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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  November 12, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning, america. a massive arctic blast sweeping across the entire eastern u.s. at this hour. millions in the freeze, all the way to florida. snow coming down right now across parts of the northeast. get ready for a wet, slippery commute. breaking the wall of silence. the owner of the miami dolphins finally speaks out about the bullying scandal engulfing his team. >> couldn't have been a worse nightmare. >> what he says now about the alleged hazing in the team's locker room. watch this scary moment as a harlem globetrotter goes for an alley-oop. only to bring down the entire backboard crashing on to the court. his narrow escape all caught on tape. elizabeth and val. >> you heard, tom.
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the biggest drama yet on the dance floor. one of the most shocking moments of the season. the couple sent home after three perfect 10s. val and elizabeth flying all night to be here live, only on "gma." and good morning, america. on this november 12, 2013. you know what that means? look at the calendar. 11-12-13. a lot of people think that's a very lucky day. >> oh, good, good. >> lara's one of them. a lot of people getting married today, as well. and i guess lottery tickets are being scooped up all across the country as well. a big $132 million jackpot. >> can't win if you don't play. and the latest from the philippines. brand-new pictures coming in from the most devastating regions. and thousands of people trying to evacuate right now, including americans. our terry moran just arriving in the typhoon zone with u.s.
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marines. >> we're going to get to him in just a minute. let's begin with the cold blast affecting so many americans this morning. ginger zee is here with that. good morning, ginger. >> you were throwing things at me yesterday. and it's our first kiss of winter for so many folks. this is a shot from white plains this morning. the flakes are few and far between. but believe me, they are happening. in northbrook, illinois, and cincinnati, ohio, the first snow. and you see just outside of chicago. and here. behind it is going to be really cold air. the windchills this morning are close to zero in a lot of the far northern plains. but look what it's going to be like tomorrow morning. if you're waking up in the south and saying, it didn't get here yet, i'm safe. yeah, that's not happening. tomorrow morning, it will feel like it's 33 in tallahassee. new orleans is going to feel like it's 29. and look at the actual air temperatures. the ice puddle comes down. we changed it from purple to full-on ice. and new orleans will slip to 38 for wednesday morning. tallahassee, come with me.
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34. atlanta, 26. this is short-lived for a lot of folks, you guys. but what i do want to say is it's going to come to that. but we'll get mild air eventually. >> a lot of purple on the board right now. a lot of purple on the board. thank you, ginger. now, to the frantic relief effort to help victims of the philippines supertyphoon. one of the most powerful storms ever to hit land. u.s. marines landing on monday, bringing much-needed supplies to the devastating country. abc's terry moran is right in the middle of the hardest-hit area. >> reporter: amid total devastation this morning, major evacuations are under way. this group of teens, waiting to leave, four days after smashing through a window and scrambling on to a roof. abc's gloria riviera was at the airport as they were preparing to leave. >> most harrowing was when i saw women and children piled under tarps. and when i saw dogs and cars
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thrown into buildings. people trying to find something to eat, water to drink. it was -- people need help. >> reporter: for so many so desperate to get out, the nightmare continues. the storm's massive surge is blamed for much of the devastation. in tacloban alone, nearly 2,000 residential buildings, nearly half the city heavily damaged or destr destroyed. in the town's center, body bags. too many to count. the crisis has grown more acute by the hour. all that remains, a barren wasteland of hunger and filth. little medicine or sanitation. and the unmistakable stench of death. there are so many sick, this woman says. our pharmacy was washed out. u.s. boots on the ground are bringing much-needed backup, of planes and powerful osprey helicopters are ferrying supplies. for so many here who won't get out, it's about surviving each day. night is falling here now. and the last flights are leaving
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this broken place. for all of those left behind, there is only the darkness and the deprivation and the dead. >> they're going to need a lot of help for a long time. we're going to turn to washington now and the first government figures adding up how many americans have signed up for health insurance on that troubled obama care website. administration officials warned that the numbers would be low. on that, at least, they appear to be right. jon karl is here with the latest. jon? >> reporter: that's right. "the wall street journal" is out with a report saying it will be fewer than 40,000 people who signed up for the health care plan through the administration is not confirming that number. and it wouldn't include the number of those in the state that have their own exchanges and wouldn't have to go through that messed up website. but this much is clear. the number of enrollees which we learn this week will fall short of the 500,000 goal that the white house set for itself. george, the white house is saying there's no real need to
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panic over this because it's a six-month enrollment period. if you bought your insurance today, it wouldn't go into effect until january. but make no mistake, this is far short of where they wanted to be. >> meantime, still a lot of problems with that website. only a couple weeks away from the end of november deadline. the administration promised the website would be fully ready then. will they make it? >> reporter: that's a great question. they believe they will make it. it's not going to be entirely fixed. but largely functional by the end of the month. >> jon karl, thanks very much. now, to the latest on the miami dolphins. those allegations of bullying. the owner of the dolphins, stephen ross, addressing the allegations publicly last night, during his team's game against the tampa bay buccaneers. matt gutman joins us with the latest. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, robin. if last night's crushing defeat here was any indication, the dolphins' organization is reeling. but the soul-searching may have
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begun, spearheaded by the team's owner, saying we is appalled by the allegations of bullying. the miami dolphins' owner, breaking the team's two-week wall of silence. >> what's going on, it couldn't have been a worse nightmare. >> reporter: stephen ross took the podium, declaring he won't tolerate hazing in his locker room. he spoke to espn's mike tirico. >> it really goes against something that i really believe in. and to hear these types of charges and to be part of that is something that i find very -- something that i can't really live with. >> reporter: the owner of the franchise, with some of the biggest names in football. don shula, dan marino, jason taylor. >> there is no room in the workplace for this. and i believe vehemently about that. >> reporter: it came just hours after reports on monday that jonathan martin's season could be over. the 6'5" defensive lineman left the miami dolphins last month, amid reports a fellow lineman harassed him, even taunted him
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with racial slurs. martin reportedly checked himself into a hospital for emotional distress in late october. >> it sounds like i'm a racist pig. it sounds like i'm a meathead. >> reporter: his alleged bully, the equally mountainous richie incognito, addressing those allegations for the first time on sunday. >> this isn't an issue about bullying. this is an issue of my and jon's relationship, where i may -- i have taken stuff too far. and i didn't know it was hurting him. >> pressure coming. >> reporter: the scandal has dealt a blow to the dolphins. the nfl on monday, announced its investigation would extend to the coaches and the front office. some say the episode could change the game itself. would you say that hazing in nfl locker rooms is now dead? >> dead. it's dead like the leather helmet. it's over. >> reporter: now, in that spirit, stephen ross, the dolphins' owner says he's flying out to california tomorrow to meet with martin.
