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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  November 12, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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did you feel the shaking? two small earthquakes in the bay area just five minutes apart the first 2.9 reported at 3:35, then, a 2.8 near broadmore north of pacifica. >> here is a look at the seismograph. you can see the spikes. we're getting wide spread reports of people feeling quakes. >> abc7 news says he felt knit danville. and one person in san francisco that gave her a sinking feeling in her stomach,
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we're getting reports from the outer mission and we'll have plenty of updates for you on this. we have heard from another viewer who said it was a huge, sharp jolt and felt, she says chandeliers and light fixtures were swinging off. we'll have updates for you on twitter. >> good afternoon, everybody, i'm larry beil. >> we're going take you now live to the latest on the typhoon straj dipoint philippines the state sdeptz two americans died in the storm. >> as many as 10,000 people are feared dead the president of the philippines says the number could be closer to 2500. >> the united states appealing for $300 million in aid, estimated 11 million people were affected. >> the scale of the disaster and the damage means that few in the
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region have received any help despite tons ever aid waiting to be distributed. abc news reporter marcy gonzales with the latest. >> for many of the 11 million people impacted by the typhoon, survival is still a strug yes. another night of rain and thunderstorms adding insult to injury to more than half a million people left homeless. many desperate for clean water and food. >> we can't survive without this house it's okay for us. anywhere, we'll sleep anywhere, but we need food. >> there are bodies in the streets the stench is death, everywhere. >> this is just really just death, devastation everywhere. people need help. >> health officials fear disease will spread quickly. >> we have no water here. we have been collecting rain water
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just for the use. >> relief is underway but the process ridden with problems airport still has no radar, or working air traffic control systems planes carrying relief circle in the air space, taking turns using the runway. when the supplies final lay rief, they're stuck because roads are too damaged or flooded. rushing into this supermarket and stealing whatever they can find. >> all day donation drive at san jose state is wrapping up, but just for today volunteers collecting money and supplies for victims. several fraternities and a group organized this event. nonperishable food and supplies will be turned over to project pearls. it has an ongoing program to help the poor in the philippines
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monetary donations will be given to the red cross organizers say response is so strong, they're extending this drive through thursday. david louie has been talking with volunteers and will join us live on the news at be 5:00. >> if you'd like to donate, we have information for you on abc7 >> 49ers linebacker alleden smith pleaded not guilty to weapons charges accompanied by parents, smith declined to comment after the hearing. his attorney did make a brief statement. >> alleden is very interested. in answering to the charges. and this is a process, today's court appearance, the first step. >> police say they discovered guns inside of smith's home, when sheriff deputies were responding to reports of an out of control party at that house.
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investigators say the guns are illegal assault weapons under california law he did return to the field sunday, after missing five games to undergo treatment. >> sky seven hd overhead, demolition work began on the old section of the bay bridge today. it's a long process taking several years to complete. abc7 news got to take a look from old upper deck and joins us live. >> first, to clarify this barge here behind us has nothing to do with demolition. just happened to pull up while we're getting ready back to the work at hand there, it's starting underneath that sort of eastern peak of the cold area. you might be able to make out red equipment there going to move from there, west towards yerba buena aleand for the next six weeks.
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and excavators began ripping up the deck. >> they took out rebar and steel floor beams below. >> contractors have been removing top layer of asphalt part of the preparation, then, scoring large rec tang you'llar sections. >> they've been saw cutting it the device, they've been cutting rectangles. so when they rip up the deck it's not a big jagged chunk but in conrollable pieces. >> it's important to have the pieces to keep the rubble manageable and tidy for the same long list of reasons that simply blowing up the bridge was never an option. new bridge is so close to the old that flying debris could be a threat to motorists there are environmental concerns for the bay. >> this bridge has lead paint on
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it. who knows how much oil spilled on the bridge. then, ke can't blow it up because boats pass through here. >> the bridge supposed to be gone down to the mud line in, 2016. abc7 news. okay you're looking at what may be the first music video shot on the new bay bridge but prot ducks came to a rather abrupt end the group cal and the get down stay down had a permit to film here the chp had to shut things down because it turned out to be too sdrafting to driver asks caused a back up the group did get footage to put together a music video. >> fire in an apartment complex appears to be accidental. the flames ripped through two units at whitmanman green apartments this morning. one man captured video escaping the burning home,
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here it s he's one of 27 people who had to evacuate quickly. a baby escaped with her mother, her father and uncle had to jump to safety. >> my sister was able to crawl down the stairs but by the time me and my brother-in-law got to the door it's too late. the smoke was already filled up. so we had to jump off the balcony. he suffered cuts and a minor knee injury. but one family's dog died in that fire. >> we're getting a detailed look at apple's futuristic new headquarters planned for cupertino. take a look at the rendings. the 90,000 square foot cafeteria and launches take place beneath a glass pavilion.
