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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  November 12, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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49ers linebacker alden smooj smith looked like when he was arrested. >> here is what he looked like today, going to court to answer to charges. >> reporter: keep in mind at peer yens was for three felony weapons charges he will be back in court to face dui charges. those are separate charges. smith walked why w.his lawyer to enter a not guilty plea on charges he owned three assault weapons that are illegal in california. these found after sheriff deputies were called to his home during a 2012 party. that night, several shots were fired by smith, and by another guest. now, smith was later stabbed accord together deputies by a gang member who had crashed
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that party. now, deputies found rifles in his home, outside of the city limits. >> alden is interested in answering to the charges and you have to understand that this is a process. and today's court appearance was the first step. in that process and out of respect for the integrity of the judicial judicial system, we will not be making statements at this time. >> investigators say the linebacker crashed into a tree back in september. now, smith played for first time last week after a, missing a number of games because he was in rehab. he's expected to be back on the field this sunday. live in san jose, abc7 news. >> leanne, thank you. the teenager accused of setting a high school student on fire was
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in court today. the 16-year-old is charged with a hate crime and set to make a plea friday accused of setting an 18-year-old luke sasha fleeshman on fire in oakland fleeshman was wearing a skirt, identified as gender neutral. >> abc7 news is getting reports of people feeling a jolt when small earthquakes rattled the bay area this afternoon the first a getting tweets including felt like a big jolt in danville z san francisco, sunset district felt like a truck passing by. >> work crews took a step forward in efforts to tear down old eastern span of the bay bridge. ex-cave yafting machines began ripping up sections of the
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old upper deck, taking ut hundreds of feet of concrete ask rebar. cruise trying to keep it tidy. the new bridge so close to old, that flying debris could be a threat so they're being careful there are environmental concerns. >> the bridge has lead paint on it. who knows how much gas and oil spilled on the deck. and there are boats passing through here. >> abc7 news is tweeting some cool pictures of the span. here you can see people climbing a staircase to get from lower deck to upper deck. you can see there is a photographer on top of the old bridge. you can take a look at the pictures on twitter. heather's live report is coming
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up for you at 6:00, too, stay tuned for that. >> u.s. state department says two americans are among the dead in destructions in the philippines. the number is expected to rise incoming days. rescuers reporting dire conditions in some hardest hit areas. united states issued an appeal for $300 million in aid for the 11 million people expected by the storm. >> we have no water here. and then, we just drain resources, collecting rain water just for emergency cases in our ers. so we need water. >> police operations are underway but getting help is very difficult. the airports air traffic control system is down.
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and looting has become a problem. much the result of those trying just to survive. a food drive underway in the bay area to help the hungry. students have a huge response aren't cash donations preferred? >> it's true. cash is preferred by relief agencies but a bay area agency found a shipper willing to transport both food and other donated goods free. the drive is on here at san jose state. >> in minutes donations began pouring in. not perishable food that can be shipped to feed 2 million people in need. >> many of us in this organization have family down there or you know, friends there. so we're hoping you know this will help. >> he is the student association of filipinos at san jose state
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joaned by other groups. the food and cash donations will be turned over to project pearls a peninsula group active in helping poor in the philippines. one major focus is meeting needs of babies. >> we had boxes just for baby items like we had a lot of diapers, we had a lot of like, baby solutions. so we're trying to emphasize any type of sanitation things. >> the philippine government estimated pregnant mothers. >> i'm taking occupational they area pichlt how pregnant women just need a lot of nutrition and rest. so giving pedialite, i kept in mind. >> vivid images motivated many many to do what they can.
