both owned by the same person who owns the castro valley facility. 14 disabled patients were found cared for by just three people. we spoke by phone with the owner's attorney. he says the owner is severely ill and bed-ridden and disputes the allegations patients were abandoned. details are slowly emerging in a story out of new york city, where family of five was found stabbed to death inside a brooklyn apartment. the man who implicated himself in the killing is a 25-year-old relative. named don chen, who recently immigrated from china. the new york city police responded to the apartment in
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brooklyn and discovered the victims. a 37-year-old woman and her four children, ranging in age from nine to just one, with severe stab wounds. they were all rushed to the hospital but none survived. police recovered a butcher knife at the scene. there are reports today that national security agency may have been monitoring he cell phone of the german chancellor for ten years. she complained about the tapping of her phone. this is more of the fallout by documents released bidded a ward snowden. one u.s. politician doesn't see a problem. >> the reality is the nsa has saved thousands of lives, not just in the united states but also in france and germany and throughout europe. and the french are someone to talk. the fact is they have had spying operations against the united states, both the government and industry. >> president obama told merkel the u.s. is not and will not tap her phone, but he did not say it
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never happened. meanwhile, southern california congressman darryl issa had tough words today over problems with the federal web site. issa called for the resignation of health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius if she is not able to get the site running smoothly soon. he delivered the comments on "face the nation" this morning. california's livestock population. why thieves are going after cattle. a first of its kind safety feature coming soon to a major san francisco intersection notorious for accidents. >> i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. temperatures down as much as ten degrees today. the clouds are moving in. we may see showers tomorrow. snow in the sierra.
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an intersection in san francisco is about to get a first of its kind camera to keep pedestrians and cyclist safe. the san francisco municipal transportation agency says next month a no-right-turn photo enforcement system will be activated at market street and octavia boulevard. until now cameras were only used for red-light violations. the intersection has been the site of several bicycle collisions because of eastbound drivers making illegal right turns trying to get on highway 101. up bee comment to us city slickers, cattle theft is on the rise in california and nationwide. the sacramento bee reports more than 1300 head of cattle were
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reported stolen or missing in california last year. that's a 22% increase from before the recession. the chief of the state residents bureau of livestock says it's likely because of the rise in cattle prizes. a cow can sell for $1,000. >> tomorrow, a state senate subcommittee will talk about how to improve safety communication between pg&e and city officials regarding pipelines. the news comes after a pipeline was shut down. san carlos officials first learned from the media, not pg&e. that's why documents were used to wrongly declare the pipeline safe. the line was shut down but has since been allowed to be reconnected at much lower pressure. >> singer chris brown in trouble with the law again. what he is accused of doing and saying before he was arrested. and how is your trick-or-treating forecast
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shaping up? leigh glaser has that after the break. now a look at what is ahead on abc's world news at 5: >> coming up, in miami tonight, the giant storm, the winter storm warnings in the west, as you know, that system marching across the country. we remember an american legend and his music, and red sox nation, did you see the call? what we learned about
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singer chris brown and one of his bodyguards were arrested this morning for felony assault. after an altercation outside a washington, dc hotel. reports say brown was at the w hotel for a party when he struck a man who tried to get in on a picture brown was taking with some fans. the web site tmz says brown used a gay slur against the victim before hitting him. the victim was taken to the hospital. brown is on probation for a felony domestic violence conviction involving his former girlfriend rihanna. >> lake merritt is making a comebag and we have the proof. a river otter was spotted running around. the first otter spotted on the lake in decades. this year the city began
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re-opening a tunnel connecting the estuary and the lake. bacteria levels and trash floating in the lake has dropped dramatically. students from the oakland unified school district went to the raiders game today compliments of the team. part of the raiders' first and goal kid is program. the team gives away 800 game tickets, transportation and meals for each regular season home game. it gives kid an opportunity to experience something many can't afford. >> get to hang out with friends, have some snacks, watch the game, get to do something. the students went to oracle arena for a special presentation. then over to the coliseum to watch the silver and black in action. it was chilly for the game today, and there's some moisture in the air, too. leigh glaser has the forecast. >> a mist and drizzle, and the clouds are out there. then with this stub been,
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all-day long, on the increase. and here's where the rain is coming down, along the northeastern corner of our state. a little lightning you see there just to the south of mt. shasta, and we're looking at all kinds of were the advisories in the sierra nevada. winter weather advisory begins tonight through tomorrow, and they could see anywhere from four to eight inches of snow above the 5500-foot level, and we have a high wind warning for the area as well, and it will be with you through monday afternoon, with those winds, specially through the higher passes there, to 75 miles-per-hour. and on the nevada side, we had a red-flag warning as well, and that begins tonight, too. winds around here, it is howling out there, novato, 35. 24, sfo, and check out concord, winds another of the west, gusting to 31 miles-per-hour. it is going to be a very windy
