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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 6, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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was taken from an apartment complex. >> abc7 news, matt keller, has the details. >> this apartment complex in sunnyvale is where the abduction took place yesterday. we are now finding out the search could be focused on southern california. this is video of a caltran sign on roads this morning, our sister station in san diego says sunnyvale police picked up a "ping" from the suspect's cell phone and told us that they is received reports from people would thought they saw the vehicle. so far the vehicle has not been found. here is a picture of the suspect with his baby. he is 22-year-old, 6' tall, 120 pounds. he has brown hair and brown eyes. police say the baby was taken yesterday afternoon by his father after an argument with the mother. the suspect told the mother he was leaving the state and
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previously has threaten to harm himself and the baby. here is the description of the vehicle he was last seen driving, a tan 2004 ford gmc with california license plate 6hil892 with a large american eagle on the rear window. the information is on all the highways and freeways across the state. police say if you see the vehicle or the suspect you are asked to call police. >> now a look at the forecast. mike? >> live doppler 7 hd shows we are look at ice crystals with high clouds through the her and no more. it is dry where we live. it is cooler this morning than yesterday because of a lack of wind. temperatures are around 50 degrees at 7:00. by noon we are in the mid-60's hanging out in the low-to-mid 70's through the afternoon. that includes 4:00. we will drop down and it will
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milder this afternoon, at 62. inland neighbors show it is cooler than this time yesterday at 47. we will be around 70 at noon. we will have low 70's at 4:00 and 62 by 7:00. we may have breaking news. >> thank you, mike. >> the breaking news is from san francisco. firefighters are wrapping up the battle against a building fire overnight in richmond district. abc7 news reporter, amy hollyfield, has more on the scene. amy? >> yes, look at this huge mop up effort going on. look at the firefighters, clearing the debris from the fire. the building is gutted. this building belongs to the internet archive. the building is gone. workers say they lost camera equipment and scanners. it does not spread to the big building next door which belongs to them. firefighters say the call came
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in at 4:00 and the fire was going when they got there burning for a while. on the or side of a build is a vaunt and residences above the restaurant. >> third floor was burned pretty much. the red cross is on the scene to find a place to stay. under it is a restaurant with no damage to the restaurant other than perhaps water damage from water above. the book story is the primary building that was completely destroyed. >> the red cross is here and just arrived and are helping eight people trying to figure out what they are going to do. they have been displaced. it took 10 or 15 minutes to get the fire out when they got here. no one was hurt. right now they are trying to figure out the cause of the
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fire. >> in san francisco, police are investigating a shooting in the south of market area near 3rd and bryant with the call an hour ago. victim was shot several times and returned to san francisco general with life-threatening injuries. no word on a suspect or motive. >> your voice, your vote. all ballots are counted in the bay area election where key issues were decided. in santa clara county, 66 percent of voters who cast ballots approved measure c so gun owners are batched from opening magazines with more than ten rounds and required to lock up firearms in their homes and report thefts and dealers have to keep a log of ammunition sales. the n.r.a. threatened to sue. in san francisco measures to allow a high-rise luxury complex on the waterfront on washington street near the embarcadero lost
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with 62 voting no. measure c would increase the high limits for any structure built on the site and defeated by two-thirds of voters. in antioch, a sales tax was passed to get more police officers on the streets going up to 9 percent for seven years starting in april. gnash races include republican governor chris christie won re-election in new jersey in a race that sets him up for presidential bid in 2016. democrat terry mcauliffe won the virginia governor's race beating a tea party backed favorite. bill de blasio was elected the in many years. in oakland demonstrators protest the proposed changes in fare policy. they say that policy changes
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before the board of directors next week would hit low-income riders hardest scaling for getting rid of paper transfers in favor of clipper cards and eliminate a weekly pass and cut off day usage at 3:00 a.m. with a news conference planned for action at a bus stop at 34th avenue and international boulevard. a snag in plans to demolish the old bay bridge. they were to remove sexes of -- sections of of the cantilever removal of the debris. it will probably start next week. 9 entire demolition will take three years and cost $240 million. the original bay bridge troll now is on display in oakland for four months and was welded to the old span of the bay bridge
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in 1989 at a good luck charm after they repaired damage from the loma prieta earthquake. you can see the trillion on dis-- see the troll on display. a new troll will be installed when the retrofit is complete. >> residents are warned to look out for mountain lions after a deer was found dead. the deer had wounded appear be toking from a mountain lion discovered on private property on wood side road. resolution don'ts are advised not to walk or bicycle alone in the area at dusk, dawn or night. parents should watch the small children especially. >> we will take you outside for a look at the weather. mike? >> we take you to the east bay valley where it is cooler with the air waiting at 40 in
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danville, walnut creek is at 42. we have dublin at 43. pleasant hill is 44. 46 in lafayette and antioch. brentwood is 45. pittsburg is 48 for the warm spot. in the hills, it is 57 degrees. you can see 40's wherever you look but san carlos is 50. san francisco is 54. oakland is 48. hayward is 49. san jose is 48 degrees. novato is 41. a beautiful picture with red white and blue. unfortunately, we will probably have rain on veteran's day on monday. we will talk about the such shine and warmer weather at three degrees warmer in san francisco to seven in livermore and all of us are in the low-to-mid 70's. will it last? no. it will be cooler tomorrow with temperatures back to average as sea breeze develops and then cooler-than-average with clouds on friday and saturday.
