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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  November 14, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, two u.s. secret service officers under investigation. one removed from the president's detail after allegations of misconduct. and how did a single bullet from a service weapon end up in a hotel room across from the white house? breaking overnight, the 20-somethings that turned down $3 billion from facebook. the guys behind the app your teenagers are using say no to the word's biggest social network. behind bars this morning. alec baldwin's alleged stalker in jail right now, after testifying the relationship was consensual. now, surveillance video shows her lurking in the lobby of this building. her fate will be decided today. and the buck stops here. how did this man end up butting antlers with an elk?
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and why didn't he run for his life? details this morning about his wild encounter, only on "gma." and good morning, america. as we come on the air, look at this live picture right now. a sinkhole down in florida around tampa. and it's continuing to grow at this hour. power to the area has been shut down. part of the neighborhood has already been evacuated. you see a lot of houses in danger right there. one of the houses, right on the edge. >> it's so frightening when you see that happening. and we have a big event ahead for you this morning. one woman, somewhere in this great country, about to get the surprise of her life. our glam squad just outside her front door. >> we asked for your pictures on
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instagram. they poured in across america. now, meet the deserving wife and mom about to go glam. and she has no idea what's about to happen. >> lara's taking one for the team. >> i got george today. if i look extra fabulous. thank you, george. we're going to start right now, with a breaking story on the secret service. new allegations this morning of inappropriate behavior by the agents that protect the president. this comes on the heels of the prostitution scandal a year and a half ago. abc's pierre thomas has been working the story overnight and has much more for us. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, robin. according to sources familiar with the case, a supervisor assigned to obama's security detail, met a woman at a hotel and ended up back in her room. the woman noticed the agent had a gun and became uncomfortable. he explained to her that he was not a danger. disconnecting the clip from the gun and removing a bullet to
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make sure she understand stood he was not a threat. but the woman was still uncomfortable. and he was asked to leave. at some point, hotel security game aware of the incident. but there was a problem. the agent realized he left the bullet in the room and wanted to retrieve it. security would not let him go up there and later found the bullet himself. no charges were filed. but the hotel security contacted the secret service and here we are. >> as the secret service looked into these allegations or accusations, where did the investigation lead them? >> reporter: the agent has been identified. and he's been removed from the president's detail, pending a final review. since the prostitution scandal in 2012, there's been zero tolerance for any behavior that could compromise agents. as they looked into his background, they checked his workplace e-mails and found a number to a female agent that could be considered inappropriate. they're reviewing the female agent's e-mails as well as that of another agent to determine if those e-mails were inappropriate. thanks very much, pierre. >> and more likely to come. we get to the latest troubles now for obama care.
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the first official figures are out. and the number of americans signing up for insurance on, far below the president's hopes. he may support changes as early as today. jim avila is on point at the white house. and, jim, the pressure for change continues to build. >> reporter: that's right, good morning. the white house is under pressure from its own party. senate democrats expected to urge president obama to honor his famous words, if they like their plan, they can keep their plan. the president's signature achievement, health care for everyone, officially got off to a resounding thud. the first month of enrollment, crippled by a website that did not function most of the time. entice a mere 106,000 people to select a plan. and only 27,000 signed up through the federal government's site. far short of the 500,000 the administration had hoped for in
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the first month. and the 7 million by the march deadline. prompting presidential spokesman jay carney to lowball expectations just before the numbers were released on wednesday. >> i can only tell you we fully expect the numbers will be even lower than anticipated because of the significant challenges caused by the website. >> reporter: republicans seizing on the botched rollout. >> this was a monumental mistake. >> reporter: to claim, it's not just the website. government cannot provide health care. >> when you look at obama care, frankly, i don't think there's a way to fix it. >> reporter: and those disappointing enrollment figures not the only eye-popping numbers to come out yesterday. when asked about the cost of what that website is, so far, the chief accountant said $600 million. now, to put that in perspective, that's four-times what apple paid to develop all of our iphones. george? >> okay, jim. thanks very much. let's get the day's other top stories from josh. >> hi, george. we're going to begin with some breaking news.
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we saw it at the top of the show. several homes near tampa being evacuated right now because of the sinkhole that opened up. crews evacuated at least seven homes overnight after reports that one home was, in fact, collapsing. sinkholes, are common in this area. in recent months, we've seen the devastating toll they can take. no injuries have been reported here. and of course, we will keep you posted throughout the morning. and a big boost overnight for relief efforts in the philippines following that monster storm. the "uss george washington" has arrived to the island. aid workers say a logistical nightmare that prevented food and water from getting to the neediest people are almost over. two airstrips are open. and a road has been cleared to the hardest-hit areas. but the suffering remains extreme. it could take weeks before power is restored. the official death toll has topped 2,300 people. again, we will keep you updated here as well. and an accidental explosion at camp pendleton in california has left four marines dead.
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the victims were bomb technicians conducting a safety sweep on a training range. seven marines were killed in a similar accident in nevada earlier this year. would you turn down $3 billion? two young men who recently started a social media company just did. they rejected a huge buyout offer from facebook. and abc's rebecca jarvis has much more here. rebecca, good morning. >> reporter: can you imagine, josh? the name of the company is snapchat. you may not have heard about it. but i'll bet your teenager has. it allows you to send pictures and videos that disappear after they've been viewed, typically within ten seconds. many parents worry it gives teens an easier way to send sexually explicit photos. but its popularity has taken off. still, the company hasn't made any money yet. until recently the 23-year-old ceo and his co-founder, they
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were working out of a beachfront bungalow in venice beach. the fact that facebook was willing to spend $3 billion, shows how critical it is to attract teens. 3 billion is not enough. the former founders think they can do better. either the gutsiest or dumbest move ever. >> that's true, rebecca. one or the other. as i rethink so many choices i made in my life. thank you, rebecca. meanwhile, in connecticut, more than two dozen people were injured when a police cruiser slammed into the city bus here. sending the passengers in that bus flying. the officer had been responding to a call. a truck near the intersection may have blocked the bus driver's view. and a disaster during the morning commute here. a dump truck entering a busy tunnel in sydney, australia, with its container still up in the air. did you really need the video to see what happened next? scraping along as it finally gets stuck. the damage being described as extensive. the traffic being described as much worse.