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still it seems most likely that neither martin nor incognito will suit up in a dolphins uniform again this year, if ever. >> maybe somewhere else. but dead like a leather helmet. let's get the other top stories from josh. >> we're going to begin with a story developing overnight. a man under arrest in north carolina under terrorism charges. 29-year-old basit sheikh, a native of pakistan, is charged with trying to help a group linked to al qaeda in syria and allegedly communicated with an fbi informant. he was arrested at the airport on his way to the middle east. and we learn pd overnight the son of oklahoma senator jim inhofe was killed in this plane crash near tulsa. dr. perry inhofe was piloting the aircraft when it went down in the woods you see there. no word on what caused the deadly crash. and a terrifying night for this state trooper in michigan. you see some video here. a chase of a suspect on a highway overpass. eventually, you see there, the man jumping over the guardrail. the trooper trying to grab him.
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they both plunge some 25 feet to the ground. fortunately, you see that grassy knoll right there. they landed there. and both survived the fall. a water main break caused the giant sinkhole on chicago's south side. roughly 20 by 80 feet. crews had to expand the hole to repair the broken pipe. meanwhile, neighbors' basements flooded with two feet of water. and the danger of speed on water on full display here. at this boat race in england. a power boat rocketing across the lake at 130 miles per hour when it soared, as you see here, flipped. landed upside-down. a violent crash. thankfully, however, the driver of that boat appeared in the water. there you see him, and gave a thumbs up. all okay. and the crowd at this globetrotters game got quite a scare. william bullard pulling a rather routine stunt dunk, if you will. hanging on that rim.
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but don't do that at home, kids. because that can happen. we see this a lot in the sport. never quite that bad. he is very lucky to have gotten away with just a bad gash to his head. as you saw, though, later waved to foons let them know that he was okay. finally, finders keepers. maybe not. you be the judge. guy and his wife in connecticut buy a desk on craigslist the other day. 150 bucks. they get it home. they found something behind the drawers. a bag. inside the bag? $98,000 in cash. >> what? >> so what did they do? >> they called the previous owner. turns out, she stuck her inheritance in the desk. had forgotten about it. >> forgot about it? >> the owners, braking for that yard sale, returned it. we should mention the new owner is a man of faith. he says the most important thing in life is to be honest. if not $98,000 richer. >> how do you forget $98,000 anywhere?
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>> where is that $98,000? where did i? where did i? >> i'm so glad that that's the person who found it. >> be glad that the rabbi's door was small. they had to take the desk apart to get it in the house. we're going to turn to some news now that could make your trip to the airport easier. europe is now easing the ban on liquids on planes. raising hopes that the tsa will soon do the same here in the u.s. david kerley is at reagan international airport with the details. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, george. none of us like dumping our downing our liquids before we go through security. but unlike our european friends, don't expect to carry one of these through security here in the u.s. any time soon. you know the drill. no liquids larger than three ounces allowed through security. that's changing at european airports.
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>> it's an outdated rule. we feel that tsa should be given the tools necessary to keep us safe. >> reporter: an ohio company says it has come up with a scanner that can check liquids. and the british are going to try it out, as european countries start to roll back some of the liquid restrictions starting in january. but don't expect to see the same in the u.s. any time soon. why? well, could these scanners handle the volume of liquids we might want to carry? and more importantly, certain liquids can be combined to build a bomb. a bomb that can do this. u.s. intelligence agencies learned that terrorists were working on carrying chemicals in containers, including false. bottom drink and soda cans, where dthey would mix them into explosive combinations. >> if i can get liquids through a checkpoint, i can get it on a plane. i can detonate it at altitude. and the plane is going to come out of the sky. >> reporter: the tsa says it is looking forward to relaxing the rules on liquids and is working with our european partners.
7:14 am
but adds this skeptical notes that a liquid scanner, quote, remains a long-term goal. why a long-term goal? tsa is looking at a number of companies and a number of ways to scan these products. and no decision is close at hand, george. >> that's too bad. i hope they'll hurry up. >> that would be good. now, to the pastor under fire for his role in his son's same-sex wedding ceremony. the reverend broke methodist church law officiating the wedding and now faces a church trial that could lead to him being defrocked. reena ninan has more on this. >> reporter: the united methodist church says its faithful, the 11 million around the world, focuses on putting faith and love into action. that's exactly what one reverend did. now, the church is asking questions. he is the minister willing to give it all up for his son. even if it means being forced out of the priesthood of united methodist church for officiating his gay son's wedding. >> i felt totally honored. i was full of joy. >> reporter: reverend frank schaffer says his son, tim, was forced to admit he was gay at 17.
7:15 am
but instantly he and his wife accepted the news. >> he had cried himself to sleep many times. and he knew that this wasn't right because he had heard that message from his church. >> reporter: schaffer informed his superiors he was going to perform the wedding in 2007. and they did nothing to stop him. but six years later, a parishioner complained. now the minister will face a trial before a jury of his church peers on monday, to determine if he can remain a pastor. >> what is my crime? i blessed two people that loved each other. we ask you, lord, for your understanding. >> reporter: he is buoyed by support, like this candle vigil, and from fellow ministers. >> jesus, our lord and savior, never mentioned homosexuality at all. and my point is, if it is that important of an issue, why didn't he mention it? >> reporter: if your dad is defrocked and forced out of ministry, do you believe it was worth it? >> i do. this is getting the conversation started to revisit really
7:16 am
discriminatory policies. and i think that will have made it worth it. >> reporter: despite what the verdict brings, he said he would do it all again. >> they're your children. they're your flesh and blood. >> reporter: a facebook page supporting reverend schaffer has received more than 2,000 likes. we did reach out to the church. but they declined to comment. >> but again, he didn't try to get away with anything. he informed his superiors and they had no problem. and a parishioner comes forward six years later? >> reporter: six years later. and they really wanted this to be a private ceremony. they didn't want to do the public announcement and bring it back in. and they feel moved that this is an issue that affects a lot of people in america. >> it gets the conversation going again. reena, thank you. >> one thing's for sure. he's a loving dad. okay, you guys have noticed it by now. today's date, pretty special. 11-12-13. the second-to-last sequential day in the century. it has a lot of couples rushing to get married. but is it really a lucky day? nick watt examines the evidence. >> reporter: 3,000 couples will get married today.
7:17 am
a nondescript tuesday in november. san francisco's city hall is booked solid. vegas is packed. why? because it's 11-12-13, of course. >> you're embracing all of this energy. all of this consciousness. so, your marriage is going to really launch. >> reporter: really? >> yes. >> reporter: next december, we'll have 12-13-14. then, no more consecutive dates until january 2, 2103. and i will be 129 years old and perhaps marrying my eighth wife. consecutive dates, so they say, are just plain lucky. c carpe diem. i bought ten tickets to the lottery draw tonight. $132 million, mine. >> good luck.
