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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  November 4, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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racial profiling. >> he assumed a mexican american kid is a gang member dressed like a gang member. >> this attorney told reporters in san francisco, the boy was on his way to a friend's house to return his soft air rifle, which he borrowed the county of sonoma saying statements in the claims alleging that the sheriff encourages deputies to prematurely shoot suspects are absurd and false. lopez was shot and killed october 22nd in broad daylight. two deputies spotted the teenager walking. one of them, eric gelhaus told investigators he mistook the plastic rifle for a real ak 47. gelhaus says he feared for his life and those around him. the family ordered its own autopsy found the first shot fired brought the 13-year-old down. >> it went through his heart. it
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killed him. he fell to the ground as he was falling, the officer continued to shoot. >> reporter: fbi is conducting an independent investigation want an honest investigation. e >> the family today showed these pictures of their son, they say was a loving boy. hundreds have protested the shooting calling it a senseless act. >> the boy's mother says please, let's do this in peace. let's keep calm. now with, regard to the lawsuit any monetary compensation will be decided by a jury. this attorney won a $24 million judgment after an l.a. officer shot a 13-year-old playing cops and robbers the boy was paralyzed.
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>> you can down load our smart phone app for free. >> supporters investigating a collision that killed a man in a motorized wheelchair. police say the man was hit in the crosswalk on market street and octavia boulevard around midnight the victim taken to the hospital. he was pronounced dead police say witnesses tell them the driver had a green light. they say he is cooperating with investigators. in the meantime, san francisco police are looking for anyone who may have seen a hit and run injuring 3 people. someone driveing a white car hit three men, loading the back of the truck at post street near union square the men pinned against the back of the truck. one had a leg broken. others injured their legs and hands.
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>> uc davis authorities are stepping up patrols after saying someone tried to blow up a fraternity house. member as lerted police yesterday, after noticing the smell of gas and they found evincde of smn opening gas valves on the kitchen stove, that started a fire. nobody was hurt. police called in bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms to investigate. uc davis warning about that attack. >> a a former stanford player left dolphins last week. now, his teammate, ritchie incognito is accused of sending him rarely slurs. david? >> coaches and players hold jonathan martin in high reward. ritchie incognito admits he's no
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choir boy. the brunt of the alleged harassment is jonathan martin. he has taken a leave of absence after reports of verbal abuse by ritchie incognito. he left him a message beginning with the n word and threatening to kill him and also reports he shook him down for 15,000ses today finance a trip for team members. the dolphins have suspend incognito who had dismrin problems during his college career. he is voted dirtiest player by peers the raiders coach says bullying has to be monitored. >> that is something you want to keep an eye on. but i don't think we have issues with any that have stuff on this football team. >> there is a culture of hazing
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in sometimes teams this is a video documenting how rookies had to demean themselves.. >> i like shorts up a little bit. >> we asked the coach how he polices harassment. >> you have commune indication making sure that everybody feels included and we're doing what we set out to do. we talk about playing great football, graduating. not doing anything that comes between us and those goals . >> i don't know what is going on there. we're behind moose there i got to play with him two years here. i wish him the best in whatever is going on right now. >> let's bring in abc7 news sports anchor. a question,
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hazing a part of the team. a rookie to be able to withstand daily hazing. the nfl is a military based style boot camp back then. my worst moment is a veteran player defecated in my helmet and made sure i would not get a new one we had to sing college fight song. if you refused you were thrown into a sewer pond behind the cafeteria. i arrived to the 49ers i couldn't wait to haze rookies but bill walsh didn't believe in it he thought you can ruin a young player. if the team is paying big bucks on a draft pick, it's unacceptable. now, with social immediate yashg ritchie incognito can haze martin 24 hours a day, and also, texting
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with another level. so it's still going on, and it's going on. nfl career being short you've got a young player behind you, you want to keep him down this, is a way to maybe get to him mentally. >> just not team oriented. >> not team oriented. >> unbelievable. >> thank you. >> well, baseball fans on both sides of the bay divided over word major league baseball is suggesting a's play ball at least temporarily at the giants park. a's lease expires soon. some think nfl major league baseball, rather suggestion is putting pressure on both sides to come up with a deal. officials say they're confident the team will stay, and play in oakland. and the team today released this statement. according to managing partner lou wolf, we intend to extend
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our lease and look forward to another great season. >> crews have raised a sunken tug boat. the tug has been there decades but moved today as part of a two-month long clean up. the state officials say it has to go because it's posing a hazard to and contaminating the environment. >> excitement is building as twitter is just days from a public offering. shares will start trading on thursday. this morning twitter raised it's price range to between $23 and $25. that will help raise two -- sor rishgs up to $2 billion putting the value of the company at $15 billion we'll see what happens. wednesday. san francisco big on
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twitter giving the company tax breaks to move into a run down area of the city. today, mayor ed lee pointed at new businesses and art groups following twitter into the neighborhood now. and says payroll could hit $54 comblinl over next two decades chronicle reports payroll taxes and sales could have brought in $56 million to n francisco coffers. >> odds a new tech company will nurn a facebook are small. the firm tells tech crunch only seven tenths of 1% of the start ups reach a $1 billion value. the firm likens between catching a full ball in an a's game sxk hit by lightning. or 100 times harder than getting into
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stanford. >> getting into gear and traction. but new questions over who is going to pay for it. how safe is it, really? >> and raising big top. now cirque du soliel is in the bay area. >> also, child care versus college tuition. which costs woah, this k l! the tour. give him the tour. let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. because your kitchen dreams can be big. ikea has it all.
