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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 12, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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abc7 news starts now with breaking news. >> more now on breaking news from hair. a dozen people were dismissed after fire rips through their homes. abc7 news reporter, matt keller, is on the scene. >> devastation here at the apartments. 15 people are dismissed. you can see firefighters still
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here. i spoke with a man who could not make it out the door because of the flames and the smoke. he had to jump from a second-story balcony. check out this video from one of the two apartments destroyed. this starts at 2:45 a.m. we walked through the apartment. nothing is left. firefighters are investigating what started the fire. they say one person suffered a minor injury. six apartments have been evacuated. a baby was in an apartment. everyone is okay but for the minor injury. water is in the apartment but nothing serious. they are kept out because the power has been turned off. there is a smoky yell in the -- smoky smell in the apartments. no word on how long the firefighters will be here. they will make sure nothing flares before they leave the scene. >> thank you, matt. >> it doesn't look like
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firefighters were hampered by the weather conditions, mike? >> no, not ought all. we have the possibility of sprinkles in the north by. maybe. radar shooting into the clouds but below 12,000' it is bone dry to the south, even, from san mateo and san jose and saratoga and cupertino, all those areas in the silicon valley are all probably dry now. mount tamalpais shows it is clean. this is the backdrop if the first forecast, it will be cloudy the better part of the day with a mild breeze. with the lack of sunshine we will still hit the low-to-mid 70's inland and upper 60's to mid-70's in the bay and low-to-mid 60's at the coast. leyla gulen? >> what we do have is good news traveling through gilroy with a report of an early accident
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involving a tanker cut along westbound and eastbound 152 at lovers lane. all lanes now have re-opened. the area has been cleaned up but it will take a few minutes to get moving. walnut creek to dublin is 15 minutes. 101 southbound from santa rosa to san francisco is 49 minutes. highway 17 through the santa cruz mountains to los gatos is 24 minutes. walnut creek is looking clear, as well, away from highway 4 to the 24 junction. >> the latest now on the typhoon-ravaged philippines, with relief efforts difficult because of thunderstorms in the region and now a 4.8 earthquake struck overnight southeast of
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tacloban. the debt toll now has grown to more than 1,700 with thousands more feared dead. up to eight people were killed in china by the typhoon which weakened into a tropical storm. in the philippines, much needed supplies are arriving. the u.n. has released $24 in emergency funds. the pentagon says the aircraft carrier uss george washington and the sailors will arrive in two days to help with relief efforts. the bay area rallies to help the victims. katie marzullo is in the newsroom with the latest. >> half of california's filipino population lives in the bay area so the desire to help is strong. the west bay filipino service center in san francisco is taking donations all the way to midnight. people brought in cash. this man drove in from oakland to drop off $40. you can see the behalves and box -- see the bags and boxes of
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food. >> just the thought of not having food for your baby, although my baby is not eating yet, i cannot imagine not having food for your child. >> another agency has donated the costs of shipping the donations. >> another effort in south san francisco, filipino community leaders, business owners and others with a wide variety of skills geared -- gathered to brain storm with short and long term ideas to help the people. they will need support for months or years to come. if you would like to donate to the relief effort we have information on our website at, click on "see it on tv." every little bit helps and the united nations says more than $300 million is going to be needed for relief efforts. >> new details this morning involving the new warriors arena on the san francisco waterfront
