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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  November 8, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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>> reporter: the filipino channel reported back to manila on how the bay area was reacted. information how to help was posted on their channel. their foundation presented relief following other typhoons and earthquakes. typhoon yolanda caused hundreds of thousands to leave homes, many under shelters. casualties are expected to be high. >> things not yet safe for our members to come out to hand out real 11 goods. >> two years ago another organization collected items for survivors of the 2007 typhoon. today, another campaign from 10:00-2:00. >> we need survival items. canned goods. dry noodles. rice. baby food baby form lachlt medicine. that
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type of thing. >> reporter: in the outer mission, people have been dropping by the community center to donate money the staff has been watching reports on the situation. >> just concentrating on monetary donations and giving them to our partner organizations they know what needs are. >> reporter: it will be days before they can get to some of the areas devastated by the typhoon. right now, red cross is not initiating any relief efforts because so many organizations, the red cross is watching and waiting to see how things develop. in the newsroom, abc7 news. >> thank you very much here are more details on the fund-raiser. relief drive for those affected by the typhoon this, sunday from 10:00 a.m until 2:00 p.m at rnc motor cars in san bruno. you can find more about this and efforts at abc7
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>> that storm moved on, sandhya patel here to tell us where it is now. >> yes. it move add cross philippines and as you can see here, it's headed towards south china sea now. category 4, so weakened slightly. winds 145 miles per hour. still strong gusts. 175 miles per hour, it's on its way towards vietnam. expected to weaken. by tomorrow morning, and then, will continue to make its way inland. as it does, will weaken to a tropical storm. rain, wind, storm surges are expected. i'll be back with a look at the forecast that includes the weekend. >> we have breaking news now out of lake county. a wildfire continues to burn out of control now threatening structures began just before 2:00, quickly growing to 200 acres. these images of the fire from lake county news now, cal fire says blaze is only 15% contained. it's burning off
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moron valley road. >> well, traffic on the bridge is moving after a car fire blocked lanes this afternoon. here is a look. traffic moving towards us you can see more cars now here is the scene using our waze traffic app. you can see activity in spots, still at a stand still. take a look at traffic. you can see icons indicating there are serious traffic problems in that area. here is y sky seven shows car being towed. emergency response and car's removal kept a lane blocked an hour. no one was hurt but it did cause serious traffic problems. >> well, developing news foernler santa clara county supervisor is headed to jail now. he was sentenced just minutes ago, taken to jail to
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begin serving time n march, he pleaded guilty to misuse of $100,000 of public funds. today, the defense made a case to the court for no jail time, saying he's no criminal, just a gambling addict. once out of jail, he'll be on probation three years. he's also banned by the way from holding public office for his life. a fraternity suspended over concerns about hazing and drinking. it's on channing way. abc7 news joins us live tonight. laura? >> cheryl, well, it's friday night here there, is a big home football game tomorrow. no doubt, parties near campus tonight. this house behind me threw a party, the last straw of sorts that, cost them their charter. >> reporter: their motto is men of principle. but now, the men are with out a chapter in uc
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berkeley. that is after the from a fern nitty national organization decided to close for failing to clean up the act in terms of hazing and under aged drinking. the uc chapter supposed to reorganize. but in an e mail the suit national security wrote this culminated the stall in an party that disregarded all forms of reasonable and required risk management. members still at the house would not comment. >> things have increased in terms of alcohol consumption. and issue was under aged drinking. >> reporter: jason belongs to another fraternity. iet comes down to leadership, every fraternity has leadership. it's berkeley. these are intelligent people, it's just probably poor decision making. thursday, abc7 i team shows how binge drinking
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has gotten out of havenltd >> if you're not guiding what do you expect? >> this student says media and administration shouldn't just focus on binge drinking but what leads to it, in the first place. >> some of the peers are going through tough things no one is highlighting. the fact this is getting more attention than their struggles is surprising. >> reporter: students can stay until lease expires the cal chapter can apply for reinstallment but not before 2015. in berkeley, abc7 news. >> coming up on abc7 news at 6:00 you just saw that report. amazing and dangerous, bing drinking sending students to the hospital. how it's not just affecting college kids, it mitt be putting new danger. >> antioch police want to here from anyone who saw an tack on
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two librarians just before 3:00 at antioch community center. police say the 21-year-old assaulted the workers took a wallet then attacked a patron. officer as rested johnson after he took off running. now, everyone involved is going to be okay. police hope witnesses come forward so they can learn about what happened. >> one neighborhood thought it's gun a problem of wild pigs tearing through yards but now, the pigs are back and damage getting more expensive and folks are getting sick of it. abc7 news joins us live with the story. david? >> reporter: you should hear frustration level here, feral pigs have been coming down to ravage landscaping here. the front yards here has been ravaged ten times, recently just two nights ago. what's happening is that they're searching for food they're looking for grubs. in yards of this neighborhood. they're coming down from hills, where there are thousands of
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acres of land. the city of san ramone and homeowner association hired a trapper to capture pigs in september. 12 were trapped but the pig population appears to be so large, the problem has returned, again. >> it's just kind of scary. it's also very devastating to your yard. and costly. looks like someone came through with a rototiller >> hunters say there are too many of them. they breed by dozens. there is no food up there they've been coming down here. >> reporter: problem has spread to nearby communities. frustrated homeowners have given up repairing damage, hoping winter rain will restore vegetation and grub population in the dry hills. homeowners association is exploring whether hiring a trapping program mile mite be the next step. one told
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me it's amazing how fast the pigs work. they can turn away and yards can be turned upside down. and happens usually right after dark. a trapper not working in this neighborhood told me that what happened san ramone, abc7 news. >> david, thanks. >> this is a huge problem, willed pigs known to run biled from texas to new york and causing accidents this, is a remote controlled plane fitted with thermal imageing cameras makes those pigs glow in the dark, then hunters track them down and shoot them this, is a full time job. it's not pleasant to watch at dinner time. >> moving on, coming up, an inspiring show of support from a school for a teenager who is set
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tonight police looking for this man, juan carlos chavez, they say held up someone at gun point, and stole their dog. it happened last month after they mrooes say he met the sellers asked if he can hold the nine week old dog, then, pulled out a gun and demanded their car. the sellers jumped in and drove off.
