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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 28, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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coldbefore the first sneeze help prevent with lysol disinfectant spray and use lysol no-touch hand soap for 10x more protection with each wash. this season, help protect your family with lysol. start healthing. abc7 news starts with breaking news. >> we have breaking news. san jose police are at the seen where a woman is dead after getting hit and pinned against the garage door of a home. our reporter is there with word of an arrest, nick? >> yes. this is still an active investigation. police are on the scene.
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you can see the car in question. around 2:30 this morning residents in this subdivision called police saying they heard an arguing and screaming. when police arrived, they found a woman dead in a drive. according to officials on the scene she was hit by the driver of a small ford s.u.v. the driver may have backed into the woman pinning her against the garage door and killing her. the driver of the s.u.v. has been taken into custody and the coroner has been called. police are investigating this as a possible d.u.i. and are asking anybody with information call the police department. the coroner just arrived on the scene. police are still collecting evidence at the scene. we will share more as we learn it. i hope to speak to someone on the scene for an update at 5:30.
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>> thank you. we are approaching 5:02. winds pull felled the bay area overnight. they are dying down but not before knock over big rigs on the altamont pass like toy trucks. amy hollyfield is along interstate 580 with that story. >> this is something to see. of the check out this video of big rigs knocked over by the winds overnight in livermore on a stretch of enter stated -- interstate 580. five rigs remain toppled. near is a worker who often talks to the truck drivers. >> lost people are going side to side and trucks are side to side. that is the big issue, it look like they are driving into the
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fog, it is like a black wall in front of you. >> these trucks were eastbound when the wind knocked them over and it was a messy situation but no injuries were reported. traffic is flowing with intense gusts not happening right now this morning. >> thank you. the latest on the wins from mike. >> the fattest gust was 75 miles per hour at 8:12. severe thunderstorm wind speeds have to reach 58 miles per hour, and hurricane has to reach 74 miles per hour so the speed was as fast as a category one hurricane so you can see why we had the damage in the altamont pass. the winds are gusting around 35 to 40 miles per hour and in the valleys, livermore is seven and mountain view to san jose and ten at concord and gusty around
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sfo and the coast, always going together because it shoots through the gap. those will calm in the next couple of hours. all of us will see a regeneration of the winds but we will also see clouds building as the isolated afternoon shower is possible and mid-to-upper 50's along the coast and upper 50's to mid-60's for the rest us. chilly day. >> quiet conditions this morning but the winds can be a factor over the golden gate bridge and bay bridge with advisories. off the san mateo bridge there is a solo spinout not causing any slowing and road work eastbound four past summersville all mass transit is on time and
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80 through berkeley the headlights are moving into the maze and the bay bridge toll plaza is looking good with no delays and no metering lights. >> a store front was torn off because of winds at 9:00 last night at the bay street emeryville shopping center. the store was under construction. no one was hurt when the store front came down. >> man and his son are okay after after a tree branch snapped and plowed through the roof into their bedroom. he was taken to the hospital to be treated for scratches and his son was not harmed. >> a large tree fell in san francisco and blocked part of a street in the mission district. you can see the tree after crews moved to the side of the roads of the wins were so strong they blew the street back into the
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street. >> the san francisco police department is urging drivers to avoid the intersection of sacramento while crews repair a blown transformer with traffic and cable car service not able to run through the area. you can get weather alerts and radar by downloading the abc7 news weather app. >> happening today in marin county, a celebrity chef is scheduled to testify in marin county in the attempted murder and car theft case of 19-year-old max wade charged with stealing a lamborghini to impress a former classmate. it was in a car shop in san francisco for repair. he broke into the shop from a sky light and stole the vehicle and tried to kill the girl he was trying to impress, and her boyfriend, after she rejected
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him. >> the attorney says there is no evidence linking him to the crime. >> a missing at risk wound, 83 years old was seen leaving her residence and has not been seen. she does not have any mental deficiencies but does suffer from short-term memory loss and diabetes and only speaks vietnamese and last seen wearing a brown hooded sweatshirt. >> if you are concerned about gang violence, voice your opinion and ask questions tonight. this is the second in a series of scheduled meetings by the task force to get community input as part of a two-year plan to curb an violence. san jose is spending $4.6 million this year on gang prevention. the meeting is held from 6:00 to 8:30 at the community center. >> today, one of the largest unions will vote on whether to
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hold a strike. the sacramento bee reports officials with the local union say they are pressing for changes to policies that waste public money and american public health at risk. the union represents 22,000 uc hospital employees. the university says the union concerns are a smokescreen to hide the real agenda which is to cut back on pension changes that other unions have already accepted. >> and time to cut back on the winds that woke we up early. >> if it is early for us, it was really early. it was a noisy evening with a lot of twigs down to my yard. the exploritorium camera shows the next 12 hours, we are starting clear, just the opposite of yesterday.