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good thing not to be in sydney this morning. >> the driver didn't know that was happening. he was reaching for his glasses and it kind of just -- oops. >> it happens. >> thanks, josh. we're going to turn to the man who is the most embattled mayor right now, rob ford of toronto. he admitted to smoking crack, buying drugs, falling down drunk in office. the act was caught on tape. but the mayor vowing to keep his job at a stormy city council meeting yesterday. ben joins us this morning. >> reporter: good morning, george. city council meetings rarely make national, let alone international headlines. but yesterday, all eyes were on toronto's city hall and the world's most talked about mayor, rob ford. and the spectacle did not disappoint. >> mr. mayor, have you purchased illegal drugs in the last two years? >> yes, i have. >> reporter: if you thought that
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was the most walk awkward moment of mayor rob ford's appearance in front of city council, you would be wrong. >> are you saying you have violated the council code of conduct? >> in what respect? >> i'm asking you a question, sir. >> in what respect? >> i'm asking you a question. >> reporter: from denying reports he visited a crack house. >> actually, you're not being truthful. >> i'm not being truthful? have you been in that house? >> i have no interest being in that house. i'm not a crack user. >> reporter: distorting his colleagues insistence he step down and seek help. >> have i done drugs? yes, i have. it's self-inflicted. >> will you get help? >> i'm not an addict of any sort. so, i'm not quite sure why you're saying i need help. >> reporter: ford was in full-on fighting form, repeatedly apologizing. >> i made a mistake. i'm human. >> reporter: but not backing down. >> absolutely not taking a leave
7:11 am
of absence. >> reporter: while it may seem the world is against him, his brother, counselor doug ford, leapt to his defense. >> none of you have done anything wrong, ever? have you? ever. ever. the question is, have you ever smoked marijuana? have you ever smoked marijuana? everyone should be careful about throwing rocks. >> counselor -- >> i'm moving on. you guys can do what you want. i apologize again. i'm sorry. that's all i have to say. >> wow. not only is the mayor moving on, he told that council which has to be the most gripping city council meeting i've ever seen, that he's going to run for re-election next year. his approval rating has jumped since the story first broke.
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what's going on with that? >> well, his supporters known as ford nation, might not be what it used to be. in a recent poll, 76% of torontonians said, they want him to take a leave or absence or leave altogether. he placed third for mayoral candidate for an election that will take place next year with about 20% of the vote. >> thanks for bringing us that. now, to a lawsuit by an ohio man, who says his wife's work as a hospital nurse led to the fatal car accident that killed her. she fell asleep at the wheel after a long shift at the hospital. he claims understaffing was to blame. abc's alex perez has her story. >> reporter: this morning, jim jasper is adamant that the hospital where his wife, beth, worked as a nurse, worked her to death, literally. now, he's suing that hospital. >> they cannot expect the nurses to work under these conditions. >> reporter: driving home after a 12-hour overnight shift, at jewish hospital in cincinnati, beth was killed when she crashed into a tree. >> i lost my best friend of 21 years.
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my wife of 14. >> reporter: jim believes his wife was so tired, she fell asleep at the wheel. the lawsuit alleges that during beth jasper's final shift at the hospital, she complained to others that she was really stressed and hadn't eaten. also, as a result of understaffing, nurses at jewish were often required or asked to work through breaks. extra shifts and stay late. according to the lawsuit, jasper's supervisor alerted her superiors that she was being worked to death. >> she had just told the upper management, the hospital staff, these are unsafe conditions. for the patients. for the nurses. >> reporter: in a statement, the hospital would only say. our hearts go out to the family. we do not comment on pending litigation. the american nurses association says a nationwide shortage of nurses has created a dangerous situation. according to the ana, one in ten nurses say they were involved in an exhaustion-related car accident. >> they're going to have to show
7:14 am
that it would be reasonably foreseeable that the actions of the employer, would lead to the death of the employee. that's going to be very tough to prove. >> reporter: but jim, who is now raising their two children alone, says he's ready for his day in court. for "good morning america," alex perez, abc news, chicago. >> incredibly tragic. >> really is. >> lara? one month from today marks the first anniversary of the sandy hook school shooting in newtown, connecticut, where 20 students and 6 educators lost their lives. but even more, the memory of that day, has not been enough to stem the tide of gun violence in this country. this morning, a group of sandy hook parents are launching a new initiative. one they say will hopefully fight violence with love. time and again over the course of the past year, gun violence, happening in schools, happening in malls. >> we had heard there was a shooting. >> five victims.
7:15 am
>> reporter: how is that for you to witness, given what you've been through? >> it's -- when that happens, your heart bleeds because you remember exactly what it was like for you. >> reporter: nicole's 6-year-old son, dylan, and david wheeler's 6-year-old son, benjamin, were 2 of the 20 children gunned down at sandy hook elementary. what's the most frustrating thing that you've had to learn over the course of the last year? >> how completely disconnected our legislative system seems to be from the opinions of the american people. >> reporter: the gun bill, drafted in response to newtown, was voted down in the senate. but that has not diminished the determination of these families. >> i will do whatever it takes to keep another father from having to go down this road of loss and despair and grief. >> reporter: almost a year after their lives were forever changed by gun violence, they're now asking all of us to simply parent together. the goal is to find common sense solutions to gun violence and mental health issues.
7:16 am
and celebrities have gotten onboard. creating this new psa. >> parent together today. >> reporter: parents, too, have taken the pledge. thousands of moms and dads across the country. >> i promise. >> i promise. >> i promise to parent together for the safety of all our children. >> it's a promise. it's a commitment to say, it doesn't matter what your politics are, what your religion is, what your financial situation is. it's basically saying, all of our differences don't matter if we put our children first. that's the way to start having real conversation and make change. >> and if you want to make the promise, go to on yahoo! george, they are so determined. >> such a powerful idea, parent together. thanks. very different story coming up right now. wild encounter in north carolina. a photographer had a rare time with an elk, emerged from the woods, looking for a sparring partner. it was all captured on camera.
7:17 am
john muller has this story. >> reporter: james york a north carolina photographer, knows exactly how to get the great shot. even if it means going head-to-horn with an elk. >> he came up peacefully enough. he was grazing alongside the road. i was hoping he would take a little sniff and move away. but he didn't. >> reporter: the elk, at times, seems almost playful, nuzzling york. but becomes increasingly antagonistic. >> he was lowering his lornes down and coming at me, and that was fairly aggressive. i think i didn't show him fear. >> reporter: under attack, he manages to get beauty shots. >> he has his head cocked to the side and horns down. his eyes are locked right on me. it tells the story right there. >> reporter: york considers himself a lucky man, claiming the elk took him for a buck and not a cow. he treasures the photos and jokes he was well-equipped to take on the elk. >> everyone says i have a hard head. i'm glad i do.
7:18 am
it came in handy that day. >> reporter: for "good morning america," john muller, abc news, new york. >> did you see the shot of his eyes? i'm not kidding. >> i'm right here. i see you. i see you. >> my horns are sharp. >> the horns, i win. >> wow. >> not a game of chicken i want to play. >> not at all. ginger, in for sam today. boy, it's still cold up here, huh? >> it is. it's still cold up here. and still cold as far south as georgia. can we look at this picture? come on over here. this is what it looks like south of atlanta. all of that frost on the windows. thanks to wsb for sending in great photos this morning. we're getting them as far as birmingham, alabama. a lot of the places saying, cool, we saw some frost now. it's time to warm up. and we will eventually, but it's not today. early this morning, we have freeze watches and warnings all in blue. austin had a record low. yesterday morning, austin, texas, again, in record territory. we're going to see this end as we start to go near the weekend. here are the numbers.