7:18 am
>> reporter: $132 million is up for grags on the megamillions. the nearly consecutive numbers. close enough. >> the father of mathematics, is the math of numerology. >> reporter: yeah, whatever. today is also ryan gosling's 33rd birthday. and that's all the proof i need that today is a special day. for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> that nick watt. >> a ryan gosling fan. a lot of couples inducing births today? >> they want to have babies today. >> go figure. >> a lot of people saying they want to do it in the afternoon at 2:15. 11-12-13, 14:15. >> they want to do what? >> get married. >> clean it up. >> buy lottery tickets because we're all going to win. it's a lucky day. >> a lucky birthday. i was saying, it's snowing. see behind us here? that's right. happy snow, everyone. that's it. okay. i want to warm you up. i don't want to leave you in the cold we've been talking about. let's get right into it. come with me and get an idea of who is hot in the country. the southwest, a big surprise,
7:19 am
right? but 90, palm springs, not a record. yesterday, phoenix missed the record by one degree. they'll do the same thing. very hot there. los angeles, you're going to be close to 90 tomorrow. so, the heat is on in the southwest. the lake-effect snow is on in the great lakes. your local forecast is coming up in 30 seconds. first, here's this morning's tuesday trivia.
7:20 am
>> robis >> robin's exclaiming now, see, this is exciting. it's the first snow. it's not going to stay. and just a reminder. >> my kids are calling already, is school canceled? is school canceled? >> no. go to school. go to school. >> i'll bet they are. a lot of them are. coming up, the woman at the center of the bathtub murder trial, the doctor charged with his wife's death. snow speaking out. why she does not believe he is a killer. and alec baldwin taking on the role of star witness. he testifies against a woman who
7:21 am
he says made his life a living hell. and jennifer lawrence taking on what she calls hollywood's mean girl culture. and another upset. elizabeth berkley and val booted from the ballroom after scoring perfect 10s. ♪ the only thing we have to fear is... fear itself. ♪ ♪ like our new santa fe chicken quesadilla, burger bites, sandwiches, and more, served with fries and your choice of soup or salad. chili's lunch break combos, starting at 6 bucks. more life happens here.
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the plaza or north berkeley stations. a.c. transit set up a bus bridge while the station is closed. b.a.r.t. commuters can park there for free. no woshd on when the station will reopen. leyla gulen's been following this mess all morning long. indeed i have. use the bus bridge, but if you need to make it into fremont, you have to head to the north berkeley station there. we also have this reported accident. it is also a car that's smoking northbound side of 880. that's causing some delays, but really most the traffic is in the southbound direction. we also have a report of some drizzle falling in east bay. so watch out. be careful. eric. leyla, thank you very much.
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good morning. live doppler 7 hd picking up best chance of sprinkles from melpitas. daly city, cull ma and downtown san francisco. up norlt we're looking at rain that's going to move in over the next hour or so. so some light rain is possible in your neighborhood. all this will end by about the lunch hour. we'll see a little sunshine this afternoon in your a [ male announcer ] you can change your tomorrow if you do something today. and there's never been a better time because this year, devry university has $45 million dollars in need and merit-based scholarships and grants available to those who qualify. and this degree can make a difference. in 2012, 90% of devry university grads actively seeking employment had careers in their field within 6 months. now is your time. apply by january 6th
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♪ you can't do any better than that. perfect 10s for elizabeth berkley and val chmerkovskiy last night. in that amazing trio. so how is it possible that just a few minutes later they were eliminated from "dancing with the stars" in a stunning upset, just after scoring perfect 10s? we're puzzling over it. they flew all night long to join us live this morning, right here on "good morning america." we'll talk to them all about it. maybe watch a little bit more of that dance, as well. >> they'll take off their shirts eventually. in the control room -- sorry about that, folks. >> i need to study that. >> so that lost? >> that lost. >> go ahead. >> it's a strange season. >> it has been. they'll be here live. and the star witness at the center of the bathtub murder
7:31 am
trial of the doctor charged with his wife's death now speaking out. why she does not believe he was capable of killing. and ahead, a courtroom showdown, sit ahead for alec baldwin? the star's getting ready to testify against a woman he says has made his life so difficult. also, oscar winner jennifer lawrence. love her. and there's another reason to love her. and taking on, we're going to say it's hollywood's mean girl culture. it's life's mean girl culture. she's really decrying it. she's had enough. so have a lot of us. >> looking forward to her being here next week. we begin, now, with the mistress at the center of that utah murder trial. just convicted martin macneill found guilty of killing his wife in her bathtub. dan abrams spoke with gypsy willis. he's here now. good morning, dan. >> reporter: good morning, george. it was a
7:32 am
circumstantial case, based on love, betrayal and lies. but a jury reached a decision after one long night of deliberation. and it may have come down to one basic fact. that the jurors believed martin macneill loved one woman so much, he needed his wife out of the picture, completely. this is the woman prosecutors say martin macneill killed his wife to be with. gypsy willis. >> i never believed he was capable of such a thing. >> reporter: you don't believe he killed michele? >> i really don't. >> reporter: the allegation was, he loved you so much, that he wanted his wife out of the picture so he could be with you. >> martin had me anytime he wanted me. i have a hard time accepting that as an idea. >> reporter: but a jury did accept it. and this weekend, convicted the utah doctor of murdering his wife, michele, in the couple's bathtub. when you heard that michele macneill had died, did any part of you think, now, i can have him to myself? >> that was not my thought at that time. >> he asked you to come to the
7:33 am
funeral, did he not? >> i don't think he asked me to. i just wanted to go and show respect. >> reporter: you wanted to go to the funeral of the woman whose husband you had been having an affair with? >> i was sorry that it was inappropriate and that i had been acting selfishly. >> reporter: you said you had great respect for michele macneill? >> yes. >> reporter: how can you say you had respect for her when you were sleeping with him? >> martin's wife was his choice. and i cared for martin. and so, by association, i had great respect for the other person that he would spend his life with. >> reporter: did you start thinking to yourself, okay, well, now, it's time for martin and i to move forward in our relationship? >> i would say, at the point when i came to stay with the macneills. >> reporter: she says it was macneill's idea to move her into the family home shortly after michele's funeral. did you ever think to yourself, this would be a terrible idea, for me to come in and be the
7:34 am
family nanny? >> yes, i did. >> reporter: and did you say to him, martin, no way. are you kidding me? >> i did. i thought it would be better if things had -- everyone had time to regroup. he was rather insistent that he needed help. >> reporter: do you still love him? >> i care about him on a deep soul level. i'm concerned about him. i hope he's well. he's a kindred spirit. and i loved him very much when we were together. >> reporter: if you had never met martin macneill, do you believe michele macneill would be alive today? >> i believe michelle died of natural causes. so i believe that has no bearing on michele's life. >> reporter: if you had never met him, she would have died exactly the same way? >> i believe so. >> gypsy willis was investigated in connection with the death of michele macneill. but never charged. her lawyer told me yesterday evening, that if prosecutors had any evidence against gypsy, quote, there would have been two
7:35 am
people on trial, not one. >> the phrase kindred spirit. is she in any contact with macneill? >> she says she's not. but it's clear she has very strong feelings for him. when you talk to her about all of the evidence. i laid it out for her, what about this and this and this and this? her response is, i don't buy it. she goes through each piece of evidence and says why each one is not particularly significant. she says the martin macneill she knows, no way, no how, could have done it. obviously, a jury and a good amount of the american public disagree. >> dan abrams, thanks very much. another case, now. alec baldwin, set to face off against the woman he says relentlessly stalked him for years. he's expected to testify in open court about a string of unsettling e-mails and behavior he endured. abc's rob nelson has that story for us. >> reporter: he's no stranger to a movie courtroom. >> we have to make the past start living again. >> reporter: today, alec baldwin takes on the real-life role of star witness. testifying against the woman he says made his life a living
7:36 am
hell, genevieve sabourin. >> you are saying you're innocent? >> yes. >> yes, i am. >> reporter: the two first met on the set of a 2002 film, "the adventures of pluto nash." and then reconnected at a dinner eight years later. baldwin claims that strictly professional mean spiralled into a massive destructive war. he says sabourin repeatedly harassed him, showing up at his house. and sending e-mails like, say i do to me. and i need to see you now. the police arrested her outside his apartment in 2012. sabourin says it was a misunderstanding and turned down a plea deal, setting up this courtroom showdown. >> i look forward to the justice system to run its course because i strongly believe that when all the facts will be known, it's going to be clear that i haven't committed any crime. >> reporter: prosecutors opened the trial with a dramatic reading of her most salacious e-mails, like this one sent in march 2012. i will be in prime of my ovulation this st. patrick's day.
