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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 11, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PST

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morning america." have a great day. making news in america this morning, breaking news. new images of the widespread damage coming out of the philippines. supplies are running low. the desperation among survivors is starting to set in. and it's not done yet. new video overnight. where the storm made landfall once again. causing more damage. on the defensive. the man at the epicenter of the nfl firestorm breaking his silence. >> this is not an issue of bullying. it's an issue about mine and jon's relationship. >> this morning, his regrets about the bully scandal and the message he has for football fans. and gaga goes airborne. the pop star is take her unique fashion to new heights. literally.
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and good monday morning. we begin with the growing desperation and devastation following the supertyphoon in the philippines. >> new video shows entire towns destroyed. homes flattened for miles. water wiped away everything in its path. >> now a growing concern over a water and medicine shortage. larry jacobs has the very latest. >> reporter: a team of 90 u.s. marines in the philippines providing search and rescue assistance ant bringing supplies to a country that desperately needs so much of everything. the ferocious winds and tidal surge of typhoon haiyan destroyed bridges and roads across the philippines. phone lines are down. power is out. hundreds of thousands are thronging relief centers. for life's necessary sis. >> we need shelter. food. light. >> little stuff. we don't have everything.
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we don't have houses. >> reporter: aircraft are bringing in supplies. soldiers are carrying injured residents to planes and the elderly being evacuated from what looks like a war zone. but it's not enough. the suffering is on massive scale. the supertyphoon turning life into misery for 4 million people. some have the grim job of recovering the bodies. of countless victims. the death toll is expected to be in the many thousands. but amidst all the chaos, a ray of hope. this 21-year-old went into labor in the airport tower. she's fortunate. a doctor is there to help. placing the newborn baby on the woman's stomach. a little girl delivered unaware of the devastation around her. larry jacobs, abc news, new york. >> there's been a massive outpouring of tears and prayers from filipinos living here in the united states. >> church goers seen here in sacramento and across the country are scrambling to send money and supplies to help the countless victims of the
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typhoon. many of them are trying to reach friends and families in the hardest hit area of the philippines. >> the last time i talked to them, their house was -- the roof just blew off. >> aid agencies on the ground are getting a firsthand look at how dire the situation is. i spoke to richard gordon, the chair of the red cross in the philippines. about the desperate need for emergency sup plipliesupplies. >> we're able to get into the area that has been affected. heavily affected. because of that, we can provide medicine, food, a little bit of temporary shelters and of course, water. for 25,000 people. almost 10,000 tins of ready-to-eat meals. so slowly, but surely, we're getting in. we're also clearing the area of debris so that our people can go in. the government is also there. we're doing everything we can to get to the victims very, very fast. and i think the national -- the international community is beginning to help out. i know the americans have sent the military.
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now there are a lot of other countries signifying their intention to help. it's a lot of effort. we'll need a lot of resources. equipment, food, shelter. >> once again, our thanks to richard gordon. this morning, typhoon haiyan reached north vietnam as a tropical storm. but winds are still gusting at nearly 100 miles an hour. >> about 6,000 people were evacuated ahead of the storm. some cities are bracing for widespread flooding. at least six people have died there so far. all schools in hanoi are closed. the army has been mobilized. be sure to stay with abc news for the latest on the recovery in the philippines. we'll have a live report coming up on "good morning america." tough negotiations on iran's nuclear program. they've come to an end for now without a deal. that opens the way for possibly new sanctions to be approved by congress. tahman bradley is in washington with all the details. good morning, tahman. >> reporter: good morning, diana.
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secretary of state john kerry attended talks on the iranian nuclear program this weekend. in switzerland. this week, mr. kerry will be on capitol hill to update lawmakers on the whole situation. he's expected to say the talks have not failed. they're still a work in progress. after days around the bargaining table those talks stalled yesterday over objections made by france. the french claim conditions being offered to iran were too generous. they protested an easing of international sanctions against tehran. kerry said he was grateful to the frch for speaking up about their concerns and that he actually shared some of them. he'll have a chance to explain this to members of congress this week. some senators are expected a bipartisan push for fresh sanctions against iran. the obama administration opposes that. as of now, the talks resume a week from wednesday. diana? >> tahman bradley, thank you. four american tourists have been killed in the crash of a sightseeing plane off grand bahama island.
