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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  November 9, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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now on abc 7 news devastation in the philippines where a typhoon hit, one of the strongest in history. today the priority now after the storm and where it's headed, next. a day of action after a santa rosa teenager is show the and killed by a sheriff's deputy. what protesters are demanding. also -- we remember and honor their legacy by keeping them forever in our hearts. the emotional final good-bye for people who lost loved ones on the old bay bridge span. abc 7 news starts now. more powerful than hurricane katrina with winds covering an
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area the size of montana. the devastating aftermath of a super typhoon on the philippines. today the storm is on the move again heading toward land. we begin with the latest on the devastation in the philippines after the storm which has affected 4.3 million people in 46 provinces. at least 138 are confirmed dead but the philippine red cross estimates the toll about 1200 people. nearly 350,000 people are now displaced. military helicopters are arriving bringing in food and supplies. the priority now in the hardest hit city is to clear the road to the airport so relief supplies can start moving in. people are getting pretty desperate. >> reporter: the devastation from the typhoon has left the hardest hit island in ruins.
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homes were destroyed and the death toll is mounting across the region. at first it was the ceiling that went out and then the roof started flying in all directions. >> reporter: residents walked the streets amid debris blown off roofs and even as the philippine military arrived to assist in rescue and recovery efforts. the dramatic scenes during the storm showed filipinos scrambling for safety anywhere including roof tops. meanwhile, on the ground people used any means imaginable to save the elderly from the rising flood water. filipinos said the storm's surge of water was as high as trees. typhoon haiyan is described as a category 4 hurricane in the united states. wind gusts were more than 170 miles an hour. the mayor of the city just south said the rescue effort was overwhelming. we have so many dead people. >> reporter: even as the recovery begins in the philippines, vietnam braced for
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the storm by evacuating hundreds of thousands and stacking sand bags against the expected onslaught. gloria rivera, abc news, manila. and you're looking at nasa images of the storm taken by a nasa satellite today. the million people who lived along the coast of the philippines may have been the hardest hit by what some said was a five-foot storm surge that spread through the city at the height of the storm and with a devastating speed. let's get an update on the path of the storm. let's take a look at what we can. the current path of the typhoon has passed the philippines now heading into the south china sea. once again packing some very strong winds right now as the category 2 typhoon with 105-mile-per-hour winds, the gusts increasing to about 125 miles per hour. here is the coast here. it is expected to continue to spread to the north-northwest by
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10:00 our time tonight. the wind should come down to just 100 miles per hour and by sunday night early monday morning will take its classic turn to the north-northwest and downgrade itself just to an area of low pressure. nonetheless, the coast of vietnam of course bracing tonight for some of the very high winds and of course a very strong storm surge with waves close to six feet expected as this thing slams on in. we'll take a detailed look at our own accu weather seven-day forecast coming up shortly. thank you so much about 15 provinces in vietnam are bracing for the storm to hit. it is expected to make landfall early tomorrow. today people are hauling boats out of the water and putting in sand bags to help slow landslides inland. 400,000 people have been moved to safer areas. the typhoon is expected to weaken to a tropical depression once it reaches north vietnam. more than 400,000 bay area residents consider themselves
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filipino americans. many are trying to contact family and friends in the philippines but can't. that includes members of a congregation in san francisco worried about their pastor. abc 7 news reporter has that story. >> reporter: the monsignor of st. patrick's catholic church in the philippines when the storm hit. the congregation has been trying to track him down but can't get ahold of him. he is a pastor at the church where 50 filipino americans are members. he was in manila this week and though that city was spared the brunt of the storm his congregation wants to make sure he is okay. one church member knows how destructive the storm can be. the typhoon destroyed her sister's home this week. it's like it scared them. yesterday i got just a short message saying that they're okay but the house is gone. the good thing is that we're
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thankful that their lives are saved. things can be replaced but lives couldn't. >> reporter: the congregation will offer special prayers for their pastor and others at the evening's 5:00 p.m. mass. they are encouraging anyone to join them in prayer at st. patrick's on mission street. live in the newsroom, abc 7 news. thank you. a relief drive will be held tomorrow at rmc motor cars on el camino real in san bruno. find out how you can help at abc 7 under see it on tv. organizers call it a day of action. rallies were planned across the state. in a statement of outrage against the fatal shooting of a santa rosa boy. 13-year-old andy lopez died october 22nd. protests and gatherings in his honor were held today in five california cities including his hometown of santa rosa. that is where abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard is live tonight. >> reporter: the story of andy lopez definitely not going away
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here in santa rosa and many here making sure others across the state know about it, too. they are demanding justice. a gathering inside this santa rosa park but the message remains strong -- justice for andy lopez. they called this a day of action. they want answers. they're angry. they feel that the process maybe isn't working the way they think it should be. >> reporter: hundreds signed a petition requesting the lot where the 13-year-old was shot be turned into a memorial park. others made this effigy of the sonoma county deputy eric gelhaus who shot and killed lopez on october 22nd when he mistook the teen's plastic rifle for an ak-47. elizabeth kozign is a mother of 4. we don't want to threat lie. we think we need change. we don't want there to be any more andy lopezes. we don't want that to happen to anyone else. >> reporter: across the state others were calling for action in the death of andy lopez, too.
