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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  November 8, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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survive. >> we spoke to a man who lives in the philippines and we got him on the phone and he said thousands of people are sheltered in schools, malls and sports arenas. the hard part for people in bay area is waiting if word. >> we have more on relief evers on our website at you can get breaking updates by following us on twitter@abcnews. >> our meteorologist has been tracking typhoon haiyan. what is the latest? >> 165-mile-per-hour winds. gusts faster than that. in the philippine, you can see what has happened during our overnight hours during the daylight as it came in with 19 195-mile-per-hour wind. it fell apart which you with expect but 165-mile-per-hour
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winds with gusts to 200 is formidable moving to the west at 25 miles per hour. the good part is that the flooding of fresh water rains is not an issue but you saw flood, there because of the storm subject. it had 50' waves. through the weekend, vietnam will be hit at 10:00 tomorrow our time. it is on the way to vietnam. it will be a category four hurricane, still, when it arrives. at home we having for and half moon bay and in napa. watch out for that during the morning commute. >> as we look at the crash in oakland, not sure if it is due to the heavy fog. we are experiencing heavy fog in the area over the bay bridge. as we take you to oakland, eastbound 580, we have an accident a solo vehicle crash blocking two lanes but is on the shoulder. we do not have delays in the
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east or westbound direction. 880 northbound direction is slow-and-go traffic with volume because of early construction. you can see what thing for is doing to the commute. use low beams, not the high beams. be careful. it looks like a smooth ride from emeryville to san francisco. >> happening today the man accused of abducting his infant son faces a hearing in arizona after taking his son on tuesday after an argument with the baby's mom over the hire to move out of the state. authorities captured the father at a check point in mexico. the baby was escorted to the airport yesterday for a flight to arizona to be reunited with her son. police say the 2-week-old baby is fine. his abduction led to a state while amber alert. guler faces abduction charges.
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>> convicted serial killer is to be sentenced today. in september, a jury unanimously ruled the 77-year-old should get the death penalty for murdering four women. next month, the county will try to seek reimbursement of $138,000 in legal costs from his assets. >> we have learned that authorities are considering adding a hate crime charge in the rape of a student at cupertino's deanza college which happened inside a woman's bathroom on the campus on monday. the victim may have been targeted because of her gender identification as pan sexual which means attracted to people regardless of their gender or sexual preference. her attacker is not arrested but authorities believe the two knew each other and the suspect is a student there. >> in oakland a 16-year-old faces a hate crime and will be tried as an adult after investigators say he set another high school student on fire on
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board an a.c. transit bus. the suspect, richard thomas, told police he did it because he is homophobic. the victim faces multiple skin graft surgeries for the second- and third-degree burns he suffered. dolts -- doctors say it could be a long recovery. >> there is a moment of silence to on the t.s.a. officer who was killed a week ago by a gunman at los angeles international airport. the t.s.a. says that checkpoint operations will stop at hundreds of aiports at 9:20 the moment hernandez was shot at lax on friday. he is the first t.s.a. officer killed in the line of duty. two other t.s.a. officers and a bystander were wounded. the alleged gunman, paul ciancia, was shot by police and is still in the hospital. investigators say he targeted t.s.a. officers. >> kaiser nurses no need to worry about the jobs when a unit shuts down after reaching an
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agreement with the california nurse's association giving nurses transfers into new positions with preference. the unit closed november 17. kaiser moves the young patients to the pediatric hospital in oakland. the closing will make it difficult for some parents to get care if their children. >> a bay area woman with breast cancer is taking her personal crisis and turning it into an inspiration for people a video this turns a bad situation into something uplifting. her friends are answering the call. >> a dance party is the last thing you would expect to happen before a double ma -- mastectomy it was all for a fight of she is a doctor.
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she got the staff to dance to beyonce and asked friends it dot same thing and make a video of it, and her neighbors were more than happy to show their support. >> i thought, if i were in her place, would i be we dancing and smiling and having amazing intentions and i don't know i would and i found her attitude to be incredibly inspiring. >> another danced by himself at the office, and he said, you can dance. you can participate in a flash mob i am organizing. that is a nice feeling. >> she is getting a nice feeling as the video and wealth winers pour in from around the country. she says he is doing great at home recuperating. >> 4:36. we are following typhoon haiyan in the philippines and here is the local weather. >> the temperatures are 39 in napa to 53 in san francisco.
