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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  November 6, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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spalding. >> when asked by a description the caller said, quote, she's african american lady, 57 years old. female. she's wearing a hospital gown. >> in fact, miss spalding was caulkation a subsequent report describes her as asian. among those listening today the spalding family's attorney, peg harris has yet to receive what he calls an overdue autopsy report. >> all i'm told are is it's not available. no more explanations than that. >> reporter: do you expect anything out of it? >> i should it by now. >> reporter: lgs, vague details about how and why the department never conducted a complete search of the hospital after an engineer reported seeing someone on the stairwell and called it in. >> the staff responded will take care of i there is no indication anyone was dispatched >> but why?
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whom is in the sheriff said the staff would make efforts to answer questions but they did not stick around for long, or vary from the script. >> the sheriff read it. it's in your outline, thank you. >> reporter: what did the sheriff accomplish today? >> not particularly much. >> reporter: at city hall, wayne freedman abc7 news. >> concern is growing tonight after a vallejo woman vanished sunday morning. the 29-year-old was last seen at her brother's house in unincorporated san pablo. she's 54 and weighs about 110 pounds her family filed a missing persons report. she drives a silver 2002 honda accord sedan. here is a picture of the make and model of the car. >> well, we have breaking news. major break in the case of macing two week old sunnyvale baby. authorities say was taken by his father the search for the 22-year-old father and infant moved to san
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diego and mexico and with good reason. because that young man has been -- baby has been found vic, you spent the day speaking with friends of the mother, as well? >> reporter: we v we just saw a patrol car going into the apartment complex. presumably that is to give her good news. this couple we've talked to today were not only good friends, but roomed with the mother at her apartment m this complex. they told me she and the father of the baby had a volatile, contentious relationship, that there are many arguments and many threats made by him. in the final straw may have come when she refused to move to new york with him. >> they had problems before. i mean there was ongoing. and just, i guess, she had the baby and never did nothing. >> she is cry asking crying. because she doesn't know where
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he is. >> stephanie and andrew roomed with the mother of the two week old until recently here on helen street. she told us at 4:30 yesterday afternoon the father of the baby went to get a paycheck at a palo alto hoetel where he works as a bar yeasta. he took the baby, then ortiz says he phoned the mother. >> he called her and said i'm sorry. and then, that is it. >> he disappeared with the baby. police say he sent her a text. >> he indicated the police were involved he'd cause harm to himself and the child. >> reporter: police issued an amber alert last night. her former roommates say the couple argued often and that he threatened her. >> basically i'll take the baby and leave. i don't need you no more. stuff like that. >> was the baby born i'm going to take him and leave. >> reporter: police believe he may have driven south and could
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be in san diego where he apparently has relatives. someone reported seeing his suv in the hill crest neighborhood between 9:00 and 10:00 last night. around midnight police picked up a ping from a cell phone, then another possible sighting in national city. vic lee, abc7 news. >> breaking news now a gunman shot nine people in a barber shop in detroit >> three victims have died. police have closed off a stretch of road where that shooting happened. officers say all victims are men. >> police are now looking for two chevolet impalas. the police chief says the barber shop is known for gambling but motive is unclear. >> menlo park police are asking for help in finding a witness to a deadly traffic accident. police claim a woman was
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drunk when the couple was out walking their dog. witnesses believe a man driving a white ford ex-plower witnessed the event. an out pouring of support for a high school student who suffered severe burns after being set on nier a bus. lush sasha fleeshman was asleep on the bus when someone lit his skirlt-like attire on fire. family and friends started a campaign for his hospital care. tonight you can see that it has exceeded the goal of raising $20,000. the family suspend that had fund-raiser. police are investigating this as a hate crime in part of the gender identity. his parents say he does not identify as male or female, and feels comfortable wearing skirts. neighbors say it's a kind family. >> my neighbor is one of the best, hearted person. i mean. as
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a neighbor, and i know him for a long time. and his kid is very polite. >> the 16-year-old oakland boy faces charges in this case. police are asking for more witnesses to please come forward. >> the rotary club set up a fund for three employees of a nursing home shut down by the state. janitor, cook took care of senior was no pay. they took care of the senior who's were abandoned. we have information for see it on tv oochlt a big defeat for a controversial luxury water front development project in san francisco. 62% of the voters turned down measure b at polls yesterday. would it have allowed complex, two thirds blocked measure c. would it have increased height limits. and that is not all the same people that defeated the project now have their sights set on another water
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front development. the new arena for golden state warriors. carolyn tyler is live with more. carolyn? >> reporter: across the street is where that high-rise luxury cannedo known as eight washington would have been built. it's now back to the drawing board opponents say it shudz serve as a wake up call for warrior who's want to build just down the way at piers 30-32. props b and c got what one analyst called a solid whipping last night. now, those behind that campaign have a new target. >> i call it a trojan disguysed as a basketball gym. >> it calls for a condominium taller than those rejected last
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night. plus, 2105-feet hotel towers and 100,000 square feet of retail space. >> that is not a basketball arena. that is a megareal estate project that threatens to build a bigger wall that blocks the water front. >> mayor ed lee has described the arena as his legacy project. polls showed 60% of those surveyed support it. >> i think when it comes to an arena for warriors it's going to be more people saying i like that idea. and i like the idea of having a entertainment center on the water front. >> reporter: opponents think they have momentum and are threatening to go to the ballot. political analysts trying to read tea leaves today aren't sure what the demise of props b ask c means one believes it could reflect fears about a growing class divide. >> people making it part of our debate are pushing that line.