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the project estimated at $5 billion >> wow. something else >> yes >> let's get an update on the forecast now >> here is spencer christian. >> what a great day this turned out to be. this morning clouds ash around and areas of sprinkles. and drying out as you can see. we've got sunny skies across the bay area, check out this view. temperatures mid 60s in san francisco and oakland. 69 san jose. 71 los gatos. 64 half moon bay. another great view of the western sky 73 degrees now in santa rosa. low 70s in napa and fairfield. 69 concord. and one more beautiful view, blue skies, here is our first forecast this evening, mainly clear skies. there could be passing high clouds, tomorrow morning cooler, we'll have low
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temperatures from low 40s to right around or just above 50 in other areas. sunny skies and mild into afternoon. high temperatures from low to mid-60s at the coast. changes are coming up for the weekend z hold on. i'll have the accu-weather forecast in a few minutes. >> we look forward to. that thank you. >> there is just a little more than two weeks to go until thanksgiving. it's almost panic time now in glide memorial. take a look at this, they only have 44 turkeys in the freezers. those donated today by triple a. they need more than 500 turkeys and hams. >> it's a great day for people and families to come together. and we want our people to know all over the bay area, they can come here this, is the place we'll feed them. >> 5,000 people are expected at glide for thanksgiving dinner. they need to collect 500 turkeys by the weekend so cooks can prepare the meals. >> still ahead on abc7 news at
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4:00 love in numbers on 1212-12-13. many hoping today is their lucky day. >> tallest building in the u.s. why some aren't happy with the decisions >> new guidelines for preventing heart attacks. should you be on statten drugs? >> taking a look at san francisco skyway. it's moving nicely for feeks heading south. but traffic trying to snake onto the lower deck of the bay bridge there. in a pwow!ct world every man would look like johwow!amos. and in a perfect world, what's delicious would be healthy too. wish granted. dannon oikos greek nonfat yogurt.
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today is a special day for romantics. couples raced to get married. the date is >> she likes the sound owe for her date. >> it has a nice flow. easy to remember. >> reporter: he feels he will be set come anniversary time. >> i won't mess that up. >> they will join 33 other couples who will take vows on this date of consecutive numbers. this uppel came from austin, texas. >> it's 11-12-13. we love san francisco. >> the director says they noticed some dates get snatched
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up quicker than others. >> other significant dates are valentine's day, christmas eve, thanksgiving eve. you know? people make plans for those dates. >> reporter: amika says she can only get the 10:00 a.m appointment. >> it was the last spot to get the day. so we're fortunate. >> reporter: it's unique but not for the spontaneous. next available appointment is january 2nd. >> some people decide at the spur of the moment to get married today. they hadn't thought bit before. they try to walk in. and unfortunately we're by appointment only. >> reporter: next date clerks suspect will be popular is next year, 12-13-14, however, keep in mind it's a saturday. county offices will be closed. >> there is las vegas.
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>> there you go. >> open 24-7. >> do you know there is a version of the ipad mini? apple had a quiet product launch today but wheels up for a big airline merger. >> reporter: good afternoon, larry, carolyn. u.s. airways and american airlines reached a settlement clearing the way for their merger creating the world's largest airline, proposed airlines must give up a lot of slots in new york and washington, d.c. airports allowing the merger to go forward z mini ipad is now on sail. ipad air on sale since november 1st. but apple had not provided specifics on the launch of the minute yeechl the sometime is today. the launch has some questioning if apple has supply issues maybe unable to produce enough to meet customer demands.
