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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  October 28, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> mike has what going on. >> the altamont pass has 25-mile-per-hour winds gusting up to 45 miles per hour. livermore is at seven miles per hour but it is quieter in the valley but the altamont pass is still an interesting endeavour the next couple of hours. sfo is 18 miles per hour with half moon bay at 22. 16 at san carlos. everyone is less than ten. through the morning the winds will be less of an issue providing a clear start, but a stray chance of a thunderstorm. sue? >> thank you, mike. the wins are still out there. we have high wind advisories affecting the commute. in santa rosa, eastbound 12, until 5:00 this morning, high winds still over the altamont pass, you can see the traffic
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was moving well. in livermore it is moving nicely. the golden gate bridge shows high winds across the span but light traffic. i came across 45 minutes ago and it is breezy but not blowing out you too badly. walnut creek southbound 680 the tail lights headed to 24, everyone is at the limit. kristen? >> high winds caused problems in emeryville. crews cleared rubble there after wins tore the front off of a store front at 9:00 last night. part of the "forever 21" store came crash down. cars were damaged but no one was hurt. wind gusts blew down a tree in antioch. a big branch crashed through the roof of this house on west 6th. a man and his son were in the back bedroom when the
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>> i was on the edge of the bed and jumped and the tree came in, through the ceiling, scratching me a little on the back. the baby started crying. >> it sounded like the house was falling. it sounded scary. scary. >> she was treated at the hospital. firefighters say the tree was dead making it vulnerable to the high winds. >> pg&e crews are working to restore power to customers across the bay area. the biggest cluster of outage is in redwood city where 840 are without power. in the east bay, 800 are in the dark in danville. 700 in fremont. 600 people in san francisco are
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without power. electricity was knocked out at treasure island last night. high winds brought a tree on to the power lines. electricity was restored three hours later. weather alerts are on the abc7 news weather app by downloading. >> breaking news from san jose where a woman is dead after being hit by a car. police are investigating the woman who was hit around 2:30 this morning. a woman was pulling into the driveway and she hit another woman, pinning her against a garage door. police are investigating if alcohol is involved. nick is on the scene with a report in a few minutes. >> funeral mass is held for the teenage shot and killed by a sonoma county sheriff deputy. friends and family held a service for 13-year-old andy
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lopez fatally shot on tuesday afternoon while walking with a toy rifle that she assembled an ak-47. the deputy told lopez to drop the weapon but he turned and pointed it at hilt. the deputy feared for his life and opened fire. the f.b.i. has joined local agencies looking into the shooting. >> a district attorney is expected to open an investigation today into a senior living facility accused of leashing patients to fend for themselves. the sheriff deupties found 14 disabled patients on saturday. the staff left after officials ordered the facility closed last week. three workers including a janitor, stayed, without pay, to care for the patients. owner's attorney said there was sufficient staff. >> i will base everything on what the paramedics say.
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we are in law enforcement but if the medics are saying we need to getten to the hop, i go with what they say. >> the attorney says it is a misunderstanding and the owner is ill. the company owns two other facilities operating licenses that were revoked in those facilities. >> a park worker accused of running over a sunbather will be in court after pleading not guilty to felony vehicular manslaughter and felony hit-and-run accident. he is accused of killing a 35-year-old in a city vehicle sunbathing with her 11-month-old child and dog when she was hit. the defense attorney says he swerved to avoid hitting a dog. aa subcommittee will talk about ways to improve safety communications between pg&e and city officials. the move is after a pipeline was
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shut down in san carlos this month. the officials first learned from the media that flawed documents were used to declare the pipe line safe. the line was shut down but now is reconnected to flow at a much lower pressure level. an armed robbery suspect shot by san francisco police is in serious condition after officers cornered him on mallorca street yesterday. it started near a bank of america on chestnut street after the suspect tried to grab a backpack from another man. he pistol-whipped the victim and ran off. when officers found him, they say he turned the gun on them and police say the victim left the scene but investigators tracked him down and questioned him of the attack. >> foster farms is apologizing for the salmonella outbreak in ads in the major newspapers.