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we will have the rest of the weekend and veteran's day photograph. >> we have a delay because of fire that amy reported on a muni delay on the number two line at 11th street. a reroute is in place and this includes 14th and 12th. headed over to the drive away from highway 4 at hercules, we have an accident involving three vehicles and a school bus and everything is over to the shoulder and there could be spectator slowing but not too bad over to the hoffman split to albany. not going to be bad. in castro valley northbound along 2389 we had an early report of a motorcycle crash pushed to the shoulder and we are left with 23 miles per hour so it is slow going from the dublin interchange to 238 on the nimitz it is solid red in the
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southbound direction approaching highway 92 and northbound side we have an accident reported which. this is the bay bridge toll plaza with the metering lights turned on early this morning with the track, now, stacked up into san francisco. we will look from emeryville camera to the bay bridge and how it is moving along, still heavy use wind your way over to treasure island. eric and kristen? >> a discount retailer is facing a social media backlash with holiday decision from k-mart prompting an outcry. >> the amanda knox saga takes a new turn with a new court hearing today underway. >> new health warning for men who take testosterone. >> breaking news with an amber alert in effect for a two week
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old baby taken from a sunnyvale complex license plate 6hil892. continuing coverage on the morning news
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covering cupertino, wine country and all bay area this is abc7 news. >> good morning on wednesday morning with a look, a gorgeous picture looking at the bay, can you see alcatraz and san francisco. a few clouds but it is still chilly we will check with meteorologist, mike nicco, to see how warm it will get. >> amber alert is in effect for a two week old baby taken from a sunnyvale apartment complex. the highway patrol signs are lit up this morning. the missing philipine has black hair and brown eyes and was taken yesterday afternoon by his father after he argued with the more. the c.h.p. is looking for a tan
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gmc envoy license plate 6hil892. stay with us and matt keller will have an update in 15 minutes. >> the new retrial of american college student amanda knox and her former italian boyfriend are underway in an italian appeals court in nor -- florence. they were first found guilty and then acquitted. he declared his innocence and testified he does not wish anyone on earth to go what he went through. she said she had no plans to return to italy from the united states for the row -- retrial. >> testosterone treatments for men could lead to death. men who use the treatments were 30 percent more likely to have a heart attack, stroke, or die. doctors say this does not prove
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it causes the problems but men need to consider all the risks and benefits of taking testosterone. the treatments have skyrocketed to treat everything if low sex drive to fatigue. >> the c.e.o. of ford motor company is on the short list to replace microsoft chief. reuters reports he is among the top five candidates to take the top job at microsoft including the former nokio and skype c.e.o.'s and the microsoft cloud and enterprise chief. >> k-mart is facing a backlash to open stores at 6:00 a.m. on the holiday and keep them open for 41 hours straight. hundreds are taking to social media and threatening to boycott if though do not reverse course. k heart is defending their decision saying shoppers have asked for "flexible shopping"
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and the opportunity to shop for deals. >> is anyone posting to be an employee? how many hours straight do i work? >> how many husbands will says go ahead and shop. i will watching television. >> you may want to wear short sleeves but a jacket this morning. >> perfect planning. right now, we will show you what is going on. live doppler 7 hd shows visibility is unlimited with a few high clouds, otherwise a bright day. the clouds will dim the sunshine from time to time. but well have warmer weather. we have morning sun taking over from emeryville back to san francisco. we will have high clouds and our warmest temperatures today. the sea breeze is starting tomorrow and we will have the airdropping the temperatures
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through a system that arrives on monday for veteran's day but it still looks like that will be the best day open monday. mid-70's for most of the south bay with san jose and santa clara and sunnyville at 74. gilroy is warm at 77. santa cruz is coolest at sunday. low-to-mid 70's on the peninsula and san mateo is 72 for the afternoon destination. mid-to-upper 60's along the coast and near 70 in downtown south san francisco and sauce least. mid-70's through the north bay with novato at 76 for the warm spot and ten degrees cooler at the coast and loan the east bay shore we go from 72 to 75 degrees and not much of a spread from berkeley and hayward and richmond to castro valley and into the east bay inland neighborhoods we have 74 at brentwood and 76 in antioch and fairfield and walnut creek and live more and danville. tonight, it will be warmer than this morning and cloud cover and blanket effect takes up to the
