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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  November 6, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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>> a lot of fun. can't wait oochlt that is our report. >> thanks for welcome to "world news." tonight football firestorm, new revelations about the charge of bullying in the nfl. were coaches behind it? and a big move tonight by pro football. early warning, a tiny baby's eyes just might hold a key to detecting autism. and celebrities tricked, superstar brad paisley and his wife just two of the big hearted stars caught in an elaborate scam. we tracked down the woman behind the hoax. and a good evening to you. tonight we begin with a big new development in the story that has redefined what it is to be bullied in america. the nfl is taking action after that 6'5" player quit the team and is drawing up allegations
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against his 319-pound teammate. tonight a question, were some of the coaches in on it? abc's steve osunsami starts us off with the very latest on this growing story. >> reporter: the accusations are so explosive, the nfl commissioner late today called for a formal investigation. were miami dolphin coaches the ones encouraging veteran offensive lineman richie incognito to toughen up second year offensive tackle jonathan martin. the harassment allegedly so severe espn is reporting that martin checked himself into a hospital for emotional distress. at a news conference the coach defended the team. >> the type of coaching since the day i walked through these doors has been one of honesty, respect and accountability to one another.
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>> reporter: incognito has a well earned reputation. in this video circulating from a sports bar, his famous short fuse is on dis explain. he's accused of sending racial slurs and voice mails. the drama is dividing the nfl. >> this game is hard as it is. there is no room for bullying in this league. >> reporter: former nfl coach herman edwards says bullying has no place in the locker room. >> i never asked a player to toughen someone up. i always felt that was the coach's job to do. >> reporter: on sports radio came this bombshell about incognito from legend warren sapp. >> he kicks me in the game and calls me the n word and says, oh, you want me to punch you in the mouth. >> reporter: the dolphins quarterback says he was surprised the two players had a beef. >> richie said john is like my little brother. that's an accurate depiction. he gave him a hard time, messed with him but he was the first one there to have his back. >> reporter: tuesday incognito shared this with a miami television station. >> i'm trying to weather the storm. this will pass. >> jonathan martin's father came
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out today saying his son is doing fine. >> he's a strong man. he's doing fine. >> reporter: tonight martin is resting in california and prepping a full report for the nfl. diane? and we're joined by espn senior nfl analyst chris mortensen. chris, thanks so much for being part of the team leading the way on this reporting. what are you hearing and what do you know about how many teams across this country blur the lines between hazing and something that is not to be tolerated? >> well, you hear probably a handful of teams. sometimes you raise your eyebrows. a lot of times it's the taping of a rookie to a goal post and dumping ice on him and some people believe that's going too far. in terms of classic bullying, i don't know. >> what about jonathan martin tonight? what are you hearing about him? here he is 312 pounds and everyone saying he's drawing up documents tonight. if he couldn't fight this, who can?
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>> first of all, he was stanford educated. he has parents who are second or third generation harvard educated parents. he went to a prep school. he grew up in different environment than the normal classic football player. when this happened last week he checked himself into the hospital for emotional distress. his coach, joe philbin, actually visited him near midnight. he never disclosed any of this to his head coach at that time. they arranged for his parents to come out. they took him back to california where as you just said he is preparing a very specific document, lengthy document to present to the special investigator, ted wells. >> thank you so much, chris. always great to have you here. >> thanks, diane. >> our thanks to steve osunsami as well. we move on next tonight. the results are in from a big day in democracy and voting in this country. republican governor chris christie won in new jersey thanks to a trifecta of women, hispanics and democrats who crossed over because they preferred him. in virginia, democrat and
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clinton confidante terry mcauliffe won, beating out his tea party opponent. it was a close race so what were the big surprises tonight. joining me now, co anchor of "good morning america" george stephanopoulos. i always love the surprise. what did you see yesterday? >> it wasn't in one of those two races. actually in this new york race bill de blasio won by almost 50 points. he was struggling in the middle of the pack for so long. until he ran this ad, we're going to show his family, narrated by his son dante who had this dramatic afro. you see it right there. once that ad aired he broke out of the pack, never looked back. i think it's the most effective political ad i've ever seen. >> you were saying gang busters are one thing and this is beyond. >> beyond. >> modern american family there. what about chris christie? >> immediately puts him in the top tier of republican presidential candidates in 2016 because of that trifecta you talked about right there. that's the formula a lot of republicans think will get him to the white house.