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in the ads they talk about what they are doing to prevent another outbreak. 400 people across the nation were sickened by chicken from three of the california plants. there was never a recall. foster farms say they have clean up the plants and put new procedures into play. >> we will check on the winds. mike, are they blow out of the area? >> they will hang around in santa rosa, around 22 and san francisco will be 24. look how quickly they calm down at noon and into the afternoon, the fastest winds are at the highest elevation and not in the lower elevation. we could be at 10 or 15 miles per hour but not a repeat. the day planner is quiet this morning. temperatures are fairly mild from the mid-40's to 50's. we will be in the mid-to-upper 50's at noon with clouds and it
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will increase to the point where we will have mist and hit showers, yes, "mist." the in three days, though, a chance lingers to the south and the temperatures are the same as today. own halloween we top off in the mid-70's inland, and 60 at the coast. >> good morning, everyone, the winds are affecting the job but they have lifted the wind advisory for the san mateo and the dumbarton bridge but traffic is flowing nicely from the central valley. we have a solo crash 92 westbound foster city which is cleared from the lanes. high winds on the benicia bridge, as well. the bay bridge toll plaza shows traffic is flowing nicely into
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san francisco with no metering lights. you can see emeryville it is a beautiful picture from the camera of the east were span of the bay bridge toll plaza with high wind advisories in effect and traffic flowing nicely into san francisco. >> what did he know? when did he know it in president obama on the firing line, again, over the n.s.a. scandal. >> a big development on the doctor convicted o
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coughing daly city, dublin/pleasanton, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> look at this: an amusement ride operator in north carolina will number court after several were hurt on a ride at a state
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fair. he is facing three counts of assault with a deadly weapon after someone tampered with the ride compromising the safety devices. the 46-year-old georgia man was operating the ride when it jolted into motion as people were exiting. five riders were hurt. three of them remain hospitalized. >> the doctor convicted of killing michael jackson is out of jail two years early. conrad murray was released from the los angeles county jail after two years of a four--year sentence. he was convicted of involuntary manslaughter after giving michael jackson a lethal dose of propofol in 2009. a change in california law allowed the jail time to be cut. murray hopes to practice medicine again. >> the white house is still dealing with fallout from america tapping the phones of dozens of international leaders. the latest debate is what president obama knew of the monitoring, when he knew it, and when it was stopped. if at all.
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now the latest from washington, dc. >> the outrage is growing. american allies away the world are furious about claims of united states spying. >> the secrets revealed are doing significant damage to our bilateral relationships with germany, with mexico, with the other countries. >> this morning, the obama administration is managing the fallout in a statement officials say the white house is reviewing the way america gathers intelligence to account for the security concerns of united states citizens and allies. the "wall street journal" reported that the white house cut off some monitoring programs after learning of them including the one tracking german chancellor merkel. the germans are enraged. headlines this weekend that the united states has been listening to her cell phone since 2002 and president obama knew. the n.s.a. denies the president was aware. also, reports that the embassy in berlin houses a secret listening post spying open
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german government officials and business leaders, one of 80 such posts. >> the suspicion in europe is this is not really about counterterrorism but more about industrial espionage. >> many members of congress believe n.s.a. data collection is an essential tool to combat trim. >> we have saved many lives because of the intelligence we have given them. they are given information that is transmitted useful to us and useful to germany. >> five allies have summoned the american ambassador in their country to launch a formal complaint: germany and france want the united states to let up on the eavesdropping by the end of the year. >> it is 4:44. homeless advocates will stage a sleep in san francisco in the mission district. the protest is over the supervisor's proposal to close the city parks at night. the 220 parks now open all night
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but he is pushing a measure to close the parks between midnight and 5:00 a.m., the only way to prevent an estimated $1 million a year in losses from vandal e and illegal dumping. opponents say it is criminalizing homelessness. >> owners of a fremont apartment complex are accuses of discriminating against families with children. the lawsuit targets the woodland garden apparents, banning children from playing on the lawns is unfair. >> the governor will sign a climate agreement with three west coast governors and the proceed mere of british columbia. the governor has not released details but it will be signed by the governors of washington and oregon, in addition to brown. governor brown and seven other governors pledged to get three million zero emission vehicles on the roads by 2025.
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>> the big issue this morning? winds. we saw the damage but it is quieting down. >> mike has the forecast. >> you will find a lot of debris in your yard in the form of leaves or twigs. if you had the trash out, hopefully it is not blown all over the neighborhood. that happened to us and our neighbors cleaned it up. live doppler 7 hd shows how quiet it is right now and zooming out you can see the snow showers developing in the sierra. watch out because all passes are snow covered by up to 4" to 8". notice the counter-clockwise circulation of the radar returns, the low that is still to the north. right now, we have a mild blow and most of us in the low-to-mid 50's with mid-to-upper 40's at los gatos at 46 and alum rock at 46. cupertino and alameda and redwood city, temperatures also in the 50's and mid-to-upper 40's in the north bay valley and
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east bay valley. today, here is what will happen: we going to see a clear start this morning with winds calming as we head throughout the morning and they will pick up this afternoon with the sun overturning the atmosphere and that will lead to instability showers. there is a very cool air mass over a warm ground and that will lead to air that is rising. we will have increases clouds and scatter showers. temperatures are well below average, up to ten degrees in some areas and mid-to-upper 50's at the coast and san francisco and san mateo and everyone else in the low-to-mid 60's. tonight, the temperatures are cooler than this morning but probably not so cool as wednesday morning. we will have low-to-mid 40's inland, and mid-to-upper 40's the rest of us and still a stray shower is possible tonight. it is the higher old vacation, some of the northwest slopes with the winds from the northwest and east bay hills and santa cruz mountains all have the best chance of scattered
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showers this morning, at noon, into the afternoon and evening and overnight the lows are almost directly on top of us or to the east so we will keep a scattered shower going. the color coating shows enough to make the ground wet. in the higher elevations, we can get possibly up to .1". temperatures tomorrow are just as cool as today, by halloween, though, we are 5- to 10-degrees warmer and say that way through friday and another cool system rolls in for saturday and sunday. >> good morning, high winds are a factor for the drive. san mateo and dumbarton bridges the high warning is lifted and other bridges have high winds and the altamont pass. there is a solo spinout in foster city, off to the shoulder and they waiting if a tow truck. we have high winds on benicia bridge and road work out there,
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westbound 80, that off-ramp remains closed for another 45 minutes and in san rafael -- actually, this is walnut creek, headed northbound, there are no delays. >> chris brown will appear in a washington, dc, courtroom, to answer to assault charges. the 24-year-old was arrested with his bodyguard outside a hotel in washington, dc. though severely beat another man. the victim said he was trying to jump into a photo with group and the female fans. he is on rogation for domestic violence involving rihanna, his former girl. >> fans of lou reed say he will be remembers at a rock-n-roll music who profoundly affected egyptians of musicians.
