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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  November 11, 2013 3:00am-4:01am PST

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this morning on "world news now," help us -- that's the plea from storm survivors in the philippines. >> we don't have homes. homes, we need shelter, food, light. >> the historic typhoon haiyan wipes communities off the map as relief slowly arrives. speaking out. accused of harassment and suspended from the miami dolphins, richie incognito starts to tell his side of the story. >> the way jonathan and the rest of the offensive line and our teammates, how we communicate, it's vulgar. it's not right. >> reporter: now the question -- when will we hear from jonathan martin? sky scraper dispute. which tower is america's tallest? the world trade center in new york or the willis tower in chicago? which city will get the bragging rights after a big decision. it is monday, november 11th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now" with
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john muller an diana perez. >> good morning everyone. veterans's day. >> happy veteran's day to our veterans out there. let's get started once again. we begin with the latest challenges following the devastating storm in the philippines. the u.n. is sending supplies, but access was nearly impossible because the infrastructure is destroyed. >> president and mrs. obama sent sympathy to those affected by typhoon and the pope led thousands in prayer. more now. >> reporter: a team of 90 u.s. marines in the philippines providing search and rescue assistance and bringing supplies to a country that needs so much of everything.w6xt the ferocious winds and tidal surges of typhoon haiyan destroyed roads, bridges and homes across a wide swath of the central philippines. phone lines are down.
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power is out. hundreds of thousands are thronging relief centers, desperate for life's necessities. >> we don't have homes. homes -- we need shelter,ed if -- homes. we need shelter, food, light. >> we don't have anything. we don't have houses. >> reporter: aircraft are bringing in some supplies. soldiers are carrying injured residents to planes along with the elderly, evacuating from what looks like a war zone. but it is not enough. the suffering is on a massive scale. the super typhoon turning life into misery for four million people. some have the grim job of recovery the bodies of countless of victims. the death toll is expected to be in the many thousands. but amidst the suffering, a ray of hope, 21-year-old emily went in to labor inside the damaged airport control tower. she is fortunate. a doctor there to help. placing the newborn baby on the woman's stomach. a little girl unaware of the devastation around her. larry jacobs, abc news. >> a muched weakened haiyan hits china today, but powerful winds
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are making an impact before it was set to make landfall. it pushed two ships closer to the shores off of southern china. they weigh 300 tons. each lost control of their anchors as the waves surged. rescuers managed to secure the ships and evacuate the 12 crew members. haiyan came on shore this morning in vietnam as a tropical storm, but winds were gust ing at 100 miles an hour. about 600,000 people were evacuated ahead of the storm and some cities are bracing for widespread flooding. six people have died so far. all schools in hanoi are closed an the army has been mobilized. among the american rescue efforts is a group in el segundo where members of the team rubicon have the tools needed to help people in haiyan. final preparations are underway where a team of volunteers is
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ready to fly to the philippines. members of the team have special skills needed to help victims of typhoon haiyan. the team is largely made up of former military veterans and first responders. stay with abc news as we cover the storm's after math. the latest from the philippines in the next half hour and look for update during "america this morning" as well as "good morning america." the goce research satellite falling from the sky has reentered the earth's atmosphere. the uncontrolled descent began when it ran out of fuel. the european space agency believes most of the satellite disintegrated as it spiraled back to earth making the plunge virtually harmless. >> in total, about 15,000 tons have returned from space since sputnik launched. most of this burns up when it reenters in the atmosphere. >> any intact pieces of the satellite may have landed between east asia and antarctica. scientists say you are more likely to win the lottery than get hit by space junk. four american tourists have been killed in a crash of the sightseeing plane off of the grand bahama island. neither their names nor hometowns have been released but police say a pilot radioed he