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big questions ahead, can he travel outside of new jersey and how is he going to handle the tea party who has such influence in those early primary states. meanwhile in virginia kind of a flip. you saw the cuccinelli, the republican canada did not do very well with women, was hurt by the government shutdown, was falling far behind terry mcauliffe but in the closing weeks of that campaign he talked about nothing but obama care, really closed the gap right there. that has a lot of democrats anxious. >> george stephanopoulos weighing in on yesterday's results. thank you, george. the verdict is also in on ballot initiatives we told you about last night in houston, the iconic 48-year-old astrodome will probably be demolished. voters decided not to repair and save it. in colorado voters said it's time to tax legal marijuana, a big tax, 25 percent, and much of that will be used to help build new schools. we move on now to a headline about something that touches millions of american families,
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the confounding mystery that is autism. we know eye contact can be a indicator of risk in young children. now researchers at emory university say it's possible newborns can send a settle warning that they might have trouble ahead. abc's chief medical director dr. richard besser explains. >> reporter: children with autism don't read emotions or faces well. how could a baby tell you that? watch where the baby's eyes go. that's the key to today's autism study. at emory university, eye-tracking software shows what this little guy is looking at. where the x is, that's his focus. >> what this study shows us is that there are changes already happening that wouldn't be detectable to the naked eye. >> reporter: they studied a group of 36 children, starting at just two months old. three years later, they found out which ones were diagnosed with autism. turns out, the children with autism by six months old spent less and less time looking at the eyes. the bigger the change, the more
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profound the autism was. >> the earlier we diagnose, the earlier we intervene, the better the long-term outcome. >> reporter: previous research in boston has used eye-tracking to show that babies take emotional cues from faces. from eyes. >> what we're seeing is three different facial emotions, neutral, happy and fear. >> reporter: we know older children with autism don't make eye contact. now technology has given us a way to identify autism's earliest clues. >> what's really exciting about this research is the possibility of detecting autism before a parent or doctor sees any signs. as a pediatrician i would never be able to see these subtle signs but this eye tracking can do that. >> you're going to have so many fearful parents tonight studying their tiny children, looking in their eyes for every move. >> i want to give them reassurance. little babies are looking all over the place. what they're looking at here is subtle changes, the percentage of time they're looking at various parts of the face. it's not something that as a parent you're going to be able to see. your child's doctor is going to be screening all along the way
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for the real signs. >> do not make any assumptions about what you are seeing. >> don't do that. >> thank you, richard besser, weighing in again tonight. one note from overseas next tonight, china, a string of powerful blasts targeting headquarters for that country's communist party. seven explosions struck the building located in the northern part of the country today. one person was killed, the bombings follow last week's attack in tiananmen square in beijing. back here at home tonight an investigation into a new kind of scam, one that preys on the kindness of strangers, not just any strangers but good hearted celebrities. abc news tracked down a woman behind an elaborate trick. the results of a year long investigation by our team at "nightline" now from abc's david wright. >> reporter: brad paisley wrote a hit single on the perils of on-line relationships. ♪ i work down in the pizza pit >> reporter: in the music video,
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jason alexander plays a sci-fi nerd who pretends online to be paisley. ♪ cause i'm so much cooler online ♪ >> reporter: now paisley and his wife actress kimberley williams paisley are opening up about how they were the victims of a real online hoax by a woman claiming her daughter was dying of cancer. >> she was supposedly 8 years old and had neuroblastoma and it sounded very sort of real. and i thought i would love to just talk to her and say hi. >> reporter: talk they did. by phone, email and text. >> she put this little girl on the phone. >> hi, kim. i just wanted to say thank you for letting me love you. >> reporter: the caller tugged at their heart strings but never asked for money. at one point brad got on the phone and sang amazing grace. then the sob story suddenly unraveled. >> i felt so violated. >> i vowed then i'm going to find her. >> reporter: turns out the hoaxer had done this for years to other celebrities using photos and stories of real kids who had died of cancer.