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and i think that yesterday's results show that some people are willing to listen to that argument. >> the warriors will present an updated version of the water front plan next week. in san francisco, carolyn tyler, abc7 news. >> a few more election notes. voter as proved measure c, banning gun owners from owning magazine that's hold more than ten rounds and would be required to report thefts. the west coast council for nra tells abc7 news, quote, if sunnyvale politicians were intent on reducing accidents and misuse of firearms they'd respond to auditor reports that document failure of the courts, hospitals and the california doj to maintain accurate records of people proper hibitted from possessing firearms and insist the people responsible do their jobs the nra threatened to sue over this. >> just ahead the salaries of state lawmakers have hit
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records. now they're getting a raise. coming up why some stay no, thanks. >> also ahead, doubling douvenlt we learn there is more than one google barge out on san francisco bay. just as we uncover the mystery of the first one. >> and growing criticism of k mart's black friday plan z
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san joyce yeah students facing cuts this spring because of budget problems just days before registration, department heads told they have to eliminate dozens of classes to keep the budget balanced the meeting held to talk about the situation the university officials say the move is a routine adjustment.
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>> we wonder, do they understand? the students, and faculty and staff care about the programs? >> critics want to know why this is happening. >> california lawmakers will be getting a boost in pay but not everyone will take home more money. the indenned commission setting pay and benefits decided to give a 5.3% increase giving a boost to lawmakers whose salary was cut during recession. so base pay will be year. others say a raise will contribute to low perception of state government. >> google confirmed it's
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responsible for a mysterious barge off treasure island. barges have similar markings. the codes for the numbers 1 and 2. a third has been spotted near portland, maine. google says they will use them as interactive spaces to learn about new technology. that could include google glass and self driving cars >> we gather the project was driven or directed by sergey brin, google's co-founder. and they're known for self driving cars and google glass. >> google says it's still in early planning stages and things might change. >> let's talk about twitter. san francisco based company announced ipo going for $26 a share, about $six more than initial expectations. this means
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the company shares can begin trading tomorrow on the new york stock exchange. not the nasdaq. twitter offering 70 million shares and expected to raise $1.8 billion. >> and yelp continues to soar after its ipo. today mayor ed lee and congress woman nancy pelosi toured the new headquarters. yelp took over half of the floors at the pac bell building the building was the city's first skyscraper. yelp employs 800 people in san francisco. >> k mart reacting to backlash over decision to stay open for 41 hours straight over thanksgiving holiday. the discount store opening at 6:00 a.m thanksgiving day. stores won't
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close until 11:00 p.m the next day. k mart's face book page has been flooded with comments. take a look at what linda wroechlt she said i just removed k mart from a list of stores this holiday season. thanksgiving is a family day, not a shopping day. well, most of the comments are along those lines but there are a handful of people who are defending k mart. this is what jason said not everybody does something for thanks giving maybe people want extra hours. k mart says they do their best to staff those who volunteer to work holidays. >> starbucks plan to hire 10,000 vets and military spouses over five years. former defense secretary robert gates sits on the board and says veterans often have a hard time translating skills in the military into civilian life. in the meantime... a a.mraus for a
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group of marines headed to san diego from afghanistan. a retired marine heard they spent five days getting on and off planes. their plane taxied beneath water from the fire department hoses what is called a water salute. and another jet all got upgraded to first class well deserved. >> great move. i love that. well, a new survey says most expensive homes in the nation are here in california. really? >> who would have thought that? three bay area cities are at the top of the list. michael finney is here. it's shocking. >> it's shocking. good news for those who own homes in california. not so good news for those trying to buy. coldwell banker says top five most-expensive housing markets are all in california. in the bay area, of course ranked up there. the survey compared average price for a four bedroom home with two bathrooms in each
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market. so, let's take a look at results. malibu ranked highest. four bedroom home averaging $2.1 million. second, newport beach, 1.7. three is bay area sarah to goa. there, average is $1.6 million. next, las gatos right next door, $1.3 million. and following closely is san francisco, $1.3 million. thanksgiving just weeks away, millions of us will be buying turkeys more of us want them chemical free. ranchers say all-natural turkeys are becoming more popular the free range turkeys fed grass and grain but no chemicals. customers say the better taste is worth the price. on average they cost about $60 each. american taste buds and buying habits are changing. tortillas
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are now outselling hamburgers and hot dog buns throughout the uchlts iets shocking. yes. >> americans say roughly $2.9 billion for tortillas compared to $2.1 billion for buns the research company packaged facts says salsa is outselling ketchup in the united states. >> america is a melting pot as cultures from around the world come to america it becomes part of our culture. >> hispanic food sales expected to rise 20% in the next four years. >> now, tonight, at 11:00 i'll update my investigation into car hacking. are you safe? we get to seat device right there that is growing this cyber crime. >> that is an eye opener too. >> thank you. >> let's turn your attention to weather. it's mild outside tonight. >> yes and still dark.