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now downsizing the proposal after opponents threatened to put it open ballot. the warriors today will present an updated version with plans calling for 175' condo complex and two hotel towers, 105' tall and 100,000 square feet of retail space. opponents of a high raise condo development was defeated last week by voters are behind the effort to stop the waterfront project. >> workers will begin demolition of the original eastern span of the bay bridge. crews will remove 1,400' of roadway on the upper deck today. it will take six weeks. the contractor needed more time to get ready. at this time take three years to complete. amy hollyfield has a great vantage point and will come to
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us live. >> there is a proposal to ban teens or children from being in public areas or inside businesses alone between 10:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. hoping to keep kids off the street prevents them from becoming victims of crime themselves. the council will consider grant money to add ten officers to the police department. >> lawyers for apple and samsung will meet in court to pick a jury for the next court battle. they are facing a retrial to decide how much san sung owes apple for infringing on the patent. a different jury found samsung went too far in copying apple's iphone and ipad technology. the judge tossed out part of the rest award and wants the new jury to recalculate the damages
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for 13 products in under to have infringed on the apple patent. >> we have a look at what apple's new headquarters could look liken these are images released by the city of the 2.8 million square food hub called apple campus two, the building houses 14,000 workers. it is build near 280 and north wolf road in cupertino, 1.5 mile from the current campus. the city council unanimously approved the project last month. >> heading to work, what will we find? >> you can see the movement of radar returns, moving toward the coast but they are dissipating as they do that. we have a dry surface up to 12,000' with humidity only 60 to 65 percent so anything falling
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from the clouds, really, is evaporating trying to get through the dry air and it will spend the better part of the morning saturating the dry air so the sprinkles make it to the ground. they will make it in the valleys in a couple of hours. notice how dry the camera is and how quiet to the bay bridge. the day planner the next 12 hours, we are very mild this morning, low-to-mid 50's. it will be mostly cloudy by noon and the dry push begins, mid-to-upper 60's and 62 at the coast and 72 inland by 4:00 and slow clearing during the evening hours but, still immediate at 56 to 62. now the morning commutes. >> what we have is a clear crash at gilroy area which is busy traveling along highway 152 and back over to highway 152, the string of reds is traffic backing up because of an early
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closure of the tanker truck that filled some fuel. the rest of driver to 101 will dissipate but we had the lanes re-open shortly. the altamont pass shows traveling along 580 in the westbound direction away from tracy from 205 we have 37 miles per hour that picks up speed when you hit vasco road and to the nimitz, you are in good shape and 880 is smooth to highway 92. >> another major retailer jumps on the bandwagon to start black friday shopping in the middle of the thanksgiving dinner. that is in the bloomberg business report. >> the spark weeing new high-rise that will change the san francisco skyline. >> the calendar says "fall" but folks in the central part of the country are getting an early taste of winter. >> an impressive looking live doppler 7 hd but how much of
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this green that represents lane is hitting the ground?
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covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning at 5:13. ground breaking will take place today on a high-rise tower in downtown san francisco. a ceremony takes place today for
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construction of 181 fremont, a new 54-floor residential and office tower next to the new transit center. this is the design by j. paul company. it rises 802' and become the tailest mixed use office and residential building in san francisco and western united states. >> another major retailer joins others who are letting you get a jump on black friday. >> before the food digests you can shop. a grow number of people are doing things with smartphone while driving that they should not be. jane king has the bloomberg business report from the new york stock exchange. >> good morning, this is pretty scary. not just people texting that you have to watch out. that is dangerous. but state farm says the number of people online while driving has doubled since 2009 with one in four drivers online behind the wheel.
