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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  November 10, 2013 7:00am-8:01am PST

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good morning, america. good morning, america. this morning -- playing defense. for the first time we're hearing from richie incognito, speaking out about accusations of bullying his teammate. >> this is an issue of my and jon's relationship. >> is it really all just part of football culture? also developing this morning, we're inside the disaster zone, the world waking up to the size and the scope of the damage from that supertyphoon that slammed the philippines. reports this morning that the death toll could reach 10,000. america is sending help. big cat attack. a female volunteer at a wild cat sanctuary is mauled to death. rescuers left helpless, held back by large cats on the loose, so how could this happen?
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and heads up. a huge satellite is falling to earth, due to crash-land later today. but nobody knows where. should we be worried about this? good morning. as we come on the air, we're actually covering a pair of shootings overnight in america. including one here at new york city, with tourists diving for cover at a popular ice skating rink right near times square. and a houston, up to 20 people shot at a house party. more on both incidents coming up. >> we know there were fatalities in that shooting in houston. also ahead this morning -- it was the shocking scene witnessed by millions watching march madness last spring. that's louisville's
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kevin ware suffering a horrific leg injury on live television. his future left in doubt. good news he's bounced back, he's made a triumphant return. we'll hear how he beat the odds in an exclusive interview with gio benitez. we'll also here from his coach and his mother. >> an incredible family. we'll start here with a very different kind of a story in the sports world. the man at the center of the nfl bullying scandal is speaking out for the first time. richie incognito defending his actions now and explaining his relationship with his teammate jonathan martin. abc's aditi roy is in l.a. this morning with the details. good morning, aditi. >> reporter: good morning, dan. the video that you just saw was richie incognito making his way through a los angeles airport, many assuming that he was there to talk to martin or going to the headquarters of his agents. but this morning, we're learning about the true reason for his visit, his first sitdown interview about the allegations against him. >> you can ask anybody in the miami dolphins' locker room, who had jon martin's back the most and they would undoubtedly tell you me. >> reporter: he's become the public face of bullying in the nfl. today, richie incognito is
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making a very public appeal. >> the racism. the bad words. you know that's what i regret most. but that's a product of the environment and that's something that we use all the time. >> reporter: in an interview airing today with fox sports' jay glazer, the miami dolphins star speaks candidly about his confrontations with jonathan martin and allegations that he bullied the second-year lineman. >> someone thinks of bully and they think richie incognito. >> this isn't an issue of bullying. this is an issue of my and jon's relationship. >> reporter: the 30-year-old maintains the so-called threats, the intimidation, were nothing more than common locker room bantering. >> this all coming out speaks to -- it speaks to the culture of our locker room, it speaks to the culture or our closeness. it speaks to our brotherhood. >> reporter: dolphins players
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this week spoke about both of their embattled teammates, some defending incognito. >> we know what kind of guy he is and we want everybody else to know the same thing. >> reporter: but were still perplexed about the whole controversy. >> we don't have anything bad to say about jonathan. i think it's just confusion. >> reporter: right now, incognito is still on the miami dolphins roster but on suspension, we don't know if or when he will return to the team. bianna? >> clearly a man trying to save his career and reputation. aditi, thank you. we'll turn now to the disaster in the philippines, where officials fear the death toll could hit 10,000 after one of the strongest storms ever cut a devastating path of destruction across the country. we're now getting a clearer picture this morning of the extent of the massive damage, caused by the supertyphoon. abc's ginger zee is here with the latest. ginger, unfortunately, these numbers are expected to climb? >> it's stunning, too, the actual storm is now well west of the philippines. now we get to the second storm. the part where
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relief can't get to the people that need it. they don't have water. they're searching for food. communication, transportation and power all shut down. beaten and trampled. this morning, we get a closer look at the fresh wounds behind that historic storm in the philippines and a terrifying reality of what it looked like at the moment of impact. the early numbers are staggering, the associated press is reporting nearly 10,000 people are feared dead. amidst the ongoing drama of rescue, the government says at least 150 are confirmed dead and more than 9.5 million people were affected by typhoon haiyan. it will go down as one of the strongest storms to ever make land fall. "i spoke to my husband earlier that day, but maybe he lost his will to live. he was telling me that there was water everywhere.