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was having engine problems before the plane went down. sheriff in texas calling it a birthday party gone wild. two teenagers killed. more than a dozen injured when shots rang out after a party on saturday night. this is near houston. both were students at a nearby high school. investigators say the initial shots were fired in celebration which caused some to fire into the crowd. they are looking for two suspects. another wave of violence. a 16-year-old has been arrested in new york city for opening fire interest a crowded skating rink. police say the suspect was trying to rob one of the victims of his coat. his injuries are relatively minor, but a 14-year-old bystander was shot in the back. the offensive lineman suspended from the miami dolphins is talking about the bullying controversy. richie incognito said he never saw it coming and says no matter what he says he is not a racist. more now from abc's rina ninan. >> reporter: richie incognito breaking his silence, answering allegations he bullied johnthan martin. >> you can ask anyone in the
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miami dolphins' locker room who had his back the most and they will tell you me. >> reporter: in an interview with fox sports, jay glaser, with fox sports' jay glaser, incognito admits calling martin the "n" word and saying this -- "going to slap your real mother across the face. laughter. you are still a rookie. i'll kill you." >> when i see that voicemail, i'm embarrassed by it. i'm embarrassed by my actions. but what i want people to know, the way jonathan and the rest of our offensive line, how our teammates communicate, it's vulgar. it's not right. >> how do you expect anybody in america to believe you're not a racist? >> it sounds like i'm a racist pig, sounds like i'm a meat head. i'm not a racist. to judge me by that one word is wrong. >> reporter: incognito says this rough banter flowed both ways and says martin once threatened to kill incognito's family. >> now, did i think jonathan martin was going to murder my family, not one bit. >> reporter: he said it is
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locker room culture. it is documented in a documentary "hard knocks." in 2012 it featured incognito and his teammates. >> i was going to put up something rude but then i saw a picture of your girlfriend and felt bad. >> reporter: those more than 1,100 reported text messages that he said showed to them, incognito says the last one came as recently as friday. four days after martin left the team. martin allegedly writing, "i don't blame you guys. i blame some stuff in the locker room. i blame the culture and what was going on around me." >> this isn't an issue about bullying. this is an issue about my and john's relationship. >> reporter: if jonathan martin was sitting right here next to you, what would you say to him? >> i think, i think i would give him a hug right now. we have been through so much. i'd be like, "dude, what's going on? why didn't you come to me?" >> reporter: incognito said he would apologize to his family if they thought this was all malicious.
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martin reportedly checked into a south florida hospital last week and has since left. john and diana. >> thank you. now everybody wants to hear from jonathan martin. >> yes, of course. we want to know where this came from, what's going on, what was going through his mind. why did he send the text message that incognito is sharing with everybody, what's happening? >> when it first came out, it seemed very black and white. it's starting to seem gray. i don't know. but he says he had his back. i don't doubt that. but somebody can have your back and be a frenemy. you know that expression? they terrorize you even though they are your friend. we want to hear from martin, too, but it's an interesting one. >> it's been the culture in the football locker room for generations and we understand that, but did the person who was bullying go too far? was martin not able to take it? what are the answers to these questions? >> i can sort of buy that a bunch of crazy guys like to insult each other, but i don't buy threatening somebody's family. what kind of culture is that? that's weird. >> a little too much.