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the forecast today is more sunshine after the fog fades at 10:00. it will be mild but cooler in the mid-60's along the coast and around the bay and upper 60's to low 70's. now the traffic from leyla gulen. >> we are going back into oakland where we have an accident. this is going to be traveling along eastbound 580 between high street and seminary. we have another report of an accident at edwards all in the same area. we are not sure if they are one and the same but a semi is involved blocking one lane. we have lanes blocked. so far, check out the green, green on the map means we are at top speed making the drive both in the eastbound and westbound direction. 880 is showing slowing northbound coming into oakland because of construction in the area. 580, tracy from dublin is 4 minutes, and highway 4 antioch to concord is seven minutes and
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101 southbound from san rafael to san francisco is 16 minutes. walnut creek, southbound 680, is empty so friday light so far as you make your drive to the 24 junction with plenty of fog at the bay bridge. be careful. katie and eric? >> you have to lob like this to wear a popular yoga brand of clothing that has customs fuming. >> more trouble for with new glitches. >> the nerd nation rules, a big slow down but, first, the tech bytes. >> it can be easier to get the iphone fix with a new website reporting apple will offer instore repairs for the 5s and 5c. microsoft has released internet explorer 11 if windows 7 with faster browsing and improved
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coughing benicia, san ramon, san mateo and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> good friday or. 4:41. this is san francisco and the when part of the bay bridge with the lights. mike has the forecast and typhoon haiyan which is hitting the philippines. >> new this morning, president obama says his administration is working to close some of the holes causing millions of americans to have their health insurance canceled. the president apologized yesterday to americans whose health insurance plans are being
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canceled as a result the affordable care act. an estimated 12 million have policies that do not meet obamacare requirements for more comprehensive care. software engineers and tech analysts are discovering new problems with health but the obama administration vows it will be fully operational by december 1st. >> secretary of state john kerry will participate in negotiations in geneva over iran's nuclear program. john kerry was in the middle east and will plan to travel to geneva came after the foreign minister of iran said there could be an agreement tonight. signs that a deal would limit iran's atomic activity are bringing officials to switzerland. john kerry will try to narrow differences in negotiations. >> more controversy over yoga pants made by hallelujah -- by
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>> they caused an uproar, customers complained the yoga pants were see through and now there is a problem with pilling. >> some bodies do nut work. >> the interview aired on bloomberg tv. >> you mean rubbing through the thighs and how much pressure is there. >> now wilson could feel the pressure outside the company a company called it shallow marketing. >> design the pants for all women. that is the way marketing should be. not just women who are fit or slim. >> another shopper isn't buying the explanation. >> it has to be the pants, it cannot be the user. it is the quality of fabric and how they wear. >>the comments have women across the country complaining. some are teaing to the intent to
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voice frustration. many of our viewers have commented on facebook. the response to wilson's comments, abc reached out but did not receive a response. >> stanford fans are celebrating biggest wins in school history of the fifth ranked cardinals done natured 3rd ranked oregon for the first 50 minutes and held off a furious rally at the end. stanford had a school record 45 rubbing attempts for 157 yards and a touchdown. stand ford had a huge lead but they got a scare with a touchdown by 26-20 with only 20 minutes left but stanford recovered and ran out the clock. if stanford wins the final two the cardinals play for the lead championship and the rose bowl.
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>> the rose bowl. >> the rose bowl. pasadena. granddaddy of them all. >> thank you very much. mike nicco has a look at the local level. >> we do have fog this morning. nice to have you here today. most of us along the east bay shore and into the north bay, developing in the north bay and down along the east bay shore. some of it is over the coast also at half moon bay less than eighth of a mile and half a mile in novato and 1.5 mile in napa. you can see from the east bay hills, most of the east bay shoreline is covered with low clouds and fog. this is the backdrop to talk about fog fading to sunshine. a few high clouds and a bright day. temperatures will cool through the weekend bringing us back to average after being so much
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warmer than that for the week. we still have a chance of rain pushed into tuesday and it is still just a chance of senior light rain. the system passing to the north with the jet stream two areas of high pressure dominating our weather so temperatures today are in the 70's in the south bay and everyone is in the low-to-mid 70's but milpitas is 69 headed to santa cruz is 68 and san jose is 71. on the peninsula today we have upper 60's to 70 degrees. mid-60's along the coast if you are headed to daly city or colma it is 63 and mid-to-upper 60's downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and upper 60's to low 70's for most of the north bay valley and 73 and low-to-mid 60's along your coast and upper 60's to low 70's along the east bay shore. headed inland we have low-to-mid 70's. the temperatures are same as this morning and we will have upper 30's in the north bay valley and the inland valley in the mid-40's and the rest of us the mid-40's to 50 degrees. today and tomorrow, the storm
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track is staying well to the not and maybe high cloud from time to time. the seven-day forecast shows temperatures are close to average but it will be one to two degrees cooler through veterans day which is looking dry. temperatures are close to average tuesday, wednesday and thursday and slight chance of rain on tuesday. have a good weekend. >> we have the accident in oakland blocking one lane eastbound 580 by seminary. watch out for that. it is causing a bit slowing but not putting a dent in the commute. as far as construction we have plenty of that. san jose in the northbound and southbound direction at highway 87 and we have all the lanes blocked with detours in place and it does not appear there is enough traffic to cause problems there, 880 is clear on the nimitz as we look at the commute if daly city and over to san francisco if you are headed along 101 and away from sfo, as well, you can see the drive is