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and there was no time anymore." so many still flooded, roads choked with debris, relief could take days. "what will i do now? my house is destroyed. i didn't anticipate the winds to be that strong." with winds up to 170 miles per hour, haiyan brought storm surges as high as trees. leveling towns and villages. "we just made mass graves for 57 people who died. the number is still going to increase because we have not been able to talk to the other towns because there is no means of transportation." and as time passes more heartbreaking images. but i do have some good news, the storm now heading toward mainland here, vietnam into china, and the great news it's really weakened. still has not yet made another land fall and won't. as much of a typhoon at all. category 1 hurricane, if that. the rain, though, could cause quite a bit of mudslides. 6 plus inches expected there in southeast china. we'll have much more on the
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nation's weather, including a lot of cold. dan? >> but those images are horrifying and we're just starting to learn what happened there. ginger, thank you. staying overseas now, there was hype, there was hope, there was controversy. after all of the talk, the negotiations for a historic nuclear deal with iran have collapsed. some optimism remains. abc's alex marquadt has more. from jerusalem. alex, good morning. >> reporter: there was a real sense that a landmark deal could be struck. all of the key players were there in geneva, including secretary of state john kerry, but in the end they didn't agree on the details. and walked away without a deal. kerry told reporters late last night, the meetings had been very productive but warned that the window for diplomacy wouldn't be open indefinitely. we know there us was disagreements, particularly by the french. and here in jerusalem this we know there were controversy about what iran would have to
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give up. and here in jerusalem this morning, a big sigh of relief, benjamin netanyahu called the proposed plan bad and dangerous. a senior israeli official told me that much caution and skepticism is needed before anything is signed. negotiators are expected to be back in geneva in ten days' time. dan, bianna? >> alex, our thanks to you. for more on this let's bring in the host of "this week," george stephanopoulos. good to see you, george. so, no deal. this has angered israel. they said that america gave too many concessions in the negotiations. what are the risks for obama right now? >> well, the risks are doing a weak deal that preserves the ability for iran to break out in a few months' time and continue on their nuclear weapons program. one reason that secretary kerry did not sign on, pushed by the french in geneva, they have to make sure that whatever they agree to, before any actions are lifted, that iran takes concrete steps that would guarantee they couldn't break out and violate the deal in a couple months. >> in the end, it will come down to can you trust the iranians? and that's a tricky, tricky question. >> that's why you'll need serious inspectors on the ground in iran to verify.
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>> trust but verify as they say in the business. so, let me talk about domestic politics, you got governor chris christie from new jersey on the broadcast this morning, this is very much a man in the news, on the cover of "time" magazine, they called him the elephant in the room, which has created a little bit of controversy with this. as he considers a presidential run, just after having been re-elected in new jersey, as he considers a presidential run in 2016, potentially, what are the challenges for him? >> well, he has several challenges. but he also has a lot of momentum coming out of that big win. in new jersey, getting 60% in the state of new jersey. attracting votes from women, african-americans. he is vaulted to the top of the republican field with that win. on the other hand, he has to find a way to, you know, reach out to independents and moderates without alienating the tea party. he's got to get through those republican primaries. he'll be able to raise a fair amount of money. the other big challenges for
