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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  October 31, 2013 1:05am-1:41am PDT

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antioch where tonight police are investigating a dog attack that has injured several people. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. abc7 news reporter nick smith is live in antioch on larkspur drive with the late breaking details. nick? >> dan and carolyn, this remains a crime scene. we are here on the 2700 block of larkspur drive. we understand a man was walking his dog in this block, two dogs actually when he was attacked by two dogs who charged at him from an open area. in the midst of the screens and the calls for help, neighbors responded to all of the commotion. those dogs turned and attacked at least three other people. all of the victims suffered bites to their extremities, arms, legs and face. residents in the quiet neighborhood were frightened by the screams. >> i saw cars everywhere honking and people screaming. there was a bunch of cop cars
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out here and i was scared. i heard gunshots and i ran inside. i was really scared. >> when officers arrived on the scene the dogs urn ited from the people they were attacking and charged at the officers. the officers fired four shots killing one of those dogs here at the scene. the second dog ran away and tott dog. that dog has been captured and has been quarantined. they are checking to see if either of the dogs had any type of rabies. all four people bitten by the dogs have been transported to the area hospital. the threat has been eliminated. again, four people who were bitten by dogs and they don't know the owners of the dogs or where the dogs in antioch, nick smith, abc7 news. >> thanks very much. new information about sought know ma county -- about the sonoma county deputy who shot and killed the pers
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alan, this story continues to develop. >> yeah, dan, they are talking s spot this spot and the memoril marks the spot where the deputy shot and killed 13-year-old andy lopez. typically the police do not released information about an officer involved shooting like this one. but there are serious concerns that tempers might boil over so police are trying to be as transparent as possible. >> tonight's demonstration swelled to 1500 people in santa rosa's courthouse square. >> this hurts me. it is something painful for me and for everybody. >> demonstrators areville -- are villa fying them after new details were released the way he shot and killed andy lopez. >> we >> we believe the time period between the time the deputy hold his dispatcher what his
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observations were and the time he advised on the radio shots were fired was 10 seconds. >> and i cannot understand how this happened in such a short, short time, 10 seconds and the boy is murdered. >> they spotted lopez carrying this rifle that looks like an ak47. >> he yelled at the subject two teams to drop the weapon. the subject did not do that. he turned to face the deputies. >> that's when the mizell of andy's gun was pointed at him and he fired eight shots striking andy seven times. >> the deputy's statement was he was not sure he identified himself or not. >> he was lying about what he did. >> police say identifying before shooting is not a requirement. the demonstrators are asking for a fair investigation which is why police released this information saying they want to be transparent to the community.
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alan wang, abc7 news. a marin county jury found a teen guilty of attempted murderand grand theft for stealing the celebrity chef's lamborghini. he is convicted of commercial burglary. prosecutors say he repelled into british motors and stole the $200,000 sports car. the food network star testified against wade on monday. the attempted murder conviction comes from a drive by shooting of a girl and her boyfriend last year. >> the fbi and the state stateat tomorrow to discuss launching an elder abuse investigation against a bay area nursing home. the valley springs manor in castro valley is accused of abandoning 14 patients after it was shutdown by the state last week. tonight one patient is missing after walking away from the facility. the 65-year-old has been missing since friday. there is his picture. he was last seen wearing a raiders shirt, blue pants,
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black boots and a fishing hat. this is not the first time he had gone missing. the husband of another resident abandoned last week says the whole situation is just inexcuse rabble. is just inexcuse believe a. >> i don't know why i was not notified ahead of time. if there are this many problems here they should have said something ahead of time. >> another facility is facing closure by the state. residents were never abandoned and staffing was adequate to meet their needs. >> new details about a shooting in the marina district. the police chief says the suspect's gun was firing blanks. the chief says 19-year-old faces prior charges for luring people who posted phones for sale on craigslist and then robbed them of their phones. he set up a meeting in the marina with his latest victim and then pistol whipped him during a robbery attempt.