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in sacramento, oakland, and san francisco. these protesters in san francisco also calling for justice. the fbi is conducting its own independent investigation into the death of andy lopez. in santa rosa, abc 7 news. an emotional day of remembrance was held on the old eastern side of the bay bridge today to honor people who were killed on the span. about ten families whose loved ones lost their lives on the old bridge were invited to come out to visit the area where they died. for many, it provided closure before the entire span is demolished. for alana betadlcho whose son was killed while helping a motorist in 2008 it gave her a chance to walk to the spot where he died. for this to happen if you can all imagine your child, your only chil being taken from you, all of the people here if you
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had a loved one taken here that we can come back. >> reporter: the tour was organized by the california highway patrol after a suggestion from the group mothers against drunk driving. a packaging problem led to a baby food recall. up next the productings affected and what the makers tell abc 7 news about the issue also an out of this world trip for the olympic torch. the location isn't the only thing about this torch
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okay, parents. check your pantry. locally made baby food is being recalled. plum organics in emeryville is voluntarily recalling millions of products. baby stage 2, tots mish mash, and kids lines. the recalled products have best buy dates from august 5 to december 8. the company says the products might swell and the products spoil because the pouches didn't seal correctly. there have been 104 cases of swollen pouches reported to plum. it simply is a matter of a sour taste so consumers may experience nausea and diarrhea. it is not a food safety issue. a viewer sent photos of plum
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products. if you purchased defective products from organics, contact the company. we have more information including specific lot numbers on our website abc 7 click on see it on tv. it is the first, the olympic torch in space outside of the space kraft. in this video from nasa tv you see russian cosmonauts taking the olympic torch on a spacewalk outside the international space station. it was launched into space on thursday and will return to earth on monday. the flame will not be lit while in space because it would consume precious oxygen and pose a threat to the crew. in 1996 the torch flew aboard atlantis before the atlanta summer olympics but it never left the shuttle. for a check on our weather, back here in the bay area, first we'll go to lee to see what is going on. it's been a great day, great last two days around the bay area with lots of sunshine, mild
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temperatures, and live doppler 7 hd picking up the clear sky inland. kind of a milky sunset out there for us. you can see some of the southerly surge. a little low cloudiness and fog making its way from southern california up toward the bay area. that is going to greet us tomorrow morning. we'll take you a little closer. also a few high clouds starting to venture in. low clouds moving from south all the way up north and it will start to move in toward the golden gate overnight tonight. milky sky out there from our mount tam cam. here is a look at current readings. san francisco 62. it is 73 degrees right now in los gatos. here is another live look from our sister tower cam down on the city there. napa 73. santa rosa 73. 73 fairfield. novato 72. 73 right now in the east bay and livermore. here is a look at our forecast highlights. we'll go with patches of dense fog and low clouds mainly near the coast overnight. get ready for a cooler day for sunday with more hazy sunshine,
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some clouds rolling in as well. it does look like a chance there is still a slight chance of maybe a little bit of rain arriving mainly to the north bay on tuesday. here it is pretty much our setup. high pressure is with us. most of the rain clouds staying into the pacific northwest but you can already see by sunday tomorrow morning 6:00 a.m. you can already see some of the low cloudiness and fog that will start to move in across the bay area. it will start to back off to the bay late tomorrow afternoon but because of the stronger onshore wind components it is going to mean a cooler day and we'll keep the clouds right near the coast. let's look at the latest forecast model. this is monday, 5:00 commute time in the morning. we'll wake up with some of the low clouds and fog. you notice through the course of the day clouds will start to thicken up monday at 3:00 p.m. by 4:00 a.m. tuesday this model wants to sag that cold front down toward the south bay. santa rosa by 5:00 a.m. tuesday morning could possibly see