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it is much warmer stepping outside, without the cloud cover and the dampness of yesterday. 46 to 52 is how you should dress this morning, by noon we will see the clouds develop as the sun warms the ground and the ground towns the cold air into cloud cover at 54 to 58 with isolated showers by 4:00, and shower continues in the evening and overnight hours. the same coat from the afternoon you will need in the evening. we will have a lingering chance rain tomorrow in the south bay but it will be brighter and warmer and calmer on wednesday and halloween, thursday. >> good morning, everyone. it is looking good on the roads this monday morning. livermore and 580 is moving nicely. from the central valley it is bunching up from tracy and up and over the altamont pass. we still have a high wind advisory over the a
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sluggish. 101 in san jose, 280 from daly city to san francisco, outside, too, golden gate bridge, no fog. traffic is smoothly. it is breezy, though. kristen in -- and eric >> smash-and-grab vehicle thefts are down in san francisco but for one neighborhood. >> major storm sweeps across great grin and travelers on both sides of the atlantic will feel the power. >> the business of halloween and spooky holiday spending is on the rise.
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covering benicia, san ramon and all bay area this is abc7 news. >> san francisco police say this has been a dramatic increase in the number of vehicle burglary cases in the city. >> this is a picture of i-80 where traffic is moving this morning. you can see the wins have died down quite a bit. we will check with mike in a little bit and talk to sue about the commute.
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san francisco police say there is a dramatic increase in burglar vehicle cases in the city. in the mission there are 1,200 smash-and-grab cases through september. 180 of the cases occurred last month, a 28 percent increase from the same period last year, according to police data. city-wide the smash-and-grabs are up 34 percent from over the same time last year. police encouraged residentses to leave cars in well lit areas and not leave items in plain view. >> voters in sunnyvale head to the polls to decide on a gun measure that is drawing the attention of the n.r.a. and the new york city mayor. it would require sunnyvale gun owners to report firearm thefts to police within 48 hours, lockup the guns at home and get rid of magazines that hold more than ten rounds. dealers would have to keep logs of ammunition sales. the n.r.a. has threatened to
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sue. >> train service and flights are cancel in britain as a major storm with hurricane-force winds slashes the area. flood alerts are issued and 7,000 homes are without power dealing with 99-mile-per-hour wind and heavy rain. forecasters say it is the worst storm to hit britain in years. a teen boy is feared dead after being swept to see while playing in the surf. >> watch for a parade of halloween freebies. >> and jane king joins us from the new york stock exchange. >> good morning, to you. there is a flat start. we locked positive but suddenly, it is more steady. we have earnings report from an pole after the closing bell. apple will report a rise in iphone sales and how big the
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rise is, that is something investors will watch. the new york stock exchange says they will test run twitter's i.p.o. with the test run going well to make sure the systems are not overloaded as for facebook shares. more speculation about what google is up to. this time, it is off the coast of maine. in addition to floating a data center that is suspected being built in san francisco, there is a similar one off the coast of maine. get ready for more free offers for halloween. a growing number of restaurants are rolling out kids eat free, at longhorn and red lobster.
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free scary pancakes at ihop and a free doughnut at krispy kreme to drum up business when families have pizzas delivered. restaurants can be "ghost" towns >> thank you. get to take frank of the doughnut deal. you take an inner tube for swimming and it looks like a doughnut and you put patches on it and you have free doughnuts. >> does it come with a smell? >> working on that. working on that. >> we have the smell of coffee this morning and we were hoping to get doughnuts. hopefully it is calmer in your neighborhood. we don't have were of that stuff now. thanks for shareing.
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from mount tamalpais you can see some of the we streetlights looking to sausalito and san francisco. the gusts show 75 miles per hour at the altamont pass which is why amy hollyfield is talking about the damage. mount diabolo no longer reports but a peak near it the gusts are the 62 miles per hour. twin peaks in san francisco are at 38 miles per hour, los altos in the south bay at 38 miles per hour. live doppler 7 hd shows the clouds are away from us and we are dry. we are watching this area of low pressure churn. some of the moisture will wrap around the back side and hit our hills with the possibility of a stray shower in the afternoon hours. clouds will build. showers are possible. though will be isolated, though.