7:37 am
and the best gift from you of all would be to conceive a mini-baldwin on this ireland day. and as baldwin takes the stand today, more high drama is expected. the judge has had to reprimand sabourin multiple times for her courtroom outbursts. the big question, will she sit silently in court today? or will it be a scene straight out of a movie? for "good morning america," rob nelson, abc news, new york. >> our thanks to rob. let's get another chaeck of the weather. in for sam champion, ginger zee. 28 on the board, huh? >> 28. and that's dallas tomorrow morning. it's not like -- yeah. not like we're talking about boston anymore. the big cold front. you can see the triangles. they're going to come on down and move through the southeast. we have freeze warnings, frost advisories. dallas, 28. oklahoma city, 26. little rock at 28. and that northerly wind will make it feel even colder than it actually is. i know. i'm full of great news. it's november, too. so i guess we take it all -- you
7:38 am
look at the northwest, they're changing, too. seattle, 54 today. 57 in portland. and medford, you'll be there, shy of 60 degrees. i want to leave you with a look across the nation. there's sunshine and warmth in the southwest. that's about it. >> this weather report brought to you by the university of phoenix. you guys, it's not going to be forever that it stays cold. we get warm in some of these places. >> like june? >> i always go with may, june. >> april? >> that's right. coming up, jennifer lawrence takes on what she calls hollywood's mean girl culture. and license to eat. what we can learn from the woman embracing the so-called anti-diet. come on back. at university of phoenix, we know you can't afford
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we're back, now, at 7:42. and jennifer lawrence using strong words to slam hollywood. and sounding off on everything from mean girls to sex in interview after interview. as she is set to star in the new "hunger games" movie. cecilia vega is here this morning. >> reporter: this is one superstar not known for holding back. and at the premiere of the "hunger games" movie, jennifer lawrence had a lot to say. everything from how hollywood
7:43 am
uses sex to sell, especially when it comes to young female stars. and she says it's not okay. overnight, jennifer lawrence hit the red carpet in london for the premier of "catching fire," the hotly anticipated sequel to "the how longer games." >> we have to go before they kill us. >> reporter: this morning, the 23-year-old oscar-winner is using the spotlight to shet light on the darker side of hollywood. >> girls are mean to each other. we're just so unsupportive. >> reporter: the real-life katniss, taking aim at the mean girls culture. it's become downright cut throat. >> i watch the women pointing to these women and judging them and calling them ugly and calling them fat. it's just like, where have we come? why are we here? >> reporter: lawrence, slamming shows like e!'s "fashion police" in particular. >> she's gained weight.
7:44 am
i don't want to say she's fwand weight. but when she started out, she was in heels. >> reporter: the topic she spoke passionately about during a recent interview with yahoo! >> things like that are showing these generations of young people to put values in all the things that are wrong with these unrealistic expectations for women. it's disappointing that the media keeps it alive and fuels that fire. that's something that really bothers me. >> reporter: lawrence speaking out about how hollywood portrays young women. >> it's the part of the entertainment industry that sells. sex sells. and for some disgusting reason, young sex else is even more. and for some people, that's how they feel best. that's how they feel sexy. >> reporter: she's been candid about overcoming her own struggles with body image in the industry. telling "elle" magazine, in hollywood, i'm obese. i'm considered a fat actress. in the new issue of "in style" magazine, i used to tell myself stop eating. people are going to see this. but nope.
7:45 am
i was like, i still want candy. and i still want a hot dog. >> you just is to look past it. you look how you look. what are you going to do? be hungry every day to make other people happy? that's just dumb. >> reporter: lawrence says she is making a conscious decision to set a good example. she hopes her role of katniss everdeen encourages young girls to be healthy. i don't get the fat comments. i think she looks amazing. >> agreed. >> agreed. i love her. she's got great style. katniss. no hunger games for her. we have the cast of "the hunger games: catching fire" beginning tomorrow, joining us on "gma." jennifer lawrence is here next wednesday, november 20th. >> looking forward to all of them being here. coming up, everybody. the late anna nicole smith's 7-year-old daughter, dannielynn, and her dad, opening up in a tell-all television special. what she says about her famous mom.
7:46 am
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7:50 am
right then. here's "the play of the day." >> or not. >> or not? that's a nice thought. that's a really nice start. >> we've all -- >> you've never done that to yourself before. >> we've all done it. it's what you're about to see. we've all done it before. you're driving and you miss your off-ramp. and it kills you. you have to go to the next off-ramp and turn around and figure it out. or if you're one woman -- a woman in china, you do this. take a look. >> oh, no. oh. >> you throw it in reverse. it's not just that she throws it in reverse or that there's a bunch of security cameras that capture it all. it's the fact that she had that far to go.
7:51 am
it occurs to her that she's going to drive miles and miles backwards. >> here's an idea. let me straddle the line. >> she went for nearly a mile. and she looks -- i mean, imagine her driving forward. >> oh, my gosh. >> i mean in what way -- in what way is this safe? in what way -- >> did she make it? >> you're going to have to -- you're going to have to come back tomorrow to find out. nothing says part two like this. >> she had the last laugh. >> i'm sure she made it. "dancing with the stars."
7:52 am
7:53 am
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7:56 am
good morning. i'm eric thomas. if you felt a slight jolt about 40 minutes ago, yeah, it was a minor earthquake. officials say it was a magnitude 2.2. and this is the way it looked on our abc 7 seismograph. happened about 7:17 centered in the middle of san francisco bay. mike is here with the forecast. hayward, fremont, livermore, pleasantton, that's where our best radar returns are. as you head up towards north we have some from dillon beach, santa rosa, roner park. accuweather seven-day forecast, sprinkles this morning, dry the
7:57 am
rest of the day. leyla. we have an update on the b.a.r.t. closure. we have trains that are single tracking due to an earlier fatality this morning that was shutting down all tracks. they're single tracking, no stops are being made but trains are able to move th
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and the ballroom is abuzz with another shocking upset. >> elizabeth and val. >> elizabeth and val? they're here live. to hang up the dancing shoes. and our exclusive blockbuster announcement about the biggest boy band in the world. one direction and the story of our life. as we say -- >> good morning, america. see you soon. >> there they are right there. elizabeth and val. they will hold their shoes a little bit.
