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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  November 11, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> veteran's day trip uses in our nation's capitol in addition to the wreath laying at arlington, two tuskegee airmen will receive honors. this military hardware is on the move for the nation. >> the bay area is hosting several veteran's day ceremonies in the south by. many turned out in millpetas for
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those that served their country. >> milpitas goes all out to honor veterans including with this memorial in the plaza behind city hall. this year, on veteran's day, the annual sermon to honor all who serve this country. ♪ oh beautiful for space spacios skies ♪ >> more than 150 gathered to honor the military men and women who have served. dozens of veterans were here for the flag-raising ceremony. a mother brings her two kids every year. the message i want to instill in them is to serve your country. everyone does their part to make it a better lay and people who are serving do that. i thank them for their service. >> it is to support all the veterans that serve our country. >> a korean war veteran served 23 years in the army and he
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serves the milpitas community in maybe ways through local government and charity and was given the veteran's aware. >> you hope you will be recognized. with that said, it really hits you right down there. it is a very proud moment and i am still nervous. >> another milpitas veteran received a special honor during a somber ceremony. henry wasn't here to see the plaque and bench in his honor, he died this year at 91. the world war ii veteran was a par people heart recipient earned at the second wave of normandy. his son was touched. >> he served his country to the bet of his ability. he was a milpitas native. he loved the country. >> the american legion handed out the poppies to all attendees of today's ceremony.
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they are hand made by veterans and are the memorial flower in honor of all military men and women who are no longer with us. >> a big veteran's day parade is underway in downtown san jose and our reporter tweeted this picture of some of the first parade goers, a martinez family of san jose getting a prime spot on market street. the father of john martinez on the right and master sergeant is the lead to be, the oldest reservist called up for the first gulf war. he said this man is an older brother of vietnam vet killed 40 years ago. >> six dozen boy scouts turned out to pay tribute to vets from various local troops stand out
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with small american flags on the gravestones of our men and women. there are events across the bay area. for a full list go to our website at on "see it on t." >> what could be america's best private display of military hardware is leaving the bay area. in 2009, our news anchor took us to the compound where engineer kept hundreds of taps and armored vehicles collected from all over the world. now, four years after his death, his family is donating the $30 million collection through a museum foundation to be put on display and will auction half of the 240 vehicles to raise the $10 million needed to build a new museum on the east coast. >> president obama is spending veteran's day's honoring those who made sacrifices for the nation. the president visited arlington national cemetery in virginia for a wreath laying ceremony at
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the tomb the unknown. he paid tribute to the men and women who served in the military including one of the country's oldest veterans, 107-year-old richard fullerton. >> he was there at harl harbor when the battle shakes of smoldering, he was at okinawa and at iwo jima. he said veteran's day was a time to honor a debt we can never repay. he said in afghanistan by this time next year, the transition to afghan-led security will be nearly complete. the district of columbia is honoring the tuskegee airmen, the first african-american military pilots in the armed forces. they fought bravely in would would and two of the original airmen will receive the congressional medal of honor. >> as we honor our veterans, brings are stepping up with specials all day for free.