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him, how well does his temperament travel outside of new jersey. we have seen those youtube videos of him confronting people at town meetings. how does it play in places like iowa? we'll find out. >> lot of questions. very excited to see your interview, george. thank you. >> thank you. a reminder, don't miss george going one-on-one live with governor chris christie this morning on "this week." later on this morning right here on abc. ron claiborne with the morning's other top stories. good morning, everyone. we'll start with a chaotic and deadly scene near houston overnight, two people were killed and nearly two dozen others were wounded in a shooting at a house party. more than 100 people were at that party. people scrambling for cover. trying to get away when the gun fire erupted. some jumping from second-floor windows. police are searching for two suspects, they say. and some frightening moments in new york city here as well, also overnight, when shots were fired at an ice skating rink popular with tourists. police say someone started firing shots at the rink in bryant park behind the main new york city public library in midtown manhattan. two people were struck by gun
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fire. the rink was crowded with skaters at the time sending everyone scrambling for cover. >> just a stampede. it was everyone for themselves. everyone just ran. >> what did you do? >> me and him, we ran as fast as we could. >> and the two people wounded weren't seriously hurt. the shooter got away. and has not yet been found. a flight from chicago to florida had to make an emergency landing back in chicago after a part of an engine fell off of that aircraft just after the plane took out. passengers on the spirit airlines looked out the windows and saw metal peel off the engine compartment. imagine that. the pilot turned the plane around and landed safely in chicago. and the navy has a new addition to its fleet of aircraft carriers. the "uss gerald ford." it was christened in virginia. named after our 38th president. ford's daughter did the honor, smashing a bottle of champagne. a good bottle of champagne gone
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to waste there on the hull. >> anger. >> a good many more out there i'm sure. >> ron, i'm not going to take anymore. and also on this veterans day weekend, a heartwarming homecoming for a navy sailor. you see there. he surprised his wife and kids at saturday's university of north carolina football game in north carolina. they were watching a video presentation about their dad on the jumbotron when he showed up and surprised them. happy reunion there. finally, we all know that pet owners will do anything for their animal friends, right, dan? >> yes. >> this is jojo, the pot belly pig, his back legs were paralyzed in an accident, not quite sure how that happened. her owners had a special set of wheels made so that she could still get around. and you can see she's getting around. >> she's a fighter. >> she's a fighter. out there foraging. >> like a pig. >> thank you, ron. good-looking pig. what a cutie. from harmless animals to
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deadly animals, we're going to turn to that deadly mauling at a big cat sanctuary, a worker bitten by one of the animals. rescue officials left helpless as they were forced to deal with other big cats running loose. abc's reena ninan is here for the latest. people wondering how this could happen. >> reporter: absolutely. this habitat is home for abandoned and asused animals. it opened in 2001 and this morning, they're trying to figure out how this all happened. it was at this animal sanctuary wildcat haven in sherwood, oregon, home to nearly 60 cats that an employee was killed. >> it's a little disconcerting. especially when you first move here. it's disconcerting knowing they are out there. >> reporter: first responders arrived on the scene after 7:00 p.m. the haven already pitch black. >> talking to the other officers on scene and the medical responders on the scene. it's dark. it's a pretty remote area. >> reporter: so remote that emergency vehicles have trouble accessing the area. and not knowing where the other cats might be. rescuers were too afraid to head into the area on foot.
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>> so, yeah, they were pretty concerned walking in there. they told me that it was risky. >> reporter: rescue crews didn't make it to the caretaker in time. >> it just breaks your heart. i'm sad. i'm unnerved. >> reporter: wildcat haven's website describes the facility as a last hope for more than 60 wildcats that have been abandoned or abused. including bobcats, cougars, lynx and tigers. details still remain as to how the caretaker died, and whether it was an accident or an animal simply escaped. it's not clear what kind of cat killed the employee. the sheriff's office said that the incident will be investigated. >> it's horrible incident. we have seen others in this country. thank you, reena. switching gears now, this week, we're expecting a big, new development in a major american rivalry, new york city versus chicago, forget the debate over who has the best pizza, best sports team, we're talking about bragging rights for the tallest building in america. chicago native and current new yorker, a very split personality, linzie janis is here with more. good morning.
