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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 9, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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a tornado qqssed us and lasted for four hours. >> it cut a wide, especially hard hit, the residents endured 150 mile an hour çwinds. leaving behind devastation on a massive scale. >> i mean, at least, it was the ceiling, then the roof. flying in all directions. >> pdramatic rescues saved many. away from a tide of destruction. many did not survive. >> we have an estimate on the casualties, ten,000. >> so many dead people. >> the waterym supply is contaminated. food washed away by the storm.
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>> the town is suffering badly. >> after sweeping through the philippines, typhoon haiyan is taking aim at vietnam. >> and the rest of south china. >> vietnam braced for the storm, evacuating hundreds of thousands, and packing sand bags against the >> homes no longer standings, washed out roads, dramatic photographs of the destruction people are facing. this is the nasa picture of the storm from the international spaceç station. the typhoon is headed for vietnam. expected to make landfall by tomorrow morning. they have evacuated people in high risk areas. here with a closer look at them
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path. >> parts of vietnam getting hammered by the system, the live doppler, we will show you the latest, now, can you see, already, hittingzv the vietnam coast. a bit to the north, to the west, can you see the eye there. starting to wobble. 100 mile gust to 120. as it continues to make landfall, by early tomorrow g# morning, the winds will start to diminish rapidly by tomorrow. looking at the system to become an area of len pasquarelli. it will be down graded from a tropical storm to an area of len pasquarelli. winds, 35 miles per lphour. it will
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>> relief efforts are getting ay area as well. >> tomorrow, a group called project pearls will be holding a relief drive. people withht family in the fil pe - philippines trying to get it touch with relatives. >> he has had trouble contacting his family. >> all the power, you know, cut off.ok >> he knows he will make it to manila. some flights have been cancelled to areas with severe storm damage. right now, he doesn't know how bad it has been hit. >> are you worried what youç wl
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find? >> yes. keeping tabs on headlines, any news is a relief, even if it is not good news. >> yesterday, a short message, saying that they are okay, but the house is gone. >> she is a member of the catholic church in the mission. she is happy to hear that family is safe, the congregation is waiting to hear from father andrei, who happened to be in the philippines when the storm÷ hit. >> he is not in a big affected area, in manila. we haven't heard from him yet. >> a local organization will be collecting canned foods and money at a relief drive in san bruno. >> our coverage of this story continues now on our website, facebook and twitter. new at 11:00, fire crews are
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on the scene of a fire that gutted÷p the fire was empty when it broke out. >> a deck fire broke out in a three story apartment in the mission district tonight. they tried to put out the fire by them. oey was taken to the hospital with serious burn injuries. >> a controlled burn has people concerned. many called n can you see the plume of the smoke from space in thisç national weather service image. in the middle of the screen. the controlled burn will wrap up tomorrow.
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furthermorer secretary of state hillary clinton is in san francisco, for a fundraiser. hundreds ofñi supporters showed up. the big question, will clinton run for president in 2016. lisa? >>. >> reporter: a lot of people want that answer to be yes. they were outside the caáer where clinton spoke at a conference, and here at the regency ballroom where the event wrapped up. they are encouraging clinton to run for president. >> clintonsrushed in to speak to a sold out crowd and raise money for the clinton foundation. >> i am a big fam -- >> the legion of supportrm) wasn't just here. >> they anxiously waited for
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mermotorcade to pass along howard street. there she is in the back of the sedan. she was the key note speaker at the national association ofç realtors foundation. there was even a q and a segment. >> they asked if she would run, she said she hasn't decided yet1 >> outside the center, the group wants the former first lady to run for president in 2016. >> people are fired up. to support hillary, and we are organizing early,)we are excitd to be out here today. >> there were a lot of people inside that wanted and paid to see clinton. couldn't, because of capacity issues. issues. >> they put me in an overa
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room and said i couldn't go in. >> we don't want a video conference. >> this passion for a woman who has yet to show a sign or nod of what is to come. how would clintonzv do if s ran for president and faced chris christie? hillary would find more support in new jersey, to the 43% christie would get. national polls have clintonç leading by 5%. >> homicide investigators are trying to determine if human bones discovered buried under a home in houston are those of a woman who grew up in the bay area, wendy marshall8 graduate in 1987. they are awaiting the test results to confirm the id.
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>> andy lopez, shot and killed by a sheriff's deputyht last month. supporters demand ed justice. >> this time, we don't want to let it lie. things need to change. we want a different story. we don't wantç there to be any more andy lopezes, we don't want it to happen. >> this week, lopez's family filed a civil rights lawsuit against him and the county. >>÷ú a packaging problem leads a recall for a bay area baby food manufacturer. what you need to know. >> and a satellite on a collision course with earth, when it is expected to hit. and stories from war. the
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a somber morning on the old eastern side of the bay bridge, ten families of people who were killed visited the spots where the loved ones spent their last moments,ç it was a chance to remember before the bridge is demolished. lona was able to walk to the sight where her son died, hit by a car, trieding to help a stranded motorist. >> i don't need the nbbridge.
