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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  November 7, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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helen avenue. the 22-year-old guler was captured in mexico with his two week old son. police say the father abducted the child on tuesday afternoon and sent his girlfriend and the mother of the child a text threatening to harm himself in the baby if she called police. guler's cell phone signal was picked on in san diego but he got past the border control. henry's mother spoke to us with the help of a friend. >> i was afraid i would not be able to find him begin. >> the 2-week-old baby is cared for by mexican authorities until he can be returned to his mother. the 22-year-old guler is held by arizona authorities until the district attorney extradicts him. no word on when henry is expected to be reunited with his
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mother at their sunnyvale home. >> matt, thank you. today, bart officials face tough questions from state lawmakers wanting to prevent another rail tragedy after the death of two workers hit and killed by a train during the strike. abc7 news reporter, katie marzullo, has more. katie? >> lawmakers will dig deeper than the recent deaths with questions of a worker killed in 2008. the connection is the safety policy called simple approval that made workers responsible to their safety when they went on to the track. bart discontinued it after christopher shepard and larry daniels were killed. it was if play in 2008 and bart was cited but the management fought to keep it. it was the policy if place. an assembly man, the chair of the committee on labor and employment called the hearing and says simple approval was flawed. he is troubled it was not fix after the death in 2008.
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san francisco assemblyman then requested the hearing saying he was concerned of unresolved safety issues. he says today, the committee will demand accountability from bart managers and look at what is being continue to prevented future risk. for its part a bart spokesman said the acknowledge is gathering the information requested and will answer all quotes asked. the hearing is open to the public and is scheduled to start at 10:00 in the auditorium of state building in san francisco. >> 4:32. in less than two hours san francisco's twitter goes public. it will trade on the new york stock exchange. they set a price of $26 a share for the initial public offering make the i.p.o. worth more than $1.8 billion. it will mark the second big of the debut ever for an internet company after facebook's day about. shares will trade under "twtr."
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abc7 news reporter, amy hollyfield, will have a report at top of the hour in front of twitter headquarters. wall will see if the dow jones industrial average can climb further into record territory when trading opens this morning. the index rose 128 points on wednesday. it beat the record it set last tuesday by 66 points. >> the national rifle association appears ready to make good on the net to sue sunnyvale over a new gun control ordinance. measure c passed by 66 percent on tuesday in the election and takes effect in january. the n.r.a. is working with potential local plaintiffs to file at least one suit within days. the gun rights advocate group is insensed over the banning of sale of ammunition magazines that hold more than continue rounds stricter than any other manage ban in the country. >> city leaders will join muni and san francisco police in launching a new campaign to keep
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you safe on the buses, cable cars and trains. the mayor and police chief suhr will race public awareness of crimes on muni. this reminds riders to watch out for surroundings at stations, stops and on buses. officials and the police department will add more officers to muni to increase overall security. >> san francisco sheriff vows to change procedures to prevent mistakes in the search for missing patient at san francisco general hospital. lynne spalding disappeared from her room in september. the body was found 2 1/2 weeks later. the sheriff says that hospital employees gave the deputies two inaccurate descriptions of the patient. first, saying she was african-american. then asian, when, in fact, she was caucasian. he admitted they failed to do a complete search after an employee reporting seeing the body. >> the communication center
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staff responded and will take care of it. there is no indication anyone was dispatched to that stairwell. the hospital is lawing their own security review and retrain sheriff deputies who work this. >> more trouble this morning for the owner of a closed nursing home in castro valley. social service officials are monitoring a second care home that the woman owns in modesto demanding she hire an executive director until the center is soiled to a new owner. the move is after 14 seniors were abandoned at valley springs hander -- manor when their license was closed. the cook and the janitor who stayed behind to care for residents will be honored by am votes -- by the am vets who worked for free to take care of the found seniors left after the
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staff left. >> weather is important with a big game. >> 4:45 is the forecast time, know rain. upper 40's in napa and santa rosa and los gatos and everyone else in the low-to-mid 50's but san francisco is 59 degrees right now. it is warmer than this time yesterday. the day planner the next 12 hours temperatures will not change because of the high clouds through 7:00. we will be in the 60's away from inland. 70 at noon. at 4:00, we will hang out in the 60's and 70's. we will see stars and high clouds at 7:00. probably light jacket weather. we have a cooling trend through the weekend. there will not be so many clouds as yesterday and temperatures may not be so cool but not as warm as we have today. it lock nice for the entire
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weekend with the chance of rain on monday. i have that in the seven-day forecast and the oregon-stanford forecast. >> we will expect heavy congestion with gates opening at 4:00. expect to see lots of cars. >> in marin county north bound side of 101 we have a hit-and-run accident with everything on the shoulder. in the southbound direction, all is clear. the toll plaza is wide open on the bay bridge. from emeryville, we have construction in the westbound direction up to the high-rise. that will last until 5:00 this morning. headed in the eastbound direction we have one lane taken away until 2:00. >> new this morning, the pg&e
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chairman launches an investigation of its own chairman questioning the accuracy of pipeline documents. >> more trouble for president obama from the democrats. >> huge light show people along the west
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[s[man] no one told her,right?a. [son]hi! [mom screams]
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covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> good morning. at 4:40 on thursday. from the embarcadero in san francisco, a gorgeous bay light installlation lighting up the bay bridge. not so chilly. we will have a fairly warm day for the big oregon at stand -- stanford game. >> new this morning people along the west coast are buzzing over the light show last night of the look at it: a fireball streaked
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across the night sky. a guy if southern california caught the meteor on the dash camera of the car. people in los angeles, santa barbara, all reported seeing the meteor light up the southwest skies along with sightings up own portland and as far as away mexico. if you have video, we want to see it, by sharing it on facebook or twitter. >> this morning, the obama administration is taking more heat for the botched health care website but democrats now are also complaining. president obama heard complaints yesterday from 16 senate democrats up for re-election. the presidential says he is frustrated by the failure of health and human services secretary sebelius is pledging to have it fixed by november 30. a top official involved in creating the site plans to step down next week. the administration says his spot will be filled internally.
