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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  November 13, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> another earthquake shakes up the east bay. >> this time the earthquake was a 3.4 centered in san ramon, the second minor earthquake to hit the city and the third in two days. we have received several calls from people who felt the earthquake at 9:30.
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one person felt a sharp jolt. yesterday a 2.9 earthquake shook san ramon at 3:35. minutes later 2.89 math >> survivors of typhoon haiyan are growing desperate for food, water and medicine with the toll at 2,275. eight were crushed when looters raided a warehouse looking for supplies. the united states is send two new warships that should arrive tomorrow. the first round of supplies have been trickling in.
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the first deliveries have been made. some have had no water or food for five days. crew whose brought supplies calling it logistical nightmare to reach the people. >> several would happened to be visiting the philippines survived and are returning home. we caught up with then at sfo. matt? >> people who were overseas at the time are making their way back to the bay area and they are sharing their stories about devastation. routine could be the reality of 56-year-old marriage but there was nothing routine with this reunion of a couple at san francisco international airport this morning. i am so happy. so happy. so happy. >> she was visiting her family when typhoon haiyan hit. she says it rained hard and the win was strong knocking out power and shutting down the water supply.
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her thoughts were with the people hit tell by the typhoon. >> it is really, really bad. lots of people died. there is one place that really is wiped out. there is nothing left. >> in manila, this gentleman was on vacation when the typhoon hit. he talked to his friends where people were looking for shelter and food. the sons helping and americans and other countries are delivering supplies and helping emescape the devastated areas by carrying hundreds by plane. >> everyone wants to go out because they are afraid, you know, that people might be hungry, of course, they could problem and kill each other we
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-- because of that. >> people are trying to get to the filipinos at a cost of $1,500 for ronald reagan trip -- for round trip tick tote manila packing supplies to their family members in the philippines. >> a congressional committee has tough questions for the i.t. people behind the health care website. they want to know when it will be up and running. katie marzullo is in the newsroom with more. katie? >> "when" is the question. that answer is not looking good. another problem, machines who are losing health care plans they like. the california state insurance commissioners says a million in california have received cancellation notices. >> today on capitol hill, another hearing about the problems at health . >> we are here to examine the failure. a subpoena was issued.
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>> we have much work to do. >> the calls are growing for millions of american losing their health care plans because of new requirements under the law. year, former president bill clinton said president obama needs to act. house republicans have. they are proposing legislation that restores the ability for thevilles to keep their plan. the website is struggling to handle heavy user traffic. the list is not getting shorter of things to fix with a real possibility the website will not be functional fully for a vat majority of users by december 1. this woman was the face of the website when first launched but her photo was taken down. she spoke out with abc in an interview. she asked we not use her last name is from colombia and not a citizen. she believes the photo would be a stock photo to promote it and
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did not anticipate the publicity . >> soon the white house will release the health care enrollment numbers with officials setting low expectations. >> katie, thank you very much. san jose police are investigating 40 the homicide after a disturbance last night after 6:00. there was an unresponsive man west of interstate 680. he was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead. no one has been arrested. a sheriff deputy accused of bank robbery could learn if he will stand trial. the man is accused of robbing a bank of america in the outer richmond district last november. he faces several felonies. he walked into the bank and handed the teller a note saying he had a gun and took off with
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$1,700. investigators recognized him and found the prints on the note. he filed for bankruptcy and has been suspended from the --. -- from the department. >> a man walked interest an elementary school campus claiming he was there to meet a parent. the man was given a visitor's pass and wandered all over campus before disappearing. the school is reviewing their visitor policy to make changes. >> the university of california's new president, janet napolitano, is calling for tuition freeze for the next school year. napolitano proposed this dug -- during the first special speech. she visited many of the ten campuses. the former homeland security secretary says education needs to be more accessible the >> it is time for this
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university to come up with a better way. i want tuition to be as low as possible and i want it to be as predictable as possible. >> napolitano wants community college transfers to be made more efficient with innovations from research to hit the market more rapidly and the system become a zero energy user by 2025. >> the new graton resort and casino is open for business after being in the dark overnight. the casino and 3,600 other pg&e customers lost power when a driver crashed into a pole before 11:00 last night. the drive ran off. the casino evacuated. power was restored in 90 minutes >> oakland police are dealing with a plumbing problem that is causing flooding. in june, a toilet spewed so much water they closed the building for a week. on saturday, a valve broke but
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the fix did not stick. crews are mopping up water that seeped down several floors damaging rugs, decks and computers. >> a lake is closed because of am percent. san jose is warning people not to drink the water because it pose as great risk to children and pets. >> the people on treasure island could be at risk of radiation poisoning. there is a state health department moment ran da -- memoranda that shows radioactive material was found on part of the island. they wanted there could be waste in the ground where children could find it. the navy has been cleaning up treasure island for six years. this year, the city of san francisco sent letters to residents saying low level radioactivity in the soil did not pose a threat.
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>> the importance of a good night's sleep and proof it is important to your child's performance. >> a firefighter became part of the emergency rescue when he took quite a fall.