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he is everywhere. there are actually reporters here is aing, did you feel like they were stealing something from you. >> the highway patrol organized today's visit, ever axd suggestn from managers against drunk driver. it will begin tuesday. a recall for baby food, plum organics voluntary recall, baby stage 2ç tots mismatch. the company said that pouchs didn't seal correctly, the packages might swell, causing them to spoil. ju issues such as
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diarrhea. >> the company will rehelp open remaining 300 stores thursday to sell off inventory. blockbustersko online stores remain in operation. the 2000 pound european satellite launched in 2009, it is out of fuel, on a crash course with earth it is expected to enterocç the atmosphere some time tomorrow or monday. astronomers say what doesn't burn up will likely splash into the ocean. >> russian ÷úcosmonaughts took
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torch on a space walk. the torch was not lit and returns to earth monday. thousands of bay area students÷ú joined the sand cast competition in the 30th year, this is the biggest fundraisers of the year. they were happy to bring their creations to life. >> it was hard work. now, we are ready to goñi home d hit my bed. >> the best in show winner was the divinci devils in san francisco. >> it is a great day to bed8 ou at ocean beach, a lost sunshine. fe we had 60s near the coast. dopler picking upçó cloudiness d
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fog that is starting to makes it way inland, from the coast to the bay. this could slow down early morning flights, dense fog advisories posted earlier this morning, that theym more than le l likely tomorrow as well. 61 degrees there, check out oakland, reaching 71. and in the north base, santa rosa, 76, and san jose, today, 77 degrees. the roof topzv cam, showing you overcast, starting to move across the bay. san francisco, 53. 49 in red wood city. from our cam, looking down on the city, looking good this evening, 51 in fairfield, ym nevada, 43. here is a look from the emoriville cam. over the bay. that fog should increase at the
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coast, and the peninsula. ⌞hazes sunshine, thickening clouds, and a rain chance on tuesday. overnight lows in the 40s, lower 40s in the the north bay. otherwise, forecast model, 11:00, picking up cloudiness aì% fog. as we work our way through sunday, definitely will continue to see it. although by one, two, 3:00 tomorrow afternoon, pulled back to the coast for the most part. the cooler air mass, thanks to onshore winds, we will keep the clouds near th look ahead at the latest model, in terms of the rain chance for tuesday this. is monday at 5:00 a&m you notice the clouds, monday, on the increase. 3:00 monday afternoon, clouds thickening up. it will be tuesday morning,÷ú ts is at 4:00 in the morning, you can see the showers starting to
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move into santa rosa, heading toward the golden gate bridge, by our commute time, and it slowly moves, hangs toward the mid day or so. then it falls apart. this next system, very weak in nature. it looks like most of it will be from the golden gate bridge, northward. breezy conditions on the cooler side with temperatures in the 60s. the hthighs, to bring everybody down a few degrees, low 70s, interior valley areas will get the fog. and 64 for san francisco. monday, the clouds thicken up. tuesday, a chance of rain. warm it backç up into the 70s, wednesday, thursday, friday. >> cal bears. >> another rough day on senior day, it was a special day for
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>> usc in town for senior day over in berkley, it was no content. golden bears looking for the first win over the trojans since 2003. the sophomore, and check it out. 75ç yards later, first career punt return for a touchdown. allen ran wild. six carries, 135 yards, two tds, including this 43 yarder. 23-0.ç in the second, powell into the end zone. we may have a game.
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this is as close as it got. into the hands of shaw.ç 35-14. and you can see where it is going, agular from, his own 7, first trojans to have two punt returns for a it. d since 1965. 215 all-purpose yards. the bears have lost eight i row. coach shell shocked afterwards. >> gave up too many big plays defensively. you know, there were signs of good things happening today, the 21 points killed us. didn't give us÷ú a chance to be competitive in the ball game. >> second quarter, pitches, throws it back. wide open jones down the field. san joseñi stayed up three with
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four to play. run its in from 12 yards out. san diego state, first lead. aztecs, that was the difference. 34-30. against lsu, les miles.aban, 4-3 over the middle to o.j. howard, he does the rest. tide goes up 10-7.ç yeldin, a lot of initials. 24-17, put the game away in the fourth. fowler. bama will hang on. >> florida state, a game closer
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159, two fds and a pick.ñr cameron, picked off. 59-3, they are now 9-0. take a brief time-out. seth curry missed life insurance from new york life can help your family keep good going.
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"keep peddling, keep peddling, keep peddling..." life insurance from new york life can help your family keep good going. after missing a game with a bone bruce, step curry returned to the court. at the home of blues. didn't take him too long to shake off the rust. he loves that three-pointer. nothing÷ú but net. warriors had no answer for randolph. two of his 23, second quarter. warriors down 10. the grizzli%& pull away, in the third. the jumper over o'neill.