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>> reporter: so accurate, dan. good morning. you think it would be an easy decision to make, which building is taller? willis or 1 world trade? simple, right? not at all. and a committee of experts have this weekend to decide. >> new york can't beat us, we're chicago. >> reporter: it's a tale of two cities and a few ongoing rivalries. the windy city. versus the big apple. the cubs. or the yankees. deep dish. or thin crust. and now, another one to add to the list. willis tower versus 1 world trade center. in the battle over the tallest building in america. at 1,776 feet, 1 world trade center towers over the new york city skyline. but critics say, remove that 408 foot spire at its peak and the newest american sky scraper clocks in just 83 foot shy of
7:16 am
willis tower's height of 1,451 feet. >> the spire is an extension of the form, and the expression of the building. as opposed to an antenna. which is a piece of functional technical equipment. >> reporter: the council of tall buildings in urban habitat met friday to determine whether this needle counts, making 1 world trade center the tallest building. the decision comes tuesday. how much is really riding on the outcome. >> i think it's going to matter. it might hurt a little bit of city pride. every city wants to have the tallest tower. >> reporter: and chicagoans seem to agree. how do you feel if this isn't the tallest building anymore? >> i would feel a little bit disappointed. we have grown up knowing this is the tallest building in the world. >> reporter: what happened if the 1 world trade center in new new york took over as the tallest building? >> probably go to that one. >> the nonprofit council on tall buildings delivers his verdict tuesday. under its current criteria, spires that are part of the
7:17 am
building's design count. but broadcast antennas don't. 1 world trade had intended to enclose its communications gear inside the spire with decorative cladding but the developer decided to remove the cladding to be easier to repair. therein lies the controversy. >> can't we all just get along? new york, chicago, both great cities. i live two blocks from 1 world trade center. i have to say it's tall enough and it's the tallest building. not an expert. >> she's joining the council on tall buildings. >> i am. going to be the head of the council. we're going to turn now to the heads up warning to, well, every single one of us, a 2,000-pound satellite the size of an suv is barrelling towards earth and no one is exactly sure where it's going to crash. experts have been busy tracking it and they're desperately trying to make some last-minute estimates. abc's rob nelson has more on this. let's hope it's an ocean. >> reporter: yeah, fingers crossed, right? good morning, everyone. the bad news is that this
7:18 am
satellite is indeed hurdling toward the planet, but the good news is that it should not pose much of a threat to us earthlings. but still, scientists are keeping a close eye on the skies as predictions continue about where this huge satellite will land. this morning, a 2,000-pound satellite is barrelling straight toward earth. in the movie "gravity," russia blew one of its satellites to bits. instead of it falling simply back to earth, sets ouch a catastrophic set of events. in real life, this suv-sized four-year-old satellite on a mission to measure gravity, is expected to land quietly today or tomorrow. >> we cannot say where the entry is going to happen, except it's not going to happen north of 85, not off latitude of south of 85. >> reporter: this includes nearly the whole planet. earlier this year, the world
7:19 am
witnessed a light show put on by a meteor as it crash-landed in russia. but if you're picturing a car falling on your front porch, don't get too ahead of yourself. nasa points out that the chances of retired space junk actually hitting you on its way back to earth is 1 in 32,000. the only confirmed case of someone gets hit by space debris was lottie williams in 1997 while she was power walking in oklahoma. >> my advice is to be outside, if you see it coming -- run. >> reporter: if you're still afraid, not to worry. >> over 15,000 tons has returned from space. most of this burns up when it re-enters in the atmosphere. >> reporter: lottie from oklahoma keeping it real this morning. this satellite was launched back in 2009. now has simply run out of fuel. but, again, it's expected to burn up in the atmosphere, meaning that george clooney and sandra bullock, and the rest of us should be just fine. >> and lottie. i just want to make chur, what
7:20 am
her advice is, if you see space trash coming your way, run. >> run! >> all right, a little dramatic reading from rob nelson this morning. thank you very much. >> keeping it real. now to someone who's always keeping it real, ginger zee here for a check of the weather. hey, ginger. >> i love it so much. thank you, guys. we want to say good morning to bismarck, because their high temperature is going to be 39, and that's going to be downright mild compared to the air that's coming. you go, bismarck, i'm down in the south, i'm fine. no, you're not, you'll see. the biggest cold blast yet this season is going to come in. so, this overnight into early tomorrow, chicago will start the day warmer on monday and they'll end it right around 30. 39, kansas city. 26, minneapolis. i can handle that. 20s? no. the wind is going to make it feel like it's close to 0 in a lot of places. so, just be ready. for those folks in dallas, atlanta, it's warm and mild here. no, this is what's happening. a cold blast for the eastern two-thirds of the nation. throughout this week, wednesday,
7:21 am
thursday, friday by the time it hits the east coast. here's what numbers will look like. memphis starts at 68 on monday but by wednesday 47. atlanta goes sub-50 degrees by the time we reach midweek. and it will stay that way. today, it's windy on the east coast. let's look at atlantic city. stumbling here. i'm excited about that quote that ron had, run! atlantic city, they have had rough surf, lot of folks down toward florida. this is coming offshore. really windy conditions making it feel cooler. along the east coast, gusts up to 36 miles an hour there. i'll leave you with a look at the warm place now that they're all chilly. 75, las vegas. palm springs, 85. that's the big picture.