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mid-40's in the north bay and san francisco will be in the mid-50's. tomorrow morning, you can see the pattern shifting with the next system to the south than the last couple of ss and with more moisture. it heads off to the east those than to the south. the cold front will stall to the north and the moisture heads to our east but this steers the cooling sea breeze. the numbers for the seven-day outlook are four to six degrees cooler tomorrow, and a couple of degrees are lost on friday, saturday, holding steady sunday and monday with more cloud cover with the best chance of rain open monday and lingering chance into tuesday. those will be the cooler days. leyla gulen? >> we have a band new accident reports northbound 101 at woodside with lanes blocked and an overturned vehicle. another problem on 101 at marsh road. details on that ahead.
6:20 am
fairfield shows a report of a fully engulfed vehicle on fire eastbound highway 12 and that could be sparking a bit of a brushfire so we have crews headed out there. to the south along eastbound 80 another accident out there and it does not appear to be slowing traffic making the commute to the south over to highway 4 you are still in the clear. the accident involving a motorcycle northbound blocking two lanes at this time so east palo alto commute could slow down significantly and a look outside here is walnut creek making the drive in the southbound direction it is backing up as you make the commute to highway 24. >> we are a day away from the most anticipated i.p.o. of the year, and what twitter has to do today before it starts to trade on correct tomorrow -- on wall street tomorrow morning.
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we will check with josh and a look at "good morning america" at 7:00. >> good wednesday to both of you in the bay area. lots to get to this morning including an update on the couple lost for a week in
6:24 am
yellowstone national park. six days with no food, no heat, and how they made it out alive and into the embraces of their loved ones on "good morning america" next. >> the stars are out, we are talking country stars. the country music awards, airs tonight on abc7 and brad paisley and carrie underwood will co-host for the 6th year. i interviewed them on what makes them so much fun to watch. >> we are willing to make fun of ourselves which is important. if you cannot laugh at yourself, that is not good. i would not want to go through life without laughing. ♪ i last my heart ♪ in san francisco is that country enough? >> i asked brad to that country twist on the san francisco
6:25 am
classic. do you like? >> it is interesting. i like the changes. you can catch brad and cary >> the big she down between third ranked oregon and stanford at the stadium could be the most expensive tick it in cardinal history. according to the silicon valley business journal the average ticket costs $183 on secondary mark oats. stanford officials worn fans about counterfeit ticke testimonies popping -- tickets popping up. standing room only tickets are available for $90. you can watch it tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. on our sister network,
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espn. >> the abc7 news continues at 6:30 with the top stories including continuing coverage of our breaking news, an amber alert for a two week old baby from the day area. and a possible sighting of the car police are looking for. a fire has burned an internet archive building in san francisco. >> calm and cooler weather awaits this morning. we have a cooling trend for the weekend. >> police activity in san francisco and a motorcycle crash in east palo alto with the details
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abc7 news starts with breaking news. >> the breaking news is an amber alert. authorities and c.h.p. are asking drivers to look out for a father would snatched his own baby boy. >> our reporter is in sunnyvale with new information. the mother of the child is at
6:30 am
apartment complex in sunnyvale. she did not want to talk on camera but said her two week old baby was taken. the c.h.p. is reporting a sighting of the suspect's vehicle in san diego four hours ago. here is a picture of the suspect and his baby. he is 22-year-old. he is 6' tall and 120 pounds. he was taken yesterday afternoon by the father after an argument with the mother. the suspect told the mother he was leaving the state and has previously threatened to harm himself and the baby. here is the description of the vehicle, a tan 2004gmc envoy license plate 6hil892 and has a large american eagle on the window. this information will be on the highways and freeways across the state. our sister station in san diego said the police picked up a