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conley, 20, 108-90, your final. xgn because with the second match, he drops him. would never recover. before the refs stopped t he improvedqy"uz 30-2. we will tee it up later. and hear from the quarterback, stick around. >> a football bet goes horribly wrong. after one man landed in jail afterko landing his winnings. >> how they are keeping veteran legacies alive. stay with us, we will be right back.u!
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thep death toll from typhoo haiyan could reach 10,000 government officials say four and a half million residents have been affect eded. on're out of four provinces too dangerous for people to stay. talkszv between iran. the discussions ran into trouble when the foreign minister said it didn't go far enough to contain thesnuclear.
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>> with good faith over the course of the next weeks, we ca! secure our goal. >> the parties are expected to reconvince on november 20th. president obama is turns his attorney towardym veterans. assistaness for military remain. >> a very important part of that is making sure thatç veteran, he told them, america has your back. >> one÷ú man is letters bring o
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the battle field. the legacy project. >> dear bettyan nn. i saw something today, that made me realize why we are fighting thisç war. >> meet andrew carl. he is talking about this luter on.zv composed from battle fields around the world. he has written books and even a play. >> can i use my weapon against somebody else? >> the notes strich from theym yea yearliest. this soldier wrote his parents
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on station. >> the ink is streamed,çó writt in a rain storm. the letters open up. >> on pearl harbor. if we are hit with the bomb,ç they won't find enough of me. >> you almost could not tell. >> what about the wounds you can't see? the phantoms, the nightmares, the ghosts in your head. >> people think that troopsç should restrain themselves are asking too much of -- >> i would like them to go somewhere, where they would be safe. >> i see it it as an w exp memorial to the people that
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served and their loved ones. >> write as often as possible. mail is all i have to look forward to.v: a lot of restaurants, chilis is giv , and check outzv the link for participanting businesses. the husband collected his winnings outside a bar in wisconsin, the husband pulled out the tazer and shot her three times on the back side andht thigh. she became angry and called the police. they decided not to pursue assault charges. >> it was a skin contact type o:
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tater, if you youth it enough, it could >>ç the facebook function allowing anyone to see what are you doing. >> if you are flying anywhere tomorrow, most of the united states, it will be dry.
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. over the summer, facebook rolled out graphssearch, a new way to search the social network, help you find friends, businesses, as jonathan blum, it can help other people find out about xdyou, nothing is. >> i don't want to be on tv talk about this. i think it is something they don't knowk q is happening. we click in the search box at
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the top of the page. >> muneu options come up. that is part ofç graph search, and a 36, i can't out of it. all kitsz of things, i had no sometimes shexd comments on a friends page, now, any changer can look at it from her phone call. >> it is÷ú page >> they agreed to search themselves. >> dina, and the botight, she is
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>> tagged him in a ápost. it has by telephone number, it w was -- >> private policy have been evolvesym to have smr sheering. it is encompany >> there is a photo with
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>> we forget how important theyt are. a kwee aside. >> easier for face it is want just yourç privacy settings that matter and determine which one their poles show up. the electron icht foundation sa be yourself. >> in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc 7, news. in-flight phots, the call will
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be routed through the whify service for a feel. if you are traveling anywhere, across the u.s., tomorrow, good evening. over toward the boston area, the mid second of the country looks good. this is what i am talking about salt lake zvcity, mild, 64. denver, plenty of increasing clouds late in the day. dmpt our state, we may as much as the state looks good, 62 with low
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clouds, and 79 for fresnozv picking up the clouds on monday. north of the golden gate bridge, then, back up to the 70s, above normal for÷ú this type of
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curry returned to the court. warriors took on the grizzlies, they call it the grind house in the house of blues. clay thompson to #ó)ry, you know he loves the three-point. finished with 22. warriors had no answer for zach randolph. >> look at that beautiful. grizzlies pull htaway in the third. randolph, again, jumper or o'neill, and the fourth, mike conley said, that is enough.
11:53 pm
>> today, it was a special teams that let down. golden bears looking for their first win over usc, our yards. 43 yards, i am here. 21-0, popç 21-14, all of a sudden, we have a game. right into the hands of josh. 35- 35-36. this one, 93 yards, since 1965.
11:54 pm
>> as bad as the score looked, i didn't think we) that putu! 40 yards, when you aremy that would be enough. they scored 22 points in the first quarter. the two going at it again today:
11:55 pm
bampa takes >> destroying ; ds and a pick. picked off by andrews, the root is on. and florida state, seals the kin '0
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the ball. it was not serious. latest, after an awkward back in the game. left huet. ref stopped it.p improves to tlooer we will
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that tomorrow for you at 5:00. >> thank you for joining us.s from all of us here, thank you for joining
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