7:19 am
windchills, what it feels like. it feels like 18. detroit, new york city this morning, 28. it feels like, windchill. good morning. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco with your bay area microclimate forecast. vempblly we'll get some sunshine, but it will take till the afternoon hours for that sunshine to develop. it will become breezy, starting a cooling trend now through at least saturday.
7:20 am
unfortunately, these cold fronts that bring us the cooler weather won't bring us any rain. all right. we'll have mid to upper 60s coast into the bay shoreline, low to mid-70s inland. accuweather seven-day forecast, at least 10 degrees cooler by saturday. burbank, california, yesterday was 95. record high. and that's not going to stick. so, they get a cooldown, too. so, there. >> take that. thank you, ginger. coming up, alec baldwin's alleged stalker behind bars this morning. new surveillance video released overnight shows her waiting in the lobby of his apartment building. also new details this morning on the deadly big cat attack in oregon. the frantic 911 call, the moment the head keeper was found. mariah carey revealing she was miserable on "american idol." why she says going to work on that show was, like she says, being in hell. also, pictures poured in on instagram this morning. our -- lara's "gma" glam squad, about to surprise one lucky
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several power lines down the block. the van driver who left the scene was later caught and is being charged with dui and hit-and-run. a sigalert still in effect on interstate 80. here's leyla gulen. that power outage made for a dark commute. this one was lit up by brake lights. saying letter still in effect on the westbound side of 80 due to an overturned big rig. we are looking at a reopening of lanes at about 8:30 this morning, 6 miles per hour your top speed. your normal travel time is 7 minutes from the car heavy rain i can't say bridge. this is kwirn up the led.
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come on, guys, come on. supertalented. this is awesome. >> hi, are you lauren miller? >> i am. >> oh, you're barefoot, hon. i'm rachel smith. "good morning america." how are you? it's cold outside. >> good. >> i have a question for you. >> okay. >> are you ready for a makeover? oh! >> rachel was certainly excited. >> i think she's just in shock. >> i know. she is in shock. that's down there in texas. lara dispatching her glam squad
7:31 am
to make this happen. we teamed up with instagram. you can watch the instaglam makeover. unfold minute by minute on our instagram account as they go into the house. >> that was funny. >> that was great. that poor woman. that's amazing. can you imagine? >> it's very early. but greg, andrea, the team will take care of her. everybody should follow that. >> is it true, she asked where's emeril? >> she wants breakfast. >> she wants breakfast, too? >> we will tell you about our lucky viewer, lauren. a busy mom, albeit barefoot. she's dealt with a lot this past year. but today, thankfully, rightfully, it is all about her. and next time you see her, we're saying she's going to be a completely new woman. i will say this, she looked great. pre-dawn, terrified, she looked pretty good. >> i agree with you. also ahead, startling 911
7:32 am
call, just after that deadly cougar attack. we showed you that story earlier. this 911 call coming out now, we have new details from the night of the incident. >> so scary. also in the news, mariah carey is dishing like never before on her high-profile but brief stint as a judge on "american idol." why she says she could not stand going to work each day. >> and using the word satan! satan! we'll find out. we begin with the woman who allegedly stalked alec baldwin, taking the stand in her own defense. claiming she had a love affair with the actor. she is behind bars this morning. and the judge could decide this case today. ron claiborne has the latest. including the new surveillance video revealed overnight. good morning, ron. >> good morning to you, robin. the alleged stalker, genevieve sabourin is waking up in jail this morning, thanks to a contempt of court citation that the trial judge hit her with wednesday when she continued
7:33 am
with those outbursts in the courtroom. that's how her day began. what followed was her testimony about a sexual encounter with alec baldwin, that she says he pursued. genevieve sabourin, caught on camera inside alec baldwin's manhattan apartment building. this lobby surveillance video released overnight shows her moments before her april 2012 arrest for harassing and stalking the actor. the prosecution's final witness wednesday, baldwin's doorman. he testified when sabourin showed up that easter sunday, hilaria baldwin told him she was a stalker. sabourin was real mad, he said. and started to say that she, hilaria, was an expletive and a prostitute. so he stalled her until police showed up. >> that's how they treat normal people. they use force, and they use fear. >> reporter: this morning, sabourin is in jail. a judge sentencing her to 30 days for contempt of court, after her continued outbursts in court on wednesday. in her, at times, tearful and rambling testimony, she asserts
7:34 am
that she and baldwin began a flirtation in 2000. after meeting on the set of "the adventures of pluto nash." >> it is a pleasure to meet me! >> reporter: and just after valentine's day 2011, a year before he married his current wife, hilaria, she says they met again in new york city. according to sabourin, baldwin told her, i want to make sure you have the night of your life. and says at the end of that night, they had sex at this new york city hotel. the neck next morning, she said, he told her he wanted to wake up every morning next to her and make her an omelet every day for the rest of her life. sabourin did concede that afterwards she sent him a lot of e-mails. but she insisted, i never intended to harass or annoy. and she admitted going to his long island home the weekend he proposed to hilaria. but said she was only seeking
7:35 am
closure. sa sack ron /* /- sabourin completed not guilty. >> are you a stalker? did you stalk him? >> reporter: baldwin denies he ever had sex or a relationship with sabourin. and the baldwins, they witnessed none of this. they didn't attend the trial wednesday. but they'll be monitoring it today, when following lawyers' summations, the judge is expected to hand down the verdict, possibly just a few hours. sabourin faces a maximum of 90 days in jail if she's convicted of all five counts of stalking. that would be on top of the 30 days she's gotten for contempt. dan abrams is here to weigh in on this. there's not a jury, the judge, that will decide the contempt charge. how will that possibly factor in. >> technically, it's supposed to be separate. it's a entirely separate charge. as a practical matter, it has to be connected. this is the same judge who is going to be deciding her fate. she is accused of stalking and harassing. she's effectively harassing the court at this point. so, to think this is going to be completely separate, i think would be foolish. you can count on the fact that her lawyer has to be furious at her that she kept yapping away in court. >> she couldn't help herself.
7:36 am
it seemed that way. how important is it, whether or not she did have a romantic relationship with alec baldwin? >> whether he was promising to make her omelets every day or whether she was the omelet of the day, the bottom line is, whether they had a romantic relationship, this thing is not going to be, shall we say, over easy for her, even if they did. thank you. thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen. i'll be -- i'll be at the performing arts center on thursday and sunday. >> dug in deeper after the omelet of the day. >> the bottom line is, that you still could have had a relationship. she could have been involved with him to some degree. and that doesn't change the fact that she could have been harassing him and stalking him. the legal question there, would a reasonable person in his position have felt threatened? and what was her intent? was her intent to annoy? harass? et cetera. she's in big trouble here as a legal matter. these are not that serious crimes. you heard misdemeanor up to 90
7:37 am
days. but i think it's going to be very unlikely the judge will rule in her favor. >> we're going to find soon. you're going be pelted with eggs in just a moment. >> baked or fried. >> thank you for that. we have an update on the deadly cougar attack at an or oregon wildlife sanctuary. the 911 call came after the head keeper was found in the cougar's cage. as we learn from the victim's mother that her daughter had been concerned about safety. clayton sandell has the story. >> reporter: it is hard to listen to. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: the moment wildcat haven sanctuary owner mike tuller frantically dials 911. the head keeper renee radziwon-chapman is badly hurt. >> i have a keeper at wildcat haven that was attacked. i think she's dead. please hurry. she's in the cat enclosure. i'm going down to get her out if i can. >> reporter: two cougars roam near her body. one, police say, has blood on its nose. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. >> i don't want you to get hurt.