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police say chavez left with the dog. >> students in high school traded in pants for skirts and kilts in support of a class mate who was set on fire. they sent that pick twur a get well card to luke sasha fleeshman. >> reporter: students at maybeck high school walked into class wearing skirts. both females and males the director says he couldn't be prouder. he put on a skirt, too. >> it's always great to see students rallying in support of another student. in this case, you know, given the horrific events that took place. >> reporter: they're supporting luke fleeshman, who also goes by the name sasha. sasha set on fire while sleeping on a bus, wearing a skirt at the time. the skirt was set on fire. >> everyone is upset. sasha's
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closest friends are extremely upset. but it's obviously something they've never had to deal with before. it's pretty bizarre. >> reporter: they decided to make a statement, encouraging 110 students here at this high school to wear skirts. candice turtle said her daughter was among them. >> she did wear a skirt today. and i am proud of her and all of the maybeck kids for showing their support to sasha. we hope he gets better soon ask comes back to maybeck to take tests and finish applying to college. >> reporter: sasha does not identify as male or female, is gender neutral and a gender identity activist. is he now in the hospital recovering from burns >> i just got an e mail that said we're thrill that had everybody is going to be wearing skirts. in support of sasha. >> reporter: police have arrested a 16-year-old boy in
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this case the district attorney decided to try him as an adult. pentagon says reporting of military sexual assaults is up by a congress woman says more needs to be done to punish those who commit crimes the pentagon says 3500 sexual assaults were reported between october last year and june of this year. that is a 50% increase. but congress woman jackie speier says few will result in convictions. >> only about 500 go to court marshal and less than 200 actually go to conviction. so, the odds are against getting jus tichlts >> speier opposed to restrictive reporting alouing victims to get treatment without reporting the crime. she says it's a way to avoid finishing perpetrators. >> job recruiters say how you dress is important. that is why
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the foundation donated suits to 50 low income veterans. it's just the right fit. state laws help veterans get food and housing. >> one more item. jim wolf struggles with homelessness and alcoholism. a group in grand rapids, michigan heard about the situation and decided to give him a makeover. cutting his hair and beard, giving him new clothes the transformation is stunning contributing to a new life. he's turned it around, attending aa meetings, and he has a job. here are before and after photos. amazing. >> wow. >> neat. >> when jim saw the way he looked you can see for yourself, his mouth dropped open. he was overwhelmed and hugged everyone around him. a new life. for this veteran, serving his country so
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ably. now, others helping him. >> an he megsal moment. good. i'm glad he's able to move on with the help of folk who's cared, right? >> a ship rainbow warrior greenpeace's flag ship boat going to be open this weekend. it was used to stop a vessel carrying cargo from lands. it's supporting a group of activists arrested in russia for protesting an arctic royal rig. >> the mystery surrounding that google barge off treasure island being revealed in drips and drabs. these renderings included in documents that show how it will look when it's done. for one thing, it's huge. 50 feet
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tall. with giant sails, report lid floating around the bay, stopping at different sports. this week google says it's working on converting one of the two into an interactive learning space. >> two cities considered among best places in the country to live. adults under 35 years of age. portland, oregon topped the list because of strong job market and music scene. austin, texas number two. with san francisco coming in at number three, san jose ranked 20th. these rankings of the top 35 large u.s. cities were based on a long list of cry teara, including rent and employment the price of beer, single people care about that, and number of coffee shops and laundromats. >> not to mention great weather. >> that does not hurt.