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they are responding to e-mails, reading e-mails, updating social media. "usa today" says the fastest growing group is old are drivers. wal-mart is getting in the spirit with the largest black friday plans today chug upping the number of price guarantees for those in line by a certain time on thanksgiving and the day after. wal-mart were ons at 6:00 p.m. on thanksgiving day which is two hours than last year. after trading, quiet but lower and a record breaking high for the dow year. the new ipad mini is now on sale. it comes in gray and silver starting at $399, $70 more expensive than last year. google glass is getting more class according to the "new york times" with the wearable technology is a way to connect with music. google will unveil features where glass can search for songs and listen to music in high fidelity and offer a set of $85
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ear bud head phones to work with the $1,500 glasses. >> "7 on your side" has a warn of donating to charities that offer to help victims of typhoon haiyan. consider first giving to an established charity you can trust including catholic relief, convoy of hope and red cross. consider designating your donation to go specifically to the relief efforts of victims of typhoon haiyan and avoid giving to unsolicited telemarketers. you do not know how much of the money they will keep for themselves. >> over next several days, it is expected to feel more like winter. in illinois, you request see from the video, forecasters say a blast of bitterly cold air hits the north central united states making for a january-like
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day across the northern plains and upper midwest and great lakes. forecasters say temperatures this those areas are only expected to reach the teens and 20's. >> i was thinking i really missed scraping the windshield. >> right, i missed that like getting the flu and my broken leg. >> darn those 70 degrees. are getting snow which is great for the skiry sores. new york has snow so "good morning america" will go nuts with the snow at 7:00. if you want to see snow, stick around for another hour and 43 minutes. >> at home, live doppler 7 hd shows radar runs are impressive, if you are just joining us, we
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have dry air below 12,000' and it is taking the starch out of this system. if it was raining as much at radar shows visibility would not be nine or ten. we have sprinkles. not much wind. less than six miles per hour. temperatures are in the north bay in the low-to-mid 50's. normally we are in the upper 30's to mid-40's. mid-to-upper 50's in newark and san jose at 57. fairfield at 55. alameda and redwood city are warmest at 58. in brentwood, 59. from the tower, it looks lean to emeryville. the morning sprinkles are possible. even some light rain is possible in the north in the morning. we will see clearing develop late this afternoon in the
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overnight with patchy fog possible inland and much cooler tomorrow morning. it will be mild and dry the entire seven-day forecast. above average in the south bay with 70 cool of the at santa cruz. upper 60's to low 70's on the peninsula and low-to-mid 60's along the coast and mid-to-upper 60 downtown and napa at 73 for the warm spot. ten degrees cooler at the coast. 68 in berkeley. 69 in oakland. much else is 70 to 72. low-to-mid 70's in the east bay valley. tonight we are in the 40's in most neighborhoods. the seven-day forecast shows sprinkles, possibly light rain in the north bay through the morning, partial clearing this afternoon. that continues through tomorrow. a few high clouds from time to time. temperatures are warmer and we stay above average the entire seven-day forecast. leyla gulen? >> it is looking quiet with a
5:20 am
couple of issues but, certainly, we are seeing more congestion at 5:19 but in sig-alert. in dublin eastbound along 580, there is a car and a big rig although it is not blocking any lanes at the moment. there is a pocket of slowing approaching the dublin interchange westbound. that is it. in san jose, northbound, along 101 at oakland we have a car that went off the freeway, down an embankment that could cause slowing. san jose is 87, and ini don't the julian street off-ramp, with a few headlights in the nobody direction. >> seven things to know as you start the day. >> and amy reviews her breast cancer diagnosis on "good morning america" and the lesson
5:21 am
bay area doctors say all women can learn from her battle. >> a security flaw was uncovered that could give hackers your smartphone pin. >> a storm is moving across the north bay and mike nicco will tell you if you will stay dry heading off
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>> whether you are just joining us or headed out the door, breaking news, firefighters are on the scene of an early morning apartment fire that displaced 15. the red cross is helping out. the fire broke out at 2:45 this morning and one jumped from the second floor balcony and a person suffered a minor injury. >> demolition begins for the original span of the bay bridge taking three years to complete. >> developing news from the philippines, the aisle was -- the island was hit with a 4.3 earthquake as its dealed with typhoon haiyan. thunderstorms are slow the arrival of aid. the situation is being called "desperate." more than 1,700 are confirmed dead. >> the warriors are downsizing their proposal for a new arena
5:25 am