7:38 am
>> i hear what you're saying. get out of here. get. >> reporter: as police and firefighters race to wildcat haven, tuller pulls radziwon-chapman out by her boots. >> is your friend still in the enclosure? >> i got her out. >> okay. can we try cpr? >> she's -- no. >> reporter: radziwon-champman, a 36-year-old new mom to daughter, noah, cared for abused and abandoned cats at the sanctuary for eight years. >> bobcats servils, lynx. we actually just got two tigers. >> reporter: the question, now, why was she cleaning a cougar cage alone? the sanctuary says that's a violation of policy. her family says she recently complained to the owners about being left to work by herself. calls to wildcat haven have not been returned. but in a statement, the sanctuary says it's cooperating with state and federal investigators, searching for answers about what happened to a woman known as a fearless advocate for the predators in her care.
7:39 am
for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> thanks to clayton for that. get to ginger zee in for sam. what have we got? >> i have the warm weather. the 7:30, the warmer weather. record highs, not only for long beach at 92. but sacramento made it to 80. it looked like this. i had someone tweet me and say, i took this picture in flip-flops and a t-shirt. i said, i want to punch you in the face. i'm really jealous right now, and very cold. it's going to end for you. so sorry. this is a cold front we have to be serious about. san diego, to 63. look at phoenix, dropping to 73. 60 by sunday for phoenix. los angeles, dropping subaverage, too, as we go to the end of the week and the start of the weekend. it's been very windy in florida. good morning. i'm mike nicco. off to a foggy start in many areas like san rafael but high clouds and sunshine this afternoon. low to mid-60s at the coast, low 70s inland.
7:40 am
>> this weather report brought to you by crest pro health rinse. i thought you might want to check in on brazil, the weather there. i've seen some hot pictures. it is very warm in brazil. 92 on saturday. >> ginger, i am surprised at you. us, yes. but you? never. >> that explains it. >> yeah. coming up, mariah carey's explosive comments about her former gig as an "american idol" judge. and an apology from the founder of lululemon. but it doesn't seem to be working at all. >> oh, ginger. ou're a rinse use, you may have heard there's a new rinse that talks about protecting, even after eating and drinking. crest pro-health has always done that. it's clinically proven to fight plaque and gingivitis. rinsing with pro-health after brushing can take your oral health to a new level. now that's the new you need. right from the beginning i could really feel it changing something for the better. i know there's been an improvement.
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7:44 am
welcome back. it is 7:44. and we continue, now, with mariah carey, opening up about her time as an "american idol" judge, saying she's more than happy to be done with the show, after a very rocky season. abc's abbie boudreau has the story. >> very nice, darling. very nice. >> reporter: this morning, it seems that behind that smile, behind the judges' table, "american idol," mariah carey was miserable. the star now admitting she hated the season she spent on the show. >> i was disappointed. >> reporter: mariah left "idol" in may. but has remained quiet about her time as a judge, until now. dishing with talk radio show host angie martinez. >> what went on with "american
7:45 am
idol"? that's over. >> right? >> that's over. >> did you like it? >> no. honestly, i hated it. >> reporter: one reason, that well-publicized feud with fellow judge, nicki minaj. >> i told them i'm not [ bleep ] putting up with your -- >> honestly, i thought it was going to be a three-person panel. but it wasn't. it was like hell, going to work every day in hell, with satan. >> well, her outfit. >> of course. >> actually doing -- >> reporter: the pop star reveals what she says happened behind the scenes about the singing competition show. >> some of them were so good and also really good people, you could tell. and it would just -- it was disappointing when they would, for political reasons, not -- put people through that. i'm not going to sit here and do this. i would refer to put this person in a studio and record a record with them. abc news reached out to fox, but they had no comment. >> your range is better than mariah's. >> this is what i deal with when i come into my job. >> reporter: the two divas don't have to worry about another stormy season on "idol" since
7:46 am
neither will be returning to the jud judge's table. >> i like going into the studio better and going on my own tours, et cetera. so we're going back to that. for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> may not have been good for her, but it made for good tv. coming up here, rachel smith is with the glam squad. look at greg working his magic. all on one lucky viewer. instaglam. we're watching it unfold minute by minute on our instagram account. you can too. >> you can tell she's excited about that. that's amazing. also, "play of the day." yes, i know, i know. thanksgiving hasn't happened yet. but we're getting into the overall holiday spirit. >> i'm okay with that. go nowhere. >> i like that.
7:47 am
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right then. here's "the play of the day." >> it's more of the plays to come, come christmas day --
7:51 am
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7:56 am
yoo good morning. i'm katie marrzullo. traffic has been slow all morning on westbound interstate 80 in sunol and crews work to clear a crash from about 4-0 hours ago. let's get an update on the commute with leyla gulen. >> and those four hours has caused a mess as far as congestion is concerned. look at this. this will take at least 50 minutes to make that commute from the carquinez bridge toll to punol valley road. we also have a dump truck northbound 80. mike? still the big story, less
7:57 am
than a quarter mile in novembat and santa rosa. flight and arrival delays into sfo. temperatures today cooler than yesterday, mid to upper 60s around the bay shore, accuweather seven-day forecast, coolest saturday.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and it's time for makeover madness. you sent us your pictures. and this morning, we're going to take one deserving viewer from instagram to instaglam. the makeover of a lifetime will be revealed just ahead. ♪ and two of hollywood's biggest stars lighting up times square. idris elba. damien lewis. it's a star-studded hour, as we say -- >> good morning, america. >> i think our team is having as much fun or more so than lauren. good morning, america, on this friday eve. incredible surprise, instaglam makeover.
8:01 am
halfway to the finish line. you see our glam team working on a very deserving viewer. lauren miller. the clock is ticking. >> it began early this morning. rachel smith outside of the house. she knocked on lauren's door and told her -- you see her, in the dark. told her she was getting a makeover. >> a little shock for lauren. so many people posting their photos on infragram, hoping they would get chosen. she's the lucky one. >> she's lucky and so deserving. there she is in her pjs. want to tell you about lauren before the transformation is complete. we believe there are so many reasons she deserves our instaglam makeover. and she's getting it with the help of my gram squad. you're in great hands, lauren. >> what a story she has to tell. >> yeah. and then, from the good to the bizarre.