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a lot of businesses are offering food and beverages and other services the starbucks, krispy kreme, california pizza, olive garden, dennys, to make a few. free air cuts at great cuts. bed, bath and beyonds all offering discount. you have to show military i.d. at most, with all the details on our website at, click on "see it on tv." >> health advisory is lifted for all cities in the bay area under a shelter-in-place warning after a massive fire at a metal recycling plant in redwood city. people in three counties were urged to keep their windows and doors should after the fire broke out at sims yesterday afternoon. it was put out at 6:00 a.m. with the plant now open. air quality is being tested
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right now. >> happening now in the east bay, oakland charter school announced said they will be the first in the country to use technology to detect gunfire. they are not being named and the pilot program will get the technology for free in the short-term normally that costs $15,000 to set up and $10,000 a year in fees. shot spot are employee will monitor a bank of computer screens. the technology is being used in bay area cities. law enforcement says there have been 85 shoot enat school in the past five years in this country. >> to the devastation from typhoon haiyan in the philippines. people in the bay area are trying to help the victims of the storm. this morning, the registered nurse response network announced 400 bay area nurses who speak the language are ready to go. officials say up to 10,000 are feared dead with entire rejoins without food and water and in san francisco, a small group of filipino americans say they will
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be back on the corner of powell and market streets this morning to collect donations. >> the communication lines down. there is no way to get into the other areas. for us being so far away and as much as we want to help this is our way of helping. >> the group collected $700 yesterday for information on how you can help, go to and click on "see it on tv." >> meteorologist mike nicco is here to look at the storme: moving to china. >> we will show you what is going on it came in north, right near the chinese and vietnam border and has moved through the hilly mountains of southeast china. it has been ripped apart. it has no more tropical characteristics left and it will be a rainmaker for this area. it is making the move to the northeast and by 4:00 tonight there will barely be wins of 35
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miles per hour. there could be minor flooding but typhoon haiyan is over for all intents and purposes. the cleanup begins in the philippines and parts vietnam. >> "good morning america" correspondent who spends her career reporting on life-or-death situations revealed today she is facing her own battle. she announced this morning she has breast cancer. doctors found it when she underwent the first ever mammogram on live television on "good morning america" in an emotional story. >> we froze when it happened this morning. sources at the network say the response has been overwhelming, that thoughts and prayers have been pouring in all morning. >> words i never expected to hear, i was told...i have breast cancer. >> her announcement was full of emotion and has had a tremendous impact. "good morning america" correspondent agreed last month to get a mammogram on live tv as
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part of "good morning america" breast cancer awareness show. >> you are being so strong today. >> she admitted now she didn't really want to do it. she says "good morning america" anchor robin roberts helped convince her. >> i went in to see robin roberts and she said, you know what, if one life to save because of early detection, it is worth it. little did she know that life would be her own. ever since she shared her personal diagnosis on "good morning america" this morning, views have jumped into action, offering support, words of encouragement have filled facebook page. find your strength. i was diagnosed at 4, i am a 13 year survivor. >> soot writes, it is a blessing to find out early. you are a woman which makes you a trooper. >> she says telling her kids has been the toughest part, she says she is ready to fight and has decided to have a bilateral mass
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second tomorrow so both breasts will be removed. >> it is surreal to be sitting here but i am so, so lucky because you guys pushed me into that mammogram and thank good. >> it was so emotional watching her say this on tv, i called my doctor this morning to set up my own appointment. as busy moms put this off, we shouldn't, so i'm not going to. if you would like to share your story, please visit our facebook page. we would love to hear from you. in the newsroom for abc7 news. >> what is story. >> the latest food recall involves a local company that delivers to trader joe's. >> the academic record that now is being set by foreigners in the united states. >> the postal service teamed up to offer a first sunday delivery with online retailer. >> our meteorologist, mike nicco, promised he would be back
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with lo
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>> possibly e. coli contamination made by a richmond company prompted a large food recall. the company is recalling more than 180,000 pounds of the ready to eat products with fully cooked chicken or ham and 26 people in three states have become sick. the items are sold under the name fine foods and trader joe's
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and were made between september 23 and november 6. the recall covers 16 you its sole at different stores for a full product list check out, click on "see it on tv." >> if you cannot wait to get your shop on for the holidays, you are going to think target is right on "target." the discount retailer announced the stores will open at 8:00 p.m. on thanksgiving day for extended black friday and will not close until 1:00 p.m. the day after. this is an hour earlier than last year. target will offer hundreds of deals online on thanksgiving morning. executives say the early opening time fits the current competitive landscape and shopper sentiment. >> a new study by the institute of international education and the state department show that the number of foreign students study in the issue is at record levels. more than 800,000 students came to the united states to study in the 2012-2013 school year. many were from china, india, and
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south korea. the number of american students studying abroad is also at an all-time high but at a lower level than international students in the united states. officials say international education programs are an economic boon to communities that host foreign students that contribute $24 billion to the economy each year. >> how is the weatherst. >> no rain. it has held off. it will come to the bay area. i will tell you a timetable and how much to expect. is there anymore in the future, because what we will be getting will not be were. >> rumors for the next apple inphone. >> miley cyrus lights up the
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>> covering fremont, palo alto, north bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> apple can be throwing iphone fans a curve. literally. there is speculation the company is designing new phones with bigger screens with carved glass that can use different amounts of pressure. two models will be released next year with screens of 4.7" and 5.5" making them the largest iphones and closer to galaxy.