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investigators did not release the victims' names. the pilot radioed he was having engine problems. before the crash. a sheriff in texas is calling it a birthday party gone wild. two people were killed and dozens injured near houston. both victims were students from a nearby high school. investigators say the initial shot was fired in celebration. that caused somebody to begin shooting into the crowd. two suspects are still on the loose. this is veterans day. the day set aside to remember americans who have served their country. president obama has breakfast with a group of vets. and then lays a wreath at arlington national cemetery. the majority of schools and government offices are closed today. no mail delivery. but the new york stock exchange is open as are some banks. los angeles got an early start holding the veterans day parade yesterday. bands and spectators turned out to honor all the vets.
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♪ all right, that was the sound of san francisco, as thousands gathered along market street. this yoear's parade marked 60 years since the end of the korean war. turning to today's weather. it will be sunny and dry in the south. light snow from montana, northeast wyoming, showers for parts of washington, oregon, and northwest california. >> it will feel like winter in the upper mid west. temperatures up to 20 degrees colder than normal. a popular diet pill being pulled from the shelves. the serious health concerns now being linked to it. and breaking his silence. the football player at the center of a bullying scandal is telling his side of the story. why he says everyone has the wrong idea about him. and wild cat attack. we're learning much more about the woman that died at an animal sanctuary and her dedication to big cats.
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stocks have started the week powerfully. the major asian exchanges already posting big gains in monday trading. when wall street opens today, the dow will start at a record high. posted big gains on friday along with the other major averages, thanks to an unexpectedly strong jobs report. stocks have made gains for five consecutive weeks. the federal government wants bank of america to pay nearly $864 million in damages for selling defective mortgages. a jury last month found the bank liable for defrauding fannie mae and freddie mac. amazon customers will soon be getting delivery seven days a
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week. the online retailer has made a deal with the postal service to deliver on sundays. the deal provided some much-needed revenue for the postal service. early bird bargain hunters can now mark their calendars to hit those stores kicking off black friday a day early. toys "r" us will open their doors on thanksgiving day. best buy, 6:00 p.m. and target opens at 8:00 p.m. finally, it was "thor's" weekend at the box office. the flick destroyed the competition in the first week of release. it earned over 86 million bucks. jackass presents "bad grandpa" was second. $11.3 million. and the animated "free birds" was third with just about the same amount of money. >> hang on to your nuggets. did you see that? >> hang on to your nuggets. >> when we come back, a falling satellite makes a return. a big mystery remains. and a "play of the day" that is amazing for two reasons. the quarterback trick and who this young player is related to.
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brew the love. keurig. volunteers who control the big balloons at the thanks giving day parade here in new york got some practice over the weekend. they walked around the park lots of the giants and jets stadium in new jersey. the balloons will be paraded through the streets in just over two weeks. now for a look at morning road conditions. roads in north and south dakota could be wet with snow. a rain-snow smix in northern vermont. dry roads in the south. no major airport delays are expected. now to the miami dolphins bullying controversy. and the man at the center of it, richie incognito. >> he said yesterday he was not and is not a risist. he claimed jon than martin sent
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him a friendly text four days after leaving the team. he said he has regrets about the whole thing. >> when i see that voice mail, i'm embarrassed by my actions. i want people to know the way jonathan and the rest of the offensive line and how our teammates communicate, it's vulgar. it's not right. >> he called himself the person who had martin's back the most. that brings us to our facebook question of the day, what should the nfl do about allegations of bullying? tell us what you think at a worker mauled to death by a cougar is being described as a dedicated employee. managers there believe that renee ronzawan was alone in the enclouzier at the time of the attack on saturday night, even
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though safety rules call for two employees to be together. >> these are wild animals. and even in situations where people who know lots about them and work with them, at the end of the day, they are what they are, which is wild predators. >> the woman's death is raising new questions about safety. in march, an intern at a california sanctuary was killed by a 550-pound lion what escaped from its feeding pen. diet pills are being recalled. oxyelite pro have been linked to liver problems. the maker, usp labs, says the pilling were sold with imprurties. the research satellite made the return to the atmosphere. most of the 2200-pound satellite burned up on reeventually last
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night. making the plunge virtually harmless. the olympic torch is back on earth. >> the torch was brought to the iss along with three phew kre meebs. the toj went on a space walk saturday. drew brees and the saints go marching all over the cowboys. a bit of a shakeup among the college football rankings. good morning, america. i'm steve levy. welcome inside "sportscenter." drew brees and the saints put on quite the show. the dallas cowboys were in town. stants leading 21-10. drew brees to darren sproles. he'll do the rest. brees and the saints always great inside the 2:00 warning in the first half. fourth quarter, up big.