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night tonight. and tomorrow. san francisco right now, 55. 60 in san jose. check out mt. tam cam. you can see all of the wind up there and the mist and drizzle. temperatures in the north bay in the 50s. novato, 54. east bay, concord, 56. sutro tower cam showing you the low overcast. a cold are day tomorrow, chance of linger showers in the morning and the snow will be in the sierra can all because of this area of low pressure. we talked about it last night. just diving south, and here is a look at the forecast animation. 8:00 tonight, should continue to move towards the spine of the sierra. this is 1:00 a.m. and that's when we could possibly see a few light showers, maybe just mist and drizzle near the bay area, tomorrow, monday morning commute, the wind will be with us. much colder and the low will continue to move south and then
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it starts to move towards the east tuesday, and by that time we should start to see a little bit more sunshine. still going to be a cold, breezy day on tuesday. we'll warm up wednesday. lows tonight bass of the cloud cover, upper 40s to near 50 degrees, and the winds will pick up. the higher speeds around the higher terrain, gusts close 35 manipulated. the highs for monday. b-r-r-r, it's going to be cold. 67, san francisco, 61 tomorrow? antioch, and there's the chance of a few lying showers tomorrow as well. by wednesday, we'll start to warm things up, into the 70s. halloween will be dry and warmer. the next chance of showers, next sunday. >> that is good news. shu is here with sports, and you made a prediction last night. >> i did say the raiders and niners would win today. and they did just that. the nineers against the jaguars
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so, we can measure, plan and install it for you. yea, let's do that! ikea. professional kitchen services at a low price. >> 49ers spent the weekend london getting to know each other, and then just hammering the jaguars from the fifth straight win and second on the road. more than 83,000 fans at wembley stadium. first drive of the game, frank gore, this t.d., 19 yards.
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nice run. the second opening drive touchdown for the niners this season. vernon davis, touchdown catch in all but two games this year. wide open, one td for cap. colin ran for two touchdowns, fir time in a regular season game. 49ers scored on the first four possessions of the first half. 28-3 at the break. jacksonville never really in the game. 49ers win their fifth straight, go into the bye week 6- , >> a huge stage, wembley has great tradition and status as a venue, and it was amazing experience for our players and me personally. >> meanwhile, raiders 0-10, hosting the steelers. peyton had not shat down before
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terrelle pryor, right up the gut. 93 yards. the 7-0 raiders just like that. mcfadden, 4 carries. runs it in. ben roethlisberger sacked five times. he is tough to bring down. gets it to sanders for the touchdown. 2 -10 oakland. 1:35 left. roethlisberger gets away from the pressure, appears to be picked off for the third time moss, who made the pick, called for holing. and then sanders goes one way, cuts back and scores, steelers down three. then the onside. kick. it's kicked right to the raiders. those missed feel goals the difference. raiders hang on to win 21-18 your final. former bay area quarterback in kansas city, jason campbell,
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292 yards, three t.d.s for the brown. 13-7 kansas city. but he was bested by alex smith. he threw two touchdowns. chiefs are now 8-0, 23-17 the final. to the ice. sharks are back to canada beating montreal last night, hosting ottawa today. they went right to work. rookie, hurdle, hasn't scored in six games. eighth of the year, 1-0 san jose. sharks, three first-period goals couture, denied on the breakaway. shepherd, off the far post. his first of the year, sharks with the 6-2 victory. >> a at 6:00 are more on the niner in london and what finnish detroit. still ahead, homemade derby
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>> coming up at 6:00, the family of the map accused of shooting several officerser is suspicious about what police say caused the shooting. plus, the important developmental step this bay area baby took this week, and how you can help name her. join us at 6:00.
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a group of youngsters went for a ride in san francisco's sunset district today. [cheering] >> that little fire engine. this was the race course for a soap box derby. the derby featured a variety of vehicles. this car first raced in 1970. the event aimed to raise money to build a play structure that looks like a fighter jet at larson park. kids played on retired navy jets in the park from the 1950s to the 1990s. all the kids had fun and had their little helmets on. >> that does it for us at 5:00. thank you for joining us. we'll be back at 6:00. world news is next.
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welcome to "world news." tonight from miami, inside the launch of america's newest cable network. who are they and who are they after? all the news here tonight, the extreme weather, the hail, the flooding, the forecast, the giant storm system heading from one coast right to the other this week ahead. remembering a music legend tonight, the life of lou reed as we take a walk on the wild side. ♪ take a walk on the wild side ♪ >> tonight here we look back. and the fairground horror, the operator under arrest after a ride spins out of control. who tampered with it? police say more arrests coming. and safe, the controversial call and what we've learned here about the umpire behind it.


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