on the san francisco waterfront after opponents threatened to put the project on the ballot. the warriors will present an updated version whichallies -- which includes lowering the height and creating more open space. ought dolphins owner is breaking silence about the scandal that hit the team and is appalled by jonathan martin's allegations of harassment including by incognito and will meet with the stanford graduate tomorrow. >> a look at live doppler 7 hd showing impressive radar runs. we will talk about where the rain is going to fall and for how long. >> it doesn't appear that rain is causing problems on the roads but we have a couple of fender benders. the bay bridge toll plaza shows empty traffic. >> an abc correspondent's revelation she has breast cancer is shining a spotlight on the
5:26 am
importance of early detection. yesterday, "good morning america" amy rorbach announced she has breast cancer. test results are forcing her into action after a mammogram on tv. women must remain vigilant even without the risk factor. >> the major risk is being female and getting older so there are things we can do to reduce our risk but that doesn't noon we can eliminate risk. >> she says she will undergo a double mastectomy on thursday. everyone is wishing her well. >> researchers have found a way to hack into your smartphone and figure out your pin using devices we built in camera. a pin skimmer program uses the microphone to detect the small vibrations and using video secretly recorded by the camera, the program can figure out what
5:27 am
part of the screen you are touching or what number you are putting in. the researchers urge users to install antivirus software and be careful of the apps installed. >> the morning news continues at 5:30 with the top stories. >> including the goodbye taking place for a t.s.a. officer gunned down at lax. >> drivers who cross the golden gate bridge could face another toll hike with a critical meeting today and what has to happen before tolls are increased. this is live doppler 7 hd showing a lot green but not much of the green representing rain is reaching the ground. mike nicco will
5:28 am
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abc7 news begins with breakings news. >> good morning, everyone, at 5:30 on this tuesday. the breaking news is from hayward. a dozen people took drastic daring steps to escape from a raging fire that scorched their apartment. abc7 news reporter, matt keller, is on whitman street. you saw the damage? >> very devastating in hayward at the apartment. we got an update from firefighters. eight units are evacuated. they are on scene clearing the equipment and mopping out and making sure nothing sparks up again inside the apartments. check out the video from inside one of the two apartments destroyed. they were gutted. this was frightening ordeal for the person people living in the apartments including a family with a three-month-old baby. the apartment was filled with smoke and they had to make lifesaving decisions. >> we saw the smoke we crawled
5:31 am
through the passage and held the baby and slid down the steps to get the baby out. >> my sister was able to go down, crawl down the stairs with the baby but by the time me and my brother-in-law got to the door it was delayed and the smoke was already filling the apartment so we jumped off the balcony. >> he suffered cuts and a minor knee injury, the only injury from the fire. firefighters are investigating what starts the flames. the red cross is helping out the 15 people evacuated from the eight apartments but some people told us they will be staying with their families. >> there is a chance some of us will see rain today. mike? >> a look at live doppler 7 hd, looks impressive with a lot of moisture above 12,000'. the dry air is under the layer
5:32 am
and that is keeping most of this from reaching the ground. we will keep an eye on the orange and yellow, the impressive radar returns to south of half moon bay. as has been the case everything that tries to come ashore falls apart. our best chance is drizzle along the coat, a few sprinkles, maybe the higher elevations throughout the next hour until we get the ground saturated and we could then see light rain and sprinkles for the commute in the north bay. 70's and 74 this afternoon inland and 62 to 66 at the coast. it will be mild with sunshine this afternoon. leyla gulen? >> i was talking about bart a few minutes ago saying we have 39 trains running on time. that is not the case any longer. we have a major medical emergency on the richmond line headed in the fremont, richmond direction so expect delays. it could exceed 15 minutes.
5:33 am
caltrain, muni, and everything else is on time. 580 from tracy to dublin is under 15 minutes and highway 4 is half an hour to get you from antioch do concord and 101 through san rafael to san francisco is not a problem and we will see what it looks like with traffic slowing along 101 southbound and wide open with no rain falling, either. >> a week late but work will begin today on tearing down the eastern span of the bay bridge. crews were supposed to start the demolition last week but they hit a problem. >> today they will let the media get a close look at the start of demolition project. we will take some fabulous pictures and bring that to you. we will share it with you. they will start with the upper deck that will be east of
5:34 am
the entire plan will take three years using jackhammers and saws. it will be noisy. it will be dangerous. that is why they will take out one piece at a time. they thing it will cost $281 million, a costly time-consuming project taking place over the bay. >> thank you, golden gate bridge officials are expecting to provide an update at possibility of a toll increase for drivers next year. the bridge district board met two weeks ago to look at options of raising revenue to close $142 million deficit over the next five years. the toll increase is the likely way they will go and the board could take action on friday to start the process of setting up public hearings on the issue if the hike is approved, then, it could take effect by april.