8:02 am
you thought maybe the lululemon thing couldn't get worse. well, founder of the popular exercise clothing company, apologized. you will remember, he blamed women's bodies for complaints against some of their yoga pants. i can't -- i don't know. again, i didn't go to business school. i don't know that that's in the curriculum. >> it will be now. >> some people calling his apology the worst ever. >> oh, boy. >> it's from the what were you thinking department, big-time. and "deals & steals." so many great gifts this morning. more of oprah's favorite things. up to 80% off, just for you, our beloved "gma" viewers. let's get news, now, from josh. >> we're going to return to the scene we showed you at the top of the show. a sinkhole developing near tampa. a massive one, as well. about 30 feet deep. it's opened up. you see the damage minute-by-minute there. seven houses nearby had to evacuate. one of the homes began to
8:03 am
collapse overnight. you see a boat right there on the edge. a pool, also cracking. thankfully, though, no injuries have been reported thus far. and six days after the monster typhoon hit the philippines, the "uss george washington" aircraft carrier has arrived, helping to speed up the delivery of much-needed food and water. 1,000 u.s. military personnel are expected to be on the ground by the weekend. at least 2,300 people are confirmed to have been killed. desperate survivors, meanwhile, are still searching the rubble for victims. and a new scandal at the secret service. a supervisor has been removed from the president's security detail. he stands accused of leaving a bullet in a woman's hotel room. he had removed it from his gun after she got worried. and when he went back to retrieve it. hotel security alerted his superiors. he's being investigated for sending inappropriate e-mails to a fellow agent. and the president could announce support to changes as
8:04 am
the obama care law as early as today. it comes after the white house revealed that only roughly 27,000 people enrolled for health coverage on the government website, a website that has cost some $600 million, thus far. and concerns about head injuries are now being cited as the number one factor for a big drop in the number of young kids playing youth football. espn reports that participation in the pop warner program dropped nearly 10% between the year 2010 and last year. finally, prince harry gathering the troops in london this morning before launching a grueling charity expedition to the south pole. he is leading a british team, trekking more than 200 miles in the extreme cold. all with soldiers who lost limbs in battle, and all to raise money and highlight the courage of wounded troops. prince harry remaining, arguably, the coolest royal of them all. he is just -- he's a great dude. he is. >> thank you.
8:05 am
>> we have "pop news" coming up, but first, we're going to go to ginger. >> before i get in trouble. >> yeah. >> maybe you're asking yourself, is this normal to be this cold? in washington, d.c., yesterday, you had your first freeze. it was the earliest we did that since 2006. it's not that early. and it certainly wasn't a record. we're doing it again this morning. the numbers by this afternoon will reach the 50s, from d.c. to philadelphia. and 40s here in new york city. look at the warmer weather returning in the next couple days. i have to give you hope that at the end of this cold tunnel. and you can see those from tallahassee, reaching almost 80, after being close to freezing. this morning, feeling like it. good morning. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco with your bay area microclimate forecast. vempblly we'll get some sunshine, but it will take till the afternoon hours for that
8:06 am
sunshine to develop. it will become breezy, starting a cooling trend now through at least saturday. unfortunately, these cold fronts that bring us the cooler weather won't bring us any rain. all right. we'll have mid to upper 60s coast into the bay shoreline, low to mid-70s inland. accuweather seven-day forecast, at least 10 degrees cooler by saturday. >> there is a new weekend storm that we'll be looking at in the next half hour. >> oh, good. >> i know. i'm always full of great news. i'll be outside with the brave folks standing out there. >> you are full of great news. thank you, ginger. here what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." cameron diaz is in for a hard knock life. but she's got her own spin on it. and lululemon founder is apologizing for his comments. and some are calling it the worst "i'm sorry" ever. and our instaglam team, so hard at work, giving one of our lucky viewers a surprise makeover. and, boy, does she deserve it.
8:07 am
we'll have her story and the big wow, all coming up live on "good morning america," here in times square. ♪ we're just looking, right? of course. this is the leo diamond. [ woman ] wow. it's the first diamond ever independently certified to be visibly brighter. it's...perfect. it even fits. that's because... ♪ ...i already had it sized. will you marry me? [ female announcer ] the visibly brighter leo diamond. handcrafted by the master diamond artisans at leo schacter. at kay, the number-one jewelry store in america. yes. ♪ every kiss begins with kay
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8:11 am
finding the right job is never with so much easy.tition, but with the nation's largest alumni network, including those in key hiring positions, university of phoenix can help connect you to a world of opportunity. let's get to work. ♪ look at maks and kirstie right there. we're showing it, because we have a pretty big announcement. maks is heading back to the ballroom. >> he is? >> this time, as a judge. he's going to be the fourth judge this coming monday. he's going to be with len,
8:12 am
carrie-ann and bruno. sort of unplugged there. >> i think we have -- >> three days. i'm here. >> i can't wait. >> so fun. in "pop news" we have a lot to get to. we should begin with movie news. cameron diaz, rocking seriously sexy clothing. she takes over the role. great casting. a far cry from the depression-era clothing worn by carol burnett who made the role famous. diaz tweeted this selfie. i want you to meet someone. her name is ms. hannigan. she ain't nice.
8:13 am
>> looking forward to that. and enough talk about "fifty shades." and who is playing who. you want to see it? jamie dornan, there he is, in the role as the naughty millionaire. and his college, anastasia steele, there she is, she's so innocent. christian, what are you doing to me? >> is that an interpretive reading? >> brought to life by dakota johnson. and "entertainment weekly" brings us these shots. you can let your mind wander and watch the whole thing unfold. a little later than expected, which isn't a surprise. the release date has been pushed back from august 2014, to valentine's day 2015. >> very good timing. >> is that an offer? >> so, 15 months to talk about it. that's good. here we go.
8:14 am
finally in pop news, the spray tan is 2013. get ready for spray-on clothing. i bring you the fabrican. it's made of fibers and polymers that bind something, giving you a custom fit. there's patterns and color options. and the best part, you take it off carefully, it can be recycled and reworn. i see your faces. those are actual items that have been made with spray-on clothing. >> you can take it off and wear it again? >> that's what the designer says, george. this is a follow-up-free zone. this concludes this episode of "pop news." >> certainly great for the skin. >> absolutely. i try to bring you new
8:15 am
information. >> cutting-edge, lara. i love "pop news." we're going to move to the clothingulemon, and the company's founder, giving what some are calling one of the worst apologies ever. just days after blaming women's body problems for the pants. >> reporter: the so-called apology is making lululemon's problems worse. and it started out so well. chip wilson, his voice quivering. his eyes a bit teary. first, the customers were inadvertently mooning each other in yoga class. then, the claims that the workout pants were too sheer and peeling. then this -- >> some women's bodies don't work for us. >> reporter: chip wilson appearing to suggest it's his
8:16 am
customers that's the problem. >> rubbing through the thighs. >> reporter: now, one week and plenty of outrage later, a very necessary apology posted online. >> i'm sad. i'm really sad. >> reporter: off to a good start, right? let's hear some more. >> i'm sad for the people at lululemon that have had to face the brunt of my actions. >> reporter: wait a second. an apology to lululemon employees? surely he'll beg for customers' forgiveness next. >> i ask you to stay in a conversation that's above the fray. i ask you to prove that the culture that you have built cannot be chipped away. >> reporter: no. no apparent apology to customers. no explanation at all. >> from a marketing standpoint, chip wilson's apology is a disaster. he's saying, i'm sorry that i got caught. but he doesn't seem sorry that he said it. >> reporter: this morning, some customers taking to lululemon's facebook page, calling the apology foolish. and wilson, a, quote, jerk.