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they shot him after he pointed his gun at police. he is now in the hospital and the robbery victim is okay. san jose's police chief called for a meeting with recruits in the latest move to prevent new officers from leaving the force. this comes after recent revelations that we reported and as many as half of the police academy graduating class is considering physicians -- positions elsewhere. five grads have already left. some are suggesting retention plans including the possibility of charging new officers for training if theyspn spend less than a year with the department. . the uc system will give money to those students living illegally in the u.s. in an effort to help with the education. three groups will get $5 million each. undocumented students and graduate students. janet napolitano says the money will not come from state funds or tuition dollars. napolitano has had critics
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pointing to her role in homeland security. now the political storm in washington over the president's troubled health care program. the health and human services secretary kathleen sabelius for the botched health care website. republican lawmakers got a chance to grill her about the problems, they pounce. >> who was in charge? >> amazon would never do this. >> you are saying the president is not responsible for hhs? >> sir, you didn't say that. >> it is the president's ultimate responsibility, correct? >> whatever, he is the president and he is responsible. >> i want you to go home and research. if you are wrong you go into the exchanges. if you can will you? it is a yes or no. >> i will take a look at it. >> that's not an answer. that's not a yes or no. >> she is prohibited from getting insurance through an obamacare exchange because she
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is 65 and a medicare recipient. a south bay man is convicted of driving under the influence of ambien. chp officers pulled over feef ven fernandez -- over steven fernandez. they say he did poorly on a field sobriety test even though they didn't detect alcohol. but a blood test showed he had system.ep aid ambien in his he said he was sleep driving. the prosecutor in the case says the evidence otherwise.ed otherwise. >> the jury watched a video taken from the california highway patrol vehicle of the initial interaction with him. for about two hours he was able to engage with the as to why he says he was going to the hospital. he said he was going to the hospital and why he thought a per description -- being under the influence of a prescription should constitute a dui.
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>> the sleep driving defense is becoming more people for people taking sleep medication. it is a real thing, but experts say very rare. it is a a lonely layover. coming up, what forced a bay area-bound plane to land on a remote alaskan an island. live from sfo where those passengers just arrived. >> and a bus driver is being called a hero. how an unexpected stop saved a life. >> and stealing the show from the pope. the little boy who couldn't contain himself when thepontif . >> i am meteorologist sandhya patel. but willr tonight, but wt stay this way for the school parades and the trick-or-treaters? my halloween forecast
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to hear on a flight, potential engine failure. that's what happened to passengers on a delta flight from tokyo to sfo. the pilot forced to make a landing in cold bay, alaska near the aleutian islands and the passengers waited 10 hours for a replacement jet. they finally uh reefed at sfo and -- arrived at sfo and that's where ama dates caught up with those passengers. >> they had quite the unexpected layover in the remote part of alaska. the replacement jet was brought there and now all of those passengers and the crew members are home safely tonight in san francisco. this delayed reunion was a happy one for caitlin from sunnyvale.
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she was flying home after a week in business. 208 from tokyo had to make an emergency landing in cold bay,k. alaska. he texted caitlin who didn't get worried until she heard the details of what happened. >> about the engine failure and the lights going out before they landed and the drama before they landed. i want to give the pilot a big hug. he was awesome. he saved the day. >> reporter: the unsaid iewld -- the unscheduled landing was after a message but at no point was there the danger with the flight. >> i dozed on and the captain said we are turning toward ask you expo were going to land. >> the passengers were then able to pass the time at a local watering hole. he took a picture for his wife and both are extremely
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thankful for the pilot. >> he is a veteran of 20 plus year. he did a great job. >> a great job and getting all 167 passengers and 11 crew members on board back on the ground safely. abc7 news. a bus driver in buffalo, new york is being called a hero after he talked a woman off a ledge and it is caught on surveillance video. he saw the young woman on the wrong side of a guardrail on an over pass. a lot of people walked by. he stopped the bus that was full of high school students and asked her if she needed help. she would not respond so she got off the bus to talk with her. >> up until that point she had been looking at me. i was okay as long as we had the eye contact. she turned around and started looking down so it got super urgent for me. at that point i went and made my move, if you will. >> just incredible. he helped pull her to safety
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and then sat down with her until help arrived. when darnell got back on the bus to continue on his route the students gave him a round of applause. you may be adding more than you expect to your meal when you add imported spices. 12% of those spices are contaminated with unappetizing things including insects. insect, insect parts and rodent hairs. 27% of the spice imports are contaminated with salmonella. they can be blamed on storage practices before the product is shipped to stores. man spice manufacturers treat imported spices before brin market. >> that's good to know. facebook apparently knows more about your love life than you do. it suggests the soc caetwork can predict the health of your relationship. couples had a lot of the same friends were 50% more likely to end the relationship than with different friends.
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they have their own lives and their own friends. a little boy upstaged the head of the roman catholic church. it is pretty adorable. during family day in st. peter's square the boy gave the pope a big hug and kissed his cross. look at this. the boy served as bodyguard trying to keep people away, and then he switched tactics and began to usher others on to the stage. turns out the boy is an orphan from columbia, south america like the pope. he was adopted a little more than a year ago. the vatican tweeted this picture with the caption, a special guest with pope francis. >> that is remarkable, and the way the pope handled it is neat. >> a lot of cute kids will be out there roaming the streets. >> in dry weather. sandhya patel is here now. >> no rain drops as those little ones get off trick-or-treating tomorrow. live doppler 7hd not tracking any moisture tonight. as a matter of fact, it is clear out there.
