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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  October 30, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> a new twist in san francisco general hospital's missing patient case. police need to find the person who report through first found her in the stairwell. good morning, san francisco general, the police and the victim's family hope the mystery man will come forward in the investigation into the death of lynne spalding. amy hollyfield joins us from san francisco general this morning. amy? >> he is described as asian in his 30's. police think he works in the hospital. they have been looking for him for weeks.
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they sent out an alarm and hope he will see it and come forward. the stairwell where the body was found in locked. you can only exit on the bottom floor and leave the building. on the only of october 4, a man was knocking on the emergency stairwell bell trying to get out on a floor. the nurse heard the knocking. she left him in on the fifth floor and said, what are you doing here this is an emergency and he said wrong stairwell, thanks for letting me in. that exchange took place and he said, by the way, it looks like there is someone further down on the stairwell, maybe asleep or not sure but there is someone down there. >> the hospital staff says that isn't unusual homeless people seek shelter there. >> she said okay and called the sheriff deputies to check it out. that was the protocol. she did what she was supposed to do. >> the man walked away. police have spent the last few weeks looking at employee badges to find the man. they are going public with the
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search. >> this person, now, becomes super important. he may have some important information about her. >> her body was discovered in the stairwell three daze after the man reported seeing someone. she was in the hospital for a bladder infection and disappeared september 21 and found dead on the hospital stairs 2 1/2 weeks later. the staff are grieving. we have had meetings with them to help them process the grief and help them own of to what happened and think how we move forward. >> he says the staff is anxious for answers in all of this. we checked with the sheriff's office and they say "no comment" on any of this. the sheriff is investigating the deputy's role in this case of the sheriff is in charge of security at this county build building. >> thank you. new details this morning involving a deadly crash in
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sonoma county that seriously injured a young child. the investigators believe the driver who caused the crash on highway 121 north of the sonoma raceway had been drinking. they have identified him as 25 -year-old who lost control of his jaguar and slammed head on into a toyota suffering major injuries. his twier 26-year-old passenger was killed. the two in the toyota suffered serious injuries, one five. >> the chop is investigating a school bus accident that left 21 students injured. it happened in santa barbara county as the bus headed to school. the front of the bus was destroyed. most of the injuries were minor. four people were taken to the hospital. >> another protest and vigil is held for 13-year-old andy lopez shot and kill by a sheriff
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deputy. 600 attended the funeral. 2,000 people turned out for two rallies yesterday as anger continues to grow over the teen shooting death. lopez was carrying a low -- toy gun that looked like an assault rifle. >> an oakland technical high school immigration activists protesting a visit by u.c. president napolitano with visitors protesting the government deportation of to million immigrants. napolitano headed the department of homeland security at the time. she took over as head of the uc system a month ago. she is speaking to oakland high school students today about the importance of a college education. >> lost san jose parents of angry and frustrated after learning thieves wrecked a massive fundraising effort by stealing ipads stolen from a school over the week.
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matt, this story is worse. >> yes, they are going to be expensive to replace as parents and students at river gasoline -- glenn are upset. the technology room is not so advanced today. the computers on the on the dese older than the students. 31 new ipads and laptops were on champion station but over the weekend someone took them. >> my kid said, why would someone steal from kids? sad. sad. >> it is terrible. we spent last year fundraising. >> the 60 new laptops and 120 new ipads were behalf of the not enough to meet the
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deductible so replacements are not coming. 118 are left for 550 students. >> hundreds, maybe thousand thousands of work. it is devastating to the entire community that we lost this, it is a huge amount of money. >> carlos says this puts back the teachers' efforts to get them ready for the start of next year's testing. sometimes the hard lessons are not learned in class. >> we teach respect is because when they are out of our school and work in our part of the larger society they have to respect other people's property. this is an example of someone who didn't respect them as students or respect our school and they do not respect our property. >> the parent teacher association is trying to raise money to replace the ipads and laptops the check out with a link connecting you to their
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fundraising page. >> matt, thank you. a few miles arm san jose police say another school was hit by thieves when they targeted an elementary school over the week. the school is checking to see what was stolen. >> two big expensive excavators stolen from an east bay construction site have been located. an official sent up this picture of one of those 15-ton excavators. each is worth $120,000. police say a tip led the c.h.p. to a property 20 miles from the construction site. it took a lost effort to get the vehicles there. >> the woman behind a rollout of says she is accountable and is sorry but health and human services secretary is not backing down from what she calls a better health care system. katie marzullo is in the newsroom with more.
