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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 7, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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and whiten even more, with optic white mouthwash >> it could be the most powerful storm ever to hit lapped. deadly typhoon slamming into the philippines causing land slides, floods and knocking out power to large portions of the country. good evening. >> millions of people are in the path of the storm. it's more than 300 miles wide exploratorium to santa bar were. 7 news reporter spoke with people in the philippines tonight. allen? >>reporter: yes. this storm is massive. larger than hurricane katrina and andrew. so far there have been at least 3 casualty but authorities are expecting more. these are some of the first pictures of the devastation caused by typhoon young after it struck the philippines earlier today. weather experts say it's one of the most powerful typhoon ever
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recorded with maximum winds of up to 195 miles per hour. this video was taken after it passed over top of this city this afternoon. this evening it was bearing down on the city where employee ricky spoke to us by phone. >> so trees are moving. different directions. >>reporter: he says thousands are sheltered in schools. mau mauls and the city sports aren arena. forecasters say the storm surge could reach 23 feet along the coast. >> extremely scary. >>reporter: back in daly city she has been talking about her parents by skype. >> i have been trying to contact them for hours and it has been really hard. >>reporter: her parents e-mai e-mailed this mother just before the storm hit. >> we are waiting for more. >>reporter: authorities are expecting catastrophic damage
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and more casualty. allen, is abc 7 news. >> monster storm. sandhya is tracking the storm and live with live doppler 7hd staggering how large it is. >> 300 miles wide check out our radar super typhoon right now. as you look here the eye of the storm very large when it made land fall and it made multiple land fall since. wind 185 miles an hour gusting to 225 it has weaken some. it will continue with category 5 tomorrow morning as it continue also across the philippines. eventually making another land fall in vietnam as category 3. biggest threat with the storm is the treptional rainstorm surge and looking at power outage problems in tree down and what not. back with local weather in a few minutes. >> thank you. >> incredibly destructive. if you like to help those affected
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by the storm good to our web site. local organizations already organizing relief effort. coverage developing story continues now on our web site. facebook page. and twitter. follow us at this site. >> we get reports of immediate why are tonight. one caller said it could be seen in the western sky. several viewers tweeted it looked like fireworks. if you have pictures we would love to see them send them to this site. >> fema decade to help daniel from the devastating witch fir fire. the fema says the damage to tuolomne county not severe enough to warrant fund. it burned 400 square miles in and around yosemite national park. state officials plan to appeal the decision. >> abc 7 news has learned that authorities are considering adding hate crime charge in the rape of student at cupertino college. assault happened inside a women bathroom on the campus on monday. victim may have been targeted because of
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her gender identification as pan sexual. her attacker has not been arrested but authorities believe the 2 knew each other and suspect also a difficult an is a student. >> 16-year-old boy faces hate crime charges and tried as an adult after investigators say he set another high school student on fire aboard an ac transit bus. that suspect said he did it because he's homophobe ick. the victim is still recovering at the san ran burn center. >> kaiser nurse no longer need to worry about the jobs with hayward pediatric unit shuts down later this month. they reached an agreement with the california nurse association that will give nurses preferential transfer into new positions. that unit is set to close on november 17. >> bay area woman with breast cancer taking her personal crisis and turning it into an inspiration for people everywhere. it's a video that takes bad situation and makings it into something up lifting. john has the story and how her
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friends answered her call. >> dance party is the last thing you expect to happen before double mastectomy but for deborah cohen in the green surgical ground this was all for therapy. >> more nervous about how the flash mob was going to go than how the surgery was going to go. >>reporter: deborah also happens to be dr. cohen. ob-gyn who is fighting breast cancer. before thursday morning surgery at mount zion hospital in san francisco she got the staff to dance to beyonce with her. she also asked friends and anybody for that matter to do the exact same thing to make a video of it. this family her neighbors in berkeley more than happy to dance to show their support. >> i kept thinking if i were in her place would i be dancing and smiling all the time and such amazing intention and i don't know that i would and i just found her attitude to be so incredibly inspiring. >>reporter: she danced tl by the office.
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>> very pro active you can dance. you can participate with flash mob that i'm organizing. >>reporter: nice feel. now she gets a nice feeling as video and well wishes pour in from around the country. recuperating at home and doing great. john, abc 7 news. >> well storm public stopped twitter initial public offering started at 26 dollars that was the initial press but because of early traiingd it opened today in 45 and went as high as 50 dollars and closing at this number here. it's considered a very successful i p o. >> more controversy tonight over yoga pants made by loo-loo lemon this time not the pants themselves with people is worked up. as l amma explains it's what the chairman of the company had to say about them. >> they cause uproar several months ago vlts customers were complaining that the yoga pants were see through. now apparently a problem with big.