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>> it's hard. watching something like that. and it makes you want to help. it doesn't matter how much you give. as long as you help out. >> for a student that is a sacrifice to give cash. >> it's just lunch. >> and if you would lick to donate to the relief efforts we have information for you on abc7 >> police asking for help finding a missing college student. the 20-year-old derek chow last seen thursday morning. he was heading to class at san francisco city college but never made it. he is about 510, and weighs about 185 pounds. last seen wearing black rimmed glasses, dark jeans and red, white, black nikes if you have information contact san francisco police department. >> nearly 30 people living wrels tonight after fire ripped
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through their apartment building the fire so intense, forcing foam jump from a second floor window to get to safety. >> there is no good time for a hire. but 2:45 may be the worst time. two dozen people sleeping today in hayward when flames erupted. one man shot this video. the flames, huge the smoke was blinding but everyone made it out alive >> everybody is like get out, out. it's just smoke covering the whole apartment. >> insieshgd you can see how devastating flames can be. nothing left except for water and smell of smoke. 27 people were evacuated from homes including eight children this, baby escaped while father and uncle had to jump to safety. >> she crawled through the fence
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and after that, she held the baby. and slid down through steps. >> my sister able to go down, crawl down stair was the baby by the time me and my brother-in-law got to the door it was too late. so we had to jump off the balcony. he had cuts and a minor knee injury you but did not need to go to the hospital. he was the oefrnl person injured sadly a dog died in the flames. 17 of the 27 people displaced from the fire are getting help from the red cross. many tell me about the fear. now, flames are out and another feeling has taken over. >> are you feeling lucky you made it out? >> thanking god i'm safe. >> the fire marshal believes the fire was accidental and it appears to have started in the kitchen. >> there is a community meeting tonight to address concerns about cancer-causing vapors
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seeping into a mountain view neighborhood. this abc7 news learned advance of some testing. people living near the old intel building knew a toxic plume contaminated ground water with a vapor. it found high concentrations of tce. we've learned results from the tests found no traces of the chemical above ground. epa going to talk about findings and plans to clean up the area tonight at 7:00. >> warmer climate beck ones, coming up heading to hawaii but who compensates? >> getting drivers to get out of the way. a new effort could save your life.
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>> also, here, toys go high tech. michael finney and consumer reports hit the toy aisle. which ones should be on your holiday shopping list. >> and bay area's model peacemaker now in a national soon, californians from sacramento to salinas to san diego will have equal access to quality health insurance. those who need financial assistance will get it. and nobody will be denied because of a pre-existing condition. welcome to a new state of health. welcome to covered california. we are your health insurance marketplace. enroll today at or call 1-800-300-1506.
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hawaii senators approved same-sex marriage. the governor is expected to sign it into law, making hawaii the 15th state to legalize same-sex marriage. there is growing pressure for california state senator calderon to resign under allegations he accepted bribes. today he was stripped of his committee assignments by the
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senate rules committee. first time the panel has taken the action. tomorrow a group of southern california lawmakers will hold a news conference calling on calderon to resign. >> another group of laim lawmakers is feeling heat over planned trip to hawaii. 16 lawmakers will fly to maui sunday for a policy conference organized by a group independent project. the sponsors contributed $7,000 to attend panel discussions about health care economic development and public health. government watch dogs saying it exposes officials to undue influence. >> we don't know about the conference they're going to maui. they're educating legislatures on issues we don't know what issues are or what relationships are built. a separate group meeting next week. the trip sponsored by pacific policy foundation. >> thousands of people insured
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by anthem blue cross in california will not have policies cancelled after all. state insurance commissioner announced 104,000 anthem policy holders will be keeping their insurance until the end of february. the policies set to expire december 31st but are extended because anthem failed to give required 90 day notice. anthem is the latest major health insurar to delay coverage in the wake of controversy over related deadlines. >> officials released i video to remind us what to do when emergency vehicles turn on lights ask sirens. >> drive to the right edge of the road. >> listen to this. emergency vehicles use lights and sirens 500 times per day just in santa clara county. officials say in the enough people know what to do. so there is a safety campaign for the month of
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november. >> winter weather approaching it's darker. there are decreased visibility and poor weather z often times, people are distracted by thinking about holiday parties. and things going on. >> santa clara county is asking people to help spread the word we have a link on our web site under see it on tv. good idea. >> yes >> good to know. >> yes. >> well, more toys are going high tech. ties are not the one wez grew up with. >> no. we had rocks. >> consumer reports partnered with michael finney to find out. >> little football players shaking down the toys. it's a toy season time. 80% of the $20 combrinl comes in now until the end of the year. increasingly those toys are high tech, but which are worth it?