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>> it is brand-new, it's not a name that cloud quiz. don't worry. it's a contest. here it goes. ♪ sunset sunday >> wait. >> is that you? >> nice. >> that's a compilation of all of our voices. >> let's make that clear. >> look at the pictures. this is from elizabeth in new hampshire. next, that is going to be "a." remember. you have to pick what you like best. drew in virginia. nice. you betcha. dave from harrisburg, pennsylvania. and boomer from shreveport, louisiana. >> oh! >> that's my favorite. >> so, put them all up. let's see. let's make our decisions. >> i'm going "d." >> i go "c." >> i'm going with "a." >> "c." >> it looks fakey.
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>> cgi? >> we'll see who the winner is in the next half-hour. >> oh, wow that is a tease. >> it sure is. #sunsetsunday. that's the new game. we will pick. everybody loves their sunset. they're all the same, we all look west to see them. some do look prettier. >> i think the "gma" choir is the best. thanks, ginger. coming up on "good morning america" -- vigilante justice. when a woman kidnapped by her ex-boyfriend, her family leaps into action. what happened when they tracked him down. and what police are saying about it this morning. plus, an extraordinary comeback story this morning, after a devastating and very public injury, kevin ware is back on the court and speaking exclusively to "gma." and puppy love. the hopeless romantic who used cute pugs to get his gal to say i do. they're here live in studio. wait to meet them. o meet them. when we made our commitment to the gulf, bp had two big goals:
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with all of the supporom with all of the support fr with all of the support from everyone and just how positive everyone was keeping me, i never had a chance to doubt myself. i never had a chance to say, oh, i don't know if i'll ever be able to play again. >> a special brand of determination from star college basketball player kevin ware, eager to help his teammates to another victory this season, some thought that would never happened. after that devastating injury. his exclusive interview with our gio benitez is coming up. we hear from his mother and his coaches. we cringe when we watch that video. so many people thought his career was over. he's a fighter. >> you know, he's never watched his video. >> i don't blame him. coming up later on "gma" this morning. good morning, everyone. i'm dan harris alongside bianna golodryga. sara haines, ginger zee and ron claiborne. we got a cast of thousands here this morning. and we have something
7:31 am
unspeakably awesome to tell you, we all loved this video right here of a surprise proposal in central park in new york city, carried out by a gaggle of pugs. the dogs from this very clip have taken over the studios here and sara haines is hyperventilating with excitement. that's coming up. but first, we're going to start with the story of a family in louisiana facing an emergency and taking the law into their own hands. they rushed in to save a family member kidnapped by her violent ex-boyfriend. vigilante justice played out with knives. the woman screamed for help, hidden in an abandoned home. abc's susan saulny has the details. >> reporter: this is bethany arsono. just moments after being rescued by family and authorities. she's battered and bruised after being kidnapped by her ex-boyfriend. 29-year-old scott thomas. thomas, also the father of her young son, held her in an abandoned house in southeast louisiana for two days. >> we're going to do whatever we have to do to get her back home to her baby, aiden.
7:32 am
>> reporter: she was abducted wednesday, thomas reportedly forced her into his car, the search intensified, police and family members hopping on four wheelers to swarm this house hidden in the sugar cane fields. thomas ditched his car not far from a shrub covered house where searchers heard a woman scream. police and family approached the house where they found arsono and thomas, he was reportedly armed with a knife. onlookers heard a shot and then she was being carried out of the house. thomas was later reported dead from his injuries. thomas' death ruled justifiable homicide. >> it's very tragic. i don't want to take that away from it. we have a lot to be thankful for. >> reporter: this morning, bethany is expected to fully recover and for that, she is thankful for her family. >> a wild story. >> baby aidan is fortunate to have his mother alive. thanks to her family. >> and thanks to susan for that story this morning. lot of other news overnight.
