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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  November 9, 2013 7:00am-8:01am PST

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good morning, america. breaking news. a middle-of-the-night verdict in the bathtub murder trial. a case that involves love, betrayal, a mistress named gypsy and three daughters who fought for years to bring their father to justice. and now, the jury has decided. also breaking overnight, security breach. a man breaks through a security checkpoint at the seattle-tacoma airport and runs on to a plane. so, how could this happen? and what was he trying to do? and new developments in the nfl bullying scandal. richie incognito, mobbed by reporters, while attempting an escape to l.a. >> are you here to apologize in any way. >> i'm walking through the airport. >> this, as we hear new accusations from an exteammate
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about incognito's locker room behavior. and country strong. days after megastar luke bryan's appearance on "gma," wait until you see how far fans go to grab tickets. good morning. we are covering a lot of developing stories on the broadcast this morning, including that monster typhoon, one of the most powerful storms ever to hit land. millions of people were in the bull's eye. we already know at least 100 dead in the philippines. and officials fear it could be much, much worse. and ginger is on the story this morning. >> such devastating news. this comes less than a year after another storm killed more than 1,100 people. that country's president asking for prayers around the world. later in the show, we're going to hit lighter notes, as
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well. including the latest edition of our mom tester series. it's back. we chose three mothers from across america to test as-seen-on-tv products. like the stone wave and the smushion. will they get our mom tester seal of approval? becky worley will be in-house with us to talk about this. looking forward to that. >> looking forward to that. we're going to start with the breaking news out of utah. a speedy verdict in the trial of a doctor accused of murdering his beauty queen wife in the bathtub of their suburban family home. all to make room, allegedly, for his young mistress. just hours after getting the case, the jury came back in the middle of the night with a verdict. in a moment, we'll hear from our chief legal analyst, dan abrams. first, here's abc's aditi roy. aditi, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. it was a late night for jurors. the verdict was read in the middle of the night. the jury found martin macneill guilty of murder and obstruction of justice, after deliberating for 11 hours. >> we, the jury, having reviewed the evidence in the case, find
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the defendant, as to count one, murder, guilty. >> reporter: the shrieks of joy came the instant the guilty verdict was read. martin macneill's daughters sobbing, while their father remained expressionless. family members spoke about the crusade to prove that martin macneill killed his wife. >> we're so happy he can't hurt anyone else. >> for six years, we put everything we have into it. we can finally take a deep breath and put it behind us. >> reporter: the jury found macneill guilty of murder and obstruction of justice, after 11 hours of deliberation. jurors sat through 13 days of testimony, with more than 5 dozen witnesses during the month-long trial. >> martin macneill murdered his wife, michele. >> reporter: macneill was convicted of killing his wife, michele, by giving her a fatal dose of painkillers and placing her in a tub, while she was recovering from plastic surgery. the prosecution says his motive was to continue an affair.
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macneill said he was innocent. his lawyers argued michele macneill died of a heart disorder. both sides spoke after the verdict. >> i'm disappointed. but i don't have comments. >> reporter: the prosecution put macneill's daughters on the stand, as well as two fellow inmates with macneill, saying he confessed to the murder. the defense maintained there was not enough evidence to convict macneill. martin macneill faces life in prison. he is scheduled to be sentenced on january 7th. dan? >> aditi, thank you. for more on this, let's bring in our chief legal analyst, and co-anchor of "nightline," dan abrams, who was covering this trial from the start. dan, thanks for being here. 11 hours. a lot of people think it should have been an open and shut case. but in your view, it's not that simple. >> 11 hours, not that quick for this kind of case. eight-person jury. so, a little easier to get unanimity among them, rather than a 12-person jury. the key question in this case was, are the jurors going to be convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that she died at his hands? that was it.