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>> the head of pg&e is calling for an independent review to see if the company files misleading records on a natural gas pipeline in san carlos. the decision by pg&e c.e.o. comes after the state public utility commission proposed fining the utility more than $17 million on monday. pg&e is facing harsh criticism from the widening controversy over the fatal 2010 explosion and fire and handling of safety reports. a chairman says an audit committee will investigate. >> the east bay teen set on fire recovers from the first round of surgeries, the alameda county district attorney is deciding whether to charge the 16-year-old suspect as an adult. a reporter shows us that victim's father wants it tried as a hate crime. >> by phone the father of the victim says he identified as
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gender you it travel and feels comfortable wearing skirts. that is what the 18-year-old berkeley while student was wearing when a passenger set s ash a on fire on the a.c. transit bus in oakland. a neighbor showed the video he shot at the corner of the street >> people need to wake up and realize life is too short to kill each other and beat each other up the. >> a 16-year-old could stand trial as an adult and possibly be charged with a hate crime. >> our agency stands behind the idea it being in the category of a hate crime. >> a community center for lgbt people and believe this is an emerging gender identity that is the next discriminated class. >> there are a lot of emotional discrimination because people do not understand the idea of someone being gender neutral.
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>> his father says he never felt skim -- discriminated against. police are looking for the good samaritans who helped. >> the democrats had a difficult time extinguishing the flames. >> there is a fund site surpassing the goal of $20,000 raised so far. >> google has broken silence on the mysterious barge they are, working on in san francisco bay. a four story structure moored at treasure island and now a second barge next to. it a third barge has been spotted near portland, maine. a statement addresses the speculation: a floating data center, a wild party boat? a barge housing the last remaining dinosaur? sadly, none of the above. it could change but we are exploring using this as an interactive space to learn about technology. google has been able to conceal
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the true purpose of the structures by constructing them on barging rather than on land where public permits would be required. >> we heard the wanting from leyla gulen that palo alto expect traffic delays near stanford stadium against their rivals, oregon. a sold out crowd of 50,000 fans will attend. fans are urged to avoid the area starting at 2:30. highways 101 and 280 could be backed up. the cardinals beat the ducks but tonight they enter as ten-point underdog. john elway's number 7 jersey will be retired at half time. there have only been two others would have been honored in that fashion. >> they are all pretty good football players that have had
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their number retired. >> how about tailgating? >> great. andrew luck could be retired, too. ought to be a fun game. tailgating weather is fun, in the 70's through about 5:00. the sun will set at 5:05 and drop into mid-60's by game time. around 55 degrees by the end of the game. our visibility shows a lot of high clouds we are okay and we will keep an eye on sfo. from our roof camera, we will talk about wall happen moving forward: sunny and mile. filtered sunshine. slight cooling. a slight chance of light rain on veterans day. not a big storm. look how calm the water looks this morning from the exploritorium under the bay bridge to the port of oakland. it is calm everywhere this
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morning and this afternoon temperatures are above average at three to seven degrees above average. a lot of us are in the low-to-mid 70's around from the coast where you will feel the cooling more this afternoon. low-to-mid 70's in the south bay extending to santa cruz at 75. same in los gatos and morgan hill. milpitas is cool ever at 71. up to 73 in redwood city and palo alto. in the mid-60's along the coast. nearly 70 in downtown and south san francisco. 68 in sausalito. san rafael, you hit the 70's. in the mid-60's at your beaches. along the east bay shore 74 in oakland. 71 in fremont. inland, 72 to 74 degrees. tonight is another mild night because of the cloud cover with a lot of mid-to-upper 40's inland and upper 40's to low 50's for the rest of us.