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the low will move to our south and take the best chance with it tomorrow in the south and wednesday and thursday a quick area of high pressure and the warmest and calmest days with cooler weather on the way for the weekend. today, mid-to-upper 50's along the coast, san francisco, rich monday, san mateo, low 60's elsewhere until you get to san jose at 63 and same in concord and 64 in livermore. tonight the temperatures are going to be cool, low 40's and mid-to-upper 40's and wednesday morning is when we see 30's inland neighborhoods so grab a different coat. you can see the wins coming from the northwest and our best chance of the scatter showers in the santa cruz mountains and the north bay not a chance as far as precipitation, a couple .01" possible and maybe .11" in santa
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cruz mountains. wednesday and thursday the temperatures are closer to average. saturday and sunday, it is cool again. >> eastbound 4, near summersville, we have an accident that was blocking middle lanes with slow traffic beyond the scene. westbound from antioch, it is slowing and typical for this time of morning headed out the door. a beautiful morning at walnut creek southbound 680 at north maine to highway 24 and getting crowded now but everything is at the limit. we will take a look as we move to the bay bridge toll plaza with traffic moving nicely into san francisco with no delays and no metering lights. >> ahead, we have seven things
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to know as you start the day. >> the attack that turned beijing's most famous locations
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we get more in a few minutes. >> dangerous ride for bridge rig truckers driver through heavy overnight winds with winds flipping over half a dozen big rigs and a new travel trailer along 580 at the altamont pass. drives say the dust kicked up by the gusts made it difficult to see. >> damage from the high winds peppered several cities including emeryville blowing down scaffolding at the "forever 21" store. it came crashing down on to the cars and no one was hurt. in other cities, trees were brought down and power lined toppleed. >> the doctor would killed michael jackson is a free man this morning after serving half of his four year sentence. he was convicted of involuntary manslaughter after giving him a three thole dose of a drug in twine.
5:25 am
>> alleged n.s.a. driving shows the phone calls of 60 million in spain were tapped into after reports of spying in germany as well as france. >> from the similar storm: it is much calmer. the winds will return but not so fast as last night. i will show you the gusts by region. i will show you the chance a stray shower the next 24 to 48 hours coming up in the seven-day outlook just ahead. >> look at the bay bridge toll plaza: winds are a factor on the golden gate bridge and the altamont pass at this hour. we have an accident reported in the santa cruz mountains coming up in a few minutes. >> in beijing, three people were killed when the driver of an s.u.v. slammed and a crowd in china's famous tiananmen square. police say the crash happened at noon today near the entrance to
5:26 am
the forbid were city. witnesses say the vehicle caught fire. 11 people were taken to hospitals including a number of tourists and police officers. tiananmen square is one of the most guarded areas of beijing and is the site of a deadly confrontation between government forces and demonstrators in 1989. >> halloween is about scaring people but now it is about scaring up big business. the national retail federation sometimes people drop $7 billion on halloween this year mostly from haunted houses. one man owns five of the professional haunts including in denver where the wait to get in the haunted house is four hours. it is a form of therapy. >> this is another form of live entertainment. petroleum went -- people want to
5:27 am
escape and spot thinking of how squarey the world is and come out and get scared. >> for haunted house owners, prices are rising faster than the living dead. >> check out with links to halloween events across the bay area. >> the morning news continues at 5:30 with the top stories. >> including the goodbye for the 13-year-old shot and skilled by a deputy in the north bay. >> more on the wild wins that hit the bay area includi we'll take something tasty and healthy. ♪ ♪ if you wanna go and fly with me ♪
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thanks for joining us. >> san jose police are holding a suspect in the death of a woman whose body was found in the drive of an apartment complex. we are at the scene with the details. nick? >> this is still an active investigation. if you look behind me you can see that investigators are looking over the s.u.v. in question. what we know, go have new information. the detectives from san jose traffic investigation unit have arrived on the scene and are leading the investigation. this is what we know: around 2:30 this morning, residents in this subdivision called police saying they heard an arguing or screaming. when the police arrived they found a woman dead in a drive. according to officials she was hit by the drier of a unlawful ford s.u.v. the driver may have pinned her to the garage door and killed her on impact this is
5:31 am
video of the driver. police say it is suggested the woman my have been under the influence when she hit the woman near the garage. the 27-year-old driver was arrested up suspicion of drive up the influence and vehicular manslaughter. police are asking that anyone with information contact the san jose police department. this death is san jose's 34th traffic death this year. again, you can see that the investigators are still moving around collecting evidence. as we learn more, we will share it with you with another report at top of the hour. >> developing news, bay area drivers may still find it windy this morning but not dangerously so as it was a few hours ago when the winds flipped several big rigs in tracy and caused damage in other cities. amy? >> what a mess.