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sprinkles. definitely cloverdale and then it sation down to about the golden gate bridge by lunch time and moves out of here by around 1:00 tuesday afternoon. it looks like it is mainly going to be confined if we see anything at all north of the golden gate bridge. we'll continue to update the models as they continue to update themselves on the forecast track. overnight lows tonight maybe a little milder, simply because we'll have a little more cloud cover out there and some fog. generally in the mid to low 40s across the bay area. highs for your sunday will come down a few degrees. san jose 71. 68 and sunnyvale at the coast, mid to low 60s. pacifica a bit on the breezy side. 61 degrees. redwood city 69. san francisco tomorrow down to 64 degrees. you'll notice the onshore winds developing. 70 for santa rosa as well as napa. oakland tomorrow 68. interior east bay tomorrow. still very mild this time of the year. 70s or upper 60s to near 70 degrees for livermore as well as
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the concord area. accu weather seven-day forecast will keep it mild with the thickening clouds on monday and the chance of some showers mainly in the north bay on tuesday. after that we just warm back up into the 70s. wow. nice. thank you so much. all right. we have the wonderful larry beal in today. you kind of paused like you were unsure. no, we enjoy having you here. cal -- he is resting for tomorrow the big after the game show tonight. and football cal continues to have a really rough season. this was ugly today. trying to end the misery and beat usc on a day when cal's special teams were anything but special. sports is next.
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one last home game for the cal bears to rise up, snap a seven-game losing streak and shock usc. not even close. this was like bulldozer versus tricycle. all trojans today. golden bears looking for the first win over sc since 2003. here comes sunny dyson. a quick drive. stalls. nelson avenal ar returns it 75 yards for his first career punt return for a touchdown. 7-0 trojans in a flash. ran wild. six carries. 135 yards. two tds. breaking tackles left and right here. 21-0 sc. bears hang in there. a flea-flicker. nice call to darius powell in the end zone. 21 yards. 21-14 as close as cal would get. got a punt. blocked. soma right into the hands of
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josh shaw. look what i found. another touchdown. 35-14. not done yet. the next bears' punt. this is agalar. breaking tackles. cutting across the field 93 yards. the first trojan with two punt returns for a touchdown since 1965. your parents hadn't even met yet in 1965. the coach just can't believe it. the bears lost eight in a row. post game is a little later on in the newscast. with oregon's loss to stanford on thursday night florida state is in great shape. number 2 in the bcs. if they stay undefeated they could end up in the national championship game. noles one step closer today after annihliating wake forest on the road. 18 yards to calvin benjamin here. 21-0 noles. a pedestrian, 159 yards passing with a couple touchdowns and a pick. here is tyler cameron picked off
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by nate andrews. 28-0, florida state. and whitfield fields the kickoff on his own three. finds the seam. and 97 yards. shrugging off the facemask. 59-3 seminoles and now 9-0. don't sleep on missouri, a one loss team with bcs hopes facing kentucky today. the freshman pumps and goes over the top. catch of the day in the end zone reaching around the defender. take another look. caught it behind the guy's helmet. mizzou wins, 48-17 and they are now 9-1. when we come back more college football history made in annapolis. an historic day for the coaches
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nebraska coming off a dramatic hail mary victory against northwestern last week paid a visit to the big house to meet michigan where brady hogan yet to lose a home game. huskers jump to a 10-0 lead late in the first. abdullah pauses and accelerates and reaches out for the touchdown. michigan would tie it up late in the third. gardner sprinting right finds a wide open devon. back to the end zone. got a game here. nebraska more late-game heroics.