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i completely agree with you. the richie incognito topic is the subject of our question of the day. what should nfl do about allegations of bullying? join our debate at the fda says some potentially risky diet pills are going recalled. the oxyelite pro are being sold as a weight loss and muscle-building remedy. they have been linked to hepatitis and liver failure. one patient died while others are awaiting liver transplants. the maker says the pills were sold with impurity. another health alert. this one involving prepackaged sandwiches and salads. made by the california company glass onion. they are sold at trader joe's supermarkets. they recalled 90 tons of food including chicken and ham salad that may be tainted with e. coli. they were sold in six western states making dozens of people sick. today is veterans day, the day set aside to remember americans who served their country. today president obama has breakfast with a group of vets and lays a wreath at arlington. the majority of schools and government offices are closed and no mail delivery, but the
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stock exchange is open along with banking institutions. there will be thousands of parades around the country to honor. the parade up fifth avenue here in new york is the nation's largest. thanksgiving is still over two weeks away which means preparations for the big parade in new york are well underway. >> over the weekend, that meant test flights for the parade's famous balloons. hundreds of volunteers walked the balloons around the parking lot of the giants and jets stadium. >> after the practice session the balloons were deflated and brought to new york where they will be reinflated on wednesday the 27th, right down the block where they line up before the parade starts. we get a good view. >> one of the traditions in new york. when i was a kid you went to every single one. you did that in the morning and turkey at night. that's the way it worked. >> and if you were lucky you had a warm day. >> that didn't happen much when i was growing up. the climate starting to change and warmer days into november,
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that didn't happen when i was a kid in november. >> as a kid i enjoyed watching it on the couch and smelling my mom's turkey in the oven. coming up, flying into the future. the aircraft that promises to go six times the speed of sound. the battle over bragging rights. which skyscraper is america's tallest? new york's new world trade center or chicago's willis tower? the sky-high dispute and who might win. you are watching "world news now." ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by lysol. ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by lysol. ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by lysol. clean. and free ourselves from the smell and harshness of bleach. lysol power & free has more cleaning power than bleach. the secret is the hydrogen peroxide formula. it kills 99.9% of germs.
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♪ new jersey governor chris christie is riding high from easily winning re-election last tuesday. >> he's been notoriously coy about a run for the white house but now could be seeing chinks in his armor possibly. abc's susan saulny has the latest. >> reporter: it amounted to a victory lap. new jersey governor chris christie fresh from a republican landslide in a blue state with his advice how to win. >> go everywhere, show up. govern and make decisions. >> reporter: christie's triumph triggered a frenzy of coverage but nothing like this. "time" magazine's now-infamous
3:16 am
"elephant in the room" cover. >> did that bother you or did you think it was clever. >> no, george. if i'm bothered by jokes about my weight, it's time for me to crawl up into a fetal position and go home. the fact is, you know, if they think it is clever, great for them. >> reporter: jokes aside, some republicans are questioning his conservative credentials, whether he's a good fit for the gop beyond new jersey. as for running in 2016 -- >> i'm the governor of new jersey and that's my job and what i asked for four more years. that's why intend to do. >> all four years? >> listen? who knows? i don't know. i will do my job and finish the job but everybody trying to figure out what life will bring you a few years from now -- i didn't expect to be sitting here four years ago, so no one can make those predictions. >> reporter: when asked about the health care rollout, he said it's not enough. susan saulny, abc news,
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washington. coming up, a tale of two cities and a contest where the stakes have never been higher. an official council is set to determine whether new york's new world trade center tower or the former sears tower in chicago deserve the title of tallest building in america. and speaking of reaching new heights, ahead in our next half-hour, a dress launching lady gaga literally. that's in "the skinny." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc station. heights, a new dress launches lady gaga literally. that's in "the skinny." >> announcer: "world news now" continues
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lead paint poisoning affects one million children today. if your home was built before 1978, it could contain harmful lead paint. learn the danger zones, protect your kids. visit
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♪ a contest where the stakes have never been higher is coming down to the wire today. >> decision expected tomorrow that will officially crown one of the nation's biggest cities home to the tallest building in america. >> it's a decision that's not as cut and dry as you may think. here's abc's lindsey janice. >> new york can't beat us. we're chicago. >> reporter: it's a tale of two cities and a few ongoing rivalries. the windy city versus the big apple. the cubs or yankees. deep dish or thin crust. and now another one to add to the list. willis tower versus 1 world
3:20 am
trade center in the battle over the title of the tallest building in america. at 1,776 feet, 1 world trade center towers over the new york city skyline. but critics say "remove that 408-footspire at its peak," and the newest american skyscraper clocks in just 83 feet shy of willis tower's height of 1,451 feet. >> the spire is an extension of the form skin and expression of the building opposed to an antenna which is technical equipment. >> reporter: the council on tall buildings and urban habitat met on friday to determine whether this needle counts, making one world trade center the tallest building. the decision comes tuesday. but how much is really riding on the outcome? do you think it's going to matter? >> maybe it might hurt a little bit of city pride. i'm sure every city wants to have the tallest tower.