8:01 am
it didn't seem fair last night. after a fantastic dance. a perfect 30 up there on the trio. does not want to give up those shoes one bit. >> not ready to go. they are hanging on to the shoes. also inside the world of the late anna nicole smith's now 7-year-old daughter, dannielynn. she and her father, larry birkhead, giving the world a look at their day. >> very cute. and a woman who is going to give you the secret to being happy and healthy, without following a diet. the anti-diet project and what we can learn from it. and it was so great to have ricky martin here. he's with us, live this morning. there's ricky martin. he's going to reveal his brand-new project. you'll hear it here on "gma." >> looking forward to that. first, let's get news from josh.
8:02 am
>> we're going to begin with the desperate effort to get aid to the philippines after one of the worst storms ever to make landfall. from the air, this is what the typhoon there has brought. the path and the devastation, near total, in fact. marines right now ferrying in much-needed supplies. and for the first time, conducting a major evacuation of americans from the storm zone. the u.s. sending some $20 million in aid. and the morning, the aircraft carrier "uss george washington" is on its way to help the millions of people who have lost everything. it is, however, a race against time, for food, water and much-needed medical supplies. the official death toll stands at roughly 2,000. but as many as 10,000 or perhaps more are feared dead. and as early as today, the white house is expected to release the first official enrollment numbers from obama care. all indications point to fewer than 50,000 enrollees in the first month. yeah. administration had expected ten-times that many, roughly 500,000, to enroll in state and federal exchanges during that time. and a guilty plea is
8:03 am
expected in california today from a 19-year-old college student charged with hacking the computers of several young women including miss teen usa. jared abrams is accused of hacking into the women's web cams, taking nude photos of them. and then, threatening to post them online if they didn't undress for him. he faces 11 years in prison and $1 million fine. and the owner of the miami dolphins says that he is appalled by his own team's bullying scandal. stephen ross says he will not tolerate anymore hazing and will look at how the locker room culture can be improved. he meets tomorrow with jonathan martin, whose allegations started the controversy. and the 35-year-old canadian has become the first north american woman to row solo across the atlantic ocean. mylene paquette left nova scotia in july and just arrived on an island off the coast of france.
8:04 am
a journey of 3,100 miles. i now feel terrible about myself. and finally, for those of you obsessed with plastering your lunch and your dinner all over social media. consider this, a new study. they studied this. found that people who post pictures of their food online actually enjoy their meals less because it takes away from the allure of the meal, even affecting your appetite. perhaps preventing you from fully enjoying it. don't share. just eat. when i was at that pearl jam concert a few weeks ago, and i looked out into the stands, into the audience, everybody's recording it. and i felt like, nobody's actually at the concert. everybody's just filming it. and i think we've become that. a society of filmers. >> enjoy the moment. >> that pizza looked good. "pop news" coming right up after the weather. ginger zee, in for sam. >> we said it. now, we have great pictures of it. it is snowing here in manhattan. we have a wet camera. i assure you that the flakes are
8:05 am
mixed in with some of the rain. not going to stick. but it's going to be sloppy in some places around the northeast this morning. take some extra time. we have to say that. and then, the cold. we call it deep freeze. but really because it's the first shot for us. it's the coldest air we've seen this season. some of the numbers slipping below freezing there and staying that way for a morning or two here. and the purple, back. it is staying. look at the overnight lows. i keep emphasizing it. but houston, you don't get away with it. close to freezing tuesday morning.
8:06 am
>> the cold, no records broken. nothing too crazy. but it will slap you in the face this morning. >> the crazy is still to come. here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." thanks for mentioning the crazy, josh. in "pop news," an inconceivable story about "the princess bride." >> unconceivable. plus, ballroom stunner. elizabeth berkley and val. really? booted from the ballroom. they're here live. we're going to get into that. and ricky martin is here, revealing a brand-new project. all live on "good morning america," in a snowy, wet times square.
8:07 am
8:08 am
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8:11 am
♪ here's a sign of the times. a little college credit in the ivy league. these are some yale students right there. their assignment, make a viral video. guess they're going to get an "a." 40,000-plus since it went online on youtube the beginning this week. these guys are doing okay. and now, for more "pop news." >> nice work. >> you're welcome.
8:12 am
>> yes. >> get an a-plus. >> we'll get you the a-plus. also in "pop news." good morning to you, by the way. kate upton, joining an entourage. she is in final talks to join the "entourage" movie. but who would her character be? a love interest to adrian bernier's character, who always had a thing for blondes. the much-anticipated "entourage" movie is excepted to begin in january. she was just here on "gma." "gma live!" actually. she is lovely. and only slightly gorgeous. >> she could play herself, you know? >> there you go. >> you see what i did there. >> she has a great acting career. also in "pop news" this morning, who here loves "the princess bride"? >> i loved it.
8:13 am
>> our parent company, disney, has announced their theatrical production team is bringing the comedy to the stage. buttercup, wesley, the rest of the gang. it became a cult classic when the movie version came out in 1987. sometimes it's hard to imagine a movie retold in a broadway show. this is like a match made in heaven. yeah. i would say i would love to bring my kids. so, bring it. and finally in "pop news," it's been two months since we asked that very important question. what does the fox say? ♪ what does the fox say >> sing it with me, george. your children will be asking the same question, as the youtube sensation becomes a picture book. the norwegian comedy team have inked a deal with
8:14 am
schuster. the book will probably do just fine. and we're not waiting to see if their 15 minutes are up anytime soon. that book will hit shelves this december. >> just in time. >> they all graduated with honors from yale now. >> absolutely. that's all it took, ivy league. >> not shabby at all. >> thank you. we're going to move to the shocking elimination on "dancing with the stars." this season, definitely keeping the audience guessing. this time, one of the judges' favorites, elizabeth berkley and her partner, val, told to pack their bags. but not before wowing us with their perfect salsa trio. they're here to talk about it live. but first, let's take a look. >> leaving right now is -- elizabeth and val. >> in one of the most shocking
8:15 am
moments of this season, elizabeth and val sent packing. >> 10. >> reporter: despite perfect scores from the judges. leaving the ballroom stunned. >> i'm so surprised to be standing here with the two of you tonight. >> reporter: the competition in full swing, as the stars set out on the road to the finals. ♪ >> reporter: corbin bleu performing an impeccable jazz routine. leah remini's tango moved to be one of her outstanding routines of the season. >> like a red-hot diva. >> reporter: the judges, well, less than impressed with bill engvall's charleston. he landed at the bottom of the leaderboard again. >> you've got to come out on that next dance. or it's going to be the end of the line for you. >> reporter: but despite his lackluster dance moves, it's elizabeth who left the ballroom
8:16 am
teary-eyed. growth as a human being from our partnership. it is something i will hold so dear to me fraeorever. >> they're so good. flying all night long. please become, elizabeth and val. come on. we thought you were going to make the final. you had the first perfect score of the season. another perfect score last night. were you as surprised as everyone else when you heard your name? >> well, i mean -- >> just tell us the truth. >> i'm not someone who feels entitled to anything. i felt like we were working so hard. we had just hit this really beautiful rhythm. and we were getting great scores. and so, i was a little surprised, sad, i have to admit. disappointed because i felt like we had more dances in us. >> you had more dances in you. >> clearly, i still don't know
8:17 am
what happened. you know, i don't have any bad feelings or i'm not bitter at all. i think she is incredible. my friend texts me, this is b.s. no, smile. enjoy it. there's so much to celebrate. >> but it feels like you almost went -- you don't get credit for the great dance you did that night. >> well, the thing is, though, if you've got to go, i have to say, it was a very sweet night. we had a beautiful duelality wi a sexy viennese waltz. and then, the salsa. it was really a moving night in that way to me. and to do that with val, on this journey together, you know -- >> and you look good, by the way. >> what's it like working with a perfectionist? >> it's hard. it's a lot of work.