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check this out: you see a firefighter in arizona standing on a balcony and he falls on and the railing behind him, gives way. watch. the firefighter is holding on to a large piece debris and he goes over. his boots catch on the ledge and he hangs while the crew get as ladder and pulls him to safety. he was not hurt. >> amazing. amazing. >> abc7 news is proud to be part of the 4th annual operation 7 campaign with our corporate partners including the home depot to officer public awareness of fire safety and carbon monoxide poisoning. kristen and president and general manager bill burton hosted the event if several agencies at the fire department in cupertino. that is where abc7 news reporter joins us. wayne? >> it is aget getting one or two
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of these in your homes. if you don't is them we will help you. an hour ago here in cupertino, the again that makes the detectors has donated 3,000 smoke alarms and another 300 smoke detectors with help from abc7 we will get them in the hands and homes of people who need them in oakland, san jose, san francisco, menlo park, santa clara county. the fire department keeps them in trucks. the captain will not leave the station without one because he never knows when he might need it. >> we carry on our rig two or three of the smoke detector but with the advent of what was donated we will be able to carry carbon monoxide detectors which will help everyone. if the situation lends itself and we go into a house for a medical call, we always look around to see if they have a working smoke detector and if
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they don't i will have one of the guys go to the rig and offer it to them and say, without like 9 smoke ticketer, can we put it in? >> does anyone say no? >> they usually say it would be wonderful. >> especially when it saves lives. it happens more often than you think. a mile from here an alarm went off in a laundry room that alerted the family. they got out. they were saved. the house was saved. we will go talk to them and have more of that later this afternoon on the news. live from cupertino for abc7. >> for more information on operation 7 save a life, check out >> we are on the roof the broadcast center enjoying the
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warm sunshine. it has a short shelf life with cooler weather tomorrow and through the extended forecast. amike, thank you. >> the newest gadget of google could leave a mark on communication.
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covering daly city, dublin, los gatos and all bay area this is abc7 news.. >> tesla motors c.e.o. said they will not recall the model s although three cars have caught fire in six weeks.
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in an interview he called the headlines misleading and claims the cars are safe. rumors of a possible recall sent the shares down 5 percent yesterday. he said debt that would recall the model s immediately if he thought there was a safety problem. >> this is not go news for commuters on the golden gate bridge who will likely pay higher tolls by spring. the directors will meet on friday to on explore options which could go up to $8 in the next five years. officials say the hikes are needed to make up $12 million budget deficit. the district faces that deficit. officials say the extra revenue is used for maintenance and run buses can ferries which reduces rush hour congestion on the bridge. >> a study from uc berkeley shows for teens good grades and burning the midnight oil do not mix. more than 2,500 teens were studied and 30 percent went to bed latter than 11:30 during the
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week and 1:30 a.m. in the summer. when they graduated the night owls had lower grade point average and a greater chance of developing emotional problems. the study is published in "journal of adolescents and chair health." >> it is very nice up here with a lot of sunshine. you can see there is more haze in the air. there is not a "spare the air" which will change tomorrow with the first of cold fronts dropping our peoples where they should be or below. we have low clouds on the coast. that is it. you can see the wins are faster. half moon bay is thin. and the rest of us have variable which is an indication of high pressure which is putting a lid
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so it look less clean than yesterday. check out the temperatures: oakland is 60. that is coolest. 70 in fairly. 72 in antioch and los gatos. 69 in san ramon. 68 in concord. 66 in san jose. in san jose you can see the gorgeous sunshine. we will have a few high clouds this afternoon. it will be bright day away from the coast. the low clouds will be stubborn. temperatures are above average. breezy on thursday and friday. we have unsettled weekend in a second system. both storms, though, will bring scattered snow showers to the sierra and leave us high and dry. you can see thing for sneaking beyond the golden gate bridge with temperatures from four degrees warmer in san francisco at 69 and six to nine degreeers higher
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low-to-mid 60's on the coast. 69 in san francisco. everyone else is in the low-to-mid 70's. tonight, it will be warmer than this morning by three or four degrees. it will be cool inland. low-to-mid 40's. low 50's for the rest of us. the high clouds will act as an insulation. the top of the screen, the area of low pressure is a fast moving system with limited moisture. by 5:00 tomorrow and into friday morning, the fastest wind will pick up. look at the second, that will keep us cool right behind it, through the weekend. today, the temperatures are going to lose two to four
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degrees and again on friday and again on saturday with a little warming trend sunday, monday and tuesday but all seven days look to be dry. we are in a drought. it is getting desperate. the wear is still very clean so do not worry. mike? >> we get our first look at google's new electronic tattoo. you stick it on your neck or collar to communicate with your smartphone without an earpiece or headset. you could use it to making calls clearer or listen to music. no official word, yet, from google. >> the delay behind "50 shades of gray" and fans may find it worth the wait. >> the man who received the first
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to those who've encountered welcome to covered california. new, affordable health plans so you can be ready for whatever comes your way. enroll today at
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bending over backwards to repair their image, pants being recalled for being too shear are back in the stores. >> at 5:00, twitter and others are moving in, we will show you the extraordinary steps being taken to keep artists from being forced from san francisco's mid-market area. >> the book "50 shades of gray," is being turned into a movie that is now scheduled to be released valentine's 2015 so you have time to plan. there is a kinky billionaire christian gray. >> it will be released same time as "guardians
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[cheers and applause] >> hey! what's up? what up, buddy? everybody, what up? what up? what up, dude? what up? hey, hey, hey! hello. >> hi, nice to meet you. >> how are you? good. [cheers and applause] >> hey! >> yeah. hello, and welcome to millionaire. today's first contestant has had her hands full for the last 8 1/2 months with her new baby son, and she's now hoping to win enough money to go on a little getaway with her husband. give it up for keisha husain from south richmond hill, new york. what's up, keisha? >> hey, how you doing, cedric? >> good. so from my understanding, you've got some kind of weird baby advice. people-- >> i have. i mean, i get some good advice, but the most interesting one has


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