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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  October 29, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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people are gathering here in santa rosa. mourners started to arrive here about a half hour ago. they're now taking their place inside of the chapel. they include family, friends, classmates from cook middle school. mass will be in spanish. that is their native tongue. you have mentioned this follows a day the protests. however mass is to celebrate a life. >> it's very sad. i knew him since he was a little kid. and we don't want that to happen. we don't don't want to see them dieing. reasons why don't know, we have not aware of the whole situation. and i know the couple for a long time. >> reporter: the church set to
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begin shortly the church holds about 600 people, expecting about a thousand. so people may be outside, trying to listen to hear what they can hear through speakers. no police presence here. it's very calm. mourner arriving, family, friends of andy lopez who are here to celebrate his life. live in santa rosa, abc7 news. >> john, thank you very much. a large grum of family and friends packed a courtroom today in mem rif a paramedic shot and killed in the oakland hills. they atented aid preliminary hearing for christian burton. police say burton fired shots that killed quinn boyar driving home from his parents house. boyar's widow says cease seeking one thing that, it becomes a force of change making oakland, boyar's beloved home town
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>> i think it should be potential. that would be something. a total of five boys face charges of murder. youngest just 13 years old. that is ahead at 6:00. >> 100,000 gallons of raw sewage spilled in marin county. a foul odor led to the discovery. waste water spilled on to the ground near tam tam creek. the pipe has been fixed. sewage not expected to reach the creek because it soak into theed creek bed. and there has been a big problem with a path of destructive feral pigs that prompted the city council to propose a change in the law. the council going to allow whether to allow wild pigs to be shot within city limits they're a problem at almaden
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country club. >> reporter: one of the city councilmen proposing this change in the law says he's heard from his constituents, some afraid to go out on halloween venl the pigs can get up to 200 and 300 expounds can carry diseases. if the law is changed shooting a pig will require a state permit allowing that when the animal is a threat to life or property. this video taken by san jose resident ted barikmo shows the feral pigs in his neighborhood. san jose city councilman johnny cammus says they can be a threat to people. he wants to have them trapped, shot and killed within city limits. but right now, san jose law prohibits discharge of a firearm within city limits except for police, or in self-defense, today and he a
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councilman asked for a ordinance changing that, allowing for the discharge by a licensed trapper only for the purpose of killing the feral pigs. >> the memo is allowing us to use the gun. in the city. in the city limits. >> reporter: he says the state fish and wildlife biologists thinks trapping and shooting is more humane than euthanizing with a chemical process. and transporting them outside of the city would mean possibly releasing invasive species into another habitat. we talked off camera to a trapper who says once the pig is in the trap, he shoots at close range with a bebe-type gun and emphasizes only licensed trappers would be allowed to shoot. >> we're not asking people to hunt them. >> brook watched her husband chase the pigs off their lawn. she's not afraid for her safety or the safety of her boys, 9 and 4 years old. she thinks the pigs should be left alone..
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>> i still don't feel like they need to be put down. in any way >> the counsel is expected to vote next week. san jess yeah has a serious gang problem but it appears to be improving. new numbers show gang related homicide charges down nearly 43%. eight people killed in the city between january and september. compared to 14 in the same period last year. police say robbery cases are down more than 34%, and aggravated assault is down 10%. the department is crediting a crack down on crime, gang activity, for the decline. >> next week stit will consider a plan to keep police department recruits in the city. a report this month says nearly half of the city's 40 grads in september are actively pursuing jobs in other cities trying to leave. today a city council member offered a plan
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helping pay their tuition, if they stayed with the department. but penal yiedzed them if they choose to leave. >> with a new 11 eyes stadium, santa clara officials looking to hire 120 police officers, to work stadium needed is more than the department can provide the city council poised to approve $200,000 for two outside firms to perform background checks on potential candidates >> the mayor of sunnyvale is planning to crack down on ammunition sales in a stha was one of the lowest violent crime rates in california. more on the very controversial measure c. vic? >> reporter: report this is unlikely city to have the debate. gun control is a very emotional and controversial issue. but the mayor of the city
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says the lack of any meaningful legislation by the state and federal governments led him to introduce this measure. opponents say measure c puts unfair restrictions on gun sellers and owners here in sunnyvale because people have been just going around the corn twroer gun stores in mountain view or surrounding cities, even internet. >> measure c cracks down on ammunition sales with residents whose crime rate is one of the lowest in the state. the mayor's measure >> schools have violence with resolving guns and people being killed. sounds like we're getti getting number to these things. >> gun dealers zil to keep records and owning magazine was more than ten rounds would be illegal. he was inspired by mayors against illegal guns.