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>> i know. san francisco, san jose should have been top two for weather. >> right.. >> i mean, gorgeous. this weekend is looking great. live doppler seven, any outdoor plans you want to take kids to the park or a jog, check out live doppler seven. just a sign of what is still to come. it's clear out there i do want to take you back to where the typhoon is churning. it's a large storm. it's eyeing vietnam next. so just puts our weather into perspective. when you look at what we have here. a contrast, beautiful after glow. temperatures 39 san francisco. 63 oakland. san jose, 65. upper 60s around redwood city. this morning fog, low clouds, murky but did clear out nicely. visibility good. 62 santa rosa. temperatures 70 in fairfield. 69 in concord, it's getting breezy
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from our mount tamalpais camera. you can see trees swaying. clear overnight, mild days but cooler sunday, monday. and partly cloudy skies for your veteran's day. here is a computer animation. tonight, mainly clear. some watching for a cold front to squeeze out, perhaps a few light showers, best chance in the north bay. tomorrow afternoon, chilly locations protected from wind. so you'll see patches of clouds around. check out numbers. little cooler for some areas about the same for others. 72 in
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the south bay. on the peninsula, 71 redwood city. 63 pacifica. 67 millbrae. daily city, 63 degrees south san francisco, 68. north bay you're going see temperatures getting up into low to mid-60s along the coast. 70s other areas. sausalito, 68. mild day in santa rosa. beautiful east bay, oakland, hayward, newark. 70 degrees. inland spots, 726789 accu-weather forecast features more cloud cover. temperatures dipping slightly a slim chance of showers tuesday. and back to dry, milder, niners taking on panthers at the stick. 68 degrees into afternoon. mild, dropping to 65. great game weather is what i say. for sunday, or any other outdoor
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plans >> thank you. >> the letter of the alphabet today is t. >> it is. soon, californians from to salinas to san diego will have equal access to quality health insurance. those who need financial assistance will get it. and nobody will be denied because of a pre-existing condition. welcome to a new state of health. welcome to covered california. we are your health insurance marketplace.
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twitter had a white hot initial public offering yesterday, as you'll recall, closing 73% higher than the ipo price. some quick to question investor enthusiasm. twitter lost $133 million, in first nine months of 2013678 the stoblg is up about 60% >> that is not bad >> that is potential. >> the weekend is upon us we want to start you off right. >> have you eaten dinner yet today? >> no. no. >> the reason i'm asking is because we have in the seven on your side, i'm full now. here we
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go. we've got every kind imaginable. check those out. from prickly pear can tina, in danville. it's one restaurant owned by the celebrity chef rodney worth. >> this looks fabulous. you're going get a free taco. if you go there, you can order finney's festival platter. >> that is always a festival when finney is there. >> finally. and then, if you don't want to just eat but have a good time, the harvest festival in san mateo is getting ready to occur. it's on november 15th-17. we're going to give you a free ticket there worth $nine the taco worth $five >> finney's friday free stuff festival. >> it's alphabet news today,
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right? how do we get this good stuff? >> i'll show you right here. at any time log on to abc7 >> she bores in. >> yes. >> highly trained journalist. right? >> it may surprise to you learn that nearly 4,000 young people under 18 smoke a cigarette for the first time every day according to cdc. even with education available about dangers of smoking, coming up sunday, we talked to experts about the damaging and often deadly affects of smoking from lung cancer to heart disease. plus, how second and thirdhand smoke could harm those around us. especially children and those with weak immune systems we're going to have advise you with you on how to quit smoking. >> 4,000 kids per day? >> every day.
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>> still
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nz to those who've encountered welcome to covered california. new, affordable health plans so you can be ready for whatever comes your way. enroll today at coming up at 6:00 the philippines typhoon, and what can't be seen that has them worrd. and dan noyes investigates a serious alcohol problem at uc berkeley. plus, online daily deals are turning into daily duds. the growing number of people unable to redeem vouchers they've purchased. its coming up tonight at 6:00 right now back to dan and cheryl. >> thank you. >> well, finally here a group of
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oakland second graders caught the spirit of thanksgiving today. these students came out to roberts regional recreation area to reenact the first thanksgiving feast. how cute do they look? >> thanksgiving is three weeks from yesterday. >> they have to work up appetites, they had all kinds of fun activities them spend the year studying history of the pilgrims. this is the 36th year of the program. they look beyond adorable. >> we're planning that for th newsroom. >> there sails tug-of-war in there. >> between tv news anchors. >> world news coming up next. >> we'll get the shoes.
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>> from all of us here thanks for watching welcome to world news tonight. superstorm, we show you the moment a history making storm crashes ashore. the crew of the barge rescued. the latest images pouring in. mob and robbed caught on camera, stores ransacked by mobs of thieves dashing for the exit with all they can carry. and second chances, the worst mistake of your life, seen around the world. tonight robin roberts with a disgraced coach, and a lesson about looking at yourself in the mirror. good evening to you on friday night. as we come on the air, we're looking at the aftermath of one of the strongest storms ever to tear across the ocean and smash into land.


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