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only ten minutes to get to third street into the financial district. this is the golden gate bridge, it ising iffy, so -- it is foggy this morning. >> new details this morning in the rim fire. family is denying new aid to help repair the damage in the sierra. they say the damage to the county is not severe enough to continue providing federal funds. the rim fire burned 400 square files in and around yosemite national park. >> new details are coming to light of the miami dolphin accused of bullying. this is incognito as a florida bar in a tirade. he was accused of her lasting a female volunteer at a golf tournament and touched her inappropriately with a follow
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club and threw water on her. the nfl hired an independent lawyer to investigate possible misconduct. >> coming up, the unwelcome greeting nap company -- napolitano faces at her first public appearance. >> doctor could have
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good morning, everyone, this is san francisco international airport where operations are slow this time of morning. usually they pick up at 6:00. we will tell you what the weather is doing and if it is affecting the flights. >> a video showing auto accidents is going viral. a 19-year-old chicago man is behind the wheel of a black s.u.v. after he rear ended a cab he refuseed to exchange information with the driver. the tab driver tried to smash the side window, the s.u.v. drive plowed into another cab and then backed interest a
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parked car. the s.u.v. driver was arrested about a block away. police say he was driving a stolen car and had no license or insurance. >> a group of uc berkeley students will protest napolitano's first public visit to the campus. nap company will inaugurate the 10 the chancellor of uc berkeley at 3:00 p.m. with the profits saying they want napolitano removed as the president because she deported two million immigrants, or her department did when she was the secretary of homeland security. they say she sends a memorial of disrespect and fear to the thousands of students with latino heritage. the demonstrators are planning a protest at the regents meeting next week. >> a case study shows lifesaving bone marrow transplant could cure peanut allergies according
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to the american college of asthma. a boy was diagnosed with a peanut allergy at the age of 15 months. at age eight he had a bone marrow transplant for leukemia with in known allergies and now the child no longer has peanut allergies. >> mike, how does the weekend look? >> good if you are traveling. it is rainy on the ducks parade and after the game last night. congratulations to stand toward. mid-70's through the central valley and 68 in yosemite. low-to-mid 70's in san diego and los angeles. in tahoe, the average high is 54 and well flirt with 60 with sun for the better part of the weekend. leyla gulen? >> as we take you right back into oakland, we have this
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accident, eastbound 580, at seminary, blocking one lane involving a big rig. it was causing slowing but it appears that has dissipated. the prosecute of the drive through oakland is moving along at top speed. a nice cheer commute but what is not is clear is the fog that is completely enveloping the bridges. this is the bay bridge toll plaza which is socked in at this hour. it is coming from emeryville for san francisco. at golden gate bridge we have another fog advisory and a little bit construction moving up north as the cones are picked up. we have a fog advisory for the richmond-san rafael bridge so drive slower. >> over to you. >> a federal investigation of the west contra costa school district found an environment of sexual harassment and violence among students and lack of
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solution from officials. students engaged in a range of troubling conduct including sexually derogatory language, unwelcome touching, demand for sexual favors and sexual assaults. in some cases, students were targets of sexual harassment from school employees. the district has agreed to comply with fell guidelines. >> the high-speed rail authority is helping veterans with disabilities get to work. the state department of veterans affair and the authority have signed an agreement to aware contracts for the train project to small businesses owned by disabled vets. a statute audit reveals that the state is failing to helping vets find jobs when they leave the military. thousands of veterans attended judicial fairs but only 60 were offered positions. >> in los angeles, police have arrested more than 50 petroleum in a protest of more than 200 at
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a newly opened wal-mart store in chinatown of the demonstrators gathered last night to show support for the workers who walked off the job demanding better pay. it was mostly peace of but when people blocked traffic police asked everyone to disperse. those who did not were arrested. >> 62 ipads and listen tops stolen from a san jose school are being replaced. safeway is donating 31 ipads to the school. thieves pried open a door and stole 62 new ipad s and laptops from the school in october. the school district will replace the laptops using money from the general funds which were valued at $72,000, not enough to meet the insurance deductible. >> happening now, parents are braving the morning chill waiting in line if a chance to make this a bright holiday for families. we are there live. >> the most powerful storm ever
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to hit land in the tropics. the latest on the deadly typhoon causing landslides and flooding and knocking out power across the philippines. >> the impact a change in safety rule can have on bart.
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♪ ♪ ♪ i ♪ know i can't deny... ♪ that i got a new feeling ♪ deep inside... ♪ [ female announcer ] with five perfectly sweetened whole grains... you can't help but see the good. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good friday morning. coming up on 5:00 a.m. thank you for join us. >> i am here for kristen sze this morning.
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four people are dead in the philippines and 700,000 are evacuated from the path of a massive typhoon. what is going on, mike? >> in the philippine i will show you what is going on. what we will see is a storm that was so impressive yesterday. look at this. it traveled through the philippines and it did lose a little bit of the grip. but it still has 165-mile-per-hour winds and gusting up to 200 so it would still be a category five hurricane and still a super five football. headed to the west today, it is headed for vietnam, da nang, during the evening hours tomorrow cause a category four. it will roll through the northern sections of vietnam and become a tropical storm at that point inside the borders. >> 5:00 a.m., right now. nearly


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