8:17 am
is it the worst apology ever? some say it's right up there with tiger woods mistress mea culpa. >> i'm so sorry. >> reporter: and this doozy from paula deen. >> for the wrong that i've done. >> reporter: after months of bad headlines, is it time to call in the crisis manager? perhaps a type like "scandal's" olivia pope. >> it may be time for a new voice for the brand. if people don't feel the connection to the company, lululemon could be in trouble. >> reporter: we reached out to lululemon. they're not issuing statements right now. this is not the first time that chip wilson has taken aim at full-figured women. in 2005, he said, if you go to plus sizes, they would have to use 30% more fabric. and he would have to charge 30% more. and he wouldnasn't going to do . >> people are speaking out. we asked people on twitter and
8:18 am
asked everybody, what do you think about this? about the apology? and kristen said, they're having to apologize a lot. i'll spend my hard-earned money elsewhere. and puddle says, sure. why not? it's true. spandex is not for everyone. he was telling the truth. the truth is hard to take. grow a backbone, america. all right, puddle. and the tea lady says. i fully accept lululemon's pants are not flattering on my body type. so, i wear brands that are. >> he's a businessman. this is josh's point. you know, this has got to be bad business. >> you would think. >> you can't sell to part of the population. >> after 2005, the fact they've been in business this long, is no small miracle, i would argue. but all right. there you go. >> thank you very much for bringing us that. now, everybody, it is a makeover kind of morning here at "gma." and here's looking at -- it's
8:19 am
craziness. but great craziness. there's greg and andrea and rachel, all inside the home of lauren miller. we teamed up with our friends at instagram to give her an instaglam moment. her new look is coming together. first, here's her story. >> my name is lauren miller. i am 32 years old. >> reporter: when "gma" launched its instaglam makeover project, seeking someone who could use a little tlc, lauren miller's entry stood out. >> i feel like i've aged ten years in two. it's exhausting. >> reporter: it's been a grueling year for the texas stay-at-home mom, what she calls the hardest of her life. last november, lauren's husband, josh, just 38, suffered a severe heart attack. >> i watched myself flat line at 2:00 in the morning. >> reporter: josh needed bypass surgery. and lauren spent months
8:20 am
traveling back and forth. first, to baylor university's heart hospital. then, to a rehab center to be by his side. all the while, carrying for their 1-year-old daughter. >> my wife was taking care of me. taking care of our daughter. has no time for herself. >> reporter: the emotional rollercoaster took a toll on lauren. she lost 60 pounds. and the woman who once loved to shop had no time to even look at new clothing. >> usually, i see her in jeans or sweatshirts that are probably a few sizes way too big for her. >> reporter: now, with josh back on his feet and their toddler, matilda thriving, loved ones say, it is lauren's turn. >> i think my wife deserves a little recognition. a little pampering. >> she gives everything of herself to her friends and family. i think if lauren had a new hair cut or cuter clothes, i think it
8:21 am
would make her feel good about herself. >> and we so want to do that. a lady who deserves to feel good and out. a true buttely. we check in, now, with our team, the glam squad. and all of the action. hi, rachel. what's going on? >> hey, lara. lauren here is so deserving of this instaglam makeover she's receiving this morning. i can't believe, we've been -- we -- our team has been hard at work now for 45 minutes. we have greg, our hairdresser. and andrea, our makeup artist. i will tell you, o-m-g. lauren is looking radiant. josh is going to be over the moon and so is matilda. how are you feeling, miss lauren? >> i'm shaking. i'm really excited. this is cool. this is a cool experience. >> you're like a deer in headlights. >> absolutely. in my pajamas. >> you rock the pajamas anyway. for moms out there like lauren,
8:22 am
how can they bump their hair up? >> don't be afraid to take it shorter. it makes a lot of the speed time for when their mornings are rushing. they can get their hair done really quickly. >> awesome. more to come from these two. lara, you have something to say to these two. as josh would say, go nowhere. >> in great hands. the glam squad strikes again. you can watch lauren's makeover, minute-by-minute. >> we will not go nowhere. just because we're contractually obligated. holidays means tory johnson's "steals & deals." get it out of the way right now. logon. get ready. promo code links because these go like hot cakes. on yahoo! and we have more. >> from oprah. so successful last week you asked for more. we've got more. yes. an amazing company.
8:23 am
burt bee's. we're going to give you -- burt's bees are amazing. they have a new baby collection. feel this. it melts your heart. oprah has a basket -- >> does the baby come with it? >> the entire collection for you of footties, blankets, gowns. these are slashed in half, at $5.50. >> you don't. >> another oprah favorite. this is called yeti houseware. oprah chose the sweater mug. i can't touch it because it's hot. that's nice. the porcelain, gorgeous mugs. they come in a variety of colors. i would start drinking tea. when you drink it, every sip is a heart. it is love. you have a teapot, dessert sets.
8:24 am
starting at just $40. slashed in half, 20 bucks. >> and to go with the tea. there's a variety of different chocolates. pretzels. these start at 5 bucks. starting at $2.50. >> you said the response online to oprah's favorite things. off the shorts. >> this is going to be one of lara's favorite things. look what i made for you here. a little marry christmas sarina. this is from red envelope. what i love about these is a velvet front, linen back. you get to personalize up to -- four colors, three lines. different fonts you can choose from. not just for christmas and new year's, but for any celebration. these start at $73.
8:25 am
slashed in half, $36.50. really beautiful gifts. and a big favorite around the studio. these are gorgeous, gorgeous leather bags that come in five different colors. get it? amazing, amazing deal on these. they are in "in style" magazine, for full price, $425. here, slashed by 80%. 83 bucks, plus free shipping. can't beat that. >> thank you to the companies for providing them again. on yahoo! coming up here, "homeland" star, damian lewis. plus, never. before-seen footage of justin bieber's new film.
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning. i'm katie marrzullo. power is restored after a van crashed into a utility pole this morning. the commercial van slammed into the pole so hard it snapped it in half and brought down a transformer and several power linings. the driver who left the scene was later caught and is being charged can dui and hit-and-run. all right. let's get an update on your morning commute with leyla. >> thanks, katie. good morning, everybody. we have a sigalert still in effect, an update on that, looks like all lanes will reopen at 9:00 this morning, westbound 5 at punol valley road. 45 minutes it will take you to head from the car car key nas
8:28 am
tolls to the road. the san mateo bridge, one accident at the high-rise in the west
8:29 am
welcome back. a cool and fog by the start to the morning. that fog should dissipate by noon today. around 2:00, we should see it clear and sunshine. our highs today, we'll be topping out in the upper 60s, lower 70s. my accuweather seven-day forecast, we he'll cool down over the weekend, katie 37. and president obama set to
8:30 am
deliver statement on the affordable care act. stay tuned for an abc news special report. meanwhile, the news continues there she is, early this morning, knocking on one very lucky and very deserving young lady's front door. all part of our huge, live event. it is, robin roberts, instaglam. >> we teamed up with our friends at instagram and asked anyone in need of a little glam to send us their photos. this morning, we surprised lauren with a little makeover. we already told you her unbelievable story. >> and she's getting so many surprises today. and what she doesn't know is that is all her friends right there outside the house, getting ready for the big reveal. she has no idea they're there. in a few minutes. that's right.