3:21 am
>> reporter: and chicagoans seem to agree. how do you feel if it is not the tallest building anymore? >> little disappointed. we grew up knowing it was the tallest building in the world. >> reporter: what would happen if the one world trade center took over the tallest building in america? >> probably go to that one. >> reporter: abc news, new york. >> i'm from new york, and i think that's kind of cheating. if the building is bigger, it's bigger. >> there is a spire on top and antenna inside and it's a functioning part of the building, doesn't it count? >> couldn't the folks in chicago go, all right. we will put a new antenna, spire? can't they just go, none of this nonsense, and get the title back? >> if you look back at the willis tower, there is something on top of it, doesn't that put it over the top? >> maybe that is a radio tower. can we all get along? after this we have to battle who has the best pizza, chicago or new york. >> come on, new york beats that. no question about that. that's not what we are arguing about here. the size of the tower.
3:22 am
those are broadcasting towers at the top of the willis tower. i feel like we are fighting for both cities. >> i'm just trying to stick up for chicago. the top of the willis tower. i feel like we are fighting for both cities. >> i'm just trying to stick up for chicago. >> i'm just trying to stick up for chicago.
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all right. "mix" time. this might be geeky but i saw this article and love it. the sr-71. it is a plane, fastest plane ever. they built it in the '60s. it was awesome. i had a model as a kid. i loved it. anyway, they are now working -- lockheed martin announcing they are working on an sr-72. this will be the fastest plane in the world when completed and go mach six. twice as fast as the sr-71. to give you an idea, that's 3500 miles an hour. this can be launched and go to any spot in the world in one hour. one hour from wherever it is launched. >> wow. >> isn't that amazing? >> incredible. can i get on it if i need to go anywhere in the world? >> no.
3:26 am
it is a spy plane. would be great fit was a passenger plane. "life science" reporting this, and it is not supposed to be ready until 2030. the new fastest plane in the world. sr-72. >> very cool. check this out. for women who wear make-up and those who don't, an interesting study in the sunday "times style" magazines. a french neuroscientist has apparently done a study that revealed that imperfections can distract the brain. that basically means if you wear makeup, lipstick, eyeliner, the whole shebang, people look at you and think you are more likable, trustworthy, more likely to approach you. >> surprise, surprise. >> you basically look like a prettier version of yourself and apparently the brain is distracted by imperfections on the face. >> i knew this before the study comes out. when a woman is dolled up the -- she looks awesome. >> that's why you look awesome. >> for the record, nothing on my
3:27 am
eyes. all men do this -- even the nfl guys. even michael strahan knows this. >> he wears a little lipstick. >> not as far as you know. >> this is a sad story. >> what's that? >> okay. sorry. for real it says pakistan banned malala's book, "i am malala." that is inaccurate. pakistani officials said that a private school, private schools in pakistan have banned the book. they claim that it doesn't show enough respect for islam and call her a tool of the west. this is a private school. her profile, you know, rose steadily internationally when she wrote this book. it is not necessarily a decision made in public schools yet but the head of private schools says it is a non-islamic book and is banned. >> that's too bad. i mean, i am really looking forward to reading this book. it is unfortunate people won't have an opportunity. really quickly, in the last 15 seconds here, los angeles has decided to stop giving some schools in los angeles, to stop giving students ipads because the students hacked them and getting on to websites they are not supposed to get on to. i'm not really surprised. >> me either.
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i'm not really
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this morning on "world news this morning on "world news now," typhoon tragedy. that's the plea from storm survivors in the philippines. the biggest made it for the red cross. deadly attack. questions at a wildlife refuge after a worker was mauled by a cougar. what went wrong? look out. a european satellite runs out of energy and is speeding toward the earth. how the threat prosecute space ended a few years ago. stay tuned for more on lady g&a in "the skinny" and "the skinny bonus round" on this monday, november 11th. good morning.