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shop smart magazine by consumer reports can high tech toys we'll figure out what went wrong and will come back with. right now. >> the point is that it's very different. >> it's very different. there are fabulous toys out there we'll show them to you >> sorry about that. we'll get back to it >> let's take a look outside with our meteorologist sandhya patel. >> it's on the chilly side up here, the system, what a disappointment. trace amounts in other parts of the bay area. but that is it. we weren't expecting a lot just enough to create slick roadways for are parts of the morning commute. no moisture
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left, just clouds out of here as well. you're seeing clear skies, temperatures 63 in san francisco. 65 in oakland. 66 san jose. 67 in los gatos. now, temperatures mid to upper 60s coast side got to 77 in livermore, look at this shot. upper 60s in fairfield and livermore. turned out to be a nice, mild day. from our camera, you can see skies are clear and weather changes for the weekend. here a cold front working towards us, never made it. the front fizzled off shore but enough to basically squeeze out a little in the way of light showers and sprinkles
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now here is a look at what is coming up tonight. do expect clear skies. in the morning a cool start in the afternoon. back to smiez and mild. high clouds and lovely weather. there is a system coming from the north. cold low bringing us cooler weather saturday and sunday. so stay tuned, tomorrow morning it's going to be cooler. clear conditions tomorrow afternoon, in the south bay, 72 san jose. 74 los gatos and morgan hill. you'll see blue skies downtown. sunset district. mid-60s for north bay, 64 stintson beach. 72
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inland spots low to mid-70s i don't think we have a lot to complain about. and a look at the accu-weather forecast there is a mild pattern, cooler breezier with 50s and 60s and going with temperatures again. by stay tuned. that time period, not in agreement with rain chances. live on the roof of the kgotv broadcast center i'm sandhya patel. >> is that a pay per view fight? >> boxing match. >> coming up celebrating end of a journey with this woman. >> and then a new plan for keeping kids off the streets in oakland. will it cause more
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to thosuffered in silence... hoped... and lived in a state of fear... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need.
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and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at or call 800-675-2607.
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we want to go back to michael finney. things different these days. >> these are not the kind of toys your grandfather messed around with. consumer reports looked at high tech toys. maybe the best indicator of a good toy is the look on a child's face. more and more, technology is popping up in our childrens play rooms. so, consumer reports shop smart fixed some of the best high tech toys then put them to the test. having real kids play with them. >> when you put this in, it's a different game. you're playing video games. with the whole story that ties together. just a blah blast.
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>> the activity is $50. this brings a little back dress to a new level. >> okay. >> young designers pick colors barbie costs $50. a box of modules and let you build. it contains a lot of at $20 it brings solar system alive. the good dose of create activity, technology can be child's play. >> books aren't just books.
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also, consumer reports in the middle of testing these and we'll let you know what they find out as soon as they're ready. >> good stuff >> thank you. thank you. >> we have video showing a burning apartment building. crowds gathered and a tluk truck arrived breaks failed. and... crashed. officials say the truck was inspected just before the crash, nothing wrong with it. >> wow >> well a canadian rower is now the first north american woman to complete a solo journey across the atlantic
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rode every day every day for 129 days and says the journey feels like a dream. it was real for boats cap sized. she says she wanted to raise awareness about the importance of eco systems >> one woman using her celebrity status to raise awareness about something people don't think about. that is land mines. she is one of the faces of the gap holiday 2013 campaign. she co-founded roots of peace childrens penny campaign. travelled with her when she was 18 to see where land mines went.
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we're very, very proud. >> that organization has done inincredible work. >> yes. yes. exciting to see. >> kids and bicycles going hand in hand. coming up, christmas
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sed ewelcome to covered california. now, you can no longer be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at coming up at 6:00 there is a proposal that could take a hefty toll on computers. also, the staggering number of dogs killed or sickened by jerky treats from china. michael finney investigates where it's taking so long to get answers. and it's a tuesday in november. why many
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couples in the bay area decided to tie the naut today. now, back to dan and cheryl. >> thank you >> under served kids were treated to a surprise today. courtesy of san francisco star was san francisco 49ers >> yes. it's fun. 49 delivered to 49 kids >> miners teamed up with n nonprofit turning wheels for kids to assemble new wheels. >> today, the nonprofit delivered them.. >> i used to have a bike but i grew out of it. i had to get a new bike. i never got a new bike. >> many say the bikes are the first they've owned. >> that is exciting about meeting stars as they were about getting bicycles. >> ride safely, kids. >> that is going to do it for us world news is next.
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>> from all of us here, thanks for watching. we appreciate your time. see you again at 6:00. welcome to "world news." tonight icy blast, 80 million people getting into the first hit of winter, stretching from the midwest to florida. miracle drug, is it for you or you? big news tonight, a third of all adults may need to start taking a drug to prevent heart disease and stroke. and real money, our team saves you hundreds of dollars at the grocery store in minutes. how this family is getting paid to shop for the food they want. >> that's huge. good evening and good to be with you as more than 80 million people are in it together tonight, the shivering, the sliding, the snow and the deep freeze, stretching all the way from the north down to the gulf coast in this country.


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