6:31 am
signal from the suspect's cell phone last night and several people have reported seeing the vehicle with most recent sighting at 2:00 a.m. if you have any information on the suspect or his vehicle, call the police. >> now a check on the weather forecast. cooler this morning. >> it is cooler. some areas are in the 30's in the east bay valley. we have a few high clouds that are thinning out but they will be coming back through the day. our day planner for the bay temperatures away the upper 40's to 50 degrees the high clouds by balloon and mid-60's and hang out in the low-to-mid 70's in the afternoon and back in the low 60's by 7:00. inland we are starting in the 40's near 70 by noon and low-to-mid 70's at 4:00 and milder this evening at 62. the coast is cooler hanging out
6:32 am
in the low-to-mid 40's and the mid-to-upper 60's throughout the afternoon and the cool spot at 7:00. >> major, major problems in east palo alto with two separate accidents. the first is in the northbound direction along 101 at woodside road an overturned vehicle. a car was making traveling at a high rate and nipped. the person who was trapped is out but the other significant other was shot and taken to the hospital. we are following that. we also have a motorcycle accident which we are falling. >> more breaking news, an important internet information site is safe after a fire in san francisco that chased nine people from their home. amy hollyfield is in the richmond district with more on the story. amy?
6:33 am
>> yes, i got an update from the investigators. she thinks it started in the back of the building which is gutted. she does not think it is suspicious but does not know the cause. firefighters are pulling all this stuff out and hosing it off and getting it out to make sure they prevent flare-ups. this is the internet archive building, a nonprofit working to archive everything on the internet. on one side of the building is a restaurant. it has a residence or residences on top. the homes were damaged. everyone got out okay. working in conjunction with the internet archive and was completely involved and burning through the roof and threatening the apartment building. we had concern about getting the residence in the apartment
6:34 am
building out immediately. no one was hurt in this fire. a, worry at the internet archive center says it was the scanning center that burned, the library is fine. if you want to look at the library it is beautiful, an old historical building and it is okay. everything in the inside of it is okay. that is the good news. the workers say they are very relieved. the firefighters now are mopping up and will try to figure out what started this thing. >> also breaking in san francisco, police are investigating a shooting in the south of market area near 3rd and bryant. the victim may have been in a car and another vehicle was possibly involved. the victim was shot several times and rushed to san francisco general hospital with life-threatening injuries. in word on any suspects or
6:35 am
motive. >> in walnut creek the c.h.p. is investigating the death of a woman whose body was found on interstate 680 near the highway 24 interchange. show appears to have jumped from the death above the bart track but it is not known how she got on the tracks. hour body was discovered at 12:15 and southbound lanes were blocked and a sig-alert was issued. all lanes re-opened before 3:00 a.m. >> despite low voter turnout there remain key decisions in the bay area. katie marzullo is in the newsroom with the results. katiest. >> in sunnyvale lawsuits could be brewing with the toughest gun laws in the country becoming law january 1, measure c passed with 66 percent of the vote. the mayor of sunnyvale is pleased. it sends a message meaning gun owners can not own magazines with more than ten rounds. they must lock up their firearms. they must report thefts. dealers is to keep a leg of
6:36 am
ammunition sales. civil rights are threated against the city by n.r.a. >> two measures in san francisco, one did not pass, 62 percent said no they do not want a high-rise condominium complex built at embarcadero and market. 67 percent voted no to increase high limits for future structure built on the site. in the east bay a sales tax increase could make antioch safer, voters passed measure c with 68 percent of the vote, 22 new police officers will be hired and it will help with a dire financial situation in the city. the sales tax goes up half a cent for seven years which will bring if more than $4 million a year. in marin, only one failed, $7
6:37 am
million bond measure for improvement in the strawberry recreation district. we have the local election results crawling across the bottom of your union throughout this thursday cast and you can fine the results on our when at >> we are continuing to follow breaking news from the south bay the statewide amber alert is in effect for a two week old baby with freeway signs across the state lit up. >> we are a day away from twitter stock market debut. >> san francisco and the embark dare area and downtown, gorgeous with only a few clouds and a chilly morning.