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>> less than a week at a publicly traded company, twitter introduced a tool to let users customize time lines. tweets can be organized into multiple time lines sent through a topic or event. stocks closing lower today, as positive economic news was negative for the market. with worries of a strong economy could end fed stimulous, and soon. on the flip side, your bloomberg silicon valley closed slightly higher today, google glass getting into music. a feature can let users use google play library and listen to favorite tunes just by talking to glasses but larry, i need to warn you this only works with google glass, not ray bans don't go talking to your sunglasses it doesn't work. back to you. >> thank you, cory. i'm often seen talking to myself. >> he is >> manhattan's one world trade
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senter now the tallest building in america the so called freedom tower is 1776 feet tall, taller than chicago's willis tower, you may remember it as sears tower. however, some critics aren't buying this. without the spire the freedom tower is 83 feet shy of the willis tower's height. but the height committee of the counsel on tall buildings and urban habitat whoshg knew the group existed says the spire is a permanent part of the building so it kouvenlts >> maybe willis tower will be adding one. >> yes >> people from mid west to atlantic woke up to heavy snow n indiana a lake-effect snow warning is in effect. and slippery conditions were to blame for this collision the driver went to the hospital with minor injuries.
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>> nothing to worry about of that nature here. we had a little bit of drizzle. some people reported during morning commute traffic was slow in spots. but only place it had measurable rain was concord. e 1/100ths of an inch. clear skies today, nice beautiful mild afternoon. you can see on we go to a live view from our tower camera, not many clouds remaining in bay area skies right now. mostly clear skies and cooler overnight. sunny skies and milder tomorrow. then, a cooler pattern coming in for the weekend. we may see clouds but we're not expecting rain. satellite shows a frontal system brought us sprinkles this morning the front fizzled now. we'll start forecast at 7:00 this evening. and what is left is
4:20 pm
going to disappear with happen building in there, giving us a pattern back to sunny skies and mild tomorrow. looking into forecast feature, we'll see wednesday, thursday, friday, cloudier conditions developing as weekend approaches. going to bring us cloudier conditions but no rain is expected to fall here in the bay area. overnight lows, clear skies. low temperatures cooler than last night, mid to upper 40s to around 50. then, tomorrow, another sunny, mild day. high temperatures 72 in san jose to 74 at morgan hill. on the peninsula, 69 in san ma dayo 71 redwood city. mountain vuchlt on the coast, 62 pacifica. downtown san francisco, a high of 66 tomorrow. 64 sunset
4:21 pm
district. north bay, 60s on the coast. low 70s north bay valleys from santa rosa to calistoga to napa. east bay highs 69 in oakland. 72 in castro valley. inland east bay highs 73 in walnut creek and antioch. 74 livermore, here is the accu-weather forecast. cooling down thursday. but more significant cooling as we get into weekend. mid-60s the highs inland saturday and sunday. extra clouds and breezy conditions. low 60s around the bay. upper 50s on the coast. cooler than m a while but no rain is in sight. it's getting dry out there. we need rainfall. >> yes >> feels like we're living in arizona. >> yes. it does. >> up next a $500 milk shake. what is in it. >> then, a show stopping dunk that backfired in a big way on a
4:22 pm
harlem globetrot and i had like this whenfour inch band of bumps it started on my back. that came around to the front of my body. and the pain from it was- it was excruciating. it made me curtail my activities cause i'm really an outgoing kind of a guy. and, uh, i like to play sports, i play basketball, i play pool. i did not want anyone to brush into me to cause me more pain than i was already enduring.
4:23 pm
i went to my doctor; he said well you actually have shingles. this is a result of you having chickenpox as a kid. it totally caught me off guard. i put the pool cue in the corner. i couldn't do those things anymore. the basketball- it caught dust. i wanted to just crawl up in a ball and just, just wait til it passed.
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take a look at this. a hollywood bar is whipping up a $500 milk shake the recipe is still refined but it will consist of premium spirits, belgium chocolate and a ring that can be kept as a souvenir. >> wow.. what does edible gold taste like? >> i don't know but you're eating gold oochl well, i feel so rich. >> the trend continues in dancing with the stars. a huge huge surprise in the ball room. >> this is an outrage. who knew america loved bill ingbar so much sne surviveed and another person, who can dance, goes home. jack osbourne seen with
4:26 pm
cheryl burke doing the waltz. jack admitted he's on borrowed time he figured they're going to throw him off. he got two perfect sos >> he looks grachlt he's blossomed in two and a half months that is 29 points. but the best dancer on the show? corbin blue. >> he was teaching karina moves. they did a slow waltz. bruno called it breath taking and dreamy. that is the way he said it. now, to the tragedy being perpetrated on america. elizabeth berkeley and val, val begged her to listen, not interrupt. which i can sympathize with him. >> i know. i sympathize with her. >> thank you. >> i feel the slap myself. 26
4:27 pm
points for the waltz. they got a perfect score on a trio dance. she gets axed by bill and emma come on and do the charleston toack yetty yak, don't talk back and it was dreadful. he was like the tin man. >> audience votes were from last week. not this week. so no one had a chance to react to that >> doesn't matter. that is not a dance move. he's rigged computers or something. he should run for president. he has america at his feet i'm saying for the fourth week, he will be eliminated next. >> yes. >> maybe. >> that is right.. >> i -- he should have been gone a long time ago. >> yes. >> coming up on abc7 news at 4:00 plans for a new warriors arena in san francisco. shrinking down but not silencing critics.