8:18 am
but you know, it's so rewarding. and i'm very grateful to have someone like her. all of the things that i complained about or were annoyed about, you know, her over-the-top love and commitment to everything she does. how much time she spends giving people -- she just gives people herself. and her time. and so, i mean, she's an incredible person. it was a pleasure to work with. and adds a lot of responsibility on you to make sure that you deliver. i think i made the right choices. and i feel we did that. >> you just said it very well. i felt like you gave 200%. and it was really inspiring, as a woman, just to watch you. you weren't a dancer. you clearly had dance experience. are you surprised at the growth you had as a dancer? >> i loved it as a kid, growing up, to reconnect to something that i loved, like a passion like that, that immediate made me feel a certain kind of
8:19 am
confidence. just added so much. i mean, i agree so much with him as my teacher. he pushed me to new levels, that i mabel wouldn't have known how to do. and i'm really grateful, you know, each week he was so careful to create moments where i could shine. and someone who has your back like that is huge to me. just so many blessings across the board. >> it was a perfect partnership. >> that was a fun moment. >> it was awesome. i wish we could have two more weeks and still do our thing and give it a crack at winning the thing. but the truth is, i have no regrets. there's literally nothing more i could have done. nothing more that she could have done. >> that's the thing. what you're saying is so huge. in life and anything you do, to be able to walk away and say,
8:20 am
there's nothing i could have given. also, i know -- you know this. every day, like, on the way driving there, i'd be like, thank you, thank you. sometimes i get in my car with some tears in my eyes after, just because the rehearsal was so amazing. so, i really -- >> it was a great season. >> we're getting close to the final three. find out who will be next to leave the ballroom. >> you'll see it on abc. inside the day in the life with anna nicole smith's daughter. now, she is far from the bright lights of hollywood. deborah roberts has their story. >> reporter: good morning, george. larry birkhead is one of the world's best-known single dads. and he gave us a glimpse of his life inside with dannielynn, earlier this year. we discovered that he's deeply devoted to his little girl.
8:21 am
and trying against all odds to give her a happy and normal childhood. >> an ambulance. >> 'cause your daddy's little girl. >> reporter: it was a rare glimpse into the everyday life of a not-so-everyday family. >> i spent the last several years just being -- ignoring all the things that happened. and being as happy as i can. >> reporter: larry birkhead opens up about life after the death of his girlfriend, anna nicole smith, a life he leads in kentucky with their 7-year-old daughter, dannielynn, and his extended family. >> i thought that would be the safe place to get away from everything. >> dannielynn for the win. >> reporter: and while the former photographer tries to lead a normal life, he says his relationship with anna nicole was anything but. >> it was crazy. wild. volatile. >> reporter: right up to the moment his platinum bombshell would reveal a bombshell of her own.
8:22 am
telling him she was pregnant with dannielynn, via text message. >> she sent an emoticon thing of a baby. and i can't tell everyone. >> reporter: dannielynn was 5 months old when her mother died of a toxic drug combination in 2007. an epic custody battle followed. until paternity tests proved birkhead was the father. >> this story was probably one of the most dramatic ones of the decade. there's no surprise that people are still obsessed with this. >> reporter: since smith's passing, birkhead has tried to keep dannielynn out of the spotlight. but he gave me access to their lives earlier this year. >> every little girl has a vision of their mom being this hero to them. she doesn't have that. >> reporter: it's tough, huh?
8:23 am
today, dannielynn will infert her estate. and like modeling, dannielynn knows little about anna nicole and her tumultuous life. >> at this point, she thinks her mom is a pretty person. and she watches over everything in heaven. >> reporter: larry is accused of exploiting anna nicole's name in memory. there was a short-lived opera about her life. he told us that he's trying to deal with the hand he was dealt as best he can, folks. that is just a larger-than-life legacy of this woman. and he's trying to give his daughter some sense of normalcy. >> they've been here in the studio with us. and just so loving. >> he's a good guy. >> he is. deb, you look great. >> thank you. i'm coming in again. and now, we move on to the woman who tried almost every diet out there. and then, she finally tried a radical, new approach. the anti-diet. could it be the answer to being
8:24 am
happy and healthy? sara haines is here with that story. good morning, sara. >> reporter: good morning. diets -- literally, even the mere mention of the world makes me hungry. what if there was a way to get the same results without the diet? now, there is. and it's appropriately called the anti-diet. call it the anti-diet. 29-year-old kelsey miller writes for refinery 29. and she says, she's tired of being fat. >> i was really sick of my weight fluctuating all the time. and i was sick of being overweight. and i was just done with dieting. i've been doing it literally my entire life. >> reporter: she wrote an article, chronicling her aha moment. >> i was doing a workout a couple months ago. and i wanted to die from it. i was feeling out of shape. and i realized in that moment, that what i had been doing my whole life wasn't working. >> reporter: miller, embracing what she called a license to eat
8:25 am
philosophy. what is intuitive eating? >> it's about diet deprogramming and learn to trust yourself around food. your body's smart. and you're not an idiot. >> reporter: we hit the kitchen to see what's cooking in kelsey's more mindful eating i rotation. >> i would have a lunch that was very plain and healthy. and eating because in my mind, these are good, safe foods. and stuff over here, this is bad, evil, makes you a bad person kind of food. >> that makes you a bad person. >> god forbid the pizza. >> reporter: don't get me started. >> if i start my day with what i want, which is eggs and toast, it's a bigger, more complete meal. i don't find myself snacking. i don't find myself going for the candy bowl. >> reporter: while kelsey re-evaluated her eating habits, she also tackled her workout
8:26 am
routine. it's about moderate exercise to stay healthy. how many days do you work out? >> i work out with my trainer twice a week. and i work out three days a week on my own. >> reporter: at the end of the day, kelsey is back to basics. eating to live. and not living to eat. one of the big things she said, if it didn't hurt and it wasn't miserable, then it wasn't doing anything. you know. it can be fun. eating can be fun. it's back to basics. >> that no pain, no gain, is out the door. >> maybe not for you. >> keep doing it if it's that painful. you want to make it a nice experience. >> how many times have you had to go without? and you had to workout. it was crazy. ricky martin coming up. stay with us, everybody.