5:32 am
check out this video of what the winds did overnight. the gusts were so strong they were a able to knock oat six big rigs on interstate 580 eastbound in tracy. it caused some problems. a truck blocked one exit on the interstate. we spoke with a convenience store worker who talked to the truckers when they pass through. he talk about what he heard, saying it was windy in the area but not this windy. it was a surprise to have gusts so strong. c.h.p. say there were no injuries but they left a truck out there, off the road, not blocking anyone, and they want to wait until daylight before they move it. >> thank you, amy. >> a little gusty but nothing
5:33 am
like before. >> exactly. this is how it looks from mount tamalpais gusting at 35 miles per hour and doing the same through the altamont pass. as we look at the fastest wind speed the altamont pass is 75 miles per hour. that is why we saw the damage amy showed us. next to mount diabolo 62 miles per hour. napa was at 47 miles per hour. the gusts are 18 in mountain view and 20 miles per hour in novato hugging the coast and the peninsula. headed through the afternoon we will get winds but they are not going to be that fast. the clouds are increasing and we will have a chance of an isolated instability with temperatures in the upper 50's to mid-60. >> in the santa cruz mountains we have an accident northbound 17 at laurel blocking one lane of traffic and that will gum up
5:34 am
the commute if you are traveling from santa cruz. this is the altamont pass where we have the high wind advisory with sluggish traffic from tracy. mike was talking about this, we had a three car accident in the middle lane right here. in san rafael, traffic is flowing nicely at the turn headed your way to the parkway and outside, at the 80 berkeley drive it is getting crowded and sluggish at the macarthur maze but no delays at at the bay bridge. >> there were problems in emeryville with crews clearing rubble after the facade was torn off a store front when parts of "forever 21" store came crashing down. a couple of cars were damaged but no one was hurt the. >> gusts blew down a tree in
5:35 am
antioch a big branch crashing through the roof of the home. a man and his son were in the back bedroom when debris came down. jonathan heard a loud noise and it turned out to be the tree snapping at the base. >> i was on the edge of the bed and i jumped and the branch came in. it came in from the ceiling and scratched me a little bit. he started crying because he was scared. >> it sounded like the house was falling. it sounded scary. >> he was treated at the hospital for scratches. the tree was dead so it was very vulnerable to the winds. >> peg manage crews are work to restore power to thousands of customers. the biggest cluster on the if
5:36 am
lanes is in redwood city where 770 people have no power. in the east bay, 800 people are in the dark in danville. 600 people in san francisco do not have electricity the. >> power was knock out at treasure island last night with high wind bringing a tree down on the power lines but the electricity was restored three hours later. >> you can get weather alerts and radar by downloading the weather app at >> a funeral mass is held this week for the teen shot and killed by a sonoma county sheriff. a 13-year-old andy lopez was shot while walking with a toy that resembled an ak-47. the deputy feared for his life and opened fire hitting lopez seven times. the f.b.i. has joined several local agencies looking into the
5:37 am
shooting. >> the alameda district attorney is expected to open an investigation today in a senior living facility accused of living patients to fend for themselves. 14 disabled patients were found on saturday at valley springs manor after city officials ordered the facility closed. three workers including a janitor, stayed without pay to care for the patients. the owner's attorney say there was sufficient staff to handle the patients. authors disagree. >> i base it on the paramedics transporting all 14 patients out of there to the hospital. i am not a medical expert. if the medics say we need to get everyone to the hospital i go with what they say. >> the attorney says it is a misunderstanding and owner is chronically ill. the company owns two other facilities operating licenses there, too, were revoked.