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addressing the ongoing problems with the past company cheer man wilson today seemed to blame it on the size of the women wearing them. >> frankly some women body just actually don't work for it. >> the interview aired this morning on bloomberg tv. >> more likely they will be. >> it's the size how much pressure is there. >> now wilson may the one feeling the pressure. outside the officer called it shallow marketing. >> they should design the pant for all women because that's the way marketing should be. tm not just women who are fit or slim. >>reporter: another shopper isn't buying the explanation. >> it has to be the pants. it can't be the user. it's the quality of the fabric and how they wear. >>reporter: chairman comments have women across the country complaining. some are even taking to the internet to voice frustration. in fact many of our viewers have commented on our facebook page as for the
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response to wilson comments this morning she didn't have a response. >> this company clothes weren't made for fat people. retailer hasn't said exactly how large the sizes will good when they get there next spring. >> dangerous binge drinking in berkeley send cal students to the hospital. >> dan has been investigate thanksgiving problem since the start of the school year and is here with the story. >> drinking in college nothing new but this is something else vl not just affecting college students. may actually be putting you in danger. >> plus. what the player center at the nfl bullying
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the place to find quality, affordable coverage, and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at >> uc berkeley serious drinking problem. increasing number of tv students get something drunk paramedic take them to the hospital. >> it puts a strain on emergency services for the entire city. dan has an exclusive i team investigation that is shocking. >> this is a and since the start of the school year over two months paramedic have used these more than 100 times on drunk cal students to take them
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to the the hospital. >> medical emergency district 3. >>reporter: the start of the school year caught uc berkeley official campus police city fire by surprise. never before one night have so many students gotten so drunk that they needed an ambulance to take them to the hospital. >> we need ambulance for secon second. >>reporter: fire department reports that dispatch recording obtained by the 7 news i team under the california public records act tell the story sunday night august 25. the calls came in. from frat hous house. sorority and doyvrments 20-year-old male et o h. >> evident oly alcohol in danger of alcohol poisoning. >> i think we have something like 18 calls and we were transporting. major concern because actually ambulance we have are limited so they were basically taking all of the
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city capacity. >> berkeley fire tells me 7 fire engine 2 ladder truck 3 balance were his so busy they had to call for mutual aid. ambulance from surrounding cities rushed to help. >> as we would respond one group to the campus for one patient another call would come in. at one:37 that morning the crew notes extremely high call volume at uc beforecly delay in obtaining ambulance transport. fire truck was there. but the patient had to wait 20 minutes for an ambulance to take them to the hospital. >> drunk kid n.reality if that was somebody having heart attack or stroke that's 20 minutes. key to their survival. >> that put a huge strain on the nearest hospital that night. emergency room was full of drunk students. ambulance his to be diverted to other hospitals. >> what we have experienced is that people are drinking more. >> the treatment program here work was cal students. >> not unlikely for me to have
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of a client here i have my people and i took 11 shots in one minute. now, your system can't handle that. we wanted to find out firsthand what is happening at the campus but berkeley fire refused to approve a ride along so weekend after weekend we monitored the dispatch channel and often beat the firefighters to the scene. we found limp body of passed out students being lugged out of frat house. >> she's under age. not to worry. >> what do you mean not to worry? >> i'm doing my job. >>reporter: and dorms. over their head to protect paramedic from getting sprayed and off to the hospital. it's such a sensitive issue deputy chief web also would not allow us to interview any firefighters or paramedic about what they have seen on the cal campus. but one is stepping forward not showing his face for fear of reprisonal. >> i was worried my chief the
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would good to the college and would be really, really concerned. especially a woman. >> on these calls as sexual assault become an issue. >> absolutely. >>reporter: how soil. 3 or 4 guy trying to carry a young woman who is on crutches out of the party we confronted the gentlemen he said he didn't know her. >>reporter: firefighters paramedic says cal has done little to stop the binge drenching even though campus police usually accompany fear craw on the call they rarely right citation. you are saying that police officers have told you or your colleagues that they are instructed not to cite the kids for under age drinkin drinking. >> that's correct we have had several police officers tell us that. >>reporter: spokesperson for campus police denying officers are instructed no to the cite students but look at the numbers they provided. we have identified 107 drunk cal students transported to the hospital just the start of this school year. the majority are under age. how many students
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did campus police cite in that same time period? 2. they say they couldn't cite them if they don't see them drinking. they don't cover the frat or sorority because they are off campus but plenty of calls from campus housing. >> the fact the numbers are going up is in fact possible evidence that we are making a difference. >>reporter: when we called for interview uc berkeley steered us to the the manager of the party safe at cal program. drunk students is up over the past three years but tells me that's because of better education. the students are urged to call 911 if they see a friend in trouble. the message is reinforced on pamphlet and fans passed out at football games. >> recovery division if somebody passed out after drinking. >>reporter: but admits there is much more work to do. she tells me if she could reach most prominent 50 to 75 parties hosted at cal and urge them not