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the medical examiner said we can't determine whether this was a murder for sure. initially they said it was natural causes. so, that was always the problem for prosecutors in this case. can they prove that this is a murder at all? seems the jurors believed it was. >> even if they could prove he wasn't a great guy. >> even the defense can see he's not a great guy. he's an awful guy. even the defense was coming forward and saying that, admitting that. saying that doesn't mean he's a murderer. it would have been coincidental, if this guy having an affair, seemingly overmedicating his wife, et cetera, luckily she happened to have dropped dead at the same time. >> would we have ever gotten to this point without macneill's daughters? >> absolutely not. the authorities ruled this an accident. they weren't listening. the daughters were coming forward again and again saying, please investigate this. we are convinced this was our father. no, no, no, no. finally, they got someone to
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listen. all of the pieces started falling into place. and they started to learn a lot about martin macneill falsifying documents. getting arrested later on for stealing an identity of one of his daughters. crazy stuff they learned once the daughters got the authorities to look into this. >> and finally, quickly, does he have any shot at appeal here? >> long shot. yes, he'll appeal. not a good shot. he's probably going to get a very stiff sentence here. this was his best hope, was here during the trial. >> quite a story. and dan abrams, always amazing to have your analysis. thank you very much. >> closure for those daughters. thanks, dan. we're going to turn to the other top story developing overnight. just days after the deadly shooting rampage at l.a.x., a frightening security breach at seattle-tacoma international airport. a man managed to bolt through a checkpoint, heading right toward a plane. neal karlinsky is at the airport with the latest. good morning, neal. >> reporter: bianna, good morning.
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quite a scare here at sea-tac airport overnight. officers say a man was standing around at security when he suddenly bolted. he ran straight through. tsa officers took off after him. however, he got outside through a door, on to the tarmac. from there, they say he went up some stairs on to a jetway. and right before officers could catch him, they say he smashed a window and actually got aboard an american airline jet that was parked there. fortunately, that plane was empty at the time. and officers were soon on the man. we have a picture of him being carried off the plane into custody. he's described as a man in his late 20s, likely under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time. they say he was not armed. however, bomb-sniffing dogs were brought on to the plane as a precaution. nothing was found. they say flight operations continued as normal. passengers did not need to be rescreened. however, just a week from that shooting at l.a.x. involving tsa agents, this was a scare that no one here really needed right now.
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dan? >> exactly, neal. thank you for that. more questions about security at america's airports this morning. we turn, now, to the supertyphoon, one of the most powerful storms to ever hit land, destroying homes and taking lives in the philippines. among the worst-hit spots, popular tourist destinations for americans. abc's meteorologist ginger zee is on the story right now. >> popular tourist destinations. we're looking at streets filled with debris in these villages. central philippines smashed. and inside my story, we're going to hear from an american tours that could not get out. but now, as we watch the supertyphoon is pulling off to the west, the philippines are trying to figure out what happened behind this epic storm. wading through after being washed away. >> what does it look like? >> washed out. the buildings, the house, everything. >> reporter: the red cross estimating 1,200 dead.
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parts of the island devastated by what will likely go down as the most powerful typhoon in reported history to make landfall. it was those wild 195-mile-per-hour winds, the chaos causing waves and surge to climb over 20 feet. watch this guy, just barely outrunning it. norm shriever, an american, who was trapped in a hotel, was forced to ride it out. >> watch out for flying debris. the tin roofs fly off. they're like projectiles. and the winds got to the point where you had to brace yourself. it was blowing you around. >> reporter: as the compact typhoon screams toward vietnam, our gloria riviera is behind it on the ground in the philippines. >> they're going to be loading things like this. it's tents, blankets, food, it's water. all being loaded in this c-130. this is the only kind of aircraft that can get where it needs to go. >> reporter: with power and communication out for millions, there's so much left to learn
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about exactly what has happened behind haiyan. how are the people? >> the people they are all outside. >> where are the people who are dead? are they just in the streets? >> they are all in the street. i can't -- >> thank you so much. >> so thankful to survive. and a lot of other folks feeling that way. and now bracing in vietnam. let me show you what happens with this storm. it does diminish. but category 2. it's taken a northern track. that's great for northern vietnam. going to be winds above 74 miles per hour, gusting to 100. and quite a bit of rain. landslides, mudslides possible. more in today's weather. back to dan and bianna. >> those images were devastating. ginger, thank you. we're going to turn back home to news that would impact your wallet and 401(k). the dow hitting another new record high, sparked by a better-than-expected jobs report. abc's linzie janis is here with
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what it all means for your money. good morning, linzie. >> reporter: good morning, bianna and dan. this is a great year for 401(k)s. and it keeps getting better. the dow hitting a new high for the 34th time this year. it's up 23% so far this year, heading for its best annual gain in a decade. and the trigger for that new high, that jobs report, showing american companies hired 204,000 workers last month. that's much more than the 125,000 figure that economists had predicted. and it came, despite that 16-day government shutdown. most of the new jobs in retail, hotels, restaurants. all of them, of course, gearing up for the holidays. and there were more signs this week that the economy is gaining strength. a report showing the economy grew at an annual pace of 2.8%. again, much better than expected. the big question now is, is the economy strong enough for the federal reserve to cut back on some of the stimulus it has been providing in the form of bond purchases that keep interest
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rates ultralow? some analysts are betting that the fed will start to pull back as early as december. others saying, it could be march. either way, it's coming. >> and wall street like the fact that we're seeing good ipos now. twitter making headlines this week. we're going to turn to ron claiborne, now, with the morning's other top stories. >> good morning, everyone. in the news, negotiators say they are very close to a deal that would freeze iran's nuclear program. secretary of state -- u.s. secretary of state john kerry is in geneva, switzerland, this morning and will be meeting with diplomats from the european union and iran. meanwhile, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is outraged, calling it, quote, a bad deal. and tributes across the country for the tsa officer killed at los angeles international airport last week. a moment of silence was held as l.a.x. and other airports across the country, in memory of gerardo hernandez on friday. this occurred on friday. a memorial service is scheduled for him for next tuesday.