5:35 am
>> in the philippines, survivors of typhoon haiyan are making it out of the country as desperately needed supplies are making their way in. military plans are transporting victims from hard hit tacloban to manila but a 4.8 earthquake struck the region overnight with no tsunami wanting were the death toll now stands at more than 1,700 which is expected to climb. a massive international relief effort is underway with the united states pledging $20 million in immediate aid and the aircraft carrier uss george washington on the way to the region. >> the support for victims of storme: is extending to the bay area. the filipino multiservice center in san francisco has been collecting donations away the clock. in south san francisco, a group gathered at a restaurant to brain storm short-term and long term ideas to help the victims.
5:36 am
>> i told everyone, it will take a village to save the country, the philippines. we need experts, everyone from a chef to architect to graphic artists. >> project pearls, a peninsula based nonprofit raised $1,500 and parked 47 boxes with donated goods over the weekend. the organization says the donations will be sent directly to the philippine red cross. if you would lake to dough mate to the relief efforts we have information at >> a teen accused of setting another time on fire on an a.c. transit bus will be in couple of minutes richard thomas will be in court for setting 16-year-old sasha fleischman for setting the victim on fire. his father says his son does not
5:37 am
identify as male or foe mail. >> there will be strict new antismoking guide lines in lafayette with changes after community input. the rules will ban smoking at outdoor public areas, dining areas and events and prevent lighting up in new multifamily farms and condos and old dwellings. the rules do not apply to e cigarettes. a look at a fire response in san leandro from an alameda county firefighter's camera. crews had a tough time navigating the fire because the home was build on the hillside. two dogs were killed and three dogs escaped. firefighters found 50 marijuana plants inside but the homeowner was not arrested. a gas leak from an outdoor grill started the fire. >> mike? >> check out the best radar
5:38 am
returns over the ocean right now. state watching the impressive one losing the orange as it runs into the dry air with yellow at half moon bay and pacifica there is the possibility of sprinkles or light rain. we have surface air with a humidity of 60 percent to 85 percent but the depth of the dry air at 12,000' is taking any chance of us getting impressive rain from reaching the ground. that is good for the commute but most of us are going to have sprinkles at best and very mild when you step outside. we will start at 7:00 and move forward dwell hours, by noon, mid-to-upper 60's every where and by 4:00, it is dry with sunshine breaking through the cloud cover and in the low-to-mid 60's at the coast and upper 60's to low 70's elsewhere and a clearing trend continue but, still, mild by 7:00. 56 at the coast and low 60's for the rest of us.
5:39 am
we will look at a very warm seven-day forecast coming up. here is the commute. >> we are looking at more congestion on the roads but we have a serious delay on bart. this is on the richmond line and the fremont and millbrae directions stalled because of a medical emergency. the train is fine but because of a medical emergency they are going to keep the trains stopped at the moment. caltran and muni, all running on time. in gilroy, highway 152, all the traffic is now gone and it was heavy for a while because of an early morning tanker truck accident with supers coming in and cleaning up and everything is clean. the bay bridge toll plaza shows cash-paying lanes loaded up with a slow down ten cars back and otherwise, a great drive into san francisco.
5:40 am
>> 5:39. million of us pop a vitamin or supplement each day and the dangers that doctors say some could pose to your health. >> school lunch like you have never seen before with lunch room lessons changing students' lives. >> a secret of of a 49er for bay area kids. >> we are tracking a storm moving across the north bay area. um, hello.
