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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  November 14, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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right now pg&e says there are two outages in sausalito affecting 1,100 customers. when the lights first went out 3,000 people were in the dark. pg&e says they are not sure what caused the outages but crews are working to restore power. >> we will get you a check on the traffic. leyla gulen? >> good morning. if you are in those areas where there is the power outage, in hayward and marin, drive carefully and slow down the speed. you will see the flashing red lights means it is a four-way stop. be careful out there. we do not see much of a traffic impact because it is still early. as we take you to hayward and check the freeways, so far, so
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good, in the northbound and southbound direction at 238, looking clear. 580 tracy to dublin is 24 minutes and 101 looking great and a look at the toll plaza it is wide open coming from emeryville to san francisco, with hardly any cars. now mike nicco? >> good morning, everyone, we will talk about potential issues. fog. look how thick it is. quarter mile in napa and novato and tracking low ceilings an the bay which will continue to lower in the morning. the fog is not so prevalent in san francisco as we look to the south but the clouds will lower. we will have mostly sunny conditions this afternoon but thing for will start the cooling trend but east bay valley, everyone else will be cooler.
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low-to-mid 70's inland and low-to-mid 60's for san francisco. now eric and kristen? >> muni is trying to determine if someone forgot to set the emergency break on a train filled with passenger rolling out of the station with no driver. it happened yesterday morning in san francisco. the metro operator stepped identity of the train and manually closed the door. the train was in automatic and pull away leaving the driver behind. a passenger says when they realized they had in driver and smelled something burning another passenger pulled the emergency brake. the train came to a stop snowed a tunnel at the forest hills station with necessity cell service or communication from the outside. >> we don't know if a train was coming up was...we were on our own without help from muni.
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>> they say the control center was alerted and a mechanic was inside of 12 minutes and drove the train to the station. officials say the we other trains are stopped and passengers never were in danger. >> two fess that -- two tesla employees recovered after an accident. a third worker was treated and released. the c.e.o. visited the injured workers. >> tesla c.e.o. came to visit three employees injured in an industrial accident in fremont at the plant. >> they are all conscious and are in good spirit. >> you can see the scene after the accident happened at noon. first responders thought there was a fire. >> after the first unit arrived it was reduced to two units.
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>> the c.e.o. said equipment malfunctioned in the dye casting operation. >> hot metal splashed on them and it looks like they will make a full recovery i am guessing. in the one kay, the gentleman's hands were burned badly. >> spokesman confirmed one employee has been dischargeed. the hospital is nationally recognized for their burn center. osha is investigating. in 2012 they said a citation was issued to tesla for several violations including one serious because they did not have protective quipment in place. >> navy ships have arrived in the philippines bringing relief to hundreds of thousands of victims who is gone without food
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or clean water for a week. the aircraft carrier uss george washington has begun relief operations with 5,000 sailors to distribute food and water and medicine. >> aid is still trickling in but only 20 trucks are operating half delivering food and the other half are clearing roads and removing bodies. the death toll is 2,357, 30 people buried in a mass grave suggest a ceremony today near the hard ever hit areas. >> communities that is long supported grass root agos in the philippines say if you want to help consider working with them rather than the traditional relief groups saying country groups have raised $100,000 so far and the money is already on the way to the philippines. >> other efforts are great and we not saying do not do that but they want to know that 100
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percent of their proceeds, of the donation go to communities on the ground in the philippines. >> the san jose office of the buddhist foundation is engaged in grass roots campaign to provide dehydrated food and blankets made from recycles plots. they built four schools to haiti after the earthquake and could do the same in the philippines. >> if you want to donate, we have the information on, click on "see it on tv." tomorrow night, a holy mass is held in san francisco for victims and survivors of the typhoon haiyan. it is open to the public and held at the filipino center building on center street near powell at 5:00 p.m. >> this morning, two women are behind bars accused of stealing the identities of dozens people including breast cancer patients. police arrested the two women november 5th in santa clara
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after they checked into a hotel using a fraudulent credit car. officers sent to investigate found stolen mail and personal information from 100 people in their hotel room. it was determined the information was for patients of the breast cancer center in oakland. they tracked down 15 of the patients most saying they had been victims of identity theft. >> fremont police are looking for a thief would posed as a delivery man in order to steal packages. look at the surveillance video. a man is carrying an empty box to a house on monday. he drops it off and picks up two other bogs delivered from amazon sitting on the front porch. he hopped into an older blue sedan and took off. >> today in walnut creek police will clear out three small downtown homeless encampment after getting complaints about
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thefts, assaults and indecent exposure located along a creek near south california boulevard near south main street. county health services and local homeless organizations are working to help a dozen people would live there find a new place to stay and connect them with essential services. >> now a check on the forecast. mike? >> we will talk about where the dense fog advisory with areas shaded if gray where is everywhere but the north bay mountains and the east bay valley. visibility is less than quarter of a mile through 9:00. 7:00, obviously we will have fog. temperatures are in the 40's to 50 of the it is milder this morning because of the cloud cover. by noon, hazy sunshine and temperatures in the low-to-mid 60's. by 4:00, a few high clouds and sunshine and notice the brees will start picking up as the cold front draws near.