7:33 am
and for that, as always, we turn to mr. ron claiborne. good morning, everyone, in the news, suspended miami dolphins football player richie incognito is set to break his silence later today. he gives an interview, where he responds to accusations that he bullied his teammate jonathan martin and used racial slurs. u.s. secretary of state john kerry's efforts to reach a deal on iran's nuclear program have fallen apart. french diplomats said that the proposed deal to suspend iran's nuclear program didn't go far enough. more talks are scheduled for later this month. and a first for the olympics, the torch going on its first-ever spacewalk, it was carried outside of international space station by a pair of russian cosmonauts. this happened on saturday. for safety reasons, obviously, it was not lit. it's set to return to earth tomorrow. and finally, not exactly the way you want to begin your rein as miss universe. miss venezuela won the pageant. but while they were placing the sash over her head, they knocked the crown off. the quick-thinking new royal
7:34 am
caught it before it hit the floor. there's a little-known rule, if the crown hits the floor the runner-up becomes new miss universe. >> oh, really, i never knew that. >> did you just make that up? >> yes. it's a great rule. >> welcome to ron's newscast. now over to the weather world and ginger. >> ron claiborne and all of his fact frgs years of pageantry. he's really been in it. hey, miami, good morning to you, how you doing? 83 degrees will be your high today. you still have that rough surf along the east coast of florida. tallahassee 80. atlanta, enjoy it. 70. 63, nashville. little rock at 67. i say enjoy it, because it's about to change. dallas, will go sub freezing for the first time this season. 70 today. by the time you wake up wednesday morning it's 31 degrees and you'll stay in the 50s for much of the week. brr, it's going to be cold for a lot of people getting through their weeks. a wintry blast and you may have
7:35 am
heard gossip about snow. it's not going to bring a whole lot. it's going to move quickly. that's going to be part of it. we'll talk about the latter half of the week, probably closer to tomorrow. i'm actually in for sam this week, so we'll have a lot of cold to cover. look at this n the northwest. pretty mild. reno, 69. redding is at 73. right along that stationary front, winter storm warnings and watches popping up in the northwest. that's the b >> this weather report has been brought to you by quicken loans. and the moment everyone has been waiting for. the winner of sunset sunday today -- barnstead, new hampshire. that's from elizabeth germond. congratulations. nearly 100% of the votes. please send me yours coming up next weekend. we'll have a new whole lot of them.
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they have to be taken this week. that's the whole caveat. >> elizabeth, if the crown falls off her head, a new sunset. the rules are really complicated. >> i still think "d" was robbed. all right, coming up on "good morning america" -- the comeback kid, college basketball star kevin ware back in the game after a horrible injury on the court. he's now speaking exclusively to "gma." why he's never watched that devastating video. and are these pugs the most romantic animals in the world? find out how they sealed the deal on a marriage proposal. >> is that sara haines? >> sara haines in the background there. >> is that sara haines in the background there?
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it was really hard to watch, last year during march madness, louisville's kevin ware taking a gruesome fall on a badly broken leg. many assumed that he wouldn't be coming back. and if he did, it would be really, really tough. >> but just seven months later, he's back on the hardwood and he's now talking exclusively to abc's gio benitez about his plans for his future. gio joins us live from louisville.
7:41 am
good morning, gio. >> reporter: good morning, bianna and dan. you know, kevin ware is only 20 years old. but his story is full of eds strength, determination, inspiration and a little basketball. it's the moment nobody saw coming. >> here's ware. shooting! are you kidding me? >> reporter: wednesday, during an exhibition game, seven months after that excruciating leg break, louisville guard kevin ware was back on the court and scoring big. >> his first shot back. >> reporter: ware was surprised that the coach even called on him to jump into the game. >> i guess the basketball ghost jumped out of my body, i say. i haven't played in a game for about 220 days. so, when he called my name i was really happy. the applause i got was a lot of motivation for me. >> reporter: was there ever a moment that you wouldn't be able to step foot on the court?
