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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  November 14, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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threatens to derail the deal the error has to do with a revision for fmla, federal federal family leave act, it was signed by all parties, and agreed to, put in the tentative deal. but bart would have to pay for the first six weeks of fmla, which would be expensive, as opposed to the old contract, requiring employees to use sick and vacation time first. sources say employees asked unions to withdraw it. he thinks union leadership is now quote between a rock and a hard place. he says, quote, until this nd hand grenade had gone off, they planned to vote a week from today, they plan to vote then, but with a special meeting called for tomorrow afternoon, hopefully to, resolve this in
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some way, and head off a possible holiday strike, which could create the same traffic who are -- horrors. he says the public expects them to resolve this as quickly as possible. this afternoon we talked to at ufrment president and she is saying that she doesn't agree with this version of events this, is agreed to back in june. she doesn't understand what the fuss is about at this point. live in san francisco, abc7 news. >> either way, an unexpected mess. thank you very much. >> family and friends of a teenager burned by another student are hitting the streets tonight to show support the 18-year-old sasha flieshman's skirt was set on fire. we're live tonight with the story. carolyn? >> reporter: sasha's mother and
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father were among marchers in a show of solidarity with sasha. sasha flieshman's story resonated with marcher who's deal the teenager was victimized for being different. the 18-year-old identified as agender. and was wearing a skirt set on fire while sasha was sleeping on the bus. we talked with sasha's mother, shortly before the march, and she said mars like this one tonight raise awareness. >> it's not just for sasha. it's for the community and it's for people to accept all different kinds of people. and that is what i hope that this rainbow road people have created by hanging ribbons and things on the bus poles we want that to be -- everybody
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to add ribbon and uniqueness. >> reporter: that is why this called this walk the rain row road the ribbons being wrapped around bus poles along the route of the same route the teenager was riding on that ac transit 57 bus line. the evening is going to end at a nearby church hall with dinner and what organizers say will be conversation about the spectrum of human diversity. live in oakland abc7 news. >> carolyn, thank you. a disturbing scene in the bay area high school caught on cell phone camera. a transgender student in the middle of a fight with several other students. administrators hope talking about it will lead to greater tolerance on campus. laura anthony is at the school tonight. >> reporter: officials at hercules high school gave a copy of the video with parts to
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illustrate what happened when a young victim of repeated teasing couldn't take it anymore. >> after being in a stressful situation day after day, being teaseed and talked about, obviously, at some point you're going to explode. >> in this case, officials say a transgender student initiated the physical contact by slapping another student wednesday afternoon, but only after being taunted by the girl she hit, and others. >> at one point, just about every member a party to the fight ended up on the ground. there was lots of hair pulling and hitting. slapping. >> all are sophomores. the transgender student complained to administrators about being bullied just two days ago. a warning given to other students involved. >> they're told knock it off. and then, something transpired yesterday afternoon.