4:27 pm
the shovel pass there to abdula and a five-yard plunge. 17-13, nebraska. huskers improved to 7-2. 4-1 in the big ten, staying ontrack to appear in their conference championship. my hawaii warriors in indianapolis taking on navy, first meeting between the two polynesian head coaches. navy to whiteside. schroeder faking the option and going deep to kirkwood. 40 yards later we got a game here. navy so effective running triple option. this is reynolds keeping and zipping 67 yards. navy improves to 5-4 and my rainbow warriors stay winless. 0-9 and it hurts. 42 the 28. full golf day up and down day for tiger woods. woods hurt his hand after swinging into a tree on the par 5 11. said it is not serious and later
4:28 pm
with the awkward lie again close to a tree. birdieing on 18 shot a 68. six behind the leader from france at 15 under par. we are half an hour from more college football. notre dame and pittsburgh right here on abc 7 coming up. all right. thank you. a major snag today in talks to curb iran's nuclear arms program. the story is ahead. also a former teammate of richie incognito shares his opinion of the player caught in a hazing scandal. the problem he says incognito had as a lamb. who says only women enjoy pampering? how a califo
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to those whoworried......
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we are continuing to monitor the massive and destructive typhoon hayian in the south pacific. the storm has been reduced from a category 5 to category 4 storm though could strengthen as it barrels toward vietnam. preparations have begun in the nation including an evacuation that affects 400,000 people. they are worried about coastal flooding and landslides. the typhoon already hit the philippines. the red cross estimates 1200 people were killed. this was the second category 5 typhoon to reach the philippines this year. hopes of an agreement today to temporarily curb iran's nuclear program faded after french leaders raised questions about
4:32 pm
whether the plan goes far enough. the associated press reports the french were holding out for conditions tougher than those agreed to by the u.s. and france's other negotiating partners. it is day three of the talks in geneva aimed toward an agreement to ensure tehran's nuclear program is peaceful. both sides just announced they'll take up the issue again during a meeting on november 20th. former first lady hillary clinton is in san francisco for two events today. she started her day in los angeles talking to the u.s. mexico foundation. she flew into the bay area late this afternoon. at any moment she is expected to give a speech to the national association of realtors conference. tonight she'll join her daughter chelsea at the regency ball room for a clinton foundation fundraiser. clinton has not announced if she'll run for president in 2016. we're learning more about a security breach at seattle tacoma international airport.
4:33 pm
a spokesman says it appears the man who bolted through a security check point friday was on drugs. the man in his 20s ran down a concourse out on to the tarmac and broke into an empty american airlines plane. police caught up with him and arrested him inside the plane. he was not armed. no one was hurt. no flights were delayed. new developments in the bullying scandal surrounding the miami dolphins. a former teammate of richie incognito is speaking out painting an unflattering portrait of the suspended player who is on the move. >> reporter: embattled miami dolphins guard richie incognito arrived friday in los angeles amid the pressure of a bullying scandal that could cost him his job. an onslaught of media greeting him at lax including abc's miami affiliate wplg. you have anything to say about those things? incognito offered a steady
4:34 pm
stream of -- no comment. no comment at this time. >> reporter: including when asked about his teammate and target of his alleged bullying jonathan martin. are you here to meet with jonathan martin? at this point, i'm not making a comment. >> reporter: are you here to apologize in any way? i'm just walking through the airport. i understand. are you here to meet with him? martin was seen friday leaving his parents' home in southern california where he is preparing for a meeting with the nfl's indust independent investigator next week. as for his plans -- this is not the time or place for a comment. he may not be answering questions but this morning his former teammate is. a lot of fights during practice, a lot of disrespect. really not personable. so a guy i didn't think was a great locker room person or a teammate i really wanted to respect or be part of. >> reporter: he says incognito had trouble getting along in the rams' locker room when the two played together from 2004 to 2005.
