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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  November 13, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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park next half hour. >> there was a frightening incident and authorities are searching for an intruder caught on video. katie marzullo is in the newsroom. >> security improvements have been made but they want more. they had a safety meeting last night because last week the man in this video with the long hair went into the office and gave the little girl's first name and he get a visitors pass and wandered around campus and then left. the mother has seen this video and says she has no idea who the man s. >> i was frightened. i never made any provisions and what if it was someone i didn't know, a complete stranger. >> it is called an "error," but
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he did not have to show i.d. and was given the pass. visitors now have to sign in and show i.d. and be on an approved list. the school has add more security cameras. she and other parents still want a higher fence around the school and a buddy system where the kids go to the bathroom only in pairs. police are looking for the stranger in the video. >> relief workers are scrambling to get more food, water and medical supplies to survivors of super typhoon haiyan. there are no available trucks and roads closed in philippines with looting because they we have restored order. the president of the philippines believes the death toll will be far lower than the original estimate of 10,000. the government raised the death toll to 2,275 sure passion the low end of what was predicted
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yesterday. two americans are among the dead. >> people here with loved ones are desperate to get there. matt? >> more flights from sfo are headed to the philippines today and many family members are going to be on the flight hoping to help out loved ones. it costs $1,500 a person for a round trip ticket to manila but many are grabbing cash and flying to the philippines including a couple bringing a tent and duffle bag with medicine and bandages. necessity bought the tickets after confirmation that the parents are alive in tacloban. the house is destroy asked they are under a two-story house but when it rains, they are wet. they are soaking wet but could
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not leave because no one is helping them because it is each his own. >> another family flew out last night. when they will land they will pry to get 350 miles away where the family home has crumbled. friends and family are giving them money to take back with them to help. as for people arriving from the philippines, many are not from the hardest hit by the typhoon. it is difficult for people to get from the damaged areas to an airport to get out of the country. >> if you would like do donate to the relief efforts we have the information on our website at, click on "see it on tv." >> oakland police have another policemenning problem that caused severe flooding for the second time in five months similar to what happened in june when a broken toilet spilled so much water that the building was closed to the public for a week.
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saturday a valve brock. folks thought it was plugged but it started up again on monday morning. the building remains open as crews mop up the water that seeped down several floors. >> the latest proposal for a curfew oblong people in oakland is shot down. a public safety committee rejected the plan to impose the occur sue banning minors from being in the public alone from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. saying it would keep children from becoming crime victims but critics say young people could be up fairly profiled by police. >> the man and former lover accused of murdering a federal investigator will stand trial. a preliminary hearing lasted more than a week. the 56-year-old randy alana is charged with strangling sandra coke and taking her car and using her debit cards. the body was found in a park in
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august. he insists he did not kill her but does not deny being at motel where authorities think she was killed. he is a career criminal with 17 felony convictions and will be in court in two weeks. >> the senate transportation committee is launching the first of a series of hearings into why the new bay bridge costs so much and took so long to build. state senator from concord is chairing the informational hearing at the capital. the committee hopes the hearings. help draft reform legislation to manage future mega projects such as the $68 billion high-speed rail plan. in 1998 engineers estimated construction of the new bridge could take four years and cost $1.4 billion but it took 11 years and costs $6.4 billion. the one day down and 1,100 left to go the demolition of the bay bridge resumes. we were office the span as crews started the work.
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the big concern is keeping debris from hitting and damaging the new span or falling into the water. the demolition will take three years. >> golden gate bridge commuters will pay higher tolls by spring. the bridge directors will meet to explore options on proceeding. the toll could go up to $8 we the next five years. officials say the hikes are needed to make up $142 million budget deficit. officials say the extra revenue is used for maintenance and running buses and ferries which reduce rush hour congestion. >> your help is needed to find a missing san francisco college student. 20-year-old derrick shao was seen thursday morning in the bayview district and headed to class at city college of san francisco but never got there. he is 5' 10". he was last seen wearing black rimmed glasses and dark jeans with red, white and black nike
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shoes. >> police chase ended in a mysterious injury crash. officers lost the suspect's car before the collision yesterday afternoon. the impact was so intense you can see crews used the jaws life on the black car to free the victim. two people in that car were seriously hurt when the suspect's car slammed interest them. police arrested two people in the suspect's vehicle. though say the drive is a gang member wanted for felonies. a third suspect remains loose. now a check on the weather forecast amount you mayor want to grab a heavy are coast inland from 1 degrees cooler in livermore and ten in fairfield to 13 in napa to nine in santa rosa and novato. hayward and san francisco are six degrees cooler than yesterday. same in mountain view. a lot of us are in the 40's, 48 in san jose and concord and 53