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♪ on the wild side >> that was "walk on the wild side." he was leader of velvet underground that opened rock to art and literature and theater and went on to a success will solo career. the 71-year-old died in new york from an ailment related to his recent liver transplant. >> new report says that every child needs to be vaccinated against the flu. >> the effort to cash bad drivers in san francisco, and the wrong turn that will soon be
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>> good morning, everyone, a look from the rooftop, high definition camera, with part of the embarcadero, the bay and the bridge, the wins were high with advisories on many bridges. we will find out what the current status is coming up. >> in danville the parents of
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two children killed by a drunk driver 10 years ago are pushing for a change, killing a 10-year old and a seven-year-old in 2003 , was high on prescription drugs. the parents pushed for law making it harder to prescribe narcotics in california. >> please, we have encountered many difficulties. we are finally accomplishing what we hoped for, for so long. >> the family was joined by neighbors and friends at the elementary school in danville yesterday. they gathered signatures in memory of their children. >> an intersection in san francisco will get the first of its kind camera to keep pedestrians and bicyclist safe with a no right turn photo enforcement system activated at market. until now the cameras are only
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used for red light violations. leaders say the intersection has been the place for several bicycle collisions because of vehicles making illegal right-hand turns. >> city and county roads in nine bay area counties are in "fair" conditions showing serious wear and they will need repair. drivers in sonoma and santa clara get the best and worst of the roads. petaluma roads came in the worst in sonoma county. >> hopefully folks are safe out there and the winds were an issue but not so were now. >> you do not need to worry about the winds so much. what we are looking at outside, you can see on the embarcadero, the trees barely moving and the flag is barely moving. the temperatures are eight to 11 degrees below average. most of us are in the 50's and 60's and we should be in the 60's and 70's. the area of low pressure is
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spinning on top of reno, a lost snow is falling in the sierra and it will continue to do so. we will have coastal chances of showers including down to santa barbara and san diego and the grapevine and maybe a winter mix through that area. as far as the snow, all pass could have snow this afternoon headed to the sierra. sue? >> we have no major stalls or accidents, just road work and high winds. they are diminishing but we have advisories in effect and eastbound 12, we have another half an hour in the santa rosa area and elsewhere, we have no problems but high winds are over altamont pass and traffic is getting sluggish now from the tracy area up and over the altamont pass but hang on tight because offer the altamont pass they are looking at breezy conditions. mass transit is getting out on time and bart is good with no
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delays. we have a beautiful morning out there with clear sky and the san mateo bridge could be out of focus because mike says there is no fog there or at the golden gate bridge but there are high winds. >> this morning, a new government report finds healthy kids can die from flu complications. the centers for disease control recommends all children six months and older get the flu vaccine each year. according to the centers for disease control, 80 kids die from flu-related complications between 2004 and 2012. the average able is seven years old. 43 percent had in serious medical condition and had not gotten a flu shot. researchers say pneumonia was the common cause of death. >> officials have rescued a mountain lion cub found in the backyard, was severely
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dehydrated. the family trapped the cub and called in the wildlife center of silicon valley and a crew took it in and put it on supportive care and the cub has involved and has been transported to a facility in sacramento. >> unhappy with your job? just wait you may just need to get older. a survey finds nine in ten workers 50 are older are "very" or somewhat satisfied with their jobs. the survey shows a consistent trend the last 40 years. job satisfaction increases with age. older workers have climbed the career ladder, increased their salaries and reached position with greater job security and then perhaps greater job classification. the closer they get to the pension, it looks better. >> we are following breaking news in the south bay where police are on the scene of a fatal pedestrian accident. next at 5:00 a.m., the unusual hoax where the victim was found.
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>> popular television chef appears in the north pay but he will not be cooking. >> a vote that could put thousands of workers a step closer to a
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coldbefore the first sneezes. help prevent with lysol disinfectant spray and use lysol no-touch hand soap for 10x more protection with each wash. this season, help protect your family with lysol. start healthing. abc7 news starts with breaking news. >> we have breaking news. san jose police are at the seen where a woman is dead after getting hit and pinned against the garage door of a home. our reporter is there with word of an arrest, nick? >> yes. this is still an active


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