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and the fbi is looking for help tracking down three bank robbers. the suspects were caught on camera holding up a philadelphia bank. abc's tai hernandez has more on this. >> reporter: this morning, police are on a manhunt to catch these three masked robbers, caught in this dramatic surveillance footage, robbing a philadelphia-area bank in the middle of the day. you can see the trio storm the bank. and order the horrified people inside to the ground. take a look at this frightened person inch around a wall to hide in a cubicle. police say one of the men stood guard at the front door. while another stood over the terrified customers and workers. a third guy jumped on the counter and demands cash from the tellers. the suspects then confiscate cell phones and make a mad dash out of the back door. neighboring businesses say crime in the area is up. >> the deli was hit. >> reporter: it's not just philly. it's all across the country. a resent survey says violent crime has increased for the
7:14 am
second year in a row. criminologists say the lack of federal funding may play a key part. for "good morning america," tai hernandez, abc news, new york. and two, high-level navy admirals in charge of intelligence are under investigation this morning. vice admiral ted branch and rear admiral bruce lovelace have been placed on leave and had their security clearance revoked. the two are being investigated as part of an ongoing navy bribery scandal. and more than 1 million chrysler pickup trucks are being recalled because of potential steering problems. the recalls affect several ram truck models, including the 2500, 3500 and 5500. chrysler says a steering system a tie rod may have been misaligned during assembly. but the automaker says many of the trucks being recalled may not have to be repaired. finally, this video coming up, "a" for effort for a college basketball player. probably not how you want to make the highlight reel. james young is his name. he's with the kentucky wildcats. he rushes to keep the ball in bounds.
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and he flips it in. and it goes in. that was going in the opposite team, the opposing team's basket. another look here. great save. but the points go to the other team. athletic move there. that is pretty incredible. >> a rollercoaster to watch it. and you realize -- wrong basket. >> but the saving grace, kentucky won that game. it didn't matter in the end. good for him. >> good for the highlight reel. >> good for the highlight reel. >> thanks, ron. we're going to turn to politics now. and the firestorm over a controversial magazine cover of chris christie. the outspoken new jersey governor who just sailed to re-election and is considered to be a potential 2016 presidential contender. take a look at this "time" magazine cover, showing the republican silhouette with the headline, "the elephant in the room." some say it's a clever play on words. while others call it a cheap shot on christie's weight. abc's reena ninan has more. >> reporter: he isn't shy about
7:16 am
talking about his weight. or using a little self-deprecating humor. >> i didn't know this was going to be this long. >> reporter: straight off his tuesday night re-election win as governor of new jersey. >> thank you, new jersey, for making me the luckiest guy in the world. >> reporter: some are asking, did "time" magazine go too far, releasing this cover friday about chris christie? "the elephant in the room." >> clearly, this was a reference to his weight. >> reporter: critics on twitter blasted the cover, calling it offensive, a cruel fat joke and cheap shot. while others are defending it as clever. >> he obviously has no problem laughing at himself. at the same time, he takes it very seriously. >> go forth. >> reporter: so much so, the new jersey governor underwent lap-band surgery to lose weight. >> in the last eight months, he's lost a lot of weight. he's a little past halfway to his goal weight. >> reporter: the cover did have "time's" editors on the defensive on the cable tv circuit. >> what did you mean by elephant
7:17 am
in the room? >> he's obviously a big guy. he's obviously a big republican. he's also done a really huge thing here this week. >> reporter: so far, no apology from "time" magazine. asked for comment, "time" directed us to its blog. saying the cover is a reference to the size of his influence, not his waistband. >> what this cover is really about is about chris christie's electability and whether or not he can get through a really tough republican primary. >> reporter: and it does have people buzzing about an election that's still three years away. we'll hear more from chris christie tomorrow morning, live, when he sits down with our very own george stephanopoulos on "this week." dan and bianna, one of his official twitter pages is using the photo. so, i don't think he's too hurt by any of this. >> i guess not. yeah. that's an interesting sign. >> bold move for "time" magazine. let's check the national forecast now and get it back to ginger. hey, ginger.