4:28 pm
>> sea world heads to court to challenge a ruling that has to do with a famous whale performances. then, later... >> in alameda these
4:29 pm
4:30 pm
4:31 pm
santa cruz police department finalized plans for a garden in honor two of officers killed in the line of duty. >> the sargeant and detective were shot and killed the suspect later killed when opening fire on other officers the department hopes to dedicate the memorial on february 26th the one-year anniversary of the end of the officers watch. >> the tsa by the farewell to the officer killed during the shooting rampage at los angeles international airport ago. this tsa choir sang amazing
4:32 pm
grace. he died when a man opened fire at the airport november 1st. hernandez was the first tsa officer killed in the line of duty the los angeles mayor praised his upbeat manner saying he spread the love through the earth greeting travellers from around the world. >> europe now eegz the ban on liquids through check points, raising hopes for some the tsa will dot same here in the u.s. some airports plan to roll back the ban on liquids larger than three ounces starting in zan. passenger rights groups applaud the decision calling that bad outdated but experts in security claim terrorists were working on carrying chemicals in containers where they would be mixed into an explosive combination. >> if i can get through a check point, i can get it on to a plane, detonate and the plane going to come out of the sky. >> an ohio company come up with a scanner it says with k.check
4:33 pm
liquids the tsa says liquid scanners remain a long term goal. >> sea world went to court to appeal a aruling that prevents trainers from getting in the water with killer whales during performances this after a death of a trainer killed in 2010 when a six ton killer whale pulled her into a pool. the case centers around the rule saying employers must provide a work place free from recognized hazards. one attorney says sea world is arguing the interaction is essential to the business. >> it's a legitimate argument. they're taking the position that this isn't just a way they do work, it's our product. >> those opposed predict if the company wins, more trainers could die. >> we have breaking news in
4:34 pm
richmond a police chase ended in a bad crash. sky seven is live over the scene. you can see one car with doors opened is a wreck. i'm not sure if car to the left was involved but sheer where it happened. mcdonald avenue and 6th street. this is where we don't know why police were chasing someone here. bring you more coming up at 5:00. >> still ahead advise the president is giving president obama on health care law. >> plus, the slam dunk that brought one harlem glob trotter to the floor. >> and i'm spencer christian. a
4:35 pm
great view from our camera. clear skies now, mild conditions but changes are on the wachl i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up in just a moment. >> we'll have a look at the afternoon commute. for folks heading into san francisco, smooth sailing and everything flowing nicely into the city. to those to those who've worried... suffered in silence... hoped... and lived in a state of fear... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at or call 800-675-2607.
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so you can deposit a check... with the touch of a finger. so you can arrange a transfer in the blink of an eye. so you can help make a bond... i got it. that lasts a lifetime. the chase mobile app. so you can. warriors unveiled their
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version of an arena. >> the opposition continues to heat up. abc7 news is near the proposed site at piers 30, 32. this is going before the port today. >> that is right. there is a citizen's advisory committee meeting tonight. it's composed of supporters and opponents of the project that is designed for these piers. >> there is a natural progression of building heights that takes your eye down to the water. >> this >> [ loss of audio ] >> we'll get back to the report in just a moment this, is the glob trotters here is what happened to one trotter. that is william bullard. you can see him cuss because the back board shattered
4:39 pm
there. he is okay. it's not the first time that this happened to the globetrotters. shaquille o'neal pulled down a back board. we've seen that before. happened to trotters twice in a game previously. so he's okay. and he looks fine, there. >> you may remember this video about what the fox says. now you get to read about it. the childrens publishing is planning to release a book based on this online sensation. what does the fox say will come out next month. the team dove behind this video scored 215 million you tube hits w this video. >> i tried to watch it several times per day. >> i love the dancing with the stars remix of that.