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58 at the coast and 64 at bay at 4:00 and 70 inland and everyone is in the mid-50's to upper 50's at 7:00 but with the breezes it will feel cooler. the next three days, some of the coolest days will drop another two to six degrees with breezes tomorrow. a front is close enough that the rain could fall in mendocino lake but the rest of us are mid-50's to mid-60's for highs. now the morning commute. leyla gulen? >> we have a couple of things going on with a 20--minute bart delay eastbound in daly city. we have report after an overturned big rig westbound along 80 so we have lanes blocked because of the overturned i truck. so far it doesn't look to be causing delays in either direction but i want to have you
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watch out for that. there are power outages in hayward and marin. you will find the four-way stops and flashing red lights. every other person when you contracts intersections and drive slower because it is dark. the golden gate bridge shows a fog advisory in effect. if you are coming into san francisco use low beams. >> thank you. >> next, targeting female college students. a warning going out from police about cocktail drugging. >> the serious new charges facing the motorcycle rider at the center of a road rage beating caught on video. >> the traffic warning caltran has moving through the caldecott
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covering benea, san ramon,
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san mateo and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> imagine waking up this morning and seeing this, a sinkhole gobbling up your neighbor's home. this is happening in florida. the sheriff got emergency calls with seven homes evacuated. officials are evaluating the problem. >> grand jury is stepping up charges against a motorcyclist accused in the road rage attack on an s.u.v. driver in new york. christopher cruz faced four felony charges. the prosecution says he slowed down in front of a range rover and caused the accident that injured another motorcyclist and led to the driver being pulled from the s.u.v. and badly beaten. cruz was originally charged with a misdemeanor. >> software pioneer will testify
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in the murder case of his belize neighbor. he went on the run before sneaking out of belows and returning to the united states. the victim's family has filed a lawsuit against the software tighten. the two, add about mcafee's dog but mcafee says the to barely knew each other. >> there is an alarming trend on the university of santa cruz. three students have reported being drugged at parties. we have the details. >> if someone gives you a drink or if they are mixing a lot of stuff and you cannot tell what is in it, that is what happens. >> police say three female students were drugged at separate off campus parties. it happened over a two week period. one student was sexually assaulted. >> they felt we they had been intoxicateed and some got sick
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and vomited. >> i had a friend that something was tainted on the night of halloween but what was anding she was walking and she was not passed out somewhere. >> did your friend report this to police? >> not that i know. >> so this could be more unreported cases. the police believe students are becoming more open to reporting this because of a recent campaign they have been pushing. >> what to do if something happens. see something, say something, do something, that is part of the campaign. >> do not leave a drink even if you go to the bathroom. you drink it or throw it away. >> the drugs have already passed through the victim's body so they do not know what drug has been used. no one has been arrested. >> in palo alto four members of the city council want to expand the smoking ban in effect at all public parks.
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they want to extend the ban to downtown on california avenue and university avenue. the san jose mercury news says it makes it easier to enforce restrictions to get rid of space where smoking is still permitted. the city council will meet on monday to consider the proposal. >> a proposal by janet napolitano to freeze tuition for the next academic year is getting a lot of attention. napolitano revealed the land during the first speech to the board of regents yesterday. the former secretary of homeland security says she has heard from many students of the burden several recent hikes have caused. napolitano wants community college transfers to be made more efficient. innovations from research to hit the market more rapidly. also, the system to be zero net energy user by 2025. >> hundreds families receive
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free smoke alarms with the help of abc7 part of "operation 7 save a life," to increase fire safety awareness. 3,000 smoke detectors and 300 carbon monoxide detectors will be handed out. it was my privilege to be in cupertino at the firehouse kicking it off with our general manager, bill burton, and home depot and the company who makes the smoke alarms and fire detectors. >> i have hard wired and battery prayed. >> change the batteries. >> when daylight savings ends or begins, do that the message today is: fog. you cannot see. we will have flight arrival delays in sfo because of the low ceiling although we do not have foggy conditions around the bay
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the clouds are hanging lower in the north is we have the quarter-mile visibility in santa rosa and two miles at half moon bay and winds are light and variable and the fog will stay put through the only commute with wind at 12 miles per hour. this is how it looks from our east bay hills to 24, it is clear. because of that, you will get the sunshine you can handle today and you will have the warmest temperatures in the east bay valley. hazy sunshine and breezy as the cold front draws near mixing up the atmosphere and bringing us sunshine this afternoon. it will jump start the cooling trend from now through the weekend with rain getting close but it will stay north of us on saturday with scattered showers possible in mendocino county. you will notice the fog will stay thick through 9:00 and by 9:00 it will lift but notice
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over the water where it has the hard of the time mixing because the water is the slowest to warm we are going to have machinety of fog over the water and haze through 1:00 o'clock or 2:00 and everyone will have hazy sunshine in the afternoon hours with the best chance of clouds lingering along the coast. cooler conditions today upper 60's to 70's in the south bay with cupertino at 69. in the mid-to-upper 60's on the peninsula with low 60's along the coast and possibly 64 at sunset but that the same temperature for downtown and 6 a in sausalito and low-to-mid 70's through the north bay valley. the atmosphere is still warm with low-to-mid 60's at the coast and along the east bay shore mid-to-upper 60's from 66 at berkeley to 68 in from time to time and castro valley could be the warm spot at 70 and the east bay valley is warmest at mid-70's. tonight, the temperatures are the same as this morning and maybe slightly cooler inland with 30's.