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woah, this k l! the tour. give him the tour. let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. because your kitchen dreams can be big. ikea has it all. a major gay rights bill cleared a hurdle the senate voted to advance legislation banning work place discrimination against gay that's could pass the senate by the end of the week. chances of passing the house, though, are dim. >> san francisco pilot bike
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share program is poised for expansion coming as riding in the city seems to be on the rise. abc7 news is live in the financial district with more on pedal power. heather? >> reporter: supervisors say they believe that in order for san francisco to be truly a transit first city we need to have as many transit options as possible. following leads across the world in the thousands. this is a bike share system launched at the end of august with 350 bikes. the land use and economic development committee in two months since almost 2000 people bought membership. system averaging between 9,000 and a thousand trips per day g enough, says the committee, to call it a success . >> i can't tell you what a difference it's made. >> now, there are 35 stations
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and 350 bikes between embarcadero and haze valley. there will be 15 more stations and a total of 500 bikes then, city has sights on expanding to 3,000 bike as cross the northeastern quadrant of the city. >> the more useful it is for people. if you're picking up a bike downtown, maybe want a ride to the castro or outer mission. maybe you want up to marina. >> reporter: expansion estimated at $20 million to $30 million. >> it's not cheap. i think we'll get there. we va number of funding questions to figure out. >> bike share designed for short trips, pick up at one station, drop after at another. mary is considering joining to help her get from bart to her office. right now she takes a shuttle, taxi or walks
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. >> i thought it might be cost effective to jump on the bike then park it at the bike station near the office. >> corporate sponsors are a possibility. public money is also an option. supervisor scott weiner hopes to have it done within two years. >> now tonight at 11:00, bike versus cars. >> a veteran day care worker was arrested today accused of being drunk on the job. police booked her for child endangerment. saying she worked in morgan hill ten years. there are no allegations of children being harmed at this point. >> tomorrow, voters will decide the fate of measure c. now to,
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prepare for the election check out our guide abc7 >> cirque du soliel setting up camp in san francisco. amid questions about the safety of the performers. just hours ago workers raided blue and gold big top in a parking lot. the entertainment company defending it's records after an acrobat fell performing on the wheel of death. maybe you've seen. that it happened during a friday night showing in las vegas a spokesperson says safety will be a top certain concern. >> everywhere we go in the world we apply highest standards of security. the health and safety of our employees and artists is our top priority >> setting up the village will take another week. it opens on november 13th in san francisco.
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abc7 news will go inside of the big top to see how cirque du soliel is training for the show. our special airs saturday, november 16thth at 10:00 p.m here on abc7. >> you may know this. one expense for working parents is child care. wait until you hear the numbers unbelievable. how high is the cost? so high, higher than cost of an instate tuition at most state colleges. a report found average cost in california is $12,068 higher than tuition in california sdat university system. this year, it is
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$10,944. california has fifth highest costs in the nation in two thirds of the state, it's more expensive than state tuition. bottom line is that child care and colleges are expensive. a pew study found many born in the 08s are delaying buying a home to pay off student loans. 36% are moving back in mom and dad. and the federal reserve reports noncollege graduates have a greater percentage of homeownership than other recent college graduates n 2007, 36.1% of 18 to 32-year-olds were able to afford their first hoerjs that dropped to 23.3% this yeefrment more than half robberies in san francisco this year were cell phone related. today, district attorney offered an incentive to remind iphone users to arm with latest
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technology. new ios contains a kill switch, deactivating the phone if lost or stolen. gascone reminds apple users it only works if you activate it. he's offering a free raffle ticket to nine who answers his sur vachlt he is trying to find out who is using the option. the winner will get aan auto graphed warriors basketball. you'll get a chance. >> that is a great idea. >> back to work we go. >> sandhya patel outside to show us what is going on. sandhya? >> it's dark! sun has gone down. i had to
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bundle up. you can feel how cool it is getting out here. it's an hour earlier with the time change. let's check out live doppler seven hd. it was a gorgeous day. today, temperatures upper 50s to low 70s so it was a warmer day. looking at live doppler seven, clear skies right now. so we're expecting temperatures to fall cold enough that frost advisory has been issued for 3:00 a.m to 8:00 a.m . low to mid-30s. put frost sensitive plants inside. don't forget about the pets. clear skies now. here is a look at the temperatures in san francisco. it's 62. i can tell you, it doesn't feel like that. san jose, 55 degrees half moon bay. looking towards bay bridge, it's a gorgeous view there. santa rosa, 67. 68 napa. 56 fairfield,
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livermore at 68 degrees. still mild inland. tomorrow morning expecting a frosty start. tomorrow morning at 34 rosa. 39 vallejo. make sure you grab a coat. 40s in livermore. check out santa cruz dropping down to 39 degrees. beautiful view right now. chilly mornings. patchy frost and sunny, mild weather continues. cloudier, cooler. by weekend, you look at satellite and radar, high pressure provided with us a warmer day. areas up from 2 to 8 degrees mild days will continue through mid week, then we'll see changes. first is just minor taking you through time, wednesday, you'll notice high clouds passing through. and on thursday, as well. that gets you ready for the change that's are coming up for the weekend.