8:27 am
good morning. i'm eric thomas. the el cerrito dell norte b.a.r.t. station reopened a while ago while authorities investigated an apparent suicide on the tracks. a bus bridge took commuters to neighboring stations. in hayward more than two dozen people are out of their homes following an apartment fire. one man says he jumped from the second floor balcony to escape the flames. update now on the commute with the b.a.r.t. station back in operation, leyla. yes, it is. so we have heavy traffic though across the bay area. as we take you right over to the peninsula eastbound side of highway 92 we've got this wreck blocking at least one lane at
8:28 am
hillsdale boulevard. check out the backup in both directions coming off the san mateo bridge you are bumper-to-bumper, 101 sold out both in the northbound and southbound directions through we provide the exact individualization that your body needs.
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8:30 am
watch out for light rain there. look for scattered sprinkles through about noon. and mostly cloudy as look who wants to know the story of your life. >> we're one direction. tune into "good morning america" on november 26th. >> in two weeks, one direction is taking over "good morning america." >> we'll be there live to celebrate the release of our new album. >> we want you to be part of the one direction/"gma" event. go to on yahoo! to share a picture of you and your life. and your picture might end up on "gma," the morning one direction performs live. and get this -- >> we'll have a big surprise announcement for you on that day. >> "good morning america," live in two weeks. >> see you there. >> oh, my. >> here we go. two weeks from today. "good morning america." homes across america, now a
8:31 am
sound we love to hear. as the nation's children squeal with joy. biggest boy band on the planet. one direction, live, november 26th. first time ever. that's just two weeks from today. and look at that. i only have 27 missed calls now. can we come and be a part of it? yes. >> we want everyone to be a part of it. send us your photo on on yahoo! tweet us or instagram it. we're going to let you know why whoopi's here in a moment. >> i didn't want to wait. >> you know who is here today. ricky martin is here. global music icon. now, children's book author. he's going to tell us about his brand-new project. and david blaine is also with us. what a show. what a day. he's going to give us a sneak
8:32 am
peek on his blockbuster magic special. he stumps a lot of hollywood's biggest stars. can't wait to see what he has up his sleeve. >> a little air. our good friend, whoopi is here because moms baisley paved the way. and this year, she pays tribute to the comedienne, the hbo documentary, "whoopi goldberg presents moms mabley." >> you could name three or four of them. and none of them, being black until the '50s. moms comes along, lake in the late '20s, as a young woman, dressed with that hat and the housecoat and the big shoes. >> where's my keys? >> reporte >> and she takes that persona
8:33 am
all the way to 1975. that's a long time. >> you saw that, didn't you, george? >> it's an incredible film. and you cannot believe the footage that whoopi was able to pull up. >> the persona in the '20s. all the way to 1975. >> she and richard pryor for me, are the two folks that really influenced me. but more so because he was political. but there's something about moms. the more i watch it, i actually do see myself, which is kind of sca scary. and finding that she had such a large part in civil rights. to find that she really was the first female standup to discover -- there's a lot about her that i did not know and i'm sure folks didn't know.
8:34 am
and how funny. what kills me is the jokes stand up to today. and it's shocking because, you know, you suddenly realize, i better up my game because the game was up here to begin with. >> they say writing your first book, making your first movie, it's one you have to want to make. >> right. >> what made you want to make this? >> she wouldn't leave me alone. i used to perform moms on stage years and years and years ago. but you know, then i had to start making movies. then, i got famous. i kept saying, i was going to bring the show back. and i never got around to it. and last year, i wanted to do the show on stage. and i thought, nobody knows who she is anymore. and i talk to people and they say, i sort of remember her. my grandmother. maybe i should do a documentary. i'm an idiot. >> not that smart. >> are you setting it up so you can bring her back to broadway?
8:35 am
>> i am. but with everything, my life is very fluid. it's very peculiar. it didn't used to be as fluid. now, it's very fluid. i'm doing all kinds of stuff. i am at some point going to get back on stage with her because i think it's fun for me. and nobody will be mad at me if i miss my lines. >> i remember you. >> yes. >> getting up on stage and being moms. >> i used to say to people all the time, i would say, robin, you're my favorite. i can do moms. and it's a huge part of american history. it's a huge part of entertainment history. and a gigantic part of black history. none of which i understood until i made this. >> the time is right. >> the time is now. >> didn't you tweet a picture recently? >> the vice president. >> what was that? >> on the train. >> this is great.
8:36 am
>> i know. it's kind of crazy. i went down to the white house. we premiered moms at the apollo for hbo. and i went to the white house the next morning. they did a symposium with young people to teach about acting and makeupmaking. it was great. and i got back on the train. no. you can't sit over here. okay. and my partner, tom, said why not? we paid for the -- we're in first class. they said, because we have a v.i.p. coming on. he said, she's a v.i.p. tom and i go and sit. and we stop and nothing happens. and we stop. who's getting on the train? we're sitting there talking to someone because i'm going to vegas on friday because i have a show there, at pressure island. and talking to the press. and i see joe biden walking up the way. and i'm thinking, what is he
8:37 am
doing on the train? he says to me, what the hell are you doing on the train? i'm going home. he says, me, too. it was great. and it was nice to sit with him. and he spoke to all the folks. it's moving to see him doing what he does. you want me to -- that's okay. i can wait. >> right before we say happy birthday tomorrow. happy birthday. >> thank you. >> enjoy. >> yes. >> have a big one. whoopi goldberg presents moms mabley on hbo. and "the view" here on abc. you are a busy woman. another busy woman, ginger zee, outside for sam champion. >> happy birthday, whoopi. we have a great crowd at times square. you need these. it's that time of year when we're holding -- lydia, john from illinois. we're going to need these. let's go into the forecast and talk about what we have to see. look at michigan. at least we're not there, with the lake-effect.
8:38 am
seeing up to five inches still coming down. it could be worse or better. there's what you expect. the northernly wind, you'll >> this weather report is brought to you by bank of america. we're going to take pictures here. coming up, ricky martin, here live. there's ricky. come on back. would look like john stamos. wow! wow! and in a perfect world, what's delicious would be healthy too. wish granted. dannon oikos greek nonfat yogurt. sounds too good to be true...
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8:41 am
back with international pop icon and multigrammy-winning superstar, ricky martin by along with selling 60 million albums, he is a dad to twins. and now, a children's book author. it's the story of a boy who follows his heart. and a father who believes in his son's boundless potential. >> thank you for having me here. an exciting morning. >> it's busy. >> so great to see you. so many people excited to see you. we loved your music for so long.