4:40 pm
>> the older guy doing the howling reminds me of spencer. >> what does the fox say, huh? what does he say about the weather? here is a time lapse view this afternoon showing clouds earlier in the day streaming across the bay. you probably know skies clearing out nicely in the late afternoon hours, tomorrow, here is live doppler seven hd. oh, let's go along. tomorrow, nationwide, we're going to have sunny skies and dry conditions just about everywhere across the 48 contiguous states. showers off the atlantic coast now this, is one of the few days you're going to see that kind of dry weather pattern across the country. sunny skies, highs into the 70s. and here in the bay area, except for thin, high clouds we can expect sunny skies and mild condition was highs ranging from mid-60s near the coast to low to mid-70s inland.
4:41 pm
lovely weather continuing. dry pattern is dangerously dry. it doesn't appear we're going to have any in the immediate forecast future let's just enjoy while it's here. >> coming up, are statins for you? >> i'm michael finney. can you believe california is the only state, only state with a cost of auto insurance walter likes to download fix-it videos... and watch "boardwalk empire." it helps sam with his math...
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there is a hearing on the latest version the of the golden state arena. >> there is a natural progression of building heights that takes your eye down to the water. >> reporter: this architect is showing versions of the arena. a version team owners call 3.0.
4:45 pm
this shows an entertainment facility with less bulk and more open space than planned >> they do take into account what the community community is saying. and what regulators and bay conservationists are saying. >> among tweaks, arena has gone from 771,000 square feet to 695,000 the total open space from 50% of the site to 60%. san francisco water front chals this window dressing. >> it doesn't matter how many feet they shave off the design or include a tiny bit more open space it's all about the location. >> the mayor has described this as his legacy project and hopes it will be enough to get people on board. >> now, version three is even more welcoming and exciting. inincreasing open space. >> 3.0 makes no changes to the rest of the billion dollar
4:46 pm
project. including two high-rise hotels and a 175 foot high condo complex. what is now a parking lot across the street. jan duffy calls the whole thing an apocalypse of bad urban planning. >> when you already have gridlock and sdroent a transit infrom a structure, this is going to be a city-wide nightmare. >> the warriors and critics are weighing possibilities of going to the voters. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> former president bill clinton is urging president obama to find a way to let americans keep their existing health care coverage. the obama administration coming under pressure as millions of americans have started receiving insurance cancellation letters during his campaign, mr. obama repeatedly said americans could keep their plans if they wanted
4:47 pm
tochlt clinton called on mr. obama to honor the commitment he made. a major change in the guidelines for treatment of cholesterol in the u.s. expected to have an impact on who doctors recommend to receive statin therapy. >> this cardiologist calls it biggest shift in 20 years. new guidelines to treat cholesterols and emphasizing risk of heart attacks and stroke. >> the big change is that no targets. no goals. you either treat or don't treat. >> guidelines released by american heart association and american college of cardiology increases accent to cholesterol lowering drugs to people who have a lower risk of heart disease. old guide lines limited statins for patients with a 20% chance of developing heart disease in the the next decade. now, the number reduced to 7.5% risk for heart attack or stroke.
4:48 pm
put simply, doctors say the number of patients with access to statins could double. >> study after study has shown these medications, the statins, reduce the risk of death, heart attack and stroke. >> with more access, doctors warn the drugs won't eliminate the risks. stressing a healthy diet low in saturateed and transfats at least 40 minutes of exercise 3 to 4 times per week. >> the first defense is to eat healthy diet. it's exercise regularly. keep your body weight to the normal level. >> heart disease remains leading cause of death for men and women in the u.s. with these guide lines and wider use of cholesterol lowering dreg dramatic rescuings doctors hope it will lead to millions of lives, saved. >> so should you be on statins?