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we finally found her in a trailer park in douglas, wyoming. hope jackson knows what she was doing was wrong but believed she wasn't breaking any laws. >> i never asked for anything from them ever. >> reporter: psychiatrist marrc feldman believes she suffers from a mental illness he calls "munchausen by internet." >> the internet has made this behavior explode. >> reporter: the hoaxer made one big mistake that put her behind bars, amazing grace. >> the performance itself has value. >> it does. >> even if you are singing on the phone. >> right. >> reporter: a brad paisley performance worth at least $5,000. that makes it a felony. the charge, theft of services. hope jackson pled guilty. she did time in jail. now she's out on probation. amazing grace indeed. >> david, thank you so much. i want everybody to know there will be much more on your story
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tonight on "nightline". and we have some notes to remind you tonight about the changing world we live in. blockbuster, a name once synonymous with movie night announced today it will close all 300 of its remaining stores by early next year. so many american families now getting movies through online services. and that truly modern invention twitter will go public tomorrow amid breathless anticipation. consider this, just 16 percent of us use twitter compared with two-thirds on facebook. attention walmart shoppers, how would you like a 24 inch high definition computer monitor for $9? you had the chance today on walmart's website, a technical glitch caused a gold rush online, hot items listed at deep discounts, tread mills for $20. kayaks for $11. the products were selling out fast before walmart realized the error. next we wanted to tell you about making babies in modern times. imagine discovering you're the parent of more than 100 children.
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it's really happening. >> it's the wild west. >> staggering numbers tonight about the men fathering babies. and how a good samaritan rode to the rescue on his snow mobile and saved a couple trapped in the snow. we are back in two minutes. my mantra? family first. but with less energy, moodiness, and a low sex drive, i saw my doctor. a blood test showed it was low testosterone, not age. we talked about axiron. the only underarm low t treatment that can restore t levels to normal in about 2 weeks in most men. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than 18 or men with prostate or breast cancer. women especially those who are or who may become pregnant and children should avoid contact where axiron is applied as unexpected signs of puberty in children or changes in body hair or increased acne in women may occur. report these symptoms to your doctor. tell your doctor about all medical conditions and medications. serious side effects could include increased risk of prostate cancer; worsening prostate symptoms;
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than i was already enduring. i wanted to just crawl up in a ball and just, just wait till it passed. next tonight making babies in modern times. this week we told you about the explosion of young women recruited to donate their eggs to strangers. tonight men and the consequence of something that started more than 50 years ago. there are now so many startled children learning they have the same father. abc's ron claiborne investigates. >> you are the biological father of 533 children. >> what? >> reporter: "delivery man" is about a sperm donor who discovers he's fathered hundreds of children. far fetched? well, do you know any young people who look like this man?
5:46 pm
he's todd whitehurst, who as a young grad student earned $12,000 donating sperm two to three times a week for more than three years. you do the math. one day, years later, he was contacted by a 14-year-old girl who told him he was her father. >> my first reaction was just to be stunned. >> reporter: since then, he's met three of his other donor offspring and has confirmed a dozen all together. >> how do you know you don't have 50, 100 children, 150? >> i don't know but it's certainly possible. >> reporter: in fact, abc news has learned of at least five individuals who have fathered over 100 children and one individual nearly 200 children. >> it's the wild west. there's essentially no sheriff in town in this area which has become quite large, quite lucrative and is literally involved in the most intimate area of peoples' lives. >> reporter: some countries limit the number of children a sperm donor can have. in the united kingdom the limit is ten, and children can find their biological dad and his health history.