3:31 am
it is a federal holiday. it's veterans day. so that means no mail today. banking institution will be open. but lots of schools and businesses are also closed. >> hats off to all the veterans for sure. >> absolutely. let's get started. we begin this veterans day with the arrival of u.s. marines in the philippines' storm zone. a c-130 loaded with bottled water, generators wrapped in plastic, a forklift and trucks arrived to bring military muscle to the area. >> it was the first military relief flight to the region where thousands are feared dead. abc's gloria rivera reports. >> reporter: from the air, parts of the area under water. the airport flattened. the roof demolished. commercial flights to evacuate impossible. >> we don't have homes. homes -- we need shelter, food, light. >> we don't have food. we don't have everything. we don't have houses. >> reporter: locals fled to the airport desperate to escape. the military giving parents with the youngest victims priority.
3:32 am
i just want to show you now, this is the airport lounge. you see that roof is ripped off, debris, flooding, and lines. they call them chances -- hoping for a chance to get out. they say the surge rose high on the control tower. water and winds ripping the terminal. the aftermath eerily silent. the sound of devastation. cars tangled in downed power lines. residents young and old pulling together what they can. some have the grim job of bringing the bodies of victims to this church. those with injuries treat it as best they can be, with reports of increasing looting, officers feeling helpless. >> all of the evacuation centers have either collapsed or sustained a huge amount of damage. so really people are really living in open areas. people also really need food and water. everyone started to loot in order to get any kind of food. >> c-130 aircraft are landing and bringing emergency supplies. typhoon haiyan wreaked havoc across this province.
3:33 am
the damage severe. the challenge now getting to those who need help the most. for so many here still searching for loved ones, it seems there is only heartache. gloria rivera, abc news. joining us now from manila is richard gordon, chairman of the european red cross. good morning, sir. >> good morning. good morning. >> you and all the people in the philippines affected by this tragedy certainly in our hearts and prayers this morning. it is now monday, it is afternoon where you are. the initial assessment's very grim. up to 10,000 people maybe will perish when the body count is totaled. is there any hope that the numbers will get better now that you've had extra time? what is the latest? >> now we're able to get into the area that has been heavily affected.
3:34 am
and because of that, we can now provide medicine, food, a little bit of temporary shelters, and of course water. food items for 25,000 people, that's almost 10,000 tins of ready-to-eat meals. slowly but surely, we're getting in. we're also clearing the path, clearing the area of debris so that our people can go in. the government is also there. we're doing everything we can to get to the victims very, very fast. >> richard, obviously this is a humanitarian crisis. do you need international help at this point? is the philippine government looking for help from anyone right now? >> not the philippine government, although i already made an international appeal. the philippine red cross has made an international appeal. i think the international community is beginning to help out. i know the americans have sent the military, but now there are a lot of other countries that have signified their intention to help. it's a lot of effort that we need, and we will need a lot of
3:35 am
resources, a lot of equipment, a lot of food, a lot of shelter. >> wow. richard, we're also hearing that another to have is on the way. i would imagine disease is going to be an issue, as well. what are your thoughts about that? >> well, it's going to enter our area of responsibility tomorrow. we hope that it will be a fast one, like the last one. i just hope that the rains don't linger because if the ground is saturated, then you have another problem with flies, floods, and it's going to hit the same area. >> what does the world need to know? people watching thousands of miles away, what do you want them to know? what could somebody possibly did to help? >> well, i think as we say in latin -- [ speaking latin ] >> the scene speaks for itself. you see the dramatic, horrible images of disaster, deprivation. >> richard gordon from the philippine red cross. we thank him for that interview. staggering, staggering picture of tragedy there. and the need is so basic now,
3:36 am