4:35 pm
fighting with other teammates all the time. we're all alpha males. gout to find a way to co-exist. he just never really co-existed very well. >> reporter: while some players have expressed sympathy for martin others feel incognito is being unfairly punished. we feel like he is getting a bad rap out of all of this. so we know what kind of guy he is and we want everybody else to know the same thing. demonstrators protesting late night host jimmy kimmel marched through the streets of san francisco today protesting a jimmy kimme live segment from october 16th. the group of several hundred marched from union square to city hall. they want kimmel fired. in the segment he asked kids how to pay back the $1.3 trillion the u.s. owed to china. a 6-year-old said, kill everyone in china. the network, abc, and jimmy kimmel issued apologies one person is under arrest after an early morning hit-and-run
4:36 pm
involving an oakland police officer at 4:30 a.m. near the intersection of foothill boulevard and high street. police say the driver ran into the officer's car. the passengers tried to run. police grabbed the suspected driver but two others got away chl the suspect and an officer inside the car were taken to the hospital as a precaution. your car could be in danger of being hacked putting your safety at risk. it is a problem that's baffled police. 7 on your side's michael finney has been investigating and has an update today on the ground breaking report. >> reporter: this oakland resident believes he is the victim of a car hacking. during the night the car has been broken into which made me kind of angry because it's right here in the driveway and i couldn't believe it. i said i know i locked it rncht that same night in don's neighborhood another car was broken into. the electronics inside a key fob are complicate and
4:37 pm
sophisticated. the idea behind it isn't. it is like a child swimming game of marco polo. when you push the button on the key fob it says marco. the car responds polo. then the key fob again says marco and that is when the car unlocks. what do you think is happening? i think somebody has a mechanism that can electronically trigger the device. >> reporter: 7 on your side first alerted you to the safety issue back in may when we got our first good look at car hackers action when these thieves were caught on camera. using a hand held device they broke into multiple cars in long beach leaving police stopped and confused. the police department has reached out to numerous organizations even international. they have no idea what it is. >> reporter: were these cars hacked?
4:38 pm
well, in a literal term yes. the cars were hacked. that is dan kaminsky a san francisco based professional hacker and entrepreneur. he predicted more car hacking in the future and he was right. steven's car was recently hacked in corona, california. his dash cam caught a person in front of the car. now for the first time we get a closeup look at one of the hand held mystery devices that unlocked the cars. here it is. a box about the size of a couple decks of cards. whoa. you see this guy walking in front of the car. sure enough you can hear the door locks in the video. >> reporter: the thief made off with $3,000 worth of electronic gear. that brings us to this professor, a security researcher with the university in germany and the university of massachusetts amherst. he says car sp security engineers are working in secret when designing security systems
4:39 pm
and that he says is actually part of the problem. you know, it's only secure as long as the bad guys don't know how it works. >> reporter: with computer security nothing is obscured chl the bad guys know how the security systems work but just can't get to the codes or keys. with cars, once the system is known the codes and keys the professor says can be easily found. often only a question of reverse engineering the system, knowing how they work. once unhow they work it becomes easy to break. there isn't much car owners can do. the best way to protect yourself is remove valuables from your car. maybe there is something to the term manicure after all. i think a no brainer. the latest salon trend focuses on men.
4:40 pm
what one salon owner says was his motivation. and heading live outside a beautiful look although some rain could be
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colgate optic white dual action shines and whitens over 2 shades more than a leading whitening toothpaste. and whiten even more, with optic white mouthwash and the whole colgate optic white line. and whiten even more, with optic white mouthwash to those who've encountered welcome to covered california. new, affordable health plans so you can be ready for whatever comes your way. enroll today at we are getting a new inside look at what can be a life-and-death struggle on the streets of san francisco between cars and bicycles.
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the city estimates there are 75,000 bike trips a day. the i-team has a closer look at just what cyclists are seeing and how dangerous the streets can be. >> reporter: ask any bicyclist and they'll tell you there is no better place than the bay area to ride a bike but it can be dangerous. it is not always the fault of the cyclist. more and more often crashes are being caught on tape. cyclists like tony albert routinely mount cameras to their bikes. tony records and posts it all on youtube from cyclists who blow through lights. >> oh, come on, man. >> to bad drivers who turn without signaling or looking. and cars that fly by. >> whoa. >> way too close. many drivers don't even realize they are doing anything wrong. >> hey, man. you know about the door zone?