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apple is not commenting. >> amazon announces a new deal with the postal service. the giant on-line retailer starting this week will deliver packages to consumers on sunday at no extra charge. it is not available in the bay area yet. amazon is trying out the new service in los angeles and new york first before it expands to other cities next year. the postal service is exploring similar deals with other retailers. >> it doesn't make sense they are not doing it here. >> we are the technology center. >> absolutely. i have been looking outside but it is not a clear picture. we will show you what is going on. the storm system is still suching off to the west and notice where the low is. inis to the northwest where the energy is going. the high clouds are here but most the radar runs are near
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portland and seattle. a closer view of what is going on and you can see the high clouds dominating our weather. they will hang around if the better part of the afternoon with mid-level clouds locked in. the fog is dissipateing and now the lowest visibility is four in oakland and hayward but it slowed down the temperatures. we are still 48 at napa and everyone else is in the mid-to-upper 50's until san ramon, san jose, at 60, and 61 in los gatos and fairfield and antioch at 62. this is how it looks from the east bay hills looking to the west. there is still a thin film of haze in the lower levels of the atmosphere and this means colder air is locked at the lower levels with warmer air on top of it and the haze will hang around for the better part of the afternoon mixing with high clouds and sunshine. we will have light rain mostly in the north bay tonight and tomorrow and an extended period of dry weather takes over. if you have the irrigation
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system open, you are probably going to keep needing it. not is much but you still need it. the ever low numbers for the evaporation. san jose will be mid-to-upper 60's. gilroy and los gatos at 68 degrees. the peninsula is mid-60's and most neighborhoods, los altos at 67. headed to the coast at 60 along with the sunset, the warm spot, everyone else in the upper 50's and low-to-mid 60's from sausalito through the north bay valley and upper 50's at your beaches and mid-60's at the east bay with berkeley at 65 and along our east bay inland neighborhoods at 66. clouds will keep us mile especially around the bay where we will be in the low-to-mid 50's and mid-50's to 50 inland. can you see the high clouds rolling in, a few springers, maybe this light rain in the
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evening of the northbound and that is where it stays during the overnight hours through tomorrow morning, just waves of light rain and sprinkles and by tomorrow afternoon we are seeing a clearing trend as the sun is setting at 5:00. the rain is measurable at less than .1" in northern sonoma and the higher peaks of marin and sonoma and napa county. the seven-day outlook shows tomorrow is the cool of the day and even if the rain does not make it it will cool the air a little bit as it evaporates. wednesday, thursday, and friday, temperatures are warmer-than-average and a cooling trend on saturday and sunday but, again, fairly dry and nice for the rest the afternoon for any veteran's day activity in the low-to-mid 60's. >> what pop singer miley cyrus did this time to draw the wrong attention. >> at 3:00, katie helps viewers
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coming up at 4:00, some female veterans are slicing up their military uniforms in a property to let their stories live on in a different form. at 5:00, when a tree falls in the amazon what happen as thousand miles away could make it harder to water your lawn in the bay area we will explain the. >> singer miley cyrus is making headlines. again. surprise. this was in amsterdam. this time it is now the tereking -- the twerking that is raising eyes but she smoked a joint. marijuana is not illegal but smoke wees can not be prosecuted for small amounts. >> thanks for join
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