diana. it's actually just getting to places. the roads are stopped -- people don't have food and water. it's going to go on and on. >> the infrastructure devastated. like you said, getting there is what's making it difficult. the people who are there getting out is impossible, as well. >> yes. >> you know, you see scenes like this, and you think about the only thing that we can relate this to is things that we have gone through here in the united states. but nothing, nothing compares to these kinds of images. i mean, it's complete and total devastation. look at this -- >> yeah. i mean, this almost reminds you of the tsunami aftermath in indonesia. >> yes. >> just really terrible. and you know, there's another storm on the way. it's afternoon -- you know, almost typhoon strength, and basically heading the same direction. mudslides, disease, cholera. it's just going to be such a tough time for them. and honestly -- >> yeah. and richard said the one thing that they don't need is for those rains to come, stay, and linger because that's when all
3:37 am
the other problems start to arise. these people -- the ground's already swollen and saturated. these people are already living in the streets. now you've got rain on top of that. just going to make for an even more devastating situation. >> no doubt. stay with us as we cover relief efforts on this historic typhoon. look for updates on "america this morning" and "good morning america." secretary of state kerry is expected to brief lawmakers on capitol hill this week on the failed iran nuclear talks. kerry and the iranian president insist the talks are still a work in progress, but senators are predicting there will be a renewed push for even more sanctions against iran. a worker mauled to death by a cougar at an image sanctuary in oregon is said to have been a dedicated with years of experience with the animals. it's believed he was alone in the enclosure at the time of the attack saturday night, even though safety rules call for two staffers to be present. as they try to figure out what went wrong, staffers say the risks should not be underestimated.
3:38 am
>> these are wild animals. and even in situations where people know what they are, they are predators. >> there are new questions about safety. in march an intern at a california sanctuary was killed by a 550-pound lion that escaped its feeding pen. let's look at the weather on this veterans day. new england and parts of upstate new york could see snow and showers, rain, as well. light snow across montana and northeast wyoming. chillier than usual across the upper midwest with minneapolis in the high 20s. phoenix is the hot spot at 90 degrees. mostly 50s across the northeast and the mid-atlantic. okay, so you all know that we love a good world record here on "world news now." we figured we absolutely had to show you this one set by a guy named ahmed kurigo. >> he's the new record holder for the world's highest flying pushup. holy mackerel. i'm going to stop reading because i want to watch that. wow. that's what he calls what he
3:39 am
does there, a high-flying pushup. >> my gosh. of course, don't try this at home. we don't have to tell you that. the stacks are 4.5-feet high. that's, of course, what makes a flying pushup so incredibly difficult, obviously. congratulations to him. that is pretty incredible. when i read that initially -- >> amazing. >> when i read that initially, hadn't seen the video. i thought he was jumping off of a four-foot thing and landing to do a pushup. far more impressive what i'm watching now. >> right. a vertical leap in the nba, that's a vertical push. >> yeah. by the way, he looks like he's part man, part snyder. the real -- >> strength. i'm going to secretly try that at home sometime. i'll try to get up on a phone book. >> make sure there are no cameras rolling. >> no. i'll never tell. my secret. coming up, a toasted, twerking performance on stage. and reunion rumors from a disco sensation. stay tuned, "the skinny" and "skinny bonus round" coming up. it seemed like a scene out of "gravity." a satellite runs out of energy and falls toward earth. you're watching "world news now."
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♪ announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by gerber life insurance. ♪ announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by gerber life insurance. weather brought to you by gerber life insurance.
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♪ ♪ of there was a wary eye on the sky all weekend, counting the minutes until a defunct research satellite would eventually crash
3:44 am
back to earth. >> they knew when but not where it would land. this morning we are now told it completely disintegrated upon reentry. we have a report on the wait and the worry. >> reporter: it's a galactic heads up. scientists say the satellite had fallen back to earth. the problem is, nobody knows exactly where. >> we cannot say when reentry will happen. >> goce launched in 2009 studying earth's gravity field. but now it is out of gas. another piece of spiraling space junk. nasa estimates we are surrounded by 20,000 pieces larger than a softball zipping along at 17,000 miles an hour. causing disaster for astronauts when russians blow up a satellite in the movie "gravity." but in real life, when it falls to earth, most of it is harmless. >> about 15,000 tons have returned from space. most of this burns up when it reenters.