8:31 am
>> i'm so lucky to work with greg and andrea every day. it ain't pretty when it comes in. but they've been working so hard. we're going to give lauren a brand-new look. and a new outlook. >> and i knew something was up when greg was getting a hair cut here. he's going to be on camera. >> the stylist was getting a hair cut? we can't wait for the big reveal. we can't wait for this. our next guest is an emmy and golden globe winner for his outstanding performance in the acclaimed series "homeland." he plays a u.s. marine held captive for eight years in afghanistan. this season, he's been on the run. he is kind of wanted around the world. where is he? where is he? he's here with us. damian lewis is here. oh. >> that --
8:32 am
>> we should say this. just spoiler alert. spoiler alert. so, if you are binge-watching the show, just mute it. it's going to end with a flourish. >> we're not going to give away too much. speaking of that, i told the guys here a couple months ago, i binge watched one weekend. i came in one morning, watching the first two seasons. and it's such a heck of a show. >> you can binge. >> it's impossible to turn away. is it like that for you? >> a little bit. the only reason i had to turn away is to not be in a few episodes to grow this mustache. >> we're going to let everybody know about the mustache in a little bit. it is amazing, damian, because your character, there's reason for us not to pull for you. but people love you. i know. what is it about this character? >> i can see one or two -- but i
8:33 am
think the reason people like brody is because he's essentially trying to do the right thing. and he keeps doing the wrong thing. he makes bad choices trying to do the right thing. and i think, you know, just a testament to the skill and the writing. they basically, they draw together all these story lines. so, just the point when you should be hating brody, you're shooting for him because he is placed in a moment of tension. are they going to catch him? is he going to be away with it. and it's fun to be with someone if they're trying to get away with something. even if it's blowing up the vice president. >> i'm a couple behind right now. the last time i saw you, no hair. about to become a smack addict. another bad choice. >> bad choice. i think brody, you know, if you just wind back seven or eight years, at the moment brody decided to go to war and fight for his country, at that moment, the wheels fell off. at that moment, he was taken captive. and was incarcerated and brutally tortured psychologically and physically.
8:34 am
from that moment until this point, his life has been fairly exhausting. >> fair to say. he sits in a hole in caracas. and just the moment when the needle looks attractive as an option. >> behind the scenes, a little intel. you are quite the song and dance man. and you and mandy sometimes like to break out a show tune on the set. >> you know mandy likes to break out a show tune. he heard me singing "agony," a song from "into the woods," the only musical i've ever done. and he said, i do that on my show. come over here. let's practice. so, we went into my congressional office, in season two. and while they were setting up
8:35 am
the camera, we were singing "agony" together, in harmonies. with him correcting me quite a bit, for getting notes wrong. >> quickly, this is true. obviously taken the country, the world by storm. we were there the night you won the emmy. and the show arrived to a degree. what's it like when you find out president obama loves the show? and you sit with him. and you have those moments of interaction? >> it was an -- it was an extraordinary moment. actually, it became public in "the new york times." and everyone realized around the world, that your president was sitting down and watching "homeland." i sat with him -- opposite him at the same table at a dinner at the white house, which is extraordinary. i was sure i would be next to the toilets. i was at the table opposite the president. and i asked him when he watched the show. he said, saturday afternoon. i tell michelle, i'm going into my office to work. >> there you go. >> and i watch "homeland." that's what he's watching
8:36 am
saturday afternoon. >> explain the mustache. >> i'm about to do a movie, playing a german, a war hero in 1915, who died in italy. so, i'm trying to get a handlebar mustache going. but it's also for movember, for prostate cancer awareness. and gentlemen around the world, grow a mustache. >> you look good. >> is it okay? >> does your wife like it? >> my wife does not like it. >> there she is. you make it look good. we know you're a great ping-pong player. but we ran out of time. lara and i were going to challenge you. >> maybe in the break. >> maybe we will. >> let's ping and pong it. let's do it. >> if you ping and pong it. "homeland" sunday nights on showtime. all the time in our homes.
8:37 am
>> i'm binged out. i'm caught up. i wish there were more to binge on. i can't wait for this week. let's check out the weather. we check on the twitter photos you sent us. this one just looks cold. and back in arizona, you've been so warm. the pacific northwest, i promised you a look at that storm to come. that thing's going to make some waves here next week. keep an eye on that one. a little unsettled in seattle. looking across the nation. good morning. i'm mike nicco. off to a foggy start in many areas like san rafael but high clouds and sunshine this afternoon. low to mid-60s at the coast, low 70s inland. cool >> this weather report has been brought to you by the university of phoenix. lara? >> thanks so much. it's instagram to instaglam this morning. so many of you submitted your photos, your friends' photos. asking for this instagram
8:38 am
makeover. lauren miller got the surprise of her life when our glam squad showed up at her doorstep this morning. they had about an hour to give her the makeover of a lifetime. and time is now up. rachel is live with us on lauren's front lawn, in texas. i know you're with family and friends. is she ready? >> exactly. she is ready. family, friends, neighbors are here. they're pumped, right, guys? let's take a before look at her. the photo she posted on instagram before she got a fabulous makeover. how about the big reveal. can i get a drumroll, please? is that possible? oh, thanks, band. all right. here we go. lauren, are you back there? there she is. come on. >> oh, my.
8:39 am
>> i got you. i'm not going to let you fall. i got you. you go down, i'm going down with you. we can do this slowly. all good. how do you feel? >> good. >> good? are you surprised? >> this is awesome. >> what do you think of your wife? >> wow. >> is mommy pretty? oh, thank you. >> lauren, you have yet to see your final look. >> okay. >> so, instagram version of you again. instaglam. >> take our time here. >> all right. step over here. >> i look pretty. it looks awesome. yeah. >> i think this would pass. >> i do, too. >> why don't we bring those out
8:40 am
responsible for your instaglam. come on, guys. oh. are you excited? >> yeah. >> thank you, guys. >> you're welcome. >> you're shaking. >> it's cold. >> what do you think? what do you think? new york? >> she looks incredible. this is so fun. before we go any further. look at you, lauren. there's the before, everybody. that's the picture that was sent in. as george said, superadorable before. but wow, very glamorous after. and so well-deserved. what do you think, lauren? >> this is amazing. this is such a gift. such a good feeling to have somebody do my hair and makeup. and me sit and not have to do anything. >> i'm so blessed every day to work with the team you had. greg and andrea. greg, the hair looks amazing. ant ya, the makeup is magical.