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and here is a look at the trick or treat forecast. sun goes down at 6:12 and 4:00 we are looking at mild weather. 68 degrees. 6:00 p.m. getting cooler, low 60s and staying dry. by 8:00 p.m., the chill is in the air, in the upper 50s. if your kids will be out late they may want to sneak in the extra layer under their costumes. check out the view from the exploratorium camera. it is under clear skies. 53 in san francisco and 50 in oakland and mid50s san carlos and san jose. los gatos 49 and half moon bay down to 45 degrees. emeryville camera showing you how great the visibility is as we look toward san francisco. it is currently 44 in santa rosa. you can feel the chill in napa and 42 degrees. 46 novato and 50s elsewhere. concord, livermore. embarcadero, nothing but clear skies. chilly, clear morning a weather treat for halloween and it is looking to clear down a little bit.
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i want to show you the almanac, the high was 67. we are not exactly where we should be. normal is 71. the low 40 for average and it is a little lower than where we should be. and the rainfall, we have had nothing for the entire month of october. .66 of an inch and really for san francisco we have had 0 rainfall for the entire month of october. tomorrow is looking dry. we really could use the rain unofficially on halloween and we have received some moisture. sunny and warmer. today was warmer and tomorrow continues to warm and we will keep that going for friday as well. tomorrow morning make sure you grab a coat or jacket. 36 in napa. most other areas in the 40s. then in the afternoon it will be nice for halloween. 72 in the south bay and 74 morgan hill and 71 sunnyvale on the peninsula. 69 in san mateo and 71 for palo alto, menlo park, 65 on
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the bay. the sun will be shining, south san francisco 67, 66 downtown san francisco. sunset district is 63. in the north bay are you going to see the 60s at the coast. low to mid70s for most other areas. 73 santa rosa, sonoma, novato. 69 in oakland. 72 hercules. inland s spots, 74 in livermore. nothing ghoulish about the forecast. 74 walnut creek. and a reminder this weekend we are going to fall book. daylight saving time will end sunday morning at 2:00 a.m. don't forget to set your clocks back on sunday morning or saturday night before you go to bed. the accu-weather seven-day forecast, a little cooler for your weekend, not does not look like rain in the forecast. i have looked. the computer models are showing nothing over the next seven days. we will keep the temperatures comfortable. dan, carolyn? >> that's a shame because i was going as an umbrella tomorrow. >> don't need it. let's talk world series.
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>> world series and warriors' home opener. >> we have a ton of stuff going on. baseball season ends as b nba begins. we'll show you the party in boston and another at oracle as the warriors come out ♪ ♪ ♪ i ♪ know i can't deny... ♪ that i got a new feeling ♪ deep inside... ♪ [ female announcer ] with five perfectly sweetened whole grains... you can't help but see the good. is the one you want to be the cleanest. whole grains... the busiest place in your house but using bleach leaves some stains behind.
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from worst to first. the red sox complete their turn around with a victory in game six of the world series. boston was ready for this. fenway faithful had not seen a clincher at home since 1918. michael wacha nearly untouchable this post season, but not here. shane victorino unloads the bases. a drive off the green monster
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and johnny gomes is safe for a 3-0 lead. victorino was pumped up. in the fourth another mistake from wacha leets the fast ball out on -- leaves another fast ball out on the plate. it is 4-0. boston three in the third and three more in the fourth. victorino, his fourth r.b.i and 6 of this 0. uehara strikes out carpenter to end it 6-1. boston takes the series 4 games to 2 and david ortiz the series mvp. the warriors open a new season with grand expectations tonight and did not disappoint against the short -- shorthanded l.a. lakers. leading the pre game huddle at oracle that was packed. new acquisition making his presence felt. klay thompson on fire in the first half and pulling up for three.
1:33 am
the owner loving it. thompson feeling it from deep. 15 of 19 for 38 points tonight. the warriors up 19. take away from pao gasol and going the other way. it is a laker team without kobe and resting steve nash. running the break and behind the back. warriors roll 125-94 and visit the clippers in l.a. tomorrow night. >> the crowd is into it and we have the best chance in the game. you score like that and there is nothing better. >> he was in the zone. the sharks and kings in l.a. and how is this for a start? 13 seconds in and in a flash it is 1-0 team teal. the sharks are up 3-2 and late in the third and the power play with justin williams
1:34 am
tieing it. they go to over time and a hooking penalty gives l.a. and a blast ends it 4-3 kings. it is the second overtime loss of the year. abc7 sports brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> good night. good stuff. ripping up carpet masoned you directly to
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