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founded by michael bloomberg, contributing $3,000 to measure c. >> we can't get anything done through congress and on a state level. and we can't wait for top down. it has to come from bottom up. >> reporter: the mayor says he's gotten a lot of support but there are critics as well. eric fisher owns u.s. firearms company feeling measure is poorly draftd and an attack on legitimate gun sellers and owners. >> just designed to drive business out. because you can buy ammunition anywhere else without the same requirements. so, only affect it's going to have is to drive sales out of any shop into neighboring cities. >> this gun owner owns a 15 round image skeerngs legal because he bought it before 2000. if measure c passes he's afraid it will make him a criminal. >> are they going come arrest me? or if i'm driving to turn them in, am i going to get caught for
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that? right there? >> reporter: nra saying it will sue fit passes saying the city of sunnyvale is attempting to intrude into an area regulated by the state. vic lee, abc7 news >> happening now in san francisco board of supervisors voting whether to decide whether to add a tax on sugary drinks. meaning soda would go up $0.24, raising $31 million for health, nutrition programs but small business owners say it could hurt their sales if approved by supervisors, it would go on the november ballot in 2014. >> there is nothing to worry about if you heard a roar on the peninsula. the fighter jets helping to unveil a new video game. they just performed in
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redwood city. the guests are at a large party for battlefield four. the game debuting just in time for the holidays. >> that is a big launch for a video game. fighter jets? >> yes. >> still ahead a warning for pet owners veterinarians talk about what to avoid giving dogs and cats. >> a massive accident in arizona a major roadway closed right now. >> also, fixing your flat tire. some tips from consumer reports. >> bay area start up poised to become a popular new
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three people are dead after this huge pile up on interstate ten halfway between phoenix and
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tucson. authorities say a dust storm and high winds likely contributed to the crash. several cars were involve in theed wreck. all westbound lanes of i-ten in the area are closed. a uc davis veterinarian is warning pet owners to give their dogs jerky treats this, as the fda is investigating the link between deaths of almost 600 dogs and jerky treats from china researchers haven't determined the cause of the illnesses. >> we have a hard line from our nutrition support service in our hospital that just says don't feed jerky treats. it's best to just not go there. >> the symptoms include diarrhea, vomiting and decreased appetite. fda asking pet owners to send more information about pet illness that's fit this pattern. >> google remaining mum about a
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barge at treasure island some say could be a data center. take a look. speculation is lighting up the internet and talk shows. tech yeez point to a patent in 2009 for a floating data center using waves for power and sea water for cooling. the barge has been spotted in maine. calls for confirmation have gone unanswered. >> they're mum on this subject. hoo next door just announced it received a cash infusion of $60 million today. here is a look at next door a social network for neighbors to ask questions and post classified ads aimed at others in their neighborhood. the start up has fewer than 10 million active users. this cash can help next door expand into europe. >> a record high on wall street. dow rose 111 points. closing at
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15,680, 4 points above the high it set on september 18thth. let's say investors expect the fed will keep up its bond buying program. >> nasdaq says human error is to blame for the outage that lasted 44 minutes officials say someone sent wrong data to the system. apple and facebook affected then. after a 25-year run as a public company, dell computers delisted from nasdaq today. michael dell and an investment firm finished their buyout of the pc maker. michael dell says he wants to be able to turn around the scombis turn ate way from the prime eyes of wall street. >> a big change for the popular web site etsy. vendors can use outside manufacture dwroerz help make goods. some say the new
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policy as band onthe original mission to have a place to buy homemade stuff. the company says it wants to support growing businesses and old rules make that difficult. world's first bit coin atm is now operational inside of a coffee shop. it went live today. launched by a canadian. it was unveiled this year. bit coins are digital money used on the web. >> this new language. right? >> i know >> now how a virtual occurrency turned real for a norwegian student. he spent $27 on bit coin. and now, the value? $886,000. he cashed some to buy an apartment. bit coin gained a lot of notoriety after arrest last week of the silk road.