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katie? >> the mood was tense with americans of the house of representatives energy and commerce committee peppering her with questions and accusations and compliments, as well, for 3 1/2 hours. >> this is more than a website problem. that was supposed to be the easy part, remember? >> committee chairman got the first word. the secretary offered an apology speaking to the american people. >> you deserve better. i apologize. i'm accountable to you for fixing these problems. >> she attempted to put a better spin on the problems. >> the website has never crashed and is functional at a very slow speed and low reliability. >> she promises to have the problem fixed next month. that is not the only issue. president obama promised americans if they liked their current health care plan they could keep it. 15 million americans may lose their more affordable limited coverage because it leaves out basics required by law.
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the republican representative from tennessee put the question to the secretary: the president said if you like your health care plan you can keep it. is he keeping his promise to. >> yes, he is. he said people can keep their policies under a grandfather clause. republicans are not buy it and some are calling for her to resign. he is finding support on the other side of the aisle. >> my republican colleagues' actions remind me of a story when i was little, the story of chicken little who ran around yelling the sky is falling, the sky is falling. unlike chicken little my republican colleagues are actually rooting for the sky to fall. >> sebelius says she does not have reliable data on enrollment numbers but revealed the cost of the website: $56 million for i.t. support and $174 million total. >> in our state you can access through covered california with
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a link on our website with other information at click open "see it on tv." >> now an exclusive: two high ranking senate aides have rereeled all senate democratic letters have signed a letter urging hillary clinton to run for president in 201. the letter was organized at the urging of barbara boxer. the secretary said she would now decide until next year. >> there could be a change to police recruits leaving san jose police department hopefully to have a prorated program if recruits leave before they cop -- complete five years of service. it costs $170,000 for each
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candidates' training. officers leaving because of pension and benefit losses in san jose. >> day dreamers: you may be more productive than anyone thought. >> the rally taking place against a high-end retailer accused of customer profiling. >> athletes will want to know about a study on concussions and the effectiveness of hold gear. >> and now, outside, from the sutro camera. mike nicco has
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this morning, more fallout involving allegations of racial profiling at two retailers. barney's and mercy have until friday about racial profiling complaints in manhattan flag ship stars. african-american shoppers were unfairly questioned for credit card fraud after making pricey purchases. a brooklyn pastor will protest. >> native american group is pushing for the washington redskins to change their names saying it is racist and offensive. the controversy is causing the san francisco chronicle to adopt a new policy limiting their use of the name and will only use
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the team name when it is necessary. for instance, when covering a story about the main controversy. at least one other newspaper has stopped using the name. >> when it comes to concussions in youth sports, it is not just football but is high in other sports. the institute of medicine looked at student athletes five to 21 and fund sport-related concussions rising in young male athletes that play football, ice hockey and lacrosse. for females, soak, lacrosse and basketball are at the top of the list. it is not clear if better head gear is an answer. >> we will look outside to our meteorologist, mike nicco. i froze on the way to work after my heater went kid. >> get that fixed soon because the roads will be cool but i have warmer weather in the afternoon coming in tomorrow and on friday. i will toll you if it lasts.
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>> oakland, sunnyvale and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> folks are nervous after a mountain lion was spotted in napa before 7:00 near a park entrance. the area was checked and visitors are warned to lookout. >> if you are daydreaming,
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embrace it. new research shows when your mind wanders from the present it helps your creative process so you can solve problems, envision the future, or consider things from someone else pore perspective. it is great for companies to give employees time to get away mentally. google gives employees 20 percent of the time to do whatever they choose in a project. >> just thing... >> continue. continue. >> i am dreaming about the snow falling in the sierra painting a also brothering picture with the mountain resorters hooking forward to the winter season this weekend! crews are checking the snow pack. if there is enough snow, get ready for the slopes. officials say on top of the fresh powder, it is also >>megyn: to make sure there is 12" at the base. athe key is, when?