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>> reporter: those who counsel students hope to turn this into something positive. >> they're teenagers and their frontal lobe is not completely developed. we come into play to talk about tolerance, support. >> reporter: all four students could face disciplinary actions for fighting on campus. investigators released a sketch of a man wanted in the rape in cupertino. the assault happened inside of a campus rest room. the victim may have been targeted because she identifies as transgender. >> lockheed martin is kuth 4,000 jobs the defense contract plans to close four buildings. lockheed employs roughly 7500 people in
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all around the bay area. officials say they'll do what they can. >> we never like to hear about layoffs in the xhupt of any size we're going to stay in touch and make sure our job employment resources are available to them. >> the company plans to close in pennsylvania, ohio and texas by 2015. lockheed says it's necessary to offset a slow down in business brought on by u.s. defense department budget cuts, triggered by the sequester this year. >> the university of california regents got a reality check from governor jerry brown today who had harsh words about the budget request. >> 5% we're giving is what you're going to get. >> uc asking for an additional $125 million. brown warns the state ledge slay you're probably
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won't go for it but voted for the budget anyway the governor says the system is headed for crisis. >> the university like the state and federal government has to reshape itself resize. and live within its means. that is a difficult message. >> if regents get get $120 million they may have to freeze salaries and cut back on scholarships. >> uc system will need the extra money for president janet napolitano to keep her promise next year. abc7 news here and sat down with the new uc president, former head of homeland security. >> she told me she'll cut costs at home, first, meaning university system. coming up with other ways to increase revenue. and she's got the background as someone who attended london school of
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economics but this is janet napolitano. janet napolitano takes over september 30th, on the job only 43 days. she's promised to freeze under graduate tuition next year, but realistic about the true costs of running the university of california. this is despite a series of tax increase as proved last november. >> governor brown said please, don't ask me for more money. yes. >> what happened to prop 30? >> we will going to look for ways to reduce our own costs. we're going to look for ways to stream line transferring community college students into uc system we had a lot on our plate. >> this is a test of how
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politically savvy she can be. her goal is maintaining its reputation as one of the research institutions. >> it's not a time out. it's an opportunity to explore cost structure to see what needs to be done for long term sustainability. >> and there are student protests. record-breaking number of disser sayings tagss. >> as someone with rich experience running very high-level, complex institutions. a former governor once referred to napolitano as a workaholic. >> what do you do for fun? >> i read for fun. fiction,
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nonfiction i go to music. i go to movies. >> reporter: what are you reading down? >> "the gold finch". >> napolitano won't say how many hours she puts in but let's just say sures not a kt k59 5:00 job. she lives in a condo in oakland not far from the office. tuition at university of california is a little more than 12,000s wind advisories out room and board. and half of the students who attend qualify for a waiver because their families earn less than $80,000 a year. carolyn and dan? >> thank you. >> still ahead tonight a follow up report on this muni metro mishap. what could have resulted from a run away train. >> and a downtown san francisco, hundreds of investigators lined -- gamers lined up at game stop for a shot to get a sony
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play station four tonight. a sharp cool down and more cool weather is on the way, but no rain i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up in just a moment. >> and picture this car as the bat mobile. why tomorrow will be a very special day for a
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u.s. transportation secretary will join local leaders to celebrate the
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caldecott tunnel's fourth board. crews tested special fans the new board can open once passing several tests the new tunnel mean there's already four lanes between orinda and oakland caltrans hopes that that will reduce delays for drivers using highway 24. >> and hope the same thing. but right now, gamers lining up along market street for a chance to be among the first owners of the new play station four. we are live in front of the game stop store tonight. it sounds like they're having a party. >> they're they are. it's a big party, too. they brought in lights as you can see here. they've got djs, and a sound system. you'll see why. hundreds of people lined up in front of the game stop store here. the line goes, trust me on this, it goes back to the middle of the block. some people have been here since yesterday all of them are just counting
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down until they can get a play station four tonight at midnight. how long you'll wait has a lot to do with how serious about gaming. >> i've been here since 9:00 yesterday morning. >> did you get sleep? >> no. >> how are you feel something >> tired. >> happy because it's been seven years since sony unveiled a new play station. >> are you keeping each other company? >> yes. yes. >> how is that working out? >> she's great. >> the ds four promises blazing graphics and a new controller. >> it's more responsive. the sticks and triggers feel better. >> then, there are games. >> the games are phenomenal. >> not just graphics but music recorded in studios built just for play station. >> we put a lot of emphasis into creating music that connects the player to our games.