5:38 am
>> san francisco city packs and rec worker accused of running over a sunbather in a park will be in court. a hearing is set for 58-year-old who pleaded not guilty to felony vehicular manslaughter and hit-and-run accident. he is accused of killing the mother who was sun basing with her 11-month-old child and a dog at the park when she was hit last month. the defense is he swerved to avoid hitting a dog. >> subcommittee will talk about ways to improve safety communication between pg&e and city officials regarding pipelines after a pipeline was shut down in san carlos this month over safety concerns. officials say they first learned from the media, not pg&e, that flawed documents were used to wrongly declare the pipeline safe which was ordered shut down early this month but has been allowed to be reconnected to
5:39 am
flow at a lower pressure legal. >> an armed robbery suspect shot by san francisco police is in serious condition this morning and the shooting happened after officers cornered him at mallorca streets at a bank of america a.t.m. after the suspect tried to grab a backpack from a man. police say he pistol-whipped the victim and ran off. officers found him he then turned gun on him. the victim left the scene and investigators tracked him down and questioned him. >> time to check with mike if you her the howling winds last night and this morning, let's see what they doing. >> calming down. they will return this afternoon but not to the same levels. you can see a few showers in the santa cruz mountains which are light with a few drops. they will head to santa cruz and watsonville.
5:40 am
possibly to monterey. usually in this flow they develop as the wins ascends from the mountains but as they descend back into the bay they fall apart so i do not expect a lot of rain but maybe a peninsula and at the coast the by noon we will see clouds develop and temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50's and thicker and more numerous at mid-60's at 4:00 and low pressure 50's with a stray shower in the evening. we have a chance of showers from san jose south and middle 50's to middle 60's and brighter and warmer wednesday and for halloween on thursday. c.h.p. is revising the location of this accident and it is now southbound 17 at laurel and that
5:41 am
goes along where what we are seeing southbound direction with three cars, fast lanes, that will jam it up this time headed from the san jose side to santa cruz. that is the issue. 580 from tracy to dublin is 43 minutes. the driver from san jose is looking good. it is smooth right now headed to san jose and beyond 17, it is not a bad day headed to cupertino and it is light. no metering lights but slow-and-go if you are paying cash. >> next, spending a night under the stars with the message some hope to spend by picketing a san francisco park. >> president obama is on the firing line again over the n.s.a. spying scandal.
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>> an amusement ride operator in north carolina is in court after several people were hurt on a ride at a state fair. he is facing three counts of assault with a deadly weapon after investigators say someone tampered with the ride compromising its safety devices. the 46-year-old plan was operating the ride weapon it jolted into motion as people were exiting. five riders were hurt and three are still hospitalized. the former doctor convicts of killing michael jackson is out of the jail two years early released at midnight from los angeles county jail after serving two years of four-year sentence convicted of involuntary manslaughter after giving michael jackson propofol. murray hopes to practice medicine again soon. >> another new report about alleged national security agency eavesdropping. a spanish newspaper has published a document that shows
5:46 am
the n.s.a. tapped into more than 60 million phone calls in spain in a month a week after similar reports of united states spying in france and germany. officials say the white house is reviewing the way america gathers intelligence to account for the security concerns. the white house cut off monitoring programs after learning of them including the one tracking german chancellor merkel. >> homeless advocates will stage a sleep in, in the mission district protesting the proposal to close the city parks at night. currently, san francisco's $220 parks are open all night but he is pushing a measure 20 close the parks between midnight and 5:00, the only way to prevent an estimated $1 million a year loss from vandalism and illegal dumping. opponents say it will criminalize homelessness.