3:45 am
>> reporter: experts say pieces as big as 200 pounds could reach the ground. give or take a few pounds, that's a piece roughly my size. in february, cameras captured a 10,000-ton meteor exploding over russia, injuring hundreds. but scientists say you are more likely to win the lottery than have the sky fall on your head. back in 1997, lottie williams of tulsa became the only person ever known to get hit. just a brush really. sometimes the advice is simplest. >> my advice is to be outside. if you see it coming, run. uh-huh. >> reporter: like that apple that first sparked sir isaac newton's theory of gravity 300 years ago, goce is once again proving everything that goes up must come down. clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> by the way, 250,000 times more likely to win the lottery than get hit by a piece of space junk. >> so they are saying it can't
3:46 am
happen. >> look out! [ crashing sounds ] >> i thought it was done. >> i'm protecting pregnant lady. >> i am pregnant. >> am i a hero now? >> i think you are officially a hero. >> good. i saved you in from that space junk. it's still falling. can we throw space junk back? >> yeah, we can. >> i didn't know that. can i make my own space junk? how's that? [ laughter ] >> okay, nole. good job with the space junk. >> it's not really space junk, guys. >> it's just junk. >> just studio junk. >> writers spend a lot of time on those scripts and we are calling it junk. >> one more. >> saved you. >> you did save me. pretty good. see if we can get a direct hit to nole. coming up, both lady gaga and miley cyprus get high on stage, but it's not what you think, though. >> nice catch. stay tuned. "the skinny" and our bonus round coming up next. another nice catch. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our
3:47 am
abc stations. >> annou
3:48 am
♪ skinny ♪ skinny ♪ so skinny welcome to round one of our "skinny." we have a bonus round today. we are starting with the ever popular miley cyrus who opened mtv's "europe" music awards with her hit song "we can't stop" and
3:49 am
once again suited up in spandex and twerking. this time she was twerking with a little person. you see her there. that's not where she stopped her antics. why stop there? everybody loves the twerking but that is not scandalous anymore. so after winning the top award of the night, at the end of the show, she decided that she wanted to celebrate. this is how she celebrated. it took her a while. got in her bag and pulled out what looked like a marijuana joint and she lit it up, took a puff and there she was. thanked everybody. she also had marijuana leaf emblems on her earphones during a live rendition of "wrecking ball" during the backdrop of the video screen of herself crying. there she is taking another puff. there you have it. that's our miley. we love her to death. >> ain't cool when you put it in everybody's face. just do it. publicity stunt. big deal. like a 12-year-old kid trying to show off.
3:50 am
>> that's miley. >> whatever. lady gaga taking flight. not what you think. the woman if so famous for her dresses and wardrobes unveiled a high-tech white vehicle that she bills as the world's first flying dress. it lifted her up in the brooklyn navy yard where she had a launch party. her new album out on sunday. battery-powered dress. she wants to be the first person to perform a musical performance in space. any way her third album is released on monday and she's all about the space. pretty cool. >> call me crazy. here's the deal. at least with lady gaga i see something i have never seen before every time she comes up with something cooky and crazy. miley cyrus, what do i get when she does something controversial? one more thing not to like about her. >> shock value, whatever. moving on to cool news, abba is mulling over the idea of perhaps having a reunion.
3:51 am
so they won the eurovision song contest and since then they have revealed it is maybe something they are thinking about. one of the founders said -- this is agnetha fältskog, 63 years old now, said in an interview in germany said she was thinking about it and plans to mark the anniversary in some way, but i can't say at this point what will come of them. she is talking about the anniversary of their formation in 1972. >> think they can still hit the high notes? >> i'm pretty sure. >> gee whiz, man. a beyonce fan started a petition, petition, entitled "beyonce cannot attend kim kardashian's wedding." it went on and on. he had over 300 signatures urging beyonce not to go to their wedding. however, he finally relented and pulled it off his website and said it was a joke and beyonce is a big girl and she can go if she wants to. all right.