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>> good morning, guys. we want to start in syracuse this morning. they have their first measurable snowfall. and still, a few little flurries flying through parts of the great lakes there. here's what we want to show you, the video. it looks intense. they ended up with less than a quarter of an inch in syracuse. but behind that front, a warm front and the attached cold front. you think it's going to get really chilly. it's one of the more mild days compared to the cold that's coming this week. places like chicago at 56. des moines, 57. kansas city, 66. look what happens. in chicago, you go from that mild 56 today, to around freezing by tuesday. that big chill is going to make its way all the way to the east, as far south as georgia, even though they're cool this morning. atlanta, 42. a few forecast advisories around. augusta, 32. columbus, 45 this morning. quite a bit of frost has been showing up the last few mornings. it will be a milder day after that. if you want heat, you have to go west. look at the numbers, close to 90 in the three-day forecast in phoenix.
7:19 am
>> ron and his questions. rip currents in florida. you're right, ron. yeah. we're going to talk about that in the next half hour. >> you guys need to take this act on the road. >> we can leave? >> curious ron. >> thanks. now, to the latest trend in manscaping. ron, listen up. this is a new business that's offering pampering in a quote/unquote, man cave environment. so, the burning question this morning, will guys be rushing to
7:20 am
have their cuticles clipped? abc's rob nelson went deep under cover. that's not rob right there. rob is sitting right here. you went deep undercover for this story. take it very seriously. >> reporter: going for that emmy. when you think of salons, i'm guessing that punching bags and classes of scotch don't come to mind. but thanks to man-minded entrepreneurs from coast-to-coast, the world of manis and pedis isn't just for the ladies anymore. today, this los angeles store puts a new twist on the man cave. punching bags. car parts on the wall. big leather chairs. testosterone central, for sure, complete with mani/pedis. >> it's a great place to relax for guys, i think. >> reporter: the store, hammer and nails, will officially open its doors today, catering to the modern guy, looking to put the man back in manicure. >> the salon is made for guys. i feel a lot more, not only at home here, but a lot more
7:21 am
comfortable. >> reporter: that's right. these days, more and more fellas are retreating to caves of a more plush and pampering nature. >> the same ballplayers that used to wear jeans and sneaks to the games are now stylish. and well-groomed. it's becoming more and more acceptable to for a guy to be well-groomed. >> reporter: this new brand of macho is a growing trend that stretches here to new york, where i got a taste of the action. reluctance eventually giving way to relaxation. >> girls doing your nails. you're drinking beer on friday. i think it's pretty much a no-brainer. >> reporter: this was far from my typical friday night. but after a few cold ones and some friendly chatter. >> when you first started, how bad was it? >> on you? not bad. not bad. >> reporter: this redefined man
7:22 am
cave, yeah. i could get used to this. now, the services at these man caves do run the gamut, including hair cuts, scalp massages and also shaves. here's one behind the scenes tidbit from the staff i met yesterday. they say generally speaking men's feet are in better conditions than women's feet because the high heels do so much damage. ginger, bianna. >> how's those nails? let me see. >> i'm not as shiny as i used to be. it was very good. i met a new friend. we had two cold ones. i've had worse assignments. >> looking smooth there. and i like the way you do jazz hands showing off your nails. that was nice. >> the next bachelor party destination. i'm seeing it. maybe? no? >> don't hold your breath. maybe in vegas. >> anybody wants bianna to plan their bachelor party. that sounds awesome. coming up on the broadcast, we're going to have a little more fun. richie incognito. anything but.