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>> it's right up there with the movies. microsoft throwing a party for x box 1. x box is hard to cutch online >> some of the big time shooters might want to take a look on x box 1. more play there. >> in this line... that has people excite whoed have been working for months >> we can't wait to give to it gamers. this is built for them and designed with them in mind. we're so thrilled. >> in san francisco, abc7 news. >> good party. >> a little boy going to live the dream tomorrow. >> this is such a sweet story. the city of san francisco will trance form into gotham city for a 5-year-old who just wants to
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be batman for a bay. >> there much be so much involved >> they asked me to be a part, i jumped at the chance, today, i got to meet that young man. miles sky and his family here in san francisco from just south of the oregon boerdzer. he's a super hero fanatic, which it comes to batman, miles has something in common, bravery. he was diagnosed with leukemia in the past 18 months. his wish was to be batman. he thinks he's getting a batman costume but knees a day for rescues and heroics san francisco is turned into gotham city. >> we come from a small town. a
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thousand people. nothing like this to go on a scale that they are, it's just overwhelming for us. it's nothing we dreamed of. >> reporter: doi have the run down of events tomorrow, one includes rescue of a damsel in distress. tonight at 11:00 i'll va look at the making of the wish come true. and we'll be covering his adventures tomorrow all day long, online. we'll update you on miles on our abc7 news facebook page and of course, on twitter. so you can follow along, and this just in. front page of tomorrow's chronicle the san francisco chronicle just e mailed this to us. it's a special newspaper handed out tomorrow as bat kid fights crime. everyone is in on this. >> it's the coolest thing. it >> is. >> i cannot wait to see his
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reaction. >> he's going to be surprised. >> i love it. bat kid. >> yes. >> how is the weather going to be for? >> i wanted to be a super hero, too. i am a weather hero but cops don't like me changing in phone booths. >> that is bad. >> weather looking pretty good. we started off with lingering fog today. then we had clouds into after the noon. you can see now clouds just beginning to push south. we're getting clearing but after dark so there wasn't much warming today we had a cool day today a live view looking over san francisco. what a difference a day makes into this first column, yesterday's highs 80 degrees in santa rosa. 77 concord. 74 moffett field second column shows today's highs into same locations and look how much cooler it was today. 156 in napa
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so a sharp cool down, but it's pleasant. here on abc7, mid-50s. redwood city, san jose, los gatos, 54 half moon bay. another live view from our san francisco airport, camera showing just a little bit of haze there. but mainly clear skies. temperatures into 50s from santa rosa to napa to novato. on we go a final live view of the golden gate bridge. taking a look at the forecast features partly cloudy to mainly clear overnight. cool. sunny, breezy tomorrow. then, this cooler pattern settles in for the weekend that will be with us. composite show that's cool air descending and dropping from the north. that is going to reenforce the cooling. at 11:00 tonight we'll see a few passing clouds but mainly sunny skies tomorrow. and then, more clouds overnight tomorrow night into
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saturday. moisture starts to drop down saturday morning. it doesn't look like we're going to get rainfall out of this. very limited amount of moisture. but there could be a sprinkle or two to the north. throughout the weekend clouds beginning to thicken a bit on monday and tuesday. by wednesday we'll have a cold front approaching. but a chance of rain from this is slight. and confined to the north bay. on we go, mainly clear skies. chilly in the north bay. lows into upper 30s and 40s, then, tomorrow afternoon, highs into mid-60s. low 60s on the peninsula mid to upper 50s and breezy on the coast. downtown san francisco a high of 61 tomorrow. north bay highs 66 santa rosa. 67 napa. east bay highs 63 oakland. 64 fremont. highs in a narrow range into mid-60s here is the accu-weather forecast. further cooling over the weekend by just a couple degrees then clouds thickening
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tuesday a slight chance of showers in the north bay wednesday. and then, back to dry and relatively mild conditions on thursday. not a lot of change in the pattern. >> right. >> thank you. >> coming up next a high school principal accused of stealing valor. >> he tells abc7 news i team why