8:41 am
and, wow, the fashion from katrina. fantastic job. great, great job. >> ready for a night out, right? >> yeah. >> you can give us one line, greg, what's the one thing that our viewers can take away? >> when doing smoky eyes, use my face chart to guide you how to do it. and do it with a neutral lip. >> this is a celebrity-inspired pixie cut like kristin chenoweth or jennifer lawrence. >> i want to show off her sexy curves. outfit, less than 150 bucks, head-to-toe. >> you get that? >> smoky eyes. nude lips. >> and i love that dress. congratulations. and everybody out there. thank you for allowing us into your home, lauren. i hope you have a wonderful time with your beautiful husband, your beautiful daughter. and, rachel --
8:42 am
the glam squad does it again. our next instaglam could be coming to you. who knows? right here, everybody, idris elba. telling us about playing nelson mandela in his new movie. we love you.
8:43 am
8:44 am
he is starring right now in
8:45 am
the blockbuster story, "the dark world." and getting oscar buzz for a different role, the legendary nelson mandela. in "mandela: long walk to freedom." take a look. >> i have challenged the idea that a free and democratic society, where all persons live together, in harmony with equal opportunities. it is an ideal which i hope to live for and achieve. but if need be, it is an ideal for which i am prepared to die. >> you see the power of the man right there. idris elba right here. thank you for coming back. >> good morning, man. >> i love this anecdote. i heard that nelson mandela saw a clip of the film later in the film. and he thought it was a news clip of nelson mandela. >> there's a scene where i'm walking. you can't see my face. but he's got the shirt. and i'm walking up a hill. and he looked up and said, is that me? how did you do that?
8:46 am
i took that as a compliment. >> i would certainly take that as a compliment. but it has to be so intimidating. nelson mandela, one of the most recognized people in the last century, a hero. how do you get inside that? >> i mean, you know, what you don't do is kind of get nervous by that. even though it is nerve-racking. but just had to embrace it. i wanted to do a good job. i didn't want to do an impersonation of him. i wanted to do an interpretation of him. the audience go along, knowing that i don't look like him. but you know, they're going to watch this performance. it was such an honor, as well. a real honor. >> i'm sure it is. and one of the things you do because it does cover the breadth of his life, you see the transformation of the man. >> i start in his 20s. look at me. and i end up in his 70s. and there's a long, sort of mapped out journey of his life. but it was such fun. we shot it in south africa for
8:47 am
six months. it was great. >> and you spent the night in his prison cell? >> i went to robin island. i wanted to get context of what it was like. if he can spend 19 years in that prison cell. i tried it. i don't want to go back. i can tell you that much. >> can you imagine spending 18 years. >> when i got to the cell, they gave me a cell phone and said, for insurance purposes, you have to have this cell phone. you sure you want to stay? i said, yes, i do. he locked the gate. locked the second gate. locked the third gate. and it was me by myself. i checked the phone and of course, there was no signal. okay. >> the performance is amazing. congratulations. thanks for coming back in. "mandela: long walk to freedom." opens on friday, november 29th. and coming up here, exclusive look at justin bieber's new film.
8:48 am
8:49 am
there they are. new york's finest, escorting the
8:50 am
burlington truck early to our studio, loaded with 500 coats. that, lara, is just a touch. >> that's just the beginning. those firefighters getting a hero's welcome, as we kick off our seventh annual warm coats and warm hearts drive. and you can be a hero, too. take a look. >> it's to time of year once again. >> we want to put coats in. >> as temperatures drop, it's time to bundle up. become heroes to those in need of bundling. >> i know my co-workers have coats to give. i have to keep collecting. >> today marks the launch of the seventh annual warm coats, warm hearts drive. >> you're here, for the annual kickoff of our warm hearts, warm coats drive. >> since 2007, we've worked with
8:51 am
our friends at burlington, to bring coats to those who would otherwise be left out in the code. 1 million coats. collecting nearly 1.2 million coats. >> more coats. >> this year, we partnered with fashion delivers to distribute coats to those in greatest need. >> thank you. >> ben affleck kicked off our first drive. and will smith gave us the coat off his back. the jonas brothers. regis, and ryan seacrest all followed. now, wouldn't it be nice to be a hero in your community? give a coat and change a life. it's that simple. these wonderful people, all today. what a phenomenal program. we want to thank the new york fire department here today. welcome, welcome. the heroes, kicking off this cause. the warm coats, warm hearts drive. and creating a human chain, with our friends at burlington, who supplied the first 500 coats to drop in the bin.
8:52 am
it won't be the last 500. >> this year, in addition to burlington, we're so thrilled to be partnering with fashion delivers, getting the coats in the hands of people who so desperately need them. and want to thank the new york fire department for their heroic service to people in need. fdny, baby. we want to encourage all of you to be heroes in your own communities. coat drop bins are available at your burlington stores. look in your closet. you must have one. >> indeed. we will be right back. is this flu shot necessary?t s it keeps you healthy during flu season. but does it hurt? nah. plus you get a really sweet bandaid! anything else i should know?
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here's a thought, try scoring more points on the other team. okay. even a warrior can get sick. kaiser permanente reminds you to get your flu shot this season. when ouwe goword. she said hert (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever.
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the back seat of my subaru is where she grew what? (announcer) the subaru forester. (girl) what? (announcer) motor trend's two thousand fourteen sport utility of the year. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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and we're ending with a bang today. a world exclusive sneak peek at justin bieber's "believe." >> me went from being a kid on youtube to being a worldwide arena veteran. >> this is for you. >> can't have a normal life if you're a superstar. >> this the a massive, monster hit. >> he's forced to grow up in front of the world. >> when you fall in love. when you break up. >> you know we've seen it time and time again. a young pop star makes it to the top. only to crash. are you aware that you could be the next train wreck? >> justin?
8:56 am
>> what did you say? >> i really wanted to hit him. that's what they wanted. i learned from that. >> justin will join us live on "gma" next month. tickets go on sale tomorrow. go get those coats, everyone. and thank you for donating. we're on our way now.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
good morning, everyone. i'm katie marrzullo. traffic has been slow all morning on westbound interstate 80 after a big risch kratched near pinole valley road. let's get a check of traffic with leyla gulen. >> still blocked off one line at pinole valley road westbound 80 until 11:30 this morning. we have heavy backups about 40 minutes. it will take you ahead from the carquinez tolls down to the site of the accident. you can take san pablo avenue and that will reconnect you to ap i don't know way to 80. our forecast, we have the fog that's going to be around until lunchtime, but things are going to clear out, hazy sunshine for later today, but then we've got a trough of low pressure that's coming into the bay area.
9:00 am
it's going to bring us some cooler temperatures overnight. cooldown over the weekend. >> thank you. join us f announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, "saturday night live" star seth meyers. and from the new movie "mandela: long walk to freedom," idris elba. plus, we'll talk to the newly crowned miss universe, gabriela isler. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by isney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! ause] ♪ [cheers an


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