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>> getting darker. >> it's comfortable up here. 66 degrees in san francisco now. and really can not get better than this, mild this afternoon. we're going to continue with the mild trend. this slowly changing as we head into weekend. by next week you may need umbrellas. check out live doppler seven hd. monday, veteran's day, if you have plans with kids, you're wanting to head out of town there might be slick roadways. right now, wet weather aimed at pacific northwest. jet stream way up there. from our mount tamalpais camera, a beautiful view right now. clouds stacked up but harmless. redwood city, 70. los gatos upper 60s. they're getting high clouds as well. lake wind advisory runs until
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10:00 p.m tomorrow night. 67 in santa rosa now. 63 napa. mid-60s concord, fairfield and novato. 67 in livermore. a look at a gorgeous east bay hills camera. clouds increase overnight tonight. mild pattern into the weekend. we're looking at a chance of rain next week. today's highs comfortable. 71 pacifica. 66 half moon bay. 76 oakland. santa rosa. this is a high pressure brought us nice patterns. dry, mild weather continues throughout the weekend. and then, we'll notice changes so tomorrow, once again, high clouds passing through for early part of the day. and then, we'll see mild afternoons continuing for your friday as well. changes in the form of cooler weather this weekend, and then, we'll notice bigger changes coming up. check out the cold front. it brings in a chance of showers monday night into tuesday. through mid day
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hours, but system starts to fall apart. so rainfall doesn't look terribly impressive right now. we're looking at about 2-tenths high pressure builds back n overnight tonight, clouds will hold up temperatures, low 40s to low 50s, tomorrow morning kids might need a light sweat shirt tomorrow afternoon vallejo, up to 70s in oakland and fremont. 74 livermore, 72 san jose. if you're going to the stanford game, oregon ducks under town. cooler weather, 59 into our night. dropping down into low 50s. make sure you grab a jacket or sweat shirt. look at the accu-weather forecast, really we're going to keep it mild. 60s and 70s for the bay area throughout the weekend. veteran's day we'll notice a big change. chance of rain coming. by monday night with that lingering chance of seeing slick roadways for morning commutes on tuesday. until then, i'm abc7
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news sandhya patel. live on the roof of the kgotv broadcast center. tonight it's just gorgeous up here. >> we'll bring a picnic. >> sounds good. >> cell phone service knocked out, skin getting sun burned. studies show it was a big risk and so is a continuing danger. >> then a $300 million freeway project in jeopardy
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financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at or call 1-800-752-6631. scientists say the threat of space rocks is bigger than they
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thought. it fell with the force of 40 atom bombs. it shock waved injured 1600 people. international research team says this provides a great opportunity to learn about meteors. >> it's by far the best observed meteor entry ever. there are some videos. >> another local researcher commented if humanity doesn't want to go the way of dinosaurs we need to study this event in detail. a storm in wales. gusts hurled granite blocks through the air. this man says it looked like a war zone. and says one
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wave destroyed a very expensive camera. >> new, a cool intention. scientists at mit came up within boston. they may look simple but there is a solar panel on them yes. designed to recharge cell phones, power up internet and provide lighting. soon they're going to have sensors to detect air pollution. >> yes. >> they are this boston, too. >> coming up in the nick of time... if you do something today. and there's never been a better time because this year, devry university has $45 million dollars in need and merit-based scholarships and grants
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those who've been denieduccess in the bay area. ewelcome to covered california. now, you can no longer be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at coming up at 6:00 a father and son involved in a massive
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fraud case plead guilty. tonight i team hears from victims who won't be getting any money back. also, a million dollar competition. efforts to find a solution to help prevent the next sandy hook tragedy z a grand reopening of a san francisco landmark six years after ordered shut down, coming up in a half hour on abc7 news tonight at 6:00. >> thank you. >> finally now let's talk about a rite of passage. >> that is right. it's a winter favorite arriving at two plazas. the holiday ice rink opened today in union square. i expect to see you skating, dan. >> i'm going to go out. it's fun this, year, skaters can down load an app alerting them when it's their turn to skate. they can stll around, maybe do shopping and get something to eat. >> all right. today was also opening of the holiday ice rink at embarcadero center. it's been a fixture there 25 years, billed at largest in the city.
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>> a lot of fun. can't wait oochlt that is our report. >> thanks for welcome to "world news." tonight football firestorm, new revelations about the charge of bullying in the nfl. were coaches behind it? and a big move tonight by pro football. early warning, a tiny baby's eyes just might hold a key to detecting autism. and celebrities tricked, superstar brad paisley and his wife just two of the big hearted stars caught in an elaborate scam. we tracked down the woman behind the hoax. and a good evening to you. tonight we begin with a big new development in the story that has redefined what it is to be bullied in america. the nfl is taking action after that 6'5" player quit the team


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