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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  November 2, 2013 1:05am-1:41am PDT

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call me crazy, but maybe they should kid starting with a handshake and going from there. >> and a textbook example of things not going as planned. your local friendly tow truck driver comes to the rs cescue ar an accident. everything seems fine, a classic maneuver. until it is not. you have to be kidding me? let's watch that again. focus on the tow truck driver briefly chasing the vehicle. even the west of intentions could not have saved the day either. love to hear huh ow he is gg to explain that one. a follow-up to a story earlier this week. abc news with center for public integrity aired a story that showed how medical opinions of doctors at johns hopkins medical institutions helped coal companies thwart efforts by ailing mine workers who receive disability benefits. in "nightline's" report, senator jay rockefeller of west virginia
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called the treatment of coal miners "a disgrace." well now johns hopkins medicine is taking action. in a statement released late to they said, following the news report we are initiating a review of the black lung x-ray reading service. until the review is completed, we are suspending the program. thank you for watching abc news, tune in off to "good morning america" tomorrow. there is always on line at have a good weekend.
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a gunman opens fire killing a tsa officer and wounding others before being shot himself.
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>> at the beginning it was complete panic. people were screaming. i saw children crying. >> tonight we are learning more about the tsa officer who was killed and the suspected it shooter, 23-year-old paul ciencia. >> there were more than a hundred more rounds that could have literally killed everybody in that terminal today. >> good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. right now terminal 3 at l.a.x. is still closed. lilian kim is live there now using cell 7 technology. lilian? >> carolyn, behind me is terminal 3. this is where it all unfolded. it will remain closed until further notice. hundreds of officers have been here all day collecting evidence and piecing together what happened. travelers ran for their lives when a gunman shot his way past security at los angeles international airport's terminal 3. this tmz video captures the panic after the suspect identified as 23-year-old paul ciancia approached the check
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point and pulled a semiautomatic rifle from the bag. he shot and killed one tsa agent and wounded three others. >> it was a loud bang. >> everyone panicked. everybody dropped to the ground. >> the shooter seemed to be aiming at tsa officers. he was wearing a blue uniform and helped from the scene holding up his bloody arm. this man barely escaped. >> he was carrying a rifle and he looked at me and said tsa with a question mark and i just shook my head and he kept going. >> reporter: passengers huddled for cover in bathrooms and others dashed for the exits. >> the kids, the seniors are like oh my goodness. i want to help them, but i want to cover myself. >> reporter: finally -- >> i caught up with him near the rear of the terminal and that is where an officer involved shooting occurred. >> reporter: the shooter went down wounded.
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his rifle fell where he did and not a moment too soon. diswhrie were a hundred more -- >> there were a hundred more rounds that could have literally killed everybody in that terminal. >> reporter: terminal 3 was taken over by investigators. travelers coped as best they could. many walked for miles as the airport was closed to cars for most of the day. >> drivers trying to get here and then you couldn't. it was impossible. we have been walking for the past hour or so. >> reporter: authorities say the bag ciancia was carrying blasted the tsa. he said his constitutional rights were violated during searches. lilian kim, abc7 news. >> certainly a could i jot particular scene earlier. how are things looking now? >> reporter: with the exception of terminal three things are back to normal now at l.a.x. cars are allowed back at the air air -- back at the
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airport. delays are an issue and it will take time to iron out. >> lilian, thanks etch have. here is what we know about the tsa officer killed. his name is girardo hernandez. he worked as behavior detection officer. his job was to identify possible terrorists. hernandez recently transferred from montana. the head of the tsa will visit with his family in los angeles tomorrow to express the agency's grief. this is the first time the t -- that a tsa officer has been on duty in the 12-year history. now to the gunman. who is this guy and why did he snap targeting the tsa? sergio is looking into his background and is in the newsroom. >> you heard lilian mention the handwritten note. law enforcement says it describes anger at secretary general janet gnaw napolitano. the aim was to kill tsa employees and pigs. there were three letters, nwo.