6:38 am
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a look from the exploritorium you can see the mull by colors of the sun cresting the east bay hills looking to the southeast. the big story today is three to seven degrees warmer-than-average and everyone in the low-to-mid 70's away from the coast where you are in the mid-to-upper 60's. the high clouds are overtaking the northern half of our beautiful state with the low
6:41 am
clouds pushed away and 70 in monterey with sunshine and 60 in tahoe. upper 70's to low 80's in san diego and los angeles and palm springs. safe travels. >> we have two sig-alerts but the first is odd northbound 101 in east palo alto a multi-vehicle crash with an overturned car and the person in that overturn vehicle was headed to the hospital where their boyfriend was shot. we are still tracking this. this is what c.h.p. is reporting to us. 31 miles per hour is the top speed. lots of activity and a motorcycle crash southbound at marsh road and another sig-alert with more on that coming up. later today, san francisco-based twitter is expected to set the rice for shares ahead tomorrow's initial public offering. twitter is expected to begin trading between 23 and $25 a share tomorrow morning.
6:42 am
at $25 a share twitter would raise $1.75 billion. large institutional bankers including pension funds and mutual funds and hedge funds get the first priority during the i.p.o. with the stock trading under the symbol "twtr." >> california's newest casino finally opened. the first day of the grayton resort and casino traffic preview is ahead if you are going. >> bay area marathon runner a day after running the new york city marathon we talk to joy johnson's friends and family. >> starbucks is hiring 10,000 new employees who need a specific item on their resume. >> new developments this morning, an amber alert for a missing newborn taken from the bay area, specifically the south bay and a possible sigh
6:43 am
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6:45 am
>> abc7 news begins with breakings news. ly signs are showing an amber alert from sunnyvale with a possible sighting of the s.u.v. driven by the suspect. authorities are looking if a missing newborn abducted by his father from a sun any -- the sunnyvale apartment complex yesterday afternoon. here is the photo of the 22-year-old and his two week old
6:46 am
son, henry. the child has black hair and brown eyes. police say he was taken by his dad after an argument with the mother. c.h.p. is reporting the suspect's s.u.v. was spotted this morning in san diego. they are looking for a tan medium sized 2004 license plate 6hil892 and the s.u.v. has the image of an american eagle in the rear wind. >> 16-year-old is accused of lighting another teen on fire on the bus. the 18-year-old victim is treated for second- and third-degree burns. he was asleep on the bus on monday and the suspect set his clothes on fire. the area where the bus stopped is at the intersection of mcarthur. the victim's mother said she does not know if it was a prank or hate crime because her son was wearing a skirt as he often does. family and friends have a
6:47 am
website to raise money for his medical bills. people have already pledged more than $6,000. >> a san jose runner would made history by becoming the old of the woman to finish the new york city marathon is remembered as an inspiration. the 86-year-old joy johnson passed away a day after competing the marathon. she fell and hit her head at the 20 the mile but refused treatment and finished the race next day she was tired, took a nap, and never work up. neighbors say joy was named appropriately because she brought joy to everyone she came in contact with. >> she was so good to even. so methodful. very thoughtful. she was a p.e. teacher in san jose and did not start run until she retired in her early 60's. the newest casino this weekend, you may want to leave early. real early. officials at grayton resort and
6:48 am
casino say 27,000 people turned out for opening day. this were so many people they closed the doors for a short dime and did not let some people in until others left. the traffic was backed up on 101 for several miles. drivers are warned to expect delays through the weekend. small business owners hoping visitors will stop and spend money. >> i wasn't a fan at first. now i am hoping it will bring us more business. according to a cansino spokesman the grayton resort and casino is a win for the community. they have donatedded $2.7 million to the public safety department and promising $12 an wheel to the county if the city hits revenue expectations. >> starbucks is launching a new initiative to help veterans. they plan to hire 10,000
6:49 am
veterans and military spouses over the next five years. former defense secretary robert gates is on the board of starbucks and says people coming out of the service have a hard time translating their skills. that is why the company will have a recruiter specializing in hiring service member. starbucks will thank vets and current members on veteran's day by offering free coffee. >> they could use the free hot coffee to counteract the dampness forecast for veterans day. >> this is a possibility of rain so hopefully the develops day festivities are inside because it will be wet outside. first, though, we have warm weather and sunshine and the cooling friend begins tomorrow. here is a look at the winds, most of us are calm or variable and light, fairfield is eight and novato and sfo and mountain view, three miles visibility. as far as temperatures, if you are headed to bart, he are the