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to over serve the guest perhaps the drinking culture can change. >> i was in berkeley. if it was my child who needed something urgent that night and ambulance was hard pressed to kilometer to us because they were dealing with unnecessarily overly intoxicated students, that would make me angry. >>reporter: callus not alone. campus around the bay area grapple with the issues but cal has definitely seen a surge this year. solution to take the pressure off the hospital some schools keep a staff on party night so drunk students wind up it will not at local er. >> talk about intoxicated. you were talking about just all but unconscious. >> in danger. in danger. body shutting down. >> thanks. >> new details are coming to light tonight about the miami dolphins line man accused of bullying martin. this is incognito on tirade at florida bar. according to police
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report he's accused of harassing female volunteer at golf tournament saying he touched her inappropriate with a golf club and threw water on her. nfl has hired independent lawyer to investigate possible misconduct. >> well we talked about the typhoon. focus on our weather as well. >> sandhya has a look at that for us. >> in our weather already changing. we start to notice on live doppler 7hd that low cloud are showing up near the coast line. biggest change you notice first thing in the morning. from our sutro tower cam are see part of san francisco in gray conditions exploratorium 55 degrees with the over cast. oakland 53. redwood city 52 and cooling off in los gatos 49 degrees. sfo camera shoying the low clouds as well. so tomorrow morning if flying out for business or pleasure might encounter some delay. temperature 47 in santa rosa napa and upper 40's in novato. 53 in livermore. take
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you the camera light winds right now. here's a look at the forecast. morning low cloud at the coast a little cooler going into the weekend and still shower chance early tuesday morning latest computer model still want to bring in some moisture tuesday morning. so for the time being high pressure dry pat he were continues. the system passing to our north but the one that will bring us the possibility of rain is outgoing to be developing over the pacific as we head into the tuesday morning written chance will be diminishing but might squeeze out few showers. that's the possibility in the north bay for tuesday morning. veterans day looking dry and hurry build going back to dry pattern for a few days. another possibility of rain by friday next week. tomorrow morning look out for the low cloud. pockets of poor visibility fine right now. temperatures in the low 40's to low 50's. a little bit cooler than this morning so we expect you might need the sweatshirt
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or jacket. mild sunny. clouds should clear. 66 san francisco half machine bay. 72 santa rosa. vallejo, concord. free mont all the low 70's. 71 san jose. temperatures are down a little bit from today's high. we have upward of 70 in places like livermore. mild into the weekend but in the as warm today. we will notice the cloud increasing by sunday veterans day is dry. cooler though. then by tuesday morning you might need the umbrella but it's a brief opportunity for seeing showers and bringing slate chance again on thursday so far out there. so stay tune going into friday. >> tip to track this horrible storm. >> exactly monster storm. >> thanks. >> let's turn our attention now to fabulous sports. >> heart rate has come did you know. pretty keyed up.
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>> f if i have to say. >> stanford the against oregon. show down. they run the
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with qualifying bundles. >> good evening. nobody thought it could be done. almost nobody. maybe only the cardinals themself coaching staff at stanford shocked the world upsetting no. 3 other g.o.p. didn't just beat the duck. they pel verizoned them. yes. stanford great elway in the house no. 7. first quarter fourth and goal. duck gamble and lose. marcus. fade pattern incomplete. stanford hold no score. drive of their
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open. hogan, 7 passes for 103 yards but 47 right there. to michael and fantastic capping 96 yard drive 7 nothing stanford after one quarter. early second quarter hogan read option. 11 yard. dive for the end zone 14 nothing cardinal. upset in the making. would care for full record 45 mipts times. 157 yards. 16 there. setting up 4 field goal. stanford cruised. 26 nothing. everything. look like it was over but lost field goal returned for touch down. scramble. it's brown. suddenly 26-20. but stanford recovers the onside kick to secure the win 26-20. storm the field hand the duck the first loss. here's coach david shaw leading up to the game. >> people talk bad about us. say things about us. opposing players talk sometimes that's why we don't even get upset about it. talk doesn't win
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football games. we talk to the padres and did that tonight. >> we have grit players and great coaches. when we play we can stop anybody but we tip our hat to the offense. they kept us on the field and reload every series make it easier. >> i have to get a patent on the glass. shark hosting van cure. crazy goal as he fires the puck. ricochet off the board. up the top of the net over the crossbar and down off roberto back and in. 1 nothing deen peel. rough night. giving up 4 goal on 13 shot. the shot there. zack at home the shark drop third and straight but a shoot out. canuck the final here. 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino on a big night for stanford. >> great night. >> huge. that was really exciting. >> keep them on track for the road. >> how about ranking. >> it fell to probably 4 but
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florida state is a big winner as well because they will secure the no. 2 spotted undefeated. remain title game, they stay on at kaiser permanente we've reduced serious heart attacks by 62%, which makes days with grandpa jack 100% more possible.
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wake up weather watch out for low clouds and fog. low visibility. light whipped temperature 40's, 50's. might need the extra layer. >> okay sandhya thank you. >> coming up next on "jimmy kimmel live", actor rob lowe. >> that's our report. appreciate your time. thanks for watching. >> our news continues now on
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight rob lowe, from "scandal", columbus short, this week in unnecessary censorship, and music from nine inch nails. with cleto and the cletones. and now, i knew this would happen -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: hi there, i'm jimmy. thank you for watching. thank you for being here on


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