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>> consumer reports partnered with seven on your side fr a report n quick, flat tire fix kits. >> i want to see this one >> do you remember every car game a spare tire? a lot do not have them. spares no longer considered standard. if you have a spare, changing it is no fun. consumer reports just tested eight products that offer a solution. >> now there is a solution. >> safety spare commercial promises to repair a punctured flat without changing it. consumer reports tested safety spare with other tire sealer kits as well as aerosol cans. to test, this car was outfitted with 15 inch all season tires. gene combreertson punctured one tire with a nail and put the
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products to work. all aerosol cans were able to seal the hole and inflate the tire which kept going 100 miles, but consumer reports found cans had difficulty with larger holes since an aerosol can is under pressure, you can't keep it in the car >> it can explode so. that is kind of limiting its use. you're not going to keep it in the car, probably at home. when you need to use it, it's not going to be with you. >> xesive compressionor units can be attached to the tire. all compressor kits fixed larger holes and came with a gauge. consumer reports found $80 kit worked fastest with enough seal
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to repier a wide variety of tire sizes consumer reports cautions the products are tear. as soon as you use them, you need to have the tire repaired or replaced. also, none of the products can repair very large punctures and should never, ever, be used to fix punctures on on the sidewall of the tire. now, many california families receiving free health care without long waits. i'll take a look at who qualify as head at 6:00. fascinating report. it's a changing world. >> thank you >> well, window for holding mavericks contest opens on friday. competitors will have to half moon bay. >> and keeping an eye on
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weather, let's see if she's bundled up tonight >> yes. >> it looked great. >> i know. >> there is crispness to the air. you know? autumn is here, feels like late autumn. by morning might feel like winter in parts of the bay area. going to get chilly. you'll see still a few clouds out there. but skies are clearing out. really the showers that we have had today long gone. hills under a frost advisory. low to mid-30s so you know the drill. don't forget about the pets. here is how chilly it's going to get. 37 napa. 38 santa rosa. temperatures into 40s across the
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bay area. 50 in antioch. clear skies. it's going to be on the chilly side. san jose, lots of sunshine. clear skies 58 san francisco. 59, oakland. san jose, 60 dig as long with los gatos. some resorts reporting up to a foot and a half of snow. tapering up there. santa rosa 62 degrees. 60s in napa and concord. from our east bay hills camera, left overmoisture. sunny weather and it's going to be dry for trick or treaters. this sis him has been slow moving well. saw showers in parts of the bay area overnight into this morning.
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tomorrow, #, numbers peaking on friday. going to be milder, then cooling off for weekend tomorrow afternoon, water day. 65 san jose, cupertino. 64 milpitas. peninsula, redwood city, 59 in pacifica. sunshine in the north bay. in the east bay, san leandro, oakland, 646789 inland spots, fairfield, livermore. sheer look at the. it's going to be a nice forecast for the little ones. 4:00 p.m mild, 68 degrees by 6:00 p.m . 8:00 p.m chilly, mid-50s fchl your kids are going trick or treating you don't have to worry if their costumes are getting wet. party goers it's looking dry.
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accu-weather forecast warmest weather friday. then cooler over the weekend but still, pleasant looking dry. don'ting for wret we fall back to standard time sunday at 2:00 a.m . we'll need extra hour of sleep. put your clocks back saturday night. temperatures upper 60s inland and 50s coast side. we time showers perfectly. this is so trick or treaters won't get wet. back to you. >> thank you. timing is everything. good job on halloween >> thank you >> there are many ways to open a beer bot yes. but coming up next what you might be the most elaborate >> a global first a tunnel mabelinging transbay tube look like a toy. then caltrans reveals plans for demolishing old bay bridge. it's no longer needed. kind of an
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a key test of a space plane southbounding called a success. after landing in the desert. everything went well above 12,000 feet, officials acknowledged it was a different story on the ground. only one part of the landing gear emerged. that is an oops the video ends before you can see the plane touched down. creators say it was perfect otherwise. >> think trance bay tube is big? another engineering marvel connecting asia and connents for the first time. it's an underwater railway eight and a half miles long and crossing
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takes four minutes it cost $4.4 million to build >> wow. that is cool. keeping with aircraft theme, a helicopter tournament in china had pilots test their skills highlight was opening of the top of a pole six feet from the ground a bottle opener skid. some were successful. thinking they had to open five beer bottles in eight seconds. some managed what? eight minutes. some managed four, but not five. it's very delicate operation there. >> wow >> yes >> and singer and terror on the high seas. >> american pop star whose songs
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to those who've encountered welcome to covered california. new, affordable health plans so you can be ready for whatever comes your way. enroll today at
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coming up at 6:00 michael finney examines health care coverage people are receiving under obamacare z a special report on a one-year anniversary of super storm sandy. why one town is having to force people into making repairs. and how an app can turn you into an online carp yoonist. >> thank you. see you then. >> britney spears music has seen criticism over the years but nothing like this. >> several hit songs being used to scare off somali pirates. >> that is the what sends pirates race waying the british navy prefers to use songs instead of guns. >> naf yat security says they thought pirates would hate it the most. it may be working. tacks are down so far this year.
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not when she wants to hear >> nochlt that is going to do it for us. thanks for watching. welcome to "world news." tonight under fire, the white house fighting on two fronts, new calls to totally change the way america spies. and did president obama break a key promise to all americans about his health care plan. hurricane sandy one year later, the families with their amazing survival stories, but are we ready for the next super storm? made in america, you heard it here first, those olympic uniforms made in china. big news today about what team usa will wear this time. going to extremes, the surfer trying to ride this giant wave into the record books, why dare devils push the limits, the real reason they do it.


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