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mike nicco, is there more precipitation? >> we are in a holding pattern for outdoor activity today and also for tomorrow obviously with halloween rolling around the corner. we will go to that and show you the halloween graphic with an idea of what to expect tomorrow. we will roll through the forecast: it is sunset at 6:12. if you are going out early, 69 at 4:00. the sun is setting and we are around upper 50's to low 60's but cool quickly as we head through the early evening hours with temperatures in the mid to possibly upper 50's. good news on the visibility, live doppler 7 hd tracking clear air. there is haze here and the high clouds are moving in but it looks like the fog is gone and the low clouds hanging over the bay early. temperatures are in the mid-to-upper 50's but los gatos
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at 60 degrees. as we move forward, a beautiful picture of the hazy sunshine from sutro tower across san francisco. sunny and hazy with high clouds in the north bay and dry and warm air push, in, in the afternoon, leading to warmer weather today but especially tomorrow and november 1st friday. a slow cooling trend headed through the weekend and into next week. in san jose, you can see plenty sunshine, 24 hour temperature change and you will be up a couple of degrees to 64 and everyone is remaining up a couple of degrees. it will be 65 in san jose. same in richmond and san rafael. oakland and san mateo and santa cruz at 64. some of our warmest weather is napa, concord, fairfield, antioch, livermore and morgan hill, 67 to 68. san francisco up to 62 degrees and upper 50's at the coast.
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tonight is chilly. in the heater did not kick in, maybe it will tonight if you have it on, at all. temperatures are in the mid-to-upper 30's inland valleys withing for possible up north. most of us will step outside with temperatures in the mid-to-upper 40's under mostly clear sky. the area of low pressure responsible for the unsettled measure has moved off and high pressure will move in its wake taking the cooler air and take the wet weather chance away. most of the western two-thirds of the united states are under a drought and 97 percent of california is under a drought. we are under a severe drought in the short-term and the long term. we hope the snow in the sierra we will get more moving forward but not in the seven-day forecast. two to seven degrees warmer tomorrow and friday we let the air out of the balloon. set your backs back an early on
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saturday late at night. we will jump into the low-to-mid 60's today. injury it. >> mike, thank you. >> twitter is getting into the halloween spirit a day early. they are inviting 300 homeless children and their families to stop by twitter building in san francisco for trick-or-treating this afternoon. other technical companies including microsoft are providing costumes. the fun does not stop there with a dinner and magic show. >> beyonce fan in australia has something she will never forget she was photo bombed by beyonce herself friday at a concert in melbourne. she decided to lean over and pop her head into the photo. the teen said it was "the best moment over." >> totally cool. >> i bet her friends are jealous
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. he has a meeting with the pope. our political commentator bill o'reilly on a new book called "kill jesus."
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to those who've been waiting welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage, and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at
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>> coming up at 4:00, the mission try surrounding a creek in santa clara valley that is drying up. what are the scientists doing? >> spin control: a movie stunt but really is a bay area utility keeping the public safe. >> and pope francis. this little boy stole the show when he wandered on stage to get the pope's attention. the pope did not mine. officials tried to coax the boy off but he refused to move. he is a six-year-old orphan from columbia and was adopted a year ago by an italian
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[dramatic music] ♪ >> oh! hey! what's up, baby? what up, what up, what up, what up? hey, baby, what's up? hey! chris! what's going on? come on. yeah! hello, and welcome to millionaire. i am so excited for today's game. i mean, we've got a crazy good player with us. on the last show, we learned that this guy was the king of trivia. and as a--boy, has he lived up to his name right now. from santa clarita, california, let's hear it for chris ngoon! what's up, chris? [cheers and applause] excited, man. >> thank you. thank you. >> you've turned it up, man. yesterday you went for $100,000. got it, walked around all night


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