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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  November 5, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, thanks for joining us. 100 people are gathered voicing their anger to sonoma county supervisors over a sheriff deputy fatalling shooting a 13-year-old. andy lopez was killed two weeks ago while holding a realistic looking toy rifle. today is the culmination of protests each day. abc7 news reporter, amy hollyfield; in santa rosa. >> supervisors set aside two hows for the public discussion. they are 2 1/2 hours into the
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discussion. they say they want to hear from the public and they want the conversation to continue. >> the supervisors started the meeting with a some -- a solemn tone expressing sympathies. >> it is unimaginable to lose a child and imagine in this particular way. our thoughts and prayers are with the lopez family. >> some offered ideas. >> i would like to represent we consider today setting up a blue ribbon panel charged with recommending that practices and review boards and protocol for officer training. >> they called this special meeting to address the death of 13-year-old andy lopez shot and killed by a sheriff deputy two weeks ago. the deputy felt threatened by a gun lopez was carrying and shot him seven times. it turned out to an toy gun. leaders from the city of santa rosa and different advocacy
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groups had a say. >> we will not stand for this to occur again. >> 120 showed up for the meeting. it took overflow seating. they waited and listened for an hour. finally, they got their turn. >> there is going to be an outcome but there will be an outcome for the political future of you guys, too. if this is not taken care of the right way. ought citizens of the county and now the world are watching to see if our local public officials take a stand for accountability. >> a public comment session is going on right now and there is a march scheduled for today at 1:00 o'clock through the district attorney's office and members of the community of calling for the sheriff deputy to be fired and indicted.
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>> thank you. >> california's biggest casino opened today in sonoma county, the $800 million las vegas style grayton resort and casino in rohnert park. it is a big parking lot right now and we can see the casino and see not roads approaching it are slow but we are not seeing the freeways. wayne joins us from the casino. wayne? >> it is a crowded casino. behind me, some of the people who have just gotten in and over here some of the people hoping to get in. the casino is restricting the number of people to come in right now to make sure that everyone has a quality experience weapon they get here so they are bringing people in slowly. as to the traffic you talked
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about, we took a good look. it wasn't as bad as the california highway patrol anticipated. there were some backups but not bad backups. depending on the entrance it was from two minutes to ten minutes to get in. we will hear from some of the patrons outside and inside. >> for my house it took ten minutes. i live two mimes away. >> how long did it take you? >> i don't know, ten minutes. >> was the track -- traffic bad? >> no it was beautiful. >> what is your reaction when you walk in? my god, huge, huge. brand new. it is pretty cool. lost my wife in here. hopefully not permanently. >> imagine trying to find your
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wife in a crowd of some 5,000 people. maybe he lost her intentionally. we don't know. how many people showed up today? more people than they expected. they had 13 tour buses show up they had not expected so the casino is in operation. the doors are now open. according to map they will never close again. this place is open 24/7, 365 days a year. in a few years they hope to bring in $500 million a year in revenue. >> wayne, don't get lost! >> a school bus in marin county caught fire with dozens of children on board at 7:30 near the waldo tunnel. the kids were standing behind a guardrail waiting for another bus and a tow truck took the bus away. the students of a local catholic
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school are unharmed and the fire was put out quickly. in the east bay police are looking for the attacker and a motive in a stunning fire incident on an a.c. transit bus in oakland. someone set a man on fire on the bus near mcarthur boulevard yesterday afternoon. the driver stopped to call for help. several people got off through the rear exit. the victim is in a hospital burn unit. >> developing news, we are learning more of the gunman who terrorized shoppers by opening fire in a new jersey mall on monday night and later killed himself. katie marzullo joins us from the newsroom with more. >> the suspect's brother reportedly the legal owner of the gun used in the mall shooting tells reporters what his brother did was selfish and the family did not see this coming, they do not know why he did it and they are devastated. >> everyone was running for their lives. literally. >> thousands get out but
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hundreds of scare shoppers were trapped taking cover in scores and locking themselves in. >> everyone ran to the back and we her another gunshot. at that moment, we were automatic traumaized and shaking. >> witnesses heard six or seven shots. authorities ideas the shooter at 20-year-old richard shoop carrying a modified rifle that he fired randomly in the air. s.w.a.t. teams and k-9 units spent six hours searching overnight and after midnight police saw him on surveillance video go to a see excluded part of the mall and kill himself. >> we don't thing he went in with the intent to shoot anyone but with the intent not to come out alive. >> a note found at the home where he lived with his parents alluded to the end being near. shoop is a drug dealer and known for using heroin and potent form of ecstacy. new jersey governor chris christie learns today if he is
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re-elected says "we got licky -- lucky this time." we cannot have freedoms we want and have... >> this mall is huge. it is the largest in the state at 2.2 million square feet which is four times bigger than the new livermore premium outlet. >> voters in sunnyvale are casting ballots on this election day on an issue made hotter by recent tragedies: gun control. matt keller found out not everyone in santa clara county is motivated to get to the polls. >> volunteers outnumbered voters at precinct 1407 in san jose. only one voter showed up to drop off a mail in ballot. >> very slow. very slow. nothing happening. >> you can blame the low turnout on the small number of issues on the bat hole. a few places holding elections
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are doing so for school board races and a couple of ballot mars. election officials are hoping for a 30 percent turnout bit end of the day. >> in general, every primary in general election in an even year has double the town out we with expect. >> sunnyvale could be the exception. there is a gun control measure getting nationwide attention, requiring reporting thefts of firearm in 48 hours. gun owners have to lock up weapons and dealers have to keep records of all ammunition sales and owning magazines with more than ten rounds is illegal. the national rifle association says they plan on suing to stop it from being implemented if it passes. >> i voted "yes" on measure c. we should make people have stronger enforcement with gun safety. >> i voted against it. i don't think that is the way to control gun violence.