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covering cupertino, concord, wine country and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> welcome back at 5:43. a memorial service will be held at 10:00 for a t.s.a. officer killed when a gunman walked in and opened fire at los angeles international airport. paul ciancia is accused of killing 39-year-old hernandez and injuring three others during. >> tack november 1. united states attorney general holder will attend the service at the l.a. sports arena. ciancia is hospitalized after being shot by police and could get the death penalty.
5:44 am
>> two major medical groups are releasing new guidelines for a class of drugs lowering high cholesterol. the american college of cardiology and the heart association are focusing on patient whose take cholesterol lowering statins. doctors will take interest account new criteria for prescribing statins, so the number of patients could double to 30 percent of all american adults on statins. >> the vitamin or supplement you take could be hurting your health. draft guidelines from a task force say certain such sun -- such flame could do more harm than good including a greater risk of cancer in smokers and others at risk already rather than supplements, though, get your vitamins from a well balanced diet. >> elementary school in new york is changing the way they do
5:45 am
school lodge by getting rid of meat altogether and serving up all vegetarian menu in queens, the first to serve vegetarian only options. since the switch, the cool claims to have fewer overwet students, higher test scores and bet we attendance. officials say the vegetarian menu is controversial, it seemed, at first, the kids are eating it up. >> we had people saying, my kids are not vegetarians, why do they have to eat vegetarian meals. >> it was not about the vegetarianism as about helping them understand there are more choices out this. >> the school says the success is due in part to weekly curriculum to teach students about curriculum choices. >> the 49ers deliver banks for deserving children throughout the bay area. players including tight end vernon davis teamed up with the nonprofit turning wheels for kids yesterday to build 49 bicycles for local children.
5:46 am
the bicycles are given out during the football camp and wellness fair in santa clara. abc has team up to bring post-game interview you will see only on abc7 news bouncing back, obviously, from the concussion he received over the weekend. >> will it be too slick to ride the bicycles? >> no, but you will be in the dark. have your light and reflective gear on. it could get slick in one area. live doppler 7 hd shows the yellow and orange to the southwest of half moon bay and the latest observation from half moon bay shows it is mostly cloudy with a ceiling of 11,000' which is what i have been talking about, there is a lot of dry air under the system. this is the best chance of sprinkles. half moon bay now, burlingame at
5:47 am
19 minutes and light rain with the neighbors around with mid-to-upper 50's from 53 in menlo park to belmont and san bruno at 58 degrees. it is mild. cool spot is santa rosa at 51 and oakland and san jose at 2357, and concord at 56, and 58 in livermore and san ramon and fairfield at 55. you can see no rain is falling here, and we do have clouds so keep an cry on that and we will see if there are any arrival delays. morning sprinkles and light rain along the coast and clearing in afternoon hours and overnight, patchy fog developing in the
5:48 am
north bay and mild and dry through the extended forecast. temperatures today are low-to-mid 70's, above average in the south bay and cupertino is 72, and los altos 72 and dropping to 67 northbound on the peninsula, and at coast, a mild day and low-to-mid 60's and mid-to-upper 60's downtown and south san francisco and sausalito, and low 70 through the not bay valley and napa at 73 and ten degrees cooler at the coast and upper 60's to low 70's along the east bay shore and from 72 in antioch to pleasanton. most of us tonight are in the 40's. the seven-day forecast shows tomorrow is warmer and it will become breezy on thursday into friday and we will keep an eye on the hills with a high fire danger developing then. right now, nothing significant issued but there is the potential there, saturday, sunday, and monday, cooler and, still, above average. >> we have major problems on
5:49 am
bart, the rich upon line is stopped. this is in the richmond and fremont and millbrae direction with a person on the tracks and under a train. we are not cheer what happened here but it is going to be completely stopped until further notice. this means not just major delays but it also moans other lanes could be affected. if you have access to a car, jump into the car instead. it looks like other mass transit is running on time and now a look at san jose, we do have slowing on 101 define the 280/680 split and the rest of san jose is quiet and a brand new accident negotiate -- northbound 101 and from 680 south to highway 24, a few extra cars are out there. >> this season, "dancing with the stars" is keeping audiences getting.