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in oakland, a warm spot, and 54 in san francisco and 51 in hayward and mountain view and 43 in santa rosa for the cool spot. you can see it is clear at sfo and not expecting delays into sfo. cooler but dry commute today. through noon, total sunshine and touching 70's inland. a few high clouds this afternoon and in the evening. temperatures this afternoon are the same as yesterday. it will be cooler in the evening. most of us after 7:00 are back in the 50's. we will look at the potential fire danger in the seven-day forecast but first an update from leg laying. >> good morning. in the north bay you will see where the area shaded in orange is indicating where fog could affect the commute. slowly creeping over 101 headed
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through petaluma and novato and to the south. when you head south of 580 there are clear conditions. in san jose we have construction northbound and southbound 880 to 280 with lanes blocked on both sides of the freeway not causing too much slowing. 280 is clear northbound and southbound were into cupertino. in our camera looking to the bay bridge in emeryville, a few cars making it to treasure island so still looks to be at top speed. eric and kristen? >> california's fast food industry on the hotseat, and a question state lawmakers have about the wages require. >> bizarre crime in stockton, a woman was kidnapped and fairingsed to be part of an
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exorcism. dozens of chihuahuas are sent thousands
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covering santa rosa, berkeley and all bay area this is abc7 news. >> view from san francisco on this wednesday morning. the temperatures are much like yesterday. mike has more on that all ahead. >> new york city firefighters are checking the stability of a apartment building after a four alarm blaze in queens. three residents were hurt trying to escape, one reported hearing an explosion before smoke and flames started pouring out of the third-floor window. the fire spread all the way to the top floor. firefighters say parts of two floors collapsed.
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>> two stockton men accused of kidnapping a woman and performing an exorcism on her. the 40-year-old-year-old woman was taken by her husband and son. they were separated if john and she began seeing someone else. she held her down and pastor drove to a church in bay point. >> they bathed me in oil and made me swallow the oil and i started throwing up and the pastor said, you have the devil, get out, get out, get out, and then i fainted. >> blanca sent a text to her boyfriend during the ordeal alerting him she was if trouble. after the so-called exorcism she was drive ton -- was driven to her home where arrests were made. >> there is a hague on low wages in the food industry and how they could affect taxpayers
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after a movement last month called for reagans minimum wage for fast food worker to $15 an hour. researchers released a report showing low wage fast food jobs cost california taxpayers $717 million a year for public programs and other resources workers need to survive. lawmakers will take up the matter this afternoon. >> the warriors have unveiled a new design for the proposed basketball arena along the san francisco water front. a citizens adds advisory committee assembled by the port commission had the first look at it and the reviews were mention ed. >> this is the first view you will see. >> the new plane for the warriors debuted in front of a mixed crowd, a scaled back version of the 18,000' venue planned for the pier below the bay bridge. the size is smaller and the top edge will be lower. there will be an extra acre of
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friend space on the pier but all of that did not silence critics would live near. >> it would be jammed with cars and you will not be able to exit or get to your property or come back from a day away after having a project. the warriors have tried to make the concerns go away. >> it is the most transit rich possible with bart, muni and the terminal that opened in 2017. >> industry has changed and entertainment and retail are two very vital industries. i commend the plan. >> in final decision is expected for some time. the warriors would like the arena in place for the 2017-18 season. >> virgin airlines will go to the dogs this morning when the chihuahua operation to new york city begins.
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virgin america, san francisco animal care and control and the aspca have teamed up since 2010 to send the dogs to new homes if new york. west coast animal shelters have an overpopulation of chihuahuas and there is a demand in new york. the latest group will be given the red carpet treatment when they leave sfo this morning. >> they probably get first-class seats, too. >> okay...what great care. >> we will talk about how you might want to put a sweater on the dog if you are walking the dog. and maybe even the booties for the dog. we do have fog. the visibility if novato is a mile and 1.75 in napa and santa
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rosa. we will watch it to see if it tries to pass over the san pack let and head to san francisco but this is where it is. the winds are light. this is how it looks from east bay hills camera. clean and dry air leading to a mostly sunny day today. mild temperatures again with high clouds in the afternoon skies. it will be breezy thursday and friday but not up to fire standards but that is still a concern and something to watch. this weekend, we are flipping between rain, but it will be cooler this weekend for sure. we will have to nail down that as we get closer with the snow headed to the sierra. low-to-mid 70's in the south bay with temperatures looking like yesterday. milpitas and santa cruz 70, and los gatos and morgan hill 74 and