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your choice 100 - count clear or multi-color incandescent lights just $2.50. we're going to test out the curl secret. i'm actually terrified of this. so far fine. >> i'd be terrified of that, as well. does it actually work? well, they work great on tv. but how about at home? our mom testers put some popular products to the test. so, don't order until you see our report, coming up. becky worley will be here. we have something called the smushion. maybe a top seller. >> i have no idea what it is. ginger was looking at the curler with a skeptical face. >> i wouldn't try it. and then, a child is there trying it. >> great timing. i'm dan harris, alongside bianna golodryga on this saturday, november 9th. fresh from his "gma" appearance, country star luke bryan is making news this morning. what happened when his tickets went on sale? it's quite remarkable.
7:31 am
we'll tell you coming up in "pop." >> one of country music's biggest stars. this morning, we're going to begin this half hour with new developments in the bullying scandal surrounding the miami dolphins. a former teammate of richie incognito is speaking out now, painting an unflattering portrait of the suspended player who is on the move this morning. abc's lindsay czarniak is here. abc and espn. good to see you. >> reporter: this story has so many layers, it continues to develop. news broke as dolphins star, richie incognito, allegedly bullying jonathan martin, leaving racially-charged text messages and voicemails. martin reportedly checked himself into a hospital before leaving the team. and now, the future of both players is in the air. embattled miami dolphins guard richie incognito arrived friday in los angeles, amid the pressure of a bullying scandal that could cost him his job. >> i'm not going to make comments at this time. >> reporter: an onslaught of media greeting him at l.a.x., including abc's miami affiliate, wplg. >> richie, you have anything to
7:32 am
say about those things? >> reporter: incognito offered a steady stream of -- >> i'm not going to make my comments. no comment. >> reporter: including when asked about his teammate and target of his alleged bullying, jonathan martin. >> are you hear to meet with jonathan martin? >> at this point, i'm not making a comment. >> are you going to apologize in any way? >> i'm walking through the airport. >> i understand. are you here to meet with him? >> reporter: martin was seen leaving his parents' home, in southern california where he's preparing to meet with the nfl investigator next week. as for incognito's plan. >> this is not the time or place for a comment. >> reporter: incognito may not be answering questions. but this morning, former teammate cam cleeland is. >> a lot of fights during practice. disrespect. not personable. a guy i didn't think was a great locker room person. or a guy i wanted to respect or be a part of. >> reporter: cleeland said incognito had trouble getting along in the st. louis rams locker room when the two played there together from 2004 to 2005.
7:33 am
>> fighting with teammates all the time. we're all alpha males. you have to find a way to co-exist. and he just never really co-existed very well. >> reporter: while some players have expressed sympathy for martin, others feel it's incognito who is being unfairly punished. >> we feel he's getting a bad rap out of all of this. so, we know what kind of guy he is. and we want everybody else to know that same thing. >> reporter: the nfl is investigating. so, it is unclear when, if ever incognito will be able to rejoin the team. as for jonathan martin, he remains on the dolphins' roster. he is eligible to return. but will be meeting with an independent investigator to share details of his story later this week. that's what he's been doing, compiling a list to share with the investigator. >> divided opinions on these are fascinating. >> it is. he has a lot of locker room support. but the lion share of folks look at the racial slurs he has used and say --
7:34 am
>> unacceptable. >> right. >> nonetheless, not the kind of headlines the dolphins want to be making. >> exactly. especially when you have a game in a couple days. time for a check of the other headlines with ron this morning. >> i'm still here. good morning, everyone. in the news, a guilty verdict overnight in the trial of a utah doctor. a jury found martin macneill guilty of killing his wife. he was also found guilty of obstruction of justice. and 11 bikers have been indicted in connection with an assault on a driver in new york city. police say the driver was beaten by the motorcycle riders after crashing into them on the highway. undercover nypd detective is among the bikers included in this new indictment. we're getting a clearer pictures of the mysterious google barges. google says it will be a place where people can learn about technology. that's a little vague there. "the san francisco chronicle" reports when finished, the four-story barges will be topped with a row of sails, reminiscent of fins. for sails, for that matter. and proof that you never know who you run into on a
7:35 am
train, joe biden, a frequent traveler on amtrak, tweeting out this photo, of the vice president sharing his commute, to delaware, with "the view's" whoopi goldberg. we're investigating to see if that's cardboard cutout, computer graphics, or actually her. >> your skepticism knows no bounds. >> we're looking for truth here. here's ginger zee with the truth about the weather. >> check with whoopi's people. you have to do all that. i want to say good morning to ft. lauderdale. the high temperature will be 81. we want to look at lauderdale by the sea. but a little rough surf. something i want you to note. if you're anywhere along the atlantic, you've got the chance for rip currents. 76 for daytona beach today. 78 in orlando. tallahassee will top out at 77. and let me tell you about the cold. there is some pretty decent cold filtering in to places like fargo. minneapolis, going to get down to 29 for a high. that's a high temperature on monday.