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they believe it relates to a conspiracy their wrist group called the new world order and tonight we are learning the shooter's family sensed something was wrong early this morn just before today's shooting at l.a.x., across the country in the small town of pennsville, new jersey paul anthony's ciancia's family got a disturbing text. it was troubling enough that pennsville police chief and family friend was called to the house. he tells abc news the text they received suggested the 23-year-old might kill himself. >> if somebody is concerned about a family member we call the local police department and we do a well being check and that's basically what we did. it came back he wasn't home. >> lapd officers went to ciancia's apartment and talked to his two roommates. they told officers that the 23-year-old had just left, but he seemed to be fine. >> he was a really nice guy. he was a bit loner, introverted, but nothing that i would ever expect him to do something like this.
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>> at about the same time chaos was erupting at l.a.x., the lapd was calling the chief to tell him they completed their check. they had no idea a gunman later identified as ciancia was shooting up terminal 3 at l.a.x. the fbi has since joined pennsville police at the cian cry a family hope in new jersey. >> you know this family well. you grew up with the father. what kind of people are they? >> good people. >> reporter: he was a former catholic high school attendee and he may have been bullied. witnesses and police say the shooter was dressed in military fatigues and used an ar-15 high powered rifle and they say he had five clips of ammunition. in the newsroom, abc7 news. >> sergio, thank you. that shooting caused massive air traffic troubles across the country as hundreds of flights had to be diverted from l.a.x. some were canceled and others delayed. ama is live at sfo where some
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of the strappedded -- stranded passengers are finally arriving in the bay area. ama? >> carolyn, the day was filled with lots of changes for travelers. i spoke with one woman who was trying to get home to australia and she now has to stay in san francisco two more days. for those traveling through l.a.x. and trying to get here to the bay, the day was much more complicated. just before 9:00 p.m. these weary travelers arrived at sfo. many stuck at l.a.x. all day. sebastian grady was coming back from australia and his plane landed at 9:30 a.m. minutes after the shooting. >> my brother who lives in los angeles texted me on my phone as soon as i landed. he said be careful. there was a shooting there. >> jennie may was traveling to sfo from uh strail jaw and -- australia and realized something was wrong after she got her baggage. >> the doors closed and there was holdup at the doors. one of the police or tsa officers said there was an emergency and are you staying here.
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you are safe. >> they kept us in a baggage claim area like this for five hours. >> the shooting disrupted more than 700 flights across the country. delays and cancellations left passengers stranded orie routed. or rerouted. at sfo it meant heightened security. >> the san francisco police department stepped up routine patrols around the terminals as this event was unfolding. >> as the evening wore on, terminal looked like every other friday night and travelers managed to make the best of it. >> in the scheme of things we can deal with it for a day. it is unfortunate the tsa lost one of theirs i think the first time ever. that's the tough part of the whole day in my opinion. >> a little perspective. abc7 news. >> abc7 news first reported the shooting on twitter. you can follow us there at abc7 news bay area. you can also keep up with the new developments over the weekend with the abc7 mobile app. download it for free at
1:17 am eight people had to be taken to the hospital after a car burst into flames. take a look. this is the burned out car. the fire started just before 10:00 this morning. the tunnel evacuated. the drivers left their cars behind. kevin watt kins sent us -- watkins sent us this video. it was hard to breathe. >> i did not have a scarf, but i put my shirt over my face. other people had scarfs over their mouths. others had a dust protector mask. >> seven of the eight taken to the hospital are children. sky 7hd shows medics treating people on highway 24. the eastbound lanes were shutdown for nearly two hours during the response. new details on a story we have been following. the park and rec department killed a man. he is accused of driving over the woman last month. he was arraigned last week.