6:50 am
east bay bart stations in the temperatures you will be standing in, concord is 43, and walnut creek is 42, and 41 at dublin and 48 or 49 in oakland and 4659 fremont and headed over to san francisco, 54 degrees and this is how it looks from the east bay to san francisco and you can see the sun is coming up with the golden morning sunrise taking over san francisco with high clouds increasing and warm weather again with sea breeze starting tomorrow for a cooling trend lasting through the seven-day forecast of the temperatures are in the mid-70's in the south bay and such anyville at 74 and we could be in low 70's. we will have accident at millbrae up to 76 in los altos with temperatures warmer headed south on the peps that and at half moon bay the warm spot and 65 in pacifica and daly city and colma and 70 in downtown and near that in south san francisco and sausalito and mid-70's through the north bay valley and
6:51 am
ten degrees cooler at the coast and 72 to 75 is the spread cross the east bay shoreline and headed into the east bay inland we will have mid-70's. tonight the testimonies are warmer because of the cloud cover and most of us in the upper 40's to 50's and richmond and san francisco in the mid-50's. on sunday, our system is drewing near we cooler area and by monday, all of us will get a chance of rain. how much and when it is here, we will tweet that as we are closer. right now we will focus in on tomorrow dropping a couple of togethers on friday, saturday, sunday and monday, the cool of the days with temperatures below average. major problem along the peninsula with an accident, two accidents northbound and sound, with several vehicles and an overturned pickup truck traveling at 100 miles per hour
6:52 am
and the person was headed to the hospital where they reportedly said a boyfriend was shot. they tried to upright the car and it is a crazy scene with two lanes blocked northbound 101 at woodside road and southbound the accident happened statement so no word if this is due to the other accident or not but southbound along 101 at mar be we have we have -- at marsh we e heavy backups with the crash. avoid 101 out the door right now. headed into san francisco we have police activity blocking 3rd and 4th and some fairfield there is another sig-alert. eastbound and westbound are affected because of a car fire and an accident. over to you. seven things to know before you go. the only news returns in 60 seconds. stay
6:53 am
6:54 am
good morning at 6:54. look at the picture of san francisco seen from the sutro tower camera, a warm pop before the weather towns more like november. the forecast is coming up. >> seven things to know before you go. breaking news an amber alert issued over two week old baby taken by his 22-year-old father yesterday and police are looking for a tan 2004 with sightings this morning. breaking news in san francisco where investigators are trying to determine the cause of an
6:55 am
early morning fire in the richmond district with eight people displaced from the build ing damaged the internet archives, a company that arrest -- archives everything on the interpret. >> the university is ordering department heads to reduce the number of classes to balance a budget and a university spokesman says that school was on track to overspend by $3.8 million this year. >> four, a new snag while demolishing the old bay bridge with sections to be removed this morning, but the contractor is still working on a way to contain the debris. the work will now most likely begin in a week. >> elections bring change to the bay area. sunnyvale says yes to strict if you gun laws. in san francisco, development on the waterfront famed. and antioch agreed to sales tax
6:56 am
increase. >> clouds and cooler weather this morning. we will see what will happen this afternoon. high clouds and sunshine with temperatures above average, mid-60's to 70's from the coast and san francisco and around the bay, 71 to 76 and inland 73 to 76. injury the -- enjoy the last day. >> bay bridge toll plaza is busy. here are the major problems, sig-alert southbound 101 and northbound 101 at woodside road because of a car traveling at a high rate of speed. the top speed is 11 miles per hour and three miles of backup in both directions. two lanes are blocked southbound at marsh road. >> we continue now online and twitter and facebook. see you in 25 minutes.
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and whiten even more, with optic white mouthwash and the whole colgate optic white line. good morning, america. and it's a crushing victory for new jersey governor, chris christie. >> maybe the folks in washington, d.c. should tune in their tvs right now. see how it's done. >> his huge win and roaring speech put him at the front of the pack for a possible white house run in 2016. the 320-pound lineman at the center of the nfl bullying firestorm, speaking out for the first time, as reports surfaced the team asked him to toughen up the rookie who complained. this couple's bone-chilling ordeal. lost for six days. their car stuck in the snow. temperatures below zero. just eight pieces of bread and half a jar of jelly. and the good samaritan who saved their lives. ♪ and country's biggest night starts this morning. robin is live from nashville, with y


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