8:42 am
your memoir, "new york times" best seller. why a children's book now? >> and suddenly, i became a dad. and i allow myself to receive the information that my kids are giving me. you feel as a father, you're going to be giving them information. and you don't know what to do with all this information. so, i started writing. and i started writing one book, which is "santiago the dreamer." being the first book of a five-book series, that hopefully i'll be presenting this year, is really intense. i'm excited about this project. it's about a relationship of a father and a son. i had a beautiful relationship with my father. and it's like going back to the beginning. >> when i was reading it, it's such a sweet story. obviously, you wrote it for your boys. but i have to believe there's a lot of you in santiago. >> totally. the first time i was at an audition, i was rejected.
8:43 am
they said, next. they said next three times. and santiago goes through that experience. he auditions for a play at his school. and his father is supporting him. this is your dream. we have to fight for what we believe. >> there's a beautiful line. a signature line in the book. when you reach for the moon, sometimes you can land among the stars. did you reach for the moon? >> i've been so lucky with everything i've accomplished. i consider myself a very lucky man. yes. i've been there and back. i am -- i surrounded myself with very beautiful people. great managers. great producers. and we have very beautiful things. i cannot complain. >> you're among the stars. and your little boy, they're 5? >> they're 5. how did that happen? >> i know it all-too well. we have two little helpers. we have twins here.
8:44 am
we know you read to your twins. >> i do. >> we're going to test your imagine of children's books. we have daniel and robert. are you ready for your part? daniel, you're going to read the first quote. ready? >> good night, stars. good night, air. good night, noises everywhere. >> "good night moon." >> ding, ding. >> what do i get? >> robert, you the second quote. will you share that with us? >> i do not like green eggs and ham. i do not like them, sam i am. >> dr. seuss. that was beautiful. >> time for one more? one more. >> the wild things cried. oh, please, don't go. we will eat you up. >> yep. "where the wild things are." that's a scary book. but it's beautiful. a classic.
8:45 am
>> and hopefully, this will be, too, with lines like that and the story line and the message. so beautiful. we're looking forward to those. we've run out of time. but i want to say, i'm so excited to hear more music is on the way. >> that's right. more music. but for information, go to my cyber community. will have a lot of information on this. >> and i heard from your peeps that you are more excited about this music than, perhaps, any other? >> and the crazy tour, coming. crazy, massive tour all over the world. >> the man can tease like no other. ricky, thank you so much. the name of the book is "santiago the dreamer: in the land among the stars." danielle steel is opening up ant her latest passion project, on "good morning america."
8:46 am
8:47 am
so yso you can happily let the grlife get in the way, while planning for tomorrow. so you can finish the great american novel banking for the life you have investing for the life you want chase. so you can she has written dozens of books. steamy tearjerkers and millions
8:48 am
of copies. but the latest is about a different kind of romance. "pure joy: the dogs we love." she sat down with bianna golodryga to talk about it. >> reporter: one of the best-selling authors of all-time, danielle steel, also known as the queen of romance, has written over 125 books, with 600 million copies sold worldwide. she is also a mother to nine children. and has six dogs. that is the topic of her latest book. >> it's a book at our family dog stories. i have nine children. and each one has a dog. and we had two dogs. so, we had 11 dogs. and i decided to tell some of the family dog stories. and was inspired by my latest two-pound love. >> reporter: and i look this practice that you and your husband had. each of your children had their own dog. that was their gift and their responsibility. >> he was very dog-loving.
8:49 am
he thought each child should have a dog. i was horrified. at the ages they were, i ended up doing most of the work. and it did teach them to be responsible. all of them are big dog lovers, except for one of them who hates dogs. >> reporter: one of them hates dogs? >> she never wants a dog anywhere near her. >> reporter: aside from "pure joy," you have another novel out, as well. >> it's about a young, olympic skier, who has a terrible accident, which alters her life. she can't walk anymore. and can't ski anymore. and it's what she and her father do to bring her back. it's about winners. i hope it will be an inspiring book. >> reporter: what's next for you? the two books out. going to get another dog. >> more dogs, more kids, more books. >> reporter: more happiness. >> and both of danielle steel's new books "pure joy" and "winners" are in bookstores nop
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
david blaine, one of the world's foremost illusionists and endurance artists, known for death-defying feats, such as encasing himself in a six-foot block of ice. standing for days in a metal globe, surrounded by electricity. and check out his groundbreaking special, "david blaine, real or magic." take a look. david blaine has dangled high above cities. submerged in spheres of water, before crowds in disbelieve. he starved himself in a box. and froze in a block of ice here in our times square studios. >> you're shivering already. >> yeah. >> reporter: the master illusionist has mystified millions by death-defying stunts we haven't seen since the days of houdini. the 40-year-old whose endurance and determination knows no bounds. seemingly done it all. >> oh.
8:54 am
this morning, david blaine's latest trick, to blow the minds of the hollywood elite. >> that's real. >> reporter: watch as blaine demonstrates the p.k. touch, with will and jada pinkett smith. and with olivia wilde and jason sudeikis. bryan cranston. katy perry and kanye west. "david blaine: real or magic" airing here on abc. blaine proving, he hasn't lost his magic touch. every time. every time. david blaine, with us. david, you're getting back to roots here. your real roots. how was it? >> i'm stubborn. for years, i've been doing
8:55 am
stunts. and everybody says to me, do what you do best, in magic. but i like doing the stunts so much. but i finally agreed to do a magic show because for the last couple years, i do magic every, single day, everywhere that i go. and now, with these little iphones, you can film everything. i would the be doing magic for the president, for president bush, or stephen hawking. and i'd capture it. wow, this is what the show needs to be. and i would do a crosssection. the idea is i go to people i randomly stop on the street. and i go to one of the greatest minds in the world. and i try to show a similarity between people based on reaction, which is where i see it. >> it looks great. seriously. best of luck with it. cannot wait to see it. >> excited. back to the roots. >> "david blaine real or magic" tuesday november 19th, right here on abc. >> cannot wait for that. love that. thanks for coming in.
8:56 am
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good morning. i'm eric thomas. some wet weather moving through the bay area this morning. how long will it last? meteorologist mike nicco has our forecast. >> good question. probably about lunch hour. you can see some scattered light rain. best radar returns right now up in the north bay. zoom on out and show you how it's moving from the southwest. we'll see a few breaks in the cloud cover this afternoon. temperatures are going to hang out in the 60s for most of us, a few 70s as you head inland. accuweather seven-day forecast, warmer than average and dry tomorrow through monday. leyla. >>mike, a six-car crash has caused a sigalert in hercules traveling along westbound side of 80 right at willow. three lanes taken away until further notice. that's causing quite the delay,
9:00 am
but as you continue in the westbound direction it is just packed to the hoffman split. eric. leyla, tha announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, singer, actor and author ricky martin. and from the new animated film "frozen," idina menzel. plus, your comments and questions when the co-hosts open up the inbox. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by isney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪ [cheers and applause]


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