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after the arraignment police say his son was involved in a possible hit-and-run with a bicyclist leaving court. police decided not to charge him. have you ever spotted mystery charges on your credit card? >> michael finney on where the fees are coming from. >> they are called gray charges. you may have been paying them right now and not even know it. coming up, how you can spot those charges and what you can do to get rid of them. >> and the revealing 9-1-1 calls from the nursing home where more than a dozen patients were abandoned. how much did state workers really know? >> i'm sandhya patel. clear and calm right you no -- right now, but a breezy weekend and your wake up
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bart union workers wrapped up voting. 88% of seiu workers voted to approve the proposed new contract. the workers will announce their results tomorrow. the four-year contract has a 15% raise and improved safety conditions. the workers must contribute more to health care and their peptions. and their pensions. >> time to get out your credit card bills and your phone bills too. >> michael finney is determined to save you money by looking at something called gray charges and other mystery fees. >> these are the strange charges that pop up on your bills. a third of us get them and it costs those of us that do get them on afnlg -- on average $215 over the course of the year. what are they and just where
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do they come from? >> mystery charges are costing billions a year. one estimate goes as high as 14 billion. you may have noticed them. charges for $10 or less on your credit card and cell phone bills. >> have you ever figured out what the charges are for? >> no. sometimes there are strange de scripters to them. >> sur charges or taxes or the city, something like that. >> sometimes it will say texting charges. have you ever received one of those? >> ye >> yes. >> what do you do? >> let it go. >> often they are not from the phone companies, but the third parties paid to do the billing. on phone bills those types of questionable charges are called cramming because they are crammed on the bills. on the credit card they are called gray charges because they fall in a morally gray area. >> it is not fraud, but it is
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not right. >> they started bill guard, a free app that keeps track of your bills looking for these types of charges. a common mystery charge is applied when you sign up for something without knowing it. >> phantom charges is when you sign up for one thing and they tag on something else. you didn't notice that because it was in the fine print where you signed up. >> another way these charges end up on your bill is through a process called free to paid. joe is with consumer action. >> these are p cs that try to deceive consumers into signing up for paid subscriptions under the guise of being free offers. >> and when they get rid of these things they often come back. >> it is like a zombie subscription. that's where you actually call to say i want to turn something off. and then several months later it comes back to life and there there it is on your statement again. >> he is the president of
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liberty group. he saved clients money finding these things. here is an example. >> they were charging $9.99 for premium messaging and without the person actually president whatting it. actually wanting it. it was taken off the bill and now they don't have to pay for it. they did pay for it and that was that. >> is there someplace i can go? >> great questions. you need to go through your bills line byline. when there is something you don't recognize, contact the credit card or phone company and ask that the charges be removed. if it is your phone company, consumer advocate joe rideout says good luck of the. >> you don't have the same protections you do as on your credit card bill. it is not the same on your cell phone bill. >> .ederal law gives you 60-days to catch them on your credit card. with the phone bill the company makes the rules. an easy way to catch the charges is to crowd source with other consumers through
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that free app bill guard. >> when someone else is able to spot on their credit card or debit card, a charge that doesn't look right, they are able to flag it in the system and then others who have the same charge will have that particular charming prioritized prioritized -- charge prioritized for your review. >> here is an insider trick for your phone bill. call your mobile provider and tell them you no longer want third party billing. done. you don't have it a about it again. you can never get those charges, but most people don't want them anyway. we spoke to all of the phone companies they say they work hard to keep unauthorized charges off your bill. if you have a problem, give your provider a call. >> this is great information in this report. thanks, michael. >> abc7 news has obtained the 9-1-1 and dispatch tapes from the day authorities discovered abandoned patients from the bay area assisted living facility. several calls were made on saturday afternoon as two remaining staff members asked
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for ambulances to help patients. when first responders arrived on the scene they realize there was a bigger problem. >> can we respond to this location? it is a con convalescent home and there are clients in the building s- it looks like the management has left them here. >> state workers visited the facility as late as friday afternoon. a department of social services spokesman says he didn't know whether the state workers were aware residents were only being cared for by a cook and a janitor. the weekend has arrived and november has as well. >> a split forecast for us. sandhya patel is here. >> 70s across the bay area. warmth for the first day. the weekend will feature cooler weather. as you look at live doppler 7hd, the fog is starting to