5:50 am
>> leaving right now...elizabeth and val. >> did you hear that? last night the show was in for another surprise with a shocking elimination, told to pack their bags but not before a perfect salsa and receiving perfect scores from the judges. wow. >> that makes you go hmm. >> it is about the vote. people's tastes do not always line up with the judge's taste. hmm. >> you will see a lot of brides and grooms although it is the middle of the week. >> the amazing discovery a couple made after buying used furniture on craigslist. >> a storm is being tracked that is moving across the north bay with the rain not quite reaching the ground. we tell you why a i love watching tv outside.
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good morning. the hawaii senate will pass a bill to legalize gay marriage in the state. a final step before the measure goes to hawaii's governor who will sign it. the bill allows same-sex couples to tie the not to be the 15th state to legalize gay marriages. couples are rushing to the altar
5:54 am
november 12, 2013 with 3,300 brides tying the knot. 11/12/13 is a special pattern. comes love dates with pattern. there are only 12 dates this century. in santa cruz there are wedding ceremonies every half hour from 9:30 to 5:00 p in san francisco available slots are booked. and have been for some time. the next chance is next year, 12/13/14, a saturday, when offices are usually cold but -- closed. >> what would you do if you found close to $100,000 in cash. would you give it back? >> a connecticut rabbi and his wife bought a desk on contribution list and when it would not fit through the door they pulled the desk apart and found a bag with a bag of cash,
5:55 am
they called the owner, and she said she stuffed in a drawer and forgot about it. >> someone is on the tracks and this is affecting the richmond line. they are under the train as we speak. we have emergency crews out there. all lanes are -- rather, all trains are stopped. not just the richmond line but other lines could be affected. really, because all trains are stopped, there is in estimated time of re-opening so you may want to jump in the car if you can. the rest of mass transit is running fine. in gilroy, headed up to coyote, northbound 101 at conquer, a solo vehicle spinout. mike? >> we willwe will talk about lie
5:56 am
doppler 7 hd. it is dry under to radar return which is showing yellow and organizes and not making it to the ground other than sprinkles. let me know if you see anything out there so i can pass it to the other computers this morning. as far as what is going on, you can see the best chance of rain is going to be in the north, north of 80 throughout the afternoon with temperatures very mild with the southern flow and mid-to-upper 70's through the central valley and a record high for the third day in a row at 61. >> fewer united states homeowners are falling behind on mortgage payments helped by rising home values, low interest rate and stable job gains. trans union says in the last quarter, only 4.1 percent of borrowers were two months behind on the mortgage payments which is 5 percent drop from the previous quart and 23 percent decrease from the same period last year. the current mortgage delinquency rate is the slowest and the
5:57 am
lowest since the third quarter of 2008. >> a panel of arcs -- architects will settle the argument of whether knock or chicago has the tallest building. the tower is 776' tall with the tower which is 100' shorter than chicago's willis tower. the counsel will announce this in chicago later this or. >> for the second time in less than a week, disaster hits the philippines with the earthquake and where recovery efforts stand right now. >> first be we have breaking news from the east bay with a dozen people left homeless after a fire. the desperate measure a man took to escape the flames. >> .time for the holidays, michael finney and "consumer reports" check out new high-tech toys. can they pass the
5:58 am
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> live doppler 7 hd is tracking a fall storm. ahead, meteorologist, mike nicco, will tell us with the rain is and when you can expect to see it. >> in hair, more than a dozen people are left homeless after a fire. the panic that had a man make a quick escape from his home in dramatic nation. >> another disaster in the philippines after they try to recover from the devastating typhoon haiyan. >> breaking news story from the east bay, 15 people are homeless after an overnight fire at a hair apartment complex. a man had to jump from the second-story window to escape the flames. matt keller is on the scene.


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