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most of us in the mid-40's to around 50. here is what going on, the system is coming down today, breezy tomorrow, the next system is closer to the coast and shower activity to our north and a very moisture starved system. it will keep us breezy on saturday. saturday is the coolest day at ten degrees cooler than today. an ever-so-slow warming trend with sunny conditions and calmer weather sunday and monday and chance of shower on tuesday. >> mark is recovering from an early mechanical problem with 20-minute delay at daly city into the pittsburg direction and pleasanton and livermore direction. land is showing dark conditions with power outages so slow down your speed. we have fog advisory into san francisco. we also have this report of an
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overturned big rig westbound 80 in hercules and you could see the heave traffic popping up away from highway 4 so look out for that. when you pass the scene everything is wide open and no word when the truck will be uprighted and on the way. outside, this is a picture of walnut creek coming down 680 away from highway 4 all is calm and quiet. >> caltran will conduct more tests on the 4th bore of the caldecott tunnel with crews testing the fire and other safety systems and conduct a fire drill. they are wanting drivers to expect delays this weekend in the existing bores. the drivers could see delays up to 30 minutes starting late tomorrow night so crews can restripe the 4th bore which could open some time this weekend or monday morning.
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>> coming up, falling from the sky, a quiet night takes a heart-stopping turn from frightened passengers and what the pilot said is in question. >> caffeine jolt on a train? starbucks opens the first of its kind to ensure
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federal aviation officials are investigating an incident aboard a southwest airlines flight that scared the passengers. the flight was headed from north carolina when the pilot announced the plane was going down and people panicked and reached for cell phones when the plane nose diveed. >> that is what everyone thought, we were all going to die.
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you could have handled it differently. >> the flight was if tampa to north carolina and after the plane plummeted and leveled it made a safe landing at raleigh. there was a maintenance issue that may have involved cabin pressure but it was resolved when it descended to 25,000'. can you imagine? >> i cannot imagine a pilot saying that. >> here is mike. >> you can see the golden gate bridge and see how fog it is with temperatures cooler than average and we back in the 60's if most neighbors. as far as what will happen, you can see around the state today we are looking at a lot of high clouds. there is no rain. temperatures are going to run in the middle 70's through the central valley. tahoe is 59, warmer-than-average
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and 77 in san diego and 88 in palm springs. leyla gulen? >> on the golden gate bridge wrapping up with a few trucks picking up the coaches. we have a rot of an accident in heck cheese westbound 80 an over turned big rig which is causing delays. backups are there. we will keep you updated when the lanes will re-open. as we head into san jose we have this closure for the next five minutes morning and southbound highway 87, all lanes blocked with detours in place and cones are being picked up. this is the drive in central san rafael. before you get to the golden gate bridge you can see a ring around the headlights and that is an indication of fog in the northern areas. >> president obama has signed a new bill into law close to his part approving a bill that makes
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sure epi medicine is available to help children with severe food allergies. the president says his oldest daughter has a peanut allergy. >> starbucks is redefining "coffee to go." they unveiled the first ever served on a train on a swiss railbay with starbucks logo on the inside and out. the menu is on the train windows. inside, there is seating for 50 customers. do not expect this in the united states. starbucks says this is a test. they will see how well it does. >> we are following breaking news in the east bay where thousands spent part of the night in the dark. there was a huge power outage. >> potentially deadly disease discovered at a state-of-the-art bay area laboratory and what is
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abc7 news begins with breakings news. >> thanks for joining us at 5:00. >> in hayward, pg&e crews are working hard to restore power to thousands of customers after a violent crash brought down not one but two power poles. abc7 news is in hayward with more. amy? >> yes, they are working on repairs. there are 335


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