4:44 pm
dude. >> yes. when people open their doors they can kill me. >> drivers aren't always the ones getting in the way. the california highway patrol found cyclists and drivers are equally responsible for accidents in the bay area but cyclists are getting hurt in 9 of 10 accidents. we took our i-team cameras to the streets to see what is going on. time after time we saw riders running stop signs and lights cruising along traffic wearing no helmets and weaving in and out of cars. >> the numbers show how serious this issue is nationwide. the national highway traffic safety administration reports in 2011, 677 cyclists were killed. that accounts for roughly 2% of all traffic fatalities. >> in san francisco alone four cyclists have died so far this year. >> come on. >> but the city is expanding the number of bike lanes from 54 to
4:45 pm
79 miles. that has many drivers feeling like they're being pinched off the rob. >> if they want to put more they should put it on a less busy street. >> i'd like to see the money go toward maybe smoothing and rolling it out versus more bike lanes. >> jesse knows how dangerous the roads can be for cyclists and talked to me earlier this year after her daughter was hit and killed by a truck in the bike lane on folsum street and 6th. >> my heart was ripped out of me lying on that cement under the truck with her. >> reporter: the i-team obtained this surveillance video of the moment the truck hit her and the video will play a crucial role in a wrongful death lawsuit against the company that owns the truck. >> the dangerous turns are the number one cause of collisions. >> reporter: this is the executive director of the 12,000 member san francisco bicycle coalition. she says drivers frequently fail to signal and get over to the right before they turn.
4:46 pm
in this video a cyclist in the east bay was nearly hit when this driver cut across three lanes to get there. the district attorney george gas cone said the case should be a warning to cyclists who break the launchs regardless of whether you're riding a bike, driving a vehicle, walking we all share responsibility in providing safety in our community. >> share the road. look out for each other. really move around our streets politely and courteously. >> after those right turns he mentioned the second most dangerous way of being injured is called dooring when a driver opens a car door into the path of a rider. we want to hear your experience on the roads. join the conversation on facebook and twitter using hash
4:47 pm
tag abc 7 bike. president barack obama hit the greens today at the golf club where caddy shack was filmed. the president played a round at the golf club in fort lauderdale. at the club the president was photographed shaking hands with former nba store alonzo mourning. the white house has not disclosed the president's golfing partner or who won. he was in florida for three democratic fundraisers. now the latest trend in man scaping a new spa offering pampering in a man cave environment. will guys rush in to have cuticles clipped? abc news reporter rob nelson went deep under cover for this assignment. today the los angeles store puts a new twist on the man cave. punching bags, car parts on the wall. big leather chairs. testosterone central for sure complete with many tedies. >> the beer and nice tv and the huge king chairs it is a great
4:48 pm
place to relax for guys. >> reporter: the store hammer & nails will officially open today catering to the modern guy looking to put the man back in manicure. >> the salon is obviously made for guys. they feel a lot more comfortable here. >> reporter: that is right. more and more fellows are retreating to caves of a much more plush and pampering, excuse me, man-pering nature. >> the same ball players that used to wear jeans and sneaks to the games are now stylish and well groomed. it is more and more acceptable for a guy to be well groomed. >> reporter: this new brand of macho is a growing trend that also stretches here to new york where i got a taste of the action. reluctance eventually giving way to relaxation. >> girls doing your nails, drinking beer on friday. i mean, i think it's a pretty much of a no brainer. >> reporter: this was far from my typical friday night but after a few cold ones -- and
4:49 pm
some friendly chatter -- >> when you first started how bad was it? >> on you not bad. not bad. this redefined man cave, yeah. i can get used to this. hammer & nails is now open in west hollywood. the owner hopes to open other salons for men across the country. larry has already scheduled an appointment. all right. let's get to lee glasser. he'll get me back for that one. >> boy, it has been terrific out there the past several days. really above normal temperatures for this time of the year. live doppler 7 showing a little fog. that is creeping up toward the golden gate bridge. all of this will move from south to north overnight tonight. get ready for a foggy start early tomorrow morning. san jose, hazy sunshine. milky skies.