3:52 am
well, coming up, we've got the bonus round of "the skinny." who george clooney is dissing and who adele said no to when we come back. george clooney is dising and who adele said no to when we come back.
3:53 am
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frequent heartburn medicine woolite detergents clean your save jeans and won't torture your tanks. so clothes look like new even after 20 washes. gives you a long-lasting fresh breath feeling. so you have the courage to jump in... ♪ skinny ♪ so skinny come to the bonus round of "the skinny." ning power than bl. the secret is the hydrogen peroxide formula. it kills 99.9% of germs. that's healthing . powerful cleaning that's family friendly. lysol. start healthing.
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and for where it matters most, try new lysol power & free pourable. ♪ skinny ♪ so skinny ♪ come to the bonus round of "the skinny." we're going get right to it. this is juicy. george clooney giving an interview to "esquire" magazine where he dished on high profile actors much like himself, starting with russell crowe saying he sent him a book of poems to apologize after getting in his face and insulting the "s" out of him. he said, during confrontation, russell crowe apparently said, "who the "f" does this guy think he is? he's a frank sinatra wannabe." and that's when he really went after him is apparently what george clooney is saying and
3:56 am
then apparently russell said i was misquoted, and george clooney said to the interviewer -- and i was like, yeah, thanks for the book. >> i knew i liked russell crowe, by the way. >> what's that? >> i knew i liked russell crowe. >> he is talking about leonardo dicaprio. this is how he knows this. apparently his friends were talking about he he would beat george clooney in the basketball game, and he lost the whole thing. he said if he's going to surround himself by people who don't tell the truth, i don't think he should be doing that. that's not so juicy. but when he talked about brad pitt, he was complimentary saying, "he carried the entire "world war z" to the finish line." and he came out saying ashton kutcher shouldn't be on twitter. yes, he was out and about. he was all about it. and matt damon gets 20 seconds for a payday, an ad in the u.k., maybe why he chose to do it. it is with george clooney of all
3:57 am
things. here's the ad. >> what are you doing here? >> recycling. >> yeah? >> yeah. >> me, too. hey, matt damon's inside. >> 3 million bucks for that, folks. i'll take it. >> hope he doesn't have anything bad to say about him after that. listen to this. adele, on the other hand, not taking 12 million euro, approximately $18 million ad deal from l'oreal. she was apparently set to oust sheryl crow as the face of l'oreal and she walked away leaving the company completely in the dark about why. it is very interesting these two. >> very interesting indeed. see you in a bit. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades. . >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomn
3:58 am
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while i was on a combat patrol my c in baqubah, iraq,nned out. a rocket-propelled grenade took my arm off at the shoulder. when i came home, i felt alone. my family was around me, but i couldn't talk to them about what i'd seen and what i'd done. i remember just thinking, man, the way i am right now, i don't want to live. i was discharged from the army, and i've been working with the wounded warrior project since 2007. warriors don't have to be severely wounded to be with the wounded warrior project. we do have a lot of guys that have post-traumatic stress disorder. being able to share your story, i guess it kind of helps you wrap your mind around what did happen over there. just because you've left the military doesn't mean your life is over, because when these guys are coming home, i'm kind of leading and training them, instead of for combat, i'm leading and training them to heal. and if i come away with anything from the wounded warrior project, it's them giving my life back. my name is norbie, and yes, i do suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, but i'm okay.
4:00 am
morning america." have a great day. making news in america this morning, breaking news. new images of the widespread damage coming out of the philippines. supplies are running low. the desperation among survivors is starting to set in. and it's not done yet. new video overnight. where the storm made landfall once again. causing more damage. on the defensive. the man at the epicenter of the nfl firestorm breaking his silence. >> this is not an issue of bullying. it's an issue about mine and jon's relationship. >> this morning, his regrets about the bully scandal and the message he has for football fans. and gaga goes airborne. the pop star is take her unique fashion to new heights. literally.


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