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approach and that is really your first indication of some changes to come from the weekend. it is clear over san francisco and 61 degrees and oakland at 56. we have 50sin san jose and los gatos and half moon bay, you are one of the cool spots. 45 degrees. east bay hills camera giving you a pretty good vantage point. you know the visibility is good. novato is 48. it is getting cool. 55 in livermore and temperatures are running about close to where they were yesterday. from the emeryville camera and looking toward interstate 80 and over the bay it is beautiful tonight. the cooling trend for the weekend, gusty winds in the hills and along the coast and a chance of rain. now the computer models say next thursday. it is thought next friday. just stay tuned. the rain chances going back and forth between friday and thursday. the weekend is dry though. the cold front going through will be a dry front. what it will do for us is cool us off and kick up the winds going partly cloudy and cooler
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as we head into your sunday. wind advisory late tomorrow night and it covers the hills of the bay area and the santa cruz mountains. the gusty winds may knockdown the power lines and trees. secure the loose items if they are in your backyard. are you expecting the winds we saw last weekend? no, not nearly as intense. it will be gusty. 41 miles an hour. gusty along the coast and going to your sunday morning. the winds will let up a little bit after that and then pick back up sunday night into monday morning. do watch out for the conditions that could make it difficult driving out there. now in the morning if your kids have soccer games or you will get out and take a run or a walk, the temperatures will start outcome for thible. low 40s to low 50s. we will see patchy fog around and then in the afternoon it is mild, but not as warm as today. low 70s inland. 72 in livermore. 67 oakland and san mateo 71 and 66 san francisco. 64 in half moon bay and 69 san
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jose. a mix of sun and high clouds tomorrow. even cooler on sunday. we will be falling back on sunday morning at 2:00 a.m. we go to standard time. temperatures will inch back up the middle of next week and only to cool off and we may need to dust off the umbrellas on thursday. rain looks like a possibility. >> keep us up-to-date. >> i will. it is exciting. let's talk some football with larry. >> larry is here. raiders, big game this weekend. >> it is big. 3-4, how big can it be? well philly is coming in and terrelle pryor knows exactly the importance of this contest. into an easy dinner with crescent dogs. just separate, add hot dogs,
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rebuilding team like the raiders sunday is huge. they are playing four sub 500 teams starting with philly. if they can beat the eagles they would be at 4-4 at the halfway mark for only the third time in the past decade. terrelle pryor getting better and better. sunday the ohio state product faces the coach he turned down. chip kelly was at oregon before taking over the philadelphia eagles and pryor would have been a duck in college if not for location. >> the distance, oregon is just pretty far. my mother likes to come and watch me play. obviously i couldn't afford to have her transportation or her flights and stuff to get out there. >> friday night football and usc at oregon state. he is back from a knee injure tree and the beavers didn't know that because they decided not to cover him with
1:33 am
anybody. a 7-0 trojans. he is a beast. right about here! get off me. usc wins it 31-14 and 3-4 under their interim head coach. warriors with the night off and back home tomorrow night against their former assistant , michael malone. the nets are hosting miami and darrin williams is coast to coast here. a sweet reverse lay up. nets by 11 after 3. he would come back with a barrage of 3's. dwyane wade and then mario chalmers and then lebron from the corner. chris bosh makes the free throw. the heat have lost two of the first three games. fred couples hasn't won a tournament on the champions tour at all, but he is the man to catch after round two in the championship in san francisco. there is the cup and the final
1:34 am
of the year. couples has been the runner up four times this season. he wants to finish strong. unfortunately dealing with neck and back pain and playing through it. nice approach on 16 here and just love the back spin. i do my own sound effects. couples leading by two strokes at 12 under par. abc7 sports is brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> larry, thank you. coming up next, an update on the developing story. >> the deadly
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lead paint poisoning affects one million children today. it's also 100% preventable. if your home was built before 1978, visit to learn more.
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wake up weather. patchy fog at the coast, light winds x temperatures in the 40s and 50s. lisa argen at 5:00 a.m. >> sandhya, thank you very much. >> we have the latest on the los angeles international airport shooting. suspected it gunman 23-year-old paul ciancia remains in critical condition. >> he is described as a loner bullied in high school. they say he killed tsa of hernandez and shot three other people. >> in all six were taken to the hospital. the shooting caused more than two dozen flight cancellations in the bay area. airlines in terminal 3 at l.a.x. will be relocated to other terminal. >> we will keep you update. that's all for now.
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