4:49 pm
dr. richard beser weighs in on world news at 5:30. >> stunning report out today says california can the only state where where auto insurance rates dropped since 1980s. >> yes. it was cheaper than it was 25 years ago. >> that is an amazing outcome. a study just released by consumer federation of america says california drivers saved $100 billion on auto insurance just since 1988. and gives credit to proposition 103, requiring insurance companies to get state approval. the study says today we're paying less than 1988. nationwide, drivers are paying 43% more. now, prop 103 author
4:50 pm
harvey rosenfield pushing to regulate health insurance rates. >> the startling savings that proposition 103 has delivered will then be replicated for all california consumers who have to buy health insurance. >> california medical association says health care could suffer. it's not just car insurance, paying less for gasoline, prices well below $four mark. the state average just $3.61 per gallon, $0.25 per gallon less than it was a m ago the prices expected to continue dropping throughout the end of the year. sheer how they stack up. in san francisco, a gallon of regular costs $3.74. san jose, $3.59. oakland, $3.63. national average, you get it, less than what he pay. just
4:51 pm
$3.18. a massachusetts teen using a mac book pro grow going up against giant, apple computer about the definition of the word gay the 15-year-old becka goreman looked up the word gay, and horrified to see the third entry says gay means foolish, stupid it was offensive to becka, who has two lesbian moms she complained to tim cook and to her surprise, apple promised to look into the matter. so far, however, the entry remains the game. coming up at 5:00 high tech toys. i team up with consumer reports to find out which ones should be on your holiday shopping list. and which shouldn't. >> good to show >> thank you. >> up next work underway to bring a new beach to the area. >> we'll give you at look at what is accomplished today. >> i'm dan ashley. coming up at
4:52 pm
5:00 headed to hawaii. who is paying for state lawmakers to say aloha to sand and surf? what this woman did to land her in the record books. also, bay area model, peacemaker now in a national ad that
4:53 pm
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to those who'v to those whoworried...... poked and prodded... taken risks... and lived in a state of "what if?"... welcome to a new state... of health.
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welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at or call 1-800-752-6631. crews working to recreate beach that eroded away. this is a huge endeavor. laura anthony has a look at the process. laura? >> let's show you what is going on at this hour, going on several weeks. we've seen tremendous progress today. just days ago thanks to years of erosion. this section was more than a burb. soon, thanks to work it will be back where it
4:56 pm
was two decades ago, extending 100 feet into the water. putting back what nature washed away on crown beach in ala media. a giant pipe pours wet sand on the shore line. bulldozers move it around to rebuild the beach to its original footprints. >> this is a man made beach. this is going to restore it. everyone will get a chance to enjoy the beaches. >> sand being pumped from a temporary pipeline that belongs to a barge. material vacuumed here angel island. 82,000 cubic yards of sand will be imported here to rebuild the beach. this
4:57 pm
resident stopped by to take pictures. >> it would take an enormous number of trucks to do it any other way >> reconstruction is expected to be done by the end of the year. and should last two decades or more a school in los gatos is leaving a gift, singing and dancing to the version of the song "time warp". they buried a time capsule. >> all grades drew a picture of what they learned and loved. >> i want them to know mulberry
4:58 pm
is a special place, and it teaches you about caring. >> it's a private school, some students today say they look forward to coming back when the time capsule is opened in 25 years. >> fun stuff. >> thanks for joining us at 4:00. >> abc7 news at 5:00 begins right now in dan and cheryl. >> thank you. dressed in a suit accompanied by parents, a 49er linebacker alden smith goes to court. his answer to the judge about fell knee gun charges. a fire so explosive, it forces people to jump for their lives. >> and an out pouring of support. a live report on how the bay area is lining up to help people in the philippines. >> i'm sandhya patel. find out if there are drops in the future this week, coming up.
4:59 pm
>> that breaking news is in richmond. crews cleaning up a serious crash happening at end of a police chase in the middle of town. >> we have reports firefighters had to use jaws of life to get a person out of the car. now that has the roof ripped off. >> here is where it happened. it's sort of between richmond park way and kaiser center. >> we're waiting on how many were involveed and what conditions are. we don't see evidence of a car crash but officers giving out a lot of information now. >> we'll bring you more information at 6:00. our breaking news continues now on twitter >> now, we want to show you a
5:00 pm
49ers linebacker alden smooj smith looked like when he was arrested. >> here is what he looked like today, going to court to answer to charges. >> reporter: keep in mind at peer yens was for three felony weapons charges he will be back in court to face dui charges. those are separate charges. smith walked why w.his lawyer to enter a not guilty plea on charges he owned three assault weapons that are illegal in california. these found after sheriff deputies were called to his home during a 2012 party. that night, several shots were fired by smith, and by another guest. now, smith was later stabbed accord together deputies by a gang member who had


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