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taking a look at the tropical pacific this, is once tropical storm sonia. it's perhaps a minor flooding to parts of mexico. moving inland, it has fallen part. now remnants of sonia, winds of 25 miles per hour. continuing to pull moisture into mexico and into texas. doesn't look like flooding going to be a problem anymore. 71 in the south bay. 72 morgan hill. nice day on the peninsula. millbrae, 66. low to mid-60s coast side. sun will be shining. 66 downtown san francisco. north bay, 73 napa. 71 san rafael. east bay communities really right around where you should be. 69 oakland. inland spots, nice and mild. don't get too used to the pattern. cooling off into the end of the week and weekend. notice temperatures dropping into 50s, 06s for the weekend
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clouds coming in. by sunday night, going into veteran's day we do have a chance of rain and of course, our live doppler seven hd will be tracking moisture if that rain develops one computer model painting a wet picture for veteran's day. we'll have to wait and see. we'll be tracking if it does develop. cheryl, dan? >> it's dark. you're right. >> dark at night. >> still head when is an earthquake not a quake? coming up real story behind a 3.7 tumbler. >> national challenge to mobilize the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs and raise money for projects. that
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there are reports of a 3.7 quake today but it was a quarry
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blast. one woman treated out earthquake in chicago? i felt my house shake and rattle. there is no wind in the windy city. did you feel it? of the lasted about five seconds. rattled nerves but no reports of damage or injuries. a study says many girls entering puberty earlier and obesity may have something to do with it. they found girl was a higher body mass index started developing breasts before their thinner friends. 0 breast cancer organization calls the study concerning since it has been tloifrngd a higher risk of breast cancer later in life. >> scientists are looking for life in outer space. astronomers announced they found ten more planet that's could be
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inhabitable. they're about the same distance as earth and same size. they made the discoveries using keppler telescope saying it's a big step forward but the search for life still has a long way to go. >> we can find pat yeshs about the says of earth in a habitable zone. that is the objective of this mission to get that frequency. our earth freak kwens yeez rare but do they have an atmosphere? it would require a new mission. >> 3500 planets have been discovered using the datea. but the mission ended two yearsing aearly after the telescope had problems. earlier this year, but what a find it has been. >> well, still ahead lpz take a look at this. why did this rapper lead to a big increase in something we enjoy eat something
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to those who've been waiting welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage, and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at
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coming up at 6:00 tough new restrictions to gun stores but will they force business owners to pack up and leave and i team spoke to nadya lockyear about the roller coaster ride. and michael finney looks into what is causing glass shower doors to explode without warning. it's coming up at 6:00. now, back to dan and cheryl. >> thank you. see you then. >> here is an incredible story. etiquette dictates a woman should never open her mouth too wide in public. >> it's called a liberation wrapper. >> that way, they can eat without worrying how the process might be. >> sales are up 200%.. >> i know guy that's can use that.
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>> it's not a pretty sight, right? >> thanks for joining us. from all of us here, we welcome to "world news." an eruption tonight in big-time football. a whistle blower accuses a teammate of being a 320-pound bully. today a suspension and hidden details and a surprising new twist for a nationwide problem. big break as temperatures plunge for millions of americans, good news on gasoline and keeping your home warm for the winter. and making babies, young and gifted girls, thousands of dollars and a big experiment under way in america tonight. and good evening to you on this monday night. we have reported so often on bullying in america, but we never expected that some of the tougst


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