7:36 am
so, subfreezing. detroit going to feel that chill. it really is one of the biggest blasts of chill we have had yet. it's going to sink all the way into the southeast by the end of the week. d.c., new york, you're going to feel it by thursday into friday. i assure you. you'll be waiting for some more mild air. and you're going to get it today in places like raleigh, not too terrible. but we want to see some of the fall foliage out of southern illinois. so nice. the burnt orange. the beautiful -- what do they call it? burnt sienna. we're almost past peak. look at the foliage gone away. after that next week, it will be ugly. i'll leave you with a look across the nation. that's the big picture. >> this weather report has been
7:37 am
brought to you by ashley furniture. >> thank you. i'm going to wear a burnt sierra tie tomorrow. >> while you can. >> exactly. up on the broadcast, we're unleashing our mom testers on those as-seen-on-tv items. including an item that bianna's been recommending to me for a while, the smushion. were they in your toy chest? the kid items named to the toy fall of fame. that's coming up in "pop news." keep it here.
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you've seen them advertised on tv. but do these things actually work? >> i love this investigative music. our latest mom testers and their families put three products through the paces to see if they deliver all that they promise. abc's becky worley got the goods on the goods. >> hi, "good morning america." >> hi. >> reporter: it's that time again. we picked three "gma" viewers and sent them three as-seen-on-tv products. >> it's amazing. >> reporter: will these products earn the mom seal of approval? or leave our moms disappointed? dee hutchinson, mom of three. ohio's lindsay beck, with a
7:42 am
3-year-old son. and mom of four, elmi martinez of texas. first up -- >> we're going to try out the stone wave. >> the ceramic cooker that makes dishes so delicious, you'll crave cooking in the wave. >> i'm going to make an omelet. >> loaded baked potato. >> reporter: all three moms got cooking. >> put in the microwave for two minutes. >> there it goes. >> i can smell the omelet. >> looks pretty good. >> reporter: the taste test? >> not bad. >> it's pretty good. >> reporter: and the kids got into the mix. >> what do you think? >> i give it the thumbs up. >> reporter: the stone wave was solid as a rock. earning an across-the-board mom approved. next up, a device to give our moms some glam. >> we're going to test out the curl secret. >> hair goes in. curls come out. >> reporter: for lindsay, maybe
7:43 am
a few jitters. >> i'm actually terrified of this. it's so horrifying. >> reporter: despite the hesitation, she's a curl secret convert. and elmi was a fan of her girls' curls. >> it works really good. >> reporter: while dee was able to curl her daughter's hair with the curl secret. she wasn't a fan of how long it took. conair, the company behind the curl secret, says while some users may spend the same amount of time curling their hair with a traditional curling iron, the benefits of providing ease of use, curl consistently and longer-lasting results is what makes the curl secret revolutionary. but dee gave the curl secret a thumbs down. making the final tally, one mom disappointed. two moms approved. time for our moms to kick back and relax with our final product. >> the smushion. >> reporter: try that again? >> the smushion is a memory foam cushion, designed to solve all your comfort needs. >> reporter: each mom found their own use for the smushion. >> it is as advertised. yay, smushion. >> reporter: for all of them, it
7:44 am
hit the spot. the smushion was a smashing success. it earns the second unanimous mom approved. those are our fabulous mom-tested products. and you have the smushion there. >> i'm all about the smushion. i love that you can put your remote in here. it's great. >> they think of everything. >> and, bianna, i'm ready to do your hair here -- >> i thought you were going to do yours. >> you want me to do mine? okay. all right. let's see here. >> a moment of terror. >> does it get stuck? >> it made a little cute curl. >> do my hair after the show. thank you. we love having you here on set. >> we'll roll on that. thank you so much. >> right. >> thanks, becky. coming up on "good morning america," could the new "thor" movie set box office records? get that in "pop news" coming up.