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>> if you have a mail in ballot do not take it to the post office. what you have to do is take it to either this drop box at the county elections office or to any precinct. in san jose for abc7 news. >> to take out all the issues in your community this election day we have a complete voter resource guide at >> the san jose city council is expected to take up a firearms ordinance today to deal with the wild pig problem. feral pigs have caused thousands in damage to greens at the golf and country club. they are tearing up neighbors' lawns, as well. trappers will be allowed to shoot the pigs inside city limits. the law now bans shooting inside the borders of san jose except by police so right new bigs have to be taken outside the city to be killed. >> crews should down an east bay road this morning after a large box of use used hyper
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roadway. the road was shut down for several hours while the needles were cleaned up. the spill happened before 7:00 a.m. and it is unknown where the needles came from. >> still to come, the retail giant offering a big incentive for anyone in the market for a new ipad. >> caught on camera, the terrify ing moment passenger experienced seconds after this flight landed. >> change of course for sfo and what it is doing to prevent delays for travelers. >> in weather-related delays. look how the day is shaping up midday. meteorologist mike
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>> traffic problems on highway 24 hours after a rollover crash around 8:45 on westbound 24 beyond highway 13. as you can see from sky 7, an overturned semi spilled the gram on the road and one car was also involved in the crash. the c.h.p. says it will be another hour or so before all lanes are open. >> scary moments in canada after fire on the tarmac at a montreal airport sent passengers running for their lines.
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officials say a load of belts used to load baggage burst into flames forcing emergency evacuation. the flight just arrived yesterday when it caught fire. seven passengers were sent to the hospital and some for smoke inhalation and others were hurt while jumping on the emergency slide. >> new this morning, palo alto is taking a big step to keep cars and pedestrians safer around caltrain tracks. the city council voted last night to pay a new jersey firm $127,000 to evaluate building a trench from san antonio road to crete submerged crossing. the san jose mercury news reports that caltrain plans for electrification were a reason for the study. that could boost the number of caltrain trips that pass through the city from five or six an sure to ten. >> help is on the way if flying
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into sfo because of fog. there is a new landing protocol that will mean an extra one to six landings an hour. when the conditions are clear, two planes can land side-by-side at the airport. weapon the clouds roll in they land one at a time, and that cuts the numbers of arrivals in half and staggers arrivals using both runways. it will not make a human difference but every little bit helps. >> the fog did not appear to be a problem this morning. mike nicco? >> good observation. it will not be a problem until possibly the weekend so we will watch that. gorgeous weather if you like the sunshine, a couple more days of that and warmer-than-average weather with the cooling trend and the rain could arrive a little bit sooner than what we talked about yesterday. the retail giant is offering a big trade to get a new ipad. >> this will beat your happened
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>> covering benicia, san ramon, san mateo and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> in less than an hour companies looking to fill 500 jobs in the bay area will meet with prospects at a hire event job fair hosted by job journal and abc7. companies include alliance i.t. and the united states state department. the event runs from noon until 4:00 in san jose at the double tree at gateway.
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>> meteorologist, mike nicco, is saying it is warmer than normal. >> temperatures are warmer-than-average for just about all of us today and tomorrow but we will pull those back with a wind shift on thursday and the weekend the clouds will roll in toward veterans day. we will give you specifics: we have live doppler 7 hd showing you where the storm track is and where the moisture is around washington and oregon. what we are seeing is a spillover across the area of high pressure keeping us dry and sunny with high clouds from time to time and i could see behind me as i look over to berkeley and up to the north toward angel island. that is what we are going to deal with, sunny afternoon, winds are gusty at 13 miles per hour, and ten in napa and half moon bay and 13 in fairfield and everyone else is less than that to fairly calm in the north bay valley. temperatures are in the mid-to-upper 60's in most areas and oakland is behind us at 62. santa rosa is ahead of everyone
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at 70 right now. here is a look at san jose, check out the glorious sunshine: sunny today, the warming trend continues, and a slow tapering of temperatures thursday, friday and saturday and sunday and monday that next system will be much cooler and the chance of rain is now looking look it could come in on sunday and hang around for veterans day on monday. first, a look at oakland, the port, downtown, from our south beach camera, look how clean the air is today, no "spare the air" day temperatures are two to six degrees warmer-than-average from 71 at san jose and redwood city and two our three degrees warmer and oakland is 72 and napa is 75 today and six degrees warmer-than-average. the reason the two areas of high pressure are pushing the storm track to the north and the other is to our northeast bringing us the mild offshore flow that will push up in the upper 60's to low 70's for most of the south bay and los gatos is warmest at 73. everyone else on the peninsula
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upper 60's. mid-70's through the north bay with novato at 76, the warm spot, and ten degrees cooler at the coast and low 70 throughout the east bay shore to mid-70's as you head for the east bay inland neighborhood. tonight, the temperatures are cooler than this morning with the breeze dropping down a little bit so, low-to-mid 40's inland and upper 50's for the rest of us. on sunday, watch the little finger of rain move across the north by on sunday afternoon, the rest of us are possibly getting rain on monday. temperatures are much cooler in the 50's to barely 60. it heats up tomorrow and you can see the gradual cooling through friday and saturday and more clouds and the coolest weather open sunday and monday. we have a little bit of everything in the forecast for everyone. hopefully you can get out and enjoy it. back to you. >> mike, thanks so much. >> if you have an old ipad and you want to upgrade to the new
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>> that doesn't seem fair. >> there are other applications that may benefit you so we will not complain. >> coming up next, would you can do for our troops for veterans day and get thanks and free pizza. >> an olympic skier talks about
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