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>> in england and in most of europe it's illegal to have anonymous sperm donation. >> reporter: in the u.s. more than 2 million children have been born from donated sperm. a website, the donor siblings registry has been connecting them to their fathers and half siblings for the last 13 years. >> nice to finally meet you. >> reporter: adrianna and kyle found each other through that registry. >> the donor doesn't have any legal or social binding, but it's a half sister, that's cool. >> reporter: so far, more than 10,000 connections have been made. todd whitehurst eventually met his daughter, virginia. >> we have a remarkable amount in common. >> it's surprising really. it's like we're related or something. >> reporter: one more version of the modern american family. ron claiborne, abc news, new york. >> our thanks to ron. when we come back, two tiger cubs have a sink or swim moment, an important test. you'll see it when they're thrown in the water in our "instant index" next.
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about her cannon ball moment. they had to keep their head above water, make it to dry land. they both passed with flying colors and made it to mom. calling all would-be luke skywalkers, princess leias, your big break could be here. producers of the new "star wars" movie are holding an open casting call for two lead roles, a street smart orphan girl in her late teens and a young man in his early 20s. auditions taking place in britain and ireland later this week. may the force be with you. tonight the wrong turn at yellowstone, a couple trapped six days in the freezing cold and the good samaritan who took a chance and found them next. and the good samaritan who took a chance and found them next.
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finally tonight, what are the odds of this happening? a wife sees on facebook that a couple is lost, trapped in the snow, so she asks her husband to find them in a park covering 3,400 square miles, and he does. abc's alex perez with the story. >> reporter: it was the wrong turn that nearly killed them. mark and chris driving onto a snow packed highway in wyoming, not knowing it had been closed. >> we never saw any road closed sign. we never saw any barricades. >> then all of a sudden it went from a little bit of snow to a foot, foot and a half drifts. >> reporter: their car got stuck temperatures plummeted below zero and daylight turned into night. >> it was getting pretty cold, hard to stay warm. >> reporter: that was october 28th. their family reported them missing the following day. a 25 person team from the park
5:57 pm
county sheriff's department searched for three days on the ground and by helicopter. but no luck. for six excruciating days, they huddled together, putting on every piece of clothing they had, turning the car on just once every four hours and rationing the bread and water and half a jar of jelly that they had. >> i lost it. i spent actually most of the time wre were up there i was shaking and crying. >> with hope fading they decided to write letters to their families. >> letting them know that i loved them. >> reporter: never imagining it would be facebook that would save their lives. . donna saw the story and alerted her husband. >> i was up herl trying to get my snow mobile ready to go so i can at least go look. >> reporter: todd set out to search for these strangers. one hour later they heard the
5:58 pm
roar of the engine. >> we're going to live. >> reporter: todd insists he's no hero. >> i was just out to help somebody. i don't want a title or anything. i was just out there to help. >> reporter: but for mark and chris, he was the miracle they hoped for. alex perez, abc news, chicago. >> and we thank you so much for watching. we want you to know tonight our friend, bob woodruff is hosting a star studded big event called stand up for heros for injured service members. find out how to watch it on and i'll see you right back here again tomorrow. good night. break news a bay area man is now in custody for stealing his two week old son. >> father and son, pleading guilty in a massive fraud case. hearing from victims who will not be getting their money back. >> aftermath of a heinous
5:59 pm
kriechlt a passenger set on fire while riding the bus. tonight police are asking for two good samaritans to come forward. >> and mystery solved. google breaks a silence on the barge in the bay. new at 6:00 tonight the tech reporter who first broke the story. a missing bay area infant has just been found in mexico. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> a state wide amber alert issued this morning after police say the baby's father, a 22-year-old took his son henry, then took off, captured at arizona-mexico border. abc7 news reporter vic lee is live where his mother lives. vic? >> reporter: that is right. good news within the last hour, here at the sunnyvale police department z by the way the mother has been told that arrangements are being made for her to be reunited with the baby. let me show you where this
6:00 pm
went down today. now, mexican authorities this afternoon stopped the suspect in a check point just across the border from lukeville, arizona, about 300 miles from san diego. police say the two-week old is safe and are apparently unharmed. police say he threatened to harm himself and the baby, if the mother told police, well, when she did report it, police issued an amber alert last night. the search today was actually in san diego, where there are sightings of the suv around that city. as well as a cell phone ping in the suburbs there. >> they stopped him in a border check point within mexico. based on interview was him, they called the u.s. border patrol at