7:45 am
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when you hear this investigative music, it means it's time for "pop news." >> we also like to call it the hard news. the real deal. this is the real deal. "thor: the dark world" is hammering the box office. the marvel blockbuster opened with u.s. preview screenings on thursday. raking in $7.1 million in just one day. it's expected to make in excess of $95 million over the weekend. the sequel has brought in close to $153 million. that's before it opened in china. no doubt these pictures of chris hemsworth helped with the ticket sales. >> yeah. of all action movie, i want to
7:50 am
see it. it's so crazy. i just don't understand why. >> he looks a bit flabby in the pictures to me. >> stop it, bianna. >> i just ordered my ticket. >> remind me to keep my jacket on. also doing big thing, our friend country superstar luke bryan sold out new york city's madison square garden in just five minutes. he's added another new york show to his 2014 tour. the september 12th sale will go on sale next saturday at 10:00 a.m. get your dialing finger ready. after watching his performance on "gma," we are betting he can beat his own five-minute sellout record. and finally, the national toy hall of fame has inducted two new members. drumroll, please. i've invited danna white to help me. from hundreds of nominations, the 2013 inductees are -- boom. chess and the rubber duckie. >> congratulations. >> they narrowly beat out pac-man and my little pony. >> really? >> the rubber duckie bring back memories? i'm surprised that chess and the
7:51 am
rubber duckie are not already in there. one of dan harris' favorite things. >> i like to be a presenter. >> 8-year-old dan was just playing chess. >> with his rubber duckie. >> against himself. >> i spent a lot of time with the dictionary. it was a very studious childhood. >> all downhill after that. >> exactly. we'll be right back. keep it here. let's validate, navigate, and then, let's get after it. paint, no. let's do... pow. let's do this. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. right now on behr ultra interior
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awe know the value of ix your education is where it can take you. (now arriving city hospital.) which is why we're proud to help connect our students with leading employers across the nation. (next stop financial center.) let's get to work. that's it for the show this morning. but be sure to join us tomorrow for a "gma" exclusive, which is big. kevin ware, the college basketball player that suffered a leg injury on national television in march madness. he's back on the court now for the louisville cardinals. he is sitting down only with our gio benitez. that's a show you don't want to
7:56 am
miss. he's recovered well. and we're going to hear from him. have a great day. >> we'll see you tomorrow. >> good morning. former secretary of state hillary clinton will be in the bay area today. she's gives a speech for the national association of realtors conference. her supporters plan to rally outside the venue to urge her to run in the 2016 presidential election. later today she will hold a
7:57 am
fundraiser with daughter to benefit the clinton foundation. demolition of the old bay bridge will begin on tuesday. they will begin by removing 1400 feat of the upper deck cantilever section. next year they will take down the steel. that involves cutting the cantilever section hundred in half. if you are headed to the newest casino this weekend, you might want to leave early. chp is telling everybody to expect heavy traffic. especially at the intersections near the parking lot near golf course drive west. they will have additional officers on duty to help with the congested areas. the $820 million casino just opened on tuesday. let's check on the forecast with lisa argen. >> katie, hi. we have sunshine not only in san francisco, but pretty much everywhere so we are starting out cooler. we don't have the fog we had the last couple of takes. still cool numbers in north bay.
7:58 am
39. 48 in concord. the setup is this. high pressure firmly controls today. the temperatures still a little bit above formal today but through the weekend we will see some changes. we will see a few more clouds tomorrow, stronger onshore push. 70 today in palo alto. katie. >> thanks, lisa. next, more than a thousand people reported dead in the philippines in the wake of super typhoon haiyan. we will have new video. and why a
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> good saturday morning, everyone. i'm katie marzullo. let's start with a quick first look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning. the temperature dewpoint spread is a little bit further apart this morning. that's why we aren't seeing the fog. anywhere from two it six degrees apart. that means the skies are clear, the winds are calm and temperatures have been chilly, down to 35 in santa rosa earlier. but throughout the next couple of hours we will see the coolest inland numbers climb into the low 40s. it's been in the low 50s around the bay and inland we are still in the mid-40s. but by noontime we will see more 60s coast, close to it. by the afternoon, once again, temperatures upper 60s around the bay.


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