7:42 am
>> i never had a chance to doubt myself. i never had a chance to say i don't know if i will play again. >> reporter: but at that duke game in march, so many others feared ware would never play ball again, after they saw just how bad the break was. >> everybody was down and crying and really at a loss. but i was just telling everybody, let's win the game. >> i went to the hospital and he is out after it and drugged up. and he looked up, and i said, it's coach. and he said, did we win? did we win? and i said, we got them, big fella. >> i haven't seen the video. >> reporter: you never seen it. >> i never seen it. mentally it would put me at a different state. i told myself, when i was done playing basketball, i'll look at it then. but, i can't look at it now. >> reporter: ware shows us his scar, just look at how far he's come. amazingly, following his injury, louisville went on to win the championship without him. >> and these are my brothers and
7:43 am
they got the job done and i'm so proud of them. >> reporter: teammates saying ware inspired them. mom says even though her son became an overnight celebrity, he hasn't changed a bit. >> he's at a point now, where he wants to go back to being a normal person and doing what he loves. >> reporter: so many people say he wants to be a regular guy. >> that's it. that's the only thing i tell everybody. sometimes people are just noticeably treating me different from others. i know i'm a known person. i'm like, let's just be normal here. seven months of life, i don't know how i did it but i did it. that's the one thing i can say. i'm back playing basketball. i'm back to doing what i was trying to do before i got hurt. i respect myself every day for that. >> and yesterday marked the first day of the season here, ware didn't play, his coach said that he needs a little more time
7:44 am
to recover, but, boy, what a story, guys, he hopes that this is yet another winning season for louisville. >> it has to be said with all of the headlines of bullying and sports, it's great to see these teammates really coming together supporting him. he looks fantastic. gio, great story. thank you. >> thanks, indeed, a great story. coming up here on "good morning america" -- lady gaga getting into the news business, how she is quite literally making headlines this morning. that's coming up in "pop news" with sara haines after a quick break.
7:45 am
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♪ ♪ all right, time now for what i think is probably one of our best "pop news" to date. right? >> definitely. >> am i building that up? >> first up, a lady gaga exclusive, she's on a mission to bring arts to the masses. and what better way to do it than by teaming up with one of the biggest newspapers in
7:49 am
america, the pop megastar is the first-ever guest contributor to design a "usa today" logo, see it on tomorrow's paper but here's your exclusive first look. i always wanted to say exclusive first look. she designed that. >> wow. and vaseline is one of the most tried and true beauty products of all-time, it's gotten better time with a blingtastic with a makeover. check out these cute, limited-edition lip therapies. beauty comes at a price, $45 a pop. or you can buy the regular vaseline for 1.99. same vaseline inside, just a blinged out case. >> everything looks better with bedazzling. >> i agree. like the clothes he wears in his own time. >> oh, yeah. >> his denim and something. >> yeah. his medicine cabinet is shiny. >> let's move on now.
7:50 am
next up, one of the most popular viral videos is an a cappella mash up of daft punk songs. they're killing it. youtube, nearly 10 million hits and counting. they got the number three album on itunes. ♪ we're up all night to get lucky ♪ ♪ we're up all night ♪ we're up all night ♪ ♪ we're up night ♪ and now to our favorite story of the morning, this is our prop, and it involves all of these little guys. and a londoner with a serious passion for pugs. this is alex, the pug lover with her boyfriend, ed.
7:51 am
ed decided a trip to new york city was the perfect time to propose to give alex the dream proposal, he enlisted the help of new york city's pug group. 16 gorgeous puppies and their owners agreed to help. with all of the dogs wearing heart-shaped balloons. he got down on bended knee. and it was yes. no one walked away empty handed. though, she got a ring. and these pugs got commemorative tags. >> that's fantastic. how cute are these pugs? >> he feels good about the commemorative tag. he's really into it. you into it? >> we genuinely have the best job. >> and you got to see our control room. pugnation. >> the pugs have taken over "gmq." more pugs after a quick break. keep it here on "good morning america."
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chase. so you can good morning and welcome to "this week." christie crushes it. >> i love you, new jersey. thank you very much. after his commanding win, chris christie is here, live. can he win over the tea party and unite republicans? and what about texas governor rick perry? he's back in iowa. we get answers from both. christie and perry. only on "this week." plus, nuclear talks with iran stall overnight. we have breaking details. all that, and the powerhouse roundtable. a crack-smoking mayor. and john goodman. it's all here this sunday morning.


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