4:50 pm
a few high clouds as well. san francisco 62. san jose 69. los gatos 71 degrees. looking down on the embarcadaro at san francisco it is so mild in the city right now everyone is out there. just out and about having a grand time. santa rosa, right now 73. 73 at napa. novato 70. concord 71. you can already see some of the fog lifting up over the headlands shooting on down across the bay tonight. we'll look for dense patches of fog overnight. a cooler day sunday with hazy sunshine and then slight rain chance right now in the north bay on tuesday. overnight lows tonight, generally in the mid to upper 40s. low 40s up toward the north bay in santa rosa. we expect fog to penetrate the protected valley areas as well. tonight the fog continues to creep north and move inland over
4:51 pm
the san francisco bay. at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning kind of a foggy start but it will start to bring -- burn back off the coast tomorrow afternoon and will be a cooler day with the coastal clouds just hanging tough. let me take you ahead to monday morning 35k a.m. just in time for that commute. clouds will be with us. a cold front to the north. this is 3:00 by the afternoon. you'll notice increasing clouds and this is 4:00 a.m. tuesday. this is the tail end of the cold front we've been watching. it looks like mainly the north bay. this is 5:00 a.m. heading out probably from santa rosa points northward. the line could possibly see stray showers and after that it falls apart as it makes its way out of here. really from the golden gate bridge northward is the best chance of seeing isolated showers as we head into tuesday. the latter part of the work week looks great. warmer still. heading to the game tomorrow, the wind will pick up more
4:52 pm
onshore wind components. cloudiness there. temperatures the mid to low 60s for the niners game. the highs elsewhere quite mild inland. antioch 71. 72 livermore. north bay. 70 santa rosa. san francisco a bit cooler. 64 degrees for the pockets here and there near the coast. we'll look for 71 in san jose. the seven-day forecast, clouds will thicken on monday and leading to a slight chance of some showers, maybe light rain in the north bay on tuesday. it moves in and out. wednesday, thursday, and friday back up into the 70s. >> thank you. still searching for a win? >> they have one win. the usc fight song unless you went to usc you hate this thing. they were playing it all day long in berkeley.
4:53 pm
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cal's slogan should be if it's not one thing it's another. when offense is played well the defense has been awful and vice versa. then today a special teams meltdown that resembled chernobyl. the golden bears looking for their first win over the trojans since 2003 after a quick drive stalled, punt the ball to the sophomore and this was the problem all day long. untouched. 75 yards. 7-0 sc. six carries. 135 yards. breaks a couple tackles. downfield blocking. 21-0, usc. bears to their credit,
4:56 pm
flea-flicker. 21-14 game. every time cal punted it was an adventure or misadventure. blocked, josh shaw, three touchdowns off a punt coverage. this is the third one. 93 yards. the trojans haven't had a player score three tds on punt returns since 1965 when mike garret did it. 62-28 as cal has now lost 8 in a row. here's the head coach. >> at times we played well. gave up too many big plays defensively. you know, there were some signs of good things happening today that the 21 points didn't give us a chance to be competitive in the ball game. florida state one step closer to the bcs title game after destroying wake forest on the road today. famous winston all day to throw.
4:57 pm
hooks up with calvin benjamin, 21-0 florida state. tyler cameron, nate andrews has got it and he is sailing to the end zone. florida state, we highlighted special teams. here's the kickoff. straight up the middle. get off me. don't facemask me. flag comes in. doesn't matter. 97 yards on the kickoff return as the noles win big, 59-3. we have notre dame and pittsburgh up next. the fighting irish try to make it five consecutive victories. >> should be a good game. >> they'll be close. thank you for joining us. that does it for this edition of abc 7 news. thanks for joining us. college football is next. have yourself a great evening. we'll see you at 11:00.
4:58 pm
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the following is a presentation of espn on abc. >> brent: welcome to saturday night football on abc presented by the new windows. and this presentation of the acc on espn. you are looking at heinz field in pittsburgh, notre dame, riding a four-game winning streak hopes to keep driving toward a bcs bowl. next up tonight, the pitt panthers who seem to play their best against the irish, a year ago in south bend, they led by two touchdowns in the f


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