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brees finds kenny stills. 52 yards. not a great throw. great underthrow. watch it again. brees delivers to stills. 34 of 41, 392 yards. 49 on the board against the boys. fourth and 15. what are you going to do? they tell you knock it down. instead, the ravens knock it up. to a.j. green for the touchdown. andy dalton hoisted it up there. the ball got tipped around. green reels it in. we go to overtime tied at 17-17. in the o.t., the ravens justin tucker, good. baltimore, they get it done. here's a look at the new bcs standings. alabama at number one. fsu at number two. ohio state, stanford, baylor each move up a spot. what more highlights, news,
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analysis? we got you covered. check out "sportscenter," live, at 9:00 a.m. great highlights. but they were nothing like this. that's why this is our "play of the day." >> the quarterback takes a snap, starts toward the sidelines saying it's the wrong ball, and he takes off for 80 yards into the end zone. >> it runs in the family. the quarterback is the nephew of jada pinkett smith. nobody knew what he was doing. coming up next, "the pulse." lady gaga flying high. the singh makes an entrance as only she can. and miley does it again. in europe this time. that doesn't make it any classier. her antics coming up next.
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♪ applause applause applause mother monster to begin your pulse. lady gaga with a fashion choice. a new dress. >> the white, battery-powered creation lifted her up about 70 feet. she created the dress. she said her ultimate goal is to stage the first musical performance from spans. her third album, called "art pop" will debut today. 70 inches is not that big. i can do three inches here.
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70 is kind of cool, i guess. we're talking about young female stars. we can't ignore miley cyrus on this morning, of course, after mtv's europe music awards. >> there she is twerking along with a little person. >> later, she was on stage to celebrate her best video award and this is how she did it. she lit up what looked a whole lot like a marijuana zrcigarett right there on stage. pot is not quite legal there but smokers are not prosecuted with small amounts. she's just doing it for attention. george clooney is not mincing any words when it comes to his fellow actors. >> a candid sitdown can "esquire" magazine. he says russell crowe sent him a
4:24 am
book of poetry to apologize for a previous interview. he questioned who leonardo dicaprio surrounds himself with. >> he questions the wisdom of celebrities like ashton kutcher being on twitter. he said, why on god's green earth would any of us join triter. >> he had praise for brad pitt. >> russell crowe, ashton kutcher. save that stuff for the memoir. don't give to it a magazine for free. >> do you thing he's above the fray? >> i think so. >> i can talk about anyone i want. >> he is a cool guy. >> he is. >> cooler than me? >> not cooler than you. nobody is cooler than this guy. >> my partner.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good monday morning on this veteran's day. >> is it monday? >> it is. it is also veteran's day. >> the day we honor our veterans. how is the weather for veteran's day celebrations, mike? >> it will be okay. we had a threat of rain. we moved it to tuesday. that is where it sticks. we have a little bit of fog. napa is quarter-mile visibility. novato is throw. everyone else is okay. it is patchy. it will probably hang around until 10:00. you can see not much over san francisco looking south from our roof camera. we will see increasing clouds and decreasing fog but increasing high clouds as the afternoon wears on. it will be mild out there at 64
4:29 am
to 70 inland. 62 to 67 around the bay and near circuit at the coast. it looks night for all the veteran's day activities. leyla gulen? >> good morning, everyone. hope much had a great weekend. some of you are having a long and extended weekend so we could have empty roads. we have sig-alert into san francisco, an early crash at 3:00 this morning. southbound 101 to the eastbound 80 connection is where we have a fluid leak. it is still blocking that road. crews are out there trying to mop it up. as we head over to the east bay, westbound 580, there is a hit-and-run accident. it lookings, though, at top speeds approaching the dublin interchange. this is the bay bridge toll plaza where you can see the traffic is showing few cars headed into san francisco from emeryville. >> we have breaking news in
4:30 am
marin county. a woman is under arrest on suspicion of d.u.i. after the c.h.p. says she crashed her car into several trees. it happened in san rafael near blackstone drive at 2:00 this morning. investigators say she was speeding and hit several trees and finally came close to hitting a house. the marin county sheriff says she tried to run away but was arrested and turned over to the c.h.p. >> developing news from redwood city where firefighters are catching for hotspots from a fire at a recycling plant. there is new information for people who work in the area. abc7 news reporter, matt keller, is at the scene with an update. matt? >> the past half hour, redwood city police opened up the boulevard so people can get to work at several businesses in the area. you can see behind me the smoke and the steam coming up as firefighters continue to put water on the smoldering scrap metal, with a shelter in place advi


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