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the system will pass us to the north with the cloud cover and a wind shift so the cooling is very minimal. there will be mild afternoons through friday, saturday, sunday. the rains will move in late on monday. here is the seven-day forecast. we hope the veterans day festivities will be dry in the morning. hang around until tuesday and then dry on wednesday. >> serious accident westbound 580 at mcarthur boulevard in the area piedmont. a car possibly hit a pedestrian. we will follow-up on this. it look like we have one lane blocked. this will no doubt be a big scene involving c.h.p. and other agencies. plan ahead and avoid a 80.
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at the altamont pass we have construction lasting until 9:00 this morning, eastbound 580 from greenville road to north flynn. check out the westbound side, we have volume building over the pass. clear drive to the dublin interchange. outside, a picture san jose, 280, away from 17. not too many cars. clear, as well. more details on the piedmont crash ahead. >> thank you, leyla gulen. >> important information for parents. child car seats put to the test. find out which keep your little ones the safest. >> rocket lands at the international space station with very special cargo. >> state lawmakers are getting
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colgate optic white dual action shines and whitens over 2 shades more than a leading whitening toothpaste. and whiten even more, with optic white mouthwash and the whole colgate optic white line.
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>> blasting blasting off a soyuz space capsule arrived at the international space station with the crew carrying the olympic torch into orbit in honor of the 2014 winter games in russia. the torch will be carried through various modules before being taken on a spacewalk. people on the ground talking to the crew abortion the -- the crew aboards the international space station. this is the torch upfront in the picture from the international space station. you cannot light the we torch in the vacuum of space and fill not be lit on the space station because the flames could be dangerous to the crew. >> new research finds booster seats are safer and safer but make sure you get the right seat for the little one. the insurance institute for highway safety rated new bester seats to see where the belts were positioned on four to 8-year-olds. more than ever before earned the
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top rating. 19 out 31. the institute says others have room no grabment and a couple are not recommended. >> the problem is the lap belt is too high open -- on the we stomach. the shoulder bolt is too far off the shoulder. rather than being snug. >> if the shoulder belt does not hit in the right spot the child could slip out. we have a list of the best and worst picks on our website on abc7 news cop. >> -- >> airlines to america is expecting more to fly for the holiday. 25 million passengers will fly over the 12 day thanksgiving travel period 1.5 percent increase over last year. experts say airs are adding seats to accommodate the holiday
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demand and planes are expected to are more than 85 percent full on the busy day. the high volume me begins on friday, november 22 and goes through tuesday, november 3. >> we have had nice travel weather in and out of sfo. mike nicco, is that the case? >> with high clouds we do not have issues. you can see 9 high clouds spreading over the state. the yet weather stays to the north. showers at 57 near eureka. 76 in san diego. 86 in los angeles. yesterday, a typhoon did not look too impressive but now it is a super typhoon with wins up to 175 miles per hour. it will devastate the heart of the philippines the next 24 hours. leyla gulen?
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>> we have three vehicles involved westbound 580. a car may have hit a pedestrian. that pedestrian -- it could be fatal. westbound 580 at mcarthur. if you are headed into oakland we have five units being sent out there. it will be active scene. 880 is a better drive to the macarthur maze moving into oakland, so use the nimitz. from walnut creek from lafayette, use orinda. there is slowing eastbound 24 into the caldecott tunnel but the traffic shows everything smooth and running on time. here is walnut creek, moving toward highway 24, it is empty at this hour. >> you remember the saying, eyes are the window to the soul?
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they could be the window to autism. researchers show infants and hopeers and how on ten the infants would look into the eyes of others. those would looked less in the eyes of their caregivers were more likely to have autism. >> california lawmakers will get a boost in pay but not everyone will take home the extra money. it is the first pay raise in six years. the independent commission that sets pay and benefits has decided to give lawmakers 5.3 percent boost. those whose salary was cut during the recession enjoyed a base pay $95,200 a year. eight have told the state comptroller they will turn down the extra money. two are up for re-election next year. others say a raise will contribute to the already low perception state government. >> another airline is now
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allowing passengers to use their electronic devices throughout the flight. united joins delta and jetblue and american next expanding the use of gadgets after the f.a.a. ban them during take off and landing. talking open cell phones is still not allowed. unite says gadgets need to be "off" while the safety instructions are given. laptops have to be stored during take off and landing. >> wal-mart will not honor online riches made as the result of a technical glitch that caused prices to be absurdly high or low for a short while. treadmills were listed at $33 and computer monitors at $9. why do i never catch these deals? they say they will issue refunds and will give $10 gift cards. so they will not honor that. >> they will not. >> 90 minutes until the biggest i.p.o. of the year with
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anticipation and concern of twitter's public debut. >> a delay in the fix of the faulty bolts of the bay bridge. >> the infant taken from an apartment complex is found safe and sound in prove it. enough is enough. d-con baits are specially formulated to kill in one feeding. guaranteed. d-con. get out. at kaiser permanente we've reduced serious heart attacks
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