5:47 am
>> it has been breezy. with have this each fall. right when the leaves are peaking. there could be newspapers or trash blowing around in your log, that is the kind of night it was. still tracking the isolateed light showers in the santa cruz mountains. that is the only place we see them now. until you pull out and you see in the sierra, the snow is falling and the passes will be snow covered and down to 4,500'. i will let sue tell you if >> you can see from our camera everything is quiet this morning. the clouds will build headed
5:48 am
through the afternoon. we have instability showers with a very cold air mass. we have warm ground. that will cause instability. that is why the showers pop because there is no moisture. the warmest day is thursday, halloween, and friday. there will be another system next week. notice there are a lot of low-to-mid 60's inland and mid-to-upper 60's along the coast, san francisco, richmond and san mateo. tonight, it will be cooler this morning with low 40's inland, and mid-to-upper 40's for the rest us and a chance of the shower will linger and it is wednesday morning when we will see the 30's show up inland. the forecast shows the northwest flow the best chance of santa cruz mountains is the diabolo range, possibly the southern east bay hills have the past chance of seeing the showers so it is best from the bay bridge
5:49 am
south. you can see overnight we will have a chance and notice the lows are close to us tomorrow morning. that is why we have a chance of a shower tomorrow as the low sinks to the south. rainfall amount is less than .1", enough to make the ground wet where the darker blue is in the diabolo range in the santa cruz mountains. the seven-day forecast shows tomorrow, temperatures the same and maybe a degree or two warmer inland. wednesday, thursday, friday, we will try to get back to average and over the week help, it will be cooler. set your clocks back an hour saturday night. >> back to the santa cruz mountains, we have in confusion on the direction of the accident. we checked with the c.h.p. and they are telling us now, it is northbound 17, at the glenwood cut off, three cars involved, one lane is traffic, and the reason if slowing in the southbound direction is because of rubberneckers because it is narrow, narrow roadway of the expect delays through the santa
5:50 am
cruz mountains. back to the altamont pass, we have a high wind advise are you, sluggish traffic from the central valley and it picks up toward livermore into the dublin/pleasanton interchange. at 80 berkeley, traffic is heavier and the headlights are headed into the macarthur maze. it is slow and go but moving with no stalls or accidents with chain requirements in the sierra, 80 and 50. it is snowing. >> singer chris brown will appear in a washington, dc, courtroom, this or, to answer to assault charges. police arrested him saying the pair severely beat another man. the victim said he was trying to jump into a photo with brown and female fans. he is on probation for domestic violence involving rihanna. >> there is a new work called
5:51 am
fusion aimed at young hispanic millennials, 18 to 34 that primarilyily speak english, viewers in the first year and 60 million in file years. after the news cast, "good morning america" will announce the fusion network this morning. >> coming up, bad drivers in san soon be caught on camera. >> coming up at 6:00, a stabbing rampage leaves five members of the same member dead. ahead, who miss say is
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welcome back, an intersection in san francisco will get a first of its kind camera to keep pedestrians and bicyclists safe. a no right turn photo enforcement system will be activated. until now cameras have only been used for red light violations. the intersection has been the site of several bicycle collisions because of eastbound drivers making illegal right
5:55 am
turns to get on highway 101. >> you did not see the gusts in those pictures but they still out there. mike? >> higher elevations along the coast, the peninsula is dealing with it but the atmosphere turns over and the breezes will come back to the surface but it will not be a repeat of yesterday. you can see it is not bouncing around to much in san francisco, and toward the east bay hill of the compared to average, eight to 11 degrees cooler than we should be. the low pressure is being wanted for snow in the sierras along the mountains from our neighborhood to san diego. now, here is the reason for the change: snow level down to 4,000' in the sierra with winter weather advisory at 3" to 7" of snow above 5,000 feet feet. >> a multi-car accident with
5:56 am
slow traffic in both directions of 17 moving from santa cruz to the silicon valley and in the other direction, as well. mass transit shows everyone is moving nicely with no delays, and no problems for muni, caltrain or bart. the accident on the livermore side of things is still there, a three car accident with metering lights on the bay bridge and trafficking up to the maze. >> a new government report finds healthy kids can die from the flu complications. the centers for disease control recommended all children six months and old are get a vaccine each year for flu with over 800 dying from the complications from 2,000 to 2012. 43 percent had no serious medical conditions and did not
5:57 am
see a flu shot. pneumonia was the most common cause of death. >> officials have rescued a mountain lion cub found in san jose. the cub was mall nourished and dehydrated. the family trapped the cub and called in the wildlife from and the crew put it on supportive care. we are happy to report the cub is recovered and transported to a facility in sacramento. >> toppled trees, downed power lines, and flipped over tractor trailers. we will show you the damage from the wild winds that pummeled the bay area. >> first, though, breaking news: at the scene what investigators are saying about a driveway death in the south bay. >> do you like your job? a factor that is l
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prove it. enough is enough. d-con baits are specially formulated to kill in one feeding. guaranteed. d-con. get out.
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abc7 news starts with breaking news. >> the breaking news comes from san jose. >> woman dead after police say she was hit by a car in a driveway. abc7 news reporter joins us with details. >> the public information officer just arrived on the scene. he will give me an update in a few minutes. detectives from san jose traffic unit have arrived and leading the investigation. police confirm that at 2:30 this morning residents in the subdecision called police saying that they heard some type of arguing or screaming. when police arrived they found a woman dead in a driveway. now curing to officials, she was hut bit driver of a small ford s.u.v. it appears the driver pay have backed into the woman, pinning her against a garage door and killing her on impact.


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