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upper 60's to low 70's on the peninsula with menlo park and peel appeal at 70 and low-to-mid 60's along coast with upper 60's downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and low-to-mid 70's through the north bay valley with low-to-mid 60's at the coast and upper 60's to low 70's along the east bay shore and berkeley and alameda at 68 and 69 and the east bay valleys low-to-mid 70's. tonight the temperatures are like this morning with high clouds that could keep us a degree or two warmer and the fog at a minimum in 9 north bay valley. we will fast forward to this evening and we call this a short wave, not a huge storm. this is the big pattern. this is short. it is small. it moves through the bay area and that kicks up the wind thursday and friday and you can see right new it is going to be cooler and breezy saturday and most of the wet weather stays inside of the bay area. that means in the sierra and nevada. the seven-day forecast shows temperatures back in the 50's
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and 60's friday through monday. leyla gulen? >> there is fog in the north bay and that is coming over 101. it could hamper your visibility so use the low beams and drive slow. the rest of our bay area is looking clear with lots of green on the map. it is indicating top speeds on all of our roadways and we have slowing, though, headed into castro valley along southbound 238 away from the nimitz and to dublin but that is due to construction that is happening in the area the nimitz is at top speeds. the drive time traffic from the westbound direction from tracy to dublin you are under 30 hints and highway 4 antioch to concord is 15 minutes. here is walnut creek southbound 680 away from highway 4 and everyone is making their way down to the 24 junction. >> check this identity: workers
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are assembling a tree sculpture at palo alto city hall plaza, a life-sized weeping willow with 40,000 enter active lights came from burning man festival two years ago and is on display for a year. the lights can be controlled with smartphone or tablet, the colors and how it pulses. it will be a plato gather, interact and get inspired. the requested came from two kids who raised money, one dime at a time, in a jar, and got the city on board. >> the cancer help causing vapors seeping into a south bay neighborhood. some welcome news if you live or work there. >> state lawmakers head to hawaii. who is footing the bill to get together amid
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>> good morning, with a picture of the san mateo bridge where you do not see fog but meteorologist, mike nicco, says it is somewhere. we will talk about that and the warmer temperatures coming up. >> the first postage stamp with image great harry potter movies go on sale with 20 first-class forever harry potter stamps that have 20 unique images from the eight movies of the boy wizard, friends and fantastic creatures. you can order them by the website or buy in person. >> now we know what to get mike for christmas. >> that is cool. good morning, everyone, here is a look at radar, broadening out to show you all of california and nevada and utah and arizona with the clouds from yesterday moving away with low clouds off the coast. they will stay that way. you can see the high clouds
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coming in from monterey and near 80 in sacramento, record high in tahoe is 64 today. temperatures are in the 80's, san diego 81, los angeles, 89, same in palm springs, check out the warmth in palm spring, above average. leyla gulen? >> we have a report of a solo vehicle spinout on highway 4. it looks like egg was running on time. however, this could start to slow traffic in the westbound direction along highway 4 coming up to bailey with slowing through antioch moving at top speed. headed along 680 from walnut creek to dublin is 14 minutes and 101 southbound from santa rosa to san francisco is 50 minutes. watch out for the fog. only 23 minutes through the santa cruz mountains and in san jose northbound 280 away from 17 it is empty.
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>> officials at uc berkeley have now met their goal of reducing the carbon footprint two years early. the campus has saved electricity for seven years by let tremendous fitting the buildings and saved a million gallons of fuels by encouraging bicycle use and buying more solar and wind energy. they claim the greenhouse gas emissions are below what they were in 1990 and plan to set a new target for further reduction by spring. >> we have learned the results of federal tests on cancer causing vapors seeping into a neighborhood. people living near the old intel building and factory knew a taxic plume had contaminated the ground water with a vapor that can cause birth defects and cancer. in november the epa notified residents there were high concentrations of a pollution
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with tests lately done found no traces above ground. >> thousands of people insured by blue cross-blue shield will not have policies canceled after all. state insurance commissioner dave conference said 104,000 poll holders will keep their insurance until the end of february. policies were to expire december 31 but they failed to give the required 90 day notice. they are the 60 major insurer to delay canceling individual policies that do not meet requirements of the affordable care act. >> a grouch state lawmakers is feeling the heat over a trip to hawaii with 16 california lawmakers flying to maui for a convince organized by the independent voter project. responsors paid $7,000ized to attend panel discussions with the lawmakers on health care, economic development and public
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safety. this is held at the ocean front resort with government watch dogs saying this supposes officials to undue influence. our we do not know about the conference. there are special interest groups and lobbyists and educating the legislators on the issues and we do not know the issues. >> a separate group state lawmakers is meeting in hawaii this week which is sponsored by the pacific policy research foundation. >> the s.w.a.t. machines go dark at the newest -- the slot machines go bark at the newest graton resort and casino because of an embarrassing power outage with reaction from gamblers. >> the death toll climbs in the wake of typhoon haiyan. >> and a vow from tesla after three luxly cars catch
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. >> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning on when at 5:00. thank you very much for joining us. >> so, two days until friday. >> that is right. let's look at the forecast. >> well start with visibility. concern in the north bay and novato is less than quarter mile visibility and napa is 1.25 visibility and santa rosa is less by the moment at half a mile. everyone else is doing okay. so far the fog is staying in the north bay valley. temperatures today unmostly


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