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google scored a victory when its plan to dij ties library and research books got the green light. under agreement was university libraries dating back to 1995 but the authors guild complained writers were not being compensateed and demanded $750 a book or $3 billion. today, though, a judge said it advances cause of the arts and sciences without violating copy right law. >> over the years the abc7 news i team exposed several people pretending to be navy s.e.a.l.s. >> it's called stolen valor, tonight the imposter is a high school principal. >> dan noyes is here with a preview for us. >> reporter: phony navy s.e.a.l.s are an insult to men and women who served the country and their families but there is
6:26 pm
something more at play tonight the trust between a school principal, student and parents. >> principal brought up about his prior military service, and something to the effect of you never forget the smell of dead bodies. my son told me this, it sent all sorts of red flares up. >> the red flares led to a call to the i team the imposter does something unexpected. agreeing to sit down to answer questions. why did he do it? and does he stril a job? find out tonight on abc7 news at 11:00. >> thank you. >> there is much more still to come tonight at 6:00. including the president's latest fix for obamacare. what he is doing to keep an old campaign promise. >> and going to bring you latest from the philippines the u.s. navy is on the scene. >> college students are deeper in debt. if you're entering
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we've been trying to rebuild a new foundation for growth and prosperity to protect our selves from future crisis. >> the president touting economic successes reviving auto industry and saving a million jobs now in a fight to revive obamacare. >> 45 days into the fumbled launch of the affordable care act web site the president allowed a fix, allowing millions of people whose policies have been cancelled to keep them another year. >> i get how upsetting this can be for a lot of americans particularly after assurances heard from me that if they had a plan they liked they can keep it. >> for those americans the president says i hear you loud and clear saying people will be allowed to keep plans. for real
6:31 pm
this time. >> insurers can extend current plans into 2014. americans whose plans have been cancel candidate choose to reenroll in the same kind of plan. >> republicans aren't buying it. >> when it comes to obamacare it's clear american people can't trust this white house. >> reporter: the president says affordable care act will not be repeel paeled and wants people to give it another chance. >> i encourage to you take a look at the marketplace. if a web site isn't working as smoothly as it should be for everybody, yet, plan comparison tool let's you browse new plans near you is working just fine. >> reporter: the announcement signals an administrative change, up to each state to go along witness. it's not clear how this will affect scheduled votes in the house and senate on bills changing the law on a national level. >> we'll have a proposal for members to vote on something on
6:32 pm
the floor tomorrow arcs dressing the problem and is a fix. >> now, more than a million californians may not be able to benefit for the plan. this afternoon, the state insurance commissioner says a provision in california insurance exchange requires companies to cancel these policies by the end of the year the only way to avoid it is if covered california modifies it's contract with health insurers >> i asked covered california to take this action immediately so health insurers are free from this provision ask allow their existing customers to renew policies >> insurance companies say it's not that simple. e health's ceo says changing rules now could increase prime yims for everyone. >> if a lot of younger people can keep plans they're on and not get new plans is that going to upset the balance of things and make premium prices, costs,
6:33 pm
go up? >> if you got a cancellation notice, e health advise add -- advice to you is don't do anything yet. >> the united nations reports 4460 people are dead, but officials in the philippines say the number is 23606789 biggest sign of relief may ab rival of the uss george washington. the care craft carrier group delivering food and water to hard to reach areas here in the bay area, a national nurse's group sending first team of nurses trained in disaster relief to manila tonight. people in hardest hit city have been living for six days like this. many have been forced to scavenge for wheels. >> no food. no water, no oil. no
6:34 pm
dress. waits to -- it was torn. >> officials insist passengers on that run away train yesterday were never in danger but that may not be the case. there is more information out about the driver of the train that passengers had to stop themselves. abc7 news has that story. >> reporter: when a muni train took off from the castro station without a driver yesterday morning is the 30 passengers on board had done nothing the train would have come to a stop all on its at the next station, opened doors and stayed there. if someone had been on the tracks that would have been disastrous. when in auto control mode a operator has to push the red emergency brake to stop the train. >> it was not an operator. there was notn't to push the button.
6:35 pm
that is why it's ideal to have a operator in the cabin. >> reporter: susan moore was engrossed in her cell phone, someone came running up the aisle. >> he was like, raised voice like there is no driver on the train. >> reporter: moore says passengers pulled the emergency brake and trying any means possible to communicate with muni. cell phones won't work inside of the tunnel. they had to noid eyeda if a train might be coming up behind them. muni says there is a way to communicate over a loud speaker. they don't know why that didn't happen yesterday >> we didn't know what's happening. what to suspect. >> the driver is on suspended leave with pay while muni investigates what went wrong. in san francisco, abc7 news. coming up next, a start of
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the season for bay area crabbers. >> yes. this is getting off to
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so yso you can happily let the grlife get in the way, while planning for tomorrow. so you can finish the great american novel banking for the life you have investing for the life you want chase. so you can
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fisherman avoided what is a routine of haggling over the price of crab. fishermen and wholesalers agreed on a price of $three per pound. we're going on time. it's nice and everybody will have crab for thanksgiving. >> the crabs look g they're full and large. there is a decent count from what i understand. crabbers getting $three per pound you'll likely pay from 5.$50 to $6.50 at retailers >> tonight the stock market hit new heights. shares of cisco
6:40 pm
fell by more than 10% after reporting disappointing results yesterday. and hines trying to operate by shifting production to other factories. and an investment firm wants to own freddie mac and fannie mae. offering $52 billion to buy them. and jamba juice chain is giving away a million smoothies to customer who's can pay with isis mobile wallet. it's a free smart phone app. >> i don't suppose it can help pay for college? >> just ahead, michael finney discovers a strat yi to help your child
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millions of high school seniors busy filling out college applications for next year. getting into the dream school isn't the only hurdle..
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>> i a report shows college students are deeper in debt than ever before. a record $1 trillion but there is a way for students to stay out of debt. >> this is pretty remarkable. back in the day you'd go to college, making you set for life. now, colleges are likely to sink you into the red. 37 million graduates studying to pay off loans one key strategy can help you start your new live free of student debt. take a walk across the quad. students are buried in studies. it's not apparent is that two thirds are also buried in debt. >> like every kid wants to do. they want to go to college. >> joe caston works as a personal trainer trying to pay back looks he took out seven years ago. >> student loans were easy and
6:45 pm
obtainable. kids don't think, well, okay. what is going to happen in the future. >> he had enrolled to study criminal justice and play football. he took out 23,000s ndz loans to pay for rent, books, tuition, the money went fast. but his debt grew faster. >> you get hit with interest rates. >> with he knew it, debt doubled to $57,000. and was still growing. >> i was sooner or later have to pay $100,000 back. i cannot afford that. >> so joe dropped out. >> i still remember the day i got it. it was march 25, 2011. >> anna was thrilled when she got into uc berkeley so. were her parents, immigrants from the fill yil peens. >> it's part of our american dreechlt >> the family took on the huge expense to send her here. about $50,000 per year, for an out of state student. it includes
6:46 pm
$20,000 in student loans, they come due at graduation. >> there is a lot of sacrifices on my family side. >> anna so concerned she's trying to graduate in three years instead of four. >> as of now i'm taking 18 units z i'm doing a work study job. i work at the library. >> is this a school we can afford? >> francis specializes in helping family as voiding student debt. she says there is a key, a secret to avoiding red ink. >> having many schools on a list, 10, 12 schools. >> saying apply to a range of schools, one of them is bound to give you a healthy financial package. your very likely to get a lot of aid from schools where you would be a strong student. so apply there. >> and not have only one school. in the entire united states they want to go. >> fill out the free application known for free student aid.
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nearly all schools use that to determine how much to give you. and fee says don't take out more than $25,000 over four years, anna did sacrifice for the dream school but says it's worth it for herself and family. >> it's important i go here. why they moved to america is so i can get a good education. >> it's important every college you apply to get a copy of -- excuse me of the federal student aid form that will help you get the most money, hopefully. you can apply for scholarships, there are millions of organizations giving out money. i've posted links so you can get a guide to the funds to check it out go to abc7 click on seven on your side. good luck. it's worth the effort. >> it's staggeringly expensive. >> yes. >> it's nice to know there are resources there. >> let's check on the forecast now >> yes. >> we're going to start with a time lapse view of the sunset.
6:48 pm
stunningly butte thfl afternoon. from this perspective, sunset at 4:59. looking at western sky. here you can see clouds shifting south ward. clear skies at the moment. that will be the picture tomorrow. state wide, mainly sunny skies. a little shower activity in the south coast there from l.a. down to san diego. sunny and breezy on the coast. highs mid to upper 50s. then, mid-60s in our milder inland locations. accu-weather forecast, could be cool over the weekend clouds tuesday and wednesday. and there is a slight chance of showers monday. moisture not impressive at the moment.
6:49 pm
>> oh, boy. >> thank you. >> we're hoping. yes. >> basketball coming up. >> yes. >> warriors getting set for one of the best in the west tonight. okc comes to town. how will niners defend drew
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to those who've been denied ewelcome to covered california. now, you can no longer be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at
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good evening, great measuring stick opportunity. thunder from oklahoma city. high profile match up tipping off. national tv audience on tnt. steph curry averaged 22 points per game against okc during his career. curry talks about the game and knows it's a big one. >> every game ais a big one. this is against a team trying to get to where they've been. and
6:53 pm
will be fighting you know? all svenlt western conference. so home court. >> 49ers have gotten the best of the saints in recent years. in 2011 niners knocked new orleans out of the playoffs a classic. last year, niners left the bayou 31-21 winners setting up is the showdown. now, head coach sean peyton is back in charge after saints 7-1 leading nfc south coming off a 49-17 route. as for niners alden smith playing 12 snaps on sunday. drew breeze expecting to see a lot more of smith sunday, knowing this game is significant for both clubs. >> no bigger game than this. based upon previous meeting was the
6:54 pm
>> this they win out, rose bowl awaits standing in their way saturday, usc. suddenly surging trojans won three straight under interim head coach kind of like addition by subtraction. a trojans win pushes them to 8-3 over all. david shaw knows usc has talent. >> they're playing fast and together. they're playing hard. they're tough to beat. you know? talking about those guys up front they disrupt a running game they make pass protection difficult. >> stanford versus usc. we'll have the game for you right here at 5:00 on saturday night then live reaction from los angeles on after the game. major league baseball using expanded instant replay starting next season. they're going to go with
6:55 pm
nfl-style war room in new york. so ultimate decisions will be made by umpires watching all videos. back east, and then, they'll relay the decisions to men in blue working the game on the field for what is covered well, balls and strikes will not be reviewed but lake mrais like this will be. you've got a home run in dispute. managers get two challenges per game. miguel cabrerra hit 348, 44 homers. 137 rbis. he's a hitting machine once again fishishing ahead of mike shroud. pirates outfielder andrew mccutchen garnered 28 of
6:56 pm
the first-place votes. machine cutchen at 317, 21 homers and led the way. one of the most-popular drivers on indy car circuit calling it quits this, is y three-time winner daro frankini says doctors told him he cannot race because of injuries suffered in this crash last month. the 40-year-old fractured his spine, broke his right ankle and suffered a concussion had that crash. abc7 sports brought to you by orchard supply, hardware. every time you put your life in harm's way. >> hard to bleechlt >> cars are well made >> you've got to say i'm done. >> thank you >> join me tonight at 9:00. new technology you can be in two places at once. >> then, at 11:00 stolen valor. a bay area high school principal
6:57 pm
claiming to be a navy s.e.a.l. exposed for lying. dan noyes sits down with the imposter and how he was caught. that is at 11:00. >> tonight here on abc7 look for once upon a time in wonderland and scandal. all available online and on demand through watch abc's app. join join us at 11:00. >> but that does it for this edition of abc7 news. in a pwow!ct world every man would look like johwow!amos. and in a perfect world, what's delicious would be healthy too. wish granted. dannon oikos greek nonfat yogurt.
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this is the "jeopardy!" teachers tournament. here are today's contestants -- his school's theme this year is superheroes. it's a bird! it's a plane! it's an educator! from richardson, texas, he is... she teaches at the oldest publicly funded school in canada. from saint john, new brunswick, canada, let's greet... and her students range from the learning disabled to the gifted. from martinez, georgia, this is... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the fourth of our quarter-final matches. there are a number of people in our studio audience today who are here to cheer for their favorite teacher, and not to be outdone,
7:00 pm
there are some who are here today to cheer for me. [ laughter ] becky, maryanne, and john, welcome. good luck. here we go. jeopardy! round. categories -- let's take a look. i love color tv. alex: becky, start us. u.s. history for $200. john. who is aaron burr? you are right. color tv for $200. john. what is "orange is the new black"? yes. color tv for $400. john. what is "murphy